Imprisoned Spirits III

Levels by George Maciver.(GMac)

Authorized Walkthrough by G&D Productions.


It would appear that all is not well in the netherworld of the Imprisoned Spirits. The High Council of Representatives of the Wise One has conferred and have sent an ambassador to meet with Miss Croft to quietly enlist her help. The High Council's seat of power, Dragon Castle,has become infested with Thlymedykth and they want rid of them. If Lara is successful, the High Council has kindly arranged to overlook her earlier misdemeanors and return her to her own world.

But returning won't be easy. The Imprisoned Spirits are nervous. The only gate back to Lara's world is through their inner sanctum deep beneath Dragon Castle and they know that if Lara enters their holy place their future will be eternal death.

But first Lara has to find the keys to Dragon Castle . . .

Level 1 - A Time to be Born.

"Thereís a time for all thingsÖ"

This level picks up where you left off in Return to the Imprisoned Spirits with all the Spirits disappearing in the Blue sphere at the large statues.

After the flyby ends you can go get some Flares if you like, youíll find them on the ledge under the gate SW (behind the gate you can see a Red Gem). Turn back and head through the passage N, over a bridge to a closed gate, on a ledge right of that gate is a switch youíll have to get to. Stand at the right hand corner of the gate and turn W, then backflip onto the narrow ledge (or stand against the right hand side of the gate, face E and stand jump up along the wall, holding the forward key), grab the monkey swing ceiling and go around the corner to the switch to open the gate with it. Jump back and enter to drop down into the Cave corridor (youíll return here). Follow all the way down to the NW and notice a closed Face door to the right near the end, continue W and youíll come into a familiar place (if you played the previous levels that is).

The Big Tar Pit, the 1st Spirit Key.

To the left when you come in is a Lava pool with a Gem on a pedestal, (this one is for later) go straight W over the wooden bridge and after the crossing youíll notice the blocks left (SW) of the bridge run jump to the first, then SW to the second and finally a run jump onto the ledge in front of the gate in the wall, the gate will open for you, follow through to a room with a pool, go look for a passage NW, follow up till you meet a Mutant, shoot him and wait up till you can pick up the Spirit Key he will leave behind
(if he starts pounding his chest you canít harm him, put the guns away for a moment and immediately start shooting again).

Now you can follow this NW passage up to a ledge (donít slide down yet) at the Tar Pit where you can go for some Ammo around the left corners, stand jump left around the corner and go jump N over the dark hole to a door to the next corner ledge where you can stand jump left around the corner again for the Revolver Ammo there, now slide down and jump to the bridge. Go E over the Bridge and back into the Cave corridor E, when you just go straight E youíll end up at the Face door, open it with the Spirit Key and carefully walk in to a dark green room.

The Guide.

Go through the automatic gate E into an Arena where another Mutant will attack, while he starts pounding his chest, put the guns away, take some distance and start shooting again when he comes for you. Go down the passage E and come to a closed door, nothing to open it with. So head back up to the Arena and find another Mutant coming down the steps, shoot it while hopping backwards into the Arena and when itís gone you can step up to the closed gate W and 2 blocks lower in the corners of the room (could be they are already open after shooting the Mutant), get the Flares and Shotgun Ammo NW and then use the switch SW to open the door for your Guide, he will light his Torch and walks through a Lava room with a Blue key hole, he will wait for you at the now open door at the end of the passage E, so head down and meet your Guide.

The Shotgun.

He will check something above the entrance and you can go left to that Blue Key hole (remember this place as you have to return here later to get the Key in the Lava pool), the Guide will activate something in the lava and heads for the passage S, before you follow you can run jump to a ledge along the W wall to get the Shotgun there.

*note by Author* the guide wonít move from where the blue key hole is until you jump over to the shotgun. I did this to make sure everyone gets the shotgun and doesnít miss it.

The Gold Crystal.

