The Lazarus Curse.

Levels by Peacefrog (Roger Sax)

Authorized Walkthrough by D&G Productions.

There’s also a German walkthrough by Tine Lohbeck available and of course the original walkthrough by the Author himself

To the separate levels:      1 Croft Mansion

 2 Swiss Alps

3 Twin Towers

4 Spider Forest

5 Mountain Village

6 Thorn of Hephaestus

 7 Ashes of Demeter

8 Heart of Poseidon

9 Blood of Hades

10 Village Chapel

11 Lazarus’s Hideout

The opening flyby shows Jean-Ives writing a letter to Lara, of which we made a translation:

Moscow 13-03-2006

Dear Lara, I hope this letter will reach you in time. I asked you last week to contact my friend Father Gabriel in Switzerland, I also asked you to bring your half of the “Eye of Horus”. I just found out that Father Gabriel is disappeared and I think his disappearance has something to do with the Eye of Horus. We have to use that Eye later to close off the entrance to a small mountain village, invested by Evil Powers. But now, with the disappearance of Father Gabriel I think it is better you bring me the Eye, because I don’t want to put you in any further danger…


At that time some Thugs enter Jean-Ives house and the same thing happens in the Croft Mansion in London 3 weeks later …

Level 1 – The Croft Mansion.

Go out to the next room and head left to where the Thug is waiting in the passage, shoot him and then enter the bedroom with the Fireplace, next to it is a vase with some Flares, in the next room is a small medipack in the windowsill, it could be another Thug is here too but it’s also possible he ran out to the Hall and you’ll meet him there. Shoot him and get a small medipack he will drop. One more Thug shows up when you head down the stairs and into the passage SW, then left into the kitchen where the Butler will greet you, the door E into the Meat locker opens for you on approach, go look for the 2x small medipack and 2x Shotgun Ammo, then go out again and W through the opening right to the Dining room.

The Scroll.

Head straight into the swimming pool N and go into the water, in the E side of the pool are 2 under water doors, open the one right and swim in, get the Scroll and get out of the water. Go back to the Hall and up the stairs to the N side, enter the Music room and place the Scroll on the stand, a flyby shows the gate to a Maze open up. Go back down to the ground floor Hall and go out the door, head left and go past that Horse statue to the Maze.

The Maze.

It’s a bit of a long route, but if you just go right where possible, you’ll meet a Thug leaving Grenades behind and in the end you’ll end up at a Medipack, turn around and go right again to end up in a small yard with a dirt floor, there are Flares and a lever, throwing the lever will open another gate near the Mansion. Go back and head right everywhere, you’ll meet another Thug and maybe also the Butler, the Thug will drop Uzi Ammo (and the Butler might drop his tray). You will end up in a small garden next to the Mansion, look W for the switch on the wall of the Mansion and open the gate S with it, go through to the Training Course.

The Training Course, the Shotgun.

Go W to the end of the course and climb that grated wall on the last obstacle, go into the opening to the monkey swing and get the Shotgun Ammo. Run off W and dive under the green vegetation, get the Shotgun there and climb out to go into the SE corner of the place, go down in a hole and crawl through to a ladder, go up into a room with 5x Shotgun Ammo and Secret #1, a Heart (you’ll gather 16 Hearts throughout the levels, 8 to enter the Bonus levels and 8 for extra Goodies, but you need at least 8 to finish the levels!).

Drop out of the room and maybe the Thug showed up by now, shoot him when necessary and go the gate N, it will open up for you and you’re back in the front lawn of the Mansion.

The Small Garden.

Go to the N side of the lawn again and around the corner to the W where you’ll enter the small garden you’ve opened before and find the Flares in the SE corner, climb the E wall behind those Flares and go over the Jump switch (you’ll look through a window into a hidden passage), drop/grab to activate the switch and the wall to that hidden passage lowers inside the Mansion. Go back to the Front door and up the stairs to the N side Music room, now into the Library W of it and find a small medipack in the vase SW, then go to the Fireplace and carefully go past the fire into that hidden passage, find the switch in the back (right near that window) and throw it to open a door in the ground floor Hall.

The Basements, the Trophy Room Key.

Go back down the stairs and into that door (NW corridor from the Hall) and after the 3rd wall torch you’d better light a flare to spot a trap in the floor, jump over and follow the rest of the steps down to an Aquarium. Just to the right of the entrance is a switch raising a block E, climb the block, turn around and climb up into a pitch-black passage, follow to the top of the Aquarium and swim around to the other side, on a ledge on the bottom is the Trophy Room Key. The Fish won’t hurt you they just want to play, roll and swim up into the SW corner, into a room with statues and a mirror S, look in the mirror to spot the opening in the ceiling and roll to swim up there, climb out and follow the tunnel to a ladder.

The Attic, the 2 Cartouche Parts.

Go up to the top and off to the left, follow climbing up right and go through a brick passage to a kind of store room on the attic, left around the corner and hidden in the dark are 4 crates, pull them aside, even blocking the entrance (you’ll exit somewhere else) and get the 1st Cartouche Part there, there’s also some Uzi Ammo. Go to the NE and up in the windowsill to the right is a switch on the S wall, somebody is shooting you so be quick, take the Shotgun Ammo and head to the opened door N. Go back out to the Hall and shoot the Thug on the stairs, from the top of the stairs walk E till you stand against the middle of the balustrade, hop back once and run jump over the balustrade onto an invisible ledge (only visible from that window in the attic), then line up for a run jump/grab to the next ledge and finally a run jump/grab to the window over the front door. In the windowsill is Secret #2, a Heart and a Medipack.

Stand on the middle of the windowsill and face the window, back up to the edge and just backflip to the invisible ledge, walk W to the lower part of the ledge and safety drop to the ground floor, get back up the stairs and go to the upstairs room S and W to the bedroom. Walk into the Fireplace and get the 2nd Cartouche Part, now go to the ground floor Hall and into the SE corner, open the door with the Key and go in to combine the 2 Cartouche Parts, place them to open the Trophy room across the Hall, go in there and get the Eye of Horus Part from the vase (a flyby shows more Thugs showing up), look NE and SW for some more Flares 2x and go out to the Hall, shoot any Thugs there and go back into the Dining room for a minute (W of the Hall). In the E wall, between the 2 corridors is an opened door and inside you’ll find Secret #3, 4x Uzi Ammo, Flares, the Uzis and a Heart. Go back to the Hall and head out the front door, shooting your way out the front gate.


Level 2 – The Swiss Alps.

Lara is dropped off by the Chopper and slides into a small valley, go SE and wade into the river, go into the SW corner and find a deeper part in the bottom. Face W standing as deep as possible and jump up, when you land you’ll swim into a dark cave, get out a flare and find Secret #4, a Heart and a Medipack. Swim back out in the same corner and carefully to the edge of the waterfall, stand facing E and on the left side, one step from the N rock face, run over the edge and slide a bit till you can jump with a sharp left curve, just around the corner of the rock to a path along the waterfall, follow the path around to a plateau and find a Shotgun and 2x Shotgun Ammo in the dark pit.

Climb out again and follow the path back to the waterfall, jump down to it and when you slide down the next waterfall. around the corner, you have to slide backwards, so maybe you have to jump/roll to get in the right position to grab the edge of the waterfall, shimmy right onto a climbable rock wall and go up to the second square from the bottom, then climb right all the way till you get to an opening in the rock wall, climb in and get Secret #5, 2x Arrows, a small medipack and a Heart. Climb back to the waterfall and drop down into the lake below, swim to an opening N and climb in to crawl through a low tunnel.

The Forest.

(In this Forest many animals will show up, Foxes and Bears, I won’t mention them all as it all depends on which route you take.)

You’ll end up in a Forest, 2 Foxes attack, shoot them and head N along the river till you come to a little lake with a stone bridge, now head E along a narrow path into the dark forest, in the end you will come to a little house, which seems to be Father Gabriel’s House.

Father Gabriel’s House.

Go right around the house and find a small door you can open up, check out the shelves to find the Revolver, Flares and a Note on a small cabinet, the note reads:

"By a little mishap I lost the House key in the small lake. Time is running out. I’m looking for the 5 Magic Crystals we need to obtain the second part of the Eye. I already have one of the Crystals, it’s Brother Luther’s Crystal and I’ve locked him, or what remains of him, together with his Crystal up on the attic."

