Wrath of Thor.

Level by Sue Wicks (Isis)

Unauthorized Walkthrough Dutchy.

So Wrath of Thor begins where my old level, Temple of Thor, finished, i.e. with Lara picking up Thor's glove from a pedestal. As she picks up the glove, a nearby door opens and Lara is off on a new adventure to find another glove, body armour and Thor's legendary gold hammer. Along the way she will meet some old enemies and some new ones.

More details in the read-meÖ

Level 1 - Wrath of Thor.

Lara stands in a small crypt with the Left Gauntlet on a pedestal, go get that and the earth starts to shake, the gate next to the pedestal opens up. Be careful, those blue lightning bolts are deadly, once inside and on a sandy part of the floor you have to roll and quickly sprint back out to get out of the way of the Boulder, then re-enter and follow into a wider cave, go left (W) into an alcove and get the small medipack, then head N again and come into a canyon, to the right are some rocks you could climb for a Secret, but a big Wraith Head will show up and you canít really get the Secret without getting torched, so just run N along the left side of the canyon (Save a lot in the next part) and a Boulder will drop behind you. just at the end of the left hand rock and before the big pit right you better wait a bit till the second Boulder dropped down, then run jump over a steep slanted part to the NW corner of the pit where another Boulder will come down, turn right and run straight E, more Boulders drop from both sides, then be careful as the ground will split open in the E, run jump around the left corner to the N.

Keep right a bit going N and run jump over another pit opening up and land on a block to the right across that pit and more debris comes down. then run jump over the corner of the next pit into the E end and follow into a tunnel, just left around the corner youíll end up in a somewhat lower cave, go into the E tunnel and follow, jump up the ridge and go along this tunnel to a cave with a pool to the left, get in fast and wait till the Wraith is gone. Now itís time to gather all goodies left behind, start with the Medipack and 2x Shotgun Ammo on the bottom of this pool and then climb out E, go back into the tunnel S and follow into the next cave, in the W side of that one is some Grenade-gun Ammo. go S again and jump back around the right hand corner over the pit, go past the Boulders and climb the rocks left at the next pit, run jump S and follow back S to the start of the canyon, on the left side you can climb up N three times and on the top of the rock is Secret #1, the Grenade-gun, Grenade-gun Ammo and Flares.

Get back down and follow the route back N and past the Boulders to that corner pit E, jump back left over the corner and jump the next 2 pits, go up to the N wall here and climb up the rock ledge, turn E and climb the rocks as far as you can go. Then turn S and go jump over the ledge to a Skellie that doesnít need that Shotgun anymore, so pick it up from between his bleached bones and jump S to get some more Shotgun Ammo. Turn around and spot the opening in the rocks N, go back the way you came and run jump with a right curve from the N ledge into that opening.

Thorís Temple.

Go over the rock bridge till a flyby kicks in and shows a couple of Skellies coming for you, draw the Shotgun (better save the heavier stuff for later) and shoot them, jump over the fallen Skellies and follow the bridge to the entrance ledge of the Temple, turn around and blast them into the abyss. On a block W is more Shotgun Ammo. then go into the Temple and climb up in the SW corner, in the upper room is a switch to open that gate below. Shoot the vase to get the Flares and make your way back down, go into the open gate NE and a Skellie turns up, I ran back to the abyss and stood at the edge waiting for it, then did a jump/roll over him and then I only had to shoot it once to get rid of it.

The Gladiatorís Key.

Now go into that open gate again and follow around the corner, go right and shoot a vase (better safe that sorry) and go up to the hall with the Statue of Thor (sometimes youíll see the statue move, spooky). Run right and into that passage N, 2 Sword Spirits following you, at the end right is a Spike-pit with a closed gate, line up for a run jump/grab over the pit and the gate will open upÖ Hoist up and run onto the ledge with the Bird statue, duck and wait for the Spirits to kill themselves, go to the opening in the floor E and drop/hang back on the ladder, go down 5 steps and wait, then as the Burner goes off again, go down 4 more steps and backflip/roll/grab a ladder behind, go up that ladder into the room with the Gladiatorís Key and a Medipack.

The Gate Key and 1st Trident.

Get back on the ladder in the pit and go at least 10 steps down, then do a backflip /roll/grab to the ladder with the Burner and go up when the Burner is down, run jump/grab back W over the Spike-pit and in the passage with the statues is a vase, shoot that for a small medipack and place the Gladiatorís Key in the receptacle on the E wall. The pit to the right of you will fill with water, dive in and find an under water lever in the W end below opening the gate across the pit. Swim up and climb out E, go right into the room and climb the central pillar from that side, facing N, get the Gate Key and drop down from the same side, sidestep right a bit and open the trapdoor on the E side of that pillar, go in and find the 1st Trident, go back up and return to the hall with the Gladiator. 2 Skellies (Horsemen) come for you and you can take them out with pistols, hopping back from them, then go open the black gate in the S wall and follow in to the Fountain room.

The Fountain Room, Timed Gates and 2nd Trident.

Go to the right hand side of the fountain and open the sarcophagus there to get another small medipack, notice the gate in the W wall and circle the Fountain to the other (S) side and find a switch on the Fountain wall, it will open the 2 Timed gates, one left of you and the other at the sarcophagus. Save in front of the switch and pull, turn right and sprint around the fountain, into the open gate and climb all the blocks to the upper SE ledge in front of a gate to get the 2nd Trident.

