Jutmundus - The Gatehouse.

Level by Aza.

Authorized walkthrough G&D Productions


Lara reads about the legend of Jutmundus, and his sword of power, Durandal...

In the year 778 the Frankish hero Orlando killed the giant called Jutmundus, and took the giants sword, as his own.

Orlando himself, in turn, was killed not long afterwards.

His small band of soldiers were seriously outnumbered, and eventually overwhelmed, by the Moors.

Realising he was about to lose his life, he tried, in vain, to destroy Durandal by smashing the blade against the side of the mountain.

But the sword did not break!

Such was the power of the sword, all he succeeded in doing was to rend the mountain in two!

When he couldn't break the sword he cast it into a deep river of poisoned water, where it still lies today...

...or does it?

Having kept track of the sword, and it's various owners, throughout the Eons, a mysterious order of monks retrieved it.

They took it back to their monastery high in the mountains and dismantled it.

The power of the sword came from the 4 holy relics that were encased in it's hilt.

They are...  A vial of blood from ST Basil.

                 A lock of hair from ST Denys.

                 A tooth from ST Peter.

                 A small shred of cloth from the cloak of the Virgin Mary.

The 4 holy relics were taken away to various parts of the world and hidden.

Lara decides she would like the Durandal to add to her collection of artifacts; and sets off on another adventure.

She eventually finds the legendary Gatehouse, the guardian gateway to the castle of Jutmundus.

Many have tried, and failed, to find a way through the Gatehouse, paying for their failure with their lives.

Only the righteous will prevail...

The Start.

Lara slides down and she has to avoid the emitters in front of her to jump into the hole. There is a lever in there, so pull it and hop back immediately. If you look up you can see a boulder passing over. Pick up the small medipack, lying on the floor. Climb out, mind the emitters and jump over the hole and through the now open door. Jump on the left of the ball and shoot a spider. Go down the stairs (you hear a door opening and later closing again, that is a gate half way down the stairs so you canít go back anymore) and jump in the water. Follow through and swim left around the room with the fence so you can swim through the opening in the end and up into the big shaft to some precious air.

The Big Shaft, the Toothpick.

Looking down to the bottom there are 5 holes in the floor, swim down and get the Toothpick (Crowbar) from the bottom of the one in the middle.

Turn around and swim into the opening NE (blue tiles). There is an underwater lever that opens the gate behind Lara. Swim in and up and climb out. In the SW corner are some flares. Remember this place, as it will come pretty handy in a minute. Face S and jump in again and swim out. Now swim to the SW corner (red tiles) and use the underwater lever, roll and swim back to the one NE (blue tiles) and swim in through the open gate and around this underwater structure, making sure that the Sea Hag is following you, and climb out the water (when she is in the opening where you climb out). Run forward into the other hole and swim to the lever, use it again and the Hag is trapped. In the opening where the Hag came out (NW) is another small medipack. After that youíd better get some air first so up to the surface.

The Sewer Key

Face the E wall and dive, halfway down is an opening and around the corner in the end of this passage grab the medipack. Swim out and to the surface to get some air. Dive all the way down again and swim directly into the hole in the SE corner and into the passage. Use two underwater levers near the gates and grab the Sewer Key. You can take a breather if you swim up over the key but donít forget to take the Key with you. Dive again and swim back to the shaft, almost all the way up to the surface. In the W wall is an opening, swim in, you might hold in a bit at the gap in the floor as a boulder will come crashing down, climb out of the water.

The Sewers

Use the Key W and enter the gate (it takes a second or so for the door to open). Go to the right and shoot the spider. Retrace your steps, go into the water and walk to the NE end. Dive down and up again and save before climbing out.

Go as far as to the right, hoist up and jump up to grab that monkey climb. A boulder comes crashing down. Let go and continue up the ramp and get Secret #1, arrows, a medipack and revolver ammo.

Go back into the water and swim back to the sewers. Climb out and go into the passage NW. There is a pushable block on top of the stairs. Push it as far as it will go. It has to be placed on the tile on the right and N.

In the mean time a skeleton will drop down and starts pestering Lara. It canít be helped so keep pushing and once the block is in its place you can climb on top of it. If you need a breather from the skeleton run into the opening that is in the left hand (W) wall, go right up the stairs, turn left at the first possibility and jump across the gap with the spikes in. Turn left again and wait at the top of the slide. The skeleton has to take the long route around so wait for it to get near you before sliding down.

The Crucifix

Once on top of the push block, grab the monkey bars and go around two corners, and then into the opening on the left. Get the shotgun ammo and the Shotgun, hop up again to grab the monkey bars and continue towards a jump lever S.

Once on the floor again run forward and go right into the opening in the W wall, right on the steps around the next corner. I jumped over the spikes so I could shoot the skeletons in the spikes. Now go down the steps around the corner, jump into the hole, pry the Crucifix loose from the wall and pick up the small medipack.

Another Sewer Key.

