The Crystals of Amun.

Level by Dennis16.

Walkthrough by Dutchy.


About 2000 years ago, five Egyptian Gods reigned over the cities in which their temples and sanctuaries were build: Amun, Sobek, Osiris, Thot, Hathor. Thot reigned in Hermopolis and owned the Crystal of Time, which is today owned by the American research company PSA. Scientists had found it during an expedition into the ruins of the sanctuary of Thot in Hermopolis and now they take care of it in the museum of an institute in Fayyum (Egypt). Under the ground of this building researchers found a way to a cave. This cave shall be a way to the mystical ruins of the town Crocodilopolis, where the crystal of Amun is still hidden. Sobek, the King of Crocodilopolis was the owner of this crystal. In an oasis should be the crystal of vegetation, which was owned by Osiris. About the last two crystals, the crystal of wealth and the crystal of power there is known not very much. Today they are no more in the temples in Dendera.

There are no Binoculars in this level and I really think thatís a miss.

1 - PSA Research Centre.

Lara slides into the Ventilation system of the PSA Centre, crawl through the duct and drop into the office, get a small medipack from the cabinet to the right and head out to the Corridor, straight into the opposite passage and right, shoot the Thug (leaves a small medipack) and come to a small room, thereís a button on the E wall, just next to the closed passage there. Push it and return to the W, go straight and right around the corner into an open Store room. First visit the room N and get the Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack. Then go back to the previous room and pull the crate standing W to the N, then push it next to the crate E so you have room to get the crate SW out of the entrance to a passage.

The Shotgun.

Follow down into a cellar, to the W is a closed door and a Thug will come out of a passage NE, after you shot him you can pick up the Flares he will drop. Go down into the cellar NE and up the ledge E, follow through to a basement with a pool, dive in and swim through an under water tunnel to a room with some Shotgun Ammo and an under water lever, throw the lever to open that door where you shot the last Thug. Go back and just dodge the Rat after climbing out at the pool, go through SE and back up to the cellar S, into the open door and follow in to another Store room, along the W wall are some crates, pull the pushable one all the way to the other side of the room (where you came in) so youíll have room to pull the one standing in the wall out of there, move it aside and get you reward, Secret #1, the Shotgun.

The Floor Key.

Climb the crates and look for an opening up in the wall SE, jump/grab to it and follow up to a Corridor with a closed door to the right, go straight and left of the lower door is a switch to open the door, go in (left is another closed door) and follow through to a Hallway with a vending machine. Open the small door W and step inside a Control room and find a switch on the main-frame SW, a Thug comes in, shoot him for the small medipack he will drop and head back out, right and right into the now open door, in that room is the Floor Key (NE). Back out and right (E) to the higher Corridor where you can now use the Key in the keyhole to open the door N. Go in and in the room is a ladder to climb one floor up turn around and jump to the alcove N, to the left is a Medipack.

The Upper Floors.

Then go back and into the passage S, follow through to a large Store room where 2 Thugs will attack. One of which will drop a small medipack. Go into the SW corner and pull a crate out of the passage so you can enter and crawl through the crawlspace to another corridor leading to a room with Uzi Ammo to the left and a switch on the main-frame E (opening a door near the Store room). Go back to the Store room and up the red steps E where that door opened up. Step into the office and find the Book-switch in the NW corner, throw it to open a door SE and go to the cabinet NE, stand one step back from the doors and open them to get a small medipack. Then go through the open door SE and come to a Corridor (to the left is a big gate), follow through to the E and into a large room with a big window looking out to a square, 2 Thugs attack, go find a Jump switch on the W wall, just around the right hand bookcase as you enter the room.

That big gate back in the corridor opens up and a door to the outer area can be opened, go N and get the Medipack and Uzi Ammo from the Garbage bins (shoot them) and head into the S square, climb into the crawlspace SW and follow through to a room with a sarcophagus, go around the sarcophagus into a small room with a button on a main-frame, push it to open a door out on the square. Get the Uzi Ammo in the alcove W before you return outside and go N and left past the steps to shoot another Garbage bin in the back alley to get the Shotgun Ammo. Now go up the steps where the door opened and follow into a crawlspace, drop in and fall way down into the water, climb out at the grating, you donít have to shoot it, you can just crawl through.

The Sewers.

In the sewers some Rats are running around, shoot them all and dive in, swim into the S end for the Flares and head N, right around the corner and climb out to the right, just before the pillar, get the small medipack and run jump across to the NE corner ledge, follow the steps up to a duct leading into a passage, crawl through and go right (E), open the door and go get the Flares from the cabinet, back to the passage and follow W to a hall with 2 Basins, one filled one dry, weíll need a Fuse to get water in the dry pool, so head into the passage W and right into the first opening, push the button there to open a door in the upper level of the Basin Hall, go on up the steps and around the right hand side of the walkway above the Basins, into the passage SE and come to the room where the door opened.

The Blue Fuse.

Along the S wall are 2 lower floor parts, they are deadly! The one SE holds the fuse but you canít get it without getting torched and thatís where the open door comes in. Stand close to the wall near that Fuse, facing the door to the open door E and top up the health, run onto the Blue Fuse, get it and quickly run through the open door into the water, dive to the bottom for a Medipack and get back out. Now enter the doorway N and go right (E), climb over the crates and get the Shotgun Ammo in the end of the passage, go back and now head straight W, follow the steps to where youíll come to a drop off and drop down into the Basin below. Climb out N and place the Blue Fuse in the Pump NW and the second Basin will fill up, a tunnel now available. Swim across and dive into the pool, swim through the tunnel to a dark place.

The Yellow Fuse.

To the N is a crawlspace, first go S into a room with a button, push it and get a Medipack near the grated window N, return to the passage with the crawlspace and go through to a lower passage where a door opened, go left inside and up to a ladder. Follow the passage to a room with crates, run jump to the walkway with the doors and climb down the crates to the floor, get the Uzi Ammo and go over the crates into the SW corner. Push the button to open a door on the walkway above, so climb back up and enter, Go down and right into the next passage to pull a switch that will open the second door on the walkway, so climb back up (youíll be back here later) and go into the W door. Straight and right around the corner is a button, push it to open a door up the steps N, follow the steps up to a room with Swinging Chains.

