The Quest of Gold Series. (Original version)

13 - Wrath of the Dragon.


Level by TC14.

Authorized walk by D&G Productions.

Slide down the wooden slope and land in the opening to a room with dome Stone Dragons behind a fence, drop down into the room below and go through the opening E.

Lava Jumps.

Stand jump onto a sloped rock N, immediately jump with a hard left curve and land on another rock, from which you can immediately jump and land on the red ledge with the fence (it’s also possible to run jump straight to the rock ledge NE and backflip to the ledge with the fence), face NE and stand jump onto the rock in the corner when the Burner is about to stop, immediately jump/grab the monkey bars and Save, then time the Burner and get past it, go left around the corner and turn left at the fence to get over the save ledge where you can drop. Hop back grabbing the edge and shimmy right around the corner to drop onto a safe floor, now you can enter the room with the Stone Dragons.

Stone Dragon Room.

Stand jump onto the red block NE and get the small medipack, then hop back and stand left facing the Lava pool, run jump/grab the platform and shimmy to the left side before you pull up in the corner, turn NE and wait for the Flames to stop so you can run jump straight onto the corner of the next platform (no grab). Then jump onto the slanted one NE and turn SW to run jump to the even higher one, stand on the lower edge and grab up N to the platform above, turn left and grab up to the edge of the sloped wall, shimmy left and close to the Spikes, then pull up and backflip, keep jumping left to get into the SW corner with the button and stand right of the button, then hit Ctrl and Lara will sidestep to it (can be a bit tricky to get it right), a Burner NE stops. Then jump back onto the E slope and keep jumping left till you are in the corner where the Burner stopped. Hop down into the lower passage and then up again around the corner, drop backwards into the hole and climb down to a bamboo fence, go to the slope and slide down into the Connection room.

The Connection Room.

A Beast will attack, shoot it and walk up to the S side gate and it will open up.

S gate.

Go through to a Lava pool and stand in the right hand side of the opening, there’s a rock to the right, turn right a bit and take 3 steps back, then hop back once and run jump onto the slanted back of the rock, then jump and land on a rock ledge. Turn NW and run jump up into the opening in the W wall, go through and shoot the Midgets. In the back of the cave, left around the corners is a button to stop the Flames on a lever, go back stand jump to the ledge and jump to the floor SE, pass under the Dragon (notice the Dragon Seal on the balcony under the Dragon’s Breath) and find the Trigger tile on the SW corner of the floor.

Timed Gate.

The Trigger tile will open a Timed gate in the passage E, go stand back near the Dragon and run to the corner of the Trigger tile (this way the gate is still opening up when you are getting close, otherwise you won’t make it), jump to the ledge SE, then a running jump up into the passage and hold the forward key to get into the gate before it drops shut. Inside to the left is the lever with the extinguished Flames, opening another gate in the Connection room (there’s a shaft with a ladder in this room (later)). Throw the lever, run to the edge of the floor and jump to the ledge below, running jump to the dragon and a jump to the W side ledge, stand jump from the SE corner onto the slanted ledge near the entrance and jump left to get back into that entrance, get back to the Connection room and right into the E gate.

E gate.

Go up into the passage E and follow the stairs up to another jump series, stand jump to the sloped block in front, jump to the next and slide to the end of it before you jump/grab to the swing pole, swing into the opposite side of the room and get the Submachine-gun Ammo, then go to the opening N overlooking the upper part of the Connection room, run jump to the right hand roof and shimmy left to where you can pull up (notice the gate in the wall here), then turn left and run jump to the roof near the blue balcony, get to that balcony and use the button to open the last (N) gate below.

N gate.

Safety drop from the roof and go in, time the jump past the Moving Pillar and shoot the Beast in the next room (Receptacle room). There’s a lava pool and 2 receptacles on the E wall, a pillar went up between those receptacles. Go through to the room N and find some Puzzle pieces.

Elevating Puzzle, the 1st Dragon Seal.

In the SE corner next to the blue pillar is a grey Trigger tile, stand on it and Timed pillars rise throughout the room, look W and see a low block, run to the block and jump on it with a roll so you can run jump onto the pillar N, then jump to the one E and further to that blue pillar SE, use the button there and see that pillar in the receptacle room get smaller, there seems to be a passage behind it. Get down from the pillar and move the green piece onto the block W (when it is down), then go stand on the Trigger tile again, run to the block and climb up to push the piece onto the blue ledge. Go into the passage W and shoot the 2 Midgets there, go get the Green piece and push it to the entrance (you can sidestep to the N side of the piece and hit Ctrl so Lara steps to the spot where she can push it), then push it inside and onto that greenish tile in the first room left. This trick has to be repeated for the other 2 pieces, the Red one goes 2nd room right and the blue one 2nd room left, then go into the passage in the back and get the 1st Dragon Seal from the pedestal.

The 2nd Dragon Seal.