A Wraith Head shows up, get down from the ledges fast and run over a trigger tile in the NW corner to re-open the gate, run out to the pool under the Fountain and hop in. Have a look around underwater and collect a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Climb out of the pool and return to the Timed switch, throw it again and get into that gate left of you, follow the steps up and finally get into the passage E, follow to where you step down onto a lower part of the floor, turn around and grab up to the ladder above (can be a bit tricky). Climb right into the alcove to get Secret #2, Revolver Ammo.

Get down and look over the edge of the floor N, there are 2 Crocs in the pool under the Fountain now, just dive in and get out fast or shoot a Grenade down into the pool and wait for it to explode, then get down and follow back E to the Hall with the Thor Statue.

The 3rd Trident.

Go place the 2 Tridents on the Neptune statues, one S one N and the gate SE will open up, follow the passage up to the first floor landing, go to a Statue W and push it onto its tile W, the gate e opens up. go in there to get the 3rd Trident and some Shotgun Ammo on a block to the right inside. A gate opened up in the hall below, so make your way back down and enter the gate W, go into the back and push those black gates open, immediately jump with a roll and grab the end of the slanted floor, drop/grab twice and get into the crawlspace.

Slide of Death.

Follow through to a room with a vase to the left, shoot it to get the Flares and when you approach the Swinging Blade N, a cut scene will show a deep room with a vase at the end of a slide, looks like you have to shoot thatÖ(itís for a Secret, so not really important). Stand at the Blade and time the slide, go when the Blade is at its most right swing, as the second Blade will then be out of the way when you pass it). Slide down drawing the pistols, then jump to the slide going down left and try to shoot the vase, quickly holster the pistols again and slide past the next Blade, you may get hurt a bit. From the end of the slide a jump and grab to the Jump switch (Save while Lara drops from the switch) on the pillar ahead, you will have to aim for it while in the air and when activated, a gate will open at the end of the next slide you land on, so grab the edge and pull up, backflip/roll onto a ledge and Save in the air while doing that jump as there are more Blades ahead and a Wraith Head will also appear, run past the next 2 Blades and go l into the next passage, jump over the Spike-pit and in the next room go right (E), run to the end and find the trapdoor in the lower part of the floor, stand facing S and open it, hop into the water to get rid of the Wraith.

Climb back out and head back W. left over the Spike-pit and onto the wall with the 2 Blades. Look S when you stand at the first Blade and notice the opening in the S wall, climb from the side of the wall onto the ladder and go all the way down first. Go W and shoot a Croc coming around the corner, then go through the opening N and left for the Grenades and Flares. Go E and pick up the Shotgun Ammo, turn around and look up left in that high wall, there/s an opening in it, walk W till you are standing under the opening and grab up to get the Medipack and a small medipack, drop out on the S side and go back to the ladder, up to almost at the Blade and backflip off into that opening in the S wall, turn around and climb up right go into the passage to the Neptune statue and place the trident there ( a wall opens up at the trapdoor youíve opened earlier). Get back to the ladder again and grab it, go up and right, back to the passage with the Spike-trap and go to that trapdoor E.

A Gate Key.

Dive in once more and swim down SE and left, open the under water gate and go in, up to the right and throw the under water lever to open a gate. Swim back up to the trapdoor and climb out, that open gate is to the NW, go through and right for Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack, then go all the way W for the Flares and shoot a Croc. Then head into the room N to get a Gate Key, 2 Skellies will drop from their shackles, either outrun them or take them out. Make it back to the trapdoor and jump/grab E over the water. A trigger tile inside will open the gate ahead, but as soon as you step off the tile it will close again, so we need something to put on the tileÖ Use the N side statue, move it onto the trigger tile and the gate will open up. Go through and to the left is a switch to close the gate, itís meant to open the gate again in case you have to go backÖ Open the black gate S with the Key and enter Burner Alley.

Burner Alley, Timed Jumps.

Even just standing on the ledges inside can have an effect on your health, so watch it! Go along the right hand side and hop over the Lava, then time the jump into the S side opening, go into an alcove E and find a Timed switch. Have a look up in that room and spot the gate up S. Save in front of the switch, pull and hop back with a right turn, run up to the N sloped block and jump/grab up, pull up to do a backflip and from the next block a jump/grab to a ledge, pull up and turn slightly left, then side jump right and roll when you are on the next ledge, run jump/grab up E with a left curve. Pull up again and run to the E wall with a sharp right curve to jump/ grab through the (hopefully still) open gate.

Moving Pillars.

Youíll come to a deep pit with Pillars on the move, every time the Boulder rolls, the pillars will change, stand left and aim for the first pillar, start the run jump when you expect it to appear and do a right curved running jump to the next, immediately stand jump to the one near the Blade that is about to appear, immediately run inside and Save again.

The Skull Key.

Go E and into a larger cave, go S to a small pool and turn left to the E wall, left into an alcove and from the higher part of the ground you can grab up to the ledge above, go into the room and get a Medipack from the sarcophagus, then get onto the block in the E side of the room and grab the Skull Key. A Skellie just woke up, just run out fast and drop from the ledge to the lower room, leaving him behind. 2 Crocs appeared down there, shoot them and head down S to find a small shrine in the wall to the left and place the Skull Key in it to open the gates S

Cowboy "Skellie" and the Gladiator Key.