Go along the right hand side of the room to get some Uzi Ammo and return to go into the left hand side of the room, in the corner youíll slide into an alley with 2 Bins, shoot them to get the Yellow Fuse and then slide down into the opening N. youíll slide back into the first room with the button, where the Fire now extinguished, shoot the Thug to get his small medipack and head into the passage SE, go through the crawlspace and follow that passage up the ladder to the Store room, jump across to the walkway and enter N, go down and left to a room with a Pump place the Yellow Fuse and the door will open up.

The Lost Access Card.

Go through and left in the next passage, shoot the Guard and come to a room with a grated pillar. Climb it to backflip onto the ledge N and run jump around the room to the SE where you can run jump/grab to a Jump switch on the E wall, a door opens up in the W side of the room. Enter the Control room at the Croc-pool and crawl underneath the pipe in the W, climb through the gap up left and get Secret #2, the Uzis. Get back and head into the passage N. follow up to a room where you can open the door to the Croc-pool with the button next to it, shoot the Croc coming out and go inside, take care of the remaining 2 Crocs and dive into the water to get the Lost Access Card. Return to the Control room and head out E, shoot the Guard in the next room and go left into the passage N at the grated pillar, go straight to the end of that passage to use the Card in the reader. In the next room you can climb up into a duct in the left wall, follow the ducts through to a slide and on the ledge in front of the shaft is a Medipack.

Get that and take some medication before you safety drop down, eliminate the Guard and take the Desert Eagle Clips from the pedestal, the Guard dropped a small medipack and in the boxes W, in front of the treasure room are some Shotgun Ammo pickups. Head into the passage N and left into the Visitors area, shoot the Guard and in the cabinet is a small medipack, then climb the sarcophagus to get Valuable Item #1 and go out of the room. Go left into the corridor and then right to a small blue door, enter the office and approach the desk with the Computer, Lara will read whatís on the screen, but I couldnít really make out what she said, it has to do with the Crystal of Time?

As soon as you leave the room a cut scene will show a Guard coming out of a door, head back to the Main Hall with the treasure room and shoot the Guard, enter the passage E and go up to another Hall with a Guard, take him out and get the Eagle Clips, on a pedestal is Valuable Item #2, go back to the Main Hall and to the door in the SW corner, combine the 2 Items to open the door with the Egyptian Sceptre and go in to get the Crystal of Time from the treasure room. Another door opens in the main hall and a Guard will come for you, so be ready to take him out and go into the door S in the Main Hall. Slide down the sandy slopes into the excavation site and drop into the opening between the blocks.

Level 2 - Caves Of Sobek.

After sliding down into the excavated passages, go W into a chamber with Uzi- and Shotgun Ammo, return to the crossing and go left (N), past a closed door left to crawl underneath the Drill and in the next room is a button right to open the door left, another drill has to be passed and then follow the passage to push the button in the end, follow back past the 2 Drills and the door opened at the second Drill, go in and make your way down through the crawlspaces and tunnels into the Caves of Sobek, a flyby takes over. Walk up to the edge of the cliff and shoot the 2 Crocs in the pool below.

Dive in and get the 2x Uzi Ammo scattered on the bottom. Climb out S and go into a tunnel to get the small medipack. Then go to the NW corner and into the cave there, follow through to a cave where an Engineer will attack.

The Excavations Key.

Go to the front of the metal shack and climb up to the roof, on the back of the roof youíll find Secret #3, Flares and Eagle Clips, go back down and enter the shack, go left into an office and push the button on the wall to open the door in the Cave, another Engineer storms in, shoot him and go outside to enter the door W. Follow through to a partially excavated cave, down below is a closed door we need to find the key for. So jump to the N side blue beam and head S over the rocks along the E wall to a tunnel there. Youíll come to a tunnel with water, shoot the Croc and dive in, swim through the tunnel E and climb up in another cave, go up the hill to the shack and grab up to the roof of it. Climb down into a space W of the shack and push the button there, go back and find the open door NE of the shack. Inside to the right is the Excavations Key. Dive into the water in that room and the current will take you down a waterfall back to that first cave with the lake. Climb out NW and follow the tunnels back to the cave with the metal shack, shoot the Dog youíll encounter and go through the same door W to get to the Excavated cave, go down the ledges this time and shoot the Engineer, open the door NE and enter the Excavation. Slide down the slope and turn left to a large cave with a Guardian stand as the flyby shows.

The Excavation.

Head back E though that wide passage, coming into the next cave youíll find a sand hill to the left, you have to get up there and the easiest way is just to jump up to the hill on the left side of it (NW corner). Or you can go up the ledges SW and grab the ceiling to use the monkey bars to get to a pillar E and jump to the hill. Either way, continue through the gate and go down onto the ledge below, want a Secret?, grab the W wall and shimmy right to an alcove, get Secret #4, another Uzi. Best shimmy back to the entrance ledge and face into the room to see the slanted wall. Hop onto the wall, jump over the gaps and at the end a jump/grab to a crack in the N wall, shimmy left to an alcove for the Uzi Ammo and then shimmy all the way right to a crawlspace, pull up in and follow through. Climb up several times till you can go into a short passage S, pull the switch there to open a gate in the Guardian cave and raise a block just left of this passage as you exit again, climb the block, go up S and follow through till you are back at the E Cave.

The Hathor Effigy.

Drop down and head W through the passage to the Guardian cave, go to the opened gate N, go in and just keep going along the right hand wall. Just around the corner you can drop down E onto a lower ledge, look E and in the right hand corner is an opening in the wall, run jump E with a right curve to land inside that opening and go up into the next room to get the Hathor Effigy, shoot the Bat and run jump left out of the passage to climb back up to the ledges and return E to the Guardian cave, go SE.

Get up onto the block near the entrance and shoot the 2 Dogs (could be they appear an other moment), then run jump/grab to the pillars S and head W to the ledge at an opening in the S wall.

The Ornate Handle.

Just run in and slide down to a lower area, follow into the next cave through a small gap, go around left to the other side of the fenced off area and shoot the Engineer, head into the passage W to push the button there, back up into the cave, shoot a Dog and go around the fenced off area to the SE corner where another door opened. Inside youíll find the Ornate Handle. Go out right and climb the rock in the NE corner, get through the crawlspace and follow the tunnel to the sand hill. You canít go up the hill, so face the E wooden pillar and climb up. Go left around to a ledge and grab the edge of that ledge to shimmy left, pull up on the next ledge and get the Uzi Ammo. Then proceed to shimmy left to the entrance to the large cave and go through.

