Tomb Raider Ancient Legends.

Level 3 - Lost Chambers

Level by Driber

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

The Portal and a Secret.

Lara falls in the water from great height. Swim down and climb out.

Lara: “Where is that sound coming from”

Go to the right of the block and pick up the Secret Clue tablet, left of the chain.

"Those who reject common sense and rely on their ears

Can take a leap of faith and see which secret unfolds

Do not trust the twin bird to be as strong as he appears

And find that a precious crown is what it holds.”

Use the chain and the big doors open up. But first we turn around and go to the S, jump over the water, grab the edge of the Bird Tile and pull up into that walkthrough tile. Flip the switch and out again, over the water and go down into the new opening in the floor, walk around the wall to the back of the room and grab Secret#1, Broken Plaque Piece # 1. The crown behind the fence is for later. Go climb back out and now you can enter the big open doors (N).

Open up the Basement.

Slide down and safety drop from the front of the ledge. Go N and climb up the ramp N, go left up the ramp and just for fun walk to the opening in the wall. Turn and jump to grab up onto a ledge N. Jump ledges E and use the switch there.

Safety drop back down to the floor below and head into that crawlspace in the W wall.

(Just for fun, save first and use the button near the ramp facing E.)

In the crawlspace a block went up in the floor so you can now crawl to the end. Turn around and use the ladder to climb just under the Spikes and back flip/roll/grab, climb and back flip/roll/grab (watch the health). Pull up on the golden tile on top and do a back flip/roll, slide and jump to grab the monkey bars. Turn around and shimmy all the way to the other end (E). Drop onto the ledge below.

Turn around and use the jump switch. Crawl into crawlspace E, follow into the metal beam and use the lever there (a Burner goes down, while another starts). Find a small medipack at the very end of the metal beam. Go back and climb the ladder, stand with your back to the wall and grab monkey climb.

Save as this bit is a bit nasty, monkey-swing forward till you are just over the top of the first slide, turn around on the monkey climb, let go and grab, then climb down the ladder and get out of the crawlspace.

Go to that Burner block SE and pull up to stand on the corner left (or right), the corners are save. Run against the ladder when the flame is down, wait a bit till the Burner stops again and use CTRL and grab and immediately do back flip. Walk N to the block and stand facing slope NE. Jump to slope, jump again, slide a bit and jump (hold CTRL) over the spiked tile.

Climb the ladder on the E wall and climb off right, walk over the metal beam to the other side. Go in left and use the switch (the trapdoor in the ramp closes up), go N and slide down. Shoot a Harpy (stand backwards in a corner) and then go to the ramp in the middle of the room to use that button you may have tested before.

Follow that boulder down the broken wooden floor, once downstairs first go left around the ramp and push the button there. Go E and save for the boulder run. Sprint as much as you can around two corners and sprint along the left side down a long wider slope. At the end a jump with a right hand curve into the alcove to the right. Look up and climb onto the ledge. There are spiders here. To the N is the Main room (later).

Lost Chambers’ deepest secret.

First go down the stairs to where the level reloads and to the right (W), pick up the Directions and read:

 “The Emerald vase will continue your quest for the Crystal of Orion.

The Gold vase will help you unlock Lost Chambers’ deepest secret.”

Go down another stair case and shoot the vases. We went down left first (Golden Vase gate). This part of the level is optional.

The Golden Vase gate, Broken Plaque Piece # 2.

Enter the gate and go down the pole. Head W and keep going right (where possible) and you’ll see an opening in the floor with water, go right there and look up for and opening in the ceiling. Climb up and use the button to see a gate open up, go down at the other end, go left and left and you are back at the opening with water, dive in and let the current take you (quick way back). Swim into the room E and climb out N to come back to the pole.

Now head right (E) and keep going left till you end up at some water behind the gate you opened with the button. Dive in and S is an underwater ceiling lever that opens a door on the other side of the maze. Get out and go back E, then turn right and (keeping to the right) back to the pole.

Now go W and head right (where possible) and you’ll come to that opening in the floor with water again, hop left over the hole and turn left (E) from the hole. Go first right (S)  and see 2 waterholes in front, go for the right hand one and dive in. Swim up at the other end (SW) and climb out E. Follow the passage and climb up over the higher part, follow straight and go right into the opened gate where you’ll find Secret#2, Broken Plaque Piece # 2 and a Grenade gun with Ammo. Push the button on the W wall and see the gate at the pole open back up.

