Experiment 3 (part2)


Levels by Bojrkraider.

Athourized walkthrough by G&D Productions.

There are "normal" and "expert" secrets as stated in the Read-me. The expert one in St. Matthias level can only be found if you play the hard version and not the easy one.

Each level has a special hidden "Easter Egg" section; youíll know youíve found it when audio-track 13 will play. In this version the Easter Eggs are mentioned.

Harder gameplay is by default; so if you want to play easier gameplay, please pull a gameplay switch selection when you see it. Notice that in harder gameplay there are some hard timed runs, jumps or quests. St. Matthias level proved to be very hard, thatís why it is cut down to only a few puzzles in easier gameplay.

There are unlimited resources of pickups in boxes. If youíll run out of some items, you may always pick them up near one of those boxes containing one of the items (medipacks, flares or ammo).

This walkthrough follows the HARD gameplay default option, some remarks are made in green where EASIER gameplay will differ.

Level 1 - Budapest Museum (Hard)

2 secrets

Open the cupboard and get the Sight, Revolver and 4 Portable Camera Control units.

Zip: OKÖ are you ready Ďcause I am. You must enter through the roof, through the vent; you should be able to reach the ground floor of the museum.

The museum is protected with a system of lasers and cameras, you must disable the cameras and avoid the lasers, or I wonít be able to help you.

Remember red lasers are bad, the treasure chamber that you are searching for must be somewhere near that gallery area.

Are you still here, come on, we donít have all night

Lara: I see you have improved your attitude

Get the flares from the table and go outside through the now open glass door. Climb on the balcony and grab the Para glide, hang on till the very end. On the roof of the Museum is a door, donít open the door as there are lasers behind it. Go to the NW corner and pull that tank aside to get into the crawlspace hidden behind it. Shoot the lock on the gate (can be done with the pistols) and jump down. Stand left or right at the swinging hammer. Save and slide when the hammer is moving out of the alcove, slide to the end of the slope before you jump onto the ledge ahead. (Or slide down backwards and grab, pull up, jump and roll). Go into the right hand passage. Jump down and jump past the hammer to the next block, use the monkey climb there to get to the other side (E).

Save before the lever as that is a timed one. It stops the swinging hammer. So pull the lever, jump to the ledge and quickly grab the monkey climb to make your way to the SW corner. Get as close to the left wall there and let go, grab and shimmy into the opening. Follow through, jump over a laser trap and jump down next to the trapdoor there.

On the ledge past the trapdoor is the lever for Easy or Hard gameplay.

Hard: the lasers are moving. Easy: the lasers are not moving.

Open the trapdoor and lower yourself into a bathroom. Open the door, there is nothing in the Ladies room so go to the hall.

Zip: Ah.., those green lines you see through your glasses are encircling the areas that are protected with cameras, so donít go near them. Disable the cameras first, but of course you can try if you want to see what happens if you donít believe meÖÖ. LaraÖ

Lara: YesÖ Still here

Zip: uhmm there is also some additional protection with some walking robots, but I know that they donít always work like they should, so you probably shouldnít worry.

Save and just for fun, run through the green lasers to see what happens.

The first Portable Camera Control Unit.

Stay away from the green laser light, keep the wall on your right, shoot a grate to the right of the door and crawl into the crawlspace. Climb higher and even higher and jump over the lasers. Use one of the Portable Camera Control Units in the Control box on the left and make your way back down to the Hall.

In the cut scene you see some lasers are gone, those are in the N side of the Hall.

In the hall on the desk E is a small medipack (chocolate bar).

The Royal Gem.

Go up the steps N and take a right in the Hall with the staircase and just around the right hand corner you can go left into the ROMAN PERIOD and LAPIDARIUM room. Go left inside and spot a vase (on a different tile) on the left in the second room. Pull it out of the way, behind it is a lever and it is timed. The vase has to go in the previous room (S), so maybe it is better to pull and push it out of the way in the direction of the previous room (it goes on the different coloured tile at the entrance) so you have a clear run with this timed lever that opens a trapdoor in the room further N and on the left.

Timed Run for the trapdoor.

Save and pull the lever, roll and jump through the pillars N, run in a curve to the left, sprint and avoid the middle display case and jump into the open trapdoor. Go down the stairs and time your run/sprint through the thumpers.

Jump the lasers and once at the deadly pool grab the monkey climb. Go right around the pillar in the dark corner and drop on a ledge. Jump to the next avoiding the swinging hammer, I took 2 steps back standing against the left wall and then a standjump with grab to the ledge. Go run past the hammer along the wall and jump from the far side of the ledge to the one W, turn right and runjump straight N and finally to ledge NW. Climb up and use the lever, this unlocks the Royal Gem.

Travel back the way you came in, use the monkey climb, jump the lasers, luckily the thumpers have stopped and climb out to the rooms. A robot is waiting so shoot it. The glass over the pedestal (E) is lifted so get the Royal Diamond.

Go back to where you left that vase and push it on the different tile in the room S of the one with the Timed switch. Go to the room N (past the Timed switch) and a trapdoor there has opened. Jump down for secret # 1, a medipack, the Shotgun and revolver ammo.

Climb back out again and go N.

EASTER EGG: The statue in the middle N is holding a cup; pull it.

Lara: That wonít work, I have to find something else.

Leave it for the time being and continue to the left (W) and a cut scene starts in the room with the scale.

Zip: Hey this is it. This is the secret mechanism. I donít know exactly how it works but it seems like you have to put a cup in the statueís hands or something, Iím sure that a clever lady like you will soon figure out what to do

Lara: Tell me something I donít know.

Zip: Iím here only for technical issues

Lara: Exactly

There is nothing else to do here for the time being so better leave this ROMAN exhibition, go E and turn right into the first opening into the corridor, find the way to the Hall with the staircase and go up to the first floor. Go right and then left to the bathrooms. Nothing there but there is a grate N you can shoot. Get in and open the closet and read the Scroll you find inside, itís a map for the upcoming puzzle. Get out and go to the other side of the landing (SW) and enter. You are in the dining room (see Scroll). SW is a cabinet, push pull it onto the X mark on the scroll (SE corner). Open the doors N and enter the Resting room. Another cabinet (W) needs to go to the other side (N wall), between the 2 cabinets there.

The second Portable Camera Control Unit.

Open the doors to the Music room. Climb the left hand closet S and shoot the grate, crawl in and avoid the lasers, climb up N, more lasers to avoid and jump down. More lasers on the floor and enter a small room. Use the lever behind the pipes to lift the cover so you can place the second Portable Camera Control Unit just around the corner on the lower part of the floor.  Go back to the Music room and open the door E.

To the Crown.

Open the closet on the left for two small medipacks, flares and a Crowbar. Now enter PetŲfiís room. N is another cabinet that goes to the SW corner of the room, under the sign left of the painting. The painting from PetŲfi is now gone. Enter and use the lever in there. The Crown is now unlocked. Leave and go to the E wall, on the closet on the left is a Royal Disk, use the Crowbar to get it off the closet. Shoot the grate in the corner there and crawl in.

