La Guardia del Monstruo.

BtB 2008 level by Von Cory.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

Lara finds herself in a room with a closed door to the W, go to the left hand statue on the N wall and push it aside to find a switch. Pull it to open a door further on and hop into the water in the middle of the room, swim E and into that opened door.


Up into a green room with 4 Jumpswitches. When you run around the room under the switches you'll soon find out only one of them is safe to use, the N side switch will open the NE door. Go in and run after the hammer on the right hand side into the alcove, then run out to the right to get past the hammer and end up at a burning floor. Stand right and grab the monkeyswing ceiling, cross the burning floor and mind that you use the same textured ceiling so you won't fall off.

Use the ledges in the deadly pool of the next room to get to the S side and look down for a Medipack. That's the only safe spot in the pool so be careful and get Secret #1, that Medipack. Go back out and to the opening NE. Runjump left out of that passage and keep jumping to and fro aiming to the left and land in the opening in the wall (when you reach it, slide backwards as far as possible, then backflip and jump from the highest point of the slope with a sharp left curve (no grab) into the opening.

Death Trap Alley.

Walk slowly towards the first set, stand left and standjump over the Blade to land just before the Teeth Spikes. Save and run through while a boulder drops behind you. This will repeat itself till you reach the end of the passage. Go to the right and use the Jumpswitch there, turn around and head up the stairs to follow to a hole in the floor. Hop into the water there and you are back in the room with the underwater doors. The one NE has opened, so swim in and climb out into a passage where some Compies will attack. Follow through.

The Symbol Floor.

The symbol you need is on the opposite wall, step on all of them and stop when you reach the brick texture at the E wall. You can fall through this tile, so turn around and hop back grabbing the edge, climb down the ladder to the pit below and quickly run S (left) to the hole in the floor. You'll find 2 cages here and those have to be pushed into the side passages onto brick tiles. The door at the E end of the passage opens up, go there and look at the floor. The tiles simular to the one at the entrance are save the rest are Spike traps. Jump to the switch in the NW corner and use it to open the door SE.

Get in there and use the switch on the wall to kill the flames at the switch in the SW corner of the Spike room. Jump over to it and open the NE door with it. Jump there and get in, follow to the hammer and run after the hammer into the right hand passage, use the switch and crawl along the E wall into the opposite passage. Use the switch to open the trapdoor under the hammer and run into the hole. Pick up the Statuette there and back up against the E wall so you can jump up forwards and away from the hammer. Get through the Spike room into the passage SE and around the corner you can use the Statuette opening up the door on the level above at the symbol floor.

Make your way back W and climb out of the lower passage. Run to the dark S side of this pit and get Secret#2, a Medipack. Quickly run back to the ladder and get up (or take on the Raptor and shoot it) Get onto the symbol floor and follow the faces to the open door S.

Cage Push.

3 cages located in a tunnel NW have to be placed on wooden tiles in the other end of the valley, first one goes to the E and then to the S and a block will lower, revealing the next wooden tile. Go on till all cages are on the trigger tiles (a Raptor and some Compies will attack while you're at it). Finally a trapdoor will open up behind the last cage (E wall).

Follow through and turn left into the NW corner of the next room, use the switch there to open the door E (the other switch is a trap)

Go in and to the right, time the Teeth spikes and use the switch on the left hand wall at the first hanging Skeleton. Follow the rest of the passage and shoot that Native, jump over a Boulder trap and a door will open up for you leading you back to a passage you've visited before. Go up the stairs and into that water hole again. In the room with the underwater doors, the NW door is now open.

Door Puzzle.

Swim up in a room where the camera will be fixed, you have to step on a few trigger tiles to open a couple of doors, stepping on the higher floor parts will reset the triggers and you have to start over . Just stand on the W side of the water hole and face W, walk along the lower floor, left around the corner and find a different structure floor tile. (Door 1 opens up). Walk E and turn left, left again over the next tile at the closed door (Door 2 opens up), go S to reach the next tile (Door 3 opens up). S again and right around the corner to the NW corner for the last tile. turn back along the same route and enter the passage with the 4 opened doors.

Mirror Rooms.

In this first room you can't see Lara but you can see the path to follow. Go 3 squares straight towards the mirror, turn right and go forward 2 squares, turn to the mirror and run to it, turn right and righ again, now you can run straight to the E, just left of that ladder. face the hole in the floor and run in grabbing the ladder, climb left and up into the crawlspace. Follow through to a room where 4 boulders start to move. Just go straight along the wall from the crawlspace and take steps forward every time a boulder moves away. use the switch in the alcove on the other side and make your way back through the crawlspace. Climb out and to the right, up the ladder and hang on the top to backflip off towards the opened door.

The Metal Key.

The next mirror room has 5 cages to push, move the according to the image in the mirror and even though you hear a door opening up, move them all because every cage opens one door of the 5 door that have to be opened NE. Go into the opened doors and throw a switch in the next room to release a boulder opening up the next door. Follow through and use a monkeyswing to get over a Flame pit. Go around the glass cage to the E side from where you can walk through the glass wall. Pick up the Metal Key and the door opens E, go through and shoot a Native.

Follow to a monkeyswing to get over a Flame pit and you'll drop in the middle, go forward a bit and grab back up. You'll end up sliding back into that passage with the Teeth Spikes, follow through, jump the boulder trap and head back to the stairs. Into the waterhole again and swim through the room to the tunnel SW, ending back up in the first room where you can now open that door W. Go in and grab a crack in the right hand wall at the end, shimmy left and pull up. Turn right and grab up, shimmy all the way along this edge till you reach the door, pull up there and throw the switch on the S wall, step aside to the right till the door opens up (or you will be pushed onto the fire tiles) and then go in. Drop through the opening in the floor of the next room and use the switch in the NE corner down there. You'll hear some heavy stamping on the floor....

The T-Rex.

Save before you drop through the opened trapdoor in the other side of the room. Run straight into the enclosure ahead and jump onto a lower part of the back wall, run off the other side and go left to that Skeleton lying there. At the leg of the Skeleton you'll find the Shotgun and that's excactly what you need here. Wait for that T-Rex and shoot it once in the soft belly from point blank range. This will immediately and abruptly end the level. (had a bug here, I ran into the room past the T and he ended up frozen in the back of the room, couldn't shoot it either so I reloaded a savegame).