Death Mask of Kween Quizi-Kal.

BtB08 level by Kitkat.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Shoot some bats and pick up the Flares on the right. Take the path N, watch out for two spiked pits and where you can see a closed gate you can crawl into a tunnel SW. Use the switch to open the gate and crawl back out to enter the open gate.

Waterwheel Cave.

Go to the bridge and a fly by starts. Jump from the bridge into the water, swim W and behind the waterwheel you can pick up a small medipack, back to the edge and at the S side, walk all the way to the end, crawl under the wooden beam and turn around and climb down the ladder. Lara looks at a trapdoor. Go along the waterfall to the other side and find a small medipack between some grows. Then climb the ladder all the way back up. Get some Shotgun ammo behind the wooden beam. Go to the wooden waterwheel and stand on the block in the water and use Ctrl and Lara will step on the waterwheel and grab the edge of the bridge. Get some pesky bats and you either can jump to the S now or take the collapsible tiles from this side. Tip: hang on the tiles till you are in the right position before pulling up.

Go W to the tiles and hang as left as possible, pull up and jump/grab the next and the top one, shimmy around the corner then as left as possible and back flip, again a back flip and then a side flip onto a ledge in the upper river. Shoot another bat and jump to the block with the switch. For getting back down, you can just jump into the water and climb out at the wheel; you also can jump down to the S by using the collapsible tiles and take a running jump over the bridge to the N side. Use the wheel to get back upon the bridge.

The Crowbar.

Get the flares inside the gate N, follow through, jump over a spiked pit and when you reach a dark corner light a flare and look up. Face N and back flip and grab the ladder and climb up (you can also jump and grab up from facing W). Shoot the vases and pick up a small medipack, flares, Shotgun ammo and the all important Crowbar. Descend and continue SE. Shoot more bats and use the Crowbar on the door.

If you walk forward into the Hall a pack of wolves appear. Under a vase E is a small medipack. On the pillars are 4 levers, pull the left then the next and then the most right hand one (leaving one lever untouched). The gate N opens, so go there.

The Big Hall, The Tomb Keys.

There are two native people running around (if you go around the pool, they will come out of hiding one by one. Both carry a Key so be aware where they die. Pick up Tomb Key 1 and Tomb Key 2. Behind a block SE is a Medipack. Now go over to the fallen pillar on the opposite side of the room (SW). Jump on it and the on the taller block W. Spot that crack in the wall, jump and grab and shimmy to the right, around two corners, pull up and crawl in.

The vases are empty and pry the Sacred Stone of the wall for Secret # 1. Crawl back out and take a safety drop on the floor.

W Side.

Go to the W opening and use the key. Avoid the spiky swingers. At the end you can open the crowbar door, take a running jump to the first rope and swing twice to the next and then jump to the Jumpswitch. A trapdoor goes up so you'll land safely, hop into the opened gate.

2 Sides, several ways.

In the next passage you can decide how you want to do this, there are 2 switches, one for the experts and one for the normal players, the left hand switch will give you the next Secret.

Left: Take the first (left hand) switch, watch out for a boulder, sprint but don’t go passing the gate, just jump the pit, turn around and go back to the first opening in the ceiling and use the jump switch (opens gate for the Secret). The second option is to just run (no sprint) and jump up to that Jumpswitch, while up there the boulder will pass underneath. Go into the next room, climb the ladder N and pry Secret # 2, the Sacred Stone off the wall.

Right: Using the right hand switch will provide a nice challenge, you have to get past the 3 blades, face the wall opposite the Blades, sidestep as close as you can get and sidejump left over the Blades.

Cog Wheel #1.

Go down to the room and to the middle of the S side to pick up a Cog Wheel from the pedestal. This raises a block and also triggers a native. Shoot the native and then climb the block, grab up to the ledge. Safe in front of the wheel facing E. Pull 3/4 times, jump straight forward over the wheel and run to the gate, if you can't manage, run against the gate before it closes too far and hit "roll". Go climb down a ladder shoot some bats, the vase on the left holds a small medipack the one on the right Shotgun ammo, then get into the water. Follow through and in a corner is a sort of pit use the underwater lever and a gate opens, swim through and you are back in the pool of the Big Hall. On the bottom are Flares and a small medipack.

The Big Hall, E Side.

Climb out, go E and use the other key. Jump back and fro over the slanted sides to the other side and enter. Watch out for the darts and pick up a small medipack in a N alcove, Flares in a S alcove and open the crowbar door in the end, go up the stairs. Follow through and watch out for the pit. Slide down, jump two Spike pits and jump to a block in a lava pool.

The Lava Jumps, Cog Wheel #2.

Jump N timing the emitter, then a jump to the next, turn left and jump to a slide block, slide jump and slide jump and grab the last one. Take a standing jump, slide and grab the next, slide and jump. When you are on the pillar near the gate in the W, turn and descend the ladder to back flip to a ledge in the lava, timing the emitter.

Get the Cog Wheel from it and time the emitter and climb up the ladder. Jump W and get the Shotgun ammo under the vase. Get in the water follow through and use the underwater lever at the hole in the floor, swim out to the pool in the Big Hall. Go N, crawl under the beam (or jump over it), place the two Cog Wheels and watch the fly by of a deadly pool becoming safe.  Go back and around the corner, that's the pool where the lava has changed into water. Swim to the other side and two natives jump out of the corners, shoot them. Pick up the Shotgun and ammo in the SE corner of the corridor (you could attempt to grab the shotgun first).


Go into the opening NE. There will be 5 boulders coming down so watch your step. Stick to the left and hop in an alcove as soon as you see the first one coming and you’ll be save. Go up and follow through.

The Death Mask.

In the next room you can trigger two boulders by just jumping over their ramps. Now first make a tour around the room to collect some goodies.The NW corner vase holds Shotgun and Revolver ammo, NE under a vase is the Laser sight. Get a Medipack in an alcove S and the SE vase has Revolver ammo, the vase NW has Shotgun and Revolver ammo. Go to the water edge and jump on the block in the water to pick up the Death Mask, turn around and pull the skeleton away to get the Revolver from under it. Two skeletons will wake up, jump from the block and get rid of them by shooting them into the water. At the NW corner of the pool is a broken pillar push/pull it all the way to the opposite site (S) on a marked tile in the alcove, that gives you access to Secret # 3, Sacred Stone. Go get it in the room N.

Go out and up the N boulderramp (or you can leave that one alone) and use the jumpswitch that will release a wraith, run to the S wall right of the ramp is a opening SW, get into the room and the wraith will die. Go out and up the S boulderramp to find another jumpswitch, use it and go to the trapdoor in the ceiling that it opened SE, get the Revolver and sight and do some practice shooting on that Gong.

The door E opens and slide down the ramp……