The Mask of Ettal Otaiccam.

BtB 2008 level by Die Basis.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

The Main Cave.

Pick up a small medipack in the cave where Lara ends up. Follow through a shoot a pack of wolves. Look up left (E) before you pass through that waterfall and get into the small crawlspace, drop into the next cave and shoot a vase to get the Skull Key hidden inside. Collect the small medipack and the Flares and get back through the crawlspace.

Enter the Main Cave through the waterfall, SE is a Medipack. Then go to the statue at the W gate and use the Key to open that gate. Go in backwards till you hear a boulder come down, sprint out and left to get out of the way. Back in and jump up the steep tunnel, don't just run into the next cave but stay close to the tunnel so you can hop back in while shooting the Raptors.

The Crossroads Cave.

Get into the Crossroads Cave (you'll be back here) and go get the Flares near that skeleton S. T hen enter the tunnel S. Just around the left corner is a Medipack. Follow through to the Waterfall Cave. Take the tunnel E and just around the right hand corner is a switch (Timed). Better go E first and check out the route. To the right is another cave with a dark pit and left around the corner is a small medipack. Look S and spot the platforms you'll have to jump in the timed run, head back to that switch W, light a flare, top up the health and save there.

Timed Platform Run.

Pull the switch, backflip with a roll and sprint E, turning right into the opening to the pit, jump at the last moment (that's why you have the flare in hand) to grab the first platform about a step from the left side, pull up and run-jump to grab the second platform about a step from the right hand side. Now run-jump and grab the platform past the Blade and pull up. A last run-jump to safety. Follow the tunnel and go into the alcove to the right for some Flares. Go W and at the next crossing you can see a door in the cave ahead and to the right is an opening to a cave with a Cog switch.

The Inca Idol.

First find the hidden crawlspace behind the vegetation to the left (the one with the big green leaves) and go through to a cave with a swinging hammer. shoot the bats and go to the back of the room to collect some Flares, then approach that hammer from the W side and spot the Jump switch above. Walk up close after saving and jump up to grab the switch, a block lowers next to you. Throw the revealed switch to stop the hammer, if the hammer stops at the lowest point of the swing, throw the switch again and stop it at the highest point so you can go grab the Inca Idol from underneath.

Timed Run for the Door.

Go back through the crawlspace and place that Idol in the receptacle on the right hand side of the opening to the Cog switch. Spikes will retract near that switch; go get the Shotgun Ammo from one side of the switch and save standing in front of the other side. Pull about 5 times, turn left and sprint into the opening turning right towards that door W, sprint and hit "Alt" to roll through the closing door (another trick is to just run against the door and then hit "roll", you will also end up on the other side). Follow through and a gate will drop shut behind you.

Key to the Inca Hut.

Head E along the wall and find a small medipack and in the next corner a Medipack, then go to the Skeleton lying on the floor E, pull it aside and hear a door opening up. Now go to the pedestal and find the right spot to pick up the Inca Hut Key. A Wraith will be released too, run for the raised block E and climb it from the higher floor part, turn around and jump up to grab up into the crawlspace, follow through and drop out into the Waterfall Cave. Step back and get the small medipack there, to the right is a Skull post where the Wraith will go... If you turn left from picking up the medipack you can find a well-hidden switch behind the plants (face N). A door will open up.

An Ancient Wheel.

Go N and turn left in that wide tunnel, the opened door is there, follow through and come to a room with 2 cages, don't touch anything!... Just pull both cages onto the face tiles, a door opens NW, go there and get the Ancient Wheel, the wheel on the pedestal is a trap!! Go out and to the NE corner of the room to pick up the Crowbar, the exit gate opens up, so go out SW and left into the tunnel, back to the Crossroads Cave. Under the face W is a place where you can use the Ancient Wheel, the door to the left opens up.

The Torch.

Go into the passage and follow to the Room with the Skull fences. In the NW corner is a statue you have to push in front of the gate NW (if you move it anywhere else you will be Spiked). A switch will be revealed, use it to open the Timed gate. Now you have 2 choices, run(jump) through the gap between statue and wall or quickly pull back the statue and run around to get into the gate before it closes. Walk up to the red hot floor and grab up to the monkey swing ceiling, follow to the E end and drop at the switch opening up the gate W. So get back using the monkey swing and enter that new passage. Just around the corner and to the right is a Skeleton hanging on the wall. Above it is a crawlspace, get in for Secret#1, a Compass.

Get back out and go S, again use the monkeyswing to the E end and drop at the switch, the near by gate opens up. Jump over the corner of the burning floor (or use the monkey swing) and find the block you raised W. From the block a run-jump over the Skull fences SE and throw the switch there to raise another block W, side flip out over the fence and climb the W block. Hidden behind the Skeleton hanging there is a switch raising a block E. Go onto that block and jump behind the Skull fences NW, throw the switch to kill the flames behind the Skull fences SE, jump in there and find a stack of Torches. Take one and side flip out, head back through the tunnel S and back in the Crossroads Cave to the S again to the Waterfall Cave.

