Tinnos Revisited.

Level by KitKat

Walkthrough G&D Productions


Bored of the dry sands of North Africa and the steamy jungles of South America Lara remembers Tinnos, the lost city buried beneath the frozen wastelands of Antarctica:

“Huummm”, she muses. “I did leave in rather a hurry the last time I was there. I suspect that there is more to that city than I have already seen...”

And with that thought Lara makes up her mind to revisit Tinnos:

“Winston! Pack my thermal underwear. I’m going to Antarctica!”

You’re all alone in a frozen valley, you just jumped out of the raft because there is a Shark in the water.

Underwater Labyrinth.  

Shoot that Shark and dive in, swim S first and on a NE ledge is a Medipack. Now swim N and into a tunnel N, keep going to the right and find the Flares. Then swim a bit further for air. Turn around and swim back follow around the corners, go right at the first two crossings and then skip the next two rights, in the end of the tunnel is Secret#1, a Golden Skull. Turn around and get some air above. Save and swim back, skip the first 2 lefts and go right at the next crossing, then left twice and then keep right to come to a small medipack. Get some air in the nearby hole in the ceiling and turn facing E before you save again. Swim back and keep left twice, swim straight to the N through that long tunnel and right around the corners for the Shotgun Ammo, back a bit for air. Face W and swim back through the long tunnel, around the corner in the end and then take the second right, keep going right till you come to an airpocket. Take a breath of air before you swim to the N end and climb out there.

The Caves.

Go up to the opening N where there are some Flares, follow through and after a while there is a crawlspace on the left (W) in a dark corner. Kill the Siberian Tiger and get Uzi ammo, a Medipack and Flares. Crawl back to the corridor and head E.

Slide down a ramp and when you go to the bridge a flyby will show the Uzis and a Golden Skull, you can’t get them now. Just head over the bridge, shoot a Tiger which will come out of the opening. Head E along the canyon, drop into opening in the ground. Grab the Flares there and crawl in to get Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack and then use the lever to open up a gate. Get back to the canyon, go inside and to the left to get Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack. Go back and straight E to where the gate is opened.

The Temple.

There’s a nasty Spike-trap in the middle of this hall so be careful here. Use the lever S and head up the stairs, save and jump over the Ice-slide to the safety of the stone floor. Go E and right and pick up the Crowbar there.

Go to a room N, jump the ledges to get up to the Golden Star, then use the monkey climb for the 2nd Golden Star. Shoot that nasty Tinnos Wasp from standing back in the corner. Make your way back down and jump over the Ice-slide with a grab, head back down the stairs to the Hall.

W gate: use one of the Stars and follow the passage in to where a flyby kicks in. Time the run over the Spikes and in the next room you can use the binoculars to spot the invisible ledges. Jump to the first, then into the room S (The crawlspaces are empty and no way to get in). Get the Uli Key 1 and some Uzi ammo from the other pedestal. Shoot some Wasps and jump out to a ledge left, then into the opening W, shoot some more Wasps and throw both levers to open gates below (you really need only one). Go back to the E side of the room and get down the ladder next to the entrance, head over to the gate E and get some Flares inside before you go into the next room. Careful! More nasty Spikes here, go along the left hand wall and get the Medipack, then open the sarcophagus for Secret#2, a Golden Skull.

Head back out and W to the ladder to get back up to the entrance ledge, go and jump the Spike-traps and go to the other side of the Hall to use the 2nd Star.

E Gate:  Avoid the burning baskets, in the next large room in the SE and SW corners are some push blocks.

From under the SE block you can get 2x Shotgun Ammo and the Shotgun, Pull up on the slanted block W of there, jump and grab the pillar, shoot some Wasps, could be they push you off the pillar. In that case get back up there and go on to climb that high pillar with the ladder, go right around 2 corners and do a backflip to a pillar behind you, 2 more Wasps attack. Jump N to the next and then a jump/grab E to the slanted one, slide and jump/grab. One more time to the pillar from which you can jump and grab the ladder wall N, climb left to where you can pull up into the room with Uli Key 2 and more Uzi Ammo. Climb down the ladder wall as far as possible and drop onto a slanted block below, head over to the SW corner and move the pusblock out of the way.

Behind the SW is a ladder. Get the Flares, use the lever at the end (left) and up the stairs to come to that canyon with the yellow ledge. Get Secret#3, a Golden Skull, Uzi and Shotgun Ammo and shoot the Tiger if it bothers you. Go back the way you came through the room with the big pillars, N and past the burning baskets to come back to the Hall.

The Tinnos Artifact.

Use the Uli Keys there on the N wall. Better save before heading up that ramp. Watch out for some Tinnos Rolls, run back to the Hall and go back up the ramp when the danger is gone. Turn around when you arrive in the room with the huge pile of Gold. See that ladder up in the ceiling where those Rolls came from? Runjump and grab the ladder, go up and right to pull up in a crawlspace to get Secret#4, a Golden Skull. Climb back down and jump on the pile of gold and get the Tinnos Artifact. Kill the two monsters, and go into the open door SW to find Uli Key 3.

Use it to open the door E, slide down and light a flare so you can spot and jump the pit. and outside on the left is a small medipack. Go down to the lower ground and find a pushblock on the S side (the one with in the middle with  the face, move it aside and get Secret#5, a Golden Skull.

Nothing else left to do than getting to the Chopper….