Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe.


Back to Basics 2008 level by Oxy.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

After the initial fly by, go W, follow through and see another fly by of a raptor, followed by a native. Go left to the place where those enemies entered (use the lower floor the raises tiles are deadly) and shoot the raptor that follows Lara (you can run back to the safe ledge opposite those coloured chairs). Go E into the passage and at the end, safety drop through the greenery that is on the floor.

Slide down a stream and jump to a ladder at the end. Shimmy right and drop (or shimmy left and back flip off).

Jump up on top of the stream (E) and use the jump switch on the S wall. Back on the stream, slide and jump to the ladder again and get to safer grounds. Back on top of the stream and aim for the opening SE and take a running jump there from near the jump switch.

Traps, a Cookie.

First jump straight ahead over the skull on a stick, then you can stand safely on the grass to shoot a vase W. Go to the S and around the corner opposite the cogwheels side flip through the spikes and skulls and pick up a Cog Wheel where that vase was, be careful of the blades. Side flip back and place the Cog Wheel. The door behind Lara opens. Get the Cookie and avoid the knives. Go W and find some flares in an alcove on the left. Retrieve your steps to the opening at the waterfalls and side flip E over that broken chair to place the Cookie in its receptacle N.

Push the cage next to it forward once, turn right and climb the see-through block. Drop down on the other side and get the Medipack and run through the spikes. Pick up another Medipack, left at the back of the cage and follow through to a lava room.

Lava room, Cage Puzzle.

Run around that slanted rock W, pick up another Medipack and pull the cage (S) once. Go back to the passage and the cage and push it into the lava room. Back to the lava room and the cage and push it all the way into the W wall. This triggers a block underneath the cage and also a swinging pole over the lava. Stand on the red flooring and aim just next to the flame on the pole, take a standing jump and swing to the other side (if you can land on the tile with the yellow vase you're safe). (Quickly) turn left and run over the breakable tiles to the end, jump with a grab so you won't bump your head, turn right and jump with a grab into the yellow opening on the right.

Dino Battle and the Happy Face.

Go to the opening on the left, crawl in and stay low to pick up a Rusty Key and a Medipack. Crawl to the door opening where you can stand up straight again. Run into the room avoiding the boulder. Pick up the flares NE, turn around and pull away the skeleton to get the Medipack hidden underneath. Pull/push the cage on the place where the skeleton used to be, and the cage will be raised by a block.

Go to the boulder, jump W past the boulder and draw your guns. Time the lightning and jump SW into the red light. Two raptors are waiting for you and the swinging hammer/burner tiles will make it even more difficult. There is a Medipack to the N. Pull the cage aside (after checking the health) and get behind it to pick up the first Happy Face. Climb the ladder and turn around. Spot that jump lever and take a running jump towards it. Go back to the ladder and climb the second one on the left to get into the opened door.

Snowy Rooms, Cage puzzle and a Cookie.

Crawl under the block to the E and find an open corner in the floor to safety drop down into a dark room. Watch out, as there are traps, better walk slow. Go to the cage (you raised before) and pull/push it onto the first red tile in the room to the S, when you turn around the cage will vanish. Youíll get a cut scene of a snowy room. Go back into the room N and drop through any corner into the room below, make your way back through the red light and lightning, climb the ladder way up to the snow rooms E again. Go to the snow room in the E. Crawl in and get the Cookie. Crawl back out and walk to the middle of the room.

You get transported to a higher invisible floor. Go to the E wall and climb the ladder. Shoot the vase in that alcove up there, turn around and see that the block on the ledge in the middle has gone. Down the ladder and place your Cookie. Go to the SW corner and safety drop down and go to the red tile in the room S where the cage will reappear.

Pull the cage twice to the E; then pull it twice to the S; then push it W twice into the wall and onto the other red tile, get out and go in again to see the cage vanished again. Jump over the red tile (trap) on the streaming water and jump up. Use the Rusty Key into the lock near the door and enter.

