Pachacutec Inca's Valley.

BtB2008 level by Roli.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara drops into a pool, swim through the tunnel, climb out into a Valley and shoot some Compies.

The Golden Key.

Go S and climb the ledges, turn around and runjump onto the ledge along the E wall, Lara will look left, there's a gong on top of that building, jump up and shoot it with pistols from where you stand. The gate in that building will open up. Jump to the ledge N and get a small medipack at the end (between the plants). Drop from the ledge and go to that opened gate. Follow in to an Inca settlement, enter the S side hut and shoot the Native, then get the Shotgun from the hut. Go push the statue in the N hut all the way in and let the native walk out (never even looked at me) Get the Flares and go out again, into an opening W and shoot the vase for a small medipack. Sidejump over a couple of Skull fences S and shoot the vases for 2x Shotgun Ammo, jump back. Head to the NE corner of the place and pull up onto that slanted block, backflip to land on the roof of the hut. Go W and slide backwards from the roof, grabbing the edge. Hang against the left hand wall and backflip to a ledge, shoot the bats. From there a runjump to the swingpole S and land on the next roof, go jump to the one S and grab it. Over the top and left to jump and grab the hut E, shimmy left and pull up at the corner. Over the top and jump into an alcove E to get the Golden Key. Go back out to the Valley.

For the Skull Key.

Go right around the corner and up the steps SW, follow the passage to a room with hammers. Go along one of the walls and get to the other side, jump the Spike pit and jump to the closed gate W from the ledge in the next room. Climb down the ladder on the S side of the entrance ledge. Head to the NE corner and get the Flares there, go to the cage SE and move it aside to enter the dark passage, be sure to light a flare as there are nasty Teeth Spikes here, go in left to get some Uzi Ammo, then go to the last room left and throw the switch opening up that gate at the ladder, so go back and up the ladder to enter the gate.

Broken Bridge Canyon.

Stepping on the steamy tile a Skeleton will be puller away by strange forces. To the right in the back is a switch and that will lower a wall in the big area. Go back out and jump to the middle ledge, then to the opening S. Jump S over the broken bridge, follow in and crawl under the darts, then climb up a ledge to the right and use the switch there to open a door ahead. Grab a crack in the W wall and shimmy left around to drop in the corner. Go into the opening W and to the left and right are 2 passages in that dark tunnel. Go left and runjump over the flame, pull the Skeleton and get the Shotgun Ammo. Go back and straight into the other passage, crawl underneath the poles (or stand against them and hit "roll") to use the Jumpswitch in the back. Return to the crossing and head W where a block lowered in the blue cave. A flyby of the next room will take over.

The Cog.

Safety drop down and go into the room E, careful, those pretty face tiles are deadly. Pull the 2 cages left and right of the pillar once and jump to the back of the room where you can now move a cage from under the opening in the ceiling, so you can climb up E and get the Cog.

Preparing for the Timed Swing/Run.

Jump back and go out pf the room underneath the darts to the big doors W and climb the ladder on the right. Shoot the Wolves and turn around. Runjump and grab the swingpole to get to the other side, shoot the Wolves and head E around the big pillar left and look for the crack to grab up to, shimmy right around to the Jumpswitch and use it (opens a door above). Get back up the ladder NW and into the open door N, the steaming tile is deadly so jump over that one.

Safe in front of the switch, pull while holding the "look" key, take a slow step back (shift) and backflip with a roll and a right curve. Do a runjump in the direction of the opening to the swing pole SW, so you still have room to run and jump to the pole, immediately release the forward key and only hold Ctrl so lARA will only swing once on the pole. When she launched off the pole you have to hit the forward key again so she will immediately start to run when she lands. Now you can just run around the right hand corner into the Timed door.

The Skull Key.

Shoot the Wolf and place the Cog. The big doors below open up, go out and to the ground floor. Enter the room and stand facing S at the pedestal with the burner. One hip back so when the burner goes down you can jump up and grab the Skull Key, holding down backflip while Lara picks it up. A gate opens up N. If you want the pickups (Medipack NE and Flares NW) you'll have to slide down backwards and safety drop down into the room with the 2 Raptors. take care of them and go to the lower side of the sloped wall in the middle of the room. Face W, grab up and backflip/roll grabbing the pole to swing to the wooden platform E. Sidejump onto the slanted wall N and jump grab to the ladder, climb up a bit and right around the corner. You can see a swingpole behind Lara, have her about one body length under the pole and backflip/roll grabbing the pole to swing to the next and then to a ledge W. Go to the N end and save there. Stand back to the wall and take a single step forward, standjump to the breaktile and grab it, pull up and standjump to grab the next, then pull up and runjump to the left side of the last and a running jump curved right to the wooden platform E, mind the low ceiling and runjump S. Go in and up to the room above, follow through and time the traps to get to the opening NE. Save again and grab the Zipline, ride it till you can drop onto the narrow wooden platforms below. Go up the ladder and back onto the bridge. Go N and over the ledge in the middle, over the pit and through the room with the hammer to get back to the Valley.


