The City of Parabailarlabamba.

BtB2008 level by Thierry.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

In the first area (till you go underground) crashes can occur when using the "look" key..

Get onto the block NE, grab up to the roof and shimmy right around the corner. Do backflip rolls grabbing the next roofs till you reach the first floor ledge. Go NW and climb up the ladder S to the second floor. There's Shotgun Ammo on the middle of the floor, the cage standing E goes onto 2 tiles near a trapdoor on the E ledge, a gate opens on the first floor W side.

The Huitneuf Disk.

Drop down NW jump to that gate W from the close by ledge. Jump onto the slanted block left slide and keep jumping to the right to hit next slanted block, slide till you can jump and grab the ladder up to the pedestal and get the Huitneuf Disk. Hop back and go down the ladder.

The Ileteouleyou Key.

Grab the crack N to get to ledge NE, jump S over the blocks, shoot the vase in the alcove ahead during last jumps and get onto the ledge. Or just jump early from final slanted block and grab the ledge, shimmy right and pull up. Shoot the vase in the alcove and go in to get the Ileteouleyou Key (Wherewastheyour key).

Go out from there and runjump to grab the ladder on the central pillar. Jump to the ledge SW to use the key and get a Medipack. That trapdoor on the upper floor opens. Go over central ledge to NW and up ladder S to go to open trapdoor E. Use Jumpswitch below and a door to the right opens up. Couldn't find another way in so I went back to the upper level, shimmied behind the door and dropped into the passage to use a switch. Another door opens, this one to the left of where you are. Again go to the upper level and shimmy behind the door to get in. Now the big doors on ground floor N open up. Before you go down there, runjump with a sharp right hand curve out of this passage and land in the short passage behind the corner roof. Get Secret #1, the Shotgun.

Another Ileteouleyou Key.

Get down and shoot those raptors from standing in one of the holes in the floor (pistols). Head into the door N, pull a skellie away to get the Ileteouleyou Key from underneath. Use it there and go down the opened trapdoor. Follow past a gate to the boulderroom with cogwheels, jump to the N to use the switch, go up E into the hole over the boulderslope and get Secret #2, a Medipack, Revolver and Lasersight. Go down, and out SW to get back to the open gate. Pull up N, backflip then jump and grab the upper ledge, shimmy right under the fire and time it to pull up and backflip into the opening.

The Medelu Wheel.

Turn around and runjump from left or right hand side to the next block and a running jump to grab the block with the switch. The switch lowers a block in the boulderroom, get back there and pick up Shotgun Ammo, then take the revolver and shoot that Gong across the room to de-activate the Spikes in the room.

Get the Medelu Wheel and place it outside to raise a block N. Climb the block and jumpgrab up S to get onto the ladder. Follow a passage through traps and use the switch in the middle first, then the one to the left and finally the one near the gate to open it. shoot some tiny raptors and go into the next room. Get onto the block NW, runjump to the pole, swing to the other side and jump E. Follow past some closed doors to the N and runjump to a slanted block W. Shimmy left to a receptacle, sidejump to a slanted block to slide and jump/grab the Jumpswitch.

The Jezuizune Idol

Same route back up to E side ledge. Dive in and follow to the Jezuizune Idol, get back and jump to the NW corner ledge again where placing the Idol will open the door. Follow through and run into the hole. Grab the edge and shimmy left, drop down onto a block below and head W.

Wooden Bridge.

Jump down to a spot under the W side (short) bridge and face the bridge pillar, backflip onto the slanted rock and jump to grab the Jumpswitch under the bridge. The gate E opens up, so get back up over the rocks E, climb up onto the bridge and go in the open gate. Shoot a vase for small medipack and move the cage out and aside. Follow through going right and come to a huge room.

The Water Room, a Medelu Wheel.

First head E along this side and take the second left, keep left and go right around the wall, first right. hop over beam and crawl under next to get the Medelu Wheel. Hop back over beams, go to the right and get past the beams there (second is sideflip or dive) to get Secret #3, Shotgun Ammo. Go back to the huge room and head W. Face SW and drop down onto those steps along this side and jump with a curve into the opening W. Follow around to the back and in this corner is a Cog mechanism, place your Medelu Wheel and go S along the back wall. Turn left at the end and slide the slope a bit to jump to the steps on the right. Climb up into the opening S.

A Small Maze, second Medelu Wheel.

