The Lost Inca Outpost.

BtB 2008 level by mugs.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Lara will be pushed into a pit by a Raptor, although the Secret sounds no secret is found. Just around the corner are Flares, then climb the ladder and pull up in a dark cave.

A flyby shows you around, turn left into the NW corner and shoot the vase to get the Lasersight. A Native will attack while you walk down that stream to a valley, maybe he pushes you down, no problemo, just enjoy the fall.

Fall down the waterfall into a small pool, climb out N and crawl into the crevice to get the Medipack. Face SE and jump out with a left curve to grab the ledge, shimmy to the right a bit and pull up. Turn S and jump to grab into the crawlspace there, go up the next ladder and follow through. Drop out into the pool below and climb out at the N side, stand on the highest tip of the rock and grab up N. Walk E and runjump over the waterfall with a grab to land on a ledge under some vegitation. Jump up and grab the vegitation to monkey swing along the plants to a crawlspace in the E wall.

Drop into the room and get the Revolver near that skeleton. Face N from standing on that lower floor and spot a vase through the crack in the wall. Shoot the vase (pistols will do) and the gate opens. Throw the switch in there to bring out a rope near the start of the level. Get out of the room through the crawlspace and drop into the pool, climb out W and take care of a Native, walk N and left to crawl into a dark corner to get the Shotgun Ammo.

The Mask of Bosi.

Walk back out of this cave and turn right onto a somewhat higher part of rock. Face SW and runjump with a right hand curve onto the higher rocks, turn N and go up into a small valley with some statues. Push the dark statue from it's place to get the Mask of Bosi. Walk to the SW corner and jump right around the corner onto a higher ledge, from there you can runjump up to the waterfall again after you shot that Native. Go stand on the rock W of the waterfall and face the rope SW, runjump and grab the rope, turn towards the opening in the Skull fence W and swing in there.

The Temple.

Before you enter the Temple go to the right and pull the lever behind the block with the vase. This will deactivate a spike trap inside. Enter the Temple and shoot the vase that is in front of the pushable cage. Your goal is to push/pull the cage to a certain place in this room. Look at the three tiles on the W wall, there is however one tile that is different on the ceiling. There is where the push block needs to go (N wall). This opens the left gate.

Get in there and shoot the Native running up the stairs. Follow the stairs down and stop at the opening to the left to a room with a waterwheel. Face back E and spot a tiny crack down in the E wall 3 steps back up the stairs. From standing near the opening to the waterwheel you can shoot the vase in there with pistols or use the Revolver (a hatch opens up below).


Now go to the waterwheel, jump in the water and find a small crawlspace on the left (N) and up. Climb out (you hear a gate opening) insert your Bosi Mask E and back to the water and get out of the pool N. At the stairs the gate N is now open; use the switch inside, this opens the second gate in the Temple where the cage is. Go back up the stairs to the second gate and save before the timed lever.

Timed Waterwheel Run.

This lever raises a block in the room above the waterwheel, better check out the route first. So here is the drill, pull the switch, roll and run to the left, run out of the room with a sharp turn to the right, jump up into the other gate and down the stairs. Once in the waterwheel room turn to the right, run to the front of the waterwheel (facing E) and press Ctrl and keep this key down so Lara will grab the swinging pole and the grate at the end. Pull up and do a U-turn to the right. A running jump onto the raised block and quickly turn left to the wall, to grab up to the crack there.

The Broken Bridge.

Crawl in and take a left, keep crawling and climb down a ladder at the end. Slide down and grab the end, pull up and back flip and roll to grab another ladder and get down on the ground.

In the NW corner is some Shotgun ammo, and in the water under the bridge E another Laser Sight and a fly by kicks in. Climb the bridge at the S wall and facing W you can shoot the vase you saw in the fly by (you can just spot the top of the vase in the crack between the brown brick band and the vegitation on that W wall). This lowers a rope for later.

Crawl into that crawlspace S and on the left tile you hear a secret sound. Pick up the invisible Shotgun as SECRET # 1.

Get out and drop down from the bridge, stand near the water where you found the Sight and locate a crack in the E wall, crawl in. Crawl all the way to the back and light a flare to get the Flares underneath a rock. Shoot the compy and be careful not to get stuck. Keep crawling E and go left to another opening where you get bothered by another compy.

Raptors, Key to Peace, Crowbar.

As soon as you can stand up in the red room, climb the block to the right and shoot the first raptor, then turn N and shoot the right hand vase and jump over there to pick up the Key to Peace. When you go further to explore S, you'll run into another raptor. In the SE of this room is another Revolver but you better jump over that red tile in front of it, as that is a bouldertrap, opening up the trapdoor.

Climb down the hole and get the Crowbar in an alcove. Climb out and go right around corners to the E wall and see a medipack up S. You cannot get that but there is a beetle on the wall called the Boobie Prize. Leave through the crawlspace NW and go back to the broken bridge.

Rope Swing.

Go back to the ladder SW and climb into the alcove, run jump onto the ledge opposite and grab when sliding off, be sure to hang in the middle. Pull up, jump/roll and grab the rope. Turn Lara so she is looking at the bridge and aim her for that slanted ledge above the bridge (you'll probably have to aim left of the slanted ledge to get there, I had her swinging in the direction of that pole before I could hit the ledge). Slide a bit, jump and grab the swinging pole and swing to the ladder opposite.

Second Waterwheel.

Crawl in and almost at the end; spot a crawlspace up left. Get in and in the water at the end. Climb out of the water and side flip over the beams. In the NW corner is a lever. This raises a block and a trapdoor. Go to the SE corner and climb the block, stand with your back to the wall and jump to the swinging pole and from there to the platform.

Turn around and jump up to climb to the rafters. On the left is an opening, jump in and save the game in front of the wheel. Pull it about 5 times then turn left and run to the opening, jump out to the right and run curving right over the rafters to jump and grab the opening under the timed gate (on the right this time). Hold "duck" while Lara pulls up.

Pull the switch so the block lowers. This brings you back to the wheel but also opens another gate in the N wall in the rafters-room. Take a running jump plus Ctrl to get into this gate below. Shoot the bat and pull the lever. A trapdoor opens, dive into the water below and leave through the crawlspace N. Drop down and the opened trapdoor is in the W, face E and safety drop to pull that jump lever (big door opens up). Lara ends up in the waterwheel room. Easiest is to drop down into the water and climb out N, go up the staircase and leave this building. The door you saw in the cut scene is in the SE corner.

Watch your back as there will be 3 tribesmen flowing Lara. Climb the small pyramid to the right (S) and use the Key to Peace.

End of the level.