The Lost Tomb of Secrets.

BtB 2008 level by userpaul.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Skull Key.

Lara drops into a chamber, hop SW over the blocks and get the Flares there. Follow the passage E and duck under those Darts to come to a Boulderrun. Just sprint down that slope and turn left or right into the village square. Dive into the pool and at the N side of the pillar is the Skull Key on the bottom. Climb out of the pool and roll, runjump from the edge of the pool to grab that pillar in the pool, runjump and grab the roof W, find a lower skylight NW, with Secret#1, a Medipack in it. Drop from the roof and enter the SW hut, shoot the vase SE and get the Uzi Ammo.

Raising Blocks for a Cage Push, First Block.

Out and into the hut N, pass through the Teeth spikes into the W room, shoot a vase for Shotgun Ammo and throw the switch NE to raise a first block in a room we'll go to now. Go out to the square and E up the steps, to a hallway, go left to that gate and open it with the Key you have (keyhole is in the dark, right of the gate). Nothing to do there yet, so head into the passage E to come to the room with the raising blocks.

Second Block.

A flyby shows you a cage and the grey tile it has to go to. You raised one block in the hut before, now go into the room NW and shoot vases for Uzi Ammo and Flares. Go out and from the NE corner of the ledge you can climb down to a block. From there a runjump into that dark alcove in the N wall. Throw the switch to raise a block under a Jumpswitch. Jump out and go over the lower part of the wall to the SE corner of the pit. Save and take the Old Key from the pedestal. A Wraith shows up, but a screen shows you where to get rid of it. Quickly run NW and jump onto the block, climb the ladder and go W into the passage, to the right in the hall and run into the room you've opened before. The Wraith will go inside the room and kills itself. The block you've raised before is just next to the entrance. Climb it and use the Jumpswitch there to raise a second block.

Third Block.

Go out to the hall and go open that gate SE, crawl underneath the Blade, run over that breakable tile and drop into the revealed pit. Throw the switch E to raise a third block.

Fourth Block.

Spikes now fill that pit so carefully jump and grab out of the room and turn E standing at the hole. Jump and grab over the hole to the opening up E, standjump out to the right and grab

the crack in the wall. Shimmy left to where you can pull up. Climb up to the W side ledge and jump left around the corner to a dark ledge. Turn E and grab the vegetation above to monkeyswing to the E side. Go all the way up against the E wall and drop, walk along the wall to the alcove to the right and throw the switch to raise the fourth block. Go to the alcove in the N wall and get the small medipack there. Jump back to the E side ledge and walk till you are over that wall of raised blocks below, safety drop down and pull that cage out and move it to that grey tile in the opening NW.

The Crowbar.

The door in the passage E opens up, a Raptor attacks. Go into the passage E and shoot another Raptor. In the next room is a pedestal to the N, grab the Uzis and not to forget the Crowbar. Head out E and into the Main Hall, where a flyby shows you 4 entrances.

Main Hall. (Makes no difference which opening you do first)

There are 4 pillars under the central structure and each has a receptacle for a different puzzle item. Go to the NW corner and climb the ladder on the entrance portal. Jump to grab the central floor (that Native of the flyby was gone, never saw him again) and then jump to grab the entrance portal SW. Do not pull up (Knife traps) but shimmy left around the corner and pull up at the pedestal with Secret#2, the Shotgun. Safety drop from the edge and enter the opening in the portal here.

SW - Water Idol.

Follow through to a pit, partially filled with water, climb the block on this sides ledge and face S, just left of a rope is an alcove with a gong. Jump up and shoot it to open a door left of it. Jump to grab the rope and swing to the left side of the pillar near that open door, get in and shoot the near by vase to get a first Cog.

Go out and jump to grab the rope, swing to the other part of the ledge and throw the switch there to open that door NW. Use the rope to get back to the N side and jump into the opening W. Follow through to a large room with a pool, dive in and swim S, there is some Shotgun Ammo on a brick tile. Climb out SE and go into the room to the right.