Get out and go left, climb over the wall, jump in the water, get out and go right and right again and dive into the second water hole to let the current take you (quick way back). Swim into the room E and climb out N to come back to the pole. Climb the pole and back flip, go N and enter the other gate after shooting the Emerald vase.

The Emerald Vase gate.

Better Save. Line up straight standing in the exact middle of the ledge, slide down almost to the end of the slide and jump, immediately start sprinting. You will just stay ahead of the Spikes. You will land on another slide, jump over the Spikes there and almost immediately jump again to grab the rope (save again). Align with the wooden plank bridge and swing to it. The nasty part is that you shouldn’t run all the way to the end, but stop on the forelast one and let Lara drop into some water (the wooden block ahead is a deathtrap). Swim through and climb out, go to the gate and it opens.

The Scorp Room, the Seahorse Key.

To the N from the entrance is a blue door, push it open and find an unreachable artefact on a pedestal, this is your goal. But for now just step into the room, there are huge Scorpions in here, poisionous I might add. You can use the Grenade gun, it takes 3 shots for each Scorpion (as medipacks are not in abundance). Go SE and in a trench is a block that needs to be pushed to the Tile E. Pushing the block will also trigger another Scorpion.

SW from the block is a small medipack. Now go back W and into the blue door you already opened and get the Seahorse Key # 1. You can collect another small medipack in the far NW of the big room. Leave through the open big double doors S. Go to the SW corner and back flip onto the mound while facing W and grab the monkey climb. Climb almost all the way to the end and let go to drop into the top of the mound. Start swimming and follow through, open an underwater door and let the current take you to where you can swim up in a red shaft. Climb the ledge and jump S to the staircase, go up and to the Main room you left some time ago.

Main Room.  

Go to the SW corner and grab up into crawl space in the wall. Get Secret# 3, Flares. Get out and go through the passage N. Climb the pole in the room (where the Seahorse Keys have to be placed later, look up E), facing the wall and when Lara’s head is a bit above the brown line (third block) back flip onto the ledge behind you and shoot the spider. Then use the jump switch W, a trapdoor and a gate open up in the Main room. Watch the camera view and shoot the incoming Harpy. Head back S to the Main room and go left at that Giroscope to find a hole in the floor, where that trapdoor opened up. Just drop down and land in some water below.

Swim into the first tunnel N and let the current take you to a pool below some wooden beams. Climb out of the water and head down a ramp in the SE corner. Throw the lever after taking care of the Spider and watch the flyby opening up the way to the Seahorse receptables. Go back up the ramp and to the NW corner of the room, climb over the wall there and shoot the Bats. Get down into the same hole with the trapdoor and now swim down S and into the tunnel there, follow to a crossing and go right to where you can get air. Swim back to the crossing and look up for the underwater ceiling lever. Throw it and swim back for air. Swim back to the crossing and this time go left, follow the winding tunnel back to that shaft and swim all the way up.

The Maze for the 2nd Seahorse Key.  (Overall Map)

Climb out and enter the gate E, grab up to the open door S and slide down the ramps to where you’ll find a Note on a pedestal.


Green – Medium

Red - Hard.”

Meaning the difficulty of the Maze ahead, in the green version you will get some help because there are ornaments on the walls, more camera targets and also Lara will provide help by giving hints. In the Red version it’s all up to you. There are three different floorlevels in this maze.

Green side:  (If you want to do the Red side, you should also be able to use the directions, except for the ornaments on the walls.)

First floor of the maze.  (Map)

Go through the greenish gate and take the second one right. Keep going right and you get to the first jump switch at the ornament where Lara looks up left (camera view of a block). Again keep going right till you finally get to the second jump switch (camera view of the block rising).

Lara: “Right, off to the second floor”

Still going right you get over a closed trapdoor and a bit further to the beginning of the maze where you see the red and green gates. Don’t go right there but straight W and the first possible passage to the left, then right. You’ll see another ornament on the wall, left around the corner is the raised block you saw from the camera view.

Second floor of the maze.  (Map)

Climb the block and turn around to hoist up.

Go N and then left W. Keep going along the right hand wall and you see left (E) a closed trapdoor and a ladder. Around the corner you have to jump a lava pit, follow right around (past a block in the N wall) to the end and use the first jump switch there. Go back, left and jump the lava pit, go W from the trapdoor and take the first one to the right. Around some corners and when you face N again, take the first one to the left (W), and keep going to the right again. You reach the place where the block went down. Use the second jump switch to lower a block near the lava pit. 

