The Lost Armour of Horus I - The Wreck.

Level by Binibe

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Lara slides into an old ship, walk around the corner over a trapdoor and get the Shotgun Ammo, then climb the blue wall and hang right, backflip to a ledge and throw the switch there to open that trapdoor, drop down and swim through the passage to a crossing, go right and a Shark will show up from behind, quickly get onto the slanted floor and go up N, turn to shoot the Shark and dive back in the water, swim to the crossing and left, in that hall are Flares at the S wall, and a small medipack beg=hind a crate on the N wall. Swim back to the N where you went before and walk straight up the ramp, look N for some Flares, then go into the SW quarter of the room.

If you want some Shotgun Ammo you donít need in this levelÖ Go to that pillar on the S wall and from the lower SW corner you can grab up to the pillar. Look for a crack in the S wall and jump/grab to it, shimmy right till you can pull up in a crawlspace, go first right and get the Shotgun Ammo, turn around and go out, right again and come to a ledge in a room with a Burning floor, jump to the slanted pillar N and jump with a right curve to land on the next slanted block, slide and jump/grab to the Jump switch on the wall, you may have to adjust your aiming in mid air, drop to the floor and stand back against that slanted block facing E. Sidestep right as far as possible and turn NE, run jump with a sharp left curve to jump/grab to that ladder on the N wall go up into the alcove and run jump SW to the slanted block, jump and this way backflip into the open exit. Follow through to come back to the room with the ducts.

Look up NW at the end of the slanted duct you just came down from, there is a pillar with gratings on it and a normal blue pillar to the right of it. Jump/grab to the gratings on the pillar and climb up, then go right around the corner and up to just under the top grating, backflip/roll and grab the crack in the blue pillar, go left around the corner and drop into the flooded passage, turn around and throw the switch on the N wall to get a chain out from the ceiling, turn left and push the crate in till you can go around it. Jump/grab the chain from facing W and go up till you can backflip to a duct, jump to the NE corner and get the Shotgun Ammo there, then run jump/grab S to the block with the Steam-blower. Shimmy right around the corner till you are on the corner close to the water, pull up and turn right a bit to stand jump/grab to the crawlspace E.

Go into a room with closed doors and hop over the pipe left, shoot the 2 Rats and head into the passage NE, left at the end and to a small room where youíll see a Thug making his escape, in the SE corner of the place is a switch to open a trapdoor somewhere, return S and left in the next corner, go down the steps and just around the corner is that trapdoor you opened. But first we go for the Shotgun, from the somewhat slanted piece of floor on the steps you can jump/grab up to the top of the wall N, shimmy left to a ledge with a Steam-blower, pull up in the right side of it and side jump right over the ridge, get Secret #1, the Shotgun and make your way back to the trapdoor by a stand jump S over the ridge, a stand jump and grab the edge of the opposite ridge, drop down and go to the trapdoor.

Burning Floor.

Drop down and follow the passage to a room with a Burning floor, thereís a chain under the central pillar, ignore that and just run jump/grab to that central pillar, go right around the corner and find a Jump switch, go hang over the switch and drop/grab to activate it, a cage will rise from the floor and youíll land on it, take a step forward and climb back up the pillar, go right around the corner for the 2nd Jump switch and thereís one more around the next corner, now there will be cages all around the room and you can go find the 3 well disguised switches on the ladder structures on the walls opposite the Jumpswitches. The trapdoor under the chain opens up, run off the cage to grab the chain and slide down into the water.

Shark Cave, the Metal Key.

In this sequence youíll have do decide for yourself when itís time to get back for air, I wonít mention it every time.

Swim down and make a U-turn into the cave (will stop the Burning floor above) when you get a Shark on your tail, quickly swim back up and climb out W to take care of the Shark, there are two of them down there, so maybe do this once more.

When you swim S into the cave youíll see 2 pillars on the bottom, in between is a hole, swim in and left through a narrow gap and straight down for the Shotgun Ammo. Turn left again and swim to where the camera will change and youíll see a Metal Key, swim to it and pick it up, roll, swim NW and left to get back to the hole where another Shark awaits you, swim back N, up in the shaft and climb out W, shoot the Shark and get back into the water.

A Secret.

Swim to the wooden pillars again but now go straight over them to the S wall, right a bit and find an under water lever on the back of a pointy pillar, throw it to open a trapdoor. Go back for air first and swim SW into the cave, next to the barrels on the bottom is the shaft with the open trapdoor, swim down and get Secret #2, Shotgun Ammo, Flares and a Medipack. Go up and if you want back for air, but you can also just swim N and over a black crate into a tunnel behind it, follow into a room with air.

The Rusty Key.

Shoot the Rat, then find the 2 switches, one NW one SW to open a ceiling hatch and lower a chain, pull the crate in the room from itís place and get the Flares.

Go up the chain from facing E and backflip into the upper passage, follow to a crawlspace right. Inside is a Medipack, but the room is booby-trappedÖ So crawl in and turn sharp left, stand up and run to the Medipack, roll and run back curving right and immediately duck into the crawlspace again before you burn. Go N to the door you can open with the switch and go in to the Ball room. To the left is a passage with Burners, the Key canít be used there yet, so go right and into the SE corner to get the Flares, then go to the N to get the Shotgun Ammo behind the piano and finally head into the SW corner to find a crawlspace. Follow through to a room, shoot the Rat and pull/push 2 metal crates to the trigger tiles to open the door NW, inside is a switch lowering a chain back in the room with the piano.

