Inti Is Watching You

BtB 2008 level by TimJ.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Turn around from where you are and go E, turn right around the first rock and hop SW onto the ledge there, stand with your back to the wall (face E) just take a standing jump forward and back flip and jump forward with a right curve to end up a snow ledge above. The pole is just a red herring, so turn around, jump SW and spot the opening further SW and jump in there. Pick up SECRET # 1, shotgun ammo. Climb up E and slide down, head S and go to the right into an opening. At the end you can crawl and pick up Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack.

Go out of the passage and turn right to get into the slanted crawlspace there (S). In the cave at the end, shoot the wolves and grab the Flares, more Flares and a small medipack in the SW of this den of wolves. Find the opening E and get in, crawl further and left (E) at the intersection, follow through and drop down at the end, sliding backwards into a dark cave.

Dark Caves, the Gold Key.

Turn right and go to the N, to the right a bit, shoot some bats near a ladder and go into the tunnel NE. Just around the wooden pole (remember, it is a landmark) to the right into the tunnel there. Shoot another bat; go left and continue till you reach a pool area.

Jump into the pool and open the underwater door S. Swim in and ignore the underwater lever for now, as it is a timed one, so just climb out at the end.

Push the cage in the opening N once and go back into the water and now save while Lara uses the underwater lever.

Timed Swim/Run for a Secret.

Remember it is a timed one, swim back and in the pool go straight, wade out of the water (N) and run passing the statues on your right, turn right around the next corner, climb into an opening up E and sprint through the timed door for SECRET #2, a small medipack.

Use the lever left of the door twice to open the door back up. Drop back out and go from the pool to the dark NW corner of the cave. Face W with your back to a triangle slope. This is a bit tricky, so back flip and grab the W wall ladder and climb up to the top. Then again a back flip and roll to crab a crack in the opposite column. Shimmy left and get down where the Medipack is. Pick it up facing NW.

Light a flare and grab up to the crack E, shimmy left and get into the crawlspace. Lower down at the other end and use the lever (gate opens up), get out and drop down to the ground floor, go back W to the tunnels you came from, to the right around the corner and back to the wooden pole. Next to the wooden pole there is an opening where that gate opened up (N). Crawl all the way to the end and jump near some iron bars down to pick up SECRET # 3, the Gold Key. Go back to the tunnels and left at the wooden pole to get back to the pool area. SW of the pool is a grey block on a pillar. That's where you go next in another Timed sequence... You have to use that Timed trapdoor left of that grey pillar to get there

Timed Swim/Run for the Trapdoor.

Swim back into that underwater door S and save while using the same underwater lever, swim out and left to get out of the pool near that plant W. Run turning left and against the rock under the trapdoor, grab up, roll and runjump to grab that grey block. Face N, take a running jump, slide and jump, another slide and jump to grab the crack W, shimmy right around the corners and pull up into a crawlspace. Grab the monkey climb, wiggle Lara a bit or else she will not go forward and use the climb to get to the pillar. Climb down about halfway and traverse the pillar to the right to back flip onto a wooden bridge. There is a lever on the left (SE). Jump in the water get out W and go right into the tunnels to the wooden pole, then keep going left till you see a small niche with a Timed lever, save there.

Timed Run for the Jumpswitch.

Pull it, roll to runjump out of the niche with a right hand curve and run NW to the ladder, climb the ladder a bit left of the middle. When Lara’s feet are on the last wooden step of the ladder, a back flip and try not to slide but immediately jump with a curve to the right onto another slope, just slide and you'll end up in front of another ladder.

Side flip to the left, run against the ladder wall and jump up to grab the ladder there. Go up one step, jump/roll and grab the left hand side of the ledge, slide down a bit and jump from the end of the slope so you are already running when you land on the walkway. Jump straight and a bit left to the next walkway, turn sharp left in the end and jump to the Timed platform opposite the Jumpswitch. Curve sharp left and jump to grab the switch (a Skeleton looks you straight in the eye while a door opens back at the Pool area).

The Skeleton Key.

Go back N then to the right (E) at the wooden pole till you arrive back at the pool area and the opened door is between the statues NE. The knife trap stops halfway, still be careful to go through them. Take a standing jump over the next, timing the Teeth Spikes. Once in the room pick up the Medipack and pull/push the crate to the tile in the NE corner. Cut scene of the door behind you, but you have to pull/push the crate on another tile in the previous room where the waterhole is. So pull/push it back to where it was previously (S room) and head back through the traps (you can use the "jump through the corner of the block trick" at least once), into the water through the underwater door S and keep going back and fro till the cage is on the grey tile NE. Finally the door opens, follow through and pick up the Skeleton Key from the pedestal.

Go out (I swam back through the water to the pool), go to the N shore and keep going though the tunnel to a shallow pool and in the water near a plant is SECRET # 4, a small medipack.

Back on dry land and continue N to reach a valley.

On the slope opposite the block with a statue on top, is a ledge that is not covered with snow, jump up there. Keep going N and find an opening to the right, turn around and climb down a ladder. Use the Skeleton Key in the lock NE and watch the fly by.

Go into the orange passage S and get a Medipack, a small medipack and the Shotgun.

Go back to the ladder and climb out, when you are back in the snow head S and just past the opening to the valley you can hop onto a triangular ledge under the high slanted rock. Walk to the S side of it and standjump with a right hand curve over the V shaped top edge (screen). From the top of that rock you can runjump onto that Circle structure.

Walk over to the other end of the "eye", jump S to grab a snowy ledge. Go W and see another valley, look down and see a snowy ledge, from there jump to the building. Drop into the opening on the right into the building. Pull the lever E wall and see a trapdoor opening. Go out and outside is another lever left of the entrance, unusable as it will open the inside gate of 2, timed and doesn't reset. Go SE, then make your way back to the valley E and to the trapdoor.

Climb down the ladder (I had a bug here so I jumped from the side to grab the edge and shimmied to the ladder so I could climb down).

Lara is in a mirror room.

The Mirror Puzzle.

Objective is to get to that tile with the blue rays E. But you have to jump to certain safe tiles in order to get there. Touching a wrong tile will stop the rays and you have to get back to the entrance side to get them going again. The tiles you have to jump to are the squares W of the Five (5) blocks you can see in the mirror, so not necessarily symbols (screen). Finally jump onto that tile with the rays and see pillars rise in the valley above.

Pillar Jumps.

Go back out of the room and climb up to the valley. Walk up to the edge of the lower floor N, save and jump to the spot behind (seen from that eye, so the S side of the pillar) the closest pillar. A runjump to the next and 2 more jumps to get you on that grey tile (you'll burn if you don't get it right). You can also jump to the pillar and back to the snow, go around to the other side and jump to the spot S of the next pillar, back to the snow and so on. A flyby shows a trench after you jump to the grey tile.

The Inca Sun Artefact.

Go down that trench N and get the Inca Sun Artefact, there are also 2 Shotgun Ammo pickups and you'll need those when you get back out to the valley. Fight the 4 Raptors and go

S around that yellow floor, into the cave and follow through S till you come to a closed door. A Wolf attacks, shoot it and open the door with the Gold Key you still have. Go in for a Medipack, a Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo, on the small table is a small medipack.

Follow through S again and come to a cave with a statue and a burning pedestal. Go out NW and come back to the Valley where the level started. Go W and up the ladder where the level will end.