Chupacabra's Lair.

BtB 2008 level by pouco2.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Valley, a Crowbar.

Go to a statue N and push it left against the wall to open the door in the building. Follow through and shoot a Native, climb over the wooden crates and come to a deep valley. Jump to the ledge N and from there a runjump NW to the grassy ledge. Follow W to the lower part and from there a runjump S to grab that tall central pillar. On top is the Crowbar.

Opening up the Way.

Drop and hang from the S side of the pillar and do safety drops to the floor of the valley. Shoot a couple of Compies and go to the S from the pillar, up the ledge and the ladder and runjump over the corner of the Spike trap to get into the opening S. Go into the passage left to reach a pit, just save, drop in backwards and crawl into the opening to get the Shotgun. Crawl out backwards and stand up, grab back up to the ledge above before those Raptors close in. Shoot them from above and runjump to grab that rope hanging over the pit. swing to the opposite side and go in to use the switch, lowering a block back in the valley. Drop into the pit again and go into the Raptors den, shoot another Raptor and go around to collect 2x Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack. The opening E leads nowhere.

Go back and climb out of the pit W, go to the right and jump out over that Spike trap. Down to the valley floor and head W, look for that door up in the rock wall and stand on a low ledge below (just in front of a slanted rock). Runjump NW with a left curve around the slanted rock and land on a ledge. Jump N onto the grassy ledge and walk to the N end. From there a runjump NE onto the ledge in the N rock wall, jump with a left curve into the opening there and go in to a pit. Climb down the ladder and to the right. Jump over the ledge to the W and get the Shotgun Ammo there. Back to the ledge and throw the switch to lower yet another block.

Go out of this cave and over the ledges along the N wall to the W side grassy ledge, now you can climb up W and jump into the opening next to the grey block. Open the crowbar door and go in for Secret#1, Revolver Ammo and a small medipack. Back out and at the grey block you can climb the ladder to the right. Go left around the corner and down a bit to climb into the opening left. Get the Shotgun Ammo in the next room and throw the switch there to open up some big doors. Go out, get back on that ladder and go up to the ledge above, right around the corner and drop.

The Village.

Follow through to come to a Village where 3 natives attack. Go into a structure SE and move the cage onto the grey tile. Go out NW and left, through the next hut to the SW hut and find an opening in the S wall, climb in and throw the switch in the end to open up a Raptor den. Climb back out and shoot the 2 Raptors from inside one of the huts. Then head to the den in the NE corner of the Village, throw the switch there to open a door in the NW hut. Make your way over there and get into the open door. In the next room is an opening NW, stand at the opening facing SE and backflip onto that slanted wall, then jump and grab a crack in the E wall, shimmy left and pull up in a dark crawlspace. Get Secret#2, Explosive Arrows and Shotgun Ammo. Drop out of the crawlspace and get Shotgun Ammo near the fence. Climb the ladder and get back out, go to the E side of the room. Up onto the higher floor and save at the pit. Runnump (no grab) over to that opposite opening down to the right and grab to land inside. Run in before that native pushes you into the pit, take the small medipack he will leave behind and go crawl through the opening NE. A flyby takes over when you reach the Canyon.

The Canyon.

Turn around, hop from the edge grabbing and shimmy left a bit, the safety drop down to the ledge below, walk into the passage to a cave with a pool. Runjump onto that slanted rock E and slide far, jump with a left curve onto the rock ahead so you'll slide off backwards, grab the edge. Hang on the right hand side and pull up, backflip with a roll and jump twice from slanted rocks to grab the ladder. Go up and climb up E to a fence and turn left to use a monkey climb to get to the ledge N.

Go down E and light a flare there, get into the crawlspace W to get to a kind of cage. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo and pull the Skeleton away to get to the Revolver Ammo. Go back out and out to the canyon, walk E to the fence and hop down onto the watefall. Ciimb up to the opening N, turn around and jump up S to the ledge at the fence and get the Shotgun Ammo. Back down to the opening N and follow through to a room with Waterwheels. stand NW at the pool and runjump straight onto the ledge with the switch at the first wheel. Throw the switch, turn around and grab up to the monkey climb, follow over the hatch you closed and use the jumpswitch on the wall just around the corner. Swim E and climb back out. Jump to the ledge again and use the monkey climb to get to a window S and get some long needed Flares. Grab up again and head to the switch at the second wheel, throw it and get back on the monkey climb to operate the next switch. Now you can reach the exit NW, follow that dark passage to another opening to the canyon, runjump straight ahead onto the ledge and face NE, a runjump onto the grassy slanted rock and slidejump to reach the ledge at the ladder E. Climb up and go left into an Inca Settlement.

