BtB 2008 level by Leroy.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara is standing on a rock in a lake. Save as soon as the level started and reload again, if you don't you'll experience a crash as soon as you start moving.

Gong #1.

There's a mission for you throughout this level and it is all about shooting 5 gongs placed in this level, they will be your ticket out of this place... The first one is just barely visible in the distance straight N from where the level starts, take one side step to the right and jump up while shooting with pistols and you'll get a screen of a raising block when you hit the #1 gong.

If you want the first Secret, dive in and swim to the SW corner. Now there are 2 ways to go about it and the second requires a trick move.

Probably the intended way: Climb up onto the ledge left (SW) and jump along the S bank to the SE corner, backflip onto a slanted rock and jump to grab that stone pillar there. Go over the tops of the pillars to the N and when you can't go on a runjump to the one W, grabbing the edge of it when you slide off. Shimmy left around and pull up at the end. Face down W and spot the grassy ledge with the Uzis. Runjump to the rocks a bit left of W and slide off onto a shallow part of the lake. Runjump to Secret#1, Uzis and Uzi Ammo.

With the trick move: In the SW corner of the lake you can also climb up on the ledge facing N. Stand on the lower side facing N and hold "shift" down, walk and release shift, immediately hitting "Alt" and Lara will jump to the grassy ledge with the Secret (also possible with a normal sharp left curved runjump).

Jump N and swim N and just before that second stone pillar to the left (W), spot a hardly visible crack in the rocks and swim through. Follow through to a corridor where you can walk out of the water. There are 2 Spike traps and closed gates. Go on into the passage N

and up over your head is a second gong, jump and shoot it (this one isn't part of the mission). To the N is that raising block you saw when you shot the first gong. Go back S into the corridor where the gate W opened up.

Cage Puzzle.

In the entrance room is a Skeleton and next to it a small medipack. Look up in the ceiling and spot the opening there.

Head into the passage W, past 2 side passages to a switch in the end. A flyby starts and a Raptor attacks, take care of it and save at the switch. Pull, roll and sprint back to the next crossing, go right (S) and right again into the Timed gate. Follow to a cage in the left hand wall. Push it into the room and go around it to shoot the vase for the Flares inside. Look up over the entrance and climb the ladder there, go along the right hand side of the pillar and use the switch in the E alcove to open up another gate. Climb down N and shoot another Raptor. There's some Uzi Ammo near that Skeleton.

Push the cage to the S into the passage and climb back up the ladder, pass through to the S side and drop down. Go out and left, then over into the N side passage, push the cage to the E end and make your way around to the other side of the cage, it has to be moved into the entrance room E, under that opening in the ceiling. Now the cage is climbable.

The Statuette.

First go back W into the passage and left to the S room where that second cage is. This one has to be moved to that alcove with the switch you used W, a marked tile appeared there and when you put the cage on it those Spikes near the water will deactivate. So go back there and light a flare to spot a Medipack, after you picked that up you can see Secret #2, a Statuette, get that too. Go back W and climb the cage, grab up N and pull up. Follow to a deadly pit, hop to the ledge on the right and standjump to grab the swingpole, swing to the ledge N and then walk up to the SW corner of this ledge. Face W and turn right a bit, now standjump (no grab) and curve hard right to land in the passage N, follow through to the Main Room.

The Main Room.

The tasks at hand are rather complicated, I'll try and guide you through. Maybe this won't be the shortest way through but will describe each task.

During the next stages 5 vases have to be shot to lower a block so you can shoot the last gong. Start with the Vase (#1) you can see W.

The Heavy Silver Key.

Look up over the entrance and spot the swingpole, stand under the pole, grab up facing W and swing ("forward" key) to the ledge W. Jump to the floor with the fire and then to the one with the statues N, get the Heavy Silver Key. Jump back to the ledge with the fire.

The Crowbar.

Stand on the NE corner and face E, runjump onto the slanted beam and end up facing S, jump to the next beam, slide backwards almost to the end and backflip. Now jump from the first beam to grab the pole above, swing to the next and then onwards to grab a Jumpswitch on the S wall (a screen of the deadly pit S where another swingpole appeared). Go out S and jump out of the opening to the ledge on the right. Runjump to the swingpole, swing and grab the ledge ahead. Sidejump over that higher floor into the opening and Save before you make it through the Teeth Spikes around the corner. In this room 2 Raptors will attack with little room to move. Get the Flares from near that Skeleton and go to the Spike poles in the SW corner, face SW and duck, crawl against the Spikes and pick up the Crowbar. This could require some moving about till Lara picks it up.

