The Search.

Level by Dutchy.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Cat Tiles.

Lara slides down and then has to jump the ledges to the opening to the far right. The clue is on the tiles if you look carefully. Doesn’t matter if you fall in the water below, there is a crawlspace on the left (W), swim trough and up (S in between that plant is Shotgun ammo). Swim N and at the end you can climb the ladder, climb into the passage to the right. Jump down E and you are back at the Cat Tiles. 

Climb up into the next room and get Secret #1, a small medipack in a crawlspace and Flares from under a vase. Slide down, then a safety drop and land in front of a Temple Star.

The Big Hall, Crowbar and Temple Star.

Go to Big Hall and push the pillar on the central ledge to opposite corner, a gate opens E, go there and get in and you will get a cut scene of a cage rising. First get the Crowbar where you are standing now and go back into the entrance (SE) and into the pit for that Temple Star. Now go back where you got the Crowbar, to trigger the timed cage again. Run out, climb onto the block and a run-jump curved right onto the cage, another run-jump to the ledge ahead (NW). Turn around and jump to the central structure. Now take a running jump to the upper Hall on the left (N) and place the Star. Cut scene of a door opening.

Safety drop to the ground floor in the Big Hall and into the door SW, follow down to a deadly pit, drop the flare if you have one in hand and grab monkey swing, go around to grab the climbable wall over a Jumpswitch. Use the Jumpswitch and see a pillar going down and a cage being lowered. Go in W, climb the ladder where a trapdoor just opened up. Go back up to the Big Hall and get onto the ledge of the central pillar by using the timed trigger for the cage again (in the passage E). 

A cage lowered on the S side of the central pillar so you can use the button to open gates S (as the camera shows). But first jump to the alcove E and get the Flares and the Revolver. Jump back and jump to the S, follow up the stairs and a couple of Bedouins (one leaves a small medipack) attack. Find a button in the passage S and watch the cut scene of a gate, next a button is shown, up on a ledge in a lower pit. Go back to an opened trapdoor and slide down the slopes. Jump the slanted blocks if you don’t want the secret, grab the ladder and go up to a ledge with button #2 for that gate.

Want the Secret?, slide down and just drop into the pool, swim to the N end and find  Secret #2, 2x Revolver Ammo behind the pillar. Now pull up facing S on the corner of the second pillar from the N side and backflip/roll curve left to land on the slanted pillar. Jump and grab the ladder N. Go up to the ledge with button #2 for that gate.

Go on up the ladder and backflip off, go to the open gate (W) and shoot the vase on the ledge. The ledge is a Timed trigger for a cage upstairs. Run over the corner and jump/grab up on the right hand side of the ladder so Lara will just hang; climb up and turn right to grab up to the cage, while climbing hold “side flip left” and you will be up just in time. Explore the balconies for Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack and some enemies.

Look for a Jumpswitch on the side of the central roof; it will open up a gate in the W wall on ground floor level. Dropped from the roof too soon? No problem, there’s another vase to shoot. The timed cage (NE) raised by this trigger tile will allow you to get back upon the roof with a jump/roll/onto the slanted block and a jump/jump over the cage.

Enter the passage W and follow through to an opening left, leading down into a cave. Climb down the wall and run through the cave, shoot a scorpion. Dive down in the end and swim through an opening down W. In the cave are Shotgun Ammo and Revolver Ammo if you like to have it out with the Crocs. Climb out of the cave W and come to an outside area.

Temple Complex.

There’s a pool N. Go into an alcove to the right of the pool and throw the Jumpswitch, opening up a gate S. Go S and up to a ledge/floor SE (behind the palm tree). Find another Jumpswitch, this one shows an UW gate. Go down to the open gate S and find some Flares in the rubble. Light a flare and go S over the rubble into the back. Find the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo and go down E, shoot a scorpion and find a Jumpswitch in the dark on a pillar S. Another screen is shown of that gate.

Head out of the cave and to that pool N, left of it and onto a little mound in the pool. Jump into an alcove N above the pool and get Secret # 3, a Medipack. Drop into the pool, into a tunnel N and swim through the small tunnels to a wider tunnel, in the end E is that UW gate, for now swim up into the shaft at the highest point of this caved in tunnel. Climb out S and go up W, shoot a Bedouin and pick up the Revolver Ammo dropped by him. Get the Shotgun Ammo from the block and go to an alcove S, use the button and don’t shoot the vase (scorpion).

First of the Bonus Stonez.

Go find an opened door E in a passage up behind a wall. Follow in and get a Medipack, Revolver Ammo and a Bonus Stone (4 of these will open up a gate to a last Bonus Secret).

Find the Jumpswitch on a pillar (E) and see that gate finally open up. Go to the shaft and dive down, swim E and left to the open gate, notice the breathing hole there.

Water room.

