BtB 2008 level by Neso.

Walkthrough D&G productions.

Lara Croft in Peru...

Making an Entrance.

Swim forward till a fixed camera takes over, go left into an alcove between those arches there and throw the underwater lever to open a trapdoor. Swim out and left to go for some air in the pool S. Look for an opening in the wall under the iceberg NW and swim in. In that big room you are now entering is that trapdoor in the S side ceiling. But there are some other things to do before you can continue. Get some air in the open trapdoor and notice the Spikes at the wall switch S. Swim down and go through the opening NW, take the first left and swim to the right around the corner. Use the underwater lever to retract those Spikes. Swim back to the room E and go up into the trapdoor. Use the switch in the alcove where the spikes were and get back into the water, into the opening NW and follow straight to the W where you can go up at some steps to an opened door. Look behind (E) first and go get the Flares on the ledge there.

A Secret and a Shotgun.

For a secret you have to go up a ladder NE and follow through and into the water to a room with a waterwheel, walk up onto the higher bottom in front of it and climb up left to find the Shotgun in the grass. Get back into the trench and mount the waterwheel by using Ctrl. Jump to grab the opening up N and follow in to the pedestal with Secret #1, the Wak'a.

Make a safety drop down into the water and climb out at the side, swim back to the S and down the ladder. Now enter the already open the door W. Go through and come to a small room with a water hole right (N), dive in and follow up to a room near the surface. Go into the opening SW and get the small medipack in that corner before continuing W. A flyby of the enormous room kicks in when you enter.

Main Hall, N Side. (If you happen to fall into one of the holes in and around this place and end up in the tunnels below, swim in a S/SE direction, there's air in several places and you'll end back up in the Main Hall) (HINT by author : Since it is a small underwater maze, I've placed some plants. Always follow them, they will lead you back).

Go into the opening N and jump over a spike trap to get to the N Hall. Head W into the 4 Door Puzzle room.

4 Door Puzzle room.

In this room are 4 doors with symbols above them. Make a note of those symbols and grab a medipack in the NW up a ledge.

Jump up W into the opening, get through the dart traps and in the next room are 4 lower rooms with switches, the symbols over the rooms represent the symbols over the doors in the 4 Door Puzzle room. Those 4 doors can only be opened one by one, so take your pick and activate the according switches.

SW Door...switches SW-SE and NW.

Back in the 4 Door Puzzle room you can enter the door SW, just take one step onto the grass and get out fast as Raptors storm in, take them out where you have more room to move and re-enter, the gate drops shut. Follow through and get a small medipack from next to that skeleton in the raptors lair. Use the switch in the room to get a screen of a raising block in the 4 Door Puzzle room (first of 4 switches needed). Head back out, go W through the dart passage and throw the NE switch down, the NW one up.

NW Door...switches SW-SE and NE.

Pass the first Hammer and the run to the right behind the second Hammer, use the jump switch there and get a screen of the block again, head back out. Go throw the switch NW down and the one SE back up.

NE Door...switches SW-NW and NE.

Go stand under the opening up in the E wall and face the fire pit, run-jump with a roll onto the slanted floor under the monkey swing and jump to grab the ceiling. Get into the alcove E and throw the switch to retract those Spikes N. Go down and climb down the ladder into the pit. Throw the switch to get the third screen of the block. Make your way back to the switch room W and throw SE down and SW back up.

SE Door...switches SE-NW and NE.

Hop over the pit in front of the door, go in and face the ladder. Time the burner, slide to jump and grab the ladder and go up to back flip onto the floor behind, follow through to the N and find the switch over the blue ledge. That block in the 4 Door Puzzle room will lower now. In the room to the N is a door and that's for a Secret (later). Head back to the room with the ladder S and go down the hole in the NE to get out to the 4 Door Puzzle room. Jump over the hole and go to the switch where the block lowered S, using it will give a screen of a block rising somewhere.

Another Block.

Go back E into the next room and to that opening left (NE) leading to a fiery pit. Jump onto a slanted side and keep jumping to and fro to get to the other side. Save there before you enter. Run in while the gate closes and you have to get into the opening E leading into the Raptor stables. Never mind shooting those now, just run through and where the fixed camera is you have to go right onto the brick path. Run into the lower passage where you'll be safe. Throw the switch in the end and see a second block go up near the one you did before. Now stand close to those raptors and start shooting them one by one, luring them to that lower corner where you are safe. When you got them all you can go into the W side stables and grab up to the roof to get the Flares there, there's also a small medipack nearby. Go back and return over the fiery pit to the hall and go S up the steps over the Spikes to the Main Hall

Main Hall, S Side, to the Upper Levels.

