The Skribblerz Stones -

1: MasuraoÖ Uncaged..

Wait up a bit before selecting the first level, thereís a nice title movie to watch.

Level by Aza.

Authorized walkthrough by D&G Productions.

 "Many years after we are all long deadÖ"

Masurao Kage drops into a sinister place, go W and hop over the ridge, down the other side and go to the right into the opening, inside is a small Medipack. Get out and go down onto the broken rock bridge spanning a deep cave.

The Bag of Sand.

Look NE and walk onto a ledge from which you can jump and grab a climbable rock wall, go left around the corner and up to where you can shimmy left. Drop grab the crack the water runs out of. Go all the way left till you can drop onto a ledge in the corner, turn left and grab the next wall, go left again, up and over the waterfall, then down as far as possible and right into the waterfall itself, stay near the corner. Just backflip, (no grab) and get the Bag of Sand, thereís also a Medipack there.

Get out and just slide down the waterfall into the stream below. Get out on the corner of the W bank and shoot the plant that will come alive, then get the Medipack it was hiding and dive into the water S, follow to where you can turn right and climb out on the grassy ledge with the blue flower. Look NE and hop onto the rock ledge, jump and grab the climbable wall you can see NE and go all the way back up to the rock bridge. Turn around and runjump over the gap to grab the other side, walk up to just before the ledge with the elements puzzle and turn N, go down the 2 slanted rock ledges and jump across to the ledge N, follow straight up to a crawlspace in the wall and go in, turn right and follow to where a large Bug attacks. Shoot it and go on till you are in a cave behind the waterfall, under the rock N you can just see the Uzis, but you canít get them.

The Gate Key.

Go into the dark alcove E instead and get the Revolver Ammo, return to the W and go straight past the crawlspace this time, crawl straight past the next crawlspace and get some Crossbow Ammo in the end, return and go into the first crawlspace right.

From the ledge you can runjump and grab the climbwall S across the pit and get on top. Then jump W and get the Gate Key after you shot the tiny Bugs.

Slide down the slanted wall and hop into an opening SE, slide down to the water level and dive under the ledge you were on, swim in S and get more Crossbow Ammo. Go E now to the main stream and then right around the corners to climb out onto that ledge with the blue plant again. Make your way back up to the bridge like before and jump over to the W end. This time go down the left side before the elements puzzle and walk as far as possible to the SE, from that corner you can runjump with a right curve and grab a flat rock S, go up S and then slide down to the keyhole on the S wall, use the key to open the gate and jump up E. Before you enter you can get another small Medipack on the ledge above this entrance.

The Small Waterskin.

Go into the passage and slide, then jump from the end of the slide and grab the ladder, climb down and come to a ledge in a cave where youíll find the Waterskin. Dive into the river and swim right around the corner to a shallow part where you can stand, fill the Waterskin there and swim NW from there, pass under the rocks and then go climb out W onto that ledge with the blue plant again as you have to get back up to the bridge. Jump over to the W and put the Bag of sand in the left side bowl, the water in the right hand one, better save before as the lining up can be a bit tricky with that distant camera.

The Fire-Block Puzzle.

The doors will open up, go in and to the left is a gate where you need a Key, so go right first and come to a Puzzle room, thereís a fire just on top of the stairs, a rope to the left and that has to be burnt, do this by moving the five pushblocks in the room (you can have some oversight by hopping onto the solid block N). There has to be a continuous line (the lines on the blocks and the lines on the walls and floor) from the fire to the rope. For the solution you can also look at these screens,

for the rope side // for the fire side

The Gate Key.

When the blocks are in the correct place, a flyby will kick in and shows you a Snake Ball will drop from the ceiling in the back of the room. A Demoness starts shooting you. So take her out first, then go to the back of the room and look for a small gap down near the floor where that ball was before, itís possible to crawl in there, so get on your knees and get in, follow the passage around to where a gate opens up, just in front of that gate is a Gate Key. Get it and hop down through the open gate, go left and jump over the Snake ball along the wall. Go past the Fires and right around two corners, to come to a gate, first you have to take out another Demoness, then open the gate with the Key to get into the valley.

The Hidden Valley.