Swim into a Water room with a bunch of doors to be opened. Go up and right (S) and swim into a tunnel, walk up into a sinister room. Find a push pillar E of the pool and move it onto a Cat tile S. A torch will light on the S wall, now the pillar has to go there, get rid of that vase standing in the way and move the pillar under the torch. See a cage go down near the pool, go over there and save. Push and get out of the way…That boulder will open up a grating in the floor of the Water room.

Notice a gate in the W wall, there’s more here… Go between the statues E and climb up in a crawlspace, follow through. Shoot the scorpions and get Secret #4, a Medipack and Bonus Stone #2. Go W and drop down the hole. Slide while the gate opens up and you’re back at the pool.

Go into the tunnel N and dive down into the Water room, through the opening in the floor and find an opening in the bottom of the room where the boulder lies. Swim in the opening in the floor and up E first and get air. Swim back, down into a hole in the lower part of the tunnel, get a small medipack and swim up, into a narrow tunnel right (S), follow straight to an UW door and open it up, go in to get the Golden Bird.

On a pedestal in the previous room is some Shotgun Ammo if you want. Swim back, turn right and swim up into the room with the Faces. Go up a ladder SE and jump over to the N, place the Bird and watch a door open up in the Water room. Swim back there and the room will shake (the tunnel to the room where the boulder came from caved in), the only close-by air supply for now is back through the tunnel you came from before S (in the middle). Better get air first and swim back into the Water room, left and up into a door on the left. Inside right around the corner into an opening, get the small medipack just past that red “Dog” tile and swim to the green “Cat” tile S (door opens), then swim out of the room but do not go over that Dog tile again or the door will close up again. If that happens you’ll have to get onto the green Cat tile once more.

Swim straight N from this room and down a bit, into the open door and up at the breathing hole. Climb out and find a room with burning ledges. Stand on the “Cat” tile S and run to the Cat near the pool. From the middle of that one a standjump to the right hand side of the first double ledge, another standjump to the next and a running jump with a right curve to land on a ledge just around the right hand corner. No need to haste, you can just do a runjump and grab the floor E. Follow through to a room where you’ll find Temple Jar #1.

Pick it up and see another door open up in the Water room. Go back to the burning ledges and stand on the Cat. The pool is now dry so no more water to extinguish flames…

Stand about two steps back and on the right hand side, standjump with a left curve to the left side of the first ledge, another standjump left onto the corner ledge and a right curved running jump to the ledge far right, landing on the right hand side of it, a running jump with a sharp left curve to the next ledge and a running jump to the last extinguished ledge, quickly standjump to safety or run into the water to the right.

Swim back to the Water room and up right in the W wall is that open door. Swim in and into a narrow tunnel N (there’s air up S). Follow through and climb out into a small room. Shoot that vase from the block and climb up to use the Jumpswitch hidden in the dark and go down through the open gate.

Part 2 “The Search goes on…”

Follow through to some Flares, to the N is a room where a Temple Star is required. So climb up S first and on top of that shaft is a room where you can get such a Star.

Boulder Puzzle, Temple Jar #2.

Go back down and use the Star, carefully watch the flyby for clues to the oncoming puzzle and go up the stairs N. Into the now open gate E and push that pillar onto the burner tile E to get rid of one of the flames under the buttons. Pull the pillar back and place it on the Cat tile N, a screenshot of the Cat trapdoor opening up. Go out of the room, to the pillar between the corridor and the Puzzle room W and use the Cat side button. Watch the Boulder fall through the trapdoor; a cage lowers on ground floor of the Puzzle room.

Now repeat the same procedure (pillar on Dog tile/Dog button) for the Dog side and the second cage will lower. Go down to the ground floor of the puzzle room and find 2 new buttons where the cages used to be, push them one by one and sidejump after using them.

If you want there’s a Secret up in the shaft where the Boulders came from, up SW and get  Secret#5 , Medipack and Revolver Ammo.

The gate N opened up, go in there and get Temple Jar #2.

Lara: ”Man… it is getting late…. I better get to move on…”  

The gate opens and you can step outside, it got dark outside, time to move on…

Head into the lower Temple room E and shoot the scorpions and a Bedouin, get the Shotgun Ammo and Flares from the ledge E. Go back a bit and climb the blocks S, just outside.

The Golden Birds.

Head to the SE corner and pull that pillar onto the Cat tile W. A cage lowers in the S wall, put the pillar on the tile there. Cut scene of some gates. Push it out and pull it into the next opening S. Those gates open up, you either push the pillar out or leave through a small crawlspace on the right . Go E, but be careful, the Cat is safe the Dog isn’t. Climb into the opening and down in the next room. There are 2 Golden Birds on burning pedestals. Look for a vase you can shoot through a narrow gap in the S wall. Take the 1st Golden Bird and the flames at the other pedestal are off, get the 2nd Golden Bird and climb back out through the Cat gate. A door opened SE in the E wall, go through and get the Revolver Ammo from the ledge where the vase was. Go S and up the steps to a reach-in switch. Use it to open the gate behind you. Carefully go in, not too far.. and watch a Boulder coming, run back out and just right around the corner or quickly climb up S and take a step forward.