When you go down into the cave behind the gates, a cut scene will show a Skellie mounting his horse, as soon as you got control back run S a bit more and run left, jump over the Lava pit and head up S to a relatively safe place where you can shoot him while hopping back in circles, it will take a while but he will drop from the horse when he had enough, then finish him off and he will drop the Gladiator Key. Look in the W wall for an open gate (opened before by shooting the vase at the Blades) and go in to get Secret #3, the Revolver, Revolver Ammo and Flares (you could have gone in here when fighting the Skellie to get more firepower).


Go out and down NE into a corner where the Gladiator Key can be used to open the gate, go through and climb up left in the end, walk carefully down onto a ledge at a pit and look down NW, stand jump to the path there and follow into a room with the Right Gauntlet on a pedestal. The gate N will open up, go through to the Roman Baths.

Level 2 Ė Roman Baths. In Roman Baths you will need to have the Volumetric FX switched on to show the fog.

The next gate will open for you on approach, go into the first right and climb up left to get the Shotgun, drop from the ledge and go E then S to the fountain, dive into the pool under the fountain and swim into the N side for some Shotgun Ammo, then go for air and open an under water gate E, in the end up and throw the under water lever to open a door further on in the level. Get back out of the water and go up the steps S and shoot the vase for the Flares, a Warrior comes down the steps, shoot him and go up the steps S, through the passage where the gate opened and come to a courtyard. The cut scene shows 2 shrines up on a ledge, go past the Fountain and down the left side of the ramp and below 2 Skellies will awake, take them out and go to a courtyard with a rope dangling from a block above, go into the SW corner and get the Shotgun Ammo.

Boulder Hop.

Roll and go straight into the opposite side of that passage to come to a courtyard with a deep pit and a closed gate, go right and hop over the Spike-pit, then time the Burners while Lara looks up to the Boulder, just jump past the Burners and go left to get a Medipack, then circle the block with the Boulder to get to the switch opening up that gate below. Go stand at the base of the Boulder block and aim for a run a bit diagonal through the passage with the Burners (that Spike-tile will only become active when the Boulder drops) and donít forget to jump the Spike-pit. Go into the open gate and up a ladder to the upper floor, go out SW and come to the courtyard with the rope.

The Piece of Wood (Crowbar).

Jump/grab to a crack in the S wall and shimmy right to where you can pull up into a hidden passage, follow in and shoot the vase to get the Piece of Wood (Crowbar).

Timed Trapdoor.

Go out and drop to the ground, go to the N wall and into the partially hidden alcove with the door you can open with the Crowbar. Go in and to the left to find a trapdoor behind the pillar, the trapdoor will open when you step on it, youíll drop into a small room with 2 Crocs, shoot them while jumping back and forth over them and go to the drop off W, carefully jump over the Burner-pit to the switch and Save there as itís a Timed switch. Pull, roll and turn left a bit, then when you expect the Burner to go down, run a bit diagonal over the ledge and jump back over the Burner, stay close to the left (W) wall because youíll have to use the higher ground there to grab back up to the floor above, run for the ladder and grab up, climb a bit and as soon as you can a backflip back up to the floor.

Go find a crawlspace in the W wall over the trapdoor, it will now stay closed so you can pull up in there and follow the steps up to a room with a vase to the right, shoot that for the Shotgun Ammo and go on to the N, climb the blocks to the NE corner and grab the monkey swing, go over to an opening W and drop there while a Sword Wraith comes pestering you. Run right through the passage and jump on the block, First right and a run jump to the block in the E and roll, jump/grab to the crack in the W wall and shimmy left to where you can pull up in the crawlspace, crawl straight and right, run to the end of the passage and hop right on the block with the Bird statue, duck and wait for the Wraith to die. Get down from the block and grab the small medipack there, then crawl back out to the ledge you shimmied along and go shimmying on to the left, just around the corner you can spot the MPs below, go on and around the next corner where you can drop to a block in the end, drop from the block to the lower ledge and jump over to the E, go down the ladder and go find the small medipack (SW) and a Medipack (SE) in an alcove, return to the upper floor using the ladder.

Follow the path up some blocks to a passage with a hole in the ceiling, climb up left there and throw the switch in front of you to create a shortcut up from the courtyard below. Hop back into the lower passage and head S to where you look out over the courtyard with the rope. Jump to the stone bridge right and go over to a Chain, pull it to see the rope go up. Go to the lower S end of the bridge and run jump (grab) to the block on the wall below E. Go stand against the block in the middle of the wall and line up for a run jump/grab to the rope, swing straight to that closed gate in the W wall and youíll go right over the gate into the passage behind it.

The Baths.

To the right on the wall is a ladder up to an opening, get in there and follow to the Baths. At the intersection room is a vase on a ledge to the right, there/s a small medipack in it, then go S and hop over the ledge to the S pool, check the health and then dive in to follow S through a tunnel to an under water room, a Croc comes for you, avoid contact and swim to the opposite side where youíll find a closed overhead hatch, turn and wait for the Croc to come close and avoiding him again swim back to the tunnel you came from, on the wall over the tunnel is an under water lever, pull it fast and roll with the Croc closing in, swim past it and up into the now open hatch, climb a block in the SE corner of the room and turn W to jump/grab up to the floor above. Go S and jump over the pool to the ledge under the Face tile, in the water spout is the 1st Trident, hit Ctrl and Lara will grab it.