Go SW and shoot the tiny Bugs, in the pool is the Crossbow to be found. Then go into the room S and face the pool from the E side, dive in and swim through the hole in the bottom, swim through one of the holes W and follow till you can climb up in a dark basement. Walk up the balcony and runjump to grab the block in the pool (not deadly but you canít climb out anywhere else except this side). Better save hanging on the block and pull up to slide far and jump to the ledge ahead, grab it at the last moment and hoist up. Turn left to face the next jump, watch out for the low ceiling, so stand left and runjump grab the next ledge on the left corner.

The way to do this is pull up on the ledge when the flame is down, then immediately hop back again grabbing the edge, wait for the Snake ball to pass and pull up again when the flame is down, quickly run into the passage and use the lever on the wall in the end, the flame will be down now so you can jump from the ledge to a slanted block, jump and grab the climbwall to go right around 2 corners.

The way I did this: Donít pull up but shimmy left around the corner, at the next corner you can pull up and immediately backflip onto the slanted block behind you, then jump and grab a climbwall (out of sight). The Snake ball will just miss you and you can climb up a bit and right around 2 corners.

Climb into that passage (it is safe) and face SW, runjump left around the corner to the ledge with the "Cross" switch, push it and see a gate open up at the hidden valley. Now you can just hop into the pool and swim back to the other end where you can climb out at the balcony and dive into the hole in the floor. Follow back, swim up through the holes (couldnít find anything worth while in the E end of this underwater maze) to get back in the room at the valley. When you climb out of the water N, go outside along the left side of the pillar and hop straight onto the rocks. Hanging over the pool below is a light coloured block, on the block is a Jumpswitch, face E and backflip onto the slanted rock, then jump and grab the switch. A block will lower up on the arch E revealing a Bell. You have to shoot that but first you need a Lasersight.

Revolver and Lasersight.

Go straight E and into the space under that Bell, along the right hand side and crawl into the opening (maybe you have to hop over a ridge in the floor first), in a corner left is a small medipack, then go into the SE corner and face W, jump up and grab the climbwall, go up and drop off into the passage left, follow to the Lasersight. On the N wall at the opening is another "Cross" switch, push it to light 2 wall torches outside. Now the 2 invisible ledges outside and in front of you are just visible, just runjump straight out and step back a bit, then another runjump to the next ledge and when you walk into the alcove ahead Secret#1 will sound for the Revolver. Just hop backwards and grab the edge of the invisible ledge, youíll land just right of some Revolver Ammo. First shoot the Bug and then stand over the Ammo, facing W and immediately backflip when you take it. A Snake ball will drop where the Ammo was.

The Devilís Hideout.

Now you can go shoot the Bell from the pool W and the doors in the passage SE where you just got the Ammo will open up. Go there and enter the dark hallway, inside go left and shoot the Bug showing up. On the E wall is a big lamp hanging from a block, you can climb the block from the alcove S of it, the floor is somewhat higher there. On the block is Secret#2, 2 small Medipacks. Duck to grab them and drop down, follow the stairway to hell to the S and 2 Demonesses will show up of which the last will drop a Gate Key. Mine dropped it close to a pillar so I had to duck to get it. In an alcove at the N wall you can find a medipack. Go to the gate W and open it. A Demoness will show up behind you, better take care of her before you enter the next room.

The Stoneís Room.

2 Demonesses will attack when you enter, be careful you donít get burnt bay all the flames. In the middle of the room is a block hiding the Skribblerz Stone. To get it you first have to get that block down. Go to the block SW and climb it on the SW corner, face the broken part in the lattice wall SW and jump grab the edge of the floor. Shimmy right to the wall and pull up through the opening in the lattice (keep the duck and forward key pressed). Follow to the E and throw the lever on the wall. The gate will open up to the part of the first floor left of you. But first you have to get back down to the Stoneís room. From where you drop down, walk to that central block so youíre facing it NE, about one hop away from it. It seems thereís a long and a short brake in the flame on top. Wait for the right moment, hop on the block and immediately run through to jump and grab the balcony N, go for the "Cross" switch on the E wall to lower that block on the pedestal. Get down to the ground floor and take the Skribblerz Stone.

The Flyby will show the exit opening up, but the level will end hereÖ.


2: The Sun Temple.

Level by Dhama.

Authorized walkthrough D&G Productions.

A Horsemanís Gem.  

Dear Lara ended up in a ruined Temple complex, follow the caved in passages to where you end up between fallen columns. Look behind the one NE, thereís an alcove with a Horsemanís Gem in it. It can be a bit of a problem to get in there, just try from the corner and jump a few times, same goes for getting back out, then proceed W till you come to an intersection.

