The Zoprium Project I

"The strange Lab of Nevada."

by TRBC.

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Cannot be played to the end on the Mac as it will crash after the Basement level and youíll be missing some fly byís. But Mac owners can try this level as far as Research just to have a look at the beginning of this level series as that is worth while. Some folks say that they didnít use the Patch.

For the PC I had to use the patch as the Research level wouldnít start without it.

Note by the builders: A lot of people say that the enemies are too hard to kill. Well, we did put a lot of boxes and other things, so the player could use some kind of strategy to beat them. It would be cool if you could add this info, just jump and shoot wont help to kill them.

Level 1 The Call.

2 Secrets

After a very nice opening Movie Lara we find Lara in the mansion.


Run to the hall and down to the front door to find the note in the mailbox left of the door.


Here a cut scene will start the level and a transcript of the dialog with this cut scene is HERE if you like to read it:

Go back inside and into the cell on the left to get the Crowbar from the mound SE, the crate is empty. Go out to the cavern and NE behind the pool, N down the slope into a cave and go into the tunnel NE, crawl through to a crowbar door, use the crowbar on the door and grab Secret #1, Uzi Ammo from under a box. Get out from the crawlspace.

Go NW, follow through, shoot two vultures when you come into the second canyon, go to river W and to the waterfall NW, and wade into the cave under the waterfall and go through the tunnel W, shoot spiders and climb on block NW and jump to the next. Jump/grab S (itís a long jump, hold the forward key and grab at the very last moment), climb up the wall there and climb left to drop onto the ledge, look up SW and jump/grab to the climbable wall again with a fresh flare, go right and up into a crevice to get Secret #2, the Shotgun. Climb back down and left to drop onto the ledge again, go E and look for an opening in the E wall, just besides and lower than this ledge and stand jump/grab jump into that opening.

From the main passage go into the first passage on the right and follow through a crawlspace on the right (spiders everywhere), follow through to a room with machines and use the levers NW and SE. Jump/grab up to the higher ledge and enter open door S.

Shoot boxes and get flares and the Silver Key, some of the boxes contain Snakes as youíll soon find out, so better shoot them one by one. Go back through the passages N and through the crawlspace to the crossing at the main passage, continue E and end up in the waterfall room.

Drop down from the N end of the ledge and go along the shore to the falls S, go left along the path. You can jump S and use a ladder SE but you also can dive into the water below and get out SW at the tunnel (short cut).

Follow through and shoot a box for a small medipack and use the key next to the cage W. This opens the cage, get flares and Basement Keys. Use that on the right door.


Level 2 The basement.

4 Secrets.

Go left around the pool and hop onto the block SE, climb the N wall there. Take a stand jump and grab N, shimmy around the left corner and pull up, safety drop immediately and pull up again, to trigger the Boulder.

Jump to ledge NW and from there jump/grab S, shimmy around the left corner and pull up, safety drop immediately and pull up again, to trigger the Boulder, pull up and go into opening. Shoot a Snake and a Vulture and go SW to a deep gorge.

Jump over the waterfall to the other side and go around the gorge to the cactus SE (shoot more Snakes), get into a crawlspace there for Secret # 1, Uzi ammo.

For now go SW and into opening to a cave.

Save at the first tunnel on left, run in and quickly duck right into crawlspace, get flares S and Uzi ammo behind the rock N. Back through the crawlspace and go where the Boulder came out, crawl in for Secret # 2, the Uzi.

Back out and to the main tunnel. Head left and pass the Boulder to come to another canyon, before walking the rope first go to a rock N (on your right). Run jump/grab N and climb the wall in front of you, turn right and climb even higher to get small medipack and Shotgun ammo. Now there are 2 ways to get to where you have to.

1: Get down and sometimes Lara doesnít grab so if you slide down into the water below you can climb up again on blocks S. Go back S to the ledge and now walk the tight rope.

2: From the pickup; Climb down to the rock pillar and climb around to the N side of it. Go left against the wall and up as high as possible, just backflip/ no roll and land on a slanted rock, slide and jump curving hard right to land at the crawlspace at the end of the tight rope

Get into the crawlspace and drop down.

At the slope, save and donít slide down but side flip, side flip back, the Boulder is gone (Or just slide down, wait a fraction of a second, then backflip and jump from the slope and the Boulder will p[ass underneath). Get the Shotgun ammo and another Shotgun and follow the way the Boulder went.

