BtB 2008 level by Horus.

Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

Drop into a cave, follow through and shoot the Wolves. There's a big opening N, facing that, head into the small tunnel left of it, follow through and get into the water, open the underwater door and swim under the ice on a frozen pool. Collect the 2x Uzi Ammo and the Uzis, then hurry back and get back to that cave, now head N and come to that frozen pool.

Main Room.

The First Seal to King Pyrrah's Palace.

Go E up the steps and come to the Waterfall Room, jump to the wooden crate and over to the E side. Jump to the S (you can also wade there, but this is faster), follow the steps down to a big hut, a Wraith will appear. Just run back up those steps to a skull post and it will disappear. Go back down and at the fire go left towards the wall N to pick up some Uzi ammo. There is also some Uzi ammo near the W wall.

Now go straight into a small valley, right from the hut into an alley and up the ladder to the left. Go left into the passage and straight up a roof; crawl to where you can climb down to the right. Jump across the room and drop to the wooden box, go find the switch next to the gate E and the spikes will retract at the First Seal to Kings Pyrrah’s Palace. Get that and climb up the wooden box to get back up to the roof outside. Go into the passage N and into the first opening to the right; line up straight and run jump over to the roof of the big hut. Go over to the NE corner and throw the switch there. Make your way back down and go to the door you opened in the W wall, next to the room where you just got that Seal.

The Crowbar, the Second Seal to King Pyrrah's Palace.

Follow around left to a large foggy Pit, run along the path left of the canyon and head into the tunnel W (between the wooden poles). Follow through to another Valley and cross the bridge, go left and into the structure W. Shoot the Raptor and go into the dark SW corner. Pull the cage out of the way and go into the passage, turn around in the back and look up for a Jump switch. Use it and look for a switch in the passage to the right, throw that too and go back out. 2 Blocks raised in the room, use those to get to the Jump switch, up on the S wall.

A door will open in the lake outside, so head back out, jump into the lake and go left a bit to swim/wade into the passage W. Climb up NW and get the Crowbar from the ledge. Go outside and pass through under that waterfall S, open the door and go in for the Second Sea to King Pyrrah’s Palace.

Make your way over to the NE and use the ladder to climb out of the Lake and head back through that tunnel E and follow back to the Pit.

The Third Seal to King Pyrrah's Palace.

Drop into that foggy pit and go into the cave S, follow through and shoot the tiny raptors coming from all directions. They were feeding on some human remains in the last cave. Pull that Skeleton away and get the Third Seal to King Pyrrah’s Palace. Return to the Pit and climb up to that bridge N.

The Fourth Seal to King Pyrrah's Palace.

Head into that cave NW, follow the waterfall up while dodging the boulders and get the Fourth Seal to King Pyrrah’s Palace. Make your way down to the Pit.

Into King Pyrrah's Palace.

Cross the bridge to the opening S, on the pedestal are 3x Uzi Clips, then head into either of the passages left or right of the pedestal. Walk carefully through the corner past the Blade and follow up to the entrance hall of King Pyrrah's Palace. Place the 4 Seals there and head to the opening E. Drop down and get through the Teeth Spikes. Don’t get fooled by the lever on the left and jump over that wooden trap door, as there's a Spike pit under it. Time your sprint past the hammer (stand back near the pit and start as the hammer comes towards you) then follow through to a Large Room.

Timed Jumps, Key to the Swamps.

Go to the lowered trapdoor SW and face N to climb the pillar, jump to the one N and save at the switch there. Now pull, hop back turning left and jump back S, pull up and run a bit forward, then stand jump onto the trapdoor landing on the left hand side and in the middle so the only thing left to do is turning left to stand jump to that swing pole. Swing to the next pillar E and then a run jump over those flames to the next pillar. Turn left and run jump to the swing pole on the wooden stake N, swing to get to a breakable platform and quickly jump to grab the pillar N (if you happen to fall to the ground floor here you can climb back up using a raised block NE). Jump to the arch E and throw the switch to lower Spikes, jump back and jump over the flames to that Spike pillar, then onwards to get onto that wooden walkway. Throw the switch N and go jump to the swing pole to get to that walkway S, grab the Key to the Swamps and run off the NW corner onto the pillar below.

To the Swamps.

Go out NW and get back through the traps. Climb up to the room with the Seals and go out to the Pit. Left and left again, through the hut into the valley and up the steps to the Main Room, jump to the wooden crate in the pool. From the crate a jump to the keyhole NE, using the key will open the door on the left. Hop to the crate and then into the door NW. Wade across to the Medipack and hop to the ledge W for more Uzi Ammo. Now go to the open doors SE and slide down into the swamp.

The T-Rex.

Climb the rock ledge N and jump to the rock SE, jump S and slide jump to the ledge in front of the tunnel S. Follow through and drop into the swamp below, climb up N and get the Medipack there. Now make your way over to the opening SE, go around the corner and wait there till the T-Rex moves away a bit so you can at least pass the lower part of the monkey swing before he returns, you have to get to that grassy ledge W, wait in the corner till the T-Rex moves away a bit and then make your move, run over the ledge to the S and jump to get to the swing pole.