The Revolver and Crowbar.

To the right are 2 levers for 2 doors, donít use the first lever yet but open the second door with the next lever (N), go in and get the Revolver and a small Medipack. Go back out and close the door behind you, you will soon find out why. Open the other door and go up the steps to a grated floor, get the Crowbar and see that Skellie wake up below, but because you closed the door he wonít be much of a problem. Now go S where a flyby will show about everything you have to do in the next part, so pay attention.

The Shotgun.

Go on to the large hall S and left to a ledge in the E wall. Get up the ladder and climb off to the left, pry
Secret #1, a Broken Beetle of the wall and jump/grab back to the ladder, get down and head for the partially collapsed floor W. Drop down to the ground below and head W. In front of the grating in the right hand wall you can pick up some Shotgun Ammo (see the next Gem behind it?) and just around the pillar is the Shotgun in the sand. Go back to the grating and jump onto the higher ground S, turn around to jump and grab the ledge above N and hoist up. Go W, jump a gap and you are in the Temple Hall.

The Temple Hall, the Lasersight and another Horsemanís Gem.

Just to the right over the ridge is the
Lasersight you might have seen in the flyby. Get it and hop back to the SE corner (shoot the Skellie into the pit, if you canít manage, just avoid him). Drop down into the pit below from the lower ledge there and get the Shotgun Ammo from the ground. In the middle of this pit is a deep pit you might need in a moment. Go up into the NW corner and find a vase in a passage, shoot it and run back to that pit, wait for the Skellie to come close and blast him in. Then you can enter that passage NW again and through the door youíll find a low tunnel, crawl in, get some Shotgun Ammo and find the 2nd Horsemanís Gem in the end.

Return to the large pit and just left around the corner is a pillar. Go climb up and jump onto the ledge, head for the big column in the NW corner (that Skellie might have disappeared, as in my game he jumped down in the pit and thus killing himself), behind it in the W wall is an alcove, hard to get in, but with a few jumps you will get there. Place one of the Gems and get back out, a wall opened up SE. But first go to the alcove with the face in the W wall, climb into the crawlspace and follow to
Secret #2, another Broken Beetle. Get back to the Temple Hall and into the SE corner where you can now climb up to the next floor of the Temple Hall. Follow the passage through and hop down.

Climb the base of the column left and run along the right hand side so you can jump onto the slanted arch W, slide backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy all the way right till you are at the wall and pull up to backflip onto another column base, go to the receptacle in the corner left of that door to open it with the 2nd Gem. Climb up and follow through to the Spirit hall. In a lower part of the floor are some Bones, use Revolver and Lasersight to shoot them and run for the raised block SW, jump on it while a Spirit starts chasing you. Climb up S to the ledge above and run E, jump over to the NE corner and push the button there to open up a wall below. Thereís a large Medipack NW if you want or you can go back later to get it.

Drop to the floor below and run into the opening N, go on through some rooms till the Spirit leaves through the arches as he will head for the Bird statue in the last room N. Return to the first room S and find a burner on a block E, time it and hop on the block (when you climb up in the corner, you wonít get burned, but wait till the emitters is down to hoist up), jump/grab up and climb up into the room above. Throw the lever to see a block retract somewhere.
Get down carefully and go to the room S, thereís a pit in the middle of the floor, shoot the Bones N of it to open up the lower passage and climb down the pit. Follow the passage left and get up the climbwall to find
Secret #3, another Broken Beetle behind a grated wall. Return and climb back up to the room, go W and into a room with a fountain, the block you retracted is somewhere under that fountain, so dive in and swim through the tunnel. First right then left to reach a lever on a ledge where the block was, now you can open another door in the Temple Hall.

Swim back and when back in the room with the pit, go N to the room with the Bird statue, go up to an opening in the NW corner and follow down to a Spike-pit. Look down and spot the Scroll on a ledge, first just runjump to that ledge, get the Scroll and grab the E wall. Climb back left to the ledge and this time shoot the Bones you can see at the other end of the pit. A Spirit will show up, but itís also possible he leaves for the Bird statue without even seeing him (otherwise run back to the Bird statue till heís gone). Looking into the Spike-pit youíll notice a raised block. This will allow you to runjump over to the opposite side and go get
Secret #4, another Broken Beetle there. In the wall behind the Beetle are live ones (Beetles), but if you jump away fast enough they wonít show. Make your way back over the Spike-pit and head S through the rooms to the Spirit room, leave NE to the Temple Hall.