Timed Run for the Burners Room.

Go to a crowbar door in the N wall (NE corner) and open it up. Follow in to a switch on the N wall, use it and see a trapdoor under the fire in the Main Room open up. go to the W side of this passage and get 3x Uzi Ammo. Hop back once and turn left to face another crowbar door. Open it up and find a switch, it will open a tightly Timed door in the S wall of the room where the Crowbar was. Pull, roll and run curving right, starting sprint as soon as you went reach the corner, staight ahead and hit "Alt" to roll through the door before it drops shut.

The Burners Room, a Metal Key.

There's a Key under the burners W and a zillion switches all under fire protection. Go into the passage E and right around the corners, the first switch you see has a burner with an interval, time it, run to the switch to use it, then sidejump away to the right.

Back to the room with the Key and find the switch NW can now be operated the same way you did the other one.

Next is passage E and SE corner.

Go to the Key room and into the passage S, around the right hand corners is the next switch.

Next is in the Key room, SE corner.

Next S passage, S wall.

Then E passage, NE corner.

Next from the Key room into the S passage and left.

Now the burner at the Key will have an interval. Time it, run to the Metal Key and grab it, holding backflip while Lara picks it up.

The 2 Inca Magic Stones.

Now the burner to the left also has an interval, use it and go N, out of the room and in the room where the Crowbar was is another open door. In the NW corner, go in and to the right is a door to be opened with a Statuette (later). On the other side is a crowbar door, open it and get a Medipack and 3x Uzi Ammo. Turn around and open the door in the S end of this passage by using the Statuette left of the door. Go inside and get Secret #3, 2 Inca Magic Stones you can pry off the wall with the Crowbar.

Go out E and out through the Teeth Spikes, face W to sidejump out over the sloped floor and you may have to grab the edge, climb up and stand back near the opening to do a diagonal run curving right to jump to the swingpole. swing to the ledge and jump back into the opening N to get to the Main Room.

Main Room, a First Wheel and #2 Vase.

Remember you opened that trapdoor under the fire? The ice on the pool under the fire ledge is now molten, walk in and stand in the deeper part N, turn E and pull the pistols. Shoot the #2 Vase E, you'll get a screen of a raising block high up in the E wall of the Main Room. Swim into the underwater opening N under the ice on the next pool and find a Wheel N of the pillar. Swim back and climb out of the pool S.

All for the Second Wheel and more.

Use the pole at the entrance to get back up to the SW ledge, go into the SW corner, and pick up the small medipack. Face the slanted beam N, standjump over the top and immediately a jump to grab the swingpole, swing and let go, landing on the top of another beam, immediately jump to grab the ledge ahead. Go stand on the NE corner, face N and spot the next swingpole. If you jump from the middle of this ledge you'll hit the low beam above and not go over the top of the beam below. So stand one step to the right of the middle but aim for the middle of the pole. Runjump over the top of the beam and jump to grab the pole, swing to get over the top of the next beam and slide a little bit before you do a jump to grab the crack in the wall ahead.

The Waterfall Canyon.

crawl in and come to a Canyon, drop to the ground floor and go to the SW corner at the lake. up the rocks and climb a tiny ledge W, hand from the side of the lake and shimmy all the way to the right, through the waterfall and against the wall in the end. Now you can pull up and turn around. Below and in the W wall is an opening, stand on the E end of this tiny ledge and face far end of the opening, standjump down with a left curve (no grab) to land inside. If you care for a small medipack, turn around and runjump out left with a sharp curve to land on a flat rock and there you can pick it up. Runjump back into the opening where you can use the Heavy Silver Key.

The trapdoor opens up below, wade through to a room with ledges. Save...

Breaking Ledges, the Golden Plate.

Before you begin, look at the second pillar along the left hand wall, it has a crack, that's where you have to get to, because halfway over to the other side the ledges will crackle and fall. So go onto the ledge at the first pillar to the right, save and runjump SW to get as close to that pillar as possible when a flyby kicks in showing you the floor breaking down. Run to the pillar and grab up, then climb left around the corner, up and pull up to the top (could be you have to look for another spot where you can get up as this is a strange pillar). Look N and spot a rope, stand as far back as possible and a diagonal run to jump to the rope and grab it. Turn left and swing over to the W side.