The third Portable Camera Control Unit.

Before climbing the ladder, look up, so save and climb the ladder avoiding the laser, you can do this by standing left and jump up when the laser goes into the opening over the lamp, itís tight but you can just climb up before it returns. (Remark by Borjk: If this is too hard, you can simply leave this for later, since there is a switch** that switches this laser off Ė do the paragraphs "The fourth Portable Camera Control Unit" and "The second Royal Disk" first) . E is a thumper; you have to pass it running right around the corner and jump down to use a lever. Stand next to the lever and jump up to the corner so you can run back out past the thumper, look up in that passage and jump up to the ledge there. Climb the ladder and almost at the top, back flip, slide and jump to a ledge in a corner. Walk to the corner and time the thumper, as you have to run under it to a ledge straight ahead with another thumper (EASIER gameplay: only one thumper is working) . Run diagonally onto the platform and curve right to jump to the next, then run and jump straight off the platform onto the ledge at the same level as the platform (the timing is crucial and you probably wonít make it without some health loss) .

Climb down the ladder and use your third Portable Camera Control unit. Climb back on the ladder and safety drop down twice to the floor, get back to the laser (off) and drop down to get back to PetŲfiís room. There might be a robot in the Music room, or maybe heís stuck behind the furniture like in my game. The door to the staircase from the resting room has opened. Go to the stairs and E into the HUNGARIAN HISTORY room. One glass display in the first rooms is gone so use the Royal Diamond on the Crown.

The fourth Portable Camera Control Unit.

This disables the lasers on the stairs in the NW. That is for later, first open the door S, climb on the glass display and jump over the lasers. You can open the next doors S but you canít do anything there yet. So better go to the window E and shoot the grate near the floor there. Carefully crawl in.

The Laser Challenge.

Depending on a HARD or EASY game-play (where the lasers wonít move) you have to get to the other side ducking the lasers.

Crawl in as far as possible without getting hurt, then time the laser and start to crawl just before it starts to move away, as soon as you can, stand up and hop back against the wall, then when the laser comes close jump forward up to the floor above and sprint to the end where you will fall down, stand against the wall and you will be safe. Look up and spot the laser above, wait for the lower laser to move away and hop back, then wait for the upper laser to move away too and standjump onto the upper floor, quickly run left around the corner.

A Key Card.

Face W and climb up. More lasers, crawl forward, and stay low till the laser is gone again jump over the pipe and crawl straight as quick as you can. Shoot the grate at the end and find a Key Card. Crawl back and avoid the laser and go to the right. Jump down and to the left (S). Get the Revolver ammo and shoot the lock. Behind it shoot the grate and jump on the ledge SW. (if you look down here you will see cars moving through the street)

Jump to the ladder E and before you climb up, get your revolver and Sight and shoot the grates next to that ladder. Climb the ladder and shimmy to the right into the opening. Down the stairs and jump the lasers, use the lever and go back to the laser trap by the ladder, just drop backwards and shimmy to the ladder and climb down. Once there just walk to the N wall and insert the last of the Portable Camera Control units. Now you only have to get back past the same lasers. Run after the top laser and when the lower laser moves away run into the hole in the floor, quickly hop back against the wall, save and wait for the top laser to go behind you, jump onto the upper floor and run (donít sprint) to the end, wait as long as possible before you run down into the opening as the lower laser still has to move away, then crawl straight out.

The Mug.

Climb the glass display to jump back over the lasers to the next display N. Go left out of the room to the landing around the staircase, head to the S side and go into the opening in the S wall. On the right side in the hall is a closet, open it and find 3 x flares and a small medipack. W is a door, open it and pick up the empty Mug NW and return to the hall.

The second Royal Disk.

Go into the room E, jump over the lasers and find the second Royal Disk on a cabinet near the display SE. Then climb the display and shoot the grate in the E wall. Jump into that crawlspace and follow through (notice the card reader) and use the switch** in the end, this one stops the laser in the vent with thumpers (if you have already been there the laser will start up again). Leave and jump down and leave this room and open the door opposite. You are in a kitchen and in the NW pick up the Empty Mug. Leave the kitchen and go (and jump down and leave this room) to the staircase. Go back to the HUNGARIAN HISTORY room E and go immediately left up the stairs and hear Zip saying:

(Depending on where you walk you could hear this earlier too) Zip: Watch out, thereís a camera nearby. Youíd better disable it, if you havenít already.

The Chalice.

Insert the two Royal Disks on the S wall. Enter the small display room and use the Key Card on the S wall. Pick up the Chalice and leave. Go down the staircase into the ROMAN PERIOD rooms (W). Place the Chalice into the statue in the NW room with the scale. Turn around and go S to fill your empty Mug with water at the fountain. Watch out for another robot, he leaves a Key Card. Get back to the scale.

Optional for the second secret: Go back to the big staircase and upstairs again into the rooms W, follow through to PetŲfiís room. Go back in the opening where his painting was and around the corner from that lever you already used, put the Key Card in the slot. Go out and to the staircase landing and enter the opening S, go left to jump over the lasers and get on the glass display to jump into the crawlspace. Use the key card again in the card reader there and see a cut-scene of a wall panel opening up. Go back to the Music room and behind the piano a panel is gone. Climb down the ladder and find secret # 2 , a medipack and 2 x shotgun ammo. Read the message on the wall by Virus Inside. Leave the Music room and go downstairs to the left into the ROMAN PERIOD rooms and go back to the scale.

* Continue: Pour the water out of the Mug into the scale with the vase; go back to the fountain S and into the new opening behind the fountain.

The level changesÖ


Level 2 - Secret Passage (Hard)

4 secrets, 3 normal and one expert.

Go to the right and use the jump lever on the left in the corner. In an alcove around the next corner is the "easy" and "hard" lever (In the next room for the easy level there will be a block NE (near a jump switch) so you donít have to jump a moving laser. The hard way is that you have to do just that), choose your level and go into the open door NW.

Enter another part of the Museum, hereís that laser we mentioned.

Lara: Right, what now, any suggestion? Zip, do you read me, ZIP!

Hopping the Laser.

Run (sprint) after the laser and find the jump switch NE. A door opens somewhere. Watch the laser as that is the one you have to time to get onto the chandeliers, do this by running S a bit when the laser is high and stop. Jump when it gets close and quickly run to the S side, then stand against the display SE and face N, grab up when the laser moves away and pull up when it passed the second time, wait and jump forward over the laser the next time, immediately side jump left onto the chandelier, jump up when the laser gets near and then jump forward to the second chandelier, wait for the laser and jump (grab) to the last one. From the last one you need to jump and grab to the balcony N. (There is a shortcut here, go to the last chandelier N, face S and when standing in the right place, you can jump and grab up to hoist up onto the chandelier.)