Outside at the canyon, run jump over the river onto the opposite lower block, climb up and enter W.


Now first jump down into the lower tunnel to get some Uzi ammo get back out (facing E) turn around and save. Run to the ridge ahead and duck against it to let the boulder go overhead. Go up where the boulder came from. A flyby shows a dead guy with a Fuse. Walk the tight rope across the cavern. Go S and jump/grab to the slanted ledge, shimmy left around the corner and at end pull up/backflip/roll/grab and hoist up. Jump/grab to rope W and swing on the higher W ledge. Go into opening and face E to climb down a pit.

At the end of that tunnel is a ladder and go to the soldier (you can decide to lure the Snakes away and quickly, get the Fuse while ducking orÖ) Shoot the Snakes and go between his hips and arm to get Fuse#1 while ducking.

Back up the ladder and up in the pit to get back to the top of the cavern and use the rope to get to the middle bridge and just run jump/grab down straight E, to avoid walking the tight rope again.

Jump in the river and swim S, hoist up S and you can climb up some rocks to get to the top, another vulture attacks. Go S into the cave, pass the boulder and follow the cave to the gorge with the waterfall, for a Secret you have to climb a slanted rock left as soon as you come into the canyon, turn S and run jump/grab to a rock there, climb up to a cavern above the one you just came out of and follow in to get Secret # 3, a medipack. Get down from this ledge again and now go straight up the hill NW, you can jump onto the corner of it. Climb up N and follow through to a very small stream, shoot the Snakes and follow the stream into the cavern. Go left, climb the rocks next to the waterfall and open the door on the left with the switch after you got the flyby.

Go in and take the first right. Shoot two guys and the one on the W walkway has a small medipack. Jump down and also search the cupboards for Shotgun ammo and Uzi ammo. Climb up the walkway E and go behind the swinging crane, the door opens when approaching and the guy leaves the Silver Key.

Jump on the crate in the corner and get into crawlspace. Go left and get Secret # 4, a small medipack.

Go back out, mind the crane and leave the room (S), go left and out to the stream and use the Key E. Enter the house left and use the switch and the lever, a door opens W as a shortcut. Go through that door into the room with the cranes and climb up to the walkway E, go S and right at the crossing to come to a room you just opened. Go to the switch on the N wall as the others seam to be broken, throwing the switch will cut the power in the room with the cranes. Go back to the room with the cranes and up on the walkway W, left to the crane there and get the Card Key.

Jump down onto the crates and go straight E, through the open door to the house, out right and left to a waterfall in the NE, go under the waterfall, shoot the guy and stand on top of that little hill to get onto the central block. From there make your way to the switch on the beam in the SE corner and save.

This is a timed run to the opposite side (N) over the beams. Pull the switch, hop back turning left and run jump with a curve to the next block, landing on the right hand side run with a left curve and jump with a right curve to the next, hop back to do a last run jump and get through the door (if you donít curve, the space on the beams will be too short for a run jump).

In the next room 2 guys attack. Shoot them and look under a crate to find flares and a small medipack from a guard. Go right and S at the crossing to the room at the end, shoot all the guys there, then shoot all boxes and get Uzi ammo and a small medipack. In the cupboard is another medipack (you probably need those by now)

Use the two levers W and also the one E. Go back to the passage and walk it to the end (N), go right, over some extinguished burners and use switch at the end. Go into the next room and the gate closes. Go left to the closed gate and open it with the Card Key. Shoot all boxes and get some Uzi ammo E, then light a flare to spot the switch on the N wall. Throw it to open a gate in the far S room. Go S and crawl under drills and pass the emitters. Use the switch, opening up yet another route.

Go left (S) again and to the room S to find the S gate open, enter that open gate. Careful as there are more drills and emitters. In the next room jump left around the corner, then a stand jump/grab to the next. Shimmy right around one corner and pull up on the next corner, stand jump/grab to the next platform in the corner, turn around and run jump/grab up to the walkway a bit left of the burner platform. Climb up the walkway and use the lever W. Go to the NE corner of the walkway and run down onto a platform with an open gate.