Face E and backflip onto the wooden block, jump and grab the ledge above, shimmy left a bit, pull up and backflip to jump and grab the ledge above. Shimmy right a bit and backflip, another jump will get you into the opening to the upper floor of the large room. Stand on the lower ledge left of the opening and runjump to the ledge N. Go to the W side and jump along that wall, a flare in hand so you'll find the switch on the wide ledge. The doors in the E open up and a Raptor comes out. Shoot it (maybe even from the ledge next to this one) and now first go N along the W wall again to find another switch in the dark NW corner (first screen of the Secret door). Go E and shoot the vases to find the second Cog in the first vase. Jump back to that wide central ledge and enter the open doors. Place the Cog in the mechanism and you'll get a screen of the room with the pool.

A door opened in the N wall, drop down and get the small medipack and Uzi Ammo. Down N and you're back in the room with the pool where the pool is now filled up. Dive in and now you can open the underwater door N, swim carefully through the Teeth Spikes and get the Water Idol. Get out, climb up N and go into the passage NE, back to the Main Room.

The Idol has to be placed on the NE pillar of the central structure. Take your pick out of one of the remaining entrances.

SE- Fire Idol.

Stand at the slide to the right of that closed door and save.

Fire Slide.

Time the burners and slide down far before you jump over the pit with the burner below, landing on a safe block. Turn left and enjoy the view... Stand left and only look at the floor burner and time it, run from the block as you expect the burner to go down and immediately a side flip into the niche to the left. get the small medipack and throw the switch there (second screen of the Secret door). Go stand on the corner of the burner tile and slide down into the lower passage.

Fire Climb.

Climb one of the ladders W and go up to just under the burner, save and go up two more steps as the burner stops, immediately a backflip/roll and grab the next ladder. Go up and along the middle to just under the next burner, backflip/roll and grab the next ladder. Go up and along the side till you are on top of the last burner. Backflip/roll and grab the last ladder. Climb up to the passage above. Run straight past the hammer trap and get down into the pit in the next room.

Torch Puzzle.

Be sure to save before you start here as the Torches can disappear when you throw them onto the blocks.

Get the Uzi Ammo from the pedestal an then pick up the Torch (a spare one lies on the floor to the right), you have to get the Torch out of this pit. Jump on the blocks and stand on the one in the middle and close to the one S. Hit the #1 key and Lara will drop the torch where she stands, best is when it ends up on the S block. Go down to the switch E and save. Pull, roll and run around the blocks to the switch W, throw it and backflip with a roll onto the blocks, jump or climb up fast and get the Torch, then jump to the floor before the block goes down.

Go to the hammer and run into the passage N. Light the Torch there and go back to the room with the pit. Ignite the 4 dragonheads and the E door will open up, you can now take the Fire Idol there. You can leave the Torch (no need for it) or take it with you to light your path. Head back into the passage n of the Hammer and follow through to an open door, the next door will neatly open up and some Compies will attack. The Idol has to be placed on the NW pillar.

NW- Air Star.

Jump the Spike pit and just past it you have to grab up to a crack in the W wall, shimmy right to where you can pull up. Go into the Mirror room and use that mirror to find the Elemental Key in the SW corner. Head into the next area W and find Shotgun Ammo NW, go into the building and up the ladder NW. Next part can be tricky and here the Uzis may come in handy. Backflip onto the first floor, get the Uzi Ammo SE and go back to the ladder. Arm with the Uzis and look up to spot that gong on the ceiling. You have to shoot it while backflipping from the ladder. Go up the ladder to about a block from the top and backflip/roll while taking out the Uzis and fire them to hit the gong. A door will open up below.

Another way to do this is: Stand in the SE corner, face the gong and line up for the gong. Take out the Shotgun, look ("look" key) up as far as possible and shoot. You should be able to hit the gong like this too.