Lara: “Right, off to the third floor”

Go back left till you reach an intersection, go left and right and left again, you should be at that closed trapdoor with a ladder. Jump the pit and follow through and find that block with ladder on the N wall. Climb up to almost to the top and back flip. Jump down at the other end.

Third floor of the maze.  (Map)

 Go S and take the second one left, around a corner and when facing S again take the second one left.

There are three jump switches in this passage. The last switch is a trap, don’t use it, use the first and the one in the middle.

Middle: camera view of a trapdoor near the lava pit.

Lara: “That is on the second floor”

First: camera view of a block lowering. Go out and go left (S), and right (W), all the way straight to the end and over a lowered block, keep left till you see an ornament on the wall and use the jump switch there in the alcove. The block lowers near the ladder to the second floor.

Lara: ”Now I can go back to the second floor.”

Go back (W) around the corner and take the second one left and at the end, pick up a medipack. Retrace your steps and keep left, over the lowered block and keep going left till you eventually reach the lowered block at the ladder that leads back to the second floor.

Second floor of the maze (2).

Climb down to the second floor, go right and jump the lava pit, go into the open trapdoor. Go one side for the 2nd Seahorse Key and on the other side is a jump switch.

Lara: “That sounded like it was just behind me, I’ll have to climb up and get back down here, somewhere else.”

Climb out and climb off to the right, go W and take the second right, follow through and at the intersection take a right (ornament on the wall) to the hole. Drop down to the first floor.

First floor of the maze (2).

At the intersection go right and left (E), right a bit and immediately left and around the corner is that trapdoor. Jump in the water and swim, take the first on the right and swim up till you can get some air. Dive down into the blue tunnel N and climb out on the ledges. Go to the W side and jump over the wall W to the Main Room.

Main Room, the Gates for the 3rd Seahorse Key.

Go over to the W side and to the right hand open gate. Go right at the flame and find there are 3 grated pushblocks in this passage. Pull the middle block once. Lara falls through a trapdoor, climb the ladder and back flip where the colour of the wall changes. Safety drop down and use the button. Turn around and push the block on the trapdoor.

Go to the block SE and pull it once, turn around and go through the “bypass” passage around to the same block again, push it once and use the button. Go to the block NE and pull it out once, go around through the bypass and push it once. Use the button and hear a gate open up. Pull the same block again and go around the bypass to push it back into the alcove with the button. Turn left and head into the passage N.

Platform Challenge.  (Map)

Go N, watch the flyby and save standing on the lower wooden ledge at the entrance. Standjump and grab the right hand corner of the first platform, shimmy right around to the other side and pull up on the corner (safe). Line up for a standjump and grab the second platform near the glass sticking out.

Jump possibility #1: Pull up and turn right standing against the glass. Try to shift Lara out of that corner a bit, that will make the jump easier (screenshot).

Turn till left you stand as in this screenshot and backflip, so you will land on the NW corner of the lower platform (screenshot).

Jump possibility #2: Shimmy around to the NW tip of the platform, face N and turn right about 45 degrees as in this screenshot. Now do a stand jump and halfway down the jump a sharp curve left so you will land on the NE tip of the platform N (screenshot).

Now hop onto the safe one N and stand on the SW corner and jump/grab to the next platform, or just do a standjump and grab from the one with the burner W, ignoring the safe platform N. Shimmy left around and pull up on the SW corner close to the last platform. Just a standjump with the forward key held down and you made it. Pull up on the puzzle platform.


Your goal is to push the object on all three marked tiles (Omega).

Pull the object on the first Tile (a block raises on the platform N, you need that to get back later), push it to the one N and pull it back once so it stands between the 2 Omega Tiles. Go to the golden Tile SE and a block raises on the platform next to the puzzle ledge, so you can pull the object to the other side of the ledge and finally to the Tile NE. That one will open another gate in the Main Room. That block on the N platform needs to be raised so you may have to move the object back onto the S side Omega Tile. Use the same Golden Tile to get it to the S Tile.