Head back to the lake and take out whatever animals there, dive in and find a small crevice in the NE corner, get the House Key from it and head back to the house, open the front door and get the Laser sight from the cabinet to the left, then head into the back room and when you approach the table you’ll see a note from Father Gabriel…

"Father Gabriel’s notes: Bishop Lazarus was afraid to bring the Artefact, a precious book. Rumour goes there’s a Curse on the book and after I told him how dangerous the book is, he refused to bring it. One by one the villagers lost their mind, only a few escaped from insanity. Therefore I also started to question Lazarus’s sanity and with a small group of Clerics (who renounced Lazarus) we decided to seal off the direct entrance to the Village and after we sealed the door with the Eye of Horus we hid our part of it in a Spiritual Stone The 5 Magic Crystals were divided amongst us, Brother Luther, Brother Jakob, lost without a trace in the Spider’s Forest, Brother Abel decided to take an additional Crystal and took them to a small Mill in the North.

I myself hid the remaining 2 Crystals near the Twin Towers where one is hidden in the Tower labyrinth and one is guarded by the Knight of the Towers."

Get the Flares and the Revolver Ammo from the cabinet and go back to the front room, in the corner left of the front door is a switch to open the hatch to the attic. Go find that hatch between the 2 rooms and climb up to find poor Brother Luther, there are 3 crates you can shoot, one with the 1st (Green) Magic Crystal, another Uzi and an additional Shotgun, get down from the attic and out of the house, return to the lake.

From here on you can take different directions, you’ll end up back in this level after visiting the other levels.

To the Twin Towers: Head N along the river from the lake, at the end of the river you’ll find the Sealed door to the Village, head left and go along the N rock wall till you come to a little mound, jump on the mound and find the crawlspace in the N wall, follow in to a hidden room with 2x Grenades, Flares and Secret #6, a Heart in the alcove N. Go back out and hear right (W) till you can go right into a dark alcove, the level will change…

Level 3 – The Twin Towers.

The Mill, the 2nd (Blue) Magic Crystal.

Go straight W and shoot a couple of Wild Boars showing up. To the right (N) in the NW corner at the Towers is a small valley follow down till you come to a fast flowing river, look right of the rope and spot a small alcove, run jump into that alcove and get the Crowbar (piece of the bars). Run jump out NE to get to the other side of the river and jump/grab to the rope, and swing/grab up W to a crack in the ceiling, climb in and go crawl right, follow to where you can drop down through the leaves and come to a forest with a Mill and a Waterwheel, the Crystal you are after is in the cage hanging over the River.

Timed Run for the Door.

Go to the N side of the Mill and find a Cogwheel, E of the wheel is a green ledge, turn the wheel about 8 times and hop over the wheel a bit to the right to line up for that green ledge, run jump (no grab) over the river and run left around the tree there. You have to jump through a nasty triangular opening with a left curve so you’ll land on the ledge in front of the Timed door and you won’t have to get onto the ledge anymore that way. Just run through the door and inside is a Crowbar-lever in the right hand corner (face E), throw it to open the Mill and use the Cog wheel to re-open the door. Run through the left side of the door and jump back through the triangular gap (If you don’t watch it and the door closes before you jumped in the water there is an invisible door there and will be stuck in it). You now may have to shoot a Wild Boar or two and a Bold Eagle might show up too.

Lower the Cage.

Go back S and into the cave to the rope over river, swing up to that crack up W and follow to the leave cover, this time stay up there and run jump to the branch on the right hand side of the tree, jump to the W and there wait up till the Bold Eagle appears, shoot it and grab the overhead branches to monkey swing to the branch near the Mill and run jump/grab over to climb in, use the chain inside and see the Mil, the Waterwheel and the river stop, everything goes quiet, at least till you get out of the Mill. Don’t drop down yet but run jump/grab back to the tree W, pull up on the branch and take care of a Bold Eagle, hang from the E side of the branch and shimmy to the right, past the tree to the branch there, look NW and spot the crawlspace in the N wall, jump/grab over to it and get in, follow to a small enclosure with Secret #7, a Heart, and 3x Uzi Ammo.

Go back out and now drop down from the crawlspace to the Mill yard and Wild Boars come for you. After the fight you can go to the cage on the Crane. Combine the Revolver (Crossbow wouldn’t work here) with the Laser sight and shoot that little stone on top of the vertical Main beam, the crane turns and the cage drops in the river which is now safe to swim, so dive in and get the 2nd (Blue) Magic Crystal. Swim S through the tunnel and climb up W at the rope. Follow the cave back up to the Towers.

Go left (E) and right around the Tower to the S and find the first Tower you’ll visit, in the rock wall S of Tower One are 2 rocks, of which the left one can be moved, pull it out and immediately side jump aside as a Boulder comes down, then push the rock aside and crawl in where the Boulder went in, a small Spider will attack, so stand as soon as possible and shoot it, then go for the Shotgun Ammo E and head into the W end of the tunnel, a slanted floor will allow you to jump up in the shaft, (these jumps can be tricky, you might have to wait a millisecond before doing the backflip/roll/grabs, that worked better so it seemed).

Shaft Jumps.

Stand facing W and jump onto the slanted floor, backflip and jump again with a grab to catch a higher ledge, pull up and backflip/roll, backflip and jump/grab the edge of a crawlspace, (facing E) pull up in and follow through to a slide, you can see the rope below, I advise not to take a flare, but just run off the middle and at the right moment a jump/grab to the rope, go down to the end and swing to jump/grab the opposite climb wall, go up to the top and get a small medipack there. Hop back and grab the edge of the pit, shimmy right and follow the crack to the crawlspace N.

Tower One.

Follow the steep crawlspace up to where you come to the top of the shaft and grab the ceiling, go around the corner to where you’ll drop from the ceiling onto the slanted ledge over the rope, keep your cool and slide far before you jump and grab the climbwall E, go up to another crawlspace and follow to where you end up overlooking the Canyon, drop out of the opening and climb the block right of it, grab the S wall and climb right around the corner to a switch over a little ledge, throw it and see a block rise under that crawlspace, climb back there and from the block you can run jump/grab to the Tower, better if you roll immediately and run jump/grab back to shoot that nasty Bold Eagle. Then jump to the Tower again and dive into the water, swim through past the opening to the other tower and pull the under water ceiling switch in the end, roll and swim back as a hatch opened in the first Tower, climb out S and turn around, jump/grab over the water to the ladder and go up to a Zip-line, turn around and hop to the small medipack, you maybe have to duck to get it, jump back and grab the Zip-line after saving.

Tower Two, the 3rd Magic Crystal.

Slide to the second Tower and immediately get out a heavy weapon to shoot the Bold Eagle from standing with your back against a wall so he will not push you down.

Jump/grab N over the hole and climb the wall to the top, backflip from the ladder and find the switch on the pointy block, throw it and see a Swiss Guard mount his horse, safety drop down S and just go on till you are on the ground again, run to the SW corner where the open doors are (you’ll have more room to move) and try hopping back while turning with the right key so you are on the side of his sword, more dangerous but you’re bullets have more effect on this side. Once he’s off the horse you can finish the job and pick up the 3rd (Red) Magic Crystal he will leave behind. Go into the cave he came from and get a small medipack and the Shotgun Ammo, look up in the N wall and grab up to the crawlspace there from the highest part of the floor (standing right under the opening).

Narrow Crawlspaces, a Secret.

Follow to a crossing and go left, then at the next intersection left and the next one straight, from there on go left where possible and end up in a room with the Crossbow, 4x Arrows and a Heart on a ledge as Secret #8 (My advise is to face the middle of the room when picking up the Arrows and immediately hop back in the corner drawing a gun shooting, because after every pickup a Spider will appear and Lara will aim at it automatically).

Go back into the crawlspaces and if you like you could go get another Uzi in the far N side of the tunnels, the way back from the Secret is right/right/straight/right/right.

Go out to the Towers and turn N, now sprint past this W side of Tower Two and a Boulder will drop down behind you. Stop just past the Tower and walk back a bit. Look up on the W wall and spot a greyish cover on a crawlspace, just above a ledge, jump up to the small SW corner ledge and do a curved run jump onto that ledge in front of the crawlspace, shoot the cover to get in. Take out a flare and go fast so you can stand up quick, shoot the Spider and don’t fall off the slide yet, get the small medipack and then walk up W to a slide with an overhead Boulder and under the slide you can see a moulded piece of wood, slide down and jump from the last part of the slide so you can quickly run off the crumbling wood, then you can drop into that hole after the Boulder went through the wooden floor.

Tower Labyrinth, the 4th Magic Crystal.

(there are plenty of Spiders in the Labyrinth, could be, we failed to mention some)

Follow the tunnel carefully as there are 2 Knife-traps and you’ll find out where they are without harm if you walk slowly, then take a step back and hop over the trap, continue to the Moving Pillars, past the pillars you can see an open gate at the other end, that gate will close if you don’t use the switch in the alcove left (N) behind the second Moving Pillar, jump into the alcove, use the switch and jump out to the left, jump past the third Pillar and sprint (or run) through the gate, stop in the corner and spot the pit in front of you N.