Go into the opening W and on the left youíll find a block that you can push in as far as possible. Use the revolver and sight to shoot the ball in the ceiling facing W and up.*

Optional for an ďExpertĒ Secret: Go back to the balcony, runjump over the rope to the chandelier and safety drop down. Look up above the chandelier S, that hatch came down. So follow the lasers S and jump over them, get back up on the glass display like before and side jump to the chandelier, jump straight up the first time the laser gets close and turn around to runjump and grab into the open hatch (S). Get Secret # 1, a bronze Guardian.  Safety drop back down and run S out of the lasers range to make your way to the balcony again. Go to the room where you pushed that block and go down the steps NW.

* Continue: After shooting the ball go down the steps NW. Crawl under the rope and have a look at the next room. Go further down the stairs till you see a double door. Push it open, kill the ninjas and shoot the blue ball on the ceiling of the big room. Go back out and climb the stairs and jump onto the big chandelier and into the open crawlspace NW. First find the block in the NW corner and pull it out. Behind is a Valve Wheel, go get it with the crowbar. Go back out and use the key card on the card reader in the other part of the room. The wall behind you lowers. Dive in the water and follow to secret # 2, Grenade ammo, 2 x shotgun ammo and a small medipack.

Get back out and while doing a safety drop from the crawlspace, time it carefully because of all the lasers below, drop and immediately jump forwards into the open doors (opened with the Jumpswitch at the first laser) and the camera changes. Pick up Revolver ammo on the left and a small medipack around the corner. Jump over the cupboards and pick up A Key facing N. Jump back to leave the room through the small corridor, now you have to jump the lasers to get to the staircase SE (see below). (EASIER gameplay: you donít need to jump the lasers, find a hole in the small corridor. Follow it and youíll get to the first gallery room. From there climb back to the chandelier and go to the staircase near second gallery room)

Laser Jumps.

Stand close to the laser and run forward a bit when it moves away, quickly standjump over the laser before it returns, walk on a bit and from the 4th tile from the opening you came from face SW a bit, to a safe tile near the exit SE. Now you can see the lasers in the middle open up some times, standjump over the laser as soon as they are about to open and do a running jump to that safe tile near the exit. One more hop over the last laser and youíre back in the staircase.

Go all the way up the staircase and use the Key on the door there. Use the valve in the NE. Go down the stairs and into those doors you opened before to the now filled swimming pool and swim into the small crawlspace near the bottom.

The Caves.

At the end climb out and go out S from the small room. (EASIER gameplay: if you want, the Easy-Hard lever is in the room past a water wheel when you go N, where youíll come to later in the level, the lever will provide more platforms in the cave youíll come to in a bit) . Go left and right and you are in a cave like area, shoot the 2 ninjas behind you and find revolver ammo in a crate left when you go to the cave E.

The Valve Wheel.

Go back W a bit and facing S you can see a rock in the corner of the small cave, jump on it and face a crack W. Use the Revolver and sight and shoot that wooden beam blocking a gate near the valve. Jump back and shoot another ninja, go through the opening N, left around the corner and find a crawlspace in the S wall. Jump into the open gate and get the Valve Wheel in the next cave. Leave and go back to the cave S where you found the revolver ammo before.

The Treasury Key.

See that slanted block E (if you look up you see something what looks like it is climbable) jump on it with a right curve, slide and backflip to the other slanted block behind. Jump up to grab a the vegetation on the rock and shimmy right around the corner, climb up (4 steps from top) to back flip into an opening to a room with a chain on fire.

Go to the cage with the locked in Key, climb on top and jump into opening N. Climb down and use the Valve E. Climb into the opened crawlspace from where the water came from to get secret # 3, the Uzis, ammo and a nice drawing from Thorn Ravencroft. Climb back to the room with the cage and use the chain and get the Treasury Key from the open cage. Get out to the room and safety drop on the floor from the N end of the ledge.

The Rock.

Now go S into the passage you saw in the cut scene and take a left. Face the cave and look a bit to the right and down. See that green area, there is where you need to jump to. You also need to shoot that ball up E later, so why not do it now. It will raise a platform (maybe thatís not possible in EASIER gameplay, but youíll get to that later. Now jump to the ledge NE, hop down onto the green slope SE. Slide down, grab, and let go and grab again and hoist up into the opening. Go left and follow through, crawl and shimmy to the right over the pit, crawl in and jump with a grab to the other side to pick up that Rock, safety drop down and through a crawlspace to get secret # 4, a medipack.

Get back out and climb up W, runjump and grab to the E side, crawl in, hang and shimmy around the pit, and when you are at green area where you came in before, you now have to go E, climb higher and higher. Go drop down from the ledge and climb up around the big wheel till you are at the smaller wheel. Facing W you can put the Rock under the wheel to jam it.

Grab the grate on the ceiling and monkey climb to the opening in the wall (W) and save. Hoist up on the right, shimmy as right as possible, slide as far as possible and jump to the right to land on the ledge. (EASIER gameplay: a platform will save you from fall, get down by grabbing it, then shimmy to the right, let go, grab and pull up). From there, jump to the W (face W and right a bit) and do a runjump around the pillar to a slanted rock, keep jumping between the slanted rocks till you can land back on the ledge with that crate with revolver ammo (or just jump SW from the ledge you landed on after the slide jump). Walk into the NE corner and jump to the ledge (NE).

Side-flip and shimmy and hoist up. Go into the opening N, now you have to jump (runjump) with a hard curve to the right, but watch out for the Spikes. (EASIER gameplay: a platform will make jumping easier) Jump to the other side and get the medipack from the crate.

The Cage Puzzle, the second Treasury Key.

Enter the cage puzzle room N, most of itís grated walls are climbable. Go up just to the right (over the Spikes) and up right again, turn around and climb up and get into the opening N. At the end turn around and jump up, run S (watch out spiked ball) and at the end turn around again, jump up and climb up. Go N and down, then left and duck to crawl along the W side, watch out for those rotating knives. Crawl S along the left hand side and stay low while you turn around so you face the knives. Quickly stand and hop back, immediately hit duck again and crawl backwards into the lower part under the knife. Face N and look down, there is a jump leverÖ that is the one you have to pull.

So face S, climb down a bit, climb left to the jump lever and drop grab to use it. Then jump straight S, crawl under the spiked skeleton and use another jump lever on the right (W). Go back under the skeleton and safety drop down all the way to use the lever opening up the door to the Key. (EASIER gameplay: this next switch is not necessary as you are able to get to the next area from the first treasury key area Ė just do a couple of jumps, following the wall on the right and you should reach big ramís room, described here as A Wake-up Call). I used the wall W to get up again (climbable) and then jump to the grate (S) and climb up, dodge the rotating knives (the walls are also climbable) go E and up, crawl under another spiked skeleton that pops out, climb down and walk to the next hole in the floor (N) another ball with spikes will drop down. Face S and stay with your right shoulder to the wall of the cage and jump in and down and watch for that rotating knife and if you turn around and look down you see a crate. Best way is sprint into the hole there and pick up the medipack.