Then dive into the water, swim S into a room and get some Shotgun Ammo. Get out of the water and return to the N, thereís a Neptune statue there, place the Trident on the Statue and the room below fills with water while another room drains. If you wait a bit here you can at least shoot one of the Crocs before you head back. Swim back down through the hatch (S) and through the tunnel N to the intersection room, go out E and back down the ladder to the lower passage, head S there and come to the drained pool, climb down and pull the Skellie away (by the skull) from the Gate Keys. Go back to the Baths, from the intersection room to the W pool and out the NW opening.

The Steam Bath Timed Run.

To the left is a ladder, go there and open the trapdoor under it with the Gate Key in the N wall, then climb down and come to the Boiler rooms. Head into a dark passage NE and come to a big Heating room. Turn S and hop to the switch there, look left over the slanted ledge and just spot the gate you have to get to in a nasty timed run.

Hereís the route, better go check it out first after saving at the Timed switch: Pull, backflip/roll a quick step forward and stand jump to the ledge with the Cog wheel axle, run jump over that axle to land on the ledge with the second axle, stand jump over that one and from the end of the ledge a run jump right to a ledge along the N wall, donít bother climbing the block E but run jump right around it to a ledge SE (with a Burner in a pipe) if youíre lucky you can immediately jump/grab in a SE direction to get onto a ledge with a grating along the E wall, if not youíll have to wait out the Burner, run past the Blade, crawl under the steam pipe and run jump to the (hopefully still) open gate.

Pulling the switch will also release a Sword Wraith so thereís all the more reason to be quick about it as the Bird statue (to kill the Wraith) is to the right behind the Timed gate. Stand close to it till the Wraith is gone and go get the Gladiators Key from the pedestal S, then go to the switch on the W wall to re-open the Times gate in case it just closed again (maybe pull it twice and I didnít have to use it as the gate wasnít closed yet ;o))

Go back out and retrace your steps to the grated tile along the E wall, so past the Steam pipe and Blade and look for a thin triangular ledge next to the Burner ledge, from there you can jump/grab the grating on the pillar with the Burner pipe and climb to the top, jump to the ledges SE and from there a run jump/grab to a pillar SW, one more jump to a ledge SW next to a pillar and then run jump/grab to Secret #4, a Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Drop from the E side of the pillar to the ledge with the timed switch and hop to the entrance, take out the 2 Warriors while hopping back from them and then head W to the Cogwheel, next to it is a receptacle where the Gladiator Key can be used to stop the flow of boiling water in the Steam Bath. Go S and up the ladder, backflip off and head into the second left to the Steam Bath.

The 2nd Trident

Run through the water into the next room and head left (S), stand jump onto the Blade ledge on the left hand side and jump past the second Blade, head through the Pool room, go left and get the 2nd Trident in there (gate opens back at the Courtyard with the rope). Return to the pool in the middle of the room.

1st Skull Key (of 4).

Go to the pillar SW of the pool and climb up the ledge behind it, throw the switch to open a door in the passage W, go in there and grab into the water spout W to open up a hatch in the ceiling and lower a pillar in the Pool room. Go out and Lara will look at the door, go back to the switch on the S ledge and throw it to close the door in that W passage, then go to the N side pillar and climb up the ledge there, now you can climb a ladder on the pillar to the ledge above and immediately run jump down to the ledge on the S wall (or take your time to shoot the Skellies off the ledge first). Crawl into the crawlspace and climb up W get into the passage W and follow to the hatch you opened before, drop into the room with the water spout and go into the passage SE the door was in front before and get the 1st Skull Key. Go back into the room and step on a ledge in the SE corner to re-open the exit, go out to the pool room.

The 2nd Skull Key.

Dive into the pool and swim into an opening SE, just around the corner is an opening up with a closed hatch, so proceed to the next room and climb out near a big vase, push it to the left and save in front of the Timed switch (opening up that hatch in the tunnel).

Timed Swim.

Use the switch, backflip/roll and get into the water, swim left around the corner and immediately up through the hatch, swim up to an under water lever on the left side of the pillar, this will open up a gate, turn right and swim down to the E wall, use the 2 under water levers there (one lowers a pillar and the other re-opens the hatch), swim down and E, back to the room with the vase and climb the wall behind the switch, go up the steps to the room where the pillar went down and into the opened gate right, get Secret #5, a Medipack and Shotgun Ammo, then look for the switch around the left corner to open up another tunnel in the Pool room (but will also close off the direct way back to that Pool room from these rooms).

Burner Alley.

So go back out to the room with the Burner and run jump down S to the ledge where the Pillar went down, go up the ledge and to the left is a closed door, to the right a ladder to climb, follow the passage up to where you have to jump over a pit and come to 3 Burners in a row. Donít hit the "look" key so the camera will be facing Lara, and this way youíll be able to time the Burners better. Grab up to the monkey swing ceiling and wait for the #1 Burner to go down go forward 5 steps and wait for the next Burner, then 4 steps and time the lest one to get across, donít go all the way to the end, but drop when you think itís safe again. Climb down the ledges and a ladder to come to a crawlspace, go through and down into the crypt to get the 2nd Skull Key.

