Lost in London.

First level by Dutchy

Walkthrough by me-myself.


During her last adventure in London, Lara lost the Ol’ Crowbar… She later replaced it with a new one, but the one she lost was very precious to her, it was the one her late father once gave to her for her 15th birthday, so you can understand why she has to go back and look for it… Help her find it.

Seems her old enemies got word of Lara coming back…

Out to the Streets.

Lara just dropped into a ventilation duct, crawl out and drop into a windowsill, the flyby shows a Guard being alarmed. Climb down into the bedroom and find a pushblock in the SE corner (opposite the closed door). Push the block in as far as it will go and go into the passage to the right. Go in and throw the lever there to open the door to the corridor.*

Pushblock Puzzle: Optional for the Secret

But wait up.. You need some firepower… Go into the passage E and look for a pushblock in the right hand wall. Push it in and step right, push the next block in front of you once. Go get some Flares in the SW corner and turn back E. You will face 3 pushblocks, go to the one in the middle and push it in once. Turn right and face W to push that block to where the Flares were. Go to the remaining block and pull it S once, then once to the W and push it all the way N till it sits in the corner.

Go to that block you pushed into the wall and get it out, push it straight to the W and go into the opening E. There’s one more block there, pull it out and move it N into the corner, go into the passage to get Secret#1, the Revolver and Ammo. Go out and N, then back to that bedroom.

*Continue: Step out into the corridor and take care of the Guard. There are some closed doors, walk to the E and the door behind you will open up. Turn around to prepare for a new Guard coming out, go check out the room he left and find Shotgun Ammo SW, the Shotgun behind the table N, you’ll hear another door open up. Go back out to the corridor and left to meet up with the next Guard. Enter the room and hear the danger sound, better turn around and wait for the Dog first. Then shoot the crates and the barrels for a ½ MP and Shotgun Ammo. Find a switch in the SE corner and throw it to see a door open up.

Head back into the corridor and go left and left again, out to the little yard. Find the opening in the SE corner and drop down into the room below. Find some Shotgun Ammo in the NW corner and turn to shoot the Guard. Get the ½ MP he will leave behind and go look for a small button SE, use it to open up the cover on the switch in the corridor above. Get back up to the yard and S to the switch next to the door. Save there and throw the switch, the flyby will take you out to the street and shows a couple of Thugs running towards Lara. Probably one or both will attack Lara while in the flyby, just take them out when you get control back and wait a bit to pick up the ½ MP one of them will leave behind.

The Streets.

There’s a building site right outside, you’ll be back there later. For now head E and near the fountain a flyby will kick in and shows you a small yard and an alley next to the church. Head S from the fountain and go right on the church square, follow the alley to the back of the church. Open the door and enter the church, go to the SE corner and pick up the DonKey there. A Thug will come running from the little yard. Step off the ledge and head out of the church to go back to the fountain N (shoot the Thug where you encounter him).

Go straight into the alley N and find a door in the E wall, open it with the Key and go inside to throw the lever. This will open the door to the crane at the building site, so head out and to the fountain, go W and into that enclosure around the crane, climb the crane to the very top*.

Optional: Walk N over the crane and jump to a ledge on the building, then jump to that ladder W and go down to get the Flares from the skylight on the roof. Head back up the ladder and backflip to the ledge, jump back to the crane.

*Continue: Go all the way to the S end of it. Drop to the floor below and find a grated pushblock SE, pull it out twice and notice the door behind it E. Go NW and shoot the boxes, get down the ladder to the floor below and head out to the work platform in front of the building (N). Walk up to the E side and grab up to a crack in the wall, shimmy left around to the other side and drop to a ledge. Stand on the E side in the middle facing E and standjump/grab to the pole, swing and jump to a far away ledge E. Shimmy along the roof to the next ledge SE or runjump with a right curve and grab the edge of the roof upon sliding off, shimmy to the left and get onto the ledge.

Runjump/grab N and climb the ladder there, backflip off onto the ledge above. Runjump to the balcony S and shoot the alarmed Guard. Open the door and get inside, go up the stairs E and find a switch SW on the roof. Shoot the cover to use the switch and see that door open up at the building site. So you have to get back there, go back down and out to the balcony, stand on the NW corner and just run off into the fountain pool below. Swim into a small opening N and get Secret#2, a ½ MP.

Swim back and climb up to the street, head W and back up the crane to the top floor of the building site. Go to the open door SE and jump up onto the roof of the church. There’s a Zipline E, but it’s blocked off for now so head to the W side of the roof and look down to spot a work platform in the alley, drop down and jump/grab to get into the opening in the wall of the church. To the SE on that attic is a lever, a Bat will pester you. The lever will open up the door at the Zipline, so go back out and grab up to the roof of the church, go over to the E and grab the Zipline. By now a Guard will have noticed your oncoming arrival, he will be shooting you all the way down. Quickly grab the edge of the roof and shimmy right to drop onto that balcony, shoot the Guard and get the ½ MP he will leave behind.