Run jump N to the ledge with the stand and place the (combined parts) Portal Guardian to open a gate below, go to the SW corner of the ledge and drop down, head S for some Uzi Ammo and turn around to find the open gate in the W wall.

Go in and follow into a small cave with a Bat, in one of the corners are some moulded floor boards, step on them and fall into the lower passage, go on into a wider cave and here you can take your pick, there are 2 routes available to the next area, both described below, route 1 will give you the Shotgun, didnít find it in route 2.

1st Route:

Go into the passage N and shoot the Dog, follow into a wide cave with a pool, in the pool, in the left back corner is a small medipack. Then climb out again and head E to follow the cave to the left, climb onto the dark floor and drop into the shaft, swim N and climb out, go to the end of the passage and find a ceiling hatch in the left hand corner, open it standing with your back against the wall and turn around to climb up into the passage. Go to the crossing of passages and turn right (N), at the end you can drop down into a dark room where the crates hold a Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo. Climb back up to the passage and head back to the crossing, go straight S and shoot the Engineer coming around the corner. Follow through to another drop. This time into a tunnelling system, go S and right, sneak up on and shoot the Dog before it even gets up and around the corner youíll finally find some more Flares, return and keep going right to get to the end where you can climb up.

Hereís a crossing with 3 tunnels, Go to the N first to get more Flares, then go back and hop over the hole to get into the tunnel W, go into the crawlspace and left at the crossing and right at the next. Crawl through and climb up right, shoot the Bat and get the Shotgun Ammo there. Follow through and drop down, turn N and crawl to the left, then turn right and left at the crossing, pull the switch there and turn around, crawl left (N) and go through the gate you just opened, follow through to a cave with a Cage.

Cage with Timed Hatches.

In the cage is a Timed switch, it will open a hatch to the next level of the Cage, pull and roll, turn right a bit and run into the corner, roll and stand jump up through the open hatch (I never dealt with that Werewolf). Next floor, pull the switch and turn left, take a step forward and stand jump through the open hatch. Pull a block standing in the middle of the W side and move it aside so you can drop into the next area, climb up the wooden ledge SW and crawl into the tunnel, drop down and follow to a cave with a waterfall (here the routes come together, see below).

2nd Route: Go SW and shoot the Engineer, get the small medipack he will leave behind and follow down to an area with several crates, shoot those to get 2x Uzi Ammo and climb the block S to get onto the blue beam monkey swing, go to the pillar and left to a crawlspace up in the wall, drop/grab and crawl through, slide down the slopes to a Cave with some gates, one visible below and two on the ledges on the same level. Thereís a chain on the rockbridge in the middle of the cave.

The Chain and Timed Gates.

Face NE at the chain and save, pull 3 times and jump past the chain to the NE, run jump over the corner to the ledge E and run right around the corner into the first gate, save at the switch and pull, backflip/roll and run out to the left and jump over the corners of the ledges to get to the gate SW before it closes, save at the switch and roll, run out left and straight N into the NW gate before it closes. After pulling the switch there a flyby will show a gate opening up in the cave below, run SE past the chain and just run off the S side of the bridge at the chain, hop back grabbing the edge and drop, in the SE corner is the open gate, go in and push the button. Run out and straight N, at the end turn around left to shoot the Dog and look for the Shotgun Ammo in the NE corner, then make your way to the lower NW corner to climb up to the open gate there.

Slide down into a cave with a river, go left a bit and walk up to the water, shoot the Croc and look for the pillar across the river, run jump/grab to it and pull up. Walk up into the high left corner and turn right to hop onto a small triangular ledge, turn around and jump up to the W, go to the pool W and shoot the Croc there, then slide and jump over the gap into the river above the waterfall, go to the ledge right, just past the gate and go in, hop backwards into the water and swim into the tunnel under the ledge you came from. In the next room you can open the under water door S and go up into the shaft in the next room, climb up into a room with several white vases, shoot all and get the Guardian key and Uzi Ammo, return through the under water door, go right around it and climb back up the W ledge after turning around in the shallow water. Go back to the river and run jump across to the left side S ledge, go in and come to a room where you can place the Guardian Key S, a screenshot of a Werewolf. Turn around and climb up to the floor above, shoot the Werewolf and go into the back passage, step on the trigger tile and get a screenshot of a room. Go back to where the Werewolf is and pull the switch on the l wall to open a Timed trapdoor on the other side. Quickly get in and go back N to the river, follow the river down to the E and left around the corner, just keep on going over a shallow part and through a tunnel. Look out for an opening to the right (straight are Spikes!) and swim in, climb out into a wide cave and head over to the bridge NE, climb up at the end of the wooden passage and drop down at the other end of the crawlspace. Follow to a cave with a waterfall.

Here the two routes come together:

Shoot that Croc from up here and drop down, get into the water and swim SW, the violent current will take you through the caves to a small pool. Climb up W and push the button to the right to see Spikes retract in the cave with the waterfall.

Go through the passage SW and follow to the caves you passed while you were taken by the current, go down onto the ledge below and shoot all the Bats, just fire the pistols while turning around and Lara will find them. Jump over the river to the W and turn right (N), run jump over the moulded bridge (breakable) and go down left on the other side, get the Flares and jump up NE to get back over the bridge to the ledges S. Head to the bridge NE an follow the wooden floor to where you can climb up to a crawlspace, drop on the other end and follow through to the Croc cave. Drop down and head into the now safe passage N and follow up to the Spikes Chamber.

The Spikes Chamber.

Just run straight through the room and into the water at the gate (while a Sword drops behind you), swim down to the bottom to get the Flares and the Uzi Ammo (W), swim back and climb up at the E side of the floor, go S carefully and run jump/grab through the Spikes to the crawlspace in the wall, quickly get in before the Spikes kill you and push the button inside, the Spikes under the crawlspace are gone and the gate W opened up. Drop out from the middle of the crawlspace and jump/grab into the open gate W and follow through to a river, shoot the Crocs if possible and dive in. Swim into the next cave without delay and climb up NW, go through to the big cave and jump to the ledge NW, climb up W and push the block there to the left, enter and go up to a switch on the right in the next room. The switch will open the waterfall left of you and the big cave will fill with water, making the tunnel W accessible.