Grab up to the wooden ceiling and follow the tunnel timing the Steam-blowers, at the end you’ll drop onto a safe piece of floor. Walk slow to spot the Knife-trap and around the corner you’d better crawl to the purplish floor, stand up in the alcove left, then face the lower part of the floor E (Spike-trap) and run jump over that trap.

(Map) Only the lower level, to give you some direction.

Go E through the main passage and over the next Spike-trap, turn left and go left over the Spike-trap and around the left corners is a switch, pull that to reveal a Heart in between some Spikes. Go back around the right hand corners to the main passage and go straight S into an alcove, climb up left and turn right to climb up W, shoot the 2 Spiders there and go N to a window (looking into that water shaft in Tower Two). Turn right (E) there and climb up right at the end, just around the corner of this yellow passage is a switch to deactivate a Spike-trap, now you can go over that trap to the end of the passage and climb up straight ahead, then one more time up around the corner and stand under a ledge with a Skellie. His Skull came loose, if you shoot the Skull, Knives will pop out of the ceiling, then climb up and get the 4th (Yellow) Magic Crystal.

Get back through the yellow passage and down into the grey one and back at that window overlooking the shaft, go left (S) and when you go down the next drop off, turn left and go down to the main passage again, turn E and hop over the Spikes, in the alcove right are some Flares. Turn back and jump 2 Spike-traps and at the crossing just before the 3rd Spike-trap go right into the alcove and climb up W there, shoot a Spider and climb up E just around the corner of where you just got up here, follow to another passage with a window and some Spiders, go straight and up right into another yellow passage, just around the corner is a switch to deactivate the Spikes, then follow up and around the next corner to get another Uzi and turn around, go just around the corner and look up left (S), climb up and up left to that Skellie with the Spikes, they won’t harm you and between the Spikes is Secret #9, the Grenade-gun and a Heart.

Well we think this about covers this Labyrinth, didn’t find anything else, so return through the passage and down into the grey passage to the window, go left (W) and climb up right, follow around the corner to a switch to deactivate the Spikes, climb up straight in the end of the passage, up once or twice more and you are at a Skellie with a switch on the wall, throw the switch to open the wall to the right (N) of you and hop over to leave this nasty Labyrinth.

Go straight down the slopes and head NE, back into that corner E and return to the Forest in the Swiss Alps.

Level 2 – (Part 2).

You can go left to the River and just head S along the river to the lake, over the bridge leave the river behind and head straight to the S to a rock wall, go left and find an opening behind the tree SE, hop in there and the level will change…

Level 4 – The Spider Forest.

You’re standing in a crossing, go right (W) and follow just turning right where possible and shoot some Spiders on your way (don’t loose sense of direction while doing that) and finally you’ll end up at a slide, slide down and jump to that dark ledge, below is a Spider-pit, drop/hang from the ledge to get all the Spiders out of hiding and use a Super-grenade or two to try and take out the Spiders from here and get down into the pit to take Secret #10, a Heart and a Medipack, a small medipack, Flares and a Shotgun. I had to use the switch on the wall to grab back up to the ledge (from facing the switch) and go climb all the next blocks to go through a tunnel and finally end up at

a drop off into that same crossing where you started. Spiders attack…

To the Forest, the 5th Magic Crystal.

This time go S and left and follow the tunnel, either shoot the Spiders or just run as fast as possible to the end where you can climb up into a dark Forest, Spider Forest.

As the name states, there are more of those creatures here, so take them out as you meet them (Or just run past them as I did). Head E from where you got up here and find a pit filled with the remains of several Villagers, drop in amongst them and head for the reach in switch N, a bunch of Big Spiders will attack, they are quickly removed with explosive Arrows (or just jump around shooting them with pistols to save on Ammo. When you DO pull the switch inside the wall a Huge Mutant Spider (that's the mutated Brother Jakob, according to his lovely mug) will attack from behind, this time be ready with explosive Arrows and take him out after rolling. Go into that passage S where he came from and get the 5th (Purple) Magic Crystal dropped there.

Go through the gate up the ramp and in the Forest about a dozen Spiders more appeared, I didn’t go shoot them all, but just ran W from there, at the end of the Forest is one of those blood pools and this one is deep. Dive in and swim through to where you can climb out, go left and be careful in the next cave, the squares on the floor are bad news… Pillars will drop there, so go along the right hand side and climb up S and quickly run into the next cave on the right hand side. Better save there and go into the next part of the cave till 2 Spiders come for you, don’t shoot them yet as you need at least one of them to activate some Spikes just past the crawlspace right. As soon as you saw the Spikes pop up you can take out the Critters, go S into the next room and don’t fall off that central platform, get Secret #11, the Heart and collect 3x Arrows on the side ledges, taking care of the 2 Big Spiders too. Go back N and through the water to the Forest. Go to the NW corner of the Forest, just run past the remaining Spiders and find the hole in the ground, follow by going right everywhere and get back to the Swiss Alp Forest.

Level 2 – (Part 3).

The 2nd Eye Piece.

Head NW and back to the Lake, follow the River N till you find that Black Magic Stone again. Place all Crystals and the flyby will take over, the Magic Stone changes and the 2nd part of the Eye becomes visible, get that from the Stone and head N to the Horus Door at the end of the river, combine your 2 Eye parts and open the door with the Eye of Horus. Step through and go to the next level…

Level 5 – The Cursed Mountain Village.

For the Final battle in the Last level you need quite some Revolver Ammo, so I advise you to save up on that going through these last levels…

Through the Caves.

Lara will drop into a Cave lake, swim W and look for a small crack under the waterfall there, swim in and left through a narrow tunnel, climb out and crawl through the gap. You’re on a higher ledge in the cave, do a stand jump E and follow the ledge carefully till you can jump up E to the corner, head left and at the end a run jump to a ledge under the floating ledge with the Flares, crawl through and stand up, there’s a hole over your head, stand with your back against the wall, stand jump/grab W and climb the climbwall up to the ledge with the Flares. Walk W onto the tip of the ledge and run jump with a right curve to a slanted rock NW, grab the edge upon sliding of and shimmy left to the end where you can pull up to a narrow ledge.

Face SW and jump to the triangular ledge, turn N and walk up to the middle N side, look for a monkey swing up N, you’ll have to get there by a stand jump N with a slight left curve so you can jump/grab from the slanted block and get onto that monkey swing. This darned thing is way too dark, so get out a fresh flare and have a go at it. There’s a right turn in it and in the end you’ll drop on a ledge, turn right (S) and jump/grab the wall, go up to an opening and see another climbwall S in front of you. A run jump/grab to that one and up you go to a long Cave, save there as there are warning signs of falling rocks…

Head N and left into the first opening and to the right in a small crawlspace is some Revolver Ammo. Now you have 2 ways to continue to the same spot.

1: Go up the blocks opposite the crawlspace and climb the wall left, go left around the corner and up till you can go left around over a ledge, at the end of that wall into the crawlspace and follow to another opening, run jump out straight and be sure to jump left (forwards) from the slanted rock and grab the climbwall, climb left and around corners to where you can drop onto a small safe ledge. Grab the monkey swing ceiling and head along to the N the wall, at the end turn left and hang close to the wall, drop and slide/jump to the other side, keep jumping to and fro with a left curve to land on a safe ledge.

Or route 2: Go to the main cave and head N again, sprint straight to the end of the cave dodging the falling rocks and climb the rocks W, face E from the highest one and run jump across to grab a slanted ledge right of the pillar, shimmy right and pull up/ backflip/roll and keep jumping left till you are on a safe ledge.

Find the climbwall W (bit left) and go climb left and up to the top, the camera changes, find an opening in the rocky bottom NW and slide down and drop into another cave lake (in one of the corners of the lake is an under water tunnel to the Blood of Hades level for later). Climb out into another dark and grim Forest, Midgets attack, take care of the lot and just follow the right hand walls till you get to a path leading to the Cursed Village.

The Cursed Village.

(all villagers turned into quite aggressive Midgets, you’ll find plenty)

After the Flyby a Werewolf will attack, run into the Village a bit so it won’t drop in the narrow path (you have to get back there later). There are some crates on the first square but there’s noting in them. Open the first door left (W house) and inside you’ll find some Arrows along the W wall, go out and open the house E and in the kitchen E is some Uzi Ammo, go out again and right around the corner of the house, pull the dead Soldier away from the small medipack and then head W to another dead Soldier, he is lying on a 1st Restaurant Key. Head E and past the Fountain (left of the Fountain is the Restaurant, needs 2 Keys) so go on E and turning right to another small area of the Village with a Brook, go over the bridge to the house E and open it, inside and to the left is the 2nd Restaurant Key.

To the Bridge House.

