The Copacahuana Idol.

Peru level by Raymond.

Authorized walkthrough by D&G productions.

This is the "Normal" version of the level, a walk for the expert version is done by Lizard Queen.

Slide down the slope and be ready to jump left onto the ledge with the Flares. Look over to the E and spot the opening in the wall where youíll see it is sometimes empty or filled with water. See the special texture in the opening, which is a sign that the following is for a secret as in the rest of the level.

Optional: Stand near the highest point of this triangular ledge, face down the slope and side flip to the right, landing on the opposite slope a hard jump to the right to land on another ledge, turn to the opening in the wall and jump in when thereís water in it. Swim down and follow the tunnel to some Spikes. Wait for the water to return and swim as high as possible over the Spikes, follow all the way up to the top of the slope and to the right into an alcove. Face E and stand left to stand-jump out of the opening when dry. You have to land on a ledge outside, now jump straight up to the ledge S, then over to the Secret ledge (special texture) and get Secret#1, a small medipack and Uzi Ammo.

Slide down the tunnel again and now go N till the end of the flat part of this waterway. Looking down you see water columns, they are deadly.

Slide down and jump to the side so you can pass them. Slide and jump, curving left or right so to avoid the columns and at the end slide into the water wall and go for the underwater lever E, a boulder will come down where you are, so immediately roll and swim away.

Now you can swim through the wall N and land in a pool, climb out E and get the Flares. Lara will look onto the passage where you can see a Skull on spikes you need later.

The Main Cave.

(Try to stay away from that water column with the 2 Skeletons, that one is for later.)

Head N and a flyby will start. First thing you have to do is go to the lever right, on the block on the hill. Two wraiths are set free. Flip the lever and see a block being lowered, run NE and then to the right around that rock and into that red opening, jump up into the tunnel where the block lowered and get through the water blocks, run left around the corner and wait at the Skull on the spikes till the Wraiths are gone.

Behind the skulls are Flares. There is also a lever on the wall, (a trapdoor opens).

Go W to get a small medipack, but donít get into the water there, just go back through the tunnel N you came from and jump out over the pit to the Main cave.

The Revolver.

Go up to the NE corner and face W standing against the N wall, back flip and jump to grab the ladder in the opening above, climb up to the passage above and climb off left. Follow the passage through the Spike trap to another hole in the floor. Climb all the way down and go into a room with the Revolver on a pedestal and get a cut scene. Go back the way you came, back flip from the ladder into that passage above and go through the Spike trap. Go down the ladder to the Main Cave.

The Laser Sight.

Go to the far SW corner, crawl into a crawlspace and get the Revolver Ammo there. Now head N from there and up to a ledge at the side of the structure, get the Flares (N) and face E, take a running jump/grab up to the wall and pull up to pick up the Laser Sight.

Walk a bit further and then look SW, jump to the opening in the wall W and from there to the ledge SE, grab the Medipack and drop from the wall, when you go into the house 2 Natives will attack.

Go S and look back to the building, up between the pillars is a Gong. Shoot that and see a door open up (Entrance to the Pyramid for later).

Water Column Room, turn off the Lightning.

Head for that water column with the Skeletons now. Just jump in and end up in the top of that column (donít go for the cog, youíll be squashed by a boulder. The cog is for much later!), face W and swim up high, save and swim straight out so you will land in a column in the room.

If you happen to land in the bottom part of this room you could easily go down and into a small column and drop dead on the Main Cave floor. Avoid that small column for now and swim into the opening E, up and try again. You can get air on top of the columns if you need.

Go up high again and swim left or right into the next one. Now swim straight out to the W wall and hit "grab" to land into the open W tunnel. Swim down and use the underwater lever near the window where you can see the Pyramid well visit later. The water columns are now free of lightning and the doors in front of the south and north tunnel open. Swim back and go straight out, swimming up high to get back in the water column.

The Crowbar.

Swim into the one NE and face N, swim out N just above the Jump switch. Donít touch the jump switch yet but and hold Ctrl to land in the passage below that switch, go in and jump over the pit to get the Crowbar there.

Entrance to the Pyramid.

Jump out into the water column and go up high facing N once more. Swim out N to grab the Jump switch this time. After using the Jump switch youíll see the Spikes in a pit below have retracted (Entrance to the Pyramid). Now you will land in the lower section of the room. Carefully swim (after saving) to that low column in the bottom, try to swim upwards into it and surface, now dive down and you should land in the pit below, the fall will be broken. Follow the tunnel and get a flyby of the Pyramid.