The Settlement.

2 Natives attack when you approach the square. There are more possible ways to go through this next part. There's nothing to do yet in those huts, they are for later.

W: Blocking the Current, the Mask of Parabailarlabamba.

Going into the opening W first has the advantage of having the Crossbow to use in the E side later on. Follow through and climb over some wooden crates to come to a large room. 2 Natives will come for you, go left (E) and left again, get the Shotgun Ammo near that Skeleton. Back to the large room and left, down to the pool. Jump in and turn around, swim into the opening NE, left and right again. Over some trapdoors in the bottom of the next room and go around the NE and NW pillars to use the two underwater levers there. Now better swim back S to that pool first to get some air.

Swim back in and down into the opening in the bottom, down below the Dart traps and into the S tunnel, follow around the corner to an underwater door and open it up. swim in straight and up in the end to get a Medipack on a ledge in the last room. Go back and to the right over the underwater door, stay low under the darts and swim straight across the room into the tunnel N, follow up the sloped tunnel and open the underwater door in the end. Swim up into the next room.

The Sink.

Objective is to block the flow of water through that grating in the bottom of this Sink hole. Climb out and head S up the ledges to a hallway where two Raptors attack. Follow the sloped tunnel up S, get onto the flat ledge S and jump onto the left hand floor where the boulders are. Look for the crawlspace up NE and get through it into the next room.

Crate Puzzle.

In the middle of the grated floor is a raising block. Start with throwing the switch on the W wall to open the gate to the ledge with the boulders. Then turn left to go down S to the lower room. Head W and left to where you find a cage, throw the switch on the S wall behind the cage to lower the raising block and move the cage to the E and onto that raising block. Go back to the switch where the cage was before and throw it to get the cage up to the grated floor. Climb up there yourself using the wooden crate E and push the cage through the gate you opened out of the room and straight over the ledge to a trigger tile. Nothing happens yet.

Go back inside and down S, to the W side and look for a second cage left after you passaed that fire block. Do the same as you did on the other side and once the cage is up, go up over the crates in the room N and jump to the grated floor. Open the gate and move the cage to the trigger tile. Save before the last move and hold backflip while lara pushes it onto the tile. One of the 2 boulders goes down the slope and will end up in the Sink. Go run down the boulderslope along the E wall and wait up in that dark NE corner till the second boulder ended up in the Sink. The water level has risen, climb the wooden crate and grab up to the ledge above to get that Medipack there. Dive down and go down into the sink, backthrough the tunnels and up through the trapdoors at the darts. Swim S and back to the pool where you can now climb up to the central floor N. But first swim to the waterfall SE and into the opening there, to the right and climb out on a ledge to get Secret#3, a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Hop over the N side, climb out N and and go up the steps to get the Mask of Parabailarlabamba. On the floor left of the pedestal is a Torch, pick that up too and slide down E to the tunnel below. Go up N and through the tunnel with the crates back to the Settlement.

Detour for a Secret:

Go over to the SE hut and leave the Torch outside, somewhere where you can find it again. Go inside and shoot the Native, Lara will stare at the fireplace, step carefully down into a corner and light the Torch, go out and into the SW hut and step down into the fireplace to light the fire. A door opens up S. go down there and Secret#4 sounds. Go down and follow through a crawlspace to find yourself in the top of the room with the waterwheels, go to the E end of the ledge, walk onto the trapdoor and standjump to the ledge NE to get the Crossbow. Jump back and get back up to the Settlement.

Go to the opening NE and find a receptacle for the Mask on the left side. Go out of the room and shoot the Wolves and get ready for the next task.

E: Waterwheel Run, the Golden Disk.

Go E, enter the large opening there and follow through to the right, you'll end up in a room with a waterwheel, stand in front of the wheel, press Ctrl and Lara will climb it. At the same moment a Timed platform will go up in front of you, just jump (no grab) with a sharp left curve and immediately side flip left after landing, you should end up on the ledge next to the waterwheel. Go S and move that cage out of the opening and aside, go into the passage and down the steps to get a small medipack. Back up to the cage and move it to the trigger tile NE and the platform will permanently rise. Save in front of that cog switch S and pull 4/5 times, standjump over the Cog with a left curve, run along the ledge to jump to that platform and run up against the lowering gate. Hit "roll" and Lara will end up on the other side.