The Pharos Pillar.

Make your way over to the NW corner, you know the jumps now and get into the opening there, dive into the water and swim all the way down the deep shaft, then go N and in that lower tunnel at the grate in the floor, left into a small tunnel. Just follow along the bottom to the Pharos Pillar and get it fast (youíll be back in this tunnel later). Swim back to the large tunnel and go left (N) up in the shaft there and climb out in the room. In the NW corner is a receptacle for that Pillar and a block lowers, use the button there and see the next door open up in the Temple Hall. Go to the SE corner and climb the ladder behind the vase, backflip onto the ledge behind and push the button, it will open up another tunnel in the one where the Pillar was found.

Get down, dive into the water and swim back down, into the tunnel below and right into that small tunnel, follow to where you can swim up and into a higher narrow tunnel leading to
Secret #5, another Broken Beetle. Swim back, down and straight into the S tunnel and back in the large tunnel, turn right (S), go back up that high shaft and make your way back to the Temple Hall.

Again turn left and jump to the NE corner, enter the room there and in the back youíll find a push-pillar, move it N
or S into the corner and then pull it into the room and then move it onto that Face tile in the middle of the room. Blocks raised in the NW corner. Climb up to the bridge above and go E, first turn around to get that Skellie off the bridge and then time the burner at the Face E, pull the lever and backflip, there is a cut scene of a door in the Temple Hall. Go W and look for the opening in the SW corner. Carefully get past that Face and follow the passage to the Hall.

Bones Puzzle.

Youíre now one floor higher, jump to the SW corner and get into the opening S. Walk to the edge in the right hand corner and runjump (no grab) onto the corner of that ledge with the columns to the right, follow the ledge to the 1st
set of Bones, shoot them and drop from the E side to the ledge below. Shoot 2nd set of Bones there and runjump over the waterfall to the E, grab the ledge and pull up, if the Skellie is still there (mine ran of the ledge), wait for it and shoot it down. Follow the ledges to the NE corner and get Secret #6, another Broken Beetle. Hop to the ledge sticking out over the pool below and when you look around you can shoot some Bones from here. The 3rd set SW, the 4th set in the NE corner below, donít shoot the ones in the red alcove yet if you want the Medipack there (Might be you need Ammo first, then you have to dive into the pool first and get the Revolver Ammo, climb out SE and up the climbwall opposite the Spike-trap).

Runjump NW onto the slanted wall and grab the edge to shimmy left to a small sandy ledge, jump to the large Medipack and jump back to the small ledge NW. Now you can shoot the Bones in the red alcove if you want and see Spikes pop up (they are not needed to get the block out on the E ledge). Shoot the remaining
5th set of Bones in the pool and a block appears on a ledge E. Dive into the pool to get that Revolver Ammo if you didnít yet. Swim up to the SE corner and shoot that Skellie into the pool. Careful there is a Spike-trap, thereís a lever raising another block up on a ledge W in case you didnít shoot the Bones up in the highest SW corner you can climb back up there. If the block on the E ledge is already triggered, you can just get up the ladder (S wall) opposite the Spikes.

Turn around and jump to the block N, climb up E and go N to the end. Jump W to the block on the N wall and go up the ladder, in the end of that passage is a lever, and while you get a cutscene of a door opening up a Mummy sneaks up on you. Get back down the ladder and make your way back to the NW corner under the entrance, I just did a jump W, but you can also go all the way around the E side. Climb the wall back up to the entrance of this room and go out to the Temple Hall. Go right and around to the NE corner to enter the next opening.

Hop left around the corner over the Spike-trap and push the pillar there onto the face tile, look up right in the W wall and see an opening appeared. Climb up the ledge N and quickly run left against the W wall as a Spike-ball comes down. Get up one more ledge N and then jump/grab to that opening W, push the button inside to get a block out of the wall in the top NW corner of the room, get out and up the ledges to the NW corner. Climb the block and climb up E, thereís a Mummy there, just avoid it and run to the W, jump/grab to the climbwall left of the ledge, get up into the alcove and push the button to stop the Burner at the button on the ledge.

