Journey through the Andes.

BtB 2008 level by MIKKI.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

If during the game the danger sound starts repeating (a bug)... just delete the 000 wav from the audio folder (you'll have to exit the game for this)

Temple Key 1.

Lara slides down a mountain into a valley, a Native and his pet Wolf attack. After dealing with them, you can get a Medipack E near a gate. Head S from there and find the switch in the coner left of the building. Turn back and go into the opened gate to the right, pull away the Skeleton in the corner to get Temple Key 1. Back out to the valley.

Temple Key 2.

Behind a plant along the W wall is a crawlspace, get in and follow to a small lake, first shoot that Wolf waiting on the other side and dive in, on the N side is an underwater lever, throw it and climb out W. Get through the crawlspace there and shoot another Native to get Temple Key 2 from the pedestal. Make your way back to the Temple valley.

Main Pool.

Open the big doors SE and enter, follow through left and a flyby shows you around a large Temple. Head straight S down the steps to the Main Pool. (you could now take a different route through the level, makes no difference what you do first.)

Statue Puzzle, a First Mask.

Take a left there (passage NE) and take the left hand side following through to the E. To the left is a passage with a small medipack and Arrows on pedestals. Go N and left to find a switch in the alcove to the right, throw it to lower a large block in the next room, remember the switch as you have to use it again. Go into the room W and just to the left is the block you lowered (different texture), get the pushable statue SE Make a note of the symbol on the wall behind it) and put it on the block, throw the switch again and the statue will rise to the ledge above. Go into the room with the block again and out S, straight into a staircase and follow through N till you come to the room where the statue is, look for that symbol (up SE) and move the statue on the wooden tile there, a burner starts to show you it's in the right place. Now go down and get the SW statue after you lowered the block and raise it to the room above. Go up again and place it on the wooden tile W (symbol).

The gate N opens, go save before you pick up that Mask, the trapdoor will open up and you'll slide down (you'll get a glimpse of a crawlspace left under that trapdoor, later). Jump to the right hand side of the second slope and slide till you're almost down, then jump hard right so you'll land inside that passage, run forward a bit more as a second boulder will come down into this passage. Jump S over that boulder and go straight up to the switch to open a hatch above. Climb up and you're on the steps near the Main Pool.

Lighting the Fires, a Second Mask.

Head straight E and into the room with the block, to the right up the steps to the first floor, into the hallway N where you probably saw that door already. This time throw the switch and go through the door that will drop shut behind you. In the next room are ledges. Stand on the one at the entrance and look for the ones where sun rays shine. So jump to the one NE, NE again, then E and finally S to the one at the gate (touching the lower floor will close the gate and you have to start over from the entrance). The gate opens up and you can get the Second Mask. Go climb up to the vase SW and turn around, grab up into the passage with Secret#1, a Medipack.

Get down and leave the room W and turn right to the room with the statues where you just got that First Mask. Stand to the right at the open trapdoor and jump to grab that crawlspace, get in and get Secret#2, a small medipack. Get out of there and slide down into boulder alley, throw the switch again to open the hatch, head up that ladder and arrive back on the steps. Turn around.

Vases, a Torch and Target Practice for a Third Mask.

Head W down the steps into a room with a bunch of vases. Shoot the white one on the high pedestal left and get the Secret Star, go W and open the gate with it to get Secret#3, a Crossbow and Arrows. Go to the white vase SW and shoot it, get the Torch and light it on the flame to the left. Go ignite the 4 short pedestals in this room and a hatch opens up over the ladder NW, go up the ladder to the floor above. Shoot the vases on the ledge N and get 2x Arrows, another Crossbow and the Lasersight. Go to the SE corner and step up to the gate to open it (shortcut later), turn around and go left around the corner to climb onto the grey block SE and walk up to the slide.

Arm yourself with the Crossbow and sight and save. Stand left and slide, jump with a right hand curve onto the platform and turn right to quickly shoot the gong in the alcove W, sidejump left and shoot the next... go onto the last platform and put away the Crossbow so you can turn left and jump with a grab into the opened gate S. Go left and get the Third Mask, the gate will open up so you can get out to the first floor of the Main Pool, go through and to that NW gate you opened before. Left around the corner and back up to the platform run.

Blades and a Fourth Mask.

You don't need the Crossbow now. Just jump the platforms to the 4th one and run with a right hand curve to jump and grab into the alcove W. Get past the gong and get a small medipack. Now you have to get past the Blades. I thought the best way was to stand back in the NW corner, face S and save. Then just sprint along the wall veering left at the second Blade and get another small medipack (If you happen to loose a lot of health, just give it another go, I managed this with only needing a small medi in the end). Stand back against the wall again and aim for the side of the Blade that opens up, save and sprint through. Follow the steps down to a room where the Fourth Mask is found on a pedestal SE. Go out of the opened gate and left (N), up the steps to the big stairs and down S to the Main Pool. Dive in and swim up to the 4 alcoves S where you can place the Masks one by one and turn around at the pedestals to use the 4 Jumpswitches there. The big temple doors open up. The right hand alcove has a Medipack in stead of a vase, I shot the other vases, don't know if they did anything.

Swim back across the pool and go up the stairs N, shoot the Raptor in the valley and go into the open gate it came from. It is located under that wooden roof, follow through to a Valley where another Raptor attacks. Go SE up to the edge of the canyon and go down to the waters edge there, pass through the waterfall and find a crawlspace behind the plant S, throw the switch in the cave to open a gate at the bridge above. go back out and climb back up where you came down. Over the bridge and look left of the bridge at the other end.... There's an opening in the rocks. Jump to the ledge left of the bridge and getting under the bridge requires a standjump and grab to the SE. Crawl in to get Secret#4, a small medipack. Get back out, jump back to the bridge and walk up to the opened gate to reach an enclosure, Wolves attack.

The Crowbar and 2 Gems.

Go into an opening in the N wall, shoot the Native, push the cage and get the Crowbar from underneath. Go out and to the other entrances.

Opening NE: right around the corner and up the ladder a bit, backflip/roll and keep jumping till you are on a ledge where you can get the first Gem. Standjump NW over the blocks to get back out.

Opening SE: go left or right around the wall to get the second Gem in the back. Get out and leave SW, over the bridge and back to the Temple.

The Temple.

Enter those big right hand doors and follow in. A flyby kicks in... Follow the rest of the passage to the next Puzzle Room.

In the N wall is a gate and here you can use the 2 Gems, place them on the ones already on the wall and the gate opens. Get the Gear and go to the Mechanism E to place it. The waterwheels are activated and the blocks in the central structure lower down. Go save in front of the Cog wheel switch and see the gate open up W when you use it. Jump forward right or left over the wheel so you land in the opening next to the wheel, side flip out and runjump to the gate. Run against the gate and hit "roll" (or while keeping the forward key down also hit the back arrow to roll through). Going in will trigger a flyby of the Golden Amulet.

The Golden Amulet.

Just walk into the next room, there's an invisible floor (mirror like). Use the mirror floor to find an invisible switch in the SE corner. Use it to de-activate the protection on the pedestal and go get that Golden Amulet. The door opens up W, step through and slide down a cave to end the level.