The Inca Hut.

This time take the opening W and follow to the Inca Hut, drop the Torch where you can find it again. Go into an opening SE and turn around in the back, look up and jump to use the Jump switch (opens a door). Go back out and side flip over the Skull fences NE to use the key in the lock, pick up the small medipack there and get back over the Skull fences, pick up the Torch and enter the open door E. To the left is a gate, drop the torch there and follow the passage to the end to find a timed switch. Pull and run through the gate, a danger sound is heard. 2 Natives will come in, so take care of them and get the Medipack E, some Shotgun Ammo W. In the N is a fireplace, but it still has to be lit. Jump up into the bedroom E and W and shoot the 2 vases there. Now the fireplace will burn, go get the Torch and light it carefully on the fireplace.

T-Rex Battle.

Go outside of the hut and left (E) through the tunnel to the Waterfall Cave, left and head N through the wide tunnel to the Crossroads Cave, now go into the opening N and jump over the corner of the small pool. Ignite the dragonhead in the corner and the door opens up. Save before entering.

In this cave are several Medipacks scattered about (SE-S-N), but the first thing you have to try and do is to get into the T-Rex Lair W where you have to pull away a Skeleton to get to the Shotgun. Lure that T-rex away and quickly run in, pull the Skeleton and run out again (sometimes the T just waits till you pulled the Skeleton). Lure the T-rex away and run back fast to take the Shotgun (some extra Shotgun Ammo in the SW corner of the lair). Now you can wait for it to get really close and shoot it in the soft belly once.

Go gather Medipacks you may have missed and go to the cage standing NW, pick up the small medipack in the plant in front of the cage.

You have to move the cage onto the tile between the Skull fences (all the way around those stone pillars) and a block will rise behind you. Go stand against that block facing N and take 2 steps back, back flip onto the rocks and jump to grab the top of the block.

The Inca Plate and Inca Key.

Run-jump and grab the swing pole N, hold Ctrl and you'll swing to the next and grab the stone pillar N, jump the pillars to the highest one and climb the ladder up E. Do NOT pull up, but back flip from the ladder. Carefully go to the pedestal avoiding that Spike trap and get the Inca Plate. Look for the Inca Key in the plant NE and the door opens S, follow that tunnel and drop from the floor into that small pool below. Climb out W and turn left to the Crossroads Cave, left there and through the steep tunnel E to the Main Cave where it all started.

The Inca Beetles.

Go to the gate E and open it with the Key, head in and time the run through the Teeth Spikes. In the cave with the waterwheel some Compies will attack. Get the Medipack NE and dive into the pool, open an underwater door N and get Secret#2, a Compass. Swim out and save in front of an underwater lever W, pull it and go check if the Blade in front of the waterwheel is in the "open" position so you can climb the wheel. If not go back to the save and try again till you can safely approach the wheel.

Save first and hit "Ctrl" to climb the wheel, jump off with a right hand curve and no grab so you'll land on the corner of the wooden platform. Pry the Inca Beetle from the pillar, jump over to the platform N to get Inca Beetle #2. Back to safe ground and out through the tunnel W. In the main cave you can open the doors S with the Plate.

The Mask of Ettal Otaiccam.

Go up the steep passage a bit and turn around, save and hop backwards till you hear the boulders come, sprint down and hop up the higher floor. Wait for the boulders to stop moving and go up the steep tunnel again. In the room above you'll find the 2 receptacles N and S of the steep wall W. Blocks will rise so you can get to the Mask of Ettal Otaiccam, 2 Skeletons awake. Just quickly climb up to the opened gate W and turn around to grab the Zip line. Ride it to the end and grab the block.

Skeleton Caves.

Use the switch to open the door and hang from the block to shimmy and pull up inside, walk to the Skeleton and pull it away from the Crossbow, turn left and get the Explosive Ammo from the plant. Go E and 2 Raptors attack, head straight into the cave E and get Explosive Ammo near the fence E, then pull the switch S, back to the crossing W and a Wolf attacks, turn right and go to the N end, get Explosive Ammo from the plant and shoot that Skeleton lying there (aim by looking down). Open the crowbar door W and get Secret#3, a Compass inside.

Back out and straight into the open gate E, no Ammo but a switch N, use it and go back W, turn left and head to the S end. Shoot the Skeleton and go left into the opened gate. Use the switch S and go all the way back again to the N and right where the next gate opened. Use the switch on the E wall and return to tha far S side. Go through the E gate and shoot the Native, at the fence N is more Explosive Ammo, then use the switch and you already guessed.... All the way around again to the N side caves, follow through E and then into the opened gate S where a Native attacks. Go left and save there before you enter the last tunnel, go in and jump to the side or run back to wait out that boulder.

Follow the tunnel up to where you can escape these caves and the level ends.