The 3rd Skull Key.

You can see another one through a gate in the other part of the crypt. Return the way you came and the Burners are off, mind that small pit after the Burner pit though. Back down the ladder to the room with the Burner and open that door E with the Crowbar, go in and push the block in the right hand wall all the way, hop back and grab the Gate Key, shoot the vase next to the block and push it aside to reveal a hole in the ceiling, on the S wall, next to where the vase was is a keyhole to open a gate in the room above, climb up and get the 3rd Skull Key E.


Return to the hole in the floor and go out the open gate N, a Skellie will come out, run back and jump/roll over the hole pulling out the shotgun and as soon as the Skellie jumped the hole too. shoot him into the hole. Go back into the N passage, follow to a hole in the floor and drop down onto a now raised pillar in the W pool of the Baths, go through the NW passage back to the Steam Bath and into the room W, left over the Blade ledge and to the Pool room, now dive into the pool and swim into the new opening left in the SW corner, follow to where you climb up in a room with another big vase. Push it to the circle tile in the other corner (to flood a nearby pool) and a Skellie Wraith wakes up, the way to the water closed up, so quickly climb the S wall and run into the pool ahead, the Wraith will die and you can grab the Gladiatorís Key there, climb back out N and go left into a reddish passage (W), line up for a run jump/roll to the slanted E side of the pool, jump and grab the ladder on the hanging block, go up to the top and follow the passage to the 4th Skull Key.

Timed Run for a Secret.

Now you can go for a Secret in a Timed run. Go to the switch E and save, pull the switch and hop back/grab into the opened trapdoor, safety drop down and head S and right to that lava pool again. Run jump to SW to the ledge with the key hole, but immediately stand jump to the S ledge and turn right, go up the ladder there to get through the timed hatch in time, Secret #6, a Medipack and Shotgun Ammo are yours. Go back down the re-opened hatch.

This time jump NE to the ledge with the Key receptacle and use the Key to open up a wall SE, jump there and enter and opening up in the SE corner.

Boulder Hazard on your way back.

Carefully go up to some red gratings, donít step on those, because they will open up, stand most left or right and run jump over the gratings, grabbing the opposite side of the pit, then be sure to hang in the corner as a Boulder will drop down and roll into the pit, now you can proceed up the passage the boulder came from and follow to the room where you got the 3rd Skull Key before and go into the passage N, climb down the hole in the end and go to the intersection room and out E, right in the end and down the ladder, go E to the Courtyard with the rope and through the passage E, left up the sloped ramp and climb the pillar in the NE corner of the Fountain yard, hoist up to the ledge E and place the 1st Skull in the shrine, then jump over the ledges to the W side and place 2 Skull Keys in the shrines there.

The gate E opens up. so safety drop down and enter, follow to the second gate opening up for you and hop over the gap to the ledge. Thereís a Neptune statue E and you still happen to have a Trident, so put that on the statue and 2 Warriors appear, go down to take care of them on the narrow ledge and then enter the S passage, pick up the Shotgun Ammo and go get the Body Armour from the room in the end (a gate opens up).

Notice the last shrine for the remaining Skull in the corner of the room, you can now play the Bonus level and as I didnít find an easy way back to the Roman Baths (possible but quite an adventure) you better play the Bonus firstÖ Enter the open gate NE after you placed the Skull Key in the shrine.

Level 3 Ė Bonus Level, the Quest for the Helmet.

Just slide down the slanted passage and youíll end up on a block in a room, go out W and come to a very deep room, thereís a pool below, so just find a good spot and take a jump. Swim to the S side and climb onto a rock from the E side, on the W side of the rock is a Medipack.

Gladiatorís Key.

Then swim over the Main pool to the N and through one of the 2 arches, just inside you can climb out onto a ledge with a Skellie, take the Revolver Ammo he doesnít need anymore and dive back in, swim down N and in the corner to the right is a Gladiatorís Key. Swim back to the pool and to that rock where you got the Medipack, run jump NW to a brick ledge and climb up W, go left for some Grenades and then head N, shoot some pesky Bats and in the end is a Bird statue on a block, run jump/grab E there and hop over the balcony left, go to a lever E and open a gate with it (NE corner of the pool). Skull Wraiths appeared and you already saw where to take care of them, run back out and to the W, jump/grab back into the opening W and turn right, stand against the block and the Wraiths will disappear. Now jump back to the E and go over the balcony to the E where you can run jump SE to the roof of the E structure, go to the E wall and to the top of the roof, get Shotgun Ammo and down the S side a small medipack and Flares, get back to the N side and just run off the roof, climb out at the open gate N.


Go in and go up the steps in the room with the fountain, through the opening N and come to another pool, dive in and climb out E and go into the 3rd alcove right, place the Gladiatorís Key there and watch the cut scene as Julius (the Guide) comes out of a Mirror wall, go follow him and he will light a walltorch and a grating in the next wall, causing 2 blocks to go down, while he goes up left you can go up the right hand stairs and youíll meet up at the top of the stairs where he will go E, just follow and he will open up some big doors NE, go into the pool room with him and he will then wait as he canít cross the pool, You however can dive into the water and get the Gate Key from the bottom. Climb back out and head back out of the big doors W, go left and left again into a passage where youíll end up at Rotating Knives.

