The Skribblerz Stonez 2.

Oak Island.

Level by Aza

Authorized Walk G&D Productions.

Go out of the small cave to a large area, first go left and into the building where you can shoot two rats.

Go out and W, to the rocks where you'll see an opening behind a slanted rock behind a short tree stump. Grab up to the slanted rock, turn around facing the tree and back flip, then jump and end up on the tree trunk. Make your way over the branches to the NE, on the branch there is a chest and in it are some flares.

Utility Key.

Go onto the N branch and jump to the rocks N. There is an opening down, get in, shoot the rat and get the Utility Key from the chest. Get out and go to the W and a standing jump + grab, shimmy as left as possible, pull up, slide/jump/grab the ridge ahead and hoist up.

The Lasersight.

Follow in and look for a gate left behind a banana tree, the gate will open up (this is a short cut you might use later) and get from the chest a medipack. Go back and follow through till you come to a swamp. It is filled with nasty beetles so be careful. Look W and spot a chest there. Jump in the swamp with beetles and wade as quickly as possible to the W, climb out and grab the Laser Sight from the chest. Get back through the swamp and leave this area.

Head E and into the house again and use the key in the lock to the left.

The door around the corner opens, get the arrows from the table left and open the door in the back. Get a small medipack from the chest and shoot some crates in the opposite corner so you can schlep (pull) the skeleton away from the switch and use it.

Go out of the house and to the left into next opening where that gate opened and head up the stairs. Watch out for the spikes….. You can run jump over them from the entrance. Go to the right (W) and follow through. Don’t take too much time as a skeleton will be here shortly so drop down into the water and swim S and left (E) and up and left again and careful get out. Shoot the Crock and on the right (E) is a TIMED jump switch.

Timed Gate and the Shotgun.

You can get to the gate the hard way by jumping all the ledges around this cave or go for the Shotgun Secret while looking at the easier route.

Face N from the ledge under the jump switch, jump to the next ledge turn a bit left (NW) and jump to the ledge there. Back flip, turn around and jump and grab the ledge ahead, shimmy left and pull up at the end. Go to the chest for Secret#1, the Shotgun. Look down S and spot the ledge leading to that gate SW. Drop to this ledge and stand in front of the jump switch. Save and jump/grab to activate, turn left and hop back once, run jump to the ledge N and take the same route as before to jump into the open gate.

The Pirate Plunder.

On the pillar NW and facing S there is a jump switch to stop a burner on the floor, go to the other side and step on the tile with no flames on it and face W, another jump switch, that one opens the gate N.

Oops...a boulder alley. Sprint down and at the end, jump up to the left (W) or sprint along the left side and into the safe corner, while the boulder bounces back you can climb up left. Follow to the end and pull the lever. Cut scene of the other boulder. I went back, jumped over the boulder and got my hand on the Pirates Plunder. You'll see a gate open up near a chest.

The Crossbow.

Go out W to the ground floor of the cave with the timed jump switch (the gate is open again), find a passage N and go into the passage you opened up. Get the Crossbow from the chest and head for that open trapdoor to climb back up to the house. 

Oops... a skeleton but you have the shotgun, lure the skeleton outside and to those pits in the middle of the area, shoot him into one of the pits with the Shotgun.

Releasing 3 Boulders.

Head W and go back up to the treetops.

Get the crossbow and laser sight and shoot the rope (the knot) of the boulder that is hanging way up SW. Now make your way to the boulder NW and jump towards that swamp area. Go in and climb up a ledge NE, stand far back and turn around to spot the bones under that boulder way up. Shoot those and watch the boulder go.

Back to the ground floor (or take the gate behind the banana plant) and once again, up the tree and now go E on the lower branch near the boulder. Run jump and grab the roof, shimmy right around the corner and back flip to a flat ledge. Climb even higher and then take a run jump N to the flat corner of the roof, Drop behind the boulder and push it from the roof. Careful.. there are Spikes where the boulder was, just hop backwards and drop down to the floor of the house. Head outside and towards the 3 boulders on the in the pits.

Blowing Things Up.

First jump W to get some arrows and see that the trapdoor in the SE corner is gone, stand well back and jump/grab and climb down. Jump on the TNT case and from there on the other box and shoot a bat. Look up to the ladder and you see a ledge halfway up, so climb up, back flip/roll/grab and shimmy around the corner to hoist up and back flip/roll/grab to get into the opening W.

Follow through underneath a boulder and come to timed emitters and a pool, first shoot the Crocs in the pool. Do a running jump, running jump with a slight curve right and another running jump to the last, run over the corner to the safe ledge. Jump and grab to get into the crawlspace E. The lever drops the boulder that will drop on the TNT case and that provides a nice explosion. Back out, drop in the water and swim NW to get out. Jump to the ledge, shimmy around, pull up and roll/grab the ladder and climb down. Then jump to the block, as behind it is a chest for Secret #2, Shotgun ammo.

Jump in the water, swim down in the first opening and follow through, climb out at the end. Watch the fly by of a big and deep cave with a kind of plant cover on it. The trick is to stand on the left of that plant on this ledge and look through the binoculars. Look straight into that opening in the opposite wall and there you can see a map of which tiles to jump on. Btw that medipack is a trap (boulder).

First jump is a run jump straight S and over that plant, walk into the SE corner and face E, turn right a bit and stand jump/grab to the next ledge. SE corner again and face SE, hop with a left curve around that low rock to the next. Stand SW and run jump SW, the last ledge is one square away and in front of the passage. Jump into the passage and run up the steps, shoot bat at end and drop down into the water below.

The Skribblerz Stone.

In the S wall is a small opening, swim in, and all the way at the other end so you can climb out and shoot the Croc. Face N and then swim along the right side of the ship and board the ship, go up the ramp to the steering wheel and pull up on the right hand side of that wooden board so you are even with the pillar with the emitter. When you are over, Lara will slide and make a hop, then jump straight away to the pillar with emitter. Grab the edge and pull up at the corner. Hop over to the next one and then a running jump with grab at the last moment to the ledge with the lever E.

Jump to the N and slide down, grab the monkey climb and at the end let go and open the chest for the Utility Key. You can then jump to the ship, slay the two ghost pirates and then use the Key on the door SW.

Get the second Pirate Plunder and leave N, run to the front of the ship, dive into the water and swim back to the room with the Skribblerz Stone.

Swim to the side and climb out to place the two Plunders, jump to get the Skribblerz Stone and the final flyby is shown.