Following the Guide will bring you to a set of steps full of Spike-traps, the Guide will deactivate them for you, he will stay behind while you can follow the passages behind the opened door on top of the steps, another Fire dragon is waiting for you somewhere in the dark. In the end you will come to that Gem you saw before, left at the lava pool. Get the Gold Crystal and a block rises in the pool, run jump to it and jump to the other side, go over the bridges to the crossing and head S to a wide entrance, left and right of that entrance are rock ledges you can climb up to and collect a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo, then enter S and follow to a small cave with a door to the left, open it with the Gold Crystal and roll, go to the N wall and you can just stand jump straight up onto the SE tip of the rocks to get to a crawlspace in the W wall, crawl through and grab the monkey swing ceiling to cross the top of the cave to the entrance to a Secret room, go to the pedestal to pick up
Secret #1, a Gold Skull. Go back to the entrance and safety drop down into the cave, go W and left to enter the door you opened. Follow through to where the level changes.

Level 2 - A Time to Kill (part 1)

Follow through and come to a shallow pool in a cave, go SW and climb the face block, the wall will open up for you, go to a Garden area where a flyby will show you around. Head W to the entrance between the Garden walls and climb up both walls left and right between the fences for a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Go to the pool W and dive in, get the Revolver Ammo on the bottom E and swim up to climb out W, look SW and left of those big doors to spot the brick ledge, climb that and drop/climb down into the hole, come to a room with a Crowbar door, a trapdoor in the middle and a pedestal with a Torch, leave it there for now and use the Jump switch on the E wall next to the entrance.

The Crowbar.

A trapdoor in the garden opens up, so climb back up to the Garden and head NE of the pool, go in and either use the climbable E wall of safety drop down into the cave, look SE for the remains of a Mutant and pull it away from the Crowbar by its head. Get the Crowbar and notice the closed door NW while going back to the ladder to climb back up to the Garden, go back down the opening SW and open the Crowbar door W, get the Torch and light it on one of the wall torches.
Go into the open Crowbar door and set that mutilated corpse on fire to open the trapdoor in the room behind you.

The Dragon Room for the Crystal of Light.

Drop the Torch, you donít need it anymore and go down the trapdoor, follow through to a room with Dragon statues spitting Fire, circle the room along the wall to the S side (notice a gate SW) and get on the ledge with the pedestal (close to the wall) and top up your health. Face N and get the Crystal of Light. One time I got
it without getting torched, but if you happen to catch fire, just side jump left or right and the flames will extinguish. Head back through the tunnel to where you can climb back up to the room with the Crowbar door and get back up to the garden, go NE and back down into the opening to the cave where you got the Crowbar, in the NW corner of that room is a door you can open with the Crystal of Light, go in and through the next door to end up in the next level.

Level 3 - A Time of Peace (part 1).

The Crystal of Water.

Just go on through the passage to a room with a wooden bridge, run jump to the ledge left and get the Crystal of Water in the alcove left. Then cross the bridge and just left at the other end is a switch to open the golden door at the end of the passage E, a flyby will show the Guide which finally made it to that Lava pool near the Big Tar pit.
Go out E and left at the room with the pool, up the passage NW and slide down to the Tar Pit. Go over the bridge to the crossing ands look left of that central block, a ledge below with Ammo, just run NE off the left side of the bridge (just before the crossing) to land at the Ammo and run jump back up the bridge in a SE direction with a right curve (this pickup proved to be more tricky the second time I played the level, just stand
here and run off with a bit of a right curve).

The 2nd Spirit Key.

Head E and right to the Lava pool, jump to the block and run jump to where the Guide awaits, he will do something with the lava again and the whole place shakes. Leave him there and head into the passage S, follow back over the Spike steps to that room with the Lava where you got the Shotgun, on the ledge W where the Shotgun was are now some Flares to be found. Then place the Crystal of water in the receptacle E and the pool turns safe, hop in and near the head of the corpse is the Spirit Key, a Spirit shows up and now comes one of the famous GM Spirit-runs, because the place where you can get rid of it is in the very first big room with the Statues.
Run back into the passage S and follow back to the pool where the Guide is waiting, run jump to the block and hop over to the other side, go forward till you can go right (E) and up through the Cave Corridor and follow the slanted corridor to that opening you came from before, climb the blocks N to run jump and grab over to that opening S and sprint over the bridge into the Spirit Room, stand under the blue rays and after the Spirit is gone go to the cave-in S and right a bit to pick up the Revolver Ammo lying in the water, then head into the SW corner and crawl through the small opening to the Secret room where
Secret #2
, another Secret Skull is to be found.