The Pyramid, the Inca Magic Stone.

Jump over to grab the bridge and go into the Pyramid where you can see the Copacahuana Idol in the display. Find the opening in the floor next to it and go down to the lower section. In the NE corner is a pit, drop in and get the Inca Magic Stone from the S wall. Go back up to the floor above and go out E, run-jump and grab from the bridge to land back in the open door. Climb back up to the Main Cave and get into the water column with the skeleton.

Water Column Room, opening S.

Get into the water column and if you want you can go over to the one SE to get the Uzi Ammo without falling down. Swim back up and over in the water column SW is a Medipack. Now make your way up into the opening in the S wall, climb the block and place the Inca Magic Stone to the left of the door that is still closed.

Ball Challenges, the Metal Key.

Go left and up to where the Boulder starts rolling, face the Boulder, wait for it to roll away and follow down, stop one square away from the lowest point and wait for the Ball to approach, then stand jump over the Ball and run for the Jump switch, jump up and if all goes well you are hanging up there while the Ball touches the wall. The door in the middle section of the room opens. When you drop, do a roll, run down the slope and jump back over the Ball, quickly run to safety.

Head W and up to the next Ball, look S and spot the vase in an alcove, shoot it and jump over the Ball to get some Uzi Ammo. Go back E to where the other Ball rolls but before you reach the boulder find the opening in the fence, go into the middle section and over to the SW corner, where that gate opened up (S wall). Go left through a watery wall, spot the opening up in the ceiling and follow up to a gate that opens, walk slowly till you see the Boulder starts moving, hop back a bit and just waitÖ Scary wasnít it?

Now sprint down the slope and wait between the water textures, the Boulder will cause the water column to appear and youíll be lifted up above the Boulder. You can turn E and line up for the underwater lever, save and use it when the Boulder rolled back, so while you use the lever the ball will be below. Youíll drop back in the passage, follow up and look for a ladder to the right. Go down the ladder and pick up the Metal Key from the pedestal.

Climb back up and back flip to the passage, go down to the Ball and run/sprint behind the Ball, into the re-opened gate to the right. This time dive into the water of the low room and swim to the SE corner to get the small medipack. All around you see Boulder traps, this is for later..

Climb back up to the room above (grab up to the lowest point of the floor) and leave through the gap in the fence NE, go left and out N to the Water Column Room.

Get back down to the Main Cave using the low water column and head over to the keyhole N at the end of the brook. Using the Key will retract the Spike trap. Enter the new passage and dive into the water swim left and through the narrow gap W to come to the Water Room.

The Water Room, Torch Puzzle.

This room will continually fill and drain (in four stages), so be careful when swimming all the way up; when the water drains you may drop dead on the floor. You can always grab one of the slanted ledges to hang there waiting for the room to fill up again.

The Torch.

First objective is to get a Torch. That can be found in the opening S. Grab one and when the room is dry, sprint over to the NW corner and leave the Torch on the floor so you can get it later (NOT under the trapdoor). You could decide to bring them both over to that passage while youíre at it.

Open Doors.

Now go for that Jump switch up S, get to the slanted ledge above it and hang there till you expect the water to reappear in the lower section when you land after using the Jump switch. Otherwise youíll end up in the Spike pit. Up N door opened, get in there and use the underwater lever to open a door up in a hole in the ceiling, W side of the room. Find that open door and swim up to a block in the Jump Pool.

The Jump Pool.

Get the Arrows NW and then swim SW to an opening to a cave in the W wall. Follow in and find a Jump switch over some shallow water to the left. A flyby of a trapdoor opening up and a water filled shaft up to the Jump Pool. Go back to the pool and swim back through the open door NE (NOT in the N wall), wait for the room to fill up and get down to the floor, into the passage NW.

Pick up a Torch and head to the end of the passage, face S standing against the trapdoor and jump upÖ Youíll end up on top of the shaft and the Torch will float onto the ledge, climb out and use the switch on the W wall, the block under the Torch will rise so you can now pick it up.

