Baptism of Fire I.

The Buried Temple Assyrian Secrets Scroll of Destiny

Levels by Ampersand, Baslakor and Bedazzled.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

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Level 1 - The Buried Temple by Ampersand.

1 secret

Just below the walkway is a switch with a flame making it impossible to use it. Jump down and go N through the tunnel, in the wider tunnel you can climb up the blocks W for some Flares, get down and climb the ledge N to find a lever on the pillar when you turn around, the flames at that switch near the start are off. Go back S to the other end of the tunnel and use the lever on the block there, an explosion takes place in the tunnel N.

The 1st Ornate Serpent.

Head back N and find a part of the floor gone, jump down into the pool below. Pick up the Shotgun from the bottom and climb out. Go to the gate W and climb up on the arch over the gate by using a ladder on the left pillar, use the lever on the arch and see a gate open up somewhere. Get back down, climb up block E of the pool and face N, stand jump plus grab to the thin ledge and pull up in the right hand corner. Jump NW over the mound into the opening. Go in and come to a dark room with the Ornate Serpent on a block, behind a pillar in the back is some Shotgun Ammo. Head back out and face W at the open gate, you can grab a crack in the pillar and shimmy around left to the pedestal with the Hand of Orion.

A Blood Crystal.

Slide down to the ground and go E, behind that block near the wall is some Shotgun Ammo, climb the block and jump up into the opening E, go into the greenish tunnels and at the intersection to the left, you can place the Hand in the receptacle to open the gate, follow down to where another gate will open up and eerie music starts. Go left around the corner into a part of the cave where a Lizard will attack, only after killing him a Blood Crystal will appear on a pedestal in the cave to the E, go get that and return to the far SW corner of the cave to place it in the receptacle, a trapdoor opens up just right around the corners on a steep ledge (S wall). Climb up into the passage above and go over the marked tile as next to it are Spikes (protecting a crawlspace above).

The 2nd Ornate Serpent.

Go to the end of the passage to get a Medipack and return onto the tile, face the crawlspace and stand jump/grab to it to climb in, go through the narrow tunnel to a room where 2 tiny Raptors will attack and find a switch in the SW corner, opening up a trapdoor over the ladder in the SE corner. Climb up to backflip[ into the room above, the trapdoor closes up. Carefully approach the flame on the tile N and slowly walk onto the corner of it, the flame will suddenly change into a Lizard which will leave the 2nd Ornate Serpent after killing it. The trapdoor re-opened, so get back down and through the crawlspaces, drop onto the now disabled Spikes and get down the ladder to the cave, follow back going right around corners and the entrance gate will be open again when you get there. Follow back to the crossing of the tunnels and go up E this time.

The 3rd Ornate Serpent.

Go down the Statue Stairs and in the end the floor will be transparent, shoot the tiny Raptors and then run over 5 Golden tiles to make an explosion occur and the 3rd Ornate Serpent will appear. As soon as you take it 2 Harpies will attack. Shoot them and head back W, up the stairs, go left at the crossing and back to the cave with the Big Gate. Place the 3 Serpents in the receptacles SW and the Gate will open up.

Beyond the Big Gate.

Walk through the Big gate and 2 Artifacts are needed in this Hall, so go up the ramp W and grab the monkey swing left to get over the Burning pool to the Blood Crystal. Grab the monkey swing again (I had to turn Lara a bit before she grabbed it) to get back to the Hall, the Blood Crystal can be used to open the gate in the SW corner. Follow the passages all the way to a room with a pool, go right and around that block with the Burner to grab up to the corner next to the pool from facing N, turn around and stand jump with a grab to get onto the ledge with the Burner just over the pool. Time the Burner and run jump with a grab to the ledge S where the Hand of Orion lies on a pedestal.