Look down in the next room after taking care of the resistance, a Silver Key is dropped by the right hand guard, but it is possible it fell to on the floor below and a small medipack under a shootable crate E. Climb back up again and jump to the other side. Face S and jump/grab the cage there, climb up and even higher. There is a switch W in an alcove. Just over the entrance of the room. Run jump/grab in there and use the switch, run jump back to one of the walkways and go down one walkway and go to the NE corner. Run jump into the opening there and shoot the 3 guys. Pick up the Basement Key and use the Silver Key on the door there. Get a small medipack on the highest crate.


Back out and climb up W (thereís nothing to do at the pit with the drills N) to get back to the room with the walkways, stand jump left around the corner to the walkway with the closed gate and use the basement Key. Find Fuse # 2 in the cupboard and some Uzi ammo in the other. Use the switch (NW) next to the first cupboard. (opens the door to get out again)

Go back out and jump around the walkways to the W side, get into the emitters room and go to the SW corner (I went over the upper walkway and jumped down on the ledge near the exit and from there into the opening). Pass the drills and emitter and leave through one of the open gates left in the room where all the boxes were before. Go to the waterfall and over the stream into the building, through the door W into the crane area, jump up to the W side walkway and go right. At the end you can use the switch to open a gate to the Store room (later). Go back a bit and take the first opening on your left, shoot the guys in the next room and place the two Fuses in there.

Getting the Main-frames to work.

The door N opens, in here are two Main-frames (push blocks), one on the right is # 1 and the one on the left # 2 (see the top of the block), they have to go into the alcoves on the higher ledge N. Push them one by one onto that marked tile and go W and to the end and then right and left. Push a block there as far as and shoot the smallest box for Uzi ammo.

Go out and go straight and a bit left into a room NE and use the switch there (2 Guys attack) to raise and lower the block to get the Main-frames in their place (you have to go back to this switch a couple of times).

After the Main-frames are in place the lights go on in a room. Go into the W passage again and after the second camera change, go left (S). Open the door with the switch and use lever inside (the crates hanging on cranes in the Store room are re-positioned), go back out to the Main-frames room, S to the fuse room, out S to the passage and go right to the Store room.

Jump down on the floor and climb up the gray block hanging from the crane and jump into the opening S after shooting the guard. Use the lever there and get a flyby of the exit door. Back on grey block (I had to jump down to the floor and climb up again) and now jump to the yellow one and jump W to the exit door.

Level 3 The Research Complex.

2 Secrets

Climb the long ladder. When you get the flyby, 2 Vultures will attack and if you go stand in front of the fountain and push Ctrl Lara will drink the water (nice animation).

Go N into the Storage area and shoot the guard, NW is a Bike and SE in the corner is a crawlspace. After a long crawl watch out and donít stand up yet as a laser is guarding a Secret. When the laser is going away from Lara stand up, walk forward a bit and run jump over the laser, run to the end and quickly crawl in to get Secret # 1, a medipack.

Get out and back to the Storage room.

The Bike.

Nothing more to do than get the bike and ride out and follow the tracks to the right. Go over the water and go around a corner right and leave the bike for a bit near that wooden bridge. Go to the building and go left, go around on ledges way up into an opening NW and into a crawlspace for a Secret #2, a small medipack, a Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.

Get out of the opening and go back over the ledges to the rock bridge E. one level down (if you happen to fall in the water, swim E and right around the corner to where you can climb out in the channel there). Look for the big stone pillars standing in front of the building, a long run jump and grab at the last moment will get you onto the first pillar. Run jumps over the pillars to the far E one and left to the ledge in front of the building, look for the entrance.

Enter, and run around to the stairs of this big Control room, go down and shoot the two guys for the Uzi and Uzi ammo.

The Mutant Research Area.

Go back upstairs and the gates far left and far right open up. Go to the left hand one (SE), follow through to where you have to shoot a bunch of guys, get the Uzi ammo and the Blue Plug, go into the room N and shoot the guard to get his small medipack. Return to the big Control room S and go over the walkway to the NE gate. The camera changes, but there is a passage, follow through after the flyby and you can shoot the first Mutant, grab the Chip Fragment on the floor near the W end of the drawing-table.. The switch E in this room is for later. Go back into the S corridor and on the opposite wall is a switch, shoot a guard for a small medipack.

Set them Free.

You can free the monsters by using the S switch and you have to kill them all in one cage (Tip: Pull the switch S and backflip/roll, sprint back into the corridor and into the opposite room, the big Mutants have some trouble getting through the low corridor, giving you some advantage) Go into the NW cage and find the second Chip Fragment on the floor (NW). Go back to the corridor and into the room N where you found the first fragment, open the door E and go in to use the Blue Plug in the receptacle to the right. The lasers are disabled.