Cross the room into the opening S, get up the blocks and jump up to the W side, get into that crawlspace behind the plant to bypass those spikes. Go left onto the ledge around the room and get the small medipack to the left. Continue to the N and in the end face the opening to the room below. Aim for the ledge NE and run jump over. Head to the NE corner of the room, find spikes on the ledge E. Face SE and run-jump through the corner of spikes and pillar, keeping the forward key down. Go into the alcove E and get Secret #2, a second Wak'a (No secret sound and count). Go back and jump NW from the higher floor to the ledge N to enter the opening N. Pass through the traps and step on the tile to open a door in the W side of the upper floor. Not timed, so get back out, go right and climb over that wall W, go left and then right to the opened door.

Up One More Level, the Rusty Key.

Save and slide jump 3 times to get on a safe ledge. Climb the left hand wall and then left around to drop to the ledge above. Jump into the opening W, climb the ladder a bit, then back flip and walk through the passage to drop onto a ramp below. Jump to the S first to get the Shotgun Ammo (notice a block in the W wall), jump back and jump over to the central ledges. Shoot that Skeleton down from the ledge and jump over to the ledge E to get more Shotgun Ammo. Now jump N and you will find a switch on a pillar left... A timed one, as you will find out after pulling it.

Timed Ledge Run. (not for the weak of heart)

First watch the flyby so you know where to go and save in front of the switch. Pull, turn right and run sharp left around the pillar to jump and grab that ledge W, run a bit w then curve left and jump over to the central ledges. Hop to the w side one and turning right a run to jump to the E side ramp, turn right and hop onto the higher edge to jump to that pillar in front of the open door, try landing on the right hand side so you can curve left while running and jump with a grab into the open door. Go through the passage, jump over the pit and get the Rusty Key. Face S and hop over the wall near the pit (pit leading down into those tunnels under the Main Hall), slide and jump with a grab to get back onto that pillar in front of the timed door.

Jump to the central ledges and get to the one between the pillars S, drop/hang from the edge and shimmy to the right to get over that Jump switch there (lowers a block for later). Use it and drop down into the central pool below, climb out N and go over the spikes into the N Hall to use the Rusty Key on the door E, enter and look down through the grating to see a Jump switch. Head into the N side pool and open the underwater door SE, follow in and climb out to find the Jump switch just around the corner. The flyby will show you the doors above opening up. Swim back and go in there, carefully around the right side to enter the opening E. Climb up to the right and follow the steps up to where a skeleton wakes up, take care of it and hop over the ledges to the W. Enter the first floor ledges of the N Hall and go for that Jump switch you can see NW. After using it you'll get a flyby of a ladder lowered in a room you visited before. Drop down into that small pool below and head to the room W (with the 4 doors).

The Funeral Stone.

Head into the first left hand door (mind the pit in front) of the 4 and it is open because I directed you there last before to save you another trip through the darts. Go in and jump to that ladder, go back flip to the upper floor and head N to the last room, the door N has opened too, get in for Secret #3, Shotgun Ammo and a third Wak'a. Go back one room to the S and find a raised part of the floor under the opening with the ladder, go up to the room above and pick up the Funeral Stone. Make your way back S, down the hole to the left and jump out of the room. Head to the N Hall, into the door E and follow to that room with the spikes again.

The Crypts.

This time go left around the Spikes and down to the Crypts. Follow into the first room and go into the opening SE, between the wooden ledges. Follow in for Secret #4, a Shotgun and a fourth Wak'a. Climb back out into the Crypt and head into the passage E, go down and left, careful... there's a knife trap. Go left into the next room and in the SW corner is a small medipack. Shoot skeletons to get some time while you get back to the E room and find the receptacle for the Funeral Stone in the NE corner. A flyby shows a part of the floor opening up in the previous room (where the small medipack was), so get back there and climb down the ladder at the S wall, follow in to a room with a marked tile on the floor, so step on it and look what happens. A wall opens up in the Skeleton alcove, top floor of the Main Hall.

Back Up the Main Hall.

Go back out of these Crypts, up the ladder to the E opening, to the right and right again, up the ramp SW, to the door opening W. Jump over the spikes S.

Go S and through the Main Hall to the blocks in the room S, go up jump up W and through the crawlspace. Go to the door opening in the W wall and slide/jump the spikes again, up the ladder, get off on the left, jump to the opposite side and climb the ladder, back flip and go up to the upper floor of the Main Hall.

Jump to the S and find that block in the W wall lowered (where the Ammo was before). Pass through the traps and throw the switch to kill the flames in the Skeleton alcove N. Go to the N wall via jumping the ledges of that middle structure, go over the bridge in the N Hall and enter the opening, follow through into the passage where the level will end...