So return down to the E and hop into the pool below. Swim to the opposite E wall and climb up on the ledge there, you can shoot the Croc if you like, then turn around again and push the block into the end of the passage to reveal a hidden passage left, go in for Secret #5, Eagle Clips. Go back and dive into the pool, swim

into the tunnel W and up to climb out. Go up the middle of the climbwall W and from one square from the top a backflip/roll/grab the wall behind you. Go right and drop into the passage. Follow into another cave and slide down, go through the waterfall into the next cave and wade/swim to the waterfall SE, walk through the waterfall into another hidden passage and get Secret #6, a Medipack there. Go back out and climb up the ledge W, head into the passage to where a flyby will take over showing you a shaft down in the next chamber. Go to that shaft and drop down, slide down into the next levelÖ

3 - Ruins of Crocodilopolis.

Room with the Obelisks.

Lara slides into a room with 2 Obelisks, there are several passages leading from this room.

W #1: Go W and into the passage there, left around the corner is a ladder, climb it and upstairs go right for Shotgun Ammo and back to the crossing into the opposite side for some Uzi Ammo. Back to the crossing and to the E to come to the top of the room, jump to the ledge right and head over to the E side, go into the opening and up the blocks right in the upper room is a switch hidden in the dark SE corner, throw it to see the first of the four gates open up. Slide down the opening W and slide back to the Obelisks room, turn right and head into the E passage, use the reach-in switch in the end, a gate opens somewhere, go out and shoot the Croc go W once more.

W #2: Go W and into the passage there, to the right this time and left into the gate you opened before. Go up the steps and follow to a room with a lower part, partially filled with Spikes, there are 3 switches on the ledge right, start with the one left from facing the switches and work your way back to the right hand one, drop to the floor below and see the Spikes retracted, go into the passage E and crawl through to a room with the second gate switch. Pull it and see the 2nd of the four gates open up. Jump over the ridge N and slide back to the entrance, go out right and back to the Obelisks room, head into the NE corner.

NE: Follow the passage in and a Dog will attack, shoot it and go right at the crossing to come to a room with a Golden Obelisk. Again several passages to choose from.

The Golden Obelisk Room.

Dive into the water and swim into the tunnel NW, climb out and head E, just go right where possible get a small medipack. Then turn around and go right again to get to a reach-in switch opening up a gate. Turn around and right where possible to get to that opened gate, pass through and slide down to a hole in the floor of the next room. Drop in and wade to the other end, climb right into the passage and shoot the Dog when you enter the next room. Go around the structure with the ladder to get the Uzi- and Shotgun Ammo and then go back to climb the ladder you saw, go up the next ladder and come to a room where a Werewolf attacks after you threw the switch for the 3rd of the four gates. Collect the Ammo and head out SE, slide down into the room with the pool and head W into the passage.

W: Go left inside and follow to the top of the room with the pool. Run jump/grab straight across and go into the red room to throw the switch for the last of the of the four gates. Go back and either safety drop down into the room below or run jump/grab back to the other side and follow the passage back to the room with the Golden Obelisk, go sharp left when you enter and go into the passage, follow to the room left and go up some blocks in the SW corner, face N and run jump onto a slanted block there, landing on the left side of it. Slide and jump sharp left to land on a ledge, light a flare and get into the passage W, Secret #7, another Uzi is yours. Go drop down at the end of the passage, turn around and go left / left to follow back to the Obelisk Room.

Head around the pool to the opening NE, when inside turn around and shoot the incoming Croc. Then head S into the passage with the four gates, slide down into the catacombs and head left to shoot the vase there, get the Uzi Ammo and Eagle Clips and head E into the passage, climb up to the rooms above and go S, shoot a Bat and throw the switch W, then go into a crawlspace NW to get a Medipack and head back down the hole to get back into the corridor where you shot the vase before, go S and through the gate you opened.

The Element Key Puzzle.

To the S is a room with 4 shrines each a different colour. In the front room are 4 gates and when you step on the tile in front of the gate it will open up.

Blue- Water Key:

Slide down and dive into the water, swim through to a larger cave and head NW, up onto a ledge, shoot the Crocs from there and get the Eagle Clips, dive back in and swim into the tunnel SW. follow to a crossing and swim into a pool with pillars, head into a tunnel right before the Crocs get you and climb out. Go through to the upper part of the room and jump over the pillars to the other side, the last jump being a run jump/grab, then run jump into the corner passage and go get the Water Key there. Return and if necessary shoot the Crocs, I didnít see them anymore. Swim out E and turn right, go up through the opened hatch and climb up W in the next room. Dive into the water and swim left, open the under water door left and go back for air if you think you need it, swim through the long tunnel and get out in the end, find the ladder N and go up into the passage above. Go onto where you can drop down into the room with the shrines and hear out to the front room.

Green- Plant Key:

Slide down and drop into the hole and in the hall with the pool is an opening S, go in and grab up to the ledge over the big flower to use the reach-in switch, the gate in the hall opens up, go out and left through that gate. In the next garden is a small mound in the NW corner, use it to get onto the ledges above, jump S and use the switch on the W wall to open the gate below, drop down from the lower ledge and enter the Puzzle garden, there are 2 small shrines you have to push under the purple ceiling squares, then the gate S will open up. Go in to get the Plant Key, as soon a s you turn around youíll find the garden changed into a Labyrinth.

Go right and N follow past the shrine, turn right there and through the new passage. Climb a ladder to a sloped passage, ideal Boulder slope wouldnít you say, and it isÖ Stand facing down the slope and hop backwards twice from the alcoves on the side, then jump down with a curve to land in one of the side alcoves while the Boulder passes by. Go up the slope and at the crossing to the left, pull the switch in the corner of that room and go back in the passage where the other end now opened up. Jump left or right past the Burner and quickly climb the next ledge, slide backwards down and grab the edge to safety drop back into the Shrine room.

Purple- Trap Key:

Slide down and go straight to the switch, be sure to have enough health and throw it. Immediately backflip twice and go right to that deep shaft where some water appeared at the bottom now, drop in and swim through to climb out in a hall with 2 passages, crawl W underneath the Knife-traps and use the switch in the end, go back E and into the passage E where the gate now opened, pass through to a Booby-trap Labyrinth. Go slowly so the traps at the crossings are triggered before you stand on that tile and follow left to the NE corner, pass through the Teeth doors and go to the right hand reaching switch in the next room, get the Medipack from it and go activate the left hand reach-in switch, Darts shoot through the room, but an opening appeared in the floor also.