Use the lever below and see the spikes in the cave go down. Now you have to go back, stand next to the crate and I used the wall W to climb over the knife and shimmy to the left and up and right till you can stand safely. Climb up N and turn and up again, under the spiked ball and turn around, jump up and climb up, crawl under the skeleton and down again. Go S into the middle passage of the cages and down till you can crawl under a spiked ball.

Jump down and down and you should end up at the beginning of this cage puzzle. The gate is gone so grab the second Treasury Key N. Go out of the room. You can jump back to the ledge now the spikes are gone. The floor is breakable, fall down and walk to the NE corner to shoot the blue ball N. Climb out and jump out SW with a left curved standjump around the corner. Then face E and runjump grab the platform. Turn around and runjump grab to the ladder, shimmy left around the corner and back-flip to the rock ledge. Looking into a small gap SE you can shoot the third blue ball and jump and grab to the newest platform E. From there jump to the blue ball S, (youíve shot this one already in the beginning) go into the opening E and save.

A Wake-up Call.

Shoot the wooden ball E on the Rams head, then turn S and standjump grab right around the corner to the ledge. Keep jumping E from ledge to ledge, get the medipack and shoot the next wooden ball on the Rams head. Now youíve done itÖ and a wraith doesnít make life easier. Two ropes appeared in the room. From the ledge with the crate you can jump and grab the nearest rope. From that rope a swing and jump onto that Rams head hammer and then jump down onto the lower platform behind the Rams head. In the back left (NW) is a statue to push. Pull it once facing S and go to the one opposite and pull that once facing E. Enter the open wall N and jump into the water to get rid of the wraith.

Opening up some Graves.

Swim into the crawlspace E and then right and go to that small crawlspace on the right but before you reach it swim up (SE). Climb out and open the chest to get A Scroll and read it.

If you read this, youíve probably evoked the spirits.

Go to St Matthias church.

There is a bookÖ

A secret passage leads through the sewers.

Father Clemence

To see the light, open all graves and those who cannot sleep, will go away.

Go to S and jump down and use the ladder Go S and find the Rope on the floor. Climb back up and swim back and out of the pool. There are three levers in this room. You need to use all three of them and you see the graves opening and closing. Use all the levers again in a manner that the graves stay open (I donít know if thereís one solution, but I started N and just kept using the lever till the grave was finally open, then used the other levers, also multiple times to get the other two to stay open. Look behind you, the spikes are gone on the block in the pool.

The third Treasury Key.

Jump on the block in the center of the pool as the spikes are gone and watch the cutscene. Jump off again and go outside to climb that chain (facing N) and back flip off from the top. Crawl S to the pedestal for the third Treasury Key. Crawl back and walk to the S on the right and Laraís gaze will be fixed to a hook in the ceiling. When you are standing on the edge use the rope and now you can leave this place by the ropes, swing into the entrance from the second rope.

Aura: Stop it right there; do you have any idea what you have done, because I don't. It's impossible to get back to the museum, because some strange force is blocking the passage!

Lara: Yes, I need to get to St. Matthias.

Aura: Anyway, it looks like we're here for the same reason, breaking into the treasure room, eh? That's why I decided to give you a proposition. I'll help you to get into the sewers and St. Matthias church. By the way, my name is Aura. And don't try to fool me; I took your friend as a hostage, you know.

Go out and jump N from platform to platform so you get back at the crate with the revolver ammo on the first ledge W. From there go S and a left (where you shot your first blue ball) and jump to the ledge NE, then jump and grab the SE platform and hop into the opening there. If you donít know what you must do read the sign the girl is holding that says: "Talk to me ONLY if you need help". (For this puzzle to work, you must first have jammed the wheels with a rock)

If you talk to the girl, save first, then talk to her and the solution will present itself and will be done for you.

The Jumpswitch Challenge for the fourth Treasure key.

Want to do it yourself? Donít talk to the girl and go behind the cage with the Key. Use the timed lever to get those platforms down and quickly get onto the cage (4 times) so you can jump to each of the 4 Jumpswitches in the corners to get the cage to open up.

Get the fourth Treasure key and leave, jump to the platform and then jump and grab SW, you may have to drop grab and get onto the ledge. Go left to that door you kept seeing in the cut scenes. Save and take two steps back, standjump to the first ledge a running jump to the next a bit left, a running jump (grab) to the last a bit right in the back, quickly climb up left and get the Rams head and the way back is a bit easier, run-jump over the high ledges and a jump with grab to land back in the entrance, follow the caves back to the N where you first entered and go N through the room with the block to where the girl is waiting again at the fences near a water wheel, she is standing on a trigger tile to activate the waterwheel, go to the next room and watch how you have to do it. Stand against the wheel and press action. Jump and go down to where another girl awaits.

Use the Rams head and the walls drop down. You can choose now, Tomb of Despair or Tomb of Hope (Tomb of Hope is EASIER). When asking the girl better save first as she closes off the Tomb of Despair and you donít want to miss that oneÖ.


Level 3 - Through The Sewer System

4 secrets, 3 normal and 1 expert

Tomb of Despair side:

Climb the wall on your right and go up left, stop just before a vertical mark on the wall where you can also see some green vegetation behind Lara, just backflip (no roll) and jump so you can grab the ceiling with a monkey climb (vegetation) into an opening on the right wall. It is rather hard so you have to have luck on your side as well. Take a running jump to the other side (bit to the right) and climb the wall into a crawlspace. Go down at the other end and follow through. Donít climb into the next room but have a look around from where you stand. The solution for the next puzzle is up on the wall in the room.

Jump up to the rope and swing to the trigger tile SE then runjump back to the rope and swing NW to the trigger tile that opens the gate N, back to the rope and save before swinging into the open gate.

The second you go through the gate a timer starts ticking. You have to use the buttons II and III on the left wall (already start turning Lara when she is pushing the button), the right hand one on the back wall and the second from the left on the next wall (see the picture)

W = E+N (=II+III)


E = II

Pick up A piece of Ramís Head where the circles opened up and leave through a trapdoor. Pick up the grenade ammo and drop down.

Tomb of Hope side (EASIER gameplay):

Jump to the wall N and shimmy right around the corner to the and back flip. Jump back to the safe place on the other side and jump into the opening there. Running jump over the other side, face S and back flip onto the slanted floor, jump grab and hoist up. Climb higher and jump to the rope. Swing to the raised block, then to the trigger tile in the corner left of it, jump back to the block, jump to the rope and swing into open the gate S.

The timer goes off once you entered the room (see picture)

W wall most left button, E wall the left and right hand button

Pick up A piece of Ramís Head and leave through a trapdoor. Pick up the shotgun and drop down, slide and go down the steps.

Aura: Hi Lara I see that you have done your part also, Iíve found this piece of Ramís Head and I guess you should have the other.

Watch the fly by (in EASIER gameplay only) and go to the helper to get the other piece of Ramís head.

In the water NE is a trigger tile, stand on it then go to the crawlspace W and run over all the 4 tiles in order as shown in the fly by, first go to the NW then to the NE then to the SW and as last SE (the tiles have to stay down).