Go in and walk up to the NW block Lara is looking at and face it W, there's an invisible switch on the block to lower it. Use the newly revealed switch in the corner to deactivate Spikes, go to the pedestal and pick up another Uzi. Then go to the Skeleton S, pull it away from the Golden Plate underneath.

Go out and stand SE, runjump around that pillar to grab the crack in the S wall, shimmy left along the crack to get back to that pillar there. Left around the corner and up to the top to get to the rope again. Turn right and spot the pillar with the flat top (NE). Aim for the left side of that pillar and swing to it. Now just runjump SE down to the E ledge... Or; Drop grab to the crack below and go right around the corner, wait till Lara gets her feet op and backflip to the E ledge.

Back to the Canyon.

Go back through the water passage, climb the ladder to backflip to the opening at the Canyon. Dive into the pool and climb out SE, up onto the rocks S again and grab onto the rock W, shimmy right around the corner to just past that pointy part, then climb up. Face W and run along the edge of this ledge, jump with a right hand curve onto the waterfall. Swim over a hole in the bottom of this pool to a ledge under the waterfall and place the Golden Plate there. Now you can go down into the hole in the bottom as Spikes down there are deactivated.

Statue Push, activate the Statue.

Careful, swim underneath the first Knife trap and high up over the next two. Climb up into a hallway, head into the room E and shoot the Raptor. Lara is staring at one of those blocks again. Use the switch on the block to lower it and on the wall is a receptacle for an Inca Magic Stone, place it and get a screen of the door near the deactivated spike traps (later).

In the SW corner is a statue, don't use it yet, but go to the door in the SE passage and it opens up. In that room is a switch on the W wall, save there and pull (hear Spikes), then roll and run to the pole up E, jump up to grab it and hang there while the floor below will disappear. A moment later it will return and you can drop down, the doors reopened.

Head back into the W room and go to the statue standing in the SW corner and move it to the E and under its counterpart next to the lowered block, eclectic rays will come from the statue and you'll get a screen of an activated statue in the Main Room.

Back to the Canyon, finally the second Wheel.

Go W and swim back over the first 2 Knives and under the last, up at the little pool and walk to the edge E, stand a bit left of the middle and runjump down to a black rock ledge NE. Shimmy along these ledges to the E and pull up when you reach that solid rock below. Look S and spot the Wheel on the ledge at the pillar, stand close and standjump up there to get it. Runjump from this ledge to that opening to the crawlspace SE, crawl through and be sure to shimmy to the right before you drop down into the Main Room.

Waterwheel Room, Timed Gate, activate the second Statue.

Now you have the 2 Wheels you can head NE and into the room there, dive into the pool and get a Medipack from near the Skeleton. Climb out N and place the Wheels to get the waterwheel going, use the switch to the left (NW) to open a gate SE (for later) and go to the switch NE. Now you'll have to get onto the waterwheel from the S side, grab the rope and turn around to the Timed gate up S. But there seems to be a catch here, if Lara doesn't get her feet up on the rope right away after grabbing, you will be too late.

Solution to this is to do a kind of test run to get the rope swinging a bit (better not go back to saves at the switch, because the rope isn't prepared then).

Then drop into the pool, get to the switch and use it again, roll and run along the wall to the S, turn right to the front of the wheel and use "Ctrl" to get on. Grab the rope, as soon as the feet are up you can turn ) I turned her right and aim for the gate, immediately swing and jump, then get through the gate. This will take a few tries before you get it right.

In the room upstairs is a statue NE, move it under it's counterpart on the S wall, no Spikes this time and you'll see the second statue in the Main Room activating. Lower the SW (familiar) block Lara stared at and find another receptacle for an Inca Magic Stone, place the last one and get a screen of the door near the deactivated spike traps opening up (for later).

Blade Runner.

Get down to the pool at the waterwheel and enter the gate you opened SE, go left around one corner and Save before you step into the next crossing. A boulder will come down from the left side, a gate dropped shut behind you so no way back. You have to outrun the boulder down the E passage and also jump the Blades. What worked best for me was to top up the health, just sprint down along the left side and then curve right a bit after the first Blade, pass under the second and turn left at the end. Run and jump over the next Blade and run along the middle of the passage to the end of the slope to jump and grab the pole ahead.

Tightly Timed Climb.