Get out and left around the corner to the W wall, use the Spirit Key there and enter the open gate to grab the Crystal of Fire, drop back out and leave N and make your way back down the Cave Corridor to the Big Tar Pit. Go over the bridge and turn N at the crossing. Place the Crystal of Fire in the receptacle at the door, enter and go straight to the next closed door to enter the next level.

Level 4 - A Time of War (part 1).

Follow through and as the gate opens you are in a huge lava room.

The Huge Lava Room..

Run jump to an iron walkway on the pillar NW, and run jump/grab N to another iron walkway on the right hand side of the bluish pillar. Walk onto the ledge and look N where you have to go next to see a platform hanging down, you can raise it by climbing onto the trigger tile on the block on that ledge and the platform goes up, it is timed. So face W and stand left on the block, run off and curve right to run jump to that timed platform, quickly run onto the safe part N of it. Have a look N again and spot an opening in the N wall, below and right. Run jump/grab to the break ledge N and hang left, pull up and run curving right to jump down to the break ledge in front of the opening, landing close to the opening, side jump left and inside (could be you get bitten by one of the Fire-dragons running around in the Lava, check these guys out). Follow through to another part of the lava room.

Run jump out straight with a wide right curve to land on that break ledge (map) so you have room to do a running jump to the next one left, jump to the two connected ledges left and run over the corner to the second, doing a running jump with a right curve into the opening in the wall. Look right around the corner (map) and run onto that ledge just right of the opening, run jump/grab to the brick ledge W, turn S and run jump to the left side of the break ledge, turn left a bit and stand jump to the next, run over the corner to the one after that and run jump to the one on the S wall, turn left and stand jump jump to the ledge in front of the opening in the E wall and quickly pull up.

Walk into the next room and look up, thereís a ledge up in the ceiling, grab up there and get the small medipack and Shotgun Ammo.

Drop down again and go up the steps left and to the first floor landing to get another Revolver from the alcove SW there. Face the pillar E and run jump to it. run jump/grab to catch the next slanted pillar, hang one step from the left and pull up over, slide/jump and immediately jump so youíll land on the break ledge with room to do a running jump with a left curve to the platform on the S wall, turn and stand on the NE corner facing N. Hop back and run jump/grab to the next slanted pillar, hang most right and pull up over, slide and jump right, then again a slide jump curved right to the break ledge, hop to the ledge E and a Demigod will open fire from down in the lava pit (you have to shoot him to be able to open the next gate, if he walks to the other side of the room, go down the N end of the ledge and wait for him at the closed gate) and head for the trigger tile S on the ledge, just run N off the end of the ledge to land in front of the gate.

Skull Key.

Follow through into a lower room where another Fire dragon awaits, shoot it and look for the ladder on the E wall, over the opening with the red light. Climb to the Burner tile and backflip/roll/grab to the ledge behind you. Notice the keyhole on the pillar there and also a tree with blue rays on top, then head to the pool W and dive in to find openings in the central structure are with 4 Face tiles, you have to swim over all 4 (the central part of the tunnels has a strong current) and then climb up at the structure, go in to step on a face tile and get a cut scene of the Skull Key in the tunnel below, carefully drop into the opening next to the Face tile and swim straight down to the Skull Key (if you go to the side too much the current will move you out and you have to climb up again).

3 Spirits come for you, so quickly swim up in the E side and climb out E, run to that tree with the blue rays and the Sprits will die one by one, Then use the Skull Key in the lock on the pillar and the Burner tile in the opening E will extinguish, run jump/grab (or run jump straight in) over there and go over the now safe tile to the right (S) around the corner, a block will rise and you can use that to jump/grab up to the next level. Go left into the opening and face a Burner pillar, run jump N and up to the trigger tile on the ledge SW and roll, run jump back and while turning right another roll, now run jump/grab to the Burner pillar and pull up, run jump to the ledge W (it is possible to run jump/grab to the pillar, shimmy around and pull up to quickly backflip to the W ledge). Go to the NW corner and run jump to the roof N, grab the edge and shimmy left, around the second corner the camera will change and it is time to pull up and backflip/roll/grab to the ledge with the torches.

