Sweet Memories.

Back to Basics 2008 level by Dutchy.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

There are More than one possible routes through the level.

Back in Peru, because that place kept a special place in Lara's heart, our heroin is exploring the wide mountain range when suddenly the ground gives way and she ends up in a strange place. Obviously part natural and part man made by some ancient tribe. However beautiful it may seem, our heroin still has to find her way out of this place, which at first hand looks easier than it is...

Big Cave, Shotgun.

Shoot the 2 remaining vases and drop into a steep passage; get through the Teeth Spikes and a flyby takes over. Jump out to the ledge down left and look for a rope below, jump or back flip onto that slanted ledge and slide till the end, jump with a grab to catch the rope. Go down the rope and swing to that structure straight ahead S. Drop from the roof and take care of the native attacking (you could also lure him to that Raptor NW and let that creature take care of the native). Head NW and go under that rock ledge behind the waterfall, watch out there's a Raptor on the loose. In the far NW corner are the Shotgun and some Ammo. Go back and to that building SE, find the Gong at the S wall and shoot it to open up the Cage Room.

The Cage Room, a Gold Disk.

There's a pushable cage and there are several marked Tiles in this room, each for a separate task (there are clues are on the walls of the Big cave). First go to that switch on the E wall, get the Flares and note the Tile above. Throw the switch and see a gate open up near the pool SW. Go to the NW corner of the room and find a similar texture (there’s a small medipack in the windowsill). Get that cage and move it onto that Tile NW. A block will lower in the pool so a statue will lower into the pool. When you look on the pedestal in this room you'll find a Gold Disk, grab that and go out of the room to the pool. Push the statue to the Tile NE and watch the flyby; a waterwheel starts moving because you made the water run to it.

The Waterwheel, the first Sacred Mask.

Head S and into the open gate, follow the passage down to the room with the waterwheel, there's a Skellie on the loose, shoot it down and run for the Shotgun Ammo SE, maybe shoot the Skellie again and run for the wheel. Stand in front of the wheel and hit "Ctrl", Lara will climb on and jump off, grab to land on the wooden platform behind the running water. Turn around and run jump to one of the platforms (watch out, some of them will crumble), go on to grab up to a ledge S and turn around. Grab the monkey swing under that central beam and go over to the other side and turn left, then right and drop to grab the ledge with the pedestal, get your first Sacred Mask and safety drop down to the ground. Leave the room and go back up to the Cave, back into the Cage Room.

Move the cage to a Tile NE and see a block go down on the top ledge NW (for later).

The Torch.

Now pull the Cage to the Tile SE and see a pillar go up near the pool, a dragonhead starts burning too. Go out and climb up to that roof and grab one of the Torches from the pedestal (remember, there's a spare one). Light it from standing on the higher part of the floor next to it and go to the W side of the roof. Face E and stand back from that trigger Tile on the roof; it will raise another (Timed) pillar when you step on it. So save and run over the Tile, jump to the first pillar, a running jump to the Timed one and another running jump to get to the roof of the Cage Room.

To the S is an old village, you better go there first because the Laser Sight is there (you'll need that for another Secret).

The Village, Crowbar and the Laser Sight.

Want the Secret from the village? Take the Torch with you, if not then you can leave the Torch at the entrance.

Watch the flyby and head to the gate SW, stand back a bit and throw the Torch so it will end up against that gate. Now go E, left and shoot the dog before you go to a switch NE, next to the double doors.

Save there and throw the switch, back flip/roll and sprint into the alley S, around the corner and to the Timed gate, quickly get in and the gate will open up again. Now carefully step to the Torch and pick it up, then hop back inside before the gate closes up again and you have to start over.

Inside you can get the Crowbar from the pedestal and then Torch that Skeleton behind it, a door opens up in the E hut. Take the Torch there and find several racks with hides. Carefully ignite all of them and the gate will open up in the back corner, go in and get Secret#1, a Secret Gold Statue. Jump onto the windowsill to get the Revolver Ammo and a small medipack and go out taking the Torch. Head W and leave the Torch outside the other hut while you open the door with the Crowbar. Shoot the dog. Inside on the windowsill you'll find the Laser Sight. Grab the Torch on your way out and head N towards that bridge over the canyon.

Deadly Pit and Burning Skellies.

