Temple of the Skribblerz Stonez.

Level by bedazzeled.


Authorized Walk G&D Productions.

Throughout the level you'll find a few torches, they aren't to be used for puzzles, if you like you can use them instead of Flares.

The Mirror Puzzle.

Go N around the corner for Flares in a chest. Walk towards that gate N and Lara looks up left to an object on the wall. Drag the mirror NW out twice, and put it opposite the glass window W wall and also lining up with the object in the wall N. (there are little slopes in the floor, also indicating where the Mirrors should go). Head S and to the right, in the next room take the mirror NW out and put it against the W wall next to the pillar with the window.

The mirror SE goes to the spot against the E wall and opposite the pillar with the glass in it.

The lens looking pushable goes in between the pillars with the glass, under the skylight and rays will appear throughout the rooms. The gate S and also the one in the NE room opened up (where you got the Flares).

Gate S, the Small Waterskin and a Golden Star.

First go to the gate S, the gate closes behind you, slide down and mind the swinging axes. Passing them and heading left you'll come to a small room, climb the ladder and back flip. Look up and use the jump lever above your head and then jump to the next ledge and climb the ladder. Go S and left, in the SE corner is a chest. Get the Shotgun and medipack from it and turn around, go left and left and keep to the left to find a lever left of the wall torch. 

Watch the scene, so back N, down the ladder, go into the passage behind the third axe and get the Small Waterskin from the chest. Go back to the ladder and back up and go S again. Follow through till you are in a room with a pool and a fountain.

The Water Room.

Go N, jump in the water near the waterfall (NE) and fill the small waterskin. Go back over the bridge, towards the W and fill the scale with water. A door on your left opens, so get in, climb the pole and back flip, follow through and shoot the skeleton from the ledge. Then take a running jump to the rope, turn to your left and swing to the ledge against the wall. Then take a running jump back in the direction of the rope to grab the monkey climb. Follow to the end, drop and grab the ladder and climb around the right corner onto the balcony. Head up into the NE corner and open the chest. Get the Golden Star and a wraith will pester you. Run down into the water and swim NW, get out and run into the gate that opened and in there is the cross to get rid of the wraith.

Gate-Lever Puzzle.

There are 4 levers and counting from left to right, put them down, up, down and down, the gate opens behind you, turn around and go in to open the chest for shotgun ammo.  Turn to the right and use the jump lever on the wall (E). Outrun the skeleton (or blast him into the pool) and go into the open gate on the left, then into the opening E. The door at the end will open (have a look E as there is a pool with a chest in the pool), take the second alcove to the left and use the lever. Fall in water and swim to the end and pull up out. Jump up some blocks and the door opens, you're are back in the mirror room.

Gate NE, Laser Sight and a second Golden Star.

Now go NE to the area with the chest where you got the Flares and enter the gate N. Go to the right and use the lever. Then head to the pit W and jump to the monkey climb and follow through to where you can drop to the floor.

Shoot the crocs in the water and jump in, get out on a slope against the S wall and shoot another croc. Jump from the slope onto the block with the emitter N, from there a running jump to the block with the emitter left (NW) landing on a corner. Carefully move to stand in the far corner so you can take a running jump NE to the ledge with the chest, get the Golden Star from inside the chest.

Back to the water and climb out NE and either jump from the ledge up or get down to the ledge in the water) to the block with the emitter. The burning flame on the block near the chest will die. Then jump to the chest OR back to the water and climb out onto that slope S again, walk E and a standing jump with grab to the block with the flame, shimmy right around 2 corners and get up on the block, side flip left into the alcove with the chest to get the Laser Sight and a medipack. Jump in the water and swim W but donít go in the opening just yet, look at the pillar and behind it is an underwater lever, pull it, quickly swim back to that slope S and get out of the water to shoot that croc which just came into the room.

The Bridge Key.

Swim into the opening W. In the next cave is an opening on the right (E) at the end of this passage is a chest with revolver ammo and the Bridge Key. Back in the water and swim to the right (N) and up, NE is another chest, open it to get some Revolver ammo.

The Revolver.

Near the N wall is a Torch, you can light it at the small fire basket S. Go to the E wall and find the ledge up and also a small slope, stand with your left shoulder against the wall and jump up and grab the ledge. Jump to the middle structure and open the chest for the Revolver. This awakens the skeleton, deal with as best you can; I shot of the head with the Revolver and dealt with the other 2 the same way.

The Crowbar.

First go the ledge on the N wall and then aim for the W ledge with the chest on it with a left curved running jump. Inside the chest are a small medipack and the Crowbar. Back to the middle structure and another skeletons is awake, if you didn't shoot its head off first. Take a running jump to the SE pillar and from there, follow through over ledges to the W and deal with the last skeleton in this room.

The Artifact Room Key.

Climb up W to the rolling bridge and find a pushable block NW, push it twice and use the Crowbar on the lever. The first bridge rolls down. Go to the bridge and just left on the E wall you can use the Key to get the second bridge down. Run over the bridges and slide down the pole. Halfway down you can back flip into a passage. Follow and jump down, the door opens for you. Go left to that small pool and get the Artifact Room Key from the open chest in the water. Go back up the steps and inside go to the left and in the right hand alcove you can use the Key.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Place the two Golden stars on the sides and pick up the Skribblerz Stone and go W, deal with the skeleton, go through the gate and the level endsÖ

(you could shoot the head off the skeleton before you pick up the Stone and watch him run into the pit...).