Go back to the corridor and E to the hall where the Lasers were. In the back you can climb the ladder to just under the laser, back flip and jump to the ladder over the laser. Climb into the upper passage. Another laser is there. Jump over the laser and get Shotgun ammo NE and combine the 2 Chip fragments to use the Chip on that Machine E. The flyby will show the gate to the lower Research area opening up. Nothing more to do here than get out of this building the way you came.

The Security Zone.

I jumped on the rock at the E wall and from there a nice swan dive into the water. Climb up the rocks W and enter the building N. "All weapons must be checked".. yeah sure. Head up a ramp E and up the stairs. You can there open the gate to the big Control room you were before. That is the way back youíll need later.


Now you have to get down and out over the bridge and take the bike with you. Drive back and just out of the cavern you can see that rock on the right, make a turn around it, jump over the ramp to the opening E. Go up the ramp and leave the bike there for now. Turn N and jump over the ledges along the W rock face to the end and turn around, jump and grab the rock wall S, climb up and start jumping S now and at the corner a run jump with a right curve so youíll slide to grab the edge, shimmy left and pull up to backflip/roll/grab, go on over the ledges till you are on the level of the building you saw in the earlier flyby. Shoot the blokes and go over the stream to enter, there are 2 more guards patrolling there.

The Tanks.

Inside go left or right, but when you go right you can have another drink of water. Whichever way you took, get into the Central room.

Climb one of the ladders to the walkway above, go to Tank #1 and hop over the fence into the water, go one level down and into the upper opening E, follow the passage to a closed gate and open it with the switch, go right into the Central room again and up the ladder to get into Tank #2.

Swim one level down and into a similar opening E, go to the gate and open it, get into the Central room. Up the ladder and to the room E. In the back of that room are 2 passages. One marked Tank #1 and the other Tank #2, go into each and throw a switch to drain each tank (there could be a bug here as you leave the tank could fill up again). Get back and down in the Central room to go to the passage S and through the opened gate to the now drained Tank #1, take the right hand passage inside and follow to a shaft, jump/grab the ladder on the right hand wall and go down to the shallow water, climb the ledge left of the ladder to get the Bronze Key there. Jump/grab back to the ladder and go up to the passage and back to the Central room, go through to the N side passage and E into the open gate to Tank #2.

Follow down and go over the ledge to the passage N, follow to a small room with a switch, throw it to open a gate in a crawlspace E. Go back up to the Central room, up the ladder and to the Flood switches E, throw both flood switches to fill the Tanks again. Go to the walkway at Tank #1 and dive in, one level down and now into a tunnel S, follow and climb out where you can use the Bronze Key to open the gate (Here I had a bug and I had to go back to a saved game and then the door slowly opened).

Laser-traps and 1st Yellow Plug.

Stand in the middle of the room, run when the lasers go aside and jump/grab up to the concrete ledge, just hang there and when the nearby laser moves aside you can pull up. Run jump to the next ledge E and go into the back room to get the 1st Yellow Plug behind the radar screen. Go back with run jump/grabs to get to the open gate W and make your way back to the walkway in the Central room to hop into Tank #2

Gap in the wall for the 2nd Yellow Plug.

Swim one level down and into a tunnel N, follow through to that crawlspace with the 2nd Yellow Plug in the room beyond. Swim back and out E, go to the Central room and up the ladder, then up the stairs W and to the platform NW. from which you can run jump/grab to the rope E. swing over the fence E and place the yellow Plugs to open the gate. Shoot the Guard to get the Guardís Keys and youíre done here.

So get out, jump/with a grab over the fence to one of the walkways below and go to the ground floor, get out of the building W, go S and run jump over the ledges to the W, at the corner you can just run off onto a pointy rock below and go to your Bike. Get on the Bike and ride down W. go right into the cavern and to the building over the wooden bridge and park the bike at the entrance. Go in and use the Key on the door W. Going in will scare "mister scary pants" and he runs off. Go outside and into the Garage W.

The only thing in the garage is another bike you can use. So hop over the bike follow the jeep. Jump a few pits and youíll come to where the jeep crashed. Get off the bike and take the paper the guy is holding. Itís an old map of Scotland. The levels end here for now.

During the final conversation the level crashed in my game.