The Mystery of Oiccaprac.

Level by Christoph

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Lara drops into a dark cave; climb out on the block and go to that waterwheel. Climb it by pressing Ctrl and grab the platform ahead when she jumps off. Go through and drop down into the next room. Into the water and swim into the opening N, go up where possible and turn around to find an underwater lever. Throw it to lower a block in the wall of the next room N. Swim there and climb out on the ledge.

The First Statuette.

Run-jump into the opening in the W wall and follow all the way through to a valley. Walk up to the edge and shoot that tiny raptor below. Drop and go straight N and hop onto that block. Now you should be able to reach the switch on the wall of the hut, walking over that statue. If not try getting there with a jump or walk along the left or right hand side of the statue. Throw the switch to open a trapdoor in the pool SW. A Native appears, jump to the block in the grass NW and jump/grab to the roof of the hut. Shimmy left around the corner and as far as possible. Back flip to a ledge behind and jump up SE to get Secret #1, the Uzis. Get down and jump into that pool, throw an underwater lever on the S wall, turn around and swim behind that opened trapdoor to find another underwater. A block lowers in the hut. Go into the hut and pick up the Statuette, go out and SE to find an opening in the E wall.

Follow through to a large room with boulders hanging under the ceiling. Run-jump to grab the swing pole and swing to the next so you can get to a tiny ledge under the stone ledge ahead. Climb up and follow through to get back to the room you've been to before. Hop to the ledge down left and hop into the windowsill SE. Place the statuette and dive into the water, swim S and up in the next room.

The Second Statuette.

Open the underwater door W and follow through. Climb out in a room with another waterwheel. Climb it and jump (grab) to that walkway ahead, follow around and up, jump past those Spikes and go into the passage S. Get past the Hammers (I just ran in to the right, turned around at the back wall and ran out to the right again without losing health) and climb the block in the last room. Face E and grab up to the ladder, go up but don't pull up, just back flip from the top and go up the block S to throw the switch, get down to the room below and get the Statuette from the alcove S, make your way back to the room with the walkways, just drop from the ledge at the Spikes into the water below and swim back to the room with the underwater door. Climb out and from the NW ledge a jump into the windowsill E, place the Statuette and the room shakes, as the water will be drained.

Safety drop down and go in N, left to a cage you might have seen. Push it all the way in till you can go to the right. Hop over that pit and stand at the skeleton. Face the alcove NE and take a step back onto the slope, run into the alcove before the boulder hits you. Now go up the slope and take a right to another valley. Go left behind the waterfall and into a hole and get the medipack in there. Then face NW and jump up that triangle to jump further up into the tunnel NE; pick up the Heavy Silver Key and get out. Jump onto a green ledge at the SE walls, then jump SE into the opening, crawl in and throw the switch to open a gate in the valley.

The Mask.

Go out and N into the cave where that gate opened and use the Key in the end. A block will rise next to you, turn left, climb the block and go up ahead, follow through (quite a long way) and find a raising block to the left. A bit further is a small medipack, get that and turn around to jump up to the switch in the W, use it and go back to that raising block which now lowered, get Secret #2, the Shotgun. Go S again and down into the next room to climb up S, follow through to an outside area. Climb the block there and face E, jump to use the Jump switch and a block will lower in the S wall. Go in and grab the Mask, hop back as Knives will pop out of the pedestal. Go out and to the edge of the ledge, run-jump along the edge to the NW corner and get Secret #3, the Medipack there.

For getting back you'll have to jump up E where the Medipack was and jump over the top to the E. follow all the way back to the cave where you used that Silver Key. Go out S and shoot the Raptors (I didn't have to as they were stuck in the pool at the waterfall). Climb the grey block at the pillar E and place the Mask. A gate opens way back, so take the passage S and to the right (W), go in there and follow through to a room with a Cogwheel. Use the wheel about 4 times and jump straight over it. Sprint to the gate and I could just run in, maybe you have to roll to get through. Use the switch in the end and roll, get up the ladder in the hole in the ceiling and quickly run into the next room to get rid of the wraith at that statue. Go pick up the Medipack NW and save at the switch on the W wall just left of the entrance.

Timed Jumps for the Oiccaprac Talisman.

Pull, back flip/roll turning left a bit and a running jump onto the block, immediately another running jump to grab the pillar with the Oiccaprac Talisman. 2 Natives appear below, try shooting them before you go down. Otherwise you have to stay close to the walls as a boulder will drop somewhere in the middle of the room. Crawl out under that blade and get down the ladder, run left at that gate and dive into the pool. Climb out and head all the way back to the start of the level (E). Jump over that boulder pit while another boulder drops and when you get into the next passage a flyby will show all the boulders dropping in that room with the swing poles. So get back to the lower drained rooms where 2 Natives attack. I just ran past them into the N room and pulled up onto the block to the left. Jump to the ledge E and then into the opening N to follow to that large room.

Swim into an opening E and follow through to a pool in a lake with a fixed camera. Climb the wooden crate near the ladder and go up to the rock ledge, head into the tunnel NE and the level ends.