You could now climb all the way down the ladder and get back up to the ledge or just run out with a left curve and a grab to land on the ledge with the Mummy. Go push the button on the N wall and a block retracts down in the room, next to the entrance. Now get down to the room below and go back down S along the W side to avoid the rest of the Spike-balls (2). Just next to the entrance of the room S is another open alcove with Secret #7, another Broken Beetle. The rest of the things you may have noticed in the room are just traps.

Skribblerz Stone.

Hop back to the entrance and leave the room, in the Temple Hall you can now go to the NW corner and climb into the opening there. Follow the passage to a room with big pillars left, pass through to the W and go to the NW corner to get the Grenade gun and ammo laying there. Then place the Scroll on the stand near the door and get Secret #8, another Broken Beetle. Now go SE and climb a pillar to get up to the floor E where youíll find the Skribblerz Stone and some nice grenade gun targets. A door opens up down W. Shoot the Skellies (if they appeared) and get to the door, slide down the slope and the level endsÖ.


3: Pacaritambo.

Level by Baslakor

Authorized walkthrough by D&G Productions.

The Underground River.

Go forward a bit and turn right to the S bank of the river, climb the low rock and jump to the one SW, hop back and grab the edge of the rock to shimmy right towards a ledge with Flares and a small Medipack. Drop down and go to the N bank of the river, climb the rocks up to an opening up in the NW corner. Go through to another part of the caves and make your way down to the caves floor. Get to the waterfall N and jump through to the cave behind it, thereís a lever on a ledge, throw it to get a rope out in a different part of the caves.

Go stand under the waterfall to shoot the Tiger which appeared back in the cave, then jump through the waterfall E and get Secret#1, a Golden Skull. Jump out into the lake and turn around, and dive to swim into the tunnel NW. Get the small medipack on the bottom in the corner and swim back up to the surface. Climb out and shoot another Tiger. Climb the rocks SW and get the Flares in the dark corner, get back down, shoot another Tiger and go to the opening in the SE corner to get back to the river.

First walk to the W and climb up to the small waterfall, turn left and look for a ledge left of the rock S, jump there and follow in to a gate, behind it you can see a Skull, walk up to the pit and look up to find a monkey climb you can use to get to the other side, around the corner you can let go. Go into the small room and on a block W is a lever. Left of this block is a small medipack in a hole in the floor. Use the lever and see a gate being drawn up. Go back out using the monkey climb and spot the gate with behind it a Skull. Walk up to the pit and turn around, drop/hang from the edge and drop into the pit from the right hand side (loosing some health). At the bottom turn around and pick up a medipack at the other end. Run back and jump and grab up to an opening from the right hand side and go in to turn around in the back. Climb the ladder to get to Secret#2, a Golden Skull and after picking it up the gate will open.

The 1st Magic Gem.

Go out and left to jump down into the river and walk E to the very edge of the big waterfall. Jump NE to that slanted block, slide and jump, another slide and a jump to the rockledge. From the SE tip of that ledge you can runjump and grab the rope, choose what you do now, swing to the pillar (easily to be missed) or swing and jump over to the NE side of the cave, jump and grab to a ledge S. From there you can just runjump down onto the pillar from the ledge sticking out W. Grab the 1st Magic Gem and drop from the pillar into the water. Facing W there is an opening under the pillar, swim in and collect the medipack you find there. Swim back out and leave the pool. On the S side of the pool is a Skellie, next to it youíll find some Shotgun Ammo, on the E side of the pool another Skellie is holding the Shotgun, duck next to it to grab the gun. Walk NE from the Skellie and climb the rock to get more Shotgun Ammo. Thereís another pickup on a ledge, to get it, go to the NW corner, face N with the plant left of you and climb up. From this ledge jump NE, then a diagonal run over this ledge to jump and grab the ledge in the bluish light E, get the small Medipack there and drop to the ground.

The Ruins.

Now go to that opened gate in the E wall, itís up some rocks near the SE corner. Inside is a ramp up to some ruins, but itís too steep. Jump S over a Spike-pit to the flat ledge and then side jump onto a slanted rock so you can slide and grab the ledge up E. To the S is a passage with Swinging Bags, standing in front of it turn NE and spot a hole behind the pillar E, runjump into that hole (or side jump in there) and get the Medipack. Climb up N and get Secret#3, a Golden Skull. Get back down and to the passage with Swinging Bags, run into the lower passage when one of the Bags swings away and climb out the other side, go up the ramp and to the right. On the floor is a Skellie that will wake up when you approach the pit.

The 2nd Magic Gem.