Mystic Room, the 3rd Spirit Key.

In the entrance is a receptacle for a Spirit Key, follow the passage up to a room with a cage like passage, you can jump up through the ceiling, through the walls and fall through the floor, and swim with a Fire dragon, on top of the cage is the Spirit Key youíre after (best is to just stand jump through the ceiling of the cage and pick up the Key). The only way to get out is through the bottom of the cage, so swim under the cage and up at the entrance to get back to safety and follow the passage back down to use the Key in the entrance.

The Crossbow and the 4th Spirit Key.

A cut scene will show another Burner ledge extinguish. Run jump/grab back to that roof you shimmied along and go right around corners till you are next to the wall below, pull up and backflip/roll/grab the central ledge again, go S and run jump/grab to the ledge next to a block with Crossbow and Ammo. Follow the ledge to the W, run jump to the Burner ledge N and then W again to a ledge with a closed gate SW, walk out to the N and stand jump/grab to a ledge with a Flame N, shimmy right around the corners and pull up on the N side, immediately backflip/roll and grab the ledge N. More Flames.

But you donít have to get over them, just look SE and spot the opening in the black structure, a well aimed straight run jump will get you inside, but you can also side jump onto the slanted block from facing N and grab the edge, shimmy right to the last square of the block and backflip/roll/grab to the opening where youíll find another receptacle for a Spirit Key. Climb the ladder on the S wall inside and find yourself in a small room with a huge Mutant, I just ran into a corner and turned around shooting it and didnít get hurt too much. Get the 4th Spirit Key it will leave behind and go down the ladder to use the Key, the gate in the SW corner of the room opens up, so run jump/grab back to the ledge N and shimmy left, the ledge with the Flame is safe too. So just get back to the SW ledge and enter the gate.

Top of the Huge Lava Room.

Walk up to the edge and hop back to run jump around the right hand corner to that bridge, walk to the W and stand right at that pillar blocking the way. On the N wall is a pointy ledge with a flat part left, run jump/grab over there and pull up on the flat part (or run jump straight onto it), turn around and look down under the bridge to spot a ledge, just stand jump straight S and grab to land on it. Throw the switch and get an Eerie flyby of the Guide waiting for you and blocks rising throughout the room. Drop/grab from the W side of the ledge and climb right around the corner, up to the bridge and left around the corner to get onto the bridge again.

Climb the new green block NW and do a run jump/grab over to the high ledge on the N wall, walk left and from there a run jump (no grab) to the opening between the chain fences on the SW part of the bridge (if you look to the far SW you can spot the anxious Guide on a ledge). Go to the NW corner where you can run jump to the left side of another ledge N, turn S and stand jump/grab straight back to the bridge and throw the switch located there, it will raise 2 platforms throughout the Huge Lava Room
(youíll hear them go up) Now you have to get back to the E end of the bridge, so jump back to the N ledge, get to the right hand side and stand jump back to the bridge, walk SE to the opening in the fence and spot one of those platforms on the green pillar SE.

A Secret.

Run jump over to the platform and then NE to the next part of the bridge, shimmy along the S side past the pillar with the ladder (or jump over the ledges N) and go E to where you entered the room, look S for the next platform on the green pillar S and then stand jump/grab up SE to a stone ledge on the pillar, From there a long run jump to the other bridge S, go W to the pillar and look down S. there are some green ledges (one with a Face (trigger) tile) to the right of a Burner pillar, save and run jump down to that green ledge with a grab in the end, turn left and jump/grab the ladder on the Burner pillar, go down and drop/grab into the opening in the pillar, drop down from the E side and get
Secret #3
, a Secret Skull.