Climb the ladder and slide down and almost at the end jump up a higher block with streaming water. Run to the skulls on stick, this opens a door down. Go back and safety drop down and slide down the waterfall W, save on the next ledge. Stand a bit to the right, slide a bit and jump over the spikes, immediately jump again and straight ahead onto an upper ledge covered with plants, from here you can jump to the wooden box NE. Look down S at the water and see the spikes you jumped are now gone. Jump in the water, straight ahead is SECRET # 1, the Laser Sight.

Get back to where the spikes were, pull up over the W side and slide, then jump left onto the rocks.

Inca town.

Go W to the building and to the left up some stairs (S). Shoot some vases to get a Medipack in the SW corner. Head up the stairs again and jump to the wooden floor S, crawl underneath the beam. Go E and around the corner you can pick up some Arrows. The statue S needs to be pushed on the wooden tile where the arrows were.

This in turn lowers the block in front of the wheel behind the waterfall N. Pull the wheel about 5 times and turn right, sprint/jump into the open gate (or pull up and hold "duck"). Inside, pick up the Flares and on the stick with the skull is a Crowbar, get that as well. Crawl though S and lower yourself on the other side onto a ledge.

Timed run.

Save in front of the lever, as this is a timed run. Run/jump to the ledge in front of the open door W and pull up, jump down into a dark passage. Jump over a pit, and look up to the S. There is a ladder there, climb up, pick up the Crossbow and that will release a boulder. Climb down, jump E over the pit again to go back to the room. Shoot the gong hanging way up in the SW corner. This releases a boulder and a wraith and also lowers a block, the wraith will take care of itself. Jump up to the SE ledge and pick up SECRET # 2, a Medipack.

Jump back to the door, hop over that pit and now follow the dark passage up.

A Cog Wheel, a Happy Face.

Pull/push the statue to the E wall, turn around and see a block raised. Before jumping on it, go into the opening you cleared by pushing that statue away. Follow through and jump down in a room. Pull away the skeleton in the NW for a Cog Wheel. Go back to the room with the raised block and use the monkey climb to get over the fires and into an alcove in the next room. Use the Crowbar on the door and drop into a garden. Look left in the water and shoot the vase there, this puts out the fire in a wooden tower. Climb the block next to the tower and get inside to pick up the Rusty Key. Jump N and jump on the next ledge to use the Rusty Key on the lock near the door there.

Jump over the red tile as that is a firetrap and go down some steps. Around left in an alcove W is your second Happy Face. Turn around and use the Cog Wheel. Drop down through the opened trapdoor in the SE corner. Jump in the water and swim through the opening right under Lara and go E, pick up the Medipack and swim to the NE corner. Once up face S, pull up and back flip onto familiar grounds.

T-Rex, the Wraith Key.

Go back to the building W and go to the right, watch a lengthy fly by that will kick in. Run through that walkthrough wall straight ahead (N). There is a T-Rex stomping around. Jump over the fire on to the raised ledges in this room. Pick up the Wraith Key in the N. Jump to the ledge E and continue jumping ledges to the S, you are out of the T-Rex's way. Around the corner of the next room is a timed lever. If you look around you see some Flares to the E. Pull the lever, roll and take standing jumps, pick up the Flares, keep jumping and jump to the right though the timed door and end up in a garden of sorts.

Garden Room, a Death Mask.

In the water W is a Medipack. In the SE corner is a pushable crate. Push it forwards through the wall twice and it will sink down. On the left (NE) is a Death Mask, pick it up and jump back, go down the steps and in the dark room below is a Medipack (SW). Go back up the stairs, walk to the opening W and jump at-round the corner over to the Medipack in the safe part of the water S. Then jump W to the familiar room again.

Go back into the building, turn right and in the NW you can use the Wraith Key. Wade through the water and dive in and look for a yellow vase under a plant. Then swim to the NW corner to pick up some Explosive Arrows, swim back to the steps and shoot with an arrow to the plant there. The wall NW is open and you can see the T-Rex stumping around. Go back to the steps, left and enter the walkthrough wall N again and jump over the fire, then to the W and pick up Happy Face # 3 near the yellow vase, quickly jump back and over the fire into the passage S.