The way out… 

A Harpy will appear, just jump down in the pool, climb out and shoot it, then dive back in and swim through the floor in the middle of the bottom, get Secret #1, a Silver Skull, Shotgun Ammo, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo. Climb back out make your way back N, run through the passages back to the Hall and use the Hand in the receptacle NW. Get into the open gate and get some Shotgun Ammo in the next room to the right, then proceed N and shoot the Lizards in the next cave, go into the passage N and the level ends…


Level 2 - Assyrian Secrets by Baslakor.

You’ll slide down into an entrance hall. Go to the wall torches and left, in the NE corner are Flares on a block , go into the passage E and duck to crawl to and pick up the Shotgun Ammo, stay low and crawl further.

Main Hall, the Secret Guardian.

Going E over the bridge you’ll find a Ninja on your path. When he starts swinging his sword, you can put away the pistols as you can’t harm him then, then draw them again and shoot him till he drops, he will leave Flares behind. Go look for a crawlspace in the dark SW corner of the room, follow it through and run up to the pedestal to pick up the Secret Guardian. Immediately backflip as a spiked ball drops down from a trapdoor. Get back to the crawlspace before the Mummies get you and crawl back to the Main hall.

Main Hall, the 2nd Secret Guardian.

To the N and S of this hall are rooms where Artifacts have to be placed later (in the Red room N and left is a small Medipack in a window if you like to get that now). For now go E and jump onto the highest block E, turn around and look up, jump/grab up into the opening there. In the next Spikes room the monkey swing id too high so just run jump into the middle alcove (left or right will do) and take a running jump with a curve (no Ctrl) to the end where the pedestal is and get the 2nd Secret Guardian. Get back by jumping into the middle alcove and to the exit. A Ninja is waiting for you, quite a surprise… Take him out or just run out of the passage onto the block and back in the Main Hall you can dive into the W side of the pool.

A Secret.

Go down the shaft in the bottom and look for the tunnel N, about halfway down. Follow up into a room with a door, Secret #1 sounds. To the left and right of the door are two alcoves where the 2 Secret Guardians can be used to open the door. Go in and come to a room where Mummies are placed in alcoves, go to the one E and climb into the opening while dodging the Mummy coming alive. On the ledge in the next room are Flares and Revolver Ammo, then stand jump/grab to the invisible ledge with the Medipack and run jump to the opening E and carefully jump over a couple of pits following the passage to the Green Room.

There’s a receptacle in one of the corners, for now just run through the passage W where a spiked ball drops down and run into the blue room (There’s another receptacle in one of the corners). Turn around and wait for the Ninjas to come, take them put and go back to the spike ball. Crawl into the passage S and follow up to a room, go out S to the Main Hall. Head E and go over the blocks there into a passage, over some more blocks into a Hall with Pools.

Hall with Pools.

About 4 Ninjas will attack here. Use some tactics, lure a few into one of the side rooms so you won’t have to deal will all of them at once. Look around for the Flares dropped by the Ninjas. Go into the N corridor and left just passed the wall torches, into an opening to a place where the Revolver lies on a ledge, get the Ammo there too and shoot the 2 Ninjas with your new weapon. Go out and left to pick up some more Flares near the Symbol floor (for later)

The Fang Talisman.

Go back S to the Hall with Pools and into the S side corridor, just around the right when you enter the S hall are more Flares, go S again and right in the end. Carefully walk to the next room, the floor is dangerous, you have to run jump to the pedestal with the Fang Talisman. Run jump back with a grab after you took the Talisman and keep to the left when you come back into the Hall with Pools, go down the stairs in the SW corner and a gate will open up, follow the passage to a crossing and go right first. Climb down a ladder and drop down into the bottom of the room where you just got the Talisman, get the Shotgun Ammo and while Lara picks up the Shotgun you have to hold backflip to get away before the Boulder strikes.

The Glowing Pillar.