Climb back up W and stand jump/grab up to the green ledge, walk onto the trigger tile (to stop the Burner on the pillar) and run jump/ grab up to the ladder, climb up and from the pillar you can run jump/grab back to the bridge, now you have to get to the Guide waiting on the ledge W. SoÖ walk NW and run jump to a triangular ledge N. Stand jump/grab back to the bridge and get onto the green block, run jump/grab into the alcove N and run jump to the next part of the bridge, then look for a brownish ledge on the S wall of the room and run jump/grab over, stand jump/grab up W and run jump NW to the tip of the bridge, just left of that small fence,

The Torch for a Timed Gate.

Run jump to the W and go past the Guide, the gate is closed so look over the S side of the bridge ands spot the small water hole below, line up and stand jump straight down into that hole, climb out and head NE from the hole, around the pillar with the burning wall torch and find Flares and 2 Torches, hidden in the plant. Pick up one of the Torches and light it on the S side of the pillar, then light the one on the N side of the same pillar and the room shakes because a pillar rises SW next to the water hole. Dump the Torch and climb that pillar on the N face, donít pull up on the pillar but just backflip to the bridge where the Guide is waiting, look on the E side of the bridge where a set of Face trigger tiles appeared, they will open the gate, but it is timed. So stand far back and save, then sprint to the gate hitting "jump" to dive/roll through the closing gate.

Castle Key and Crystal of Souls.

Follow the passage S to the different rooms and in each room you can pick up something on the brown ledges to the left, a small medipack, Flares, another Revolver and a Shotgun. In the last room is the Castle Key on a pedestal. A big trapdoor opens in the room S, go to that big opening in the floor and hop in. Swim through the tunnel and climb out S to get the Crystal of Souls. Leave through the open gate and slide down the slope.

Back in Level 3 - A Time of Peace (part 2).

Drop out of the passage, get onto the bride in the Big Tar Pit and head to the crossing, then go W and open the door with the Crystal of Souls. Enter and go up to the next door.

Level 5 Ė A Time to Heal.

Step out onto the bridge and walk up to the Fire spitting Statues, stand close and aim for the block beyond and a bit left, then time the run through the Flames and jump/grab to that block, run jump/grab W, then stand jump S and a run jump SW, a run jump/grab S and then run jump over the green block E (just came up from the Tar Pit) to that bridge going S to the Receptacle Tower (called like this from now on) with 4 receptacles on the pillars, take notice of the E Tower (called like this from now on) from standing on the NE corner and then walk just S through the structure. Turn right (W) just before the next bridge, run jump/grab to the W Tower (called like this from now on), walk straight through to the opening W and 2 blocks will rise from the Tar Pit, these are not timed so take your time to jump across to a ledge with a switch.

Timed Run for the 1st Jade Crystal.

Youíll get a cut scene of the E Tower of the Receptacle Tower and especially that corner I showed you, the switch on this ledge will lower a block in that E Tower so you can jump/grab over to it, but the block is Timed. First climb the wall behind the switch and get the small medipack from the top, go down and save in front of the switch. Pull and turn right, from the switch a run jump to the first block so you are able to do a running jump to the second one and a running jump with a right curve to jump back up in the W Tower, run left around the corner of the pillar and then right (E) so you can run jump/grab (you can save when Lara is pulling up) over to the Receptacle Tower and run straight to the E to run jump/grab over to the Timed opening in the E tower.

Go right around the corner and get the 1st Jade Crystal, if you want the Secret, go to the S end and drop/grab from the ledge, shimmy just left around the corner onto the slanted block and pull up over the top, and immediately jump sharp right from the top of the ledge around the corner onto the ledge with
Secret #4, a Secret Skull. A block lowers allowing you to jump over the sloped ledge and return to the NW corner of the Tower. Run jump/grab back to the Receptacle Tower.

Jump Puzzle for the 2nd Jade Crystal.

Go over the Bridge to the S and be careful as thereís a nasty gap in between the stone ledges, from the last ledge a run jump up into the opening with the door and go through to the opening just before the room with the grated floor, the gate in the room beyond opens up because you are standing on the trigger tile. But you have to do some fancy jumping to get to the opened gate, if you jump wrong the gate will shut. Look down in the pit under the grated floor and spot the blocks giving a hint as to which parts of the grated floor are safe.