Run with a grab into that hole from facing S and land on a ledge and drop to the floor below, go through to the next passage and a Bat attacks, go up right and jump past the Spike-trap. Then go past the 2 Swinging Axes and jump/grab to the SW barred pillar, go down all the way and turn left to get Secret #8, a small medipack and 2x Uzi Ammo in that part of the room. Climb back up and backflip to the bridge, go S and go slow to trigger the Knife-traps again, then run quickly past the Knife-ball dropping from the ceiling and duck around the corner, crawl through this passage as youíll soon find out why, same thing in the next passage, stay low till you reach that purple trigger tile, then run through the Teeth doors and climb up right in the end, turn left and face the purple trigger tile on the ledge in the Spike room. When you jump on that tile, the Spikes at the Key will retract, but you also have to get off that tile fast before the Spikes pop up again. So stand against the N wall, face the tile and turn left a bit so that when you jump you can immediately run left of the tile. Then get the Trap Key and jump back to the safe corner where a hatch opened up. Climb up N and follow the ladder up and left to a ledge with a Medipack, get that before you go on and reach a drop off into the Shrine room.

Red- Flame Key:

Slide down and follow the passage to a ledge in a Fiery room, a Wraith shows up. Quickly safety drop into the room below and run for the water S, then get the Medipack near the Skellie and climb back up to the entrance ledge, jump to the ledge E and stand jump/grab to the next S on the moment you expect the Flame to go down. Shimmy right around the corner before pulling up and step back close as you can get, best is to stand one step away from the Flame and do a diagonal run to jump curved past the next Flame, run jump across to the W and then run jump/grab N, time the next run jump and go into the room left, shoot the vase there to get the Desert Eagle and follow through to a large room with a closed gate E, go S and jump to the block in the high room, run jump W and throw the switch, jump back to the block and jump to the last one S, then to the next switch W and go back to the blocks, use the W ledge at the first switch to get back to the entrance ledge and enter the gate E.

Go up to the higher ledge N and turn around, jump/grab to the ladders and go up and right into the passage, get the small medipack there and get a clue for the next room, the lighter tiles on the ceiling are the ones you need, so jump over the ledges to trigger all the white squares while you make your way to the gate opening up. Go in and get the Flame Key, return to the gate and go into the opened gate W, up the ladder to slide backwards into the Shrine room.

Place the 4 Keys in the shrines and get a screenshot of the transparent floor in the front room, go there and slide down. Slide down once more and go into an alcove left of the closed gate W, throw the switch and go E to climb a block that went up in the pit, grab up to the crack E and shimmy right to a crawlspace, use the switch there and go back down to the now open gate, dive into the water and open an under water door, swim through and S to go up in the next hole. Follow up the ladder and shoot the Dogs, get the 2x Uzi Ammo on the floor left and go straight to slide down into a large room with a couple of Dogs and a Demigod, try to aim at the Dogs first and then go up close to the Demigod, duck and shoot him. Head through the opening SW and into a room with Boulder-slopes, standing clear from the grated tiles you can shoot the three vases and side jump away every time, when the Boulders are down you can run jump from the SW slope to grab the S pillar that went up between the slopes.

Stand jump/grab into a crawlspace S and follow in to a slide, go down and get the 2x Uzi Ammo. Go into the passage opposite the closed gate and get some more Uzi Ammo to the right, then go up the long ladder in the end and come to a large Hall with another Demigod. I did this without shooting him and he didnít even get a chance to fire one Bolt, run right into the room to find a switch on the E wall, then go to the exact opposite side of the room (W) and use the second switch, then run to the N side of the room, jumping over the trenches and go up the passage to the top room, shoot the Dog and approach the roof with the Omega sign, look up after you got the screen of the gate above and spot the Boulders, one place is safe, just run jump straight and without stopping to that spot on the back of the roof and then run back left around the fallen Boulders, one more time over the other side till all Boulders were triggered and a block will rise under the switch behind the roof. Throw it and the gate over the roof opens up. Stand jump/grab to get up there and follow the stone bridge to the 2nd Crystal, the Crystal of Water. Go straight into the opening ahead S and drop down the shaft in the end to fall waaaayyy down into that little pool at the now open gate (so thatís what it was for). Go through the gate to the next level.


Level 4 - Underwater Excavates.

In the Cave pool is a strong current at some places, dive in to the right and swim right around the corner of the rock, then climb out there to shoot the Nasty Fish and dive in to the S again, swim to the back wall. Turn left and stay close to the wall again (donít swim too far down), spot the opening ahead to the left and really go sharp right around the corner of the pillar next to it otherwise the current will pull you left into a Death-trap.

The Hidden Lagoon.

Once you got in a flyby will take over when you reach the next large lagoon, when you get control back go left and keep swimming along the wall to get to a ledge you can climb up on. Shoot the 2 Fish from there and those openings you saw in the flyby canít be reached from here as the current is too strong. So climb up the ledges N and run jump/grab across the slanted part, slide down and follow straight ahead, turning right into a cave where some Dogs will attack. Follow N through the cave you also saw in the flyby and climb over a slanted rock NW, slide and jump/grab the ledge ahead, run jump/grab to a crack in a pillar E and go right around the corners to pull up in a cave. Follow up to a pit and run jump along the left side to the ledge ahead, follow the tunnels up to a large Death-pit with pillars.

Death Pit.

Run jump to the left hand pillar and then to the one W, S again and turn E to the burning pillar, stand jump/grab to it and climb right around the corner to the next corner, pull up at that corner and turn around, now stand jump/grab to the crack and go left to pull up in the crawlspace. Follow in and shoot some logs blocking the way to get to a hole in the floor, below is the lagoon. Safety drop down to another part of the caves and follow in N to come to a small cave with a hole in the ground.

Swim to the under water Base.

Save here and take a deep breath. Dive in and swim S out of the tunnels, sharp left and through the tunnels E, coming to the area with the Base, Piranhas will attack. Either take a Medipack or do a save/reload to get rid of them, swim a bit right underneath the buildings and head as straight NE as possible, into a cave there and up into the light structure, push the button N to open a water-lock in the Base. Get the 2x Uzi Ammo in the same room and dive back in. There are some more things to do in these caves, but it would be better to go find that door first so you know where to go for air. Swim back out and go right along the wall of the cave and when you reach the Base buildings, the opening will be in the lowest part between the 4 pillars.