Shoot the Skellie into the pit and look for a hard to spot crack in the wall just left of the opening across the pit. There are some ladders down into the pit but thereís nothing there but a camera showing that crack. Stand one square from the left hand wall facing the pit and runjump over to grab the crack at the last moment, shimmy to the opening and carefully go in (using the "look" key brakes the fixed camera), hop over the Spikes and get the 2nd Magic Gem, Go to the opening N and see a small Medipack on the floor. Just run down into the room and immediately jump up to the gate N while 2 Boulders pass behind you. Then grab the small Medipack and leave through the open gate.

Back in the cave with the rope, make your way W along the rock ledges and down to the bottom of the cave to an opening in the rocks W, just left of the big waterfall. In the room with the statues are 2 receptacles for the Gems you have, one S one N. Placing the Gems will open the gate, go through and down the steps and prepare to shoot the Mutant.

The Torch.  

After the battle you can pick up more Shotgun Ammo and Flares on the N side and SE in the lower part of the floor is a Torch, get that and light it on the wall torch next to the gates, light the other torch and the gates open up.

The Dungeons.

Take the Torch with you and at the crossing go right and left to light 2 Animal Heads in the rooms with the Dead man hanging, in the W side room is another Shotgun on a ledge NW. The next gates opened up S, take the Torch and go through to another crossing, drop the Torch and take care of the Mutant, get the Torch again and enter the passage W.

Mutant Quarters.

Go down in the next room and into the opening SW. Follow W past some cages and find a wall torch that has to be lit on the far W wallÖ Quickly drop the Torch and shoot the Mutants, could be youíll encounter them all at once (about 3 of them), or maybe some will stay behind and youíll meet them later. In the cage S is some Shotgun Ammo.

Take the Torch with you on your way out and make your way back up to the E side of the room where you came in and go E through the crossing.


Now enter the E side passage and come into a huge room with loads of pillars, thereís also a Mutant roaming around, as soon as it shows you better run back and drop the Torch on a dry place, shoot the Mutant and go back in with the Torch. Look for a wall torch on a pillar NE and light it, the Boulder on the broken pillar next to you will fall down. Now you can drop the Torch and climb that pillar the Boulder was on, jump to the one S, turn left and runjump/grab to the ladder E, go up to the height of the ledge, shimmy right and hoist up to the ledge, go along the S side to the W and find the pillar you can grab up to (third one). Jump to the N with a grab and turn left to jump W and another jump/grab to the crack in the pillar W, climb right around the corner and backflip/roll/grab to the one behind you. From that one a runjump onto the floor W (SW) and go to a lever there (On the pillar and will open up those gates back at the crossing). Head for the hole in the floor N and drop down to the water again.

The Golden Key.

Go out W and to the crossing go into the opened gates S to get the Golden Key from the pedestal in that room. Go back out and look for a door in the SE corner of the hall, it will open up for you now. Follow in and at the second wall torch (left side) is an opening up in the ceiling, climb up and get Secret#4, a Golden Skull and a Medipack.


Drop back down and go W to the River where it runs down the caves, thereís a closed gate across, not for now. Just jump into the river and let yourself be taken by the current. Be sure to keep facing forward (do a jump/roll if not) and look for a bridge you have to jump to. Throw the lever there and the door opens behind you on the bridge, go through and come to a room with water running in, just run through into the passage ahead and around the corner is a hole in the floor, jump across and hop back to climb down the hole. Hereís a Labyrinth with small streams, go down S and drop down in the end. Go left and into the room S, throw the lever there to open the gate upstream.

Up the High Waterfall Room.

Go back up the cascade N and follow past the ceiling hole you came from to an opened gate, just run into the water and swim up E, get out and climb up N, then turn and jump S, climb the ladder and go right onto the ledge, throw a lever there to get a rope out allowing you to swing to the opposite corner where another ladder has to be scaled, do a backflip/roll/grab about 4 steps from the top and hoist up onto the broken bridge. Jump to the ledge NE.

Grab the crack in the wall to get to the next ladder S and climb it to the top, backflip/roll/grab, climb to the top and pull up to backflip to a ledge, use the Jumpswitch on the E wall to get a rope out and use the rope to get to the NW ledge, jump up and grab the ladder, go up about 8 steps and backflip to a ledge, careful it has a hole. Get up the next ladder and come to a room with a gate and a lever, first you can go for a Secret, climb up N and into the ceiling hole, go on climbing and cross the bridge into a room with Secret#5, a Golden Skull and a Medipack. You can shoot the Skellie of his feet to gain some time.