Jump to that block in the pool left of the passage, then hop back (screenshot) and a running jump onto the slanted rock in the pool, the one in front of that door E (so youíll slide left, then jump up to the door E). Stand on the SW tip and run-jump to the rock just to the left of the entrance S, slide and jump with a left curve to land in that entrance. Light your Torch and run-jump out to a rock NW, slide/jump and slide/jump once more to get with the Torch into the opening W, go in and to the dragonhead and light it.

The Heavy Silver Key.

Optional: Walk back to the pool with the Torch and stand left in the opening, take a step back and then a hop back, now run-jump to the left side of the rock in front, slide/jump 3 times to get across the pool to the now open door E, go in and light the dragonhead, jump on the block where the Spikes retracted and get Secret#2, the Uzis. On the other block are some Flares. Leave the Torch here.

Get across the pool to the open door E, get the Flares from the block.

Dive into the passage N and swim around the corner to a pedestal with the Heavy Silver Key. Swim back and down into a now open trapdoor, careful youíre back in the Water Room. Wait for the room to fill up and swim straight out along the ceiling to get back up through the door to the Jump Pool. There is one more pick up, near the door S. See those bubbles in the water? Go there and pick up the Uzi Ammo. Climb out S and use the Key to open the gate.

The Golden Plate.

Inside is that pit you jumped over when you got the Crowbar, a block lowered in the left corner so you can reach a wall lever to operate the blade. Stop it, look at the screen to see if it is in the correct position, should be against one of the ladders. Otherwise reuse the switch until itís in the right position. DO NOT stand on the tile right of the lever as this turns the blade on again. Then climb down the pit, avoid contact with the Blade and quickly get the Golden Plate, hop until Laraís back is against the wall and jump up forward to grab the ladder again before the trapdoor below opens up.

Back to the Main Cave.

Now you can decide what to do; Go down the ladder as far as possible, hang from a corner and drop down next to the campfire...

Or climb the ladder, go S and go back down to the Main Cave through the water column. In the Main cave are those 2 blocks with the fire on top, go to the E side block and place the Golden Plate in the receptacle. Step left or right and climb the corner of the block, turn around and jump straight up to grab the ladder.

More Boulder Traps.

Climb up to a sloped passage with a boulder, go to the boulder and run jump with a sharp left curve around the boulder. Go up to the next nice surpriseÖ Two boulders happily rolling around. Stand against the right hand wall and run down after the Ball to the wooden floor. Stand here (screenshot) and wait for the right moment to run in the direction of the deadly water wall; curve right around the Flame and sprint up the slope to safety. There was a Medipack on the slopes, you can try and get it, but I didnít dareÖ (You can go back later on to get it. The balls stop, once you reach the cave room after the balls.). Go around the corner and another Ball started to roll, face into the passage (screenshot) and wait for the Ball to get next to you, then run in and sprint to the other side of the slope (thereís a safety alcove to the right but I didnít have to use it). Follow the passage to where you hear a door open up at a hole in the ceiling. Climb up and save.

Wheel Switches

Run in straight to that gate; turn right around the wall while you see several enemies wake up. Now run straight S and jump over the slanted rock S; roll and throw the switch. A boulder will be released and if all goes well, all enemies should be crushed by that boulder (also the flame in front of the wheel switch stopped and a raising block went down in the NE corner of the cave room). Jump back out of the hole and go left to get the Shotgun Ammo in the dark corner (W). Head back to the main area, jump around the Ball and go N there, there are wooden floor tiles. The second tile will trigger Spikes over a Jump switch on the wall. Face the slanted rock opposite the switch, time the Spikes and stand-jump with a roll, then jump and grab the switch (jump when the Spikes are just coming up). As soon as you land another roll and you should be in a safe alcove (screenshot). Run out around the corner and go to the middle of the room. N is the opened door, E a close gate, SW a Wheel Switch. Thatís for a Secret.

Optional: Turn the wheel 5 times, roll turning right and sprint with a right curve to the gate, hit "Alt" to roll through at the last moment, hop over the pit, go into the next room to get Secret#3, Revolver Ammo. Use the Wheel there, turn 5 times, back flip/roll and sprint, just before the pit hit "Alt" to get over the pit and run to the gate, when up against the gate hit "roll" and you will end back up in the cave.

Go to the open door N and come to the Block Puzzle.

The Block Puzzle. (Map)

In this block puzzle are a few things you should know before you start, a little bug can sometimes occur and a block wonít be movable anymore, this can occur when you hold Ctrl till the end of an underwater push. So don't do it! Should it happen anyway, go to the other block and move it once/twice (that time the other block could also move from itís place), go back to the block youíre working on and it should move again.