Aura: Something changed in the other room!!!!

Lara: Wow, you are being so helpful. Best take it easy wouldnít want you to tire yourself out

Crawl back and go into the other room through the crawlspace E. Push the Rams statues on the tiles and watch the cut scenes. Go out and climb the blocks and jump in the arches (to the N is the Easy-Hard lever). Jump to the end to get the medipack and jump to the rope to grab the ceiling and monkey climb to both jump switches on the E and W side, so you will have to re-climb the arches one time. Get the flares near the broken crate before you go for the open gate.

A Wall Hook and a Broken Handle.

Enter the gate and go to the right, find a Wall Hook in a pillar and pry it out. Then go to the opening S and spot a crawlspace in the water on the right just before you climb out, crawl in and get the Broken Handle which is stuck in the underwater grate SE. Get back (if Lara wonít crawl, jump up once) and go to the left side of the gate in the E, combine the Hook and Handle and use the contraption to reach the handle which will open the gate and head inside.

Go up the stairs E, kill the rat, and run over a breakable floor to the end, down into the lower passage to use the lever there, a trapdoor close by closes. Go back and jump and grab to the upper passage again, turn around to jump over the hole and go to the trapdoor, turn around and look up, jump to use the jump lever.

The Fuse.

Go back and at the opening in the floor look E and jump grab up to the crawlspace there, as the burner is now down. Follow through under and over the pipes and lower yourself in water, shoot more rat, and go to the opening in the E. Watch out as some spikes will pop out, crawl under them and jump over the balustrade to the pipes N. Crawl under them and use the jump lever on the wall N. You can jump to the pipes W and get onto the metal grated platform near the waterwheel. Use Ctrl and hold it till you can grab a ledge above, climb higher and hop over a fence to get the Fuse.

Side flip back and safety drop from near the Rams head tile to the ledge near the Water wheel.

I jumped back to the platform at the Water wheel and over the balustrade to the opening E. Push the Ramís Head statue on the marked tile, the door NW opens. Go to that entrance and hop onto the ledge left. Jump over to the marked trigger tile NE and trigger a wraith.

So quickly jump back out of this room, run left around the corner to the newly opened room on the left (NE) and into the water (donít go too deep) there to get rid of the wraith. You can climb out the water and kill two rats now or if you want you can do it later. Dive down in the water. Watch out a rotating knife, best is if you swim down following the rotation of the blades. In the E wall is an opening just under the axle. Go in and left and up, turn around and use the underwater lever to open the underwater gate NW. Go out of here and if you have some air left there is another underwater lever NW where the gate opened up. Get out of the water and in the statue room the door SE has opened up.

Go to the Ramís head statue and push it on the tile in the newly opened room, notice the keyhole on the wall W. The room in the SW is open now. Be careful for popping spikes and climb the stairs S. Follow through and jump a hole in the floor. Shoot a rat and around the corner is another hole in the floor, turn around and safety drop in that hole, let go and grab again. Shimmy around the corner, drop on the ledge and use the lever you find in here, to open a gate in the water. Safety drop down into the hole and go down the stairs and into the water, swim into the opening E and get the Key on the right hand side.

Climb back up to the first floor via the stairs and the pipes and use the Key in the SE room. Climb the block in the previous room and climb on the arches.

Jump to the W arch and use the Fuse there, as that gate upstairs near the hole opens up.

The Lens Puzzle Room.

So get back to the SW room and up the stairs with the holes and save before using the lever in the end there. Better jump down and look for that yellow lamp on the floor. Thereís another one on the ceiling. When you use the lever one of the arms of that lens contraption stops turning. The lenses all have to be aligned between those two yellow lamps. If not use the lever again till the first one does. Jump down and go into opening N. There are 2 jump levers you can reach and a chest. To get the clue to the coming puzzle, open the chest. Inside are the instructions to the puzzle.

Jump to the left switch, drop down and enter the open gate W.

Jumpswitch #1 for The Water Wheel Run. (See Map)

Lara: OK dear Aura, are you going to help me a little or are you just going to run around?

Aura: But all the torches are already lit.

Lara: What about all those levers I have to find to open the passage

Aura: YouĎre doing it pretty good so.. I think Iíll slowly climb back to the museum and Iíll wait for you there

Inside the room are a water wheel and a lever in the alcove N. Save in front of the lever as this is a timed sequence (Timer differs depending on EASIER/HARDER gameplay).

Use the lever, backflip/roll and run to the waterwheel, use Ctrl till you can grab platform #1, hoist up run left onto the corner of the higher ledge, turn with your back to the wall so you can runjump onto platform #2, back up against the pillar and line up for the jump to platform #3 and turn right a bit so you can side jump to the ledge left and save there.

Take a running jump and grab up to the ledge N now and a last one SE into the opening (no Ctrl). First jump down to use the lever NE to open the gate and get back on the block. You can jump SE with a left curve into the opening (so you donít need to use the tight rope, but if you canít make the jump, walk the tight rope and near the second pipe below a jump to grab the crack in the wall to shimmy to the opening)  Again align one more of the arms with the other arm already over the light.

Jumpswitch #2 for the Fuse.

Drop down into the room with the contraption and go into the passage N again. All three Jumpswitches are now available. Now you can use the next jumpswitch, jump to the one in the middle (#2 ) and an underwater door opens where you picked up a key earlier. Turn around and go into the E room, straight down into the water, swim into the low tunnel E and on the left is that open door. Swim through and climb out, safety drop down in some water in that deep central shaft and swim to the right (W), down and follow through, down again and right underneath the grates (E) and use the **underwater lever** at the end. Swim back and get some air, now dive (facing S) and go left (E), down and down and up and there is the open door. In this underwater room is an opening in the ceiling and in there is an underwater ceiling lever. Use it and swim back out to get some air in that same shaft where the water surface has now risen.

A Fuse.

Dive facing W, as now you can swim into that small gap there. Swim in and down, go right (N) down and up and up and use the underwater ceiling lever. Swim back and up to get some air (level went up again). Dive down to the floor and go S now, down and up and find a Fuse W. Swim back up to the breathing hole. Swim into the gap E and all the way up to get air. You should see a big rotating knife on the ceiling. Get into the gap E and follow through to another underwater ceiling lever raising the water level yet again. Swim back again and check your health before you swim up and avoid the knife to get air (Safest way is to swim straight up through the axle of the rotating knife).

Optional for the expertís secret: swim all the way down to the first **UW switch**, pull it and youíll see a door closing, but a door in the room with rotating blades will open. Swim back up into the opened door and pick up Secret # 1, a Marble Guardian. Swim back up and through the blades.

*Continue: Climb out, get on the stairs and halfway climb up the side and climb higher to an opening in the ceiling. Jump and grab even higher (N or S) get the medipack in the room above, use the jump lever on the E wall. Jump down and go through the gate and shoot a rat.

