Back to Basics 2008 - Level index.

  #  Level name  Level Builder
  1  Lost Inca Outpost.  mugs
  2  La Guardia del Monstruo.  Von Cory
  3  The Mask of Ettal Otaiccam.  Die Basis
  4  Death Mask of Kween Quizi-Kal.  Kitkat
  5  Pachacutec Inca's Valley.  Roli
  6  Sweet Memories.  Dutchy
  7  The Riddle of Pacha Camac.  TC14
  8  Journey through the Andes.  MIKKI
  9  Etalocohcilihc.  Horus
 10  The Lost Tomb of Secrets.  userpaul
 11  Water of Life.  eRIC
 12  In Cuzco.  Jonson
 13  Incatacombs.  Neso
 14  The Lost Treasure of Primal Breathe.  Oxy
 15  The City of Parabailarlabamba.  Thierry
 16  Chupacabra's Lair.  pouco2
 17  ????.  Leroy
 18  Inti Is Watching You.  TimJ
  The Mystery of Oiccaprac. Christoph (outside the competition)