Head back and climb the chain to backflip to the first floor landing, a Thug comes out of a door and runs away leaving the door open. Go to the N corridor and backflip to the sloped end, jump/grab the ladder and get the Rusty Key up there, go back down and drop to the ground floor to enter the passage S, go right into the passage with the burners and stop them by using the rusty key, then throw the switch to open a door somewhere. Go on into this passage and dive into the water to swim back to the place where it all started, climb the chain again from facing E and backflip to the duct, get to that steam-blower W and get into the crawlspace once more, the Key you have fits the Pump left in this room. but no need to use it right now, just go S into the door you opened.

More water, swim to a large room going left everywhere and in the far right hand corner (NW), behind the crate is an under water lever, to open the trapdoor in the other (SW) corner (thereís a small medipack along the S wall and Flares on the crate, you could come back later for it). Swim through the tunnel and go up in a small hallway, go up the left wall and climb around the corner into the opening. Run jump to one of the slanted sides of the burner pit and start jumping towards the chain, grab it and backflip to the ledge above, from there you have to activate the 2 Jumpswitches, with a stand jump/grab and slide/jump over the pit to jump/grab the chain again. The door on the upper ledge opens up so get up there again and enter to follow the passage to where youíll see trapdoors open and Lara is in the water suddenly.

Swim forward into the room and straight N into a passage, thereís an under water lever (but Iím not sure what it does, couldnít find anything different with or without pulling that lever), roll and swim up through the trapdoors, turn N and swim straight and down through the hole in the floor further on, straight N again (right is for later, has to be drained first) and get air in the end, climb out and follow through past the Steam-blowers to come to a crossing. Go S and into a small storage, climb the crate and jump/grab to the ledge up S, go push/pull the crates N to reveal the Flood switch behind them (drains the other tunnels) and drop down, now go back to the crossing N. If you donít want the next Secret (itís quite an adventure), skip this next paragraph.

The Optional Secret.

From the crossing itís back E through the Steam-blowers and down in the end, go into the tunnel E, follow down all the ladders and come to a deep shaft, jump/grab over to the crawlspace and follow the tunnel to the end where for now you can only open the door. The place has to be flooded again to be able to swim through the narrow crack, so head back, drop out of the crawlspace into the shaft (youíll be back in this one too later on) climb the opposite ladder and follow all the way back to that small store room with the Flood switch and throw it to flood the tunnels, head back and swim through the tunnels with the ladders, over the shaft into the crawlspace and stay low at the floor to get through the narrow gap at the open door. Just left around the corner is an under water lever to open the next door, swim in and get up for air.

Collect Secret #3, 2x Shotgun Ammo (look NE) underwater, a small medipack and Flares on the ledges. Swim all the way back to the Steam-blower passage and at the crossing go S and back to the room to use the Flood switch again, draining the tunnels for later.

Deadly Pool and the Rusty Key.

Go N through the passage and come to a large room where a flyby kicks in, the pool in this room is deadly, youíll first have to make it safe. Drop to the crate below and head over the crates to the right so you can jump/grab N and up to the walkway and get the Flares NE, walk onto the dark crate N of it and look down in the E side of that crate to spot a Jump switch, drop grab back onto the switch and activate it to get a chain out in the room. Turn right and climb over the crate, head towards the pool a bit and climb the crate left, in the wall above is a crack, grab up to it and shimmy right to the ledge with that chain, face SW and climb up till you can backflip to a slanted ledge behind you, slide to the normal ledge. Shoot some Rats and head over to the ledge SE, pull that silver crate out and move it to the W as far as possible, now look NE and spot a ledge with a switch in that dark corner, run jump over and look S. Up in the ceiling is a hatch, under the hatch a thin ledge, thatís where youíll have to go in a Timed Run.

Timed Run.

Pull the switch while holding the "look" key to get out of the cut scene, roll and while turning left a run jump back to the ledge, turn left and run to the SE, jump at the last possible moment with a right curve around the corner and grab the thin ledge, run to the wall and jump up to grab the wall, climb up through the hatch and drop when it is closed. Or backflip as soon as you reached the hatch.

Look up W and climb over the beam, drop into the next space and look on the Pump there to find a switch, pull it to release a Boulder which will crash into the pool and wrecks the Propellers so the pool below will become safe. So climb over the W beam and drop down into the pool, swim to the NW corner where youíll find the Rusty Key on the bottom.

The Metal Key.

Get out of the pool S and climb the crate to get back in that passage up in the wall, head to the crossing and go left through the Steam-blowers and down in the drained passage, left and follow that passage with all the ladders to the shaft you jumped over before, turn around and climb down. follow through to a Key hole and use the Key to open the door to the Ball room. Now youíre on the other side landing, go left (N) and up the sloped passage, turn around and backflip/jump/grab the ladder to go up to the room above, get the Metal Key E and get down to the Ball room.

The Right Gauntlet.

Drop to the ground floor and go into that passage S, right into the passage where the Burners were before and go swim through the tunnels to come back at the Chain, face W and jump/grab the chain, go up and backflip to the duct, jump to the E and then stand jump to that Steam-blower SE, quickly jump/grab to that crawlspace up in the E wall and go into the Pump room and use the 2 Metal Keys you have on the 2 Pumps, the doors to the N will open up, go in and claim the Right Gauntlet, go to the doors N and they will open up for you, slide down and the level ends with that Thug looking disappointed because he wasnít able to stop you in timeÖ.