Cross the bridge and drop the Torch (on a safe spot) when the Native attacks, he will leave behind a small medipack. Then get the Torch back and walk to the edge E, see that opening in the wall, stand one step back and hop back to run jump into that opening. Go up to the 2 dragonheads and light them to open the door. Enter and come to the deadly pit. Light the dragonhead S and a block will rise on the Spike pillar, stand jump into the opening S and go to the skellie to ignite it. Back to the pit and jump to the pillar, then a run jump into the opening E, go to the skellie to ignite it. Back to the pit and jump to the pillar, then to the one N and into the opening NE. Go to the skellie to ignite it. Back to the pit and jump to the pillar, hit the #1 key to drop the Torch where you stand and jump into the opening N, slowly walk in and hop back as soon as you activate the Knife trap. Go to the switch on the back wall and throw it to see a block go up and the door will also open up at the bridge structure.

The Revolver.

Hop back out and if you want the next Secret you have to take the Torch with you and go back out to the bridge structure. Drop it there and hop to the ledge NW to climb backwards from the middle of the E side, drop and slide jump, jump again to land on an E ledge in the canyon. Jump to the ledge N and go into the NW corner to get the Revolver there, behind that high pedestal is also some Revolver Ammo. Now while we are here we can just as well finish everything that has to be done in this canyon.

Down the Canyon, a Mechanism Wheel.

Just dive down into the water below and swim into the opening NE, keep swimming NE and grab the Flares from the bottom. Go into that tunnel NE and up to an air pocket, be careful there are Knife traps here. Swim S through the traps to the opening up and climb out. Use the switch on the block to open up the exit and use the Gold Disk on the left side of the same block; this will open up a gate on the other side of the canyon. Go out W and to the ledge with the bridge, walk N and grab up to the monkey swing above. Follow it around to the opening NW and get the Mechanism Wheel there. Go back along the monkey swing and go onto the bridge to jump to the W side ledge (here you'll get a view of the pedestal where you got the Mechanism Wheel; in case you forgot).

The Mechanism Key.

Go into the room and the gate drops shut, the pit is deadly. Jump to grab the rope and go down or up a bit, turn to one of the corners of the room above and swing to jump to the ledge there. NW are a Medipack and the Mechanism Key, get over to the other side by using the rope to get the Shotgun Ammo. Then use the rope to swing into the lower NW corner onto the breakable platforms and jump into the passage NE. Follow in and get the Revolver Ammo from the windowsill. Throw the switch there to open the entrance gate back up, go back to the pit. Spike traps are now active on the lower ledge, but a block has risen allowing you getting back up to the gate. Run jump to the ledge when you expect the first Spikes to go up and then an immediate stand jump onto the block with the forward key down. Climb up to the ledge above and leave.

Back Up.

Dive into the water and swim into that cave NE, turn right and swim to where you can climb out S. Go up to a block NE and stand in the middle of the W side, stand jump and grab the pole to swing into the opening up W (or grab the edge). Slide and be prepared to jump at the last moment and hold the forward key down to grab the edge of the floor at the last moment. Pull up on the next ridge and slide to jump and grab the higher ledge. Those double doors you saw in the village will now open up, climb the wall and go out, NW to the Big Cave. Cross the bridge again to the bridge structure where you left the Torch behind. For the Secret you have to get the Torch to the rock ledge W and the only way to do that is by raising that platform W (Without the Torch you can just runjump and grab the rock to the right of the platform). Look for another one of those Gongs on top of the building SE and shoot it with the Revolver/Laser Sight. The platform will go up. Grab the Torch, jump onto the raised block and hop to the open door W. run jump to the platform W and go to the hide rack standing near the waterfall. Carefully ignite the hide and leave the Torch here. Go to the now open door N and inside you will find Secret#2, a Secret Gold Statue. Go out and to the NE corner of the central pillar on the rock ledge, that's where you lowered that block before.

Timed Run for the Gate, to the second Sacred Mask.

Throw the switch there and first just wait to watch the flyby of the route you'll have to take. Then save standing at the switch and have a look how you can tackle this run best. This is how I do it:

Use the switch, side flip left, sprint with a sharp right curve around the brick pillar, through the water to the SW corner and just before you run off release sprint and roll so you'll land on the ledge below facing NW. Jump with a left curve and sprint (or run jumps) along the ledge to the end, curve right and then jump over to the ledge on the pillar, run and jump to the ledge at the gate and get into the hopefully still open gate.

Follow the passage down to a large room with slanted pillars and more fun stuff. Drop onto the block below and run jump to grab the first slanted pillar when the burner is down. Hang left and pull up, immediately a jump from the top of the pillar with a left curve to grab the next. Hang right and pull up over, slide and jump to the next pillars, better jump as soon as you reach the one going right so you'll land on the right hand side of the one facing back. Slide far and jump right curved to land on the ledge, climb the ladder and use the Jump switch on the right to kill a burner around the corner at the next Jump switch. Grab the ladder, climb left around the corners and go up to use the next Jump switch, killing a burner of the blocks you'll land on in a bit. Jump when you drop on the slanted block and jump once more to get to a flat surface. Spikes are popping up on the ledge ahead, time them and jump there. Go onto the next room.

