The Skribblerz Stonez 2.

Forgotten Realm 2 - The Wanderers.

Level by Amber Light, second level of the Forgotten Realm series.

Authorized Walkthrough D&G Productions.

There are more possible routes through the level, but this is how we did it...

Lara will drop through the trapdoors while catching fire and drops into a pool, just go with the flow and swim down, then up into the Main Room.

Main Room, the Crowbar.

Climb the rocks NW and jump into the passage in the W wall (covered by plants) and follow to a Blade trap, crawl under the Blade along the right hand wall and go up to the ledge with the chest, open it to get the Crowbar

Bronze Stars.

Safety drop down and go to the alcoves in the middle of the N and S walls, there are 2 Bronze Stars, get them both. Now make your way back up to the ledge where you got the Crowbar (up NW) and climb the ladder on the W wall this time, almost to the top and back flip to the ledge behind. Hop SE to the ledge in front of the closed gate N and do a run jump from the SW corner to the corner of the ledge on the W wall. Go S and run jump up to the block with the receptacle for one of the Bronze Stars. A block will lower in the N wall, ground floor.

Timed Platforms and the Shotgun.

Run jump back to the ledge you came from and go back to those ladders NW, get down to the ground floor and enter the ground floor passage in the W wall first and hop right around the corner over the pit, follow up to where you can get Flares and a small medipack from a chest, then turn back and drop into the pit. Pull up S and immediately do a back flip and jump over the pit after the Boulder dropped in. Follow the passage up to where you look out into the Main Room. Jump up onto the ledge to the right and hop around the corner to the next ledge and save in front of the Timed switch. Pull, back flip/roll and run left onto the raised platform, jump to the one on the central pillar and throw the switch (lowers a block behind you).

Now you can roll and turn right a bit while you run jump back to the platform S and quickly run to safety. If you happen to drop to the ground floor, you know the route back up here now..

Then throw the switch again, roll and jump to the first platform, this time jump to the ledge SE where the block lowered. Open the chest to get the Shotgun and some Ammo for it.

Drop backwards from the ledge and shimmy left to the next, pull up and save at the next Timed switch. This one will lower a block on the ledge along the E wall. Throw the switch, turn left while running and jump to the ledge E, hop onto the higher part and run past that underwater lever (for later).

First Wanderers Key.

Jump to the block with the Star receptacle in the NE corner, another block will lower, this time on the ground floor S and a Skeleton will come out. After he stepped on that trigger tile a Wanderers Key will appear on the other tile. Jump down into the pool and climb out to get that Wanderers Key, if the Skeleton plays nasty, shoot him into the E pool.

Flooding the Main Room.

Passage N, Gate wheel #1. (You can also go S first, makes no difference)

Go into the passage N where the block lowered before and climb the blocks, nasty beetles will pour out of the wall while you run into the next room. Either run back and lure them into the E pool or be quick about your business. Throw the switch in the room, turn around and climb the cage onto the block. Hop onto the next block and jump to grab the ladder, go up and turn around to run jump and grab to the opening S. Go up to the chest to get a Medipack from it. Go back and now run jump around the right hand corner into the opening E, throw the switch there to open the gate ahead and step out into the cave. Grab up S to the ledge above and turn NE to jump to the rope there, swing a bit and jump to the ledge in front of the open gate, follow in and get Gate wheel #1 from the chest. Go back out and jump into the water below, Follow the current back to the Main Room and this time take the passage S.

Passage S, Gate wheel #2.

Go into the passage S where the Skeleton came out of before and follow to a pole. Climb a bit and turn to back flip off, go to the next pit and check the health before you jump and grab the next pole. Go up and get past that nasty Blade, go up a bit more and turn to back flip to a safe "corner" ledge, the darker ones are deadly. Jump over to the chest to get a small medipack. Jump back to the pole, go up and find the opening E, back flip in there and throw the switch in the next corner to open the gate ahead. Grab up N to the ledge above and run jump to grab the rope SE, swing a bit and jump to the open gate. Follow in to get Gate wheel #2 from the chest. Jump back to the rope and swing to the ledge W where the gate now opened. Jump with a grab to get into that opening and go down to the mechanism, place the 2 Gate wheels and watch the flyby of the Main Room being partially flooded. Go back out and drop into the water below to swim back to the Main Room.