Rotating Knife Alley.

Walk up close and save, then hit ďendĒ to roll through as the Knives are open. Shoot the Skellie sneaking up from behind and go up to the next trap. Roll when the Burner is down and immediately hop back. After the next one you have to hit grab so you wonít fall into the pit. pull up and turn to stand jump/grab across the pit.

Spikes, Blades and Spike Balls

Follow the passage to a Spike-pit, stand jump over the Spikes and slide a bit before jump/grabbing the overhead monkey bars. Go to the opposite opening and drop, follow into a room with a motionless Swing Blade, climb a block in one of the corners and grab up to the climbwall, go around the corner till you are opposite the now moving Blade, stand facing the left side of the passage behind the Blade and run when the Blade moves left to jump past it when it moves right. Shoot the Skellie down into the room or just blow it up. When you go into the next room, you have to immediately roll and run back out around the corner as Spike-balls come down. After the danger is gone jump the blocks to get up the slope and end up at a steep slope N.

Slide of Death.

Save and slide down the right hand side, jump with a grab to land on a second slope and slide it to the end before you jump hard right with a grab in the end, landing on the slope in the corner you can grab the edge upon sliding off, pull up and backflip to the slope behind, jump/grab from it to catch the ladder above the last one, go up to the room above (if you happen to fall down to the floor below from the first ladder, you just have to climb back up).

Ocular Piece 1.

Go get the 1st Ocular Piece from the pedestal and go to a trapdoor in the floor E, open it (facing E) and climb down all the way then run out of the room to the landing, just hop down intro the pool below and climb out S, follow back to the Big Pool and swim straight S, then left into the opening and right at the crossing, left around the corner and go through the opening in the end, into the passage NE, open the gate with the Key.

Ocular Piece 2.

When you enter a flyby kicks in, go left and to a ledge left of the water to get the Grenades from the vase. Then head over to the N side of the pool and into a room W, Lara looks at some vegetation, go onto the block NW (thereís a Torch, remember that) and turn facing the long part of the vegetation E, run jump/grab to it and climb up to backflip off and jump E to the ledge, go down a bit and then run jump to a ledge with pillars left (NE) go E and run jump from the E end SE to the ledge with the Chain, pull it to bring out a rope in the room, run jump back to the pillar ledge, jump to a grassy ledge NE and jump up into a passage N, crawl to a lever and throw it to get another rope out in the room, go back through the crawlspace and run jump straight S to the pillar ledge, go line up for the rope and swing to the next rope, then over to the ledge with the pedestal S, grab the Gladiatorís Key and safety drop down to the ground.

Light the Torch.

Go into the pool and up W to that room where the Torch is, again up the vegetation and from the pillar ledge to the ropes, turn right on the second rope and swing over a balcony into a room with a vase, shoot it and grab the Medipack. Then throw the Jump switch on the S wall and a gate opens up, run jump over the railing into the pool below and go into the passage E, turn left and head into the opening N and into a room with steps, go straight and look for a pushblock with the Binocs and push it to the E once, then go all the way up the steps and come to a room with a pool and a receptacle for the Gladiatorís Key, put it in and Julius (the Guide) will appear, he will follow you back over the block you pushed to the room with pool and the ropes and he will light a pedestal in the N alcove, go get the Torch from the W room now and jump onto the ledge left of the burning pedestal. Donít get too close and light the Torch, go down to the pool and run jump from the protruding ledge to the dark bottom S, go left and jump up into the room E. Throw the torch on the old wooden floor and wait for it to burn out drop in and follow the cave down and left around the corner to climb up to a room with Ocular Piece 2.

Thorís Helmet

Go back and from the white ledge at the burnt floor a jump/grab up N, follow back into the room with the pool and head S and through that passage back to the water, swim straight and right around the corner, then left out to the Main Pool, swim over to the W side and through an under water opening and left. look for an opening where you can swim up and climb out, go up the ramp to a hall with closed gates, combine the 2 Ocular Parts and place them on the stand on the left side ledge and the gates open up. Go in and claim your Prize, Thorís Helmet. Youíll see 2 Sea Hags in the Main pool, which flooded almost to the top now, swim back and dodge the Hags while swimming up E to that waterfall. climb out on the ledge facing E and from here you can shoot those creepy characters. Dive back in and swim into one of the opening N and up through a hole in the ceiling, get Secret #7, Revolver Ammo, Grenades, Flares and a Medipack from the blocks.

Swim back up to that fountain E and climb up into an opening E, turn around as there/s nothing to find and stand jump out left to grab the edge of the rock ledge, jump over the ledges to the W and leave through the open gate, follow up through an opening with pillars and go left in the sloped passage and go through a gate you opened before to get Secret #8, Revolver Ammo and a Medipack. Go out and left to proceed up the passage and come to a hall with 2 vases, the one to the right holds the Revolver, get it and proceed to the N and at a small pool 2 Skellies will awake, blast them into the pool or use a Grenade, then dive into the water and get the Laser sight from the bottom, climb back out and go into the W side of the room.