Climb up S (you could shoot the skeleton into this hole now if you like) and follow through, slide down into the room with the push block and the gate E is open. Grab the Sewer Key and use it on the gate S. Leave this room and jump over the water and use the Crucifix next to the closed gate in the water.

The Crossbow.

Jump in and wade through W keeping near the left wall, a boulder comes crashing down, continue for a bit and watch for a climbable wall on the left (different texture). Once up follow through, jump up E, and hop over the opening in the floor. At the end save.

Jump on the slope, slide a bit and jump up to grab a monkey climb. When you get to the other side let go straight away, as two spiders will attack Lara. Follow through and around the corner a spike trap is triggered. Watch out for the opening in the middle and you have to choose in this room what you want, a medipack W or two times shotgun ammo E (taking the one will make the other inaccessible). In the N is the Crossbow.

Conveyor belts. (Map)

The doors N open up, take the left passage do a running jump/grab straight from the door, cling on to the edge and shimmy left around one corner and along to the far corner. Oops, conveyer belts, your first jump has to be to the N and on the next belt youíll go right and jump/grab from the end to that ledge (Maybe just let yourself ride the belt around once so you know when you have to jump).

When you pull yourself up you will be facing the correct direction, after sliding two squares jump forward (over the belt going right and a spike ledge below) and grab the next set of conveyers.

Shimmy to the left side (not really necessary) and pull yourself up, after sliding two squares you will do a sharp turn to the right.

At the very edge of this slide, jump forward again and grab the edge of the wall, and then pull yourself up.  

Fight for Revolver and Laser Sight.

There is a lever on the right, use it. This one disables the spikes N. Jump to that ledge and let Lara stand with her back against the wall, stand jump forward and use the grab key so sheíll grab the ladder. Climb almost down to the bottom and back flip. Now arm yourself as a nasty big spider will come for you and if that is not enough also will the Hammer Guy

Best thing to do and it also rewards you with a weapon, is to avoid them both by running around. The spider will kill the Hammer Guy. When he is dead he drops the Revolver. There is also a small medipack in the fountain.

Then go into the opening E and into that passage on the left. Another giant spider comes out. After that one is dead, go back to that passage and find the Laser Sight in the corner.

Run jump over the spike trap back to the ladder and climb it almost to the top and back flip. Take a curved running jump (no Ctrl) to the right (SW) where the lever is and go up the steps. Beetles attack, I ran back and jumped to that ledge around the corner and waited for the beetles to drop into the room below, or hang on the edge and you might have to repeat that process to get rid of them all.

Go back up the steps and halfway on the W wall (where those beetles came out) is an opening. Jump up and crawl in and use the lever in there and watch the cut scene of a gate opening up and a lever appearing. 

Getting the Indy Skull

Get out and continue up the steps and go to the right (W). Up the ladder and get that medipack from the water. Climb out W and spikes start popping up, turn around and shoot the right hand vase up E on the ledge above (retracts spikes at the ladder in the spike passage behind you), another turn around, sprint into the right hand corner and climb the ladder. Almost at the top back flip and take a running jump (no Ctrl) to the other side. Use the lever and watch the fly by.

Do not forget to take Indyís Skull with you (where you shot that vase). Safety drop from the ledge and down the ladder E and go to the E into the open doors.

Going for the Gatehouse Star

To the left near a closed gate you can place the Skull. This triggers skeletons, so try to shoot their heads off from standing on a crate.

Or...Run past them up the ramp S and turn right into the room they came out of, turn left there and jump over the pit to blast the skeletons as they jump over. Don't worry if you have run out of shotgun ammo, there is some shotgun ammo to pick up on the crates as you first enter this room. This ammo will reappear every time you run out.

Go to the far N end of this room, under the vase is a spider. Jump over the boxes and get the small medipack there. Go back and on the box in the entrance get the shotgun ammo.Jump S over the pit and get the Gatehouse Star 2 from the pedestal S. Turn around and use the lever to watch another fly by.

Jump over the pit again and go investigate the gate near where you placed the skull before. Save before doing so as this is a trap but nice to do it at least once. Back up the ramp and left into the now open doors.

Pool Room

In the N wall are two pushable blocks. Pull the right hand one all the way and push it to the E once. Enter the passage and pull once the block at the end. Run around and now push that block once again. Again run around and push it W into the corner. Now go back to the first block and pull it once so that it stands in front of that marked tile. Go through the S passage to push it on that tile.

Climb on the block and take a running jump to the next standing in the pool. Shoot the vase and then use the zip line and jump off at the right time to get to that block in the water where the vase was. Face W and shoot the vase in the tunnel, this opens a gate in the water on the E, before jumping in the water you better wait a bit for another Hag comes swimming out that passage.

Now dive in and through the gate (you could hang off the W side of the block to lure the Hag to that side giving you some time to get through the underwater gate safely with a run jump), at the end hoist up and avoid the flame emitters. Follow through, jump down and get the Gatehouse Star 1.

The door S opens and around the corner you have to place the two Stars in their receptacles left and right. Go through the gate to where a flyby takes over.

End of this level.