Go out of the house and turn left to go E to a square with a Campfire and a Dead Man hanging from a tree (he just got up there as the barrel is just pushed out from under him by one of the Midgets). In the grass behind the tree is another Key (Secret Key), the house S of the square has a Shotgun with 2x Ammo in a room to the right. Go out and a Werewolf might attack now, head S and follow the main path (there’s a small path right, later) to open the next house to the right, get some Uzi Ammo right of the entrance and the 1st Bridge-house Key in the kitchen. Out of the house right (N) and follow to where 3 Thugs stand guard, one of them leaves an Uzi and the other a small medipack. You’ve found the Bridge House, opposite the house finally a crate worth shooting as it contains a small medipack.

Another Heart.

Now you can return all the way to the first part of the Village near that Fountain, go through the path SW to the Campfire square and W from there, all the way W past the Fountain is a house you can open with the Secret Key. Scattered throughout the house are 3x Grenades and Secret #12, a Grenade-gun and a Heart.

The Restaurant.

Go back out and left to the Fountain and now use the 2 Restaurant Keys to open the house N of the Fountain. Enter and go behind the counter and shoot the crate for the Uzi Ammo, into the back room for the Arrows and up the stairs NW to get the Uzi from the crate in the back room. Then look for a ceiling hatch between the tables on that floor (light a flare) and open it up, climb to the attic and get a Medipack, Arrows and another Key.

Looking for Jean-Yves.

Get back down to the street and turn left (E), go over the Brook to the square with the hanging man and open the door in the N house, in the back is a table with a letter from Jean-Yves.

Note from Jean-Yves:

"Necronomicon ex mortis"- ‘Book of the Dead’. According to a legend, it found it’s origin in the darkness…With this book you can reach the Hereafter World. It was made long ago when the seas were overflowing with blood, it’s bound in human skin and written with human blood… In the book are many Occult Symbols, Curses and Spells. Those who have knowledge of the Occult can control the Demons with them and can use them to their advantage, to open up portals to other dimensions and even bring back the dead… The book disappeared in the 13th Century.

More info about the Necromonicon ex mortis at:

Around the room are a small medipack, Uzi Ammo near the stove and another small cabinet with a Scroll and the 2nd Bridge-house Key. The Scroll reads:

"I am abducted, probably by mercenaries

Unknown who gave the order, I am in the Bridge-house…

Jean Yves."

Go out of the house and left around to head to the N where you found that Bridge-house before, now you can open it with both Keys, go in and find an Element Puzzle, go into the back of the house and up the stairs to the first floor, there you’ll find Revolver-, 2x Shotgun- and Uzi Ammo on the cabinets. Jean-Yves is busy with some books and he seems to have made notes on the walls…

N= Abyss of Fire.

NW= Dark Woods.

SW= Village Brook.

S= Mountain Mining. (These will give you a general direction to where the next levels are)

When you approach the book near the bookcase you read another note by Jean-Ives:

The betrayal of Lazarus to God and the Church is about what we know of it. The Artefact Father Gabriel was talking about is a book called Necronomicon ex mortis, the Book of the Dead. With the help of the book Lazarus is trying to tear down the walls between the "World of the Dead" and the "World of the Living", when he succeeds, the consequences for Humanity will be fatal.

Father Gabriel tried to take the book away from him, but the Evil Powers of the book have blinded him. Driven by madness he is trying everything to get that book from Lazarus, he’s not even afraid to use magic powers to achieve his goal, he was the one that lured the Werewolves into the Village to fight the Soldiers of Lazarus. Gabriel’s longing for the book grows by the day. I fear we can't trust him anymore. Overhearing the Guards, I learned Father Gabriel is in the Village Chapel, looking for the Portal to Lazarus’s Secret Hideout.

We seem to need Oil, a Torch, Water and a Bag of Sand, so go down the stairs again and head out of the house and N of the Bridge-house is a deep Lava pit and a rolled up up bridge. Save here for a possible bug later and just run into the pit so you’ll slide into the next level...

Level 6 – The Thorn of Hephaestus.

(In this level there’s a Flare bug, so throw the flare on the ground if you need to see something and if you try to use the Binocs, the level will crash, it also seems this bugs doesn’t appear on every PC, so maybe you’re in luck…)

At the end of the slide you’ll find a hole in the floor, save and safety drop down onto a breakable tile, jump forward from the tile and watch out, as the floor is dangerous with its slanted sides. Approach the E door and a Fiery Bull comes running out, take him to the remaining 3 doors and when he gets too close (and really at the last moment a jump straight over the Bull (Tip: save after every successful attempt). After opening all doors you have the choice which one to do first.

E: Fire Dragons.

*(note by author: There could be a bug here: Some people told me that it can happen that the fire don’t disappears after saving and reloading. I never got such a savegame and I tried several times without any problem. So, for the case that there’s really a bug, I suggest to give an advise to the player to save the game before starting this level.)*

Get there when the Bull is far away and stand jump/grab to the 1st transparent ledge under the Dragon, shimmy left around one corner and pull up on the next, turn left and stand jump/grab to the next ledge when the 2nd Dragon gets his breath. Hang on the right hand side and pull up when the Dragon lifts his head, quickly take a stand jump/grab to the 3rd ledge and shimmy left around the corner to the next corner, pull up and turn around to the W, find the opening in the wall just right of the Dragon and stand jump/grab to it. Go in and use the switch to deactivate the last Dragon. Stand jump/grab back to the corner of the ledge and shimmy right to the corner, pull up in the next and turn left, when the Dragon lifts his head a run jump and grab to the opening in the end of the room, get in and throw the Switch there. Run jump/grab back to the first ledge and do the same moves as before to get back to the Bull room.

N: Transparent Blocks/Switches. (here you have to look for yourself how to dodge the Bull)

Inside and to the right is some Uzi Ammo. Go to the edge of the Lava pool and in the middle of the entrance ledge, there’s a trigger tile raising a transparent block N in the pool in front of you, run jump/grab to it and run jump/grab straight N to the next. To the right and left new blocks will rise, go run jump to the right side and push the (whole) NE pillar, yes that’s possible, to the S and see a wall lower in the other side of the room. The other pillar NW will have the same effect. So jump over the blocks to that pillar and push it S, then make your way back to the entrance ledge and run to the W side, standing on the edge of the pool, 2 new blocks will rise and you can run jump over them to the SW corner, run jump/grab into an alcove in the S wall and throw the switch to lower another block in the N wall of the room.

Get back to the entrance ledge (you can’t use that central block as it will go down when you jump straight to it), and stand on the E side edge to get 2 more blocks up, so you can jump to the SE corner, run jump/grab to the switch alcove and throw the switch. A second block in the N wall of the room lowers. Go jump back to the NE and NW corners and stand jump/grab from the transparent blocks into both rooms in the N wall, throw the 2 switches to lower blocks in the SE and SW corner of the room.

Jump back to the entrance ledge and go SW, a new block will rise W as soon as you jump onto the block in the SW corner, jump to the new block W and then run jump/grab S to the dark corner ledge, get out a flare and throw it, now you can see the ladder 8) Climb up and backflip from the top into an alcove above, throw the switch there and get back down, stand jump down to the block NE and now you have to visit the SE corner of the room, the same way you did the SW corner, throwing the switch on the alcove above (this will raise a high central pillar), get back down and new blocks went up to the N, now you only have to work your way through one side of the room as you only need one route to get to that high central pillar (the route along the other side of the room will have the same effect, but only one side is needed).

So stand jump to the block NW of the corner ledge and run jump over the blocks to that stone pillar NE and pull it back on it’s original place, the transparent block you just pulled it off from will rise a bit, get onto that block by jumping around the pillar and run jump/grab with a curve to that high central pillar to grab up into the room above, use the Switch S and get back down, run jump down to one of the block S and get back to the Bull room.

W: Burning Pillar Puzzle.

There are a lot of Pillars with Burners on them. Some  pillars will extinguish one by one while jumping over them but only stay off for a short while, so hurry!


Hop to the pillar just in front and mind the low ceiling. Then stand jump with a left curve to the pillar SW, then a side jump to the pillar left, landing on the S side of it so you can hop back and immediately run jump to the low pillar S, run jump/grab to the pillar S and left a bit and pull up, run jump with a wide right curve to the next low pillar S (note by author: you can also stand at the SW corner and stand jump, that’s easier). Roll and run jump/grab to the higher pillar E, pull up and roll, run jump with a left curve to the pillar close to the last pillar S and maybe take a step forward before you stand jump to the safe pillar in front of the room with the switch.

Throw the Switch and get back out on the safe pillar in front of the entrance, stand on the very NE corner and face exactly NE so you are lined up with the corner of the next pillar, take one step back and stand jump to the exact corner(tip) of that pillar, immediately a little left turn and then side jump right to land on the tip of the lower pillar, run with a left curve and jump onto the higher pillar N, landing on the right hand side of it, a running jump to the lower pillar against the right hand wall and immediately start pushing the block in before you catch fire, Lara lost health anyway so I took two ˝ MPs and everything was OK again (note by author: if u are fast enough and have full life, then you don’t need one), get into the room to the right after pushing the block in all the way and get Secret#13, a Heart, a Medipack and 3x Revolver Ammo.