In the next room is another rotating knife and around the left a lever behind a block. Use the lever and climb the block and jump to the next one avoiding being sliced (before pulling up, shimmy all the way to the left, you are save in the NW corner) OR use the slanted ledge next to the high block to backflip and jump/grab the block under the knife, but you will get hurt, so check the health. Jump up and use the monkey climb on the ceiling to get into the opening S. Use the lever so that the next lens arm stops aligned with that yellow lights. Jump down on the floor of the Lens Puzzle Room. Now you can use the Fuse in the receptacle on the SE wall to light the beam for easier manipulation of the last lens.

Jumpswitch #3 for the last Lenses.

Go N and use the last jump lever and go W into the room with the waterwheel (timed run room), where the gate SW is now open. There is a rat swimming around.*

Optional for Secret # 2 . Go to the opening near the wheel (the water runs in there) and jump down the hole before you do the acid room. Swim through the passage and get up to the NE block by bouncing from sloped platforms. Either do a running jump or monkeyswing to the crawlspace. From there youíll reach a secret room with a medipack, the Uzis and some ammo. You can leave through an opening E and go back in the room S.

* Go to the steps left (E) and face W, jump and grab up to the arches above. Jump the arches to the other side and use the lever. Safety drop down there and go to the opening SW. SAVE. (If you choose EASIER gameplay, you enter through the right door, jump down and switch off the fire by jumping onto the tile in the alcove) There is jumping to do but there are also knives popping up here and there (black lines on the ledges), so be careful.

A running jump S with a left curve, slide and grab the edge, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the corner of the ledge with the knife-trap, pull up and stand still for a moment till the knives activate. Go to the N then take a jump to the NW and pick up a medipack.

Next jump is N and stay as close to the wall as possible, just run straight into the corner of walls. Jump NE and NE again towards the jump switch, a door opens. Run against the wall to avoid the knives. Jump one block back and from there a standjump E, to the lower one. Take a standing jump with grab E to the green tile in the corner, this disables the fires.

Jump W and turn to the SE and jump there. Then jump SW and to the one next to it, hang down from the back of the ledge, let go and drop onto the ledge behind the lever, get to the lever there and pull it to activate a water wheel, water runs through the pipes and the door will open up.

Stand back from the lever, face SW and jump/grab to a crack in the pillar (there are two cracks but you need to use the top one), shimmy right around the corner, let go and grab to get Secret # 3, a medipack, jump grab back to crack and shimmy back to the ledge over the lever. Jump to the ledge NE, jump NW and climb up that trapdoor. Look to the NE and take a running jump, watch out for the blades. Turn around and hop into the opening in the E wall. Climb on top of the arches and go into the now open door.

Hop over the pipe and into an opening S wall, climb higher and higher and hop into opening where you can see a lever for the last arm of that contraption (screenshot).

Use the lever and jump down, leave through the opening N and safety drop down from the hole at the jump-switches. Go into the opening S where a special kind of door now opened up, climb up the ledges and run straight. (If youíll have problems with running through, try jumping across the plates to reach the other side Ė if that is not possible, youíll have to go back to the lenses and adjust them even more, you can reach all of the levers by jumping over the blocks.)


Level 4 - Through the Sewer System 2

Climb up in front and find the Easy-Hard lever. Take your pick and jump across, follow up the stairs and get the medipack. Then save.

Run over the breakable tiles, jump over the gap and run into an opening left for Secret # 4, 2 x Shotgun ammo. Safety drop in the water below and pull out your guns for the next enemy that will attack soon. Just W of that contraption in the room youíll find the Fuse in the water, then go S and to the left. Climb the wall S and climb higher and at the end back flip and pick up a second Fuse.

Slide down and place the two Fuses around the corner in the passage to the water room. Go to the water room and behind that pole with the turning arm is a pushable Ramís Head. Push it on the tile E (watch out enemy), climb the block and use the jump lever (If youíre out of medipacks, grab the crack E of the Jumpswitch and shimmy right to the entrance with the crate of medipacks) . Get to the other block W and jump into opening there in the W wall.

Yuck, those rats

Use the Ramís Head (you have two pieces to combine) on the receptacle W. Now you can get onto the elevator.

Easter Egg:

ORÖ.. jump backwards into the elevator and immediately jump out and let the elevator leave without Lara. Climb the ladder and youíll see a surprise Easter Egg Secret. Pick up the Grenade Launcher and ammo and have a laugh. Climb the next ladder and you end up near the elevatorshaft. Go W and the next level startsÖ

Level 5 Ė St Matthias.  (Map of the church)

3 secrets, 2 normal and 1 expert (in HARDER gameplay)

2 secrets (in EASIER gameplay)

Turn around and climb up into the dark alcove to get the Medipack. Climb back out and follow the passage through to some boxes, shoot those for Flares and 2x Shotgun Ammo. In the N wall is a block, push the block in as far as it goes. Walk to the Battering ram and around the corner right; choose if you want to play the easy or the harder game play by using the Easy-Hard lever there. (Harder gameplay in this level is very hard because of some complex puzzles; if you want to skip those, pull the lever to the easier gameplay)

Go to the higher floor next to the Battering ram at the N wall and pull up to a crack, shimmy to the left around a corner and hoist up. Turn around and drop/grab the edge of the floor (facing E), drop/grab the ledge below and hoist up.

Shoot that block of wood there (pistols will do fine) so the rope holding the Battering ram is released and drop down. Walk to the Battering ram and see it shatter the barrier. Go carefully past the Ram and right around the corner is Revolver ammo and to the left is a crawlspace. Grab up into that crawlspace, follow through and climb up to get the Shotgun there. Now safety drop from the floor W or return through the crawlspace, either way follow the passage E and come to some white blocks in a room with a wooden floor. Climb the lower block and open the hatch to climb up to the Broken Staircase above.

Open the Church.

Go E to the closed gate to the Church and go R into the passage, first R again and come to some arches, jump/dive (Alt+Shift) or side jump through to come to a room with Secret#1, 2x Revolver Ammo, Explosive Crossbow Ammo, a MP and the Crossbow. Jump back through two arches and look L there to find a chain, pull it once and the gate to the Church will open up, go out and turn right (S) and around the corner is a switch to open a ceiling hatch somewhere else.

The 1st Coin.

Return to the Broken Staircase and go L first, climb the higher block on the floor NW and jump to the S side, go up one step and turn around, runjump along the N side of this step and onto the pointy ledge under the open hatch SW (no Ctrl), climb into the crawlspace from standing close to the hatch and follow through to a bunch of boxes, shoot them to get the 1st of 4 Coins. Go down again and drop out of the crawlspace, jump down and notice a closed door in the S wall way up. Get down to the ground floor and head into the Church.

The Church, the other Coins.

Go to the far E side of the Church hall and find a fountain, in the fountain is the 2nd Coin. While youíre there you can also fill up your Mug (in the inventory). Go to the pulpit, hop over the low barrier and go up, just around the corner, then runjump/grab onto the Confessional boxes, get one of the Torches there (you could choose to throw the other one down too and take a note of where it drops) and go down from the box, go to the Main Altar N and light both the Torches at the Bowl with the Holy Flame (you can also light them at the 2 candelabras with a small flame in the NE corner) and leave one of them in a safe place.

