Forgotten Realm.

Debut Level by Amber Light.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Rumours have come out that another Iris is to be found in a mysterious realm in the mountains. Lara meets Von Croy who leads her to the entrance for her to find the way. But who knows what will happen after?

Go straight through the valley and jump the pool to the campsite where Von Croy is waiting. Pick up a medipack and the Crowbar on the N side of the tent. Von Croy will then lead the way to the entrance of the building E where he will open up the gates by igniting the wall torches. You’re on your own, so go in andshoot the Bats in the entrance hall.

Pushpuzzle for the Fire section.

Push/pull 4  Bird statues on the marked tiles around the central block. Take the red ones first. The “red” gate NE opens up. Follow through and jump to the other side of the lava by using the sloped sides of the room. There’s a safe ledge in the far left corner. Go through the opening and jump to the ledge on the left. Save in front of the timed switch. Pull it and hop back turning back against the wall, runjump to the first ledge and land close to the next ledge so you can do a standjump to it. A running jump with a left curve will get you on the ledge under the ladder. Which you have to climb before the ledge start burning again.

On top go left and get a small medipack, get back to the main passage and save at the slide. Look for a ladder halfway down and in the ceiling. Slide and jump/grab the ladder, go up and go left to pick up Secret # 1, a Golden Skull.

That closed gate is in case you missed this ladder, in that case you can access the Secret from the cave below. Jump back to grab the ladder and slide into the cave where a flyby kicks in. Looking up left you’ll see the ladder you could have used to get to that Secret, so no need to go there now.

Jump the collapsible tiles in the lava lake and jump the blocks with the emitters (standing in the corners is save) and go to the left and from the top one you can jump to the ladder W. On top slide and jump up to grab the monkey climb. Follow around the corner all the way to the end, let go and immediately grab to pull up in the opening.

Look down in the pit and jump to the pole, slide all the way down avoiding the emitters and turn around to spot a ledge with the next Secret. Turn around so you can backflip to Secret # 2, a Golden Skull.

Use the binoculars and look up to the E wall and spot an opening; that is your next goal. So jump to the pole (don’t stand too close to it), climb up to where the pole changes colour and face that Lions head, you can climb up 2 more steps and time the emitter. Quickly climb up 3 steps and backflip into the opening. Get Fire Crystal 1 there.

Jump back to the pole, climb up (take a rest between the 2 Lions heads) and back flip to the entrance ledge. Jump/grab to the monkey climb and drop onto the slide on the pillar, grab the end and shimmy around to the right. Climb up a bit and back flip/roll and grab the rope to swing to the S side. Go inside to get  Fire Crystal 2.

Go back out to the cave and jump E and stand all the way right and jump up to climb into opening. Watch out for a boulder, sprint down the passage. Run right and sharp around the corner over a pit and return when the Boulder is in the pit. Look up in the boulder passage for the Jumpswitch that will open a gate a bit further on.

Back over the pit and through the open gate. Use the wooden bridge and jump from the end to the E to pick up the Red Star and a Torch. Jump back with Torch, go back over the bridge and down on those steps N. A jump to the ledge in the lava, stand a bit in the corner near the lava an ignite the Torch on the emitter (careful, you could easily ignite yourself too). Jump back up and head over the wooden bridge to ignite the two wall torches at the gate.

Get the 2nd Red Star from the pedestal and go face the next challenge. Face S and stand next to that sloped floor. Sidejump right onto the slope and jump to grab the ledge up over the Lions heads, climb higher and use the Zip-line. Follow through to where you’ll encounter a Wherewolf. I was lucky as the Wherewolf was stuck in the gate around the corner, otherwise shoot it as you please (nice trick, just run past it quickly and get into the next room, the gate closes and he will be trapped). The gate opens when approaching, go into the room and shoot some Bats. Climb the block NW and follow through to a small room. Use the lever and drop down the trapdoor to get back to the puzzle room.

Pushpuzzle for the Water section.

Push the 4 Bird statues on the blue tiles this time.

The blue gate opens, go in and look up left where the floor goes up. Climb the ladder to the cave above. There are some flares on the right and a Golden Star you can pry off the wall. Get back down the ladder and go S to use the Star on the right. Go through two stargate blades and end up in a cave with a lake.In the NW is a crawlspace. Follow through to a dark cave. Jump right around the corner to a ledge with a box of Flares*.

Optional for a Secret:

Drop down to the cave floor, get a small medipack in the N and then go to the dark SW corner to find Secret # 3, a Golden Skull in an opening. Go back out and E to climb back up to the entrance and jump to that ledge NE.

*Continue: Face W and jump to a thin rock ledge, turn left and use 2 of the breakledges to get to the SW corner to pick up a Blue Star. Jump to the remaining breakledge and a running jump to the exit E, get through the crawlspace, dive into the water to swim to the SW.

Go to the switch SW and see a gate open up when you use it. Jump in the water and swim through, climb out, avoid a boulder by jumping past it along the right hand side and get Water Crystal 1. Jump back in water to get rid of the fire Wraith. Climb back up near the lever and jump on top of the waterfall, a gate opened up there. Jump down to the water and an Ice Wraith will show up, swim through a tunnel N and you will end up back behind the waterfall.

Go back through the gate again and jump back down to the lake S. The Ice wraith has frozen over the water surface, so you can go W. Look at the ceiling in the next room to jump to the save tiles (blue ones). Get the Water Crystal 2 from the ledge. Go through the gate N and through the stargate blades. Watch out for the Wherewolf and grab the zip line to go over the pool below. Crawl underneath the darts in the next passage and the gate opens up.