Follow to a room with sloped beams, the opening straight ahead is where you have to get into. Standjump onto the side of the right or left hand beam, slide far and jump with a curve to grab the edge of the opening in the middle S. Follow through and runjump to grab into the eye in the next room. Jump and grab to the opening ahead and follow into a large room.

If you want to save Ammo, wait with shooting the Skeletons till you gathered a couple of them. Run NE from the entrance and jump onto the higher ledge. Look up SW and spot the Jumpswitch. Stand facing S at the slanted yellow pillar and jump forward onto that pillar, backflip to land on the grey wall and jump to grab the monkey climb above, use it to get to the Jumpswitch and activating it will raise both a platform and a hatch left of the Jumpswitch. You could now pull the Crossbow with Explosive Ammo while falling from the switch as the Skeletons will be neatly grouped below and you could take 'em out with one arrow.

The Golden Disk.

Go back up onto the ledge N and do the same to get to the monkeyclimb, this time go left and pass the Jumpswitch to drop onto the platform. Go into the opening in the wall and throw the first switch for the gate E. If you try to drop from the side of the platform, you probably end up on the monkey climb again. No problem, just use it to get to the S side ledge of the room or get there via the ground floor. Do all the tasks again as you did on the other side and the gate below will open up. Get down to the floor and up the ladder behind the open gate (E). backflip from almost at the top and jump from the platform to the central structure. Go to the W side and jump into an alcove with a small medipack on a trigger tile. Turn around to shoot the Native and jump back to go down into the opened trapdoor in the central floor. Dive down into the pool below, climb out onto the ledge with the pedestal and face W before you take the Golden Disk. Immediately backflip away from the Knife trap.

Dive into the water and swim all the way through W to end back up at the waterwheel. Climb out and go through the passage NW to follow back up to the Settlement. Go right around the corners into that NE room to place the Golden Disk next to the Mask, you'll hear doors open up, go outside and to the right into the right hand opening in the N wall.

N, Right Hand Doors, Statue Push.

Follow through and just around the first corner is a crawlspace up S. drop into a room and remember the 2 switches in the SW and SE corner, but only use the left hand one for now to lower a raisingblock in the room you'll get to soon.

Then use the Jumpswitch up N and the gate opens up. Take care of 2 Skeletons, then follow through till you find a pushable statue on the left (just past the left hand passage). Move that statue through the opening N to the next room and over the wooden platform, over a raising block onto a second raising block (left hand switch). Return S and into the room with the switches. Throw both of them and go back to the statues. get down into the pit and pull the statue onto the lowered block, climb up to the top of the room and move the raised statue into the alcove N. Go back to the switches and throw both of them again. Back to the statue and move it onto the second raising block. Back to the switches and only use the left hand one. Now move this statue into the alcove S under it's counterpart.

Go into the opened gate E and follow through to a drop into a room below. Go S and turn left, runjump to the middle of the swingpole and only hold Ctrl. When Lara lets go, release the Ctrl and aim her to the right so she will land on the lower part of floor on the other side. Go into the opening there and grab the Zipline to get across the next pit. Follow through to get to an enormous room.

The Big Hall.

Jump down onto the sloped floor ahead, walk NE or NW (the same) and spot the ladder on the pillar, runjump onto the slanted pillar opposite the ladder and jump to grab to the ladder. Go all the way up and backflip, on this ledge are a switch and an underwater lever (the last obviously for later). Throw the switch and a block will lower, if you look S and down to the right of that structure you can spot the opening. Dive SW and down into the pool, swim S a bit to climb up onto the ledge under the central structure. Stand on the SW corner and runjump out with a left curve to grab into the opening where the block was before.

Follow to the ladder on the left and go up, backflip onto the structure. Go to the E and jump to the SE corner to get the Shotgun Ammo. Hop back and slide down N to the middle of the floor below, shoot the Skeletons off the floor and go to the NE corner, face S and hop back grabbing the edge. Drop and grab into the opening below. Duck and crawl underneath the Blade to the Torch in the end. follow through to a pedestal and light the torch to set fire to the other pedestal. A block lowers SW and a Sekeleton awakes. Go up to the ladder SW and climb up to a Knife trap. Top up the health and save close to the Knife, backflip/roll and grab the ladder behind. Go up to the next Kife and top up the health again. I also used a small medi while I backflipped so the Knife behind you will not kill you. Climb to the top and climb off to the left.