Main Room, a Secret.

Swim to the NW corner and dive down under that ledge with the Crowbar chest NW, Carefully around the corner to time those Spikes and follow to a room with Secret #1, a Golden Skull in a chest. Get back to the Main Room and swim up at the S side open gate.

The Fire Section.

Hop over the ledges in that lava pool and go left at the closed gate, time the jumps past the Moving Pillars and end up in the Fire Cavern, a flyby takes you around and you'll see flames stop at a face texture. Your job is to get those flames burning again.

Head S a bit and run jump SE to that safe tile in the burning floor, turn NE and jump to the next one near the dark pillar. Now you have to stand far back and run jump with a right hand curve around that pillar to the next safe spot NE. Face N and run jump to grab the ladder there, go up a bit and shimmy to the right along the ridge to get to a ledge with a Timed switch. Save and pull, roll and run a bit forward, hop onto the block where the fire just went out and run jump to the next block S, Then a stand-jump a bit to the right to land on the next block in the dark corner, curve right doing a run jump and grab the Jump switch (SW) at the end of that jump. Slide down and jump with a left curve to get back to the safe tiles.

The Second Wanderers Key.

Turn SW and hop to the spot where the cage just lowered, throw the switch and a cage will go up behind you. Jump to the tile W and from there a diagonal run jump to grab that cage W. Climb up, up to the left side ledge and step on the tile there to activate a Skeleton on the ledge E. That Skeleton will step on anther tile, which will make the Wanderers Key appear. Go S to the corner and take a curved running jump to the E side, shoot the Skeleton off the ledge and get the Second Wanderers Key.

The Torch.

Run jump from this ledge to the S and land on the left sloped rock under that face, you'll slide down to a safe tile. Turn E and jump to the alcove with the Torches (a block lowered here). Pick one up and jump back to the W, go straight to that burner W and carefully light the torch there. Turn around, walk e a bit and go left around the corner where you'll find a grey "tile" on the floor (behind a pillar). That's a raising block, drop the Torch on it (hit the #1 key) and walk from the tile to the safe tile N. Then stand-jump with a left curve into the arched opening NW and another jump NW and from there a jump to the safe spot under the gate W. Crawl in and get Secret #2, a Golden Skull from the chest. Turn around and climb up to the now open gate, jump with a left curve onto the ridge and shimmy to the right where you can pull up on a flatter spot. Face SE and jump to that slanted rock, grab the edge and shimmy to the right where you can pull up. Hop to the triangular ledge NE and jump N over the rock. Go over the ledges to the N, jump to a block in the NW corner and then over to the ledge with the chest E, get the Shotgun Ammo from it 

Drop from the ledge to the safe floor below, head S and go jump back onto that tile in the burning floor SE. Jump to the switch E and throw it to raise the block under the Torch. The cage W will lower, but there's another way up. Go to the NW corner where a block lowered, climb the remaining block and jump up to the ledge S, follow S to where you can now take the Torch from the raised block. Take a run jump to the ledge with the "Face" and ignite the eyes again. A gate around the corner opens up. You can leave the Torch.

The Realm Star.

Go to the W side of the ledge and slide down to the safe floor. Go up the steps S to that open gate. Inside and in that chest is the Realm Star, go back out and turn left at the gate, jump to that ledge in the corner and from there NW onto the wall and face W to stand jump and grab the rope over the lava pit. Swing across and go through the gate, stop  before the slope and save before you enter the next room.

Boulder trap.

Turn around and check your health. Take a single hop back so you just step onto the first floor tile in that room and immediately jump back S into the passage, as a boulder will drop. Then turn around and run down the room behind the boulder, hit the look key to get out of that fixed camera. Jump to the right into the next room, two running jumps over the right hand ledges will get you to the exit to the Main Room, and jump in the water to get rid of the wraith.