Optional pickups:

Go get some air and face SE, save and dive down, swim along the top of the cave and find a small tunnel in the E wall of the cave, swim through and get the Shotgun Ammo. Swim back NW and get air, now face NW and look down, see that hole next to the pillar, light a flare and swim in to get Secret #9, a Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Swim back up into the Base.

The PSA Submerged Base.

Climb out and Lara will look S as a Guard is approaching, shoot him and get his Shotgun Ammo. Then go to a valve wheel N and open the door with it. Go in and shoot another Guard, notice the trapdoor in the floor and follow through to the E to come to another room (with a trapdoor). Go up E and to the switch E to open that trapdoor you saw, shoot the 2 Fish in the Tank and get the 2x Shotgun Ammo from the N side Tank. Climb back out and retrace your steps to the room W where the trapdoor opened.

The Battery.

Dive in and swim into the W tunnel, throw the under water lever and return to the room you came from, swim left into the open yellow door and go up for air in the middle. Face W and dive down to swim into a small tunnel near the bottom, follow through and climb out in a control room, shoot the Guard and head into the crawlspace SW, climb to the walkway E in the next room and run jump/grab over to a crack in a pillar W from the higher part of the walkway, go right and pull up. Climb up one more floor and use the monkey bars to get to the E side of the room, drop/grab and shimmy right to the alcove with the switch, throw it and drop down to the walkway below, go jump back to the W side and go up to the upper floor again, a door opened to the S. Go in and get the Battery there, careful, there are Burners, so time the run to the Battery and get it, then hop back to avoid being torched. Go back out and cross the room again over the monkey bars, drop/grab and pull up in the duct under the Monkey bars, follow in to a room with a button and push it to open another trapdoor (near the Fish tanks).

The Relay.

Dive into the water and swim S through the yellow door, go up straight past it and climb out, go E and save before you dive in, swim E and right through the opening ion the fences, left around the corners and right/left to get to the area with the dark pillar, down through the floor there and W, left when you come to a flooded corridor and use the under water lever on the S wall, roll and swim straight through some opened double gates to the shaft where you can go up. Climb out and head to a button on the N wall. Then the second one S and a Relay appeared on the floor NE of the water. Dive back in and swim S to the door opened right of the under water lever, go through and up in the shaft in the next room, climb out and head S to the main corridor. In the S side is a Circuit board next to the valve wheel. Place the Relay there and the door to the right opens up so you can place the Battery there to activate the door E.

Enter and shoot the Guard, take his Uzi Ammo and go into the room S as the big doors E need a Key first. In the room with the tank go up the steps SW, brag up to the W wall and shimmy right to an alcove, turn around after pulling up and jump/grab to the crack in the opposite wall, shimmy right and pull up on the ledge, go E and up N, crawl through the duct and follow to a dark metal walkway, run jump/grab S to the ledge above the lamp and go left around the corner to push the button opposite the yellow door. Go in and shoot the guard in the passage left, then head S and come to a control room. Climb up to the ledge E and turn around to shoot the Guard, then enter E and pull the green container on the ledge to the S so you can enter the hidden passage behind it. Push the button there and a door opens in the control room below.

The Note Book.

Go back to the ledge and jump over the fence NW where you shot the Guard before and pull the containers from the wall to get a small medipack from behind them. Go down into the control room and enter the door E after shooting the Guard. Down in the lower room, make a turn right and look up S to climb to a crawlspace, inside youíll find some Uzi Ammo, backup out of there and head W into the corridor to the second part of the control room, get the Note Book and Lara will say something, couldnít really make out what. Look up in the W wall and climb the grated structure, go into the room with the Burners, jump/grab to a crawlspace S and get in, crawl left around the corner and grab the monkey bars there. Go to the other side of the room and drop into a pit where the Burner just extinguished. Crawl under the floor and go left into the opening, the smoking floor in the next place is deadly for now, just go into the pit with the Valve wheel and turn it to fill a tank with water.

The Area Key.

Turn around and now the smoking tile is safe so you can crawl through the opening E back into the Control room, go out into the passage N and through the yellow door below, on the dark walkway to the left and just drop down into the filled Tank below, find an under water lever on the N side and climb out N, go into the passage N and find an opened trapdoor in that passage. Dive in and follow through to get the Area Key there, return and climb out N, go N and right around the corner are those double doors you can open with that Key.

The Restricted Area.

Go through and down the sloped Corridor to a crossing, go left and then right a bit. Thereís a small passage left with a button next to a yellow door. Push the button to open a door at the N end of the passage, so go out and right, shoot the Thug and enter the last door right into a dark Hall with some kind of Alien Goo on the ground. Just go S and hop down over the railing, go S to a pit and run jump SW to land on the reddish side of the pit. From the highest point of it you can grab up to a walkway above and run jump/grab to the opening S. follow in and get Secret #10, Shotgun- and Uzi Ammo. Go back and drop from the opening to the walkway below, head E and right into the opening, here you need something to put in the Machine, so go back out and drop into the pit there, careful you donít step on the Burning parts.

The Acid Sample.

Look for a tunnel in the NE corner and crawl into a strange cave, run jump over to the N (landing on the left side of that ledge) and go E into an opening, run jump over the pit, then turn right and hop over the Burner tile, go into the SW corner and get the Acid Sample. Hop back over the Burner and run jump W witch a grab to land back in the opening. Go sharp right and crawl through a tunnel NE, hop over a Burner and get the Medipack from that cave, get back through the tunnel and go to the right around the corner, get into the cave N and climb up into the large Hall, go SE and into the room with the Machine, place the Acid Sample and the doors open W, go around the Burner and in the next room is a water filled trench. The current is too strong to swim through.

The Pump Card.

Stand backwards to the slanted block NE and backflip on it, jump/grab to the walkway above S and go through to the passage leading to a room where 2 Aliens (horsemen) are running around. Run jump/grab across to the single ledge and drop to the grey block left, shoot the Aliens and get the Pump Card one of them will drop. Climb back up and run jump/grab back W and follow back to the room with the trench. Use the card on the Pump installation NW and dive into the trench. Swim to the next part with the opening in the bottom and go up to the surface. Take a lung full of air and dive down after saving, swim NW and into the cave there, go up and left to swim S, right around the corner with the current and come to a sunken Ruin, Fish show up, just swim straight and under the next part of the building where you can go up into an opening and climb out right. Go up the ramp SW and follow into the next levelÖ


Level 5 - The Oasis Fayyum.