Make your way back down out to the small room to use the lever opening the gate leading to the top of the cascades again (you saw this one from the other side), entering will show you the Spikes in the room past that bridge will retract now, so slide down the cascades facing forward, all the way to the end and jump onto a platform in a huge room.

Hall of the Big Statues.  

Find a nice pool below and dive down, climb out and head for the back of the SE statue. Look up N and spot an opening you can grab up to, climb into the Statue and come to the arms level. Thereís another hole in the ceiling, face N to jump and grab up to the ladder climb up to the eyes level, throw the lever there to get the eyes burning. Get back down to the arms level and go out N, left and jump over to the other statue. Thereís a closed gate, jump and grab up to the ledge over that gate and go around to the back.

A closed gate in the S wall, but in the statue is a crawlspace, climb down into the statue and throw the lever. Go out the opened gate N and up to the ledge above the gate, once again around the back and find the gate in the S wall behind the statue open, jump over into that opening and climb the pillar with the burner on the SW corner, turn facing S and time the burners (one on the ledge above too) to grab up to the ledge above. Quickly shimmy right a bit and pull up (it is possible you have problems with this like we did, in that case save on the corner of the block facing S and reload, immediately jump and grab up when the level reloads and shimmy right). Go to the ladder with the burner N, stand against the wall and sidestep onto the corner of the burner tile. Time the burner and jump/grab up to get up to the opening above.

Jump over to the statue and go up the ladder, down the ladder on the other side and throw the lever below to get the eyes burning, the flyby shows a wall opened up below S.

The Skribblerz Stone.

Go back over the ladders and from the S ledge a jump SE to a ledge on the S wall, jump to the E statue and crawl into the crawlspace in the back of it. Drop and go down the ladder to get to the ground floor, make your way over to the open wall S. Climb over the ridge and follow the passage S, to come to a hall with the Skribblerz Stone on a pedestal, a gate opens W but thereís a closed door behind it. Look up E and spot a keyhole on the ledge, you can use the Golden Key there to open the door behind the gate W and get a Medipack N. Then go down and leave through the opened gate W, the level endsÖ.


4: "The Tree of Souls"

Level by GMac.

Authorized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The Large Underground Temple.

In an alcove to the left when you go N are some Flares. Go on to the ledge overlooking the underground Temple. On this ledge are also 2 Gem receptacles.

Get down into water and swim to the opposite (SW) corner and just left of the arch there is a small ledge where you can climb out of the water, left around the corner is a lever, it will open a gate in the W wall, dive back in and get into the opened gate.

The Water Crystal.

In the room with the deadly water is a climbable wall to the right of the entrance, walk up against the wall, jump and grab that wall, go left around corners and up to get into the opening where youíll find another lever. The skull tile under the entrance of this short passage will rise, it has Spikes, but they arenít harmful. From the block you can jump back to the entrance ledge and go on to a block SW, grab the overhead monkey climb and drop onto a block at the end, jump to ledge for the  Water Crystal.

The 2nd Water Crystal.

Take the same route back, the closed entrance will open back up and jump into the water to swim all the way E and climb out. Head up the steps to those big heads and go right to go W over the rocks along the S wall and just past that gate you can runjump around the corner to a brick block. Jump up to the SW and make your way to the bridge W.

Go onto the grassy area W and a couple of midgets start bothering Lara. From the back of that building facing E you can climb up to get the 2nd Water Crystal. Remember the 2 receptacles? Head E to the bridge, jump down to the rocks NE and jump up E over the rocks, from the brick ledge up left and place the 2 Water Crystals in the receptacles there. Turn around and see the gates on the opposite side opened up, so hop back in the water and climb out E again, head up the stairs and rocks to the open gates.

Boulder Lock.

Left and right are slanted tiles in alcoves, over the tiles are boulders, there are as many boulders as there are holes in the floor, all boulders have to go into the holes to open the gates S. Just stand back against the slanted tiles and back flip on the tile and just slide down (no jump), stand still right where you end up and the boulders will bounce over Lara into their holes.

The Dragons Head.

Go through gate and climb on a block S, jump up to ledge W and get the Torch that is hidden in the grass.

