Lost city of Pompeii

Level by Michael Allen / Cowboy

Unauthorized Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Level 1 Ė The Lost City of Pompeii

Turn around and slide backwards, grab the edge of the first pit and wait till the spikes retract before you drop into the pit. Pick up the Grenade Launcher and ammo. Climb up and jump over 3 more pits with spikes, after the second pit curve hard right or left or youíll go too far over the third and land in the next pit. Youíll land on some steps on a courtyard.

The Main Courtyard.

Get up the stairs and go left (N), shoot the black Panthers. Up more steps left and come to the Neptune Hall.

Neptune Hall, 1st Trident.

Shoot the big vases E and get the small medipack and the Laser Sight.

Go N and in the far NW corner is a crawlspace. At the end is a ladder and use the jump lever on top (Youíll soon run out of flares, use the pistols to get some light from the gun-flash). Get out and now go to the S hall and climb up through the opened door SW. In the passage pass the Slicer Dicer (stand close and hit roll when the open up) and use the button. Go back out and go to the opened big doors W this time. Kill the Atlantean creature (watch out for a spiked pit) and take the first Trident (N).

Main Courtyard, Gold Key.

Go back out this room E and return to the Main Courtyard, go E there (screenshot of a Key) and just past the steps N is a small block with a vase. Climb on the block and jump/grab to the pillar E. Face N, grab up and shimmy left to the corner to pull up on a flatter ledge. Face W and climb that (not too obvious climbable) stone pillar to get all the way to the top and grab the Gold Key. Get down to the ground floor and go S, under the arches to use the Key there. Left and right around the corner are two vases and under it revolver ammo and a small medipack.

Silver Key.

Climb the ladder (at the entrance) back flip and use the lever E. Go back down the ladder and to the pool E. Take the left opening and swim all the way to the end around the corner and climb out. Use the lever, poisonous darts start and the water of the pool below is drained. Get down the ladder, go W the first left and then right and at the pit go left and again left. Pull the block at the end 5 times so you can run around it, turn left from the block then go right, right again and left to where the block was. In the hole in the floor is the Silver Key. Back to the ladder (right and right, left and right and left around the corner), climb up on the right hand side of the ladder and find the door in the passage W open. Back in the Main Courtyard, go W and into the first passage right (up the steps)

Statue Courtyard, Revolver, Shotgun.

On the Courtyard there is a big statue on a mound. Jump to it from the left and pass behind it to the ledge E, face S and side jump to the balcony E, get the Revolver, a golden Skull and flares as Secret #1. Jump back from the balcony, slide down and enter the opening W, around the corner use the Silver Key for a trapdoor to open, then push the iron gates N open. Climb the wall N, there is an opening halfway but there is nothing to find there, so keep climbing to the top. At the end use the hands of the Statue to get to the other side. Go S on the balcony and jump W to the smaller ones to get Shotgun ammo.

The Gold Key.

Jump back and now enter E, crawl through and once on the floor get the Shotgun from the middle skeleton. In the NW corner of the room is a push block in the W wall, pull it out twice, go in and take the Gold Key, a Wraith appears. Dash back and go left (N) and take the third balcony right, a piece of the railing is missing there, run jump down into the water.

On the pillar in the water is an underwater lever. Get out and climb the ladder W and to get back on the balcony. Turn around towards the pool and shoot the lions head on the wall (S) bit hard to see though. Follow the balcony all the way around to the SE end as a door S is open. Get Secret #2, Skull, flares, shotgun and Shotgun ammo and a small medipack. A skeleton is triggered but you have the Grenade Launcher.

Go back over the balcony towards the far NW corner and jump into the opening N. Follow through and watch out for a spiked pit.

Do NOT get the skull right now. Walk toward the right hand side and go through the curtain. Go through another one and go straight, up some stairs and past the passage right in the left corner is a crawlspace. Crawl in and crawl to that marked tile. Back out again and now you can get the Secret #3, a Skull with some health loss (back flip after getting the skull). The vases left and right of the stairs (in room behind the curtains) can be shot and grab the medipack and the Revolver. Up the stairs in the right hand passage is a gate, push it open and skeletons awake.

