The Skribblerz Stonez 2.

One World.

Level by George Maciver.

Authorized Walk D&G Productions.

The Crowbar.

Lara ended up in the hills, the jeep parked to the left. Head straight W and there are a couple of Crows here that will show up one time or the other. You will come to a small pond, get into the deeper part and swim through the tunnel to a cave where you can get the Crowbar from an old chest. Swim back and climb out of the pond, to the left you can see those Sentry Guns from the flyby. Go N and in the direction of that little light on the hill.

Revolver and Lasersight.

To the left of the small lamp is a path in the rocks, follow to a crossing and a Baddy will open fire, take him out and go to a door N. Open it with the Crowbar and go in to shoot the Baddy guarding this Store room. There are 2 chests, one with the Revolver and another with the Lasersight, NE and SW are 2 Revolver Ammo pickups.

Taking out the Sentry Guns.

Head out of the Storeroom and go S along the path, careful, the Guns will spot you and at that point you have to run back fast. Follow the path back to the E, go down the hill and now you have to find a spot where you can take out the Guns. I went back SE to the pool near the Jeep. From there you can go up between 2 hills SW and left up a steep hill near a tree, from where I could take out three of the Guns. Go W down the hill to a little lamp and from there you should be able to take out the fourth Gun. Jump into a pool below and climb out at that path, find the spot from where you can take a shot at that Guard on the wall.

Go follow the path and a flyby will show a Baddy destroying a bridge. Go on to the locked gate and climb up left to where the chest is, get the Guard’s Key from it. Open the gate and go up to the broken bridge. Climb backwards off the bridge and safety drop down. Climb up the other side of the bridge and stand near one of the posts, standjump over the corner of the flames (deadly) and go into the building to get rid of the guy that destroyed the bridge. Pick up the Medipack S and head down some stairs into the trench W.


Another guy guarding a chest, take him out and get the Guard’s Key from the chest N. That small door NE is for later, head to the one SE and open it with the key. Follow in to a Puzzle room.

Gold Skull Puzzle Room I. 

Timed Run - Skull 1.

I ran to the left side of the wall ahead and climbed up, took out the 2 Baddies with the Revolver and finished off the 2 Dogs with the Pistols. Turn W and jump/grab to the lower ledge over the entrance. Go up to the switch on the N wall, save and throw it. Backflip roll and run with a left curve over the raised trapdoor, jump to land in an opened trapdoor in the middle of the green pool. Swim through and check your health before going up. Swim to the left and to the ledge from which a Guard is shooting you. Take him out and get the Medipack left behind. Jump to the other ledge and get the first of two Gold Skulls. Swim back to the Puzzle Room.

Timed Run - Skull 2.

Go up to the ledge SE and find the switch in the corner, looking W you’ll see the gate to be opened by this Timed switch.

Pull the switch, roll and runjump with a left curve to stay on the ledge, then jump up to the higher part and curve right before that pillar, curve left again and run around a column onto the ledge closest to that gate, runjump and grab the edge under the gate and pull up, quickly run in but not too far! There’s a deadly pool… Line up for a swing on the short pole (indeed short) over the left side of the pool, runjump and grab the pole, let go and grab the block, jump to the ledge with Gold Skull #2.

Face N and jump to that slanted block, immediately a back flip and you’ll see an explosion and that lowers the block so you can easily use the short swing pole to get back across the pool.

Up one Floor.

Go back into the Puzzle room and runjump/grab SE, over to the ledge. To the S are the receptacles for those Skulls; turn around and see a block go up on a ledge NE of you. Get onto the block, stand SW and face N, turn left a bit and standjump/grab up to the ledge sticking out above left.

Timed Blocks, Up Up and Away.

Head N and find 2 switches; one in the NW and one in the NE corner, that’ll raise two blocks on the S side ledge. Throw the one NW, sprint to the one NE and use it too, roll and run out to the right, jump over the corner to that ledge going S and jump to the ledge S, onto the lower raised block and grab up onto the higher one, turn N and runjump/grab up to the floor above. Follow the ledge to where the gate opens up for you. Follow through to the next challenge.

Blocks and Booby Traps, the 1st Bone Skull.

Depending on where you start, the route can vary. There are 4 blocks to be moved onto the right tiles. There are also booby traps in this room, be careful with the marked grey tiles with an Inka drawing on the ledges. I jumped to the one to the right, jump to the dark grey tile NW and face SW, where you can see the cage lowered (It looks like the cage isn’t lowered or there is no block to push but once you jumped there the block appears).

Spot the 2 booby trapped ledges straight NW to that ledge, stand back a bit and standjump to the first, immediately a running jump to the next, another running jump to the ledge NW, avoiding the marked ledge there (you can jump onto the explosive tiles after they have exploded, as apart from hearing an explosion and some bright lights, nothing will happen). Move the block onto the dark tile and jump to the ledge NE, move the block there onto the dark tile. Then the next one (SE) and finally the last block (NW) and the cage in the middle of the room will lower allowing you to get the 1st Bone Skull.

Jump to the now open gate NW and follow through to where you can drop down into the pool of the Crossing. Go into the newly opened gate SW and follow up to the top of another Skull Puzzle room.

Gold Skull Puzzle Room II.   

Face W and jump/grab the crack in the rocks, shimmy left to a gate and pull up, turn around and jump over to the ledge at the ladder. Go down to the lower level and make your way over to that chest NW, grab the Revolver Ammo and go over to the S side of the room, left of the wall torch and up to a ledge S, there’s a switch. Throw it and that gate you saw above will open up. Make your way back up the ladder, jump with a grab back to the gate and enter to get Gold Skull #1, the flames won’t hurt you. Get back down to the pool level and over to the gate N, turn right (E) and see one of those short poles. Use it to get across and grab the monkeyswing to the S, drop onto the ledge and hop to the ledge with Gold Skull #2. Hop back go back over the monkeyswing and now another tricky jump to that pole. Run along the E side of the ledge, curve sharp left and jump from about the middle of the ledge to grab the pole ([color=darkblue]you can also decide to do the “short run” jump, stand back, hold shift and walk, then release shift hitting alt and Lara will jump after only 2 steps[/color]).

Timed Exit.

Now get over to the switch SW and throw it to open the Timed gate N, run and jump over the central ledge into the gate, pulling out the Revolver to shoot the Baddies and the Dog. Go W and mind that Booby trapped tile to get a Medipack from the chest. There’s a trigger tile in the other corner to reopen the Timed gate in case you forgot a Skull.

Bone Skull #2.

Head back E and place the 2 Skulls on the stands in the alcoves left and right. Go through the gate E and get Bone Skull #2 in the next room. Go out through the opened gate and follow back to the Crossing.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Jump over to the small door NE (next to the waterfall) and follow to the Stone Room. Jump to the N and S to place the 2 Bone Skulls and the cage will lower allowing you to get the Skribblerz Stone. Head out the newly opened gate and a flyby will end the level, showing you “George’s Latest”.