First is a stand jump SE, one more stand jump SE, then SW and the last stand jump/grab straight S into the opening (you can use the brownish textures up on the walls to line up for jumps, but if you stand too
close to an unsafe tile before jumping the gate will close,
save after each successful jump) Go into the room with floating Corpses and get the 2nd Jade Crystal.

Swimming for the 3rd Jade Crystal.

Go back out to the N and hop down to the bridge, go N to the stone ledge and look down to spot an opening in the bottom of the Tar Pit, jump over the gap and drop/ grab backwards to drop into the safe spot, swim down S and look in the SE and SW corners for Flares and a Medipack.
Go back up for some air at the surface and Save facing N, dive down and swim all the way N through bursts of Flames (those can really hurt) and first go up for air just before the last room, climb out N and get Shotgun Ammo and Arrows in the NW and NE corners, jump over the water to the S and get a Medipack SE and another Revolver SW. Thereís an opening up S but itís too high up for now, save at the waterhole facing S and dive in, swim S and left in the second room, swim straight to the end and just right around the corner is the 3rd Jade Crystal on the bottom.

The 4th Jade Crystal.

Swim back to the W and right to get back to the air pocket and climb out S, now a block raised at that opening up S, climb up and youíre back in the entrance room of the level. Go S and back to the wooden bridge, run jump/grab to the block S past the extinguished Statues and jump W, then S to the low block and run jump/grab up E to that platform with the Totem figures, get the 4th Jade Crystal from the pedestal SE and go to the SW corner, thereís a pointy rock down in the Tar Pit W, run jump over the fence, land on the block and slide/jump to get to that green block S, run jump/grab to the bridge E and go to the Receptacle Tower to place the 4 Crystals, raising platforms and a block with them.

Going Up.

Run jump/grab over to the E Tower from the NE corner and go right around the corners to find a block near where you got the Secret before, climb up and into the opening N, run left around the corner and run jump/grab to the platform on the Receptacle Tower. Stand jump to the next and a run jump/grab to the one on the W Tower. Climb up W and look up right. Stand jump/grab to the ledge there and turn around to climb the E wall to the top of the Tower, walk to the E and run jump/grab to the top of the Receptacle Tower, walk E and run jump to the E Tower, slide off grabbing the edge of the roof and shimmy right till you can hoist yourself up onto the top of the roof, walk around the red column to the trigger tile on the protruding ledge and a platform rises under the slanted ledge N, slide down and run jump NW to land on the left hand corner of the second platform from the top of the N Tower.

The Gold Crystal.

Walk to the E side and drop down one level through the opening in the floor, go to the switch on the S side of the pillar and throw it to open a hatch all the way in the W. Climb back up (face the N side) where you just dropped down and run jump from platform to platform to the very W end, looking up youíll see the open hatch. Climb up from facing S and go left to run jump to the ledge in front of that Tower E with the Gold Crystal on top.

A 2nd Castle Key.

Just run onto the slanted E side and slide/jump curving right or left and a grab at the last moment to land on the lower platform of the E tower, run around to the E side and drop down the hole again, on the N side of the ledge are blue rays and in them youíll find a 2nd Castle Key. A block rises at the entrance of the place N. Run jump down to that platform W where you got the Crystal before and jump over the blocks to the Fire Statues N, from the bridge you can stand jump (straight) to the new block NW and run jump up W, then face the slanted ledge SW and do a stand jump/roll to it to jump/grab the climbwall N, go up and right. Hoist yourself up and slide down the tunnel back to the other level.

Back in Level 3 - A Time of Peace (part 3).

Drop out at the end of the tunnel and go over the bridge to the crossing, head S and follow to that door in the end left, open it with the Crystal and follow through to

Level 6 - A Time to Kill (part 2).

Follow the passage, wade left through the water and climb up at that face block SW again, the blocks lower and you can go straight through the garden to the big Caste doors W, to the right and left are corpses with holes in their bellies, place the 2 Castle Keys and the doors open up.

Weíre aware you can play this next part in a different order, but this is how it worked for usÖ

Go into the downstairs Hall and open the doors in the SW corner. Run jump to one of the slanted sides of the Lava pit and keep jumping to the other side, land on a ledge up on the side and run off into the opening S, the door will open and close behind you as you pass through.