Go out and S to the receptacle room, climb the block E and grab the monkey bars, go over to the opening SW and push the button to see that gate in the top of the Connection room open up. Go back and go S past the Moving pillar, to the Connection room, left into the E gate and up the stairs, do the jumps to the swingpole again and head to the roof, run jump to the right, grab the edge and shimmy left to where you can stand and jump into the open gate, go in and run jump left to that wooden ledge, then run jump/grab to the balcony E, push the button and see the Dragon Breath stop at the 2nd Dragon Seal. Safety drop down from the balcony and go W to the Connection room, left into the S gate and jump to that ledge again, over to the Dragon and get the 2nd Dragon Seal, return to the Connection room, go in N and past the Moving Pillar to the receptacle room, place the 2 Dragon seals E and the block goes down.

Go in and use the lever, the hatch over the ladder in the room with the Stone Dragon opens up. So return to the Connection room, head into the S gate, jump over the lava to the Dragon and do the Timed jump to the E gate again. Inside to the right is the shaft with the climb wall, go up and come to a Huge Room.

The Dragon Pagoda.

The flyby will show you around and you can already see buttons and various passages. Going straight E over the bridge will bring you into a room where 3 Dragon Seals are to be placed. But that’s for later, from the E end of that bridge you can jump SE to a slanted rock on the corner of that structure (screenshot) and then immediately jump onto the block S, run jump onto the platform S and stand on the middle of the S side, turn right a bit and stand jump with a right curve to the platform at the Dragon, grab in the last moment and time the Breath to pull up and run jump/grab W, from that platform a stand jump/grab to the crevice SW and crawl in, drop into the passage left and follow up to a hole in the ceiling, climb the wall and shoot the 2 Midgets up there, follow the balcony to where a familiar sound is heard.

Moving Pillar Jump.

First, indirect approach jump: Go into the room and stand one square away from that lampion, face the Spike-ledge, with your back against the wall, so you face NNW, then start a run when the pillar starts to move left and jump to the Pillar ledge, the pillar should just move away when you land, now stand jump to the Spike-ledge with a right curve and immediately stand jump again with a grab in the end to get into that opening in the N wall, try to land in at the left most side.

Second, direct approach jump: Stand one square away from that lampion, face the Spike-ledge, with your back against the wall, so you face NNW a bit, then start a run when the pillar starts to move left and run jump to the Pillar ledge, it should just move away when you land on the spot close to the Spike-ledge, now a right curved running jump/grab past the Spike-ledge to grab the edge of the opening in the N wall, shimmy left.

If you are able to jump to the left most side of the opening, you can slide and jump with a hard left curve and you should just land on a small balcony with Secret #1, a Secret Rose, then run off onto the slanted block below and slide, jump two times over the slanted blocks and then jump to and fro with a right curve, to get onto the sideways slanted block, slide and jump/grab with a left curve to the climb wall. Go left into the opening and follow over a balcony to a hole in the floor.

Safety drop down, follow the balcony to a button that will open the gate up at the ladder, go back up and left from the ladder, grab the monkey bars and go to the gate, drop/grab and hoist yourself into the passage. Go through a room with 2 Beasts and head into the passage SE to come to a ledge up in the Dragon Pagoda Room.

Stand jump/grab to the lone pillar W and pull up, run jump/grab to the Dragon ledge W and turn NW from the right hand corner where you pull up to stand jump to the wooden ledge under the Dragon Breath (when she inhales off course) and immediately run jump through to the platform NW. Turn SW and run jump (/grab) around the corner to a wooden walkway, then run jump/grab to the roof of the Pagoda S and find the closed gate in the S side (needs Key). Hop to the rock ledge behind the Dragon to get the small medipack and hop back to the roof. Go run jump to the platform S from the SW corner of the roof and then look for the wooden ledge under the Dragon Breath SE, run jump over to it when the Dragon inhales and a running jump straight SE will get you on the next platform, run jump/grab E and then run jump NE, from the last platform a run jump/grab to the opening in the E wall.

Dragon (monkey) swings for the Pagoda Key.

Stand one step from the left side and stand jump onto the sloped rock left, then slide/jump onto the balcony, go to the opening in the railing and grab the monkey bars. Time the Breath of the Dragons (plenty of time) to get across to another balcony and go into the passage to where you can climb up to the Pagoda Key. Now get back the way you came and from the balcony a run jump W onto that rock in the corner below, be sure to slide forward to the left and jump/grab to a crack in the wall, shimmy right to the opening.

The 3rd Dragon Seal.

Stand left and run jump back over the platforms to the Dragon ledge, do a run jump with a right curve and grab the wooden ledge under the Fire Dragon, then shimmy left around the corner till you are close to the Dragon, pull up on that corner and turn left a bit to side jump back to the platform NW and then run jump back to the Pagoda. Open the gate with the Key and the 3rd Dragon Seal is yours (a gate opens up). Go out and go to the SE corner of the roof, run jump/grab E to a stone pillar and then to the platform N, run jump/grab to the gate that opened in the E wall.

First way in: Face SE and run jump with a roll to the slanted wall near the Spike-trap, immediately jump and grab monkey swing, go swing to the N end.

Second way in: Face SE and run jump with a roll to the slanted wall near the Spike-trap, slide and jump/grab the opposite climb wall, go up and left, just over a slanted wall, drop and immediately jump/grab to the grated monkey swing. Go to the N end.