Leave this place through the dark corridor and go outside, climb the rocks S and hop one higher and face NW and grab the ledge there. Side flip over the skull fence and shoot the skull on a stick in the SE corner. This opens a door behind the table (SE).

A Second Death Mask.

Once inside step on the raised wooden tile and shoot the raptor, this tile opens another door in the S and on the left. But first go to the passage E and pull the cage back as far as you can. Run around and push/pull the cage all the way to the brick floor tile near the raised tile. The cage will be raised by a block and SECRET # 3 sounds (but doesn't count as a Secret). Get the last Happy Face from the raised tile.

Get out of here (SW), side flip over the fence and jump to the ground floor. Go to the waterfall and jump into the water there, you have been there before, swim SW and climb out at the E. Hop over to some closed doors and then grab the ladders on the wall S. Shimmy to the right and back flip at the end into an alcove and use the Death Mask there. Swim back or use the ladders to climb back left and backflip into the open doors. Hop over that beam to the N and go through to the place where you have to put the Happy faces youíve collected. Go left and around the corner enter the open door and get another Death Mask.

Go outside and save before jumping through that red wall with a huge heart on it (W). It did take me a couple of tries as you need to place the Death Mask in the NW corner but Lara every now and then starts swimming and that is not the way to go (bug?) Stay close to the walls that should do the trick. (Just walk through the red wall in the NW corner, walk slowly to that receptacle and you'll be fine)

Mirrors and the Rusty Key.

The gate next opens, jump in and take a step forward and watch the fly by of a Skeleton disappearing. The stairs are deadly so stand jump to the swinging pole and jump to the wooden platform. Then take a running jump to the warrior and go up the steps on your left.

At the end, shoot the vase and go down some steps into the now open door to the right. Run through the mirror and through another one. At a junction with some steps ahead and a block on the right, take the left passage, also through a mirror and immediately go to the right and run through that blue/white screen. In this small room lays the Rusty Key. Pick it up and go out and to the right, continue in this passage (S) and step on the raised tile. This will lower a block at the other end (through the mirror). Step on the tile in there and run back through the mirror as the block around the corner left is now lowered.

The Master Key.

Go to the new room and jump on the block in the N. Jump to the roof in the N and take a running jump to the wooden box down S. Watch the fly by. Wraiths are exploding and jump on the ledge there to get the Master Key.

Jump to the block W and then to the lock NW and use the Master Key. Enter the open gate, and go to the back. It looks like you are trapped, but it is quite easy, once you know what to do, just jump up and get transferred to another floor. Do this about 5 times, Then walk to the W and then to the N and you are in a room with a door and some steps. Enter that room and go to the wall and right (NE). Find a Happy Face near some colourful vases NE. Go back to the previous room and open the Crowbar door N. Follow the bridge to the end and get to the red water opening near the S wall. Jump over it and use the lever in the alcove. The waterwheel outside starts turning, but also a block in the W, behind those coloured poles, is lowered down. Pick up SECRET # 4, a Cog Wheel.

Go back over the bridge into the house and enter the room with a block and a gong dangling over it. Just jump under the gong and the door W opens up. Go left and around the corner, straight S into the purplish opening (W) and jump in to the right. Get the Cookie that is on the floor. Back out, go left around the wall to the other corner SW and find the receptacle for the Happy Face near the double doors. A fly by starts and the door opens.

Donít go in just yet. If you need more flares they are on the top of the block SE and then go into the opening next to the block S. This stairs are familiar as they end up in the mirror passages. Halfway down to the right is a lock, use the Rusty Key there.

Follow the flame up the stairs and you end up in the rooms behind the glass. Use the Cookie there, jump down facing E and when you walk to the blue vase you have found SECRET # 5, no pick up though. That is all you could do here so back to the stairs and up to the double doors you opened upstairs. Place the Cog Wheel and while walking to the open gate W the level ends.