The Torch/Switches Puzzle.

Around the pillar is a pedestal with 2 Torches (one spare), leave them there for now and go into the passage W, in the room at the end you can climb up through the hole in the ceiling and hop over the hole to go and find the E switch in the end of the passage E to lower a pillar behind you, drop through that hole and land in the room with the Torches, pick one up and turn around, take 2 steps in the direction of the lowered pillar and throw the Torch on the pillar, go back up through the hole W and use the same E switch again.

Go get one Torch from the pillar behind you and go W, then left into the room S and look for the similar (like the other raising pillar) pillar left along the S wall SE, throw the Torch on a safe place and go into the N room over the hole to the N switch, throw it and return S to where you left the Torch, pick it up and throw it on the lowered pillar (screenshot), return into the N room to throw the N switch again and the Torch will go up to the upper level. Go back into the S room and left around corners into the NE corner and step onto a ledge next to that Totem pillar, face S and stand on the SW corner of the ledge to grab up to the walkway above and go to the block W on that same walkway, grab up to the crack and shimmy right around the corner, drop/grab to the Jump switch and activate it to light a Fire next to your Torch.

Climb back up to the walkway and jump S to the raising pillar with your Torch to carefully light it on the Fire, jump to the walkway and go W to the block with the Jump switch. Look NW and spot a slanted pillar you can run jump to, from the pillar a backflip to the W side of the walkway (this is actually a shortcut, the way it was intended was to throw the Torch down to the ground floor and use the 2nd raising pillar SW and the N switch to bring it up to the W side and you could shimmy around the block with the Jump switch to get there). Jump with the Torch over to a single ledge in the SW corner, that ledge is another raising pillar and will raise
the Torch up one more level, jump to the ledge and hit the "1" key to draw pistols and Lara will drop the Torch where she stands.

Safety drop to the ground floor and go into the N room to throw the N switch again, climb back up to the walkway from the NE corner and go to the W end past the block with the Jump switch, thereís a ledge on the walkway and from facing W you can grab up to a thin ledge above, jump to the Torch and get it. Hop back to the thin ledge and stand on the NE corner, face E and stand jump onto the right hand side of the 1st slanted pillar, slide and jump right to land on the next, slide and jump left and one more tome to the right to land on a slanted ledge and slide to the ledge in the E side of the room.

The 1st Dragonís Head.

Light the wall torch on the E wall and get a cut scene of a room with Dragon statues of which one will stop spitting Fire, a gate also opened and thatís N of where you stand, drop your Torch (as you donít need it here anymore) and run jump/grab over into the open gate N to get the 1st Dragonís Head, a door opens in front of you. Follow the passage and just run off the end to land on a slanted ledge in the hallway below. Go to the doors N and open them to get back to the Castle Hall.

The 2nd Dragonís Head.

Go out right onto the landing in the Castle Hall, open the next set of blue doors and enter, thereís a gap in the grated floor (if you fall in, go out N and back up the stairs to return here). In the S end the door will open up for you, follow the passage to a small room with some alcoves in the corners, a Mutant will show up. Shoot it and look up in the SE corner of the small room to find an opening up in the ceiling. Step on the ledge, turn around and climb up into a room with a Jump switch. Throw the switch to see the 2nd Dragon extinguished and drop down from the room into the small room below, careful you donít run into the Fire in the alcove NE (which also appeared when using the Jump switch above).

Yet Another Torch..

Follow the E passage all the way up to a balcony looking out over the garden, go left and find the 2 wall torches. A closed door is located between them in the W wall. Youíll have to light the wall torches to open it. So first go on to the N and left into the next passage, follow the passage down to a small hall and in an alcove around the left corner (SE) are some Flares. In the other corner (NE) is another opening in the ceiling, turn around to climb up to a room with a Torch, take it down with you (better save before you decide to throw it down as it can easily disappear in a wall below). Go back up E to the balcony, past the closed door to the S and down the passage to the room where the Fire is, carefully light the Torch and return to the balcony to open the door by lighting the 2 wall torches, jump up into the opening and get the 2nd Dragonís Head (another door opens). You can leave the Torch behind.