Turn left at the end of the monkey swing, drop/grab and hoist up into that crevice, crawl to the N end and climb out onto a ladder, go left around 2 corners and pull up on the ledge, go inside and follow to a Circular Knife-trap. Stand real close and hit "roll" when they open up, turn and continue, shoot the 2 Midgets and time a run through a Spike-trap just around the next corner to get to the next Circular Knife-trap. Follow to a pit in the corner and hop around, run up the slope a bit and immediately roll run back around the corner as a Snake-ball comes down and drops into the pit. Follow the passage up to a cave with a lava pool and 2 Beasts, shoot those and go for the opening NW, looking out into the Dragon Pagoda.

The 4th Dragon Seal.

Run jump left around the corner to a balcony and go over a bridge to the Pagoda, left and past the gate to the Seal to the NW corner of the roof, jump to a ledge in the rock wall W and then run jump N to grab a crack in the wall at the last moment.

Shimmy right around corners till you can hoist up into a crevice, follow through to a balcony and do a stand jump to the block next to the Dragon and stand jump SE once more, then E to the platform and a run jump to the S to push the button on the balcony, Spikes retract on a block NE. Go back the way you came and from the block N of the Dragon a run jump to the (former) Spike block NE, stand on the S edge and light a flare, then grab up and follow the dark and winding monkey swing, just after the lower part you have to turn right and left again, otherwise you’ll fall, go to the end of the swing and drop onto a balcony E, you probably saw the Secret Rose already, jump/grab the grey rock S of the balcony and climb up to get Secret #2, a Secret Rose. Climb down a bit and backflip to the balcony again, look SW and spot a crack in the blue wall. You have to do a diagonal run and curve left to jump/grab to the crack (straight to it the balcony will be to short, or use the short-run jump Walk holding shift, release Shift immediately hitting Alt while keeping down the forward key), shimmy right around the corner till you can pull up in an opening, go in and down left to get the 4th Dragon Seal.

The 5th Dragon Seal.

Get back in the opening and look for a slanted grey rock W, run jump with a right curve, slide off and grab the edge, pull up to backflip/roll/grab the ladder behind you and go left around the corner, go at least 6 steps up from the bottom and backflip/roll/grab

To a platform, then a far run jump (no grab) to the balcony down SE and get 2x Shotgun Ammo there, climb the ladder on the pillar up to the top and climb off right into the passage, follow to where you can jump to the top roof of the Pagoda and go crawl or shimmy all the way along the edge of the roof to the opposite corner to get the 2nd Pagoda Key lying there. Get back to the S side of the pagoda near the entrance you came from and safety drop down onto that bridge below, go left and open the gate to the 5th Dragon Seal, go out and head to the bridge S, face SW and run off the bridge (screenshot) to land on that platform below (next to the Dragon), then run jump N to the roof of the Pagoda and go right to the front. Safety drop onto the bridge below and roll to go E and into the Building, place the 3 Seals there and a trapdoor opens up in the floor. Save and run in forwards, slide down and meet the Dragon.

The Dragon.

(Tip: There are a number of med-packs around, I will mention where they are and it is up to you to go get them when you need them, another tip: The corners where the buttons are, are relatively safe and when Locust comes out to play, save and reload to get rid of them *saves on med-packs*, there are also plenty of Beasts around, shoot them when you are in a relatively safe corner, important is to keep moving)

A flyby starts while the Dragon screams…

Turn right after the flyby and get the small medipack on the floor, then run to the far SE corner and get the Medipack, run N along the lava pit and find a lever under the Dragon ledge at the E wall, you’re safe here, so throw it at ease and look for the blue block S, run jump onto the block and stand jump/grab up to the balcony run right (left is a Medipack) and jump right over the corner to get to the balcony with a closed gate (right is a small medipack), run N into the NW corner and find a lowered white block, push the button there to lower another block (small medipack in the NE), this one on the ground floor SW. Push the button and the block on 1st floor SW will go down so you can go up again and push the button there, back to the ground floor and the button NW (Medipack in the NE) and now the gate on the 1st floor W should be open.

(Short description:#1- lever ground floor E, #2- button 1st floor NW, #3- button ground floor SW, #4- button 1st floor SW, #5- button ground floor NW).

Go back up from the blue block and quickly get into that open gate, it will close behind you, follow the winding tunnel up to where you have to climb up several times and come to a dark cave, to the right is a closed gate, go up left (S) and to a button, that button will release 2 Snake-balls who will find their way down onto the head of the Dragon and kill her.

The Dragon Claw.

An Artefact will be visible, go down the passage S where the Snake Balls went in and come to the hole in the floor, check the health, maybe pick up and use the small medipack lying there and slide down backwards, grab the edge and safety drop down to get the Dragon Claw. Now you could go and get any left over MPs and get up and into the re-opened W gate (1st floor), follow that tunnel back up and head straight W to where another gate opened. Just before passing through the open gate is a crawlspace in the left wall, get in and take Secret #3, a Secret Rose with you, climb out and go through the open gate. Follow the tunnel, run into the bright light and the level ends…

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