Get back out and stand jump onto the pillar a bit left, turn N and go jump/grab the pillar N, they won’t start burning anymore. Now you have to line up really straight for the next jump, hang from the N side of the pillar (the side you have to jump to and pull back up, don’t turn, just roll and run jump (no grab) to the next pillar N, then to the exit NE. Go back out to the Bull room.

S: The Wraith Pits.

For this room it’s quite nice if you lure the Bull into one of the other rooms first, maybe the N one and when he is in there you can quickly go over to the S room while he’s turning around in there, now you have some time to take a look in that S place. There are many fiery pits and you can do standjumps over the triangular top ledges between them. There’s a nasty Wraith in this room and if he crosses your path the 3rd time you’ll catch fire. There’s a water filled pit in the NE corner where the flames can be extinguished if necessary. Your goal is the switch SE, but I went to that water pit first to get rid of the Wraith. Judge the jumps yourself. For some you have to take a step back as for others you have to walk up to the front before you jump to the next. After the Switch is pulled you can make your way back to the Bull room.

Glass Floor.

Now you can just run into the central pit of the Bull room, slide into a fiery passage and follow to a room with a glass floor, the Fire symbols are the ones you’re looking for here, so the one in front of the entrance is safe.

2- Next row W wall

3- the 2nd row one square from the W wall

4- 2nd row straight N

5- next row and one square from the E wall

6- 2nd row middle of the room

7- NW corner

8- a curved run jump past the exit to the tile just E of it.

Then stand jump/grab into the exit N and follow the passage up to a passage with some break ledges in the end.

The Dragon Room, the Torches.


Save there and run along the right hand side, jump to the ledge in the lava pool while a Lava Boulder comes down after you, curve left and jump over to the break ledge path, go to the wall and then right to run to the N end of the path, get into the opening fast and walk around the back to find an alcove S, get the Arrows and climb the green wall to the top, backflip off and get the small medipack there. Jump S and throw the switch on the back of the Dragon’s Head. A flyby shows block going up in the lava room, go back down and to the same side of the passage you took before, stand jump to the block and jump to the ledge in the middle of the room, climb up S and throw a flare on the rock ledge to spot the ladder, climb the ladder to the top and find a stack of Torches in each alcove. Take one of them (Don’t light it here or you could encounter a bug when going back to the previous level) and follow the passage N, the level will change.  (note by author: You can light the torch here, there are 12 torches, and if you throw away a burning one and change the level the other torches will still be there, only the burning one will disappear. You can try it, it should work.)

Level 5 – The Cursed Village (part 2).

Just run straight a bit and drop the Torch, then light a Flare and go into the passage ahead, in the end is a pushblock, push it once and go back to get the Torch, then go through the opening you created and enter a house in the Village, go to the room SW and drop the Torch again (take note of where it is), leave it there for now and pick up the Uzi at the stove before you open the door, go out to shoot the Werewolf, could also be he comes into the house with you. Go in to get your Torch and head SE to the Brook, then E and to the Campfire near the Hanging Man. Carefully walk up to the fire and light the Torch, go SE and follow that canyon to where it bends off to the right, go in and come to a small wooden barrier.

Mountain Mining.

Shoot it and follow the Mine (there are some Flares W) in to a moulded wooden floor it will burn when you throw the Torch on it and you can go down the shaft, follow the passage to where the level changes.

Level 7 – Ashes of Demeter. (note by author: it’s a little mistake in the script, Dementer is wrong, I meant the Greek god Demeter).

Follow down through a wide mine tunnel to a big cave with scaffolding, drop down and walk to the W and again go down. Shoot a Bat and in the pit with the scaffolding is an opening NE and opening is a wooden rack you can push in, go left and come to a slide, slide backwards and grab the edge, pull up to backflip/roll/grab the black pillar, go down to the opening in the pillar and drop/grab. Climb onto the pillar and shoot the 3 Bats, run jump/grab to the pillar N, go up a few steps and go left around two corners go down almost to the deadly water, hang left and backflip/roll, landing on a slanted rock you will slide off onto a ledge in front of the opening NW.

Boulder Runs for the 1st Black Beetle.

Go in and hop backwards into the room beyond, several Boulders start rolling around the room, nice never saw it like that before… Quickly get back into the opening to assess the situation, you can run sharp right into the room with the flow of Boulders and turn right into the safe corner. Run N after the Boulders and hop right into the alcove, throw the switch and see a wall open up, revealing some Symbol-buttons. Make your way over to the buttons and push them all 3 from left to right, then push Right-Left-Middle and the N gate opens (a wrong combination will open a gate with an additional Boulder, you can reset the buttons by going into the red corner close to that wrong gate, alas the Boulder will stay amongst the others (note by author: Important: the right combination is always left-M-right / right-left-M, also after a wrong combination to reset the puzzle!), inside you’ll find the 1st Black Beetle. Pry it off the wall and make your way over to the opposite exit S.

"The Cutting Edge" for the 2nd Black Beetle.

Back in the room with the 4 pillars, look for an opening in the E wall and high up in the room. Run to the E and off the ledge, slide and then jump/grab to the pillar, climb up to the top (but don't pull up on the pillar) and go left around one corner, backflip/roll to grab the next pillar and go left around 2 corners of this pillar to the other (E) side and backflip/roll/grab to get in (You should already be at the right height to grab the edge of the opening, that's about 8 steps up from the gap in the pillar). Careful! There’s a nasty Meat Grinder going around the next room.

Go in and right (S) after the Grinder passed and climb the block, get close to the wall and wait for the Grinder to pass for the next climb up, then turn left and climb up E, quickly get into the passage with the Circular Knife-traps, there is a possibility to take the left or right hand passage, but I thought the one straight ahead to be the easiest. Walk up real close to the Knives and hit "roll" to get through, after the last turn around and hop over the Knife-pits to the opposite side, stay right or left on the ledges as there are several Dart-traps too, the next room has Swinging Axes.

Run jump out with a left curve and grab to land in the alcove. Then jump to the closest brick block, line up for a run jump/grab to the next standing right and from that block you can hop into the NW alcove the Axe swings into. It seems to be suspiciously deeper, and that’s correct, inside you’ll find Secret#14, a Heart, a Shotgun, an Uzi and 3x Shotgun Ammo.

Run jump out with a left curve and another run jump/grab will get you to the corner block, look for an alcove SW and run jump in with a left curve, then stand in the E side and stand jump left curved and with a grab into the opening W.

The Moving Pillar Maze. (Map)

Moving Pillars are waiting for you, stand jump NW with a bit of a right curve and immediately run through to the wall N. Walk SW to the next corner challenge and I faced NW (screenshot), did a side jump left into the next passage, but however you choose to do it, the timing here is crucial… Turn NW after the jump.

Now jump NW-SW-S, sidestep E a bit and jump S, then turn right and jump with a right curve NW, then NE and turn W, walk up to the next pillars and you can see an opening behind the pillar SW, that’s where you have to go (screenshot) . These are the hardest jumps of the maze. I went W first, back up and run jump through when the first pillar is about to move out of the right hand alcove, now face SE (map/screenshot) and stand jump in with a right curve when the Pillar moves away (obviously). Immediately a running jump with a sharp right curve should just get you through (don’t panic, it took me a while too). You’re back in the cave with the Grinder… So take care!

Run in with a left curve to jump/grab to the ledge S and go up to the top of the Axle, run into the room left (E) and more Traps await. Here I just ran and jumped corners to get across before the Blades hit you, go get the 2nd Black Beetle and get back to the entrance, now run out right and roll, grab the ledge and drop, roll again and run jump back to the ledge N, run off the W side and slide down to the bottom. Quickly get out to the Pillar room.

Beetle Alert for the 3rd Black Beetle.

Jump/grab the pillar in front and go left around, backflip/roll/grab to the next pillar and go down till you see the opening left of you, go around one more corner and backflip/roll/grab into the opening. There’s a bright ledge in the middle of the first room, that one has to be raised to get into the room above, there are 3 adjacent rooms with 3 reach-in switches each, the wrong ones will set Beetles free, so before you got the right one you could have a truckload of Beetles on your tail, best use the switches I tell you to use. (note by author: The correct switches are the ones with a crack in the wall above!)

Go into the room left (E) and use the switch to the right, some Beetles will come out, but not too many (you can get rid of them if you jump back to the pillar N), run out go left and into the S room, there you have to operate the left hand switch, run out and go left into the W room, use the switch in the middle (W) and roll, run out and the block will rise in front of you. Climb into the room above and get the 3rd Black Beetle from the S wall. Turn and run jump along one of the walls over the little mound N, slide back into the entrance room with no Beetles remaining, if you drop back through the hole onto the block the Beetles will still be there. Go out to the Pillar room.