The Silver Key.

Go down the steps and turn right and into an opening between the walls S. Enter left in the back and find a switch in the NE corner, a gate opens up in another building. Go out and straight N into the next building, you are facing the door you will exit from later. Turn around, safety drop down, light a flare and SAVE. Stand a bit to the right or left (whatever side you prefer) and slide down find the spot from where you have to jump to just land on the flat ledge at the end of the slope, turn so you can hop backwards and grab the edge of the ledge before the boulder strikes. drop the flare and stand in the middle of the S side, slide and jump to grab the pole, just hold "Ctrl" and you'll end up in a small hallway. Pick up some Flares NW.

For the Secret: Pull that statue out of the passage E, move it into the opening N. Go in where the statue was and drop down to the ledge below. Runjump over to the W side and grab the edge, shimmy past the burner to where Secret#1 is, Uzis and Ammo. Runjump back over to the E side and shimmy right to the ladders, passing a burner. Go up and use the ladder on the pillar to go up and backflip to the passage above.

Go to the glass floor S, although you can't see Lara. the floor is a mirror and reflects the invisible switch SE, throw it and go through the opened door.

A Labyrinth.

Turn left and walk slowly (Knife traps) along the left hand walls and thus get to the Medipack SE. Walk W from there, just following the left hand wall and you'll come into a room with a skull post in the right hand corner. There's a low part in the ceiling too, stand back against the S wall and look up N to spot an opening in the ceiling, grab up in there and crawl to Secret#2, Shotgun Ammo. Walk W again and turn right in the end to come to a door, door opens up and a Native comes for you. Go through and look out for the boulders you will trigger. Best is to go S from the door and the go up the sloped floor along the wall. Follow through and come to the Switch Puzzle.

Switch Puzzle, Silver Key.

2 Gates have to be opened, but there are many switches to choose from. No real hint found here, but if you use the second switch from the right on the W wall and the left hand one of those SE, both gates will open up. Go in and the next room could have the "Flare bug", go to the NE corner and jump diagonally over the corner of the flame tile up to the left ledge. Grab up to the next ledge and shimmy right a bit before pulling up. Turn right and pick up the Silver Key. Climb up E and follow through to that door opening up, you're v-back at the Valley. Jump over the gap (the slide) and turn left to the N end of the Valley. Run to the blocks with the keyholes and jump onto one of them. Empty your weapons (Save some Shotgun Ammo!) at the 2 Raptors and go place the 3 Keys to open 3 sets of gates in the entrance E.

Cage Push.

Remember those face tiles are deadly. Pull the cage one to the E, then move it all the way through the room (mind the burner tiles) to the N wall, jump to the safe spot E of the cage and pull it once, jump aside and go push the cage onto that tile with the flame, the gate will open up.

T-Rex and Pachacutec's Mask.

Step into the next enclosure and a T-Rex will come running out of it's lair. Wait for it with the Shotgun drawn and give it one round in the soft belly. When it goes down Pachacutec's Mask will appear, pick it up and go to the SE corner, grab up to the ladder from standing on the mound and climb up to the ledges. Buggy thing here is that there's a flare bug and a fixed camera, so you can't use the Binocs to line up. Go left from the ladder and if you have trouble lining up straight, hang from the end of the ledge and pull up, then just roll and runjump. Grab the ledge and runjump to grab the next, shimmy left to the other end and there Lara will stare at the vegetation, grab that and climb left. From the next ledge a jump onto the roof of the entrance arch and place the Mask. safety drop from one of the sides and climb up to the opened gate W. Go through and drop through the hole in the floor. Climb out N and get onto the waterwheel (stand in front and hit "Ctrl", grab the platform and jump to the arch, then to the ledge and use the switch on the pillar. Drop from the ledge, go into the open gate W to try and pick up the Golden Idol.

The level will end before you reach it.