The Gate Wheel.

Use the Fire and Water crystals on the pedestals E. You are in a room with statues and there’s a pedestal in the middle of them, get the Gate Wheel from the pedestal. A gate opens up in the E wall. Jump down from the waterfall and go to the NW corner to use the timed lever there after you saved.

Timed Run for the Gate.

Hop back turning right and jump out of the hole with a bit of a left curve so you land on a flat ledge, runjump onto the waterfall and run along to the S side and curve left a bit to jump with a grab landing on the ledge S, sprint E to the opened gate and get into the room S. Place the Gate Wheel near the others on the E wall. Go to the open gate S, jump down the waterfall and climb out in the Temple Area.

The Temple Area.

Go to the right (W) and climb up N in the NW corner and get Secret # 4, a Golden Skull there.

The Torch.

Drop down to the ground again and go S, onto a rock on the right hand side from which you can runjump and grab the stone wall S. Head E to use the Jumpswitch and see an underwater gate open up. Follow the wall to the E and find 2 Torches. Throw them both off the wall to the S side and remember where they fell.

A Blue Gem and the Lasersight.

Drop from the S side of the wall and dive into the nearby pool, swim into the tunnel S and find the Blue Gem. Swim back and climb out to get one of the Torches. Head W and left at the next pool, there are some burning torches on the left. Light your Torch and leave it there for now. Walk around the structure W and backflip to a slanted block so you can jump and grab to the top of the structure, hop to the E side and spot the Lasersight in the windowsill E, run diagonally and curve to jump and grab the windowsill. Get the Lasersight and drop to the ground.

A Golden Star and the Revolver.

Take the Torch to the pool S and go around the pool to light the 2 wall torches. Leave the Torch outside and get onto the ledge in the room to take the Golden Star from the wall. Quickly run out and hop into the pool till the Wraiths are gone. Go to the NW corner of the pool and climb the structure there, jump to the transparent ledge S and then to the wall S where you’ll find some Revolver Ammo. Jump to the transparent ledge NE and then over to the window S to get the Revolver. Stand back in a corner of the window and shoot a Wasp. Look NE and spot a blue ball on the central structure, you can just as well shoot it now while you’re up here. A block will rise on a ledge under that ball.

A 2nd Golden Star.

Drop down from the windowsill and take the Torch heading E, in the far SE corner is another gate. Drop the Torch in a safe place and open the gates with the Blue Gem. Leave the Torch outside and get onto the ledge in the room to take the Golden Star from the wall. Quickly run out and hop into the pool till the Wraiths are gone.

A 3rd Golden Star.

Go out, take the Torch and head N to the gates NE. Light the wall torches and leave the Torch outside, get onto the ledge in the room to take the Golden Star from the wall. Quickly run out and hop into the pool till the Wraiths are gone.

A Blue Gem and Star.

Go S (no need to take the Torch) and find the gates to the W of the pool. Open them with the 2 Red Stars you have. Go in and left up the stairs, get some Revolver Ammo opposite the gates and open the gates with Golden Stars to meet the Giant. Shoot him about twice from close range and run away, don’t look back till you hear him drop. Then go into the room he came from and get the Blue Gem and a Medipack. Then pick up the Blue Star the Giant left behind and return down the stairs.

A 4th Golden Star.

Out of the building and left, head W along the pools and open the gates NW with the Gem, go in and get onto the ledge in the room to take the Golden Star from the wall. Quickly run out and hop into the pool till the Wraiths are gone. Climb out S and go for the gates in the central building where you lit the Torch before, open them with the 2 Blue Stars and enter. Follow the steps up past a keyhole and come to gates you can open with the Golden Stars, go in and get the Rusty Key. Return down the stairs to that keyhole and open the gate with the Key.

Room with 4 switches.

Inside the room are 4 switches and of course some will be quite deadly.

You can find out by yourself or use the NE and NW switches to raise a block outside, the others only give Spikes. Go back out and down the stairs, out of the building and right around the corners to the raised block NE. Climb the block, jump to the ledge N and then to the transparent ledge. Jump to the window NW and throw the switch to raise another block on the ledge E. Get on the block, jump to the top ledges and find a Medipack on the ledge in the NE corner. Stand back in a corner of the window and shoot a Wasp.

Over the Roofs.

Jump S over the ledges and look around that big pillar to spot a pointy blue roof, do a runjump S and curve left around the pillar to just grab the edge of that roof.Hop to the S and do a standjump S to grab the next roof. Go over the next ledges to the windowsill SW and find a switch that will stop that burner in the SE corner for a moment or two.Throw the switch and hop back turning right, runjump to the ledge and turn right, hop to the corner ledge and quickly grab up S to the roof. Jump S and then head W over the ledges till you see a transparent ledge down N over the central pool. Runjump to that ledge, jump N to the ledge where the blue ball was before and jump W to the raised block. Go over the ledge to the SW corner and jump to the transparent ledge W, then N and over to the building.

The Iris

Climb up to the roof and head for the Iris on the floor in the middle of the roof.

A flyby will kick in while Spirits circle Lara, as soon as you get control back you can run E and find that pool below, runjump down into the pool and climb out at the gate E where Von Croy is waiting. When running over the grated floor the grates give way and Lara tumbles into the unknown….

To be continued... ???