A (Dark) Death, the 4th Black Beetle.

Run jump/grab to the pillar, go left around one corner, backflip/roll/grab and go around 2 corners to get to the opening in the wall, just under the top of the pillar, backflip/roll/grab and get in.

The floor is divided in dark and light spots, the dark ones will be safe all the time, the sandy (light parts) will become deadly later. Go to both chains in the room and pull them once, then go to a switch on the E wall (on the dark part) and throw it to get a flyby of the room revealing the trigger squares you’ll have to jump to later (you can use this switch whenever you need help). In the same E wall is an alcove with another switch, go use it and this one will make the sandy floor turn deadly, so be careful and stand jump right around the corner to get back to safety. Go stand between the Chain and that central pillar, face S and from the middle of that square a stand jump to get onto the first of four (invisible) trigger tiles. (map)

You’ll see a transparent block go up in the N side of the room, turn around and stand jump back, go stand N of the Chain and stand jump to a square one square from and in front of the entrance (next block goes up), jump back and run jump around the central pillar to the W side of the room, stand jump to a square right in front of the Beetle door NW, jump back and go stand next to the chain, on the ledge and face S, now run jump to a square just past that alcove with the statue SW and the last block goes up, Stand jump with a grab into the right hand side of the alcove with the statue and turn around to side jump left to the safe floor, get to the E side of the room and reset the switch for the Burn floor in the SE alcove, go to that statue W and when you get into the alcove he will take off and climb the pillar from the N side, you do the same on the S side and the Beetle door NW opens up. Go get the 4th Black Beetle and go back to the exit E.

Placing the Beetles, the Bag of Sand.

Jump/grab to the pillar and go left around 2 corners to backflip/roll/grab to the pillar E, go up to the top of it and climb up into the room above, get out the grenade-gun with Super Grenades as the 4 Stone Giants which will wake up will easily drop with those, wait till they stand close together, saves Ammo… Place the 4 Black Beetles and the Pyramid opens up, go in to get the Bag of Sand and leave through the open door W.

Glass Floor and Big Pyramid.

Another room with glass floor, this time it’s the Earth symbols you need. Stand back on the first one stand jump left to the next row S wall, back up a bit stand jump straight W, then to the same row N wall, back up facing the wall and run to the wall while curving left, jump to the 3rd row same side and then stand jump to the exit W. Follow the tunnel to a Huge Pyramid. Go to the S side and find the lowest ledge on the SW corner, save on each ledge you reached and 3 of them are standjumps from the right position, then a run jump along the long side and curved left (you can use the walk jump trick here: hold shift to walk, then release shift and immediately press Alt to jump after only one step and there is a TRLE bug here, if you miss that jump then you slide down the pyramid but you get stuck on an invisible ledge and Lara can’t move anymore) You’ve reached the end of this part, now you have to jump onto the slanted side just next to the ledge and slide down to a ledge below. Stand jump N and turn left, here you can use the walk/jump again to get to the next ledge, hop higher one and a leap of faith NW to a ledge in the slanted side, then SW and a walk/jump up. Jump down SW with a left curve and walk/jump up SE with a left curve, now it’s easy, hop to the top and the lid will crumble, drop in and the floor will rise after the Pyramid became active.

Level 5 – The Cursed Village (part 3).

Follow the passage after the level changed and push the block to end up in the house at the Brook. Go to the room N and get the Uzi Ammo near the table, open the door and another Werewolf awaits your arrival. Go out and step into that Brook on the S side, dive into the tunnel and follow the current to a big room.

Level 8 – The Heart of Poseidon.

Labyrinths, Mazes and more Labyrinths, all underwater.

1: Secret Labyrinth.

Just run down into that shaft all the waterfalls are going down in. Save down there at the surface and face S, save.

S: Dive down and go right everywhere, get Secret#15, a Heart and a Revolver. Turn and go back going left where possible and go up for air while turning E.

E: Swim right, left and to the end for Revolver Ammo, roll and go right, left to get back for air.

N: Swim left, second left and then right and around the left corner at the end is an under water lever. Throw it to see a trapdoor open up. Swim back, go left, right, left and follow up in the end to get air, you can climb the walls of this nice shaft to get on top of a Huge Blue Icy Sphere.

There are 4 sides to this room, all have to be visited to get 4 Tridents. Stand on the highest part of the floor, facing the direction you want to take and grab the monkeybars above (if you happen to miss the Jump switch, just swim under the sphere and up in the shaft again to get back on top).

(There is a bug here as well so don’t hesitate (stop) while doing the monkey bars as Lara can get stuck.)

N side - Labyrinth of Currents: (map)

Go to the wall and drop/grab onto a Jump switch, in the water below a door will open up (you’ll land right in front of it) and also a Sea Hag will appear, swim into the room and I went up in the first hole to the room above, go straight to the N and then in the last room to the right, in the end you can already see an air hole, go up there and you are in a room with a Bird statue, to be used for the Spirit on your tail by now, after getting some air in the top of the room, you can stay low near the statue till the Spirit is gone and get the Medipack in the same room. Save in the air pocket facing S, dive down to the lower level and swim 2 compartments S, then turn right (E) and follow to the fore last, there’s a red glow on the floor, turn right (N) and go up all the way in the next hole up. Climb up into a room with the 1st Trident. (note by author: There is an easier way: in the upper level 3 compartments in E direction, then 1 compartment left (S) and up to the trident.)

Dive back in facing S and go down one level, swim S and in the last compartment down and left, then right into the opening with the awaiting Sea hag, swim past her and down under the Sphere, up in the shaft and climb back to the top.

E side – Switch/under water lever Puzzle: (map)

Use the monkey bars to get to the Jump switch and activate it, swim into the tunnel, climb out and up the blocks to where a trapdoor will open up. Go down into the room and there are multiple switches and under water levers and also a ceiling hatch in the other side. Some of the tiles (3 switches,3 under water levers) are marked with a Water Symbol and those are the ones you need, as soon as you pulled the first switch the room starts to flood and your time will be limited (so backflip/roll from using the N switch and do the same after the second, saves time), after using the 3 switches you have to use 3 additional under water levers (if you were fast enough you may have to wait a bit for the water level to rise) and the hatch N will open up, swim up there and get the 2nd Trident, use the switch on the opposite wall to get the trapdoor N back open so you can swim back to the Sphere and down under the Sphere, up in the shaft and climb back to the top.

W side – Yikes! Spikes: (map) (Note by author: An explanation of how the triggers in the tunnels work is at the end of the walkthrough)

But this is the way it all worked for us:

After using the Jump switch, swim into the opening and go left into a room with strong currents (what else is new) Oh yeah the Spikes… Stay clear a much as possible and watch the health if you might come too close. Swim along the left side and sharp around the corner into the wider room, move around a bit to swim in the far corner and behind the Spike-wall S is an under water lever, throw it (might be a good point to save) and swim left, left around the next corner and into the left side open door, there’s a Trigger tile in this short passage, just roll again when you reached it and swim out, left and up at the air pocket. Well another nice point to save, then face N and swim to the second under water lever behind the Spike-wall N, throw it and swim back to the doors as the right hand one opened and go in for the second trigger tile after you took a lung full of air. Then go out right and wait a bit in front of the passage in the middle, time the Spikes and swim in as soon as the first ones popped up. Just go on without stopping and swim up in the next cave to get air and the 3rd Trident.

Dive back in the water and again you have to visit the 2 side passages, swim over the trigger tiles and back and then go into the central passage, if all’s well only one set of spikes is remaining and you can easily get by those, swim up into the air pocket and save…

To get back to the exit E, I went along the N side swimming with Lara facing NE and she will go slowly right to the next room, there you have to get around the Wall-spikes left

and go straight to the E wall, then right to the opening, I know it sounds easy, but it will take a few tries. Swim into the opening with the awaiting Sea hag, swim past her and down under the Sphere, up in the shaft and climb back to the top.

S side – Rotating Cutters and under water levers. (map)

After the Jump switch you can swim into the room with the Rotating Cutters, go under or through the Cutter and straight up to the top of the room where an air pocket is located. Save facing W and swim high (otherwise Lara won’t pull the lever) into the upper (middle) alcove when you throw the under water lever a tunnel appears S. Go back for air and save facing E, you need the upper (middle) alcove, swim in high again and throw the lever to open the first Timed (front) door in the tunnel, roll and swim out right to the upper (middle) alcove N, swim in high and throw the under water lever to open the back Timed door in the tunnel. Quickly roll and immediately swim S, no delay, take a Medipack if you get hurt and go straight through the upper (middle) tunnel S, through the next 2 rooms and up in the Trident room for air and the 4th Trident.

