Hell’s Nightmare.

First Level by Lara Croft Baby

Walkthrough G&D productions.

In the dark Cave Lara finds herself in, is a Medipack NW just in front of the entrance to a closed door that needs a Star. In the other side of the cave is a big Horus door. So it seems the only way to go is the hole in the ground.

Swim through the tunnel to climb out in the other end, start shooting the Beast and drag a dead SAS away by his hair so you can get the Uzi Ammo from under it. Go up the ladder in the end of the tunnel and climb off left.

Go right around the corner to get a small medipack NE, then circle to the SE and shoot a Croc. Climb the wall and come to a pool, jump to the grated walkway so you can take out another Croc in the pool. Find the Arrows on the bottom W and Uzi Ammo near the exit NE. Swim through the tunnel and climb out in the end to come into a dark cave, climb the mound to the right and get the Arrows on top, go to the SW corner for Shotgun Ammo and Flares. Then shoot a Beast from standing on the mound before going SE into the passage.

Get onto the Quad bike and run it out of the passage. Straight up the slope and jump the deep pit. Head left and go to the end, on a pedestal are the Crossbow and the Crowbar, in the corner to the right is the 1st Golden Star. Drive back a bit and find the Lasersight after getting a fright. Those wooden fences can be shot and will reveal 3x Uzi Ammo. A 2nd Golden Star is to be found in the SE corner, near the closed doors. Go straight W and to the pit and find a ladder where you just jumped with the Quad. Get down into the pit with a Demigod and run up close to him, then duck and shoot him.

In the N side of the pit is a pushpillar, move it onto the brownish tile and that door opens up above. Head into the tunnel W and shoot a Beast, go around the corner to place one of the Golden Stars. A door opens up in a place we’ll come to later. Get back to the pit, climb back up to where the Quad is and go into the open door SE. Go jump S over to the next ledge and drop down there, go to the ground floor and jump onto the higher part of the floor in the middle of the room. Drop into the hole there and swim through the tunnel to get a flyby where you climb out at a lever.

Throw the lever and swim back to the large room, a gate opened up NE. Get in there and fight another Demigod. The gate N will open up and that door you opened before is at the end of that passage. At the next intersection you have to go left as you can’t proceed in that right hand passage.

Optional exploring:

This is what you’ll find there if you like to there explore first: Follow the corridor to a ladder and climb up to the corridor above, follow to the end and pass through to a tunnel with Boulder-traps. Just runjump past the Boulders along the opposite side of the Boulder. Shoot the Beast after the first jump and then go for the ladder, notice the door up in the right hand wall. You will be coming out of this door later when you follow the left hand side first.

Left hand side: Follow the corridor to a pool, shoot the Croc ( you may want to jump to a walkway first) and go for that underwater door SW. Pull it open and swim through the pointy passage, climb up to a room with a pool and some Crocs. Shoot them and then shoot the Wild Boar on your way to that corpse S. Pull it off the Revolver Ammo and go over the ledges to the lever W, a door opens underwater. Dive into the water near the lever and swim around the wall to the W, climb up left on a ledge to get the Revolver Ammo there and dive back in to swim through the opened door in the W wall. Follow the tunnel and get some air in the end.

Go into the tunnel S and follow to the end for an Ancient Coin and the Revolver. There’s some air overhead before you swim back and climb out at the airpocket. A room with a huge dune, in the middle of the room is a pedestal with the 1st Guardian Piece, the room starts shaking as a Huge Birdman appeared. Go shoot that thing and head for a passage NE and this is a looong one, follow all the way past a closed door and use the Coin in the end. Then return to that closed door which has now opened up. Inside the room are the LCB’s Gem, a Medipack, some Uzi Ammo and an additional small medipack. Then use the 2nd Golden Star in the receptacle and see a gate open up.

Go up the ramp S and come to a tunnel with Boulders. Shoot any Beasts there and go up the ladder W (to the E is back to where you’ve been already see “Optional exploring:”) Follow a long passage past a corpse (nothing under it) and go through the open gate to a room with a slope. There are Spikes below so go down the side at the gate and land in the water. Follow through and climb out to go through the next passage. Then look for where you can climb up left and follow up to a room with sand, there’s some Uzi Ammo E. Head out SW and follow through to where another Birdman appears.

There’s another LCB’s Gem on a pedestal W. Grab that and climb through the open door E, slide down and you’re back where you started. Go into the passage NW and use the Gems to open the doors to the 2nd Guardian Piece. Return to the first room and open the Horus door with the combined pieces. Follow through get up the ladder and end the level…