Face E and jump up to grab back up to the roof, shimmy right to the right hand side of ledge. Turn SW and runjump onto the roof over the window. Then jump onto that chimney SE. Jump to the chimney E and then onto the roof NE. Slide down a bit and get onto the ledge in front of the window, jump down into the canal below.

The Sewers.

Swim S and into the tunnel SE, follow through to where you can swim up in the end, climb up into the Sewers. Shoot some Rats and head into the far E side, dive into the water and use the UW lever there to open a trapdoor as you can see. Swim or just walk to the S end and get up onto the ladder. Climb off into the room above and head into the room W.

Block Puzzle for the HanKey.

In the middle of the room is a ledge with a switch, throw it and a door opens up NW, go there and find a pushblock inside, pull it out as far as possible and the next door opens up behind you. Pull out the block there too and turn left to go to where the next door opened SE. A third block can be pulled out, now a door opened NE. Go in and find the Jumpswitch there, it will open the door in the W wall and also a door where the first block was. All the blocks have to go into that room W and the best way is to get that stone block you did last and pull it into the W room first, then move it onto the yellow tile in front of the stone texture S. Now get that grated block from the NW corner, move it into the W room and around the N side to it’s spot on the yellow tile SW.

Go out of the room and left into the opening NW, follow in to where Secret#3, a ½ MP is. Go back out and to the last block SW, move it onto it’s spot in the W room. A door opens up in the main room N side and inside you’ll find the HanKey on the floor, together with a ½ MP. Save in front of the switch on the N wall, you got that screen when you entered this passage didn’t you, it’s a Timed door in the N end of the Sewers.

Timed Run.

Pull the switch, roll and run out, left to the opening E and jump onto the higher floor of the connection room, run with a right curve into the open trapdoor SE and just land on the ledge next to the water. Immediately roll and sprint N, jump over the water in the middle of the place and then get to the door to jump in before it closes (you could decide to move over to the E side of the water during your run). The door will reopen after you get in, just in case you forgot that Key. Climb the ladder and go open that door W, step out onto the street and head right to the door you can open with the Key.

The Underground.

Follow in to the entrance hall and find a bunch of closed doors. The access to the station is also closed, so get into an alcove in the middle of the E wall and grab up into the duct to the left. Follow in and come to an intersection, head right and in the end you can climb down onto a grating. Grab the Flares and the HanKey and return the way you came, back in the hall you can now open the door S. Go in and left around corners to get the Shotgun Ammo and the Flares, use one of those Flares to find a pushblock in the W side of the room. Pull it out and aside, go in to get the StavinsKey and Revolver Ammo.

Go out of the office to the hall and right to the door E. Open it with the Key and go through to the Ventilation Unit. In that room is a big fan, look for some crates in the E, shoot those and get the Uzi Ammo from underneath. Crawl into the crawlspace and take the DonKey, crawl a bit further and stand up, turn around and look up to spot the Jumpswitch (when you use it you will get my first ever flyby). Watch how the cover lifts from the switch and crawl back out. Climb the block in front of the crawlspace and throw the switch to open a door NW of the fan. Go over and climb in, watch the health as you crawl through the hot steam and step into the room behind the fan.

Go up onto the higher floor N and get a ½ MP and the ConFuse.*

Optional for a Secret:

Look up on the N wall and spot a crawlspace, get in and follow through jumping over some deathly pits (one with an unreachable MP) to get Secret#4, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Go back to the room with the fan.

*Continue: Head back through the steam passage and out to the hall of the station W. Go to the closed entrance gates N and left to the control room, open it with the key and go left around the corner to find the place where you can use the ConFuse to open up the entrance gates. Go out and N to enter the station, a flyby will take over and shows you around. Head towards the escalator N and some Thugs will come running, take care of them and go down the escalator. Head into the SW rail tube, to the right is a door, shoot the cover from the switch and throw it to open the door.


Follow in while the door closes up behind you, save when you come to the room with the big propeller pumping water, don’t fall in, it’s a gruesome death… Just run out right to land on a ledge below. The way S is blocked by a Burner, look W and jump into the opening there, push the block just far enough for you to get into the next room, but do not push it all the way as there’s a button you have to use in that corner. When you push the button that Burner will stop, so head back out and hop to the ledge. Now you have to do a right curved runjump SE and around the pillar to just land on the next ledge. One more jump like that timing the Burner to get to a ledge SW. Hop to the ledge with the button SW.

Timed Jump for the ReFuse.

Save in front of the button and turn around to look for that door you will have to get into. Trick is to roll and run turning right to the wall and bit, then straight along the wall and jump at the last moment so you will just land on the right hand corner of the opening with the door already closing up again (it is even possible with a grab and pulling up).

Get the ReFuse inside and jump back out to the ledge near the Burner. Time the left curved runjump back to the ledge N and then another hard left curved runjump around the pillar to the ledge at the entrance. Jump up into the entrance and find the door opened up again. Step out into the tunnel and head across to the far NE tube. On the right hand side is a door you can open up with the Fuse.