Deadly Hammer Pit, the second Sacred Mask.

A Giant Spiked Hammer is swinging away on a wooden walkway, stand jump to a slanted block in front of an opening E, slide and jump/grab to the opening, inside is a small medipack. Runjump straight out to the walkway and grab the brick wall when you slide off, shimmy right to the next slanted pillar and backflip roll, jump/grab to the opening and throw the swith there. This time a platform went up near the walkway so you can jump back. Now go for the W side opening and get the Revolver Ammo there. Jump out to the walkway, shimmy right and backflip roll, jump/grab to the opening and throw the swith there opening up that door N. Get back to the walkway, runjump wıth a curve past the Spiked Hammer (along the E side to that platform). Go into the open door N and get the second Sacred Mask. Go out and jump back past the Spiked Hammer along the W side.

Head back to the room with the slanted pillars and stand left at the Spikes, run jump through the Spikes to grab the pillar SE and hang right. Pull up over and slide far before you jump a bit right to grab the left corner of the next pillar. Pull up over, slide jump left and another slide jump left to land facing the wall. Slide and back flip over a wall. Grab the edge and shimmy right, pull up and back flip over the next wall. Time the burner and shimmy right against the wall to pull up and back flip/roll/grab the ledge at the entrance. Go up the passage by climbing the wall, shimmy right around a corner and get back to the Big Cave. Drop to the ground floor and head over to the Cage Room SE.

The Mechanism for the third Sacred Mask.

Move the cage to the Tile SW and a platform will rise, high up on the W wall. Go climb the roof SW, stand on the mound W and run jump to grab the platform. Go in and shoot the native, then follow into the room with the Mechanism (SW). A flyby will start when you head W.

In the W are some blocks, SE 3 switches. Go to the blocks and find the keyhole on the E block, the gates to the mechanism will open up. You can place the Wheel you have or wait until you got them both. Move the Statue standing N of the blocks onto the square W of the double block. Go to the 3 switches SE and throw the one in the middle, a timed block will rise under the statue (so you can pull it onto the double block), quickly turn right, run jump over the hole in the floor and jump onto the double block to pull the statue once. Now go back to the switches and save in front of the left hand one.

Timed Blocks.

Pull, side flip right and pull the right hand one, backflip with a roll, run to raised the block N and pull up. Immediately a backflip with a roll to land on the floor above, run turning right to run to the raised statue W. Quickly start pulling the statue before the block goes down. Could be the statue will end up below, in that case just go down, move it back and try again. Once on the upper floor the statue has to go on the marked tile and a block will lower at the Cogwheel. Push the statue aside to clear the path for the next run. Stand at the wheel, save and pull it 4/5 times to open a gate W. Jump over the wheel, Sprint to the gate W and hıt "Alt" to roll underneath the closing gate. (You can also just run against the gate and hit "roll" to get Lara at the other side.)

Careful, there's a spike trap. Time your run behind the Spikes to get into the room with the second Mechanism Wheel. When you pick it up a trapdoor will open up in the corner, go down and save after the slide. Time a quick run through the Teeth Spikes, as a Boulder will come rolling after you. Now place the last Mechanism Wheel in the Mechanism S and watch the camera. That pit SE will flood and you can now dive in. Swim down and through the narrow tunnel to get up in the middle of the next room. In the upper room is some air and also the last Sacred Mask. You will get a view of a gate opening up in the Big Cave. Get some air in the air pocket and find a small tunnel in a corner of the lower room (NW), follow through and open the 2 underwater doors. By now you may have to go back for air first and then go back to collect the small medipack and Secret#3, a Secret Gold Statue (all possible with one braith of air).

The Sacred Cave, the Pyramids Key.

Swim back and make your way back to the Big Cave. Jump on the platform, then to the roof S and go over those pillars to the roof of the Cage Room. Go into the open gate and use the 3 Masks to open the Big Doors. Go into the next hallway and find the Skellie, pull it aside (watch out for a Dog) and get the Pyramids Key. Go on and climb the rocks just past that waterfall, jump up the slopes and dodge that Boulder while going up the cave...

To the Pyramids.

Follow through to a closed off hallway. Go right and find a wooden tile in an alcove, stepping on this tile will open the door to the outer area with a nice view of the Big Cave below. Go out and to the doors NW to open them with the Pyramids Key. Watch the flyby and the level ends here.