Go out and left to follow the passage all the way down to the door you opened and head straight S to the doors and notice a part of the wall to the left is lowering down, go through that passage and run jump/grab to the roof over the pool. on the SE corner is a Medipack. Get that and run jump/grab back to the balcony go back inside and after the wall lowered to the left and open the doors.

Target Shoot.

Head right (W) and open the NW doors, go through to a Deadly pool in the next room, to the right are Revolver Ammo and a Laser sight, then go to the W side of the ledge and pick up the Arrows
(Note by Author: these crossbow arrows will reappear if you run out which means its impossible to not have enough ammo to shoot the target balls). Put the sight on the Crossbow or the Revolver and look for the Target ball in the opening of the N wall, NW corner, locate it with Binocs first, after shooting the ball, a block goes up in the deadly pool. Run jump onto the block and look W for a hole in the wall with the second Target ball, shoot that and the next block goes up, stand jump to it and look up in the higher ceiling N for ball #3, turn around and look for the last Target ball S. Now jump from block to block to the N side and throw the switch in the NE corner, a cut scene shows the Dragon statues again (the 3rd Dragon deactivated).

Jump back over the blocks to the 3rd and from there a run jump/grab to that gap in the W wall where you shot the target, climb in and go up the ladder to the left, at the crossing to the right and into the room with Secret #5, a Secret Skull. Return to the crossing and go right again, drop down on the ledge at the entrance and get back S to the Castle Hall.

The Stroboscope Room for the 3rd Dragonís Head.

Stay on this floor and head over to the SE doors, open them and run to that hole in the floor, drop down and head S to the Stroboscope room. In this dark room a flashing light will reveal 4 Face (trigger) tiles on the slanted sides of the room (you can just spot them next to the pillars in the flashing light). Jump on all 4 of them and the 3rd Dragonís Head will appear in the middle of the room, go pick it up and head N back through the watery passage, open the doors and go straight across the Hall to the NE doors.

Timed Run for the Deactivating Switch.

Open the doors and that brown square you stand on is the trigger tile for the door across the room and itís a tight run. Save standing in the Hall, about a hop back from the doors and a bit right of the middle (so youíll run next to the corpse in the water) and sprint over the trigger, the door still has to open up while you are already on your way. Maybe you can hit "Alt" when getting close to the door to roll through, but I didnít need it.

Inside are 4 Demigods, one is already alive and kicking, shoot him to activate the next and so on till they all are history. Go around the room to pick up Shotgun and Revolver Ammo and a Medipack. Then approach the door N and it will open, go into the room to the switch and throw it to get another cut scene of the Dragon statues (the 4th Dragon deactivated), roll and run back through the door.

Timed Run for the 4th Dragonís Head.

Head back S to the Hall and right (W) to open the next set of doors NW, hop back into the hall and stand a bit right facing the trigger tile, again sprint to the end of the passage and jump up into the opening before the door closes. In the Castle Bathroom is a Demigod in the water, you can shoot him from standing a bit back from the edge of the pool, he canít hurt you but you can shoot him. Dive into the pool and get the 4th Dragonís Head from the middle of the bottom, you have to navigate a bit to get it
(the Dragon Head only appears once youíve killed the demigod and dived into the pool) (screenshot), climb out of the pool after taking it.

Back to the Garden Pool.

Look in the NW corner of the room for a Jump switch which just appeared there, use it to open that under water door in the pool and dive back in, swim through the tunnels and swim through the door and up in the pool in the Castle Garden. Climb out and go down that opening in the brick ledge SW, drop into the open trapdoor and follow through to that room with the Dragon statues.

Placing the Masks.

All the Dragon heads stopped spitting Fire, place the 4 Masks and look for the newly opened gate in the corner of the room SE, go in and walk the Path of Spirits to where the Guide is waiting for you, just go ahead and wait up for him at the closed gate, he will activate the gate and blue rays fill the next room, just run through them and the level ends.

Watch the nice end flyby and the adventure endsÖ or doesnít itÖ?

(Note by the Author: Yes it does, the Imprisoned Spirit levels ended here)