Climb the ladder again and now go into the green light E at the crossing, shoot the Ninja and get the Glowing Pillar in front of the Skellie, the exit closed up. Turn N and look for the crawlspace in the wall. Go through, drop into the pit and climb out, in the passage W is a trigger tile, hop back onto the tile and run jump NE when the left hand Boulder passed, wait for the rest to pass and follow the Boulder into the passage W, a short screen will show a multi coloured room. In the room with the Spikes is a Jump switch up over the entrance S, use it to get rid of the Spikes and now you can climb up the shaft using the ladders, get back to the N side at the Hall with Pools.

The 1st Gem of Assur.

Go to the Hall with Pools and W over the blocks to the Main hall. Now you may have noticed the receptacles for the Pillar in the Red, the Blue and the Green rooms, only the Green room will have the desired effect, as placing the Pillar in the other rooms will kill dear Lara. So head into the passage N and left around the blue block, down a passage past alcoves with human remains, careful at the hanging Skellie where the spiked ball hangs from the ceiling. Go right into the Green room and place the Pillar SE to see a door open up underwater somewhere.

Go back to the spiked ball and left to get back to the Main hall, dive in W and swim into the same hole in the bottom, all the way down this time and swim into the open door S to a crossing, go left then right at the end to go up for air in the next room. Turn around and swim back down and N, straight into the room N and get the 1st Gem of Assur. Swim back for air and now you could go back to the hall with the pools or have a look in the S end of this under water maze to get a small Medipack on the top ledge (SE) of the last room and Revolver Ammo on the middle ledge (S) but you’ll have to watch your air supply… Swim back into the tunnel W, through the door and up the shaft. Coming back in the Main hall, head E again over the blocks to the Hall with Pools.

The 2nd Gem of Assur.

Head N into the passage and to the floor with the Symbols, have a look with the Binocs into that dark opening straight across the Symbol floor and spot the “Eye” symbol. Those are the safe ones, so jump over the eye tiles to the N and climb up N to place the Talisman in the receptacle. A door opens up somewhere.

Go back over the safe Tiles and a bit onwards to the left (E) is another passage, go left at the crossing and shoot a Ninja, go into a room with a deep pit, find a crawlspace up N and go through, shimmy around the pit and follow to a room with the 2nd Gem of Assur. Go back through the crawlspace and out W to the passage, this time go straight S and jump over a transparent piece of floor, in the end are some big doors, to be opened by using the 2 Gems.

Slide down the ramp beyond the doors and the level ends…


Level 3 - The Scroll of Destiny by Bedazzled.

4 secrets

The Sun Key.

Slide down into a tunnel leading to a place where Demigods rule as you can see in the flyby, still want to continue?... Go N and left (W) get the Flares in the dark and climb ladder, back flip into a passage and get the Sun Key Piece. Get back down, go around the left corner to the waterfall, take care of the Demigods later. Just hop into the pool and swim to the mound NE. look for the tunnel in the E wall hidden behind some plants, follow in and keep going right where possible and at the end climb up and get the 2nd Sun Key Piece.

Swim out going left where possible, as there is nothing else to be found here and swim straight across the lake to the right hand side of the fence, climb out in the NW corner and hop over the fence to get close to the Demigod, duck and shoot him while ducking near him. Then you can go and get some things safely, dive back into the water and swim SE, climb up on the corner and go up the mound W, look for a pit filled with water, hop in and get Secret #1, a Golden Skull, climb back out and go E over the mound to do a run jump up NE and get the Laser sight there. Dive back in and swim to the ledge along the N shore, jump up to a ledge with a Medipack and get back to the balcony W.

Get into the SW corner push the block in the S wall all the way in, turn left and push the next block, go left to get 2x Shotgun Ammo. Go back out and straight to the passage with the wall torch and find a jump lever around the corner, use it to raise the floor under the Sun receptacle. Go back to the Demigods and left, jump onto the block to place the Sun Key.

Small Maze.