Now for getting back…. (Map)

One way is to stand on the NE corner of the puzzle ledge, take a step back from the edge and standjump to the corner of the platform below. You can also start from the safe platform and jump here. Shimmy right around to the opposite corner and standjump/grab to the platform S, turn left and standjump/grab up to the raised block on the platform N. Face S, stand left and runjump with a bit of a curve out, then in (no grab) so you’ll land on the corner of the platform with the glass edge, turn left and 2 more standjump/grabs will get you back to the entrance.

Make your way back to the Main room through the bypass at the pushblocks, the flame is gone so you can just go around.

Main Room again.

Another door is open W so go there, in the end of the passage S is a push block. Pull it once, ignore the one in the W but push the first one as far as it will go N as the entrance is closed off anyway. Now go the the W push block and pull it at least twice. Run around and get into a pool area. Get the Shotgun from the pedestal, dive into the water. Swim left around the corner and up in a hole in the ceiling, there is an underwater ceiling lever, opening up the third gate in the Main room. All the way in the back W of this UW room and in a hole in the floor is Secret #4, a Medipack. Swim back and leave through the now open door.

Now the third gate is open. Once inside, turn around and use the jump switch (this raises a block a bit further). Jumped down and climbed the raised block and get into the crawlspace. Use the ladder and climb off to the left.

Lava Room.

Jump to the NE and pull/push the moveable object to the Omega Tile on the other end of the ledge to raise a block W. Turn around and climb the block. NE behind the wooden boxes is a lever, use it to open a door in the Main room. Go back down again to where you pushed the object, use the switch on the E wall near the gate and go outside. The next door to the right is now open. Enter and go up a slope to a puzzle floor, walk to the right around the corner and stand NE near the lava. First climb the E wall, climb left and up into the above floor. On this ledge with the skulls on the posts is another gate for you to open up. Use the button NE to raise a block in the puzzle floor. You can either get down the ladder and shimmy right, slide and back flip and climb up again or take a running jump to the SE corner.

The 3rd Seahorse Key.

Again three Omega Tiles. First take the one NW, then do the other two, this raises a block in the SE corner. Climb the ladder (E wall) to the floor above again, take a running jump in the SE corner and then one W. Follow through and around the corner is a ladder E, climb down, use the lever and get back up the ladder. Back flip and return the way you came jumping to the SE corner and back to the ledge with the skulls, the gate in the E wall is open now.

Go and stand on the golden timed tile N, run and hop on the crate S, turn around and jump up to grab the upper ledge. When you walk to the pedestal a camera view will show a climbwall. Get the 3rd Seahorse Key from the pedestal.

Place the 3 Keys for the Crystal of Orion.

Go to the NE corner and runjump to grab that climbwall, go up and left till you can go down to a platform below. Hop to the next platform and grab up to the monkeyswing under that brick beam. Go all the way over to the other side and drop on a platform on the S wall. Every now and then you can break away from the fixed camera by using the “look” key. Jump left to the ledge and head E, run off NE onto the wooden beam and go over to the N side to push the button. Spikes will retract on an arch over the room’s entrance S. Turn left (W) at the button, walk to the edge of the beam and do a stand jump to the arch above the passage N to find a small medipack. Safety drop down and head into the passage N. Climb the blocks E and place the 3 Keys.

The Crystal of Orion.

The rays around the Crystal will stop and now you have to get back up there. Go back to the Main room and over to the S side, climb up the red Tile right of the entrance arch and grab up. climb the ladder to the platforms and jump to the wooden beam E and get the Crystal of Orion. A flyby will kick in and rooms will be flooded.

The Torch.

Watch the flyby. Get down to the ground floor and jump over the wall W to the Main room. Back to the hole NE, jump in and swim down and up and use the underwater ceiling lever N. Watch the camera view of doors opening up, swim up and climb out.

Go to the S wall and climb op the arch on the right side again. Use the ladder and get onto the platform, locate the crawlspace and get in. Go up the ladder and turn around, up the ramp and you are back at the start and also at the newly opened doors S. Look at the first vase carefully and find a similar vase in the next room S (SE corner). Shoot only that vase and get the Torch, shooting any of the other vases will mean certain death.

Get out of the room taking the Torch, go to the burner in the SE corner and carefully hop onto the low corner of the block. Light the Torch and go back into the first room at the vases, just around the corner of the entrance is a walltorch you have to ignite. Watch the camera view of a Boulder falling, that’s a familiar Boulder. Drop the Torch and go down the ramp NE, to the right and past the open trapdoor is the hole with the Boulder. Get in and jump over the Boulder to get to the Water Room.