Climb the ledge S just inside the room and jump to the ledge S to get some Flares. Grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy left around corners or do jumps over the slanted sides to get to an alcove with a Jumpswitch. A gate opens up E. Now jump the sides of the room to the ledge where the Boulder came from and jump/grab up into the open gate. In the next corridor is a vase with some Shotgun Ammo to the left.

Jumps and Vases.

If you want a Secret and a Bonus Stone, dive down and swim to the NE corner, through some cracks in the pillars and in the far NE corner is Secret#6, Shotgun Ammo and Bonus Stone#3. Swim back and climb the fallen pillars SW, up the ladder to the entrance and jump to the pillar E, jump with a grab E onto a slanted block and slide to jump/grab the slanted pillar N. Hang right and pull up over, slide far and jump with a bit of a left curve, slide backwards from the slanted wall and grab the last edge, quickly shimmy right a bit and pull up for a backflip/roll/grab to the pillar behind you. Quickly climb up before you lose your shoes and jump to the pedestal with the Lasersight, some Revolver Ammo too. Looks like we need to shoot something.

The only way out is up NE and you’ll have to jump the burning pillars. Shooting vases will kill the flame, #1 up NW, #2 up SW, #3 up SE, #4 S, #5 down in the water S. Now the flame on the pillar is gone. Have the pistols ready as you have to shoot one more vase in the E wall, but you can only do that while jumping the slanted pillars to the E, then quickly put away the pistols and grab a ladder on a pillar (or go to the entrance SW and shoot it from there first… hehe). Pull up over and jump/grab again. (BTW..all the vases can be shot with pistols/the Shotgun too)

Pull up over and slide into a steep corridor, jump right while going down and stand under a crawlspace, backflip first to shoot a scorpion while jumping up and down. Then get in a get Shotgun Ammo and Revolver Ammo. Climb back out and wait for a third Boulder to come down, the jump into the opening, but you’ll have to land on the slanted wooden ledge.

For another Secret, shimmy left to just before a burner, time it and go left around the corner to pull up in a crawlspace. There are 2 burning reach-in switches, use both and go into the opened door (the first one is better to use while being in a crouch position and standing up when the flames died down, quickly hit “Ctrl” and hold “duck” while Lara reaches in). There’s water (if you happen to burn) with a small medipack in it, over that water are Secret#7, Revolver Ammo and Bonus Stone #4.

Climb back out of the crawlspace and go left, drop onto the wooden ledge and slide jump when the burner is off. Grab the other side ledge and shimmy right, pull up on the flat corner, runjump and grab, across (to a higher ledge) and go right again, opposite the burner you have to save. Pull up, backflip/roll and grab a Jumpswitch, when you safety drop from the wooden ledge you’ll land in front of the opened door. (If you happen to go down to the ground floor without the Secret, you get a screenshot of that Jumpswitch, you can reach it by grabbing up to the wooden ledge S. Back flip/roll/grab and shimmy right, pull up on the flat corner, runjump and grab, across and go right again, opposite the burner you have to save. Pull up, backflip/roll and grab a Jumpswitch, when you safety drop from the wooden ledge you’ll land in front of the opened door)

Back in the Big Hall.

Go through the passage where the level started and into the Big Hall again. Go to the gate N and open it with the 2 Golden Birds. Go in and behind the left hand statue, place the Temple Jar and see a cage go down at the other statue, go place the second Jar there and watch the flyby.

2 more Golden Birds

Lower rooms are flooded and now you can reach 2 more Golden Birds there. Head to the SW corner of the Big Hall and into the open door, the passage is now flooded. Save before swimming down and just next to the open trapdoor is a Timed UW lever on the S wall. Use it, swim into the open trapdoor, out of that room and a bit right and down into the open gate E, it will close up. It will open again after you took the Golden Bird from the ledge, swim out and up to get air again in that entrance passage. One more time to the UW lever and now down the trapdoor, out of the room sharp left and down left into the second open gate. Get the Golden Bird and return up to the passage and the Big Hall.

The Stone of H’ap’chu

The Birds can be used on the ledges up W where cages lowered. But first place all the 4 Bonus Stones into their receptacle, two in the S and two in the W. A cut scene shows a gate that opens up. Climb the cage to get to the central pillar, the open gate is in the E, jump there and get Secret #8, the Stone of H’ap’chu. Jump back to the central structure and take a running jump (no grab) to the ledges SW and NW to place the Golden Birds.

The Amulet of H’ap’chu

Gates open up in the W wall, jump to the central pillar and into the new opening, follow up the stairs and shoot a Bedouin. Go into the next room and find the Artefact under a cage. Shoot the 3 surrounding vases to kill the flames under the statues and the cage will lower. Go get the Amulet of H’ap’chu and a flyby shows gates opening up in the upper N hall. Go back to the Big Hall and jump N, into one of the open gates and follow through to where you can see the exit of this Temple.