Go right (E) and find Secret #2, a Golden Skull behind the Demigod statue get out of that alcove and go right (N), look up when you come to the second standing lamp and find the ladder in the ceiling. Climb off to the right.

Slide of Death.

Stand to the right and hop over the first Knife-trap onto a slide, jump two more times timing the jumps over the Knife-traps and in the passage below you have to go to the right for now. At the closed gate to the right (S) and at the end is a jump lever opening up a gate in the small maze. To the left (E) of the jump lever is a crawlspace. Get in there and grab the Shotgun halfway down, proceed and get out to come back in the small maze. Go straight and go into the now open gate, climb the block and jump left to the ledge on the pillars, jump one more ledge and shoot that Skellie off that ledge, jump to an alcove SE to grab the Revolver there. Jump back and look up NW to spot the gate you have to get to in a Timed run. Get back to the ground floor and head W into the passage, follow the passage and in the end you are on the back of that Spike-trap and save in front of the timed lever to the right.

Timed Run.

Pull the switch, backflip/roll and run left to the gate, straight into the room jumping onto the block with a left curve, run jump left onto the ledge on pillars curve left while running and jump to the ledge where the Skellie was, turning right another run jump (if you fall short you can grab and pull up, there is time to do that) and sprint into the door in the corner N.

Get the Crystal of Light. In the NW corner is Revolver Ammo and also some in the SW corner.

Get out and to the ground floor, dodge the 2 Skellies and get back to the ladder you just used in the small maze. Jump over the Knife-traps again and this time go left (W) and in the water under that pedestal is Secret #3, a Golden Skull. Get out of the water and place the Crystal of Light on the pedestal.

The Puzzle of Light.

Go back out keep going straight and find the open gate. Follow through into a room with 3 light beams, shoot Amanda and her sister and then get the Vase of Oil, it is the left vase on that ledge (E wall). Push/pull the 3 mirrors on their tiles so the light will reflect into the blue ball, a gate opens N, go in there and climb the ladder, save after the flyby in the next room.


As soon as you step out onto the ledge overlooking the inferno below, a Fire Wraith will show up. Roll and run back into the passage, roll just before the ladder and drop/grab down the ladder, roll again and sprint into the room with the mirrors, down the sloped passage right of the blue ball and follow right around the corner to sprint straight W to the room with the water where you got the last Secret. After the Wraith is gone you can follow the route back to the room where you just came from (Inferno).

Look for and jump to a block on the E wall and run jump/grab to the one N of that, go into the passage right and past a burning pedestal to a crawlspace, get in and find the Torch, turn around and throw it out in front of you (hit spacebar) pick it up again and go on till you are out of the crawlspace. Light the Torch at the pedestal in that passage and go out to the big room. Run jump back S and hop to the ledge, go to the bowl and drop the Torch for a moment, Save before you put the Oil in the bowl and get the Torch to light it. A gate opens in the inferno below. Now stand on that trigger tile left of the bowl and the burner near the switch will stop, timed though. So quickly run to the switch and pull, then stay low (duck) and crawl off the ramp (it was possible to get there crawling too). The switch turned off a flame on a pillar below, walk to the edge of the floor opposite the trigger tile and drop to the now safe pillar below, jump to the SW corner to get Secret #4, a Golden Skull.

Jump and grab back to the pillar and stand jump straight down to a ledge E, another hop to get into the open gate and get the Scroll of Destiny. Get out and jump straight to a block, turn around and run jump NE to the ledge under the ladder. Climb back up and jump S to the ledge, go to the W wall and jump/grab to the crack right of the burner. Shimmy along the crack to the right. At the end let go and slide back and grab the edge. Pull up and backflip (no roll) to land on the pillar behind you. Face N and stand jump/grab to the slanted pillar, pull up over the top and slide to jump/grab from the end to the next pillar, pull up and slide, jump to the block and then to the ledge with the stand where the Scroll of Destiny can be used to open the gate.

The level ends with a nice flyby…