Follow the passage up to a square where youíll get a flyby of the overgrown Ruins. Look SW and spot a switch, pull it to open a door somewhere, shoot the 2 Wild Boars.

Go W and jump over the ridge along the N side, go down into the pit and follow to where 2 Bats attack, go N a bit and to the left is the open door (straight N are breakledges, be careful!, this passage leads to a place weíll visit later, but then you will miss out on a Secret) Go into the opened door and follow the tunnel, climbing all blocks to come to a wide ruined corridor, shoot some Boars and to the right behind the tree is a closed door, go on to the E and come to an opening overlooking the first square, run jump right around the corner to a ledge and go into the passage S to pull the switch, that door you saw will open up. Go back to the ledge and run jump left into that opening you came from, go down to where the Wild Boars are and go left behind the tree, inside to the right is a button, push it to kill the Flames (wait a bit at the switch, if you hop back to soon the Flame will start burning again) and crawl S under the Knife-trap into the room to get the Golden Vraeus. Back out and return to the E, Jump out right to the ledge and make your way down to the ground floor of the first square. Go to the passage S of the switch you pulled at the start.

Follow down and slide to a river, dive in and swim to the ledge across. Climb out and shoot a Bat and 2 Crocs, then swim W and keep going left around the corners to swim into a small tunnel in the corner, go up and turn around to climb up to where youíll get Secret #11, a Medipack. Dive back in and follow the river to the end, shoot the Croc there and enter the passage N. walk along the left side to trigger a Boulder right and go up to where another flyby will show the Obelisk Hall. Safety drop down and go W to p[lace the Vraeus left of the door, turn around and shoot the 2 Crocs, enter and go down the slopes to the Waterfall Room, go to the Waterfall and N into a passage, go straight at the next crossing and right (left is a closed door), follow to a room with a reach-in switch around the left corner, use it and return through the passage, going right where possible youíll go through the open door into a room with a Scorpion, shoot it and use the button on the right hand wall to see a door open up. Go back into the passage, turning right where possible and go up the steps, be careful in the next wider passage. Walk along the left hand side as Boulders come down the right hand side.

On top and to the N is the open door and crawl through the crawlspace to a room with a switch, a door will open up in the top of the Waterfall Room. The vase is empty, but shoot it anyway, you never knowÖ Go back out and right to go up into a passage SW, at the crossing take either side as both lead to that open door, grab the monkey bars and go to the other side, drop and turn around, face NW and hop right around the corner to the only safe ledge along the waterfall, go swim to the NE corner and get out on the ledge, crawl through the crawlspace and go straight up to a pit, turn around and hop/grab back to climb down the climbwall, follow a passage to the lower part of the waterfall room and drop into the water below, thatís Secret #12, go look W for Uzi- and Shotgun Ammo and get some Flares in the water E. Make your way back up the climbwall through the crawlspace and swim SW to climb back up on the ledge at the waterfall, hop left around the corner into the opening at the monkey bars.

Follow the passage to a pit, run in with a right curve and slide down grab the edge and safety drop once more, follow up the steps and go up to the right (E) at the next crossing. Shoot the 2 Bats and swim into the tunnel to get the Eagle Clips, return to the crossing And go up the W side, shoot the bat and follow to the right (S), climb up to where a Ninja attacks (bit out of place) and find the Jeep to the left, on the S side of the Jeep is a Boulder wedges between some branches, shoot the branch and the Boulder will drop into the pit (youíll get a screenshot of a pool).

The Jeep Ride.

Go W and find the pool you saw, dive in and under the waterfall are the Car Keys, climb out and find some Gasoline near the tree (No gasoline.. just kidding). Go to the Jeep and get in, drive it through the canyon, over the Ninja and stop at a pit to the right, get out and jump/grab to the climb wall, go down to the water and grab up into a crawlspace W to get Secret#13, another Desert Eagle and Clips. Back to the Jeep and make some speed to jump over the ramp ahead as thereís a pit behind it, just go on and go into a wide cave, circle right over the ledge, then left and park the jeep on one of the Ninjas. Then get out and go to the SW corner of the ledge, drop down and go find the 3x Shotgun Ammo scattered around in the cave below. Back up with a run jump/grab from the same SW corner and look for a small medipack the last Ninja left behind, get back in the Jeep to go E, go down to the lower sandy area and get out, go into a crawlspace NW and get the Shotgun Ammo. Back to the Jeep and head N, in the green cave below up to the E and go around the pool into another tunnel system. Just follow the cave tunnels to an underground building where you canít take the Jeep any further.

Underground Ruins.

Go inside and shoot all the Scorpions. In the second room there are 2 passages, first go left around the corner onto a ledge for the Uzi Ammo and then go into the passage S first, climb up on the right hand side and find the reach-in switch in the next room, a door will open up somewhere, drop through the hole in the other corner of the room and head E again, left to the NE corner and into that passage to come to the opened door, go in and follow to a wooded area, shoot the Scorp and climb up S, go up the rocks SE to climb up S again and turn around, run jump onto the branch of the tree and get the Uzi Ammo, then jump to the branch NW and over to the green ledge N, go NE and slide down N into a valley with a door, the level changesÖ


Level 6 - Temple Of Osiris. (thereís a major shortcut in this level depending on what you do at a certain point, but then you will miss out on a major part of the level, so I wonít mention it.)      

Push the button and go in, stand left a bit before you slide down, at the end of the slide a hard left jump onto a ledge (not really necessary, but itís a nice spot to shoot the Croc), run off the N end and shoot the Croc from the block, get into the shallow pool and get the Eagle Clips next to the Skellie, another Croc shows up so quickly hop back on the block and shoot it. Climb back on the top ledge and find the 2 pushblocks W, push the right hand one in and pull the left hand one as far as possible, then get behind it and push it onto the ledge and to the S, pull the W block back out as far as possible and go behind it to find Secret#14, another Desert Eagle.

More Ruins.