Grab the ledge on the other side and go to the switch NW. First spot the gate SE and that grey textured beam along the E wall. Save and throw the switch, roll and run onto the ledge you landed on before so you can jump and grab that beam (do not let Lara get her feet up), traverse to the right and when you are around the corner, immediately a drop and grab again to get lower, then left around the corner and climb left into that gate. Be sure to be inside before you drop into the passage. Follow in to a Canyon.

The Campfire Canyon, Lasersight, Crossbow.

Get down to the ground and take care of the two Raptors. Next to the Skeleton at the fire are the Lasersight and the Crossbow. Go back to the plant SW and get the small medipack. Nothing else to do here, so stand N of the SW rock and backflip, then jump and grab to get back onto the ledge. Follow the passage and back at the timed gate a jump left to grab the climbable surface, climb back to the other side again, runjump to grab the pole and swing to grab the Blade alley. Jump back up through those Blade traps and go through the gate left.

Waterwheel Room, #3 Vase.

Stand on the N side of the waterwheel and shoot the #3 Vase in the pool to get another screen of the block. Go back out to the Main Room.

Main Room, Statue Entrance, Gong #2 and #3.

Go up the sloped corridor behind the opened doors N and come to a room with 4 switches. Use SW switch only as the others will set you ablaze. climb the block and jump grab up E into the opening. Follow in to a large hall. Shoot that #2 gong up E (screen of the block) and get a Medipack along the S wall. Stay there and look up N from there to spot the #3 gong. Shoot that too and go back to the Main Room. Now we have to shoot some more vases to get to the last mission gong.

Gong #4.

Go to that lone statue in the first frozen pool, on the side is a keyhole, use the Metal Key there and see another pole appeared above. Go to the entrance and grab up to the pole above, into the SW corner and hop N over the beam, pole, beam again to get to the ledge halfway down the room. Stand on the NE corner and face E. There are 2 statues with poles now, aiming for the middle of the first pole and runjump to it, sing off with a right hand curve to get to the second pole, then jump off and get onto the platform E.

Face N and standjump down onto the beam, jump to grab the pole and swing over the top of the last beam, slide and then jump to grab that opening ahead. Follow through to an opening higher up and runjump out to grab the platform, stand on the S side and look up SW, where you can just spot the #4 gong, shoot it and walk over an invisible floor to that grey block ahead. Climb up and face the next challenge.

Timed Platforms.

Look S and between those 2 beams is a platform that has to be raised. On the left hand beam is a trigger tile, so runjump onto the right hand beam, slide and backflip onto the trigger tile, do another jump and backflip to make sure the platform is up and just slide down, run with a left curve to jump to the next beam S. Do the same thing again and get to the last beam S, turn around and drop/grab backwards off the beam to use the Jumpswitch on the S side. You'll land on the roof of the entrance while a boulder crashes the ice on one of the pools. Drop from the roof and head N along the W wall, just past the boulder lies a fallen statue, go left around it and hop into dry pool under that beam. Shoot Vase #4 there to get another screen of that block.

The Torch for Vase #5.

Climb out and go to the s end of this same dry pool, just past the boulder and find the Torch there. Jump out and go to the fire in the S pool, run into the pool from the W side and light the Torch facing S, turn right and stand against the W side, jump up while holding the forward key and you'll end up on the floor again. Go over to the small pool NW, just past where you shot the last Vase and find the plant in the ice. Burn it with the Torch to melt the ice and jump out S, you can leave the Torch there. Opposite the N doors is a small crawlspace in that pool and there is Vase #5, shoot it and the block finally lowers, revealing the last gong.

Last Mission Gong.

Go stand under that beam in the SW corner of the main Room and look up NE to spot that last mission gong, shoot it and you'll see the block lower. Your job here is done, go out S to the deadly pit, jump out left to the ledge and jump to the pole to get across, standjump with a grab back into the passage S and drop onto the cage, climb f-down and go into the E room. In the E wall the door has opened, remember? Go in and get Shotgun Ammo and Secret #4, the Shotgun. Go out and N to where that block lowered, pass through over a pit, get the Medipack and save at the hole in the floor.

Final Task.

As soon as you slide down into the room below a Native should appear, if not, go back to the save and try again. If you can immediately shoot the Native, those 2 T-Rex should disappear and a wall will open up N.

If you shoot the 2 T-Rex first you have to wait for the Native to appear, take care of him and the wall will open up N. Go through and the level ends.