Take the other burning Torch and go find the ropes on the pillars in the Church hall, there are 3 and platforms will lower on the pillars (for later). That done you can take the Torch out the SW entrance to the Broken Staircase and down the hatch NW, throw the Torch on the wooden floor S and wait till it breaks, go down and get the 3rd Coin. To be on the safe side you could take the Torch there up to the Church, just jump up N and go onto the block under the hatch, stand 2 steps away from the higher N block and throw the Torch (spacebar) onto the block, climb up and get it, stand back in the NW corner and do a left curved runjump up SE to get back up to the Broken Staircase. Go light the Torch at the Holy Flame again and drop it where you can find it later.

In front of the Confessional boxes and behind the pulpit is a bench and itís a bit out of itís place, move/push the bench to the pillar S and see a gate open up (on the back of the bench is a line about the 10th step). The opened gate is in the Mary Gate SE, go in there and R to where the staircase is now open. Follow up counting the steps and on the 10th step you can reach into the wall and open the doors on the top of the stairs with that switch, follow to the top of the stairs and enter the Bell tower.

On the wall is a message:

It is told that some people can hear voices near the picture of a cherub.
Rumours are that a soul is trapped in it.

You can return downstairs again and when you get down the stairs the door under the stairs W is open so get Secret#2: Grenade ammo there.

The Old Book.

Go to the N side of the church hall, where you lit the torch on the Holy Flame and go all the way in the back. The camera changes but use the look key as on the back of that object is a lever that opens the doors opposite the Holy Flame. Enter and open the drawer of the cupboard, get the Old Book and examine it. On the armrest of the chair behind you is the 4th Coin. Coming back to the church hall 2 figures are awaiting you. Shoot the bony one and avoid the black one for now.

The 1st Holy Key.

Go place the 4 Coins in their receptacles (the little poles), the 1st in the St Steven chapel NW, the 2nd one SW next to the Church entrance the 3rd straight E from there, next to the Mary Gate, the last in the undercroft NE. A flyby will start and a ghostly appearance will take place, this one will leave the 1st Holy Key behind, go get that from the Church hall and go up the stairs to the pulpit (at the NE Pillar) again and from the top you can do a curved runjump to that raised platform on the pillar S, then jump to the W and runjump/grab over to the one SW use the Holy Key and see a the doors of the Confession box on E wall opening up when you drop from the platform. Get one of your Torches and go down into the newly revealed passage. (EASIER game play you will be chased by a big skeleton, just avoid its attacks for now)

The Crypt, Coffin Puzzle for the Relic Head.

Go straight past the first R hand room (later) and come to the Moving Pillars. Time the jumps/runs through and come to a room with oily water, go in and from the higher ledge in the water you can runjump (jump straight up once and Lara can run again) up in the alcove N, go light the Campfire in the back and the fire will spread into the pool, you need this to do a puzzle later on. You can leave that Torch here and do a runjump/grab to the pole standing in the now deadly pool, turn and go up a bit to backflip (no roll) into the exit.

(For an additional expert challenge, light the fire, drop the torch, roll and run to jump to the ledge in the pool, turning left a runjump into the exit before the fire reaches the oil and the water becomes deadly.)

Make your way back through the Pillars, up the steps to come to that room L you skipped earlier. Inside the room are 6 coffins and just visible through the gates in the alcoves are coloured numbers giving the clue for the next puzzle room. Make a note of the colours and the numbers they represent and go into the next room.

The Coffin Puzzle.

Go stand on the Red light (hear red lights move in front of the Skeletons eyes on the wall). From there take a standjump to pink lights (without touching the neighbouring tile) and then to blue in the SW corner. Jump to the yellow N and back to the blue and pink (watch out for the Skeleton) then to the red and hop to the green and back to the red, pink and as last the yellow S and the S door opens. Jump in and get the Relic Head, make your way back up to the Church hall.*

( Easier Game play chosen, the level is about to end:

Go to the NW corner of the Church (next to where you used one of the coins before) and place the Relic Head on the pedestal in the St LŠzlů chapel and watch a cutscene. Go to the big opening in the floor of the Church and face W, safety drop and grab the edge, let go and grab a crack, shimmy to the left as far as possible and drop down. Follow through into the next level, level 6.)

*Harder Game play chosen, still some things to do:

Go to the NW corner of the Church (next to where you used one of the coins before) and place the Relic Head on the pedestal in the St LŠzlů chapel and see the Royal staircase open up, shoot the 2 Skeletons that appeared and go into the passage NW from the Church hall. Go up the Royal staircase (just to the R inside) and head S to a hall with 4 white pillars.

Go up the stairs S and follow to a room with 3 coats of armour and squeeze behind the W one, throw the switch on the back of it. Go E through the opened gate and to the left is a ceiling hatch, open it and grab up to the loft (read the message on the wall), carefully go N past the Battering Ram and shoot the crate to pull the Chain and hear a gate below open up.

Go back and down the hatch, to the R into the room with the 3 coats of armour and push the NE one (with the black feathers on top) to the N, into the next room where the E gate opened, push it through the gate and in the next room on the marked tile, you will get a flyby of a Knight coming from the adjacent room. When you get control back you have to lure that Knight back N and down the stairs to the hall with the white pillars and heís not that fast. You have to get him break the white pillars with his sword by standing close to the pillars and side jump when he strikes his sword, but be careful, when the last pillar breaks you have to side jump away as the roof will come down (I did the NW one last).

A 2nd Holy Key.

Another ghostly appearance and a Holy Key will be left behind in the room with the 3 coats (now 2) of armour, go up the stairs S and follow to that room, get the 2nd Holy Key and go into the room E to use the Holy Key there to open the S gate, go in and just through the gate and to the left is a block. Climb it and get behind that coat of armour there, push it S onto the block and go down on the W side, down the steps S and to the R is an alcove with some double doors, use the switch on the E wall to lower that block back up the steps and you may open the doors to create a shortcut to the Broken Staircase, start of the level in case you want to use it.

Go back up the steps and push the armour into the E room and to the Shrine on the N wall next to the cage. The cage will lift a bit so you can crawl underneath and pull the Chain to raise another platform in the Church hall.

A 3rd Holy Key.

Go onto the Organ loft E of there and in to the room E to pull the chain, this opens the trapdoor to the Bell Tower. Look for a Painting on the N wall. Save and then shoot the painting and a Flying Cherub will appear, now you can go down to the Church hall by 3 routes, one is back through the passages W and then N to the Royal staircase, the second one is back through the passages W and then left down the steps, through the double doors and down into the entrance hall where you have to go right to the church hall, the third way is to roll and run through the open gate S, go up the ladder to the Bell tower and backflip off. Run all the way down the spiral staircase to the Church hallÖ Take your pick and get down to the church hall.