(If you get caught in the tunnel between the 2 Timed doors, you’re doomed and have to reload a save. *Some players also had a bug in this part when the saved after getting the Trident*.)

Going back only requires carefully going through the Cutters, get air at the air pocket in the N room, save and swim out through the opening N, along the bottom. Swim down into the room with the Sphere and find a lowered block in the bottom and left of that opening in the middle. Throw the under water lever to completely fill the room with water and swim all the way up to the top where you can climb out N in the centre of the monkey bars.

(note by author: Here is a possible bug: The under water lever makes 2 things: it activates a flip-room (water in the upper half room) and it close the trapdoor in the sphere (and deactivate a current there). If you save after throwing the lever and then reload, the water in the upper half room will disappear. If you use the lever again then the upper half room is filled with water but the door is open and the current in the Sphere makes it impossible to leave the room.

The Solution: Save – Reload – then use the under water lever and  leave the room without saving!)

Follow the passage up to another glass floor room, here the Water Symbols are the ones you need, from the 1st tile, 2nd row one to the right, then 3rd row one to the left, 2nd row E wall and 2nd row one left, then into the exit, follow up to a water hole, dive in and finally somebody told me where to go 8-)

The Neptune Statues and Demigods for the Waterskin.

The current will take Lara to the end of the tunnels. Swim up and take the W the exit. Then swim left and to a waterfall W, climb up on a ledge left of it, climb up left and go over to the Neptune statue. Place the Trident, drop onto the base of the statue and wait till and a Demigod appears on the central platform (could be you encounter a bug and the Demigod won’t appear, then go back to an earlier save and try again as you need all 4 Demigods. *Note by author: As I know that happens if you use the “look”-button immediately after you placed the trident). Go shoot him and use ledges and cracks in the waterfalls around the room and maybe also the bridges to the central platform to get to all 4 Neptunes and every time you have to shoot a Demigod. Finally 4 blue rays will cross each other in the middle of the room and a Waterskin will appear in that crossing of rays (floating above the floor).

Pick it up and head back to the SE Neptune statue, climb the ledges S of it and grab up into the E opening, crawl and follow the tunnel around the room, crawling W at a certain point and come to some Uzi Ammo, the wall to the right is climbable, grab it and go right around. Down a bit and keep climbing right around corners till you reach a waterfall below, go up there and right around the corner to drop into another opening. Walk to the edge and turn left (N). Stand jump/grab a crack N and go right again, just go right around the corners past the Neptune to the E waterfall and there you can pull up on a ledge. Crawl in E and come to a monkey swing, drop the flare if you have on in hand and grab the monkey swing, follow straight to the end and the level will change.


Level 5 – The Cursed Village (part 4).

Drop from the waterfall into the Brook and while there you can fill up the Waterskin, then shoot the Werewolf from standing in the Brook and head NW because you still have to go get the Oil you need later. Head W through the Village and left past the Fountain, follow the path back to that Forest and keep along the wall to your right so you’ll end up in that dark cave with the small lake. Under water in the SW corner is a tiny crack in the rock wall, it’s a bit tricky to get in, but if you are above the crack and dive with a flare in hand it won’t be too hard, keep at it. Swim through, climb out and slide down the slope.

Level 9 – The Blood of Hades.

Save while sliding down as soon as the level starts, take out a flare and jump/grab up to an opening up in the ceiling, get Secret#16, a Heart and a Crossbow. Back up out of the crawlspace and drop, you’ll slide onto a 4 way bridge.

Breaking Floor.

Take the E side and stop just through the closing door, shoot the Harpy from where you stand (don’t walk forward) and just wait there till 2 floors gave way and you ended up on a ledge under the entrance, in the E room you can see a switch, jump over the ledges on the walls to the other side and jump/grab to the opening, throw the switch and head back to the exit, you can climb up to by using the ladder.

Mirror Room.

Back on the bridge go W and come to a room with a mirror left, stand jump to the ledge NW, run jump to the one SW and another stand jump SW to the one at the mirror, then run jump to the switch ledge and throw the second switch.

N - Switching Ledges.

Go back to the Main hall and this time go into the N side. The trick here is not to loose you nerve and start counting the time the ledges take to switch over, I did a count of six. You’ll have to get off the ledge and on your way to the next at the count of six (or whatever count you got). The route I took was stand jump/grab to the ledge a bit right of the entrance at the moment it appears there, pull up and run jump to the one ahead and right against the wall, turn left a bit so you face NW and hop back against the wall, run jump at the six count and land on the next one, turn right a bit and back up a bit to run jump to the one N and immediately a stand jump to the switch ledge. Throw the third switch and go stand SE and in front of the ledge there, wait till it appears and stand jump/grab to the right hand side of it, pull up and run jump to the ledge ahead and left at the wall, walk forward to the edge, hop back and run jump to the ledge you used first a bit right and ahead, walk forward to the edge, hop back and run jump into the exit.

S – Deep Darkness.

Stand on the bridge and look straight into the room S and shoot the back S wall in that room as there’s a shootable wall you have to break and it will disappear when you enter the room. Now enter the room, light a flare and go into the alcove to throw the fourth switch, roll and run to the E wall of the room, shoot the wall and find the Statue to get rid of the Spirit. Then shoot a wall W and get the Medipack from it.

Glass Floor, the Oil Canister.

Back out to the bridge and a block will rise in the middle. Climbing up the block and then to the ledge N, follow in and through to a room with a glass floor. Save on the first tile and the symbol on this one will also be the save tiles throughout the room, so skip one row and jump to the right, then one row further against the S wall, 3 rows further one tile from the S wall, the last one in front of the door W.

Follow the tunnel into the next room and watch fly by, a Huge Hand holding something on a pedestal. Go get the Oil Canister and kill the Harpy (seems later there were 3, must have killed them all at once).

Go to the thumb of the hand and hop to a triangular ledge on it, stand on the lowest point, left and facing the thumb (N), stand jump/grab the thumb and climb left around the corner, then up to the top and just climb to just under the slanted top, go right around the corner and up and right till you end up at a pole. Face N at the pole and climb all the way to the top till you cannot go further, save and slide down a bit, till you can just see a dark ledge behind you (a flare wouldn’t carry this far). Now backflip/roll and you’re in a passage leading back into the Forest near the Village.

Level 5 – Mountain Village (part 5).

Head NE and follow through to the Village, another Werewolf shows up, shoot it and head E to the house past the Restaurant. You have to go get new Torch in the house where you can go to the stack of Torches. Go inside the house there (N), right and in the backroom through that passage and you’re back in…


Level 6 – The Thorn of Hephaestus (short visit back).

Hop over the pit and get another Torch (again don’t light it here), head back to the Village and go SE to the Brook.


Level 5 – The Cursed Village (part 6).

The Element Puzzle.

Then SE and E to the Campfire, carefully light the Torch and head N to the Bridge-house. Go in drop the Torch for a minute and line up in the middle of the bowls before you put in Sand right, Oil in the middle and water left, then pick up the Torch and light the Oil in the middle bowl. When you go out of the house a flyby will show the Bridge N rolling out over the abyss. Leave the Torch here, because when you take it over the bridge the game will crash and go N, over the bridge to the next level.

Level 10 – The Village Chapel.

Follow the path to a square with a little Chapel, a spooky surprise as the Trees come walking towards Lara, go left and around the Chapel to find a coffin you can open in order to get the Revolver Ammo and a Medipack, then go around the front of the chapel to the other (E) side and another coffin there holds the Gold Star with which you can open the front door (S) to the Chapel.

Mad Father Gabriel.

Inside the Insane Father Gabriel will come for you and it seems you can’t get rid of him by shooting. So look for a long church bench along the W side and on the S side of the bench, facing N you can pull the knob on the bench to open a gate to the Bell tower NW. Go up there and pull the chain to sound that big Bell, a flyby takes over and shows the Un-dead coming from their graves, get back down to the Church hall and lure Father Gabriel to those Zombies, they will take care of the rest… (obviously he’s a bit reluctant (in my game he refused to go outside with me, I really tried a long time) Just face him standing in the middle of the chapel and hop back every time he gets closer. But try to keep him in the middle path or the Key he will drop after his gruesome death will fall between the benches and you can’t get it there. (Note by author: You can get the key any way, he will drop it in the middle of the square where only the half bench is and the collision of the bench is a little bit reduced, so that Lara can get the key anyway!) Get that Skull Key and go to the gate NW, on the N wall next to the gate is the keyhole, use the Key to open the Shrine in the NE corner.