Swim over to the N side and enter the Water section.

The Water Section.

Jump the ledges over the deadly water and enter the puzzle room.

Bird puzzle.

First go get the Shotgun Ammo from the chest E. Now go into the NE corner and find the jump switch up S. It will bring out a pole in the entrance hall S, go there and climb the pole, back flip onto the floor above and have a look N. The clue to the puzzle is on the wall next to the gate. get back down the pole and into the puzzle room to move those Birds onto the tiles. S goes S (four pointed star figure), with it's back against the wall, W to the triangle figure SW and the last one N under the hexagon figure N side left. A cage will rise in the middle of the room and a harpy will attack. Take care of the harpy and go up the cage to jump to a switch N.

The Third Wanderers Key.

A timed switch it is, save in front of it and have a look where to jump, as it is quite a tight run. I did a roll, while turning right a run jump NE to the ledge beyond the pillar, run curving left and jump to the floor with a right hand curve so you can run jump onto the far ledge to the right (green vase), curve left there so you can jump across to the ledge at the symbols and run into the open gate. Go carefully into the SE corner and push the block in till as far as it will go, go left and follow around to where a Skeleton will wake up. He will activate the tiles again so the third Wanderers Key will appear, pick it up and go out through the open gate N. Safety drop from the side of the ledge under the monkey swing and get Secret #3, another Golden Skull from the chest.

The second Realm Star.

Climb back up and grab the monkey swing, follow to the end where you will drop onto a breakable platform, quickly jump to the one ahead and jump up to grab the second part of the monkey swing. Go into the next room and get the second Realm Star from the chest. A Wraith will appear. So run out and down from the ledge into the pool below, swim out W and then S in the next room. Swim up and climb out before that Fish gets you. Drop down into the room with the Birds and go back S to the Main Room.

The Mighty Warrior.

On the central pillar of the Main Room a Mighty Warrior appeared. Dive into the water and swim to that ledge E where the block now permanently lowered. Use the underwater lever to lower the spikes in front of the wall switch in the top of the room...

Swim to the ledge NW and climb out to climb up to the ledge above, during the next part that Warrior never attacked me, but maybe I was just lucky. Run SE onto the ledge with the switch and activate it, there are 2 more switches. Go back to the NW corner and jump/grab to the ledge with the Bird statue, shimmy around and drop to the ledge in the corner, jump to the N and run onto the ledge with the second switch. Get onto the ledge n and do a run jump to grab the ledge N, under that Bird statue. Again use the ledge above to shimmy around and get to the third switch on the S pillar, a gate opens up on the water level W. Dive down and get in there.

The Fourth Wanderers Key.

Follow in to a pool, swim up to the S side passage and get a Medipack from the chest, go back and into the passage W and follow to a floor lever. When you use it an explosion will occur. That's the Mighty Warrior you just took care of. Return to the Main Room, to the NW corner and up the ladder to the ledge. This time jump and grab the upper ledge E and run jump to grab that central pillar. Jump over to the gate W where the fourth Wanderers Key just appeared. Picking it up will open the gate, so step in and light a flare to spot that crawlspace to the left. get in to get Secret #4, a Golden Skull. Go out and continue W to a pool where you can place the 4 Wanderers Keys to open that gate W.

The Skribblerz Stone.

From the entrance ledge of the Stonez Room a jump to the ledge W, use the jump switch, jump back and grab the monkey swing to go E where the spikes were. Climb down to the lower section of the grey texture to the right and back flip/roll, landing on a slanted block a jump and grab the ladder, go right around the corner and drop to the ledge with the switch, use it to kill a burner at the central pillar. Turn around and stand next to the switch to run jump to the central pillar and use the Jump switch there. Jump to the S for the next switch and then to the W for the last one. Now you can return to the ledge E and go up the ladder to the ledges above. Place the 2 Realm Stars one E and one W to lower the cage around the Skribblerz Stone and jump over to get it. A wraith comes out...

Jump to the opened gate S and slide down into the unknown...