Go in and follow a slanted passage down to a deadly pool, there are some breakledges, best is to turn around facing up the slope and stand left. Backflip onto the ledge behind and turn slightly left before you sidejump left. Again quickly turn left but now enough to standjump to a ledge at the S wall, jump to it and run into the passage with the lever. Throw the lever to open up a door in the other end of the room with the pool.*


Grab up into a crawlspace up left from the lever and get Secret#5, Shotgun Ammo.

*Continue: Runjump out to the right and land a bit left on that ledge near the door, an immediate standjump will get you around the door onto the ledge and get the Flares there before going up the ladder. Jump over the deadly pits and save in front of the opening to a room with a deadly floor. Slide and jump with a roll onto the slanted pillar, jump and grab a crack in the wall, shimmy right and pull up to backflip/roll and grab the ledge. Now either grab a crack in the S wall and shimmy right or just do a runjump SW and grab the ledge there. Climb the block and grab up to a monkeyswing ceiling, swing across the room and drop near the closed door, go into the opening S and find the Jumpswitch to open that door.

Climb into the open door and spot a walkway over a canal. There are closed doors. Standjump to the middle of the pole sticking out of the N wall and swing to the rope, grab it and slide down to the end. Swing and jump to the platform up in the NE corner. Push the button and one of the doors on the walkway opens up. Jump with a grab into the opening S and follow around to a switch in a left side alcove. This one is Timed and will open a door beyond that small open door on the walkway, but first you have to open another door there. So follow the passage down to a button and open the second door on the walkway, go over the walkway to have a look and spot the Timed door there.

Timed Run.

Head back to the Timed switch and throw it after you saved, run through the passage, over the walkway and jump up through the opened door.

On the little yard is a closed door where you can spot a Key. Climb the ladder NE and backflip to a ledge above. Go to a switch in the alcove SE and throw it to op[en that door below, drop from the ledge and go in to get the StavinsKey. Go up the ladder again and open the door SW on the upper ledge and follow in to a small hall with a closed door, look behind that pillar to find the lock and open the door with the Key.

The Factory.

Save and slide down the slope, jump over the pit halfway down and jump to the left out of the sloped passage, run and jump over a pit to the S side of the room while a big Barrel drops into the pit behind you.

Find the 2 pushblocks S and move them away from the opening in the S wall, don’t go in as there’s a nasty trap inside. Jump back to the N side of the room, climb the block next to the pit and backflip onto a slanted pillar N, jump and grab a ledge above, jump to the ledge E and get Flares and Revolver Ammo. Jump back to the central ledge and walk to the S wall, face a slanted block W and take 3 sidesteps right (N), now aim for the lowest tip of the slanted block and runjump to it, jump and grab the ledge up N. Climb the block there and turn around to jump and grab up into a room above, go up to the ledge with the lever and throw it to disable the Trap in the S passage below.

Make your way back down into the room by either jumping to the ramp N or use the block S to slide and safety drop back to the floor. Go through that passage S and shoot the Thug there. When you climb up the other side you are in a factory hall with a couple of pools filled with a deadly goo. Head S and shoot a Guard firing at you from the top of those cabinets. Go along the W side of those cabinets and look up left for a lower part where you can climb up to the top, walk to the S and drop into an enclosure. Open a trapdoor with the Jumpswitch N and get down into the trapdoor. In the little hallway are 2 doors, open the S one and you’re in for a surprise, he will leave some Shotgun Ammo behind though.

The N side door has a lever and the flyby will show the Pump put some water into one of those pools. Get back up and go to the N side of the factory, dive into the first pool to find a small opening W. Swim in and  up, turn around and throw the UW lever. A door opens up on the top floor of the Factory, near where that Guard was. Get out of the pool. go back onto those cabinets S and hop onto one of the walkways. Go to the open door NE and follow in to a room with a deadly pool. Some slanted blocks will provide the way over, stand facing S and back to the wall to jump onto the right hand side of the first left hand block. Slide and jump right, slide and jump left, then slide far and jump to grab the edge of the block in the corner, jump up into the opening S. Use one side of the breakledge floor to get across and follow the passage to a store room. Shoot the Bat and then a Rat. Under those boxes SE is the DonKey, get that.*


Shoot the barrels SW to get into the crawlspace where another Rat will come running out. Inside is Secret#6, Revolver Ammo.

*Continue: Make your way back over the breakledge floor and runjump to the flat ledges along the W wall of the deadly pit. Jump/grab to the slanted block N and immediately jump from the top to grab the ledge. Go back to the Factory and to the W side to find the door where you can use the Key. When you step through the door a vicious Dog will attack from behind. Kill it and step out into the alley near the harbour.

The Ol’ Crowbar.

The entrance to the Harbour is still closed off, climb those crates NW and jump over to the door on the roof E…. “So that’s where I left it…”  Grab that precious Crowbar and get back down to the alley, head S and come to the canal.

There’s a boat waiting for you, jump onto the boat and the level will end while some Guards come running. They are too late…