Jump down to ignite the Torch on the wall torch E and walk to the W side to use it on the floor tile there, just to the right of the other flame, you have to stand on the exact corner of the tile. Go back and use the newly revealed lever on the ground floor in the SE and use it to raise a block on a ledge up W.

Climb up to the ledges in the N side of the room and jump to the newly raised block on the W ledge, grab up N, then face NW and jump to the ledge.

Jump to the central ledge S and pick up the Dragons Head from the pedestal, a flyby will take over, Souls are set free. When you get control back, you can jump the ledges to the SW corner for a small medipack.

Make your way down (thereís a nice rock SE you can jump to) and pick up the Blood Crystal from the pedestal W. Go back E and use it to open the gate. You donít need the torch anymore, but you could use it to get some extra light. Go down the slanted passage and the gate opens, find a lever on a ramp in the middle of the room facing W. A bunch of boulders, coming from the room above will drop onto the ramps and end up in the tunnels against the closed gates, but a gate will open NE, follow the passage back to the large underground area.

Boulder Run.

Use the Dragons Head on the Dragon SE and the gate opens up. Enter and run down around the corner, save there just before the opening in the ceiling. Sprint down, running along the middle, jump the Spikes-trap in the floor and immediately run to the left side into the corner. Pass the boulder and follow the dark passage to enter a huge room.

Boulder Puzzle.

Walk straight into the room and on the 3rd left hand pillar is a lever, it will release one of those boulders and a cage will rise to the right of you (E). Go to the N end of the room and use the lever in the far NW corner, next to the ramp. Another boulder drops and a block rises SE, close to that cage. Now go SE and you can climb that block and then get up the cage N and jump E onto the ledge. Walk N a bit and jump into the open gate W. Once upstairs, back in that room with the boulder ramps, take the ramp on the right to go down W and jump over to the ledge there. Go S and use the lever in the dark on the W wall. Turn around and wait till the boulder stops to jump to the cage that will appear E and use the lever there.

Make your way down to the ground floor and go N to a gate opened in the wall there.

The Gold Crystal.

Wait for the last boulder to fall and go back to the SE to climb up the cage and jump to the E ledge. To the SE is an open gate, follow in and jump the ledges to the other side to get the Gold Crystal. Jump back one ledge and jump N into the now open gate. Follow through, jump down onto the Boulder Run ramp and go N up the ramp, back to the large underground area. Jump in the water and swim past the right hand rocks, climb the ledge on the right side to get back onto that ledge where the level started and go down to the gate N to use the Gold Crystal on the left there.

Some Guidance.

At the intersection go W and a flyby kicks in, go down the passage, jump to the island W, follow the path to the W side and jump to the closed gate SW, now the guide will come to open that gate for you by lighting the wall torch there.

The Blood Crystal.

Follow him and when he is finished you can pick up the Torch between the guide and the tree. Ignite the torch on the burning tree and take it E. Find a grate on the floor between two central pillars, throw the torch on the grate. Go to the NE corner and find a lever to raise the cage, then turn and go SW and use the ladder. DO NOT pull up but back flip. Get the torch from the raised cage and light the two wall torches on the ledge. Drop the torch and pick up a small medipack and the Blood Crystal. Notice the 2 Gem receptacles to the N and S.

Get down to the ground floor and leave E, the gate opens, head back around the pool and go up the ramp to use the Blood Crystal there at the E end of the intersection.

The Water Crystal.

Go down the ramp and dive into the water, swim S and up to a ledge to climb out and shoot some midgets.

The red tile N un-triggers a block S, revealing the Water Crystal but in front of that alcove are trigger tiles raising the block back up. So jump with a grab over those tiles into the alcove and get the  Water Crystal. Go to the E side of the pool and find a Timed lever.

Timed Swim for the 2nd Water Crystal.

Save in front of the lever, and check out the route first: itís back in the opening in the bottom S just left of the lever when facing the water, swim back N and into the red light, straight and up behind the plants, climb up left and hereís the gate that will open up.

So reload, light a flare and pull the lever, roll and standjump with a left curve into the water, down into the opening in the bottom and swim down turning right, swim sort of straight N and up into the opening, hoist up and get in to grab the 2nd Water Crystal before the gate closes.

Back in the water and take the first opening up. Go back W to the pool and into the room where the guide is waiting at the Tree of Souls. Climb the ladder again, donít forget to backflip off and place the two gems there N and S.

Pick up the Skribblerz Stone E and the level ends with a nice flybyÖ

(revised) 22-01-2007.