The Little Wheel.

Go S and don't use a flare when you climb the ladder there. Go up to the floor to the left and then backflip with a roll to grab the ladder N, climb right around the corner and get the Little Wheel from the pedestal. A gate opens... throw the switch inside to raise the water level in the Big Hall. Dive down in the ladder shaft and swim down and straight out N through those triangular holes. Straight to the n side of the hall and use that underwater lever to the right of the switch. A block will lower near the bottom SE, but you'd better get back into that ladder shaft S for air before you go look for that opening.

Nasty Swim.

You certainly will need a view tries to get this swim done.

Save and swim out of the right hand opening N, to the right and down to the SE corner. Into the opening in the structure and follow through looking for the next openings to take in the underwater rooms. After the current took you along to another room and you swim into the tunnel there, you'll encounter a Teeth Spike trap, just take your time and get through. Another similar trap awaits around the next corner. Finally you'll reach a wider room where you can get air. Swim through the tunnel under the fence and end up at the waterwheel again. Go out NW and follow back to the Settlement.

Go NW and up to the Mechanism where placing the Little Wheel will open the central doors N at the Settlement. Go to those doors and save outside before you enter the next Puzzle room.

Flaming Crate Push. (I advise you to go out to the Settlement (out of this room) to save in the progress, as you can experience spontaneous "Lara combustion" when you save IN this burner room).

In the entrance and to the left is a cage you have to push all the way through the next room with a zillion burners to make things harder. When you reach the wall burner W, run to the cage when the burner is off, hit CTRL and just hold that one burner sequence till the burner stops again, now pull the cage into the burner and go around, do the same to push it onwards, keep holding Ctrl after the push till the burners stops again and get out of the way to pull the cage E again and do the same at the E side burner. When the cage reaches that face tile N, the gate will open up.

Follow the passage to the first floor and shoot the Native, climb the low crate and standjump/grab E to get onto the monkeyclimb. Go into the opening NE and carefully walk to the first part of the sloped floor, turn around, hop backwards onto this floor to trigger a boulder and sprint back out.

Timed Trapdoors Run.

Then go back in and follow up to a switch NW on the second floor. Save in front of that switch as it is Timed, it will raise the trapdoors in the S side of this attic, have a look.

Pull the switch, roll and while turning left a bit a short sprint to the corner of the iron fence, jump from there to the rope so you'll grab it low and you can immediately start swinging. Release Ctrl after you jump off and land on that beam. depending on how you end up you have to back up for a runjump to the trapdoors, grab them and jump forward with a grab after you pulled up. Save...

Follow through to where you look out over the Settlement, the flyby shows the doors below open up. Go down W for a small medipack and then slide down backwards to safety drop in front of the open doors.

Timed Fire Run.

In the NE corner of this passage is another timed switch, it will stop the burners on the pillars in the room to the W. Pull, backflip roll and run to the opening, jump and grab the first pillar, pull up and runjump to the next, back up a bit and runjump to grab the opening ahead. This way you will miss out on the last secret....

The last Secret.

Don't use that timed switch but go to the opening of the room with the burning pillars and turn around, climb backwards off the edge and get down to the opening in the wall, drop and grab to follow in to 3 Hammer traps. Stand left and do standjump/grabs into the openings ahead and come to a dark alcove where you'll find Secret#5, a medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Go down W and to the N. The wall will close up behind you.


A giant T-Rex will come for you, shoot it from close range in the soft belly with the Shotgun and it will go down. Three raptors join the fun, take care of those too and head to the NW corner and go up the ladder through the open trapdoor. Climb off to the left and runjump E, then a runjump SE to a small ledge, over to the E. Then NE, to the opening E and follow through, up to the ledge S (hold the forward key down), shoot the Native there and go S, jump to the ledge left and onwards onto the ledge with the crates S. Go W, shoot the Natives and in the end you have to get back to the NW corner doing the same kind of jumps. Jump to a ledge and the go up that ladder, one more floor up and follow around to a switch on the N wall on top. Go over a glass floor to the opening S and shoot another T-Rex and some Raptors.

Entering S will end the level.