The Skribblerz Stonez 2.

Over the Rainbow.

Level by Kitkat.

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Village.

Lara will slide into a fortified village; head to the S side of this village and on the S wall of one house is a jump lever opening up a nearby door.Turn right and go into the house on the left, in the chest inside are Flares.

Stand facing E at the trapdoor in the corner and open it. Follow the tunnels all the way through and pull the barrel you'll find out twice, then push it aside to the right and use the lever on the floor. Climb up the ladder into a house and climb on top of the fireplace, turn around and run jump to the beam and to the next and open chest. Get the Crowbar and Flares from the chest. Drop to the ground floor and leave the house through the open door. Go to the opposite house and use the crowbar on the right hand door. Get on top of the fireplace again, jump the beams and get the Bifrost Key 2 from the chest, a Baddy came in so take care when you drop to the floor.

Go W towards the Big Doors with the keyholes and on the crossing where Lara looks up to the right, you have to go left and right around the corner of that house, open the door with the crowbar and climb the N wall to the top. Jump N to other house and get onto that ledge to the right to open the chest for Bifrost Key 1 and a Medipack. Go to the N side of these ledges and stand left, run jump N onto a flat part in the roof of the house, open the chest for Secret #1, Shotgun, Shotgun Ammo and Gold Bars. Slide from the roof and get back up to the house with the ladder, jump over to the N again, but this time climb down the N side house and open the trapdoor. Follow through and climb up into the last house, S is another chest, this one with Shotgun ammo.

Over the Rainbow.

Go out of the house, head S along the W wall to those Big Doors. 2 Vikings are lurking around here; you may have encountered them already. Use the 2 keys to open them and step into a desolate place, N is a chest with 2 x Uzi ammo.
Walk over the rainbow and jump across after you shot that Rainbow Bird..

The Castle.

Go into the opening to the right at the Golden Gates, climb the block there and run jump/grab E to use jump lever. Go into the other side of the Golden Gates and back flip from facing E, jump and grab the jump lever.

The Golden Gates are open, go into the Hall.
On the N wall is a lever, the trapdoor opens and you'll fall in water below, climb out E and jump grab to the pillar W, climb to the top, back flip roll grab, repeat this move and climb up and into opening W. Jump the breakable tiles, (single jumps) time the spikes.

Lava Room, Smaragd Ocular Emerald part 1.

Run jump and grab that block with the emitter, shimmy to the left corner and pull up. Time the emitter to run jump to the next pillar and then to the ledge W. Find a push block in the NW corner, pull it out twice and go around to use the lever. The pool will be drained, now go to the pillar S and look for a lever that will stop the burners on the pillars in the dry pool. Drop down and go for the chest SE, grab the Ruby Kube and the doors W open up. Climb the ladder on the nearest pillar and jump back to the W side ledge.

Go through the open doors and follow the passage.  Drop into lower room, and run for the Wraith into passage the S. Into the pool and down to the E, find the underwater lever in the higher ceiling part up right (SE), then swim back into the tunnel N and open the gate with the lever, drop back into the hall with the gates. Head into the open gate NE and around the corner locate the hole in the ceiling, climb up to use the lever.

Get back to the room and up into the passage W, run over the break tiles and open the chest for a Medipack. Use the monkey swing to get back to the room with a Wraith circling around you. Just jump in the pool and use the passage N to get back out and back into the hall with the gates.

Again to the pool (S) but now the water is frozen so you can now cross the pool to the chest and get the Smaragd Ocular Emerald part 1.

Back over pool, in the hale with the gates, the SE gate is now open. Follow through…

Lightning room, Smaragd Ocular Sapphire part 1. 

Watch out for lightning, open the gate E, get a Medipack from chest. Go out and to the gate W to get the Smaragd Ocular Sapphire part 1 from the chest. Leave the room S and follow to the Spike room. 

Spike room, Smaragd Ocular Emerald part 2.

Dive into water (blood) at a safe spot, time the Spikes to swim into the central block and up for a ceiling lever. Back out to the central ledge and get the Smaragd Ocular Emerald part 2 with additional Medipack. Go out to the now open doors E and follow to Jump switch hall.

Jumpswitch hall, Smaragd Ocular Sapphire part 2.

Left around gate and pillar is a Jump switch #1. Then to the right of the entrance (from the low block) jump to Jump switch #2. Climb into windowsill NW and jump/grab to climbable pillar, climb left around and back flip to pillar for Jump switch #3 (N). Get back up to same pillar and jump to pillar E where a gate opened NE. Get the Smaragd Ocular Sapphire part 2 and some Flares, drop from the ledge and go out of the open gates N.

Find another chest in that passage and get the Flares from it. Continue and slide down, light flare and shoot the cover from the crawlspace N, follow in an quickly drop to floor below, run left (W) and behind that curtain to get rid of the Wraith at the Bird statue. Find a push block NE and pull it out to get to the lever behind it. Throw it to raise a Timed block SE, better get that push block out of the way and run to the timed block, jump on and grab the crawlspace E. Follow in and climb up to the battlements to get Secret #2, Uzis, Uzi Ammo and Gold Bars.

Get back down to the hall with the push block. Go to gate S and open with Ruby Kube. Follow in and meet a Big Fat Spider and go to the Stone Room. Jump to both sides to place the Oculars (combine the parts) and get the Skribblerz Stone. Go out and walk into the
sunset to end the level.