Follow in and go right where ever possible, this way you will come to a cage, pull it out and aside to go in to the first switch. A gate opens, turn around and go right where possible. Shoot the tiny raptors and come to the switch for the second gate. Back and right again to come to switch number three. All gates are open now. Turn around, go left and then take the second right, keep right and find the pedestal straight ahead. Take the second Medelu Wheel. Turn around, take the second opening left and then go right again to get back to that cage, turn right before it to go straight back to the huge room. Jump into the opening W and place the second wheel in the SW corner.

The second Huitneuf Disk.

Turn right to where a block lowered, a flyby shows the huge room being flooded. Slide down one of the waterfalls and swim to an underwater door S. Open it and follow through to where you climb up in a dark room. Walk straight a bit and drop through the opening in the grating to the room below. Move that cage onto the three tiles and gate opens. Shoot the raptors and pull the Skeleton away to get the second Huitneuf Disk.

2 Jezuizune Idols.

Backflip on slanted block W and jump grab back up. place the 2 disks E and gate opens. runjump a bit to left over that wall and slide jump, do a roll and jump aside to land on the block. Jump to next and a runjump with grab to opening N. Follow through to a place where you can swim into 3 tunnels to get 2 Jezuizune Idols and some Shotgun Ammo. Return to the jumps room and jump the blocks back to the exit. Go back to that huge room and swim to the right or left to wade out of the water. Jump and grab one of the climbable pillars, climb around the corner and backflip roll grab the pillar in the middle of that side, then climb around so you can backflip roll and grab the tall central pillar. Go all the way up and get the Crowbar on top.

2 Jonpolgeorgendringo Items.

Climb down along both the S and N sides (better S first) of the tall pillar and backflip onto the ledges behind. Go into the 2 rooms you can open with the Idols and get the 2 Jonpolgeorgendringo (Beetles) Items. Make your way over to the upper opening NW and climb in N to follow back to the Wooden Bridge. Place the 2 Beetles on the N and S side of the bridge pillar W. drop to the ground below and go down open gate E, dive into the pool and open underwater door S.

Swimming Traps.

Follow all the way through to a pool with an underwaterlever under the door N, this one opens a door in the pool where you came into the water, so all the way back again and get air while you save before swimming in. Get through the traps and if you need air go up at the end to swim to a closed trapdoor. swim back and down to another set of traps, get through and use the underwater lever. return to the trapdoor and climb up into the room with a statue puzzle. The Statues N and S go onto the tiles next to the other statues so they are facing into the room. Now that door opens at the first underwater lever you used.

Swim all the way back through the traps and into the underwater door left. Follow to the end and climb out into the open door. Climb a ladder and go on to another large area.

Head NE and find a slanted block there, face W and pull up on the right hand side, slide a bit and jump a bit right to grab the next block. Again over the top and jump to the ledge ahead. Go W and left over some wooden boxes and go into the room NW to get the Uzis (two this time).

Return to the N side ledge and face E to the pole, runjump grab and swing to grab the ladder ahead, climb right and around to a ledge. Use the poles to go S and land on a slanted ledge. Jump right and then from the next slope into the opening to a gate. Face NE and runjump out onto the slanted ledge, backflip into the alcove with Secret #4, Shotgun Ammo. Turn around facing NNW and runjump out with a bit of a left curve to land on a ledge behind the slanted ledge. From there to the pole W and swing to grab the Jumpswitch, opening up the gate.

The Mask of Parabailarlabamba.

Go back up and swing the poles again to get to the now open gate. Go in and pass a keyhole into the opening in the back wall. drop into next room. Go into pool and climb crate on the other side. Grab the gratings above and go to a crawlspace in the S wall, follow through to get the Ileteouleyou Key, back to the pool, up the ctares E into the room with the keyhole. Key opens trapdoor behind. Go own and use switch E, back up and down to pool S. Into open gate W to get the Mask of Parabailarlabamba.

The Sirta Key.

A gate opens in the large area. Back through the pool, up E to room with trapdoor and out N to drop to large area. Head W and throw the switch to open another gate, close to where you entered this large area in the S end, just turn around and go right around corners. Shoot the raptors and go in to follow to the Sirta Key. Go out of this room and immediately left around the corner in the large area to climb back to where you came in (W wall). Follow back, down ladder, into pool and through the tunnel W. Wade out W to the Wooden Bridge area and make your way up to the W side of the bridge. Use the key on the Bridge pillar and turn to enter the gate W. Go around the pillar in the room and place the Mask. You'll see the doors opened in the passage N from the Wooden Bridge. Make your way over there and follow through to the opening to the Jungle N where the level will end...