Look up left for an opening in the wall and grab up, follow in to a crawlspace, climb in and go to the end where you can see the Bell you heard for a while now, equip the Revolver with the Sight and shoot the Bell. A block lowers in the room you just left, so go back and through the passage W and slide down. follow through to where youíll drop back into the room where the Bonus level started


Level 4 Ė In the Lap of the Gods.

Go down the ramps and a flyby will show a Warrior mount his horse, wait for him there and hop back turning with the right Key will have most effect, but is more dangerous too because you are on the side of his sword. He will groan when hit good and finally fall of the horse so you can finish him off. Go get the Gladiatorís Key he drops and head to the back of the Square (E) and go up the ramp with the Boulder on top. Jump/grab with a right curve to the ledge left of the ramp and go up behind the Boulder, kick it down the ramp and follow the Boulder into the opened gate, two nice Lions show up, pity you have to take them down. Follow the tunnel up to the top and from the ledge overlooking the square you have to go left first if you want another Secret later, In the E corner is a partially covered grey Secret tile. And there are 2 more in the level, trigger them and a trapdoor will open in the room where the Warrior got on the horse (later)

Return to the W and in the end you can climb up left, hop S and over to the ledge there and a Head Wraith will appear, just follow this ledge to the S and jump a bit left in the end to land on the S side ledge, run right and hop up to the rocks in the corner there, go down the sloped cave and stay right to just slide down into a shaft filled with water. The Wraith will die when hitting the water.

Hazardous Swim.

Swim down and save while Lara pulls the under water lever in the S end. A gate opens back up in the shaft, but when you swim back a Boulder is released, so swim up fast and turn to swim into the opened gate, go into the tunnel S and left, go along the left wall, past a closed gate right and swim around the right hand corner into a wide flooded cave, go right and swim to the end, get up on a ledge NW and try to take out at least one of the 2 Crocs, get the Flares and swim to the E end, notice the under water lever before you get out and shoot the remaining Crocs, then go pull the under water lever and raise a steel block with it.

The 1st Bronze Pyramid Key.

Go into a dead end passage NE and get the Shotgun Ammo, climb up the ladder on the wall and then go up that steel block to the next floor. Go W and find a switch on a pillar right, pull it to raise more steel cages, climb those and get into the opening S, get the Shotgun Ammo and then climb up the S end where youíll find the second Secret tile. Go back down and down the lower E steel block to the halfway floor. look W ands see an opening in the W wall below the graded wall, jump/grab to get in and follow around the left corner to pry the 1st Bronze Pyramid Key (Beetle) from the wall with your improvised Crowbar. Now a block rises near a vase, return upstairs and go W to find that vase, push it onto the Omega tile in the corner and the gate will open up. Enter and go to a set of gates you can push open, shoot the Skellie and come to a crossing, go right first and find the 3rd and last Secret tile in the SW corner of the caved in room, the trapdoor will open (later). Go back and now into the E end of the passage to come to a dry Fountain room.

The Papyrus.

Head into the passage N and follow up to a ledge across the Fountain room, turn around and do a run jump/grab to the Jump switch left of the opening you just came from, the pool fills with water and youíll land right in it, swim into a narrow tunnel E and get the Papyrus. (When you examine it, it will read: Begin on the symbol and face ye south, leap once and then turn east, twenty paces onward and turn north eight paces, then to east thirteen.)

A gate opened too, so make your way back up to the ledge and head S to where the gate just opened. Save before entering the gate and when you do enter, the Battering Rams start moving and 2 Hammer Wraiths appear. You have to pass the Rams and get to a ladder on the N wall and what worked best for me was to get close to the Rams, then run when it moves aside while immediately hitting "duck". Go close to the next and so on, then Lara looks right, a bit nasty, but try to run jump/grab up to the opening S and follow the room to the Bird statue, stand right or left of it on the ground floor and then after the Wraiths are gone get the Flares in the room.

Go back out to the Battering Rams and stand jump to the ledge. You have to get into an opening below N, I slid backwards off the ledge, shimmied right in front of the opening, pulled up and just let go, Lara will land backwards into the opening.

The 2nd Bronze Pyramid Key in a Timed Sequence.

Go into the next room and find a switch and an Omega tile, have a look in the rest of the room, there are carpeted pieces of floor those are the safe spot in the Timed sequence later. Go to a gate in the end and inside a block will raise later, turn around and notice a ladder on a block along the W wall, go up there and get Secret #8, a small medipack and Grenades. Drop down from the S side and go to that switch, Save and pull, turn left and hop back onto the Omega tile, then run forward over the carpet, turn right and from not too close to the sandy floor a stand jump N to the large carpet, go to the lowest point of the crack in the E wall and grab up, shimmy left along the crack and around the corner to drop onto a small piece of carpet, roll and take 3 steps forward, then stand jump N to the carpet leading to the gate (Gate is not timed only anti-triggered by the sandy floor). Go in and hop onto the raised block N, roll and run jump/grab up to a ledge S to get the 2nd Bronze Pyramid Key there (screenshot of a Big dark door), drop down and head to the exit S. In the exit passage is an opening in the ceiling, grab up left and get Flares SW, then throw the switch SE and the gate in the N wall of the room with the Battering Rams opens up (just over the exit passage).

Down&Up for the 3rd Bronze Pyramid Key.