The Water Rooms, the Lost Crown.

Go S and climb up all the way over a wooden ledge with crates to come to a basin. Dive in, swim S through one of the openings and S into the wall and get through the Rotating knives. Turn right and a bit further is a breathing hole up in the ceiling. Swim W and to the right is an underwater door. Open it and better go back for air before you swim in, up through the hole in the ceiling and then up the tunnel N, time the Rotating knives. Climb out in a passage and jump with a grab over the hole to place the (combined plaque pieces) Ancient Plaque. The door opens and you’ll get Secret #5, the Lost Crown.

Lara: “Excellent.”

Swim back through the same tunnel, through the Rotating knives and down at the crossing, through the underwater door and left to the breathing hole. Look E there and spot the 2 blue tunnels, swim into the left hand one and the current will take you to another place. Swim out S when you get control back and turn left around the corner, go up and climb out W.

Wooden Walkway Challenge.

Go E over to the ledge and look down in the lava room, drop to the platform below and run off the SE tip to land on the wooden walkway (you can also just run-jump E and land a bit further on the walkway). Follow the narrow path and going E towards a little golden fence, turn around (W) and grab up to a walkway above. Follow through and when you are on top of that obstruction (you are facing E at a crossing), hop down over it (E) to the walkway below. Go left and right and at the end jump up to grab the plank N (right of the building).

Go to the walkway in front that tower (on the block) and crawl backwards into it. Turn around and get into the crawlspace N, climb out the other end backwards and do a back flip/roll/grab to a platform. Climb up one higher platform and jump/grab back to the ladder. Pull up into the tower and push the button there to watch a camera view of a rollingball crashing wooden planks.

Back out onto the ladder and back flip to the platform again, hoist up the higher platform. Face S and jump to the plank left of the tower. Go over to the tower S and climb up to a room above, go S and use the lever in the back to watch a camera view of the rollingball continuing the path and breaking another set of wooden planks. Go back out to the walkways.

Head over the tower N and get down backwards, go S into other tower and stand jump to the plank. Turn around and jump/grab to the ladder on the tower, go up and back flip to the platform S. Use the switch and see a block go up. Hop backwards and safety drop to the plank below, go E and follow to where you can stand jump and grab into that cage. Throw the lever and see the raised water level and a door at the blue tunnels opening.

Jump back out and go to the S tower, use the ladder to climb down and drop/grab to get into the opening. Head over to the N tower and turn around inside to climb up S and head back to the S tower. Climb the block and face W to grab the monkey bars, follow to where the camera changes and go on till you see Lara’s shadow on the plank below before you drop. Walk the plank to the W and run jump without grab to get back into the opening W.

A Last Seahorse Key.

Jump into the water and swim back in the left side blue tunnel. A camera view shows the raised water level now gives you access to a switch. Go into the opening on the right (N), through the rotating knives and at end up in the basin. Swim into the tunnel E now and up and get out, jump to the other side and use the switch to see a block go up. Back in the water to the basin and get out.

Go down (N) to the water room and climb the blocks at the W wall to get the Seahorse Key. Back up to the basin S and swim in E and use the switch again. Back to the ground floor of the water room and place the Key in the alcove W (where the block lowered again).

Be careful as a Harpy is on the loose. After that, jump to the wooden ledge N. Go to the back near the contraption and into the crawlspace E. When Lara stands on that Omega tile she will say:

 “Right, lets sprint, lets go as fast as we can”.

Timed Exit…

Save and this is the route: you have to get out of the crawlspace fast, the quickest way is to run from the Omega tile towards the crawlspace, roll right in front of it, duck down and crawl out backwards. Go S through the water room and sprint onto the wooden walkway. Then when you’re close to the ledge, let go of sprint and do a running jump and grab the ledge, climb up to the basin upstairs. Into the water, swim S through one of the openings and S again through the rotating knives. Then go right W, around the corner left again keep going and to the right around the next corner is the door that  should remain open for another 6 seconds if done like described above.

At the end swim up, if you want to collect the Shotgun Ammo first, climb out E or W, but not on the island N, this way you can easily collect the Ammo SW and E, then when you step onto the island with the blue beam a Demigod appears, go shoot him first or you cannot leave. A cut scene will start when the Demigod dies.

Lara: “Finally, I can head back home. It’s a good thing this gravity beam is here…it’s a long way up.”

Watch the end credits…

End of the level.