The Revolver.

Swing to the next and end up on a slanted rock, so you'll slide into the passage. From there a run jump S along the right hand wall and quickly get into the alcove in the green wall S, climb up to the right (W) and back flip to a higher ledge, walk out N and jump to grab another monkey swing. Follow through the cave and do NOT drop onto those grey tiles, but jut go till the ceiling bends up again, drop there and slide jump to the waterfall, immediately back flip back as a boulder will come down. Then jump again, grab the waterfall and wait for the boulder to stop moving, drop into the water below and swim down to get the Revolver. Open the underwater door N and swim through to a small room with some Revolver Ammo.

Spikes and Boulders for a Lead Key.

Jump into the passage N and be sure to run into the next room, as a boulder will come down. Go into the NE corner and flip the switch to open a door in the top of this Spike shaft. Now go up the ramp a bit and face N at the first Spike trap, face NE and hop over the corner of the pit below to the next part of the ramp, immediately back flip to get out of the way of the boulder. Now make your way up to the top of the ramp. Face S and time the swinging hammers to get to the S side, turn around and run jump back along the wall to grab the wooden walkway N. Quickly pull up and go right, from facing E a side jump over the wooden beam, hop back and run jump with a grab into the open door, immediately hop back and briefly hit Ctrl, not to grab the edge of the opening, but to land down on the ramp below. The boulder will pass overhead. Now look down in the pit and find the level's Secret, a Medipack just next to the boulder, drop in and crawl to get it.

Taking Care of T.

Then jump along the S side to the W over the boulder and make your way back up to the wooden walkway to jump into that open door E again. Go get the Lead Key and see a door open up at the T-Rex swamp. Go back to the pit where the block now lowered so you can jump to the opening W sliding to a ledge where you'll find a Zip line to the left. Pick up the Revolver Ammo too. I did, because I have some plans for that big fellah downstairs. Use the Zip line and climb onto dry ground. I went to shoot the T-Rex, but I don't think you have to (shooting it will avoid the occasional shaking of the screen later on). One round in the soft belly from close range is enough. Go into the next room and pull a statue to the other side of the room, place it opposite the other one and the doors N open up. Climb the ladder there and follow back to where the doors to the Main Room open up.

Top of the Main room, the Key to the Pit.

Go across to the steps leading down to the frozen pool and to the right is the keyhole for the Lead Key; a block will rise, climb it and get up onto the rock ledge. Jump to the swing pole S and swing to grab the ladder ahead. Go up to the top of the ladder and back flip roll to grab another swing pole and swing across to grab a crack in the wall. Shimmy right and pull up in the alcove. Face E and turn out a bit so you can stand jump and grab the floor up E, go to the NW corner for a Medipack and then go to the opening SE, down the waterfall and stand on the lowest left hand side. Face S and run jump to grab the opening in the orange/yellow wall, go in and up left to crawl to the other side. Run jump to the poles and swing along the poles to the floor up N, jump up to grab the stone bridge N and go left to that grey block. From there go via the pole to the next bridge and jump to the one S to get the Key to the Pit there.

To the Pit.

Face S at the pedestal and hop backwards grabbing the edge, shimmy right till you are on top of a slanted wall below and not in line with the wooden crate. Drop and slide down into the water. Go to the opening S and down the steps, through the small valley to that open door W, follow and go right into the room with the burning pedestal. Use the key to open the door and climb the ladder over the entrance. Back flip/ roll and grab the opening. Take a step forward and turn right to jump to a ledge with a switch. The switch will bring out a rope so you can swing to the Gold Idol of Epans Sureves on the central pillar....

The Wraith begins to be really annoying. Jump to the rope NW, turn to the right to face N and swing to the rock ledge, jump to the swing pole E and swing to the closed door. Use the crowbar to open it and follow in, shoot the Wolf and head down N to an ice wall (here I just shot the Wraith till it went away), go right into a room with a small pool. Note by the author: You can actually get rid of the wraith: get down to the very bottom of the pit and run into the caves where the small green dinosaurs were, there is a golden skull on a pole (like the one near the main room where you got rid of the first wraith). This will destroy the wraith, afterwards just climb up the ladder at the keyhole again and continue :-).

The Guardian's Mask.

There's a pushable statue on the stage in the SW corner of the room. It has to go under the part on the opposite side of the floor, move it out of the corner first. To move it N you can raise some blocks with a timed switch NW, run back and pull the statue once so you can now move it under the upper part E and a block goes up NE. Climb it and save in front of the switch, pull/roll and run off the block turning left, sprint to the stage, jump onto it and roll to run/jump and grab the timed wooden walkway that went up when you used the switch. Run to the end pulling pistols and turn right at the end, jump up and shoot the gong in that corner. The ice in the pool is now gone. Dive in and get the Guardian's Mask. Climb out, go out W and place the mask next to the opening W. Jump in and follow the passage over and through some traps up to a jump over a spike pit to a ladder.

Climb the ladder and back-flip to the outside where the level ends...