Go back down and duck before you go into the opened door SW, crawl under the Blade through the passage and turn around, climb backwards down into the next room. Use the Key to open that gate and step into the Temple area, shoot a pack of wolves and head into the Puzzle room N.

Push Puzzle.

3 statues have to go onto 3 tiles behind the pillars with the pedestals. The right hand statue (blue) to the tile left (NW). The left hand statue (red) to the tile behind the pillar in the middle and the statue in the middle (green) goes to the remaining tile NE. A block will rise where the red statue was, climb it, get the 2x Uzi Ammo from the pedestal and jump to an alcove SW to throw the switch to get the third screen of the Secret door. Now jump back and go to the other pedestals for Shotgun Ammo and the Air Star. Get down and run across the yard to the exit, three Raptors are available for a battle, I just ran past them and go up onto the blocks to climb back up to the passage with the Blade. Go back to the E and through the Mirror room down into the dark passage. Mind that Spike trap while returning to the Main Room. Place the Air Star on the SE pillar.

NE- Earth Beetle.

Go in and head into the first alley right, right again and into the room to the right. You'll be back here later to get rid of a Wraith. This time a Skeleton will be on it's way over, run out and left into the alley, take out the Shotgun and go right at the end. Straight and when you reach a pit, jump over to the other side and turn around, wait for the Skeleton to do the same and blast him into the pit. Now go N and left to pick up the Shotgun Ammo there, turn around and go to a crawlspace in the left hand wall. Get through into the room and shoot the vase closest to the hole in the floor to get Shotgun Ammo. Climb down the ladder and use the Jumpswitch on the S wall down there. A big door opens up. Go back up and to the room E, the Wraith will show up. Run out S and go to the right, next one left and all the way to the end where the Wraith will go through the windows into the room you visited first.

The Skull Key.

Head back N and take the alley to the right just before the pit. Go into the first hut to the left to get Shotgun Ammo from the vase. Head out and left to the last hut and take care... walk slowly to that pedestal to trigger the Knife traps. Pick up the Skull Key and go out, return to the W, left into the main alley and take the second alley left, left in the end and open the door to the hut there with the Key. Go in and use the Jumpswitch up N to open another big door. One vase holds a small medipack. Go out and W to the main alley, head back N and take the first alley to the right, up some steps and run to the S in the hall where the open doors are. 3 Skeletons wake up, jump over the pit at the second door and roll. shoot the Skeletons into that pit when they jump the pit.

The Earth Beetle.

Go into the S side door and up the steps, jump onto the closest block in the next room and jump to the central pillar to get the Earth Beetle. There are 2 more beetles, but they seem to be broken. Step aside after prying them off as darts start shooting. Jump to a ledge behind the NE pillar and throw the last switch for the Secret door. Make your way down to the ground floor and head out NW, turn right at the big door and go left into the lower alley to the Main alley. Head back S and end up in the Main Hall. The Beetle has to be placed on the remaining (SW) pillar and the doors E open up.

Time and runjump through the Spike trap. Pick up Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo near the gate E and climb up to the door you opened NE to get Secret#3, the Revolver and Sight. Runjump out of this alcove with a right hand curve onto a statue pillar in the room to get another Shotgun. Jump to the ledge W, then to the other pillar for a small medipack, back to the ledge and go use the switch S to open the gate for the Native..... He is gone again... Go in and up to the opening SE, follow through to some ladders.

Final Battle.

Save on top of the second ladder. The floor below is breakable and you have to go around the room to jump into six alcoves with switches. After using the last switch a block will rise below, quickly hop back and drop onto the block while pulling out Revolver or Shotgun.

The block lowers and now you're facing a T-Rex. Shoot it once from close range into the soft underbelly and then take care of the illusive Native which will be a tough nut to crack. Run to the doors SE and they open up, allowing you to end the level.