But before you go get the book, return outside and go right around the corners to the bell tower. To the right of it you can face E and grab up to the roof of the chapel, backflip/roll and keep jumping right till you hit the edge of the N roof, you’ll slide off so you can grab the edge and shimmy left to pull up at the bell. Go to the switch and use it to open a hidden Crypt near the book. Head back into the chapel after sliding down an go into the NE corner, hop over the opening to the book and grab it, hop back and go down in the Crypt for Secret#17. There’s a pedestal where you can get a glimpse of the book and around the room are 4 pillars with 4 shrines each, 4x4 equals 16 and that’s the amount of Hearts you have, so place them all and the doors E and W open up. Go into each room to collect a huge amount of Weapons, Ammo and Medpacks. (If you have at least 8 Hearts you can play the Secret levels, place the hearts in the 2 N side pillars to open the doors in the passage N, if not have a look in the walkthrough where you can still find some hearts around the Village levels.)

Secret Level 1 – Lazarus’s Secret Hideout. (you will go back and forth between 2 secret levels, I won’t mention that)

Invisible Labyrinth. (Map)

Go out and into a passage N, follow to a slide and head down, the level changes and you’re in a dark invisible Labyrinth (I really hate those).

Turn around to face W and see that white opening, run straight W till you bump into a wall, turn straight N and again go against the next wall, turn E and walk along that wall turning left so you’ll find the next opening, then turn straight N in that opening and walk till you bump, turn W again and then at the wall (left) S. Walk till you are near the white opening and turn W, walk up to the next wall and turn N, all the way straight to the end and E again, walking against the left wall to find the first opening (about halfway down the room), turn N and against the next wall W again to the end, turn S and go till you finally reached the white opening, walk into the light and into the Hereafter World, go over the transparent bridge to where the 2 Guardians (horsemen) will come for you, shoot them and get the 2 Gems. Go up to the Tower doors and to the right and left (face E) you’ll find the receptacles for the Gems, go into the tower and shoot the 2 Wasps, in the middle of the Tower is a receptacle for a Scroll, go up the ladder NE and to the SW side of the landing to read the last note of Father Gabriel, just before he lost his sanity:

“Lazarus’s Secret Hideout is a kind of “Halfway World” it exists beyond Space and Time, beyond Reality. Here Lazarus has completed his ascent with the aid of the Necronomicon, i. e. the transformation of man into demon. He now possesses immeasurable strength and is immortal… Still he has to be conquered and the only way he could get that Demonic powers was for him to lock his soul into a Magic Crystal, the Soul-stone is the source of his dark power, it has to be destroyed!!!…”

Go to the W wall and use the Zip-line to get to the next place, dropping onto that yellow block with the Star, the level changes and you are in a small room, follow the passage till you are in the room below and quickly run through the opened gate, if it closed, go back in the entrance and try again.

Clone Battle Grounds.

In this large room is a Skull floor, it’s the battle ground. As soon as you step on, a bunch of Lara Clones will appear all attacking Lara and she has to fight them all. Do not step off the Skull floor with weapons drawn or you’ll die! As soon as you’re on the floor draw the Grenade-gun with Super Ammo and blow the Copies even before they reach the floor (or try the most challenging way, only pistols… 8), wait a bit till you see a whole bunch and with 3 grenades I killed the lot. Go look for a Skull Key dropped by one of them (mine was in the S side) then go into the NW corner of the room and a trapdoor opens up, open the gate inside with the Key and follow through to a Winding Key. Then climb up W into the Clone labyrinth.

The Clone labyrinth, the Mechanic Beetle.

Go all the way to the W while Lara starts losing health for no apparent reason, so you’ll have to both hurry up and watch the health, W and around the corner is a Lantern on marked tiles. Push it E against the labyrinth wall and turn right, run to the Labyrinth entrance and go in, throughout the labyrinth there are 5 Zombie like Clones, attacking 5 Lara stationary Clones, you have to destroy the Zombies to stop losing health, not too hard, pistols will do fine. Making things harder is the Birds-eye view, after the battle you can get the Mechanic Beetle in the SW corner, or maybe you already picked it up when you were there. Leave E and find a crawlspace up in the middle of the E wall. Follow into step on the Star Tile and get back to the Tower, use the Zip-line to get back there.

Walk out to the N side bridge and run jump to the block follow the blocks till you can jump onto the reddish pillar with the Star Tile and end up in another part of the level.

The Large Waterskin.

Go N and left, (straight is back to the Tower) use your Mechanic Beetle at the shallow pit, combine the Beetle and the Winding key and put it on the broken tile. Then follow in to a raising-block Labyrinth with the large Waterskin on the floor in the middle. Go straight to get that Waterskin and stay put while the gate closes behind you, just face the gate and don’t move for about a minute. There really is no other way out as blocks will get in the way and finally blocks will fall on Lara if you go move around (boy does a minute take long or what). The gate re-opens and you can go back to the end of the passage left and onto the star Tile, jump back to the Tower (to the last block is a curved run jump/grab) and go to the S bridge.

The Scales.

Run jump to the block left and hop onto the red conveyor. The conveyor is too short so stand jump from the end to the pillar with the Star Tile and get to the Scale room. Go to the small pool and here you have to get 4 Litres in your large Waterskin: (empty the small waterskin and fill the large skin, combine the 2 skins and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin) Save before you put that in the Jar on the Scale and if all’s well the gate right will open up (should you have made a mistake a Werewolf comes out of the left gate and you have to kill it to reset the Scale). Once my gate closed again and the werewolf came out, the Scale didn’t reset and I was stuck.

Mirror Rooms Puzzle for the Scroll.

Go through the passage to a Mirror room, the opposite passage leads to a kind of staircase where the opposite passage leads back to the same mirror room, like an endless circle, just go to the Mirror in the first room and climb up to it, stand on the right hand side and push the Mirror, it will turn and you can walk forward and right (W) to get the Scroll from the passage, this time you can go into the opposite passage E and run straight past the Werewolf onto the Blue Star tile to get back to the Tower.

Jump onto the blue conveyor and stand jump to the block, run jump back to the Tower and place the scroll on the pedestal. A Red Portal appears, step in and you’ll end up on the top of the tower from where you can go jump over the blocks to the Building with the Blue doors and while shooting a bunch of wasps the doors open, go in and Locust appear, save quickly and reload to get rid of those. On a Throne in this room is Bishop Lazarus and he’s not happy… In the back of his Throne is a Crystal, go around the throne and shoot the Crystal so the floor will give way.

The Final Battle.

Ending up in a Red Hell like cave, where that Mutated Lazarus rules, you have to run E, then right and go around that large pit to enter the tunnels, follow all the way down to a cave with that Soul Crystal (S) you have to destroy in the middle, around the room are 3 Guardians you have to shoot and take their Gems to put them in the receptacles where they were standing at first, Lazarus will try and intervene, and he’s quite good at it… Shoot those Guys with the Revolver (that’s why you had to save on Revolver ammo) from up close and get the 3 Gems, immediately place them as you get them and after the third, Lazarus will be gone, so I seems. I went SE, then W and last NE for the Gems.

The Portal Scroll.

Now take aim and shoot that Soul Crystal on the mound in the middle of the cave. It will shatter and that Lazarus character is no longer Immortal. So look him up and go close, duck and shoot him. He will leave a Scroll behind, take it to the cave through the SW tunnel and jump to that central ledge (facing N) to place it, when you step into the Red Portal you’ll get back to the Land of the Living…

Jean-Ives and Lara gathered around the piano for a relaxed evening in the Croft Mansion… That Dangerous Book found a safe place in the Trophy room.

End of a great adventure…

30-05-2006.*revised 31-07-2006 (level 7 1st paragraph of "The Cutting Edge" for the 2nd Black Beetle.)*


>(Explanation by Roger about: Level 8 – The Heart of Poseidon. W side – Yikes! Spikes:

Here I have to explain a few things. Its a little bit complicated:

There are 3 tunnels to the trident. In the middle tunnel are the spikes. In the right (N) tunnel are the triggers for the spikes and the door of the middle tunnel and in the left (S) tunnel are the anti-triggers for the spikes and the middle door.

So, if you reach this 3 Tunnels you only need to throw down the under water switch at the right side (N). Then swim to the right tunnel and after to the middle tunnel.

And if you have the trident you only need to swim to the S tunnel and then all the spikes, except one set of spikes, in the middle tunnel are inactive.

 What makes the whole thing complicated is the way how the triggers work:

The trigger (N) and the anti-trigger (S) for the middle door are at the square where the water symbol is. The triggers and anti-triggers are at the same place in the right and the left tunnels like the sets of spikes in the middle tunnel. That means:

After passing the first square in the right tunnel, the first set of spikes is activated. After passing the 2nd square in the right tunnel, the 2nd set of spikes is activated, etc...

So, (for example) if u stop 3 seconds at the 2nd square inside the right tunnel, then u have to wait 3 seconds at the 2nd square while you are swimming through the middle tunnel. That’s extremely difficult. So it’s important to swim to the right tunnel without stopping!)