You can push a block through a water column more than one square, as long as you keep holding down "Ctrl", but release Ctrl when Lara does the last move, otherwise it would be possible the block wonít be pushable anymore (as said above). Thereís another pass through if you should need it, it is the corner between the red death column and the water column, walk through diagonally.

Push the first block ("yellow") in twice, it will end up in a water column. Turn left and go through the passage to the next block ("green") push it N once, go into the passage W and grab the Flares, in the passage is the "yellow" tile, go on to the "green" block and save before pushing it E through the water column without releasing Ctrl, while in the second push, release Ctrl. At the end of the push Lara will be swimming, find the hole in the ceiling SE, go up and W, down and S, climb out there and go to the "green" block again, pull it N once, swim W, down and left under the wall to climb out. Now push the block all the way E and move it onto the green tile in the passage with the door (screenshot of that door).

Go to the "yellow" block, pull it W once, swim to where you can climb out of the water and go to the block again. Pull it S once and use the passage to get out off the water again. Then pull it W once, push it N once and W once. Swim out of the water. Push it N once again, again swim out of the water. Jump over the waterhole (NE) and push it W once again. Swim back again and now pull the block twice W. Run around and finally push the block W onto the yellow floor tile.

The door opens N, so jump over the waterhole NE and go out and follow the passage over the hole, through the Spikes, jump another hole and come to an opened gate. Follow through (donít get into the water), pass 2 Swinging Spike Blocks and at the closed door you can walk left into the water column, swim to the S wall and use the underwater lever to open a gate (I got a secret chime here). Turn left, swim into the next water-part and the current will take you back to the passage. Go W past the Spike Block and out of the room you have visited before while going for the Key.

Go out to the pool and cross it to the opening W, go to the opened gate in there on the ledge W. Follow through and turn right where a flyby of the new area starts.

The Waterwheel Area.

Doing the tasks here you should notice, that the task in each corner room below is connected with the opening of the door in front of the room above it. And you should connect the trap used in both of the two rooms with the texture tile above the front door of the upper room! Thisíll help for a trap puzzle later on!

You can do the tasks in a different order. This is how we did it!

Ground Floor.

A Secret.

Pass the waterwheel and a fly by starts. Go stand in the water at the waterwheel, facing S, hit Ctrl and Lara will climb it, wait long before you jump and grab the Jump switch. Spikes will now have retracted in a pit with the next Secret.

A Vase, gate 1.

Go into the room SW and in the back of the room left is Revolver Ammo, slowly step on that square and hop back. After the Knives retracted you can get the Ammo. Go into the passage and look up W to spot a deadly crawlspace. Thereís a vase in there you have to shoot, I went back out of the passage and found a spot from where I could just see that vase and shoot it. The gate above on the first level opens.

A Ball, gate 2.

Go out and over to the room SE, on the S wall is a switch, save and throw it immediately side flip away, the Boulder crushes the opposite block and another the gate above on the first level opens.

A Statue, gate 3.

Go out and to the NW room and find some statues, careful there are 2 Spike traps (different textures). Move the statue standing S to the SE corner (symmetry), this takes some back and fro pushing as you can push the statue on the spike tile but Lara canít stand on it. Another gate above on the first level opens.

A Fireplace, gate 4.

Go over to the room NE and walk slowly into the fireplace, right around the corner, use the switch there and the last gate above on the first level opens.

Go out and left and just past the ramp to the first level is a crowbar door (E wall, under the wooden bridge), open it and find Uzi Ammo under the Skeleton (pull it away). In the back of the room is the pit with Secret#4, Uzi Ammo and a Crossbow.

First Floor.

A Vase.

Go up the ramp to the first level and over the bridge to the SW room, in the SW corner is an Uzi Ammo pickup, careful.. You first have to deactivate the Knife trap, climb on and hop back.

In the NE corner is a small gap. There is a vase behind it. Go into the SE corner, line up with the Vase, crouch and shoot the vase with the pistols or Uziís. When you hit it, a camera will show a burner behind a waterfall for the first time and music plays.

Optional for a secret.