You did fill up that Mug before didnít you? Otherwise you have to do that now in the shallow pool. Go to the Main Altar N and stand on the ledge with the Holy Flame Bowl. Put the Mug of water in the Bowl to extinguish the Flame and a 3rd Holy Key will appear, get that quick and duck to lure the Cherub into the smoke coming out of the Bowl so it will destroy itself (if it wonít disappear immediately, run one circle around the cathedral and then back to the smoke).

If you want the Experts Secret you have to take the torch up to the chandelier, if not you donít need it anymore (I took it up there).  Now go look for one of your Torches and you can still light it if necessary, there are 2 candelabras in the NE corner of the Church and there you can light the Torch. Now make your way back up to the Organ loft with the Torch and climb the red balustrade N, runjump to the platform on the R hand pillar (from facing N) and then standjump up to the chandelier from the NW corner, runjump to the one NW and light the 4 candles on this chandelier. Watch the flyby as a block goes down behind a shrine in the St Steven Chapel. Throw the Torch down and stand on the SW corner, face NE and runjump with a curve to the S side of the roof on the pulpit, slide off to grab the edge and shimmy all the way right along the steel reinforcement bar to a ledge on the E wall, from there a runjump/grab to the ledge S and use the switch there to open the gate to the Saint Imre Chapel.

Drop down onto the confessional boxes and before going to the Saint Imre Chapel first go to the open gate in the W wall. In the side of the small black altar NW of the room is a reach-in hole. This will open a door SE in the Church hall youíll need later.

Easter Egg: Get the Torch and go into that door SE, light the candle on the altar and throw the Torch away, jump into the opening in the floor. Crawl into the lower room and find the Rose for Dworfina. Read the message on the wall so you when you replay this game and didnít find all secrets there are some new task ahead.

ďEach level is hiding something special, here is this note:

The Museum, try to pull a cup out of the Statueís hands.

The sewers, donít use the lift.Ē

Get out of this place and back to the Church hall, go into the passage in the NW corner and go left into open gate. On a Shrine SW is the Relic Head. Go into the SW corner next to the shrine and climb up the sarcophaguses under the arches on the S wall, pull the switch there and see the door to the Loreto Chapel open up in the S of the Church. A nasty Flying Ghost shows up. So quickly turn R and run off the sarcophagus and get out of the room, head N past the Royal staircase and into the door to the St Steven Chapel.

Walk up to the Shrine in the Chapel and take the 1st Relic Painting out of the frame (getting the painting is for expertís secret hunt), go out and to the Church hall, into the Saint Imre Chapel (W) and hop onto the red altar to place the Painting. A light shines from the window in the SW corner of the Church.

Go into the NW corner of the Church and into the opening W to the Royal staircase and to a staircase in the back SW corner and go down to a double door. Push it open and follow into a small door to the L, kick it in and get a MP from the broken crate, then look on the N wall and take the 2nd Relic Painting from the wall (getting the painting is for expertís secret hunt), go out and L to the next door, open it and go in. Notice the Torch on a small cabinet, leave it for now and open the closet in the corner to get a small medipack. Go out of the room, L and open the next door, while a Ghost shows up, just go back into the previous room where Moonlight comes in through the window and stand under the light to see the ghostly appearance pass by.

Return to the other room, the closet is empty but notice the trapdoor in the SW corner and open it. Get down and face NW. Jump/slide and jump and slide and jump right till you are save and use the chain there.  Turn around and read the post on the wall. Now jump back S, slide and jump with a hard curve right and climb out.

Go W in the corridor and leave for now. Go and climb the winding staircase on the left and go right where you killed the knight and go left and left into a small room SE to  place the second painting there. A flyby shows the scroll in a beam of light (getting the scroll is for expertís secret hunt). Go down and go W to that Scroll in the beam of light, pick it up go W into the broken staircase and jump S, follow through to the Organ room to place the scroll on the Organ, watch the cutscene. Leave and go down to the N side of the cathedral to pick up the Sword from the Altar*.

Optional for Expertís Secret hunt: Go behind the altar and down the hole, jump past the squishy block (moving pillar) and place the Sword in the Anvil (E), turn around and enter the room to get the Diamond Guardian, Secret # 3.

*Continue: Go back downstairs and near the room with the trapdoor is a Keyhole to the right, use the Holy Key there. Go down into the new room and place the Relic head on the pedestal. Leave and go W in the corridor to meet the Fire Demon (Bull) . Roll and lure the Fire Demon into the room at the end of the corridor to smash 3 tiles. This leaves another Holy Key on the platform near the moon. Go into the door N and use the Key there, jump up into the open trapdoor and get the Handle.

The Bell Tower.

Go back up to the Church hall, there will be a Giant Skeleton roaming around, just get past him quick and try to avoid him till the end of the level. Go to the SE passage (Mary Gate) up the spiral staircase and into that tower on top, use the Handle on the blue contraption NW to get a ladder down on the N wall, climb up and backflip/roll to a slanted ledge, grab and shimmy R to a ledge, now backflip onto the same slanted ledge and jump/grab to catch the edge of the ledge above, pull the Chain to sound the Bells and see a flyby of the Main Altar and a 1st Sachet and another Sachet in the St Steven Chapel.  Make your way down the ledges get down to the Church hall.

Go to the N side of the Church hall next to the Main Altar and pick up the 1st Sachet of Holy Powder. Go into the opening NW from the Church hall and into the St Steven Chapel N of the Royal staircase, in front of the Altar you can pick up the 2nd Sachet of Holy Powder.

Get back up to the Church hall and into the Chapel W of the Church hall, to the left and opposite the altar is a white bowl. Place the 1st Sachet in the bowl. Go out, to the S end of the church and left into the room to find the 2nd Bowl in the N wall, place the last Sachet and watch the cut scenes.

 Go to the big opening in the floor of the Church and face W, safety drop and grab the edge, let go and grab a crack, shimmy to the left as far as possible and drop down. Follow through into the next level.

Level 6 Ė Secret Passage part 2

Keep swimming and when Lara can stand go S and swim some more. End up in the swimming pool you visited before. Go out W and down the staircase all the way and Aura is waiting there, use the jumpswitch and push the block in the middle of that wall all the way in. Go left or right down into the next room and find 4 keyholes and a Golden Flower Pot.

Easter Egg: If you want to go for the final surprise: put the Rose you have in the pot and get a cut scene. Go back to the staircase and all the way up to the landing over the room with the Lasers on the floor. Hop over the railing onto the chandelier and runjump/grab to the crawlspace NW, follow in and go to the water NE. The Secret sounds when you swim into a pool. Climb out and grab up into a hidden crawlspace behind the picture on the W wall, follow into Bojrkraiderís room, the guy is way too busy to even notice that a fan of him stepped in, so nick his Bunny from the bed and a toy Rabbit from the closet, then go to the bookcase to the right of Bojrkraider and reach in to get a box with a lock of hair (Is it his?? Ö or some relic he was hiding) and now you can leave, swim back and make your way back through the room with the lasers to the staircase all the way down and to the room with the keyholes.

Open the big gate by using the 4 keys and step inÖ. End of this adventure for now.