Climb up N where the right hand block was and follow into a small cave with a Medipack on the ground NW, shoot the Bat and go down the hole SW, shoot the other Bat and follow to where you have to climb up straight ahead, go on to another part of the overgrown Ruins and a flyby takes over, showing you some Goodies and a Hand on a pedestal. Shoot the Croc in the pool if you like and head into a passage S (in a passage w we need a Gem first), go right around the corner in the room with the water flow and climb in an alcove N to get the Uzi Ammo. Dive into the water and swim W after saving (the current E seems too strong) swim down into a shaft and get the Blue Jewel there, donít waste time but immediately swim back as you will have to fight the current to get back up to the surface in the trench, climb out and go N and left to that door W from the pool, open it by using the Jewel.

The 1st Osiris Key.

Follow the passage up to that upper part of the Ruins you saw in the flyby. Go around to the S side and find an opening in the wall, slide down all the slopes and come to a Jungle area, shoot the Wasp and head towards the pool S, dive in and look N for an under water lever to open the gate next to it, follow the tunnels to another dark cave and climb up to the switch. Throw the switch and see a gate open up, the big wooden hatch also opened, so climb up to the room above and find a Keyhole and a receptacle in an alcove N. Go to the NE corner next to that alcove and face N, hop back against a big block and jump forward onto a low block, slide and backflip onto the higher one behind, then jump/grab to a ledge up N and go over the ridge to the gate you opened before, inside is a switch, use it and turn around, go to the reach-in switch and get the Osiris Key. Now go to the crossing S and E is back to the pool you dove into before, so go W and to a valley with Shotgun- and Uzi Ammo, a cut scene of a Giant Poisonous Mutant. That one is coming from the E, so go look for it and take it out, go back to the valley SW and find a tunnel in the far SW corner.

The 2nd Osiris Key.

Follow through to a cave with a pool. Dive in and swim NW, climb into the passage and then into the passage N, to the right is the 2nd Osiris Key and in the room in the back is a switch opening up an under water gate in the pool. So go back out and left, swim E and into the open gate, throw the under water lever to raise the waterlevel and swim back NW into the now flooded passage to get the 2nd Osiris Key. Go get some air in the back room and swim out and left, back to the cave (right seems to be a death trap as youíll end up in a bunch of Spikes). Climb out SE and head back to that cave with the receptacles to place the Keys you just found. Yes the right hand one is a keyhole (probably the wrong object was placed there, I was looking around for a Ruby Cube or something, but the Key will work thereÖ)

Go through the open door and into a sloped passage with Teeth doors, get through them and hop to the block in the next room where youíll get a flyby of the room below, hop back from the block and go into a crawlspace SW, follow through to the ramp you saw in the flyby and slide down after shooting the Hellhound.

The Scarab Disk.

Go to a button on the N wall and turn right, go around the green block to find the opened trapdoor just behind it, drop into the lower passage and push the block in the end all the way, turn left and push the next block so you can go around it and find the opening up in the ceiling. Climb up N and crawl underneath the Darts to the pit N, slide and jump/grab the rope to swing to the other side, more Darts there so watch out! 2 passages with Knife-traps, go through either one as they both lead to the same room with a pool. Climb the ledge S for the Shotgun Ammo and shoot the 2 Crocs, dive in to use the 2 opposite under water levers and the trapdoor in the middle will open up. Swim down there and throw all three under water levers, you can go up for air if you need, then swim into the open under water gate and get the Scarab Disk.

Swim back up to the upper pool and go out N, a door opened in the N wall, go through and left around the corner to push a button opening a door in the opposite corner, run jump to the ledge in the deep Spike-pit and then run jump/grab W, turn around and jump/grab E then run jump onto the block SE, grab the Monkeybars and go W to drop onto the slanted block. Follow the passage up to a room with 2 Burners, the 2 buttons have to be used so stand close, run to them and push them as the Burners go down, holding backflip while Lara uses the button, the trapdoor will open up in the S. save and dive in, swim right for Eagle Clips and go back for air, swim in again and go left, follow and go right to use an under water lever in the end, roll and swim back, straight E to where a hatch opened up. Climb out into a room and slide down the slope in the other side, now you are in the top of the room with the Hellhound, jump over to the tree and use the button in the W alcove, go stand somewhere to shoot that Poisonous Mutant below and go to the door opened in the W.

The Light Ankh.

Climb up to a small room with a pool and spot the under water gate after shooting those nasty Bats. Use the under water lever E for the gate W and swim through to the next room, climb out N and run jump/grab W, go left around to the ledge and run jump/grab S, grab the Monkey bars and go over to the ledge E, run jump/grab to the crack N and go left around to an alcove, run jump/grab W and then run jump/grab to the bridge with the Fire pot. Both sides have a switch you have to pull, shimmy past the Fire pot to get to them and an under water gate will open in the pool below where a Croc now roams around. Dive down and climb onto one of the ledges to take care of the Croc, then swim through the gate W and get the Light Ankh. Just return going E everywhere and in the room with the Hellhound you can now open the gate NE. Go in and to a room where 2 Bats attack, shoot them and then go up the ladder past a crawlspace and push the button up there to open the door, go through to a small passage with a Fire pot and time the flames to go straight to a ledge, climb up and then climb up left to get Secret#15, a small medipack (which also seems to be the last secret of these levels).

The Canopic Jar

Go down and into the passage left, use the reach-in switch to raise a block in that room with the ladder, go back past the Fire pot and down the ladder, from the block a jump/grab to the crawlspace E and go through to a passage leading to a shaft up. Climb up to a square and go SW for Uzi Ammo. Then go straight NE to a structure and find more Uzi Ammo and look through the opening in the structure to spot the vase, shoot it to make the room up N accessible and go to the hill N, go up into the structure and left into the corner, thereís a dark ledge which is the trigger tile for the Teeth-doors on the opposite side of the room, go there and get the Canopic Jar.

Get out of the Building and head SE, look right of the closed gate for an overgrown hole in the wall and go through to place the Canopic Jar in the shrine to the left. A Poisonous Mutant will show up when you go out, but before he gets there you can enter the open gate S and run jump over the Knife-trap to grab the ladder, climb up and left along the wall ladder as the floor is deadly. Go up through the crawlspace and get a Medipack in the passage.

The Crystal of Vegetation.

Go out to the upper part of the area you visited before and run jump over to the central floor. Collect the 3x Uzi Ammo before going for the Crystal of Vegetation, stay on the ledge near the pedestal shooting the 2 Giant Poisonous Mutants that showed up. They run everywhere except for that ledge, so shoot them from there with pistols. The way down is now blocked, but a block went up in the far NW corner. Climb the block and get over the wall to end the levelÖ.