In the SW corner is a hole in the floor. Standing at the pit and looking N you will see another small gap near the floor in the opposite wall. When you crouch you can see a fire. As you know, there is also a vase behind the fire (You saw it through the gate of the room, the vase is in!) Line up so you face the exact middle of that gap and pull the Uzis, save and hop back into the hole while firing the Uzis, when you hit the vase youíll hear a gate open up. You can also simply crouch and shoot with the Pistols/Uzis till you hear the gate of the other room opening.)

Go out and left and up the ramp to the first level, the opened gate is W from the bridge, go in and get Secret # 5, Shotgun Ammo.

A Block.

Go out and left to the NW room, carefully hop over the corner of the Spike trap in the entrance and find a push block NW, pull it out so you can go behind it and get the Arrows. Push the block back, all the way on the wooden tile and get a screenshot of the Burner in the passage again. Run-jump with a grab back out of the room.

A Jumpswitch.

Cross the bridge to the room NE, shoot the vase S and the Fire place will extinguish, jump/grab the Jump switch there and get another screenshot of the Burner in the passage (third time).

A Native.

Go out and up the ramp to the room SE, get the Shotgun from the SE corner and shoot the Native to get his Shotgun Ammo. In the NE corner is a switch and now you will see the Burner in the passage is off.

Go down to the Ground Floor and enter the new room under the waterfall N.

Ball Puzzle, the Gold Statuette.

Objective is to get the Spikes down in the pit E, the trigger is in the alcove W, but in between are some nasty traps. Each of the four tile types is connected with a certain trap. Remember the hint at the start of the Waterwheel Section! So you know, which tile type is connected with which trap! Different solutions are possible. I did it this way: (Map)

Start near the Boulder that most right tile of the first row of the Puzzle floor. Run with a curve over the tile without touching the Spike tile, the Boulder comes down and the tile is safe.

Now a hop diagonally (SW) to the next Boulder tile, immediately back flip back. Hop to the same tile again and then do a standing jump over the fire tile in the third row, cross the next ball tile fast and hop over the corner of the fire tile into the alcove.

Make your way back as you came and go into the room E. Get the Gold Statuette and see a gate opening. Head back out to the hanging bridge and open the Crowbar door W (ground floor). Get a Torch and light it at the fireplace. Go out and into the tunnel S behind the waterwheel. The new passage opened up here, throw the Torch away so you can find it later. A flyby of the area starts; this is the area above the Pyramid.

Mamacota Lake, Trapdoor Puzzle for the second Gold Statuette.

Pick up the Torch and go right onto the bank of the lake to the dragonhead on the W wall, light it to raise a trapdoor N. Walk with the Torch to the lake and find the spot from where you can run-jump to the ledge on the central pillar. Light the dragonhead on the S side (to raise the trapdoor middle W - will stay up) then jump back W.

Leave the Torch in a safe place and find the underwater opening under the bank (W). Swim in and go get a Medipack just past the Blade. You can swim past the Blade along the ceiling. Swim back out and climb up to where you left the Torch and find a spot where you can walk into the water so Lara will keep the Torch in hand. Swim E and SE along the E wall to where you can walk up the bank of the lake. Jump up to the SE upper corner and face N, spot the rock ledge sticking out (screenshot). Run diagonally and left curved over the ledge to jump onto that rock ledge, go light the dragonhead and the trapdoor E raise.

Stand on the trapdoor, hit "1" and Lara will drop the torch where she stands, run jump and grab the ledge on the central pillar, go the left then jump and grab the ledge S. Step on the wooden tile and the trapdoor middle E rises (Timed). Jump back to your torch, quickly grab it and jump back over to the pillar, leave the torch there for now, best is near the S trapdoor.

Jump over to the ledge N and stand on the wooden tile, the trapdoor middle S raises. Jump back to the Torch, grab it and jump S to light the dragonhead. A trapdoor rises W (will stay up), leave the Torch here for now and make your way over to the W side trapdoor, hop onto the wooden tile there to raise a Timed trapdoor (middle N).

Now you have to get the Torch to the central pillar in a timed run. Jump back to the pillar, go left and jump to the N, onto the wooden tile, roll and jump back, over to the S ledge, grab the Torch, roll on the wooden tile and jump to the central pillar, leave the Torch where you can easily pick it up (W side ledge).

Jump to the wooden tile W, jump back to the central pillar and grab the Torch, jump to the N side ledge and light the dragonhead. A camera will show a block under water.