Why not use that gate, hop back twice from the switch and turn right, grab up to the opening S and drop/grab out backwards, go down the ladder, past the former entrance and down a bit more till you can backflip to a lower lever of the central ledge (under the Battering Rams). Follow to the W side to get a small medipack and look over the N side, thereís an opening there, safety drop to the ledge below and notice itís the door you saw in a screenshot before, go E over the ledges and climb down to the ground floor of the room using the ladders and a slanted wall below, youíll land right next to a raising block. On the wall over the block is the 3rd Bronze Pyramid Key, go W and find Shotgun Ammo in the far NW corner, then enter the passage N there and shoot the 2 Lions, go to a switch and raise the block with it. Take it easy as it is not timed. Go back to the block and use the slanted block S of it to grab up and hoist up to the raising block, get the 3rd Bronze Pyramid Key and see the dark doors open up. Run jump to the ledge in the NE corner and go up the ladder, head E over the ledge and enter the doors.

Fire Challenges for the 4th Bronze Pyramid Key.

Inside is a Fire pit surrounded by slanted blocks with Omega tiles, you have to jump on each of the 4 tiles to open the gate NW. Stand with your back to the Fire (screenshot) and face SE. Then when you expect the Fire to go down a backflip and an immediate jump hard left to land in the next corner, in the end the Fire will extinguish and the gate opens, get there and follow the rooms up to a Lava pit with a rope hanging between Burners, in the W you can just spot the Bronze Pyramid Key. Line up for the rope, take one step back from the edge and stand jump/grab when you expect the Burners to stop. Start swinging and only jump when you expect the next set of Burners to stop. Land on the ledge with the 4th Bronze Pyramid Key and get it off the wall. Turn around and see a second rope appeared, line up and stand jump to it from a step back, slide down to the end and start swinging (the Burners donít seem to be a problem), just jump from the rope ignoring the second rope (so no grab) and land back on the E ledge, turn left and jump/grab into the now open gate.

Quickly run left into a room and a Warrior attacks, take him out with pistols while jump/rolling over him in this cramped place, then get the Gladiatorís Key he drops (we already had one) and place it in the receptacle on the block. The gate opens up, follow through to the big Cave where the level started, shoot the 2 Lions, go down the Boulder ramp and go left, to enter the gate N where the Warrior came out before and now you can shoot 2 more Lions to enter the open trapdoor in the corner and get Secret #9, a Medipack, a small medipack and Grenades. Climb back up go out and left back to that gate the Boulder went in before, this time go past it into the far NE corner and hop onto a ledge there, stand on the most W side and face NE (screenshot), now side jump right onto the lowest part of the next block, follow the passage to a hall where the Gladiatorís Key can be used to open the gate behind you.

Go through a staircase and time the Burners to get to a ruined Temple hall, there are big doors and a pool W. Head to the pool and jump to the Omega tile, get some Shotgun Ammo from the bottom and get on that tile again, here you have to used the Papyrus to get things done: Begin on the symbol and face ye south, leap once and then turn east, twenty paces onward and turn north eight paces, then to east thirteen.

So face S and just stand jump, turn left (E) and walk 20 steps (youíll end up close to the corner of the ledge right). Turn left (N) again and take 8 steps (2 squares) and turn right (E) to walk 13 steps, ending up here (screenshot) while the big doors open up. Go into the open doors and throw the switch youíll bump into, it will open a trapdoor for much later.

Lava Chamber Gauntlet.

Go left up the steps and then right around the corner, in the passage is a ledge up to the right. climb up and get the Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack. Drop down and go to the E side of the room and grab up to a steel grated platform, it will drop after standing on it while, so pull up and run jump/grab to the next. Save while Lara pulls herself up and run jump to the next, landing about one step from the right hand side, then curve left with a run jump to a platform in the left corner, take your time to hop back and line up for the next jump and jump through to the lower one on the corner of the walls, run sharp around the corner onto the next and stand jump/grab to the higher one S. then run jump/grab to the S floor and immediately pull out the Grenade gun, running right against the wall, roll and give them oneÖ Probably one grenade will be enough to do the trick. Stand jump into the opening S on the moment you expect the Spikes to go up and immediately stand jump/grab forward into then next passage.

Thorís Spare Hammer.

Follow down to a trapdoor opening up. itís the way back to the room where you used the Papyrus before and will be used later. For now climb up SW and follow the passage to a large area known as the Temple of Thor a flyby shows you around, go S and up the steps into a room where you can place the 4 Bronze Pyramid Keys and step into the opened Pyramid to get the Hammer.

Now you have to go back out and Thor will rise, the lightning bolts are dangerous and he will try to kill you too, so keep an eye on the health and get over to that Thor block W to get the Key from it. Youíre safe on the steps and what I did was run to the edge of the floor W, drop/hang from the side and just shimmy along the edge to the Thor block, pull up and quickly grab the block, donít pull up but shimmy into the alcove W and stand facing the Key on the block, save and time a quick step forward with a hop back, get back the way you came (shimmy or take your chances) and head sprinting into the far NE corner where a gate can now be opened, get in quick and sprint straight up to the Boulder, give it a kick and it will destroy Thor. Go down the slope and out the gate, look in the right hand wall for a new opening, follow in to the trapdoor youíve opened before and follow the tunnel past the lucky Boulder and in the end youíll find the Jeep to take you home.