Jump down to the ground, Laraís gaze will lock at an opening in the S. Leave the Torch where you can find it. Dive down into the lake and swim to the S and find an underwater opening. Swim in and stay high at the ceiling to avoid contact with those Blades. In the room at the end is the second Gold Statuette.

Pole Swings up to place the Statuettes.

Swim out and climb out of the water to the right, Jump up, back up to the dragonhead E, over to the central pillar and to the ledge N. Walk to the W and jump to a ledge NW under those long Dragon poles. Stand with your back to the wall (screenshot) and jump up to grab the first pole and go straight until Lara can grab a small ledge in the end. Turn around and stand way back (screenshot), run and jump to the pole to grab it in the middle of the right hand part, swing and jump hard right to land on the ledge where the receptacles are.

Place the first Statuette W, the second E where the Flame is now gone, a slight tremble occurs and watch the flyby and see the 2 Natives are gone, they are now fooling around with 2 Skeletons down in the Pyramid

The Three Little Wheels.

The trapdoor behind you opened up, dive into the room and get the first of the 3 Little Wheels. Climb back out and drop from the S side of the ledge. Find a good spot to get down to the ground below the trapdoor and face S. See that opening SE you swam in before getting the Statuette? Get over there and go in, be careful the water is gone from the lake. In the pit is a switch and after using it you'll see a block go down. Go back out of the passage and go back to the N side, just to the right of the small waterfall is an opening you can crawl in. A block lowered there and some Revolver Ammo is now available.

The Pyramid.

Go back out to the dry lake and get down to the lower edge near the central pillar, jump onto the slanted grey structure and slide to grab the edge, shimmy right and drop one more time to get to that small medipack on the corner of the Pyramid. Then you can get all the way down to the now safe lake below and get the Uzi Ammo from the SE corner of the Pyramid. Time to face the resistance, get into the Pyramid and deal with them, shoot those Skeletons out or into one of the pits and place the first Wheel in the contraption on the wall (S).

For the second Little Wheel.

Climb up to the floor above (N side of the room is an opening in the ceiling, climb the ladder there) and go onto the bridge N, dive into the wall of water there and save before you swim up to the ceiling and then into the shaft; avoid contact with the Darts and swim along the bottom to the second pit and down to use the underwater lever there (S). A camera shows a door opening in the W wall of the pyramid room. The trapdoor at the end of this tunnel opens up, too. Swim over and up to climb out at the Hanging Bridge, go N through the tunnel behind the water wheel and down to the Pyramid again, just do safety drops till you are on a bridge. Go in and onto the W side bridge, jump over and climb up through the opened door to get the second Little Wheel. Go back to the Pyramid and down to the lower floor. Place the second wheel on the contraption.

Optional: Go onto the S side bridge and before you climb up into the passage there. Climb up, jump into the wall of water and go left at the big door, the door opens for you, throw the underwater lever on the left wall and the door will close, so you can just spot a vase in a crawlspace over that door. First swim into a narrow gap S and follow to some Flares.

Swim back and go to the closed door, roll and swim (under water but high) to the slanted bottom E, as soon as Lara get her feet on the ground, back flip/roll and grab the edge of the crawl space and pull up. Then you can shoot the vase to get Secret 6 later on (camera). You can crawl forwards and drop down and swim out to the big door that is open now, go left, (a block raises behind Lara) and up a bit, a Boulder will come rolling and that's your ticket out... You have to swim to the water wall (low) and let the ball push you out off the water, jump down and immediately side flip away.

Go back to the Pyramid, down to the lower floor and find the Spikes in the pit have retracted; now you can get SW Secret#6, Explosive Arrows.

The third Little Wheel.

Go out E and wade to the opening E, climb up and follow back to the Main Cave. Dive into that water column and get the third Little Wheel from the bottom, swim up and go through the Water column Room to get back down to the Main Cave.

The Copacahuana Idol.

Follow back to the Pyramid and go place the last Wheel. Climb up to the upper floor; go into the display to get the Copacahuana Idol. You'll end up in another water room, swim down to get some Revolver Ammo and then go up through the hole in the ceiling, climb up W and back flip, then jump hard left and land on a ledge. Look up the tunnel and see a wall of water. Take the revolver and put on some sunglasses to shoot that Gong, the water-wall will disappear. Now go jump the ledges from side to side and the level will end.