Next door are pits and spiked balls and poison darts. So pass them, next room has spikes jump to the left and onto the high pillar and kill another Atlantean demon. There is a monkey swing you can use if you want, go S and through the rotating knives and use the button S (door opens in the room where you got the shotgun before). Get back out, jump to the pillar and from there to the entrance and left ledge (also turn left to that ledge when you decide to use the monkey swing back) and jump back through the spiked balls, through the curtains and over the spiked pit all the way S and into that open door. Push the button in there. Watch the fly by.

The 2nd Trident, Silver Key.

Go back to the balcony to the N wall, go right to the balcony NE and look towards the pool area to the missing piece in the railing. From there use the ropes to get to the other side. For the first rope hop back once and a standing jump to the rope, take 2 swing to the next, and the next and so on. Donít hang too long on the last as another Atlantean demon is shooting at Lara. Just turn right a bit and jump through the hanging curtain and kill him. Get the second Trident S, and behind the curtain E pick up a medipack, a Silver Key and flares. Leave through the open door and go back to the passage NW in the N wall and jump in. Go through the curtain and now take the left passage and use the Gold Key. Go into the open door and the level changes.


Level 2 Ė The Lost Temple in Pompeii

Use the Silver Key you have and enter. Pass a picture on the right and look up, shoot the lionís head on the right wall (it opens a door downstairs). Follow through to the corner and go down the ramp there. Up some steps on the left and look for two other Lionís head on the S wall and shoot them (donít know what that did isnít needed I think).

Enter the open door S, follow the red carpet (there is nothing under the vases), and go into the first passage right, shoot the second vase left and climb up to the revealed passage. Walk up to a Spike-pit, face the S wall and climb up to start shimmying right. It is a (too) very, very, very long shimmy and also donít climb too high as poisonous darts join the game (Tip: when you reach the first corner, hang in the corner and climb up as far as, then go two steps down, Lara should be hanging by her hands, now go on right and donít stop anymore, you still have to do the whole mile, but at least you hang on the safe height and will be faster this way). At the end hoist up into the crawlspace, walk into the room and push the pillar aside to crawl in W. Push the button and crawl out and jump on the block. Climb up, quickly grab the Silver Key and jump down so you donít need to shoot the skeletons. You have to do that tedious long shimmy again to get back (Tip: climb out the left side of the crawlspace and immediately go left around the corner and go up to the ceiling again, two steps down and while hanging go back left). Get out and now go into the passage E, shoot the last vase right and use the Silver Key to open the trapdoor. Climb the ladder through the trapdoor.

Go left and climb the pole, back flip and follow through the rotating knives. The next has popping spikes behind them (so youíll have to time the roll through the Knives). Jump over a pit, and find another pole. Slide down and use the lever S. Climb the pole again all the way to the top and back flip over the railing. Enter the open door.

Lever Labyrinth, Gold Key.

Keep on going to the right where possible and flip the first of the 4 levers, still go to the right and get the second one. Now go out and left, passing the first switch, keep going to the left and pass through another open door and the third lever is at the end to the right. Get out go E and the follow going right where possible into the next open gate left around the corner is the fourth lever.

Go out through the gate, a bit left and into that opposite passage E, take the second left and come to a room with 3 levers Use only the one in the middle, as the others are spike traps. Go back to the gate near the first lever (go left, right, left) and get the Gold Key. Get back N to the balcony, grab the pole slide down to the next (1st) floor and back flip, through a corridor and watch out for the pit, through the spikes and rotating knives, down the ladder and go left (S) in the passage with the red carpet. Open the door with the Key. Go down the staircase and go N behind the curtains (banners) on the right is a medipack and grenade ammo and on the left is a lever. Get out and walk to the staircase and see an opening in the W wall. For now jump in the water to retrieve a small medipack, climb out and go S and push the door open. Watch fly by and watch out for the spiked pit around the corner.

Huge Boulders.

Save at the top of the ramp. Boulders will come crashing down. Once down try to run immediately left in the corner. Under the middle boulder get the revolver ammo. The wall S is claimable so get to it. Climb all the way till you can pull yourself up. Use the lever you find there and hop back (shoot the skeleton if needed) and climb up in the opening in the ceiling (face S). Shoot the vase and push the button. Go to the NE corner and use the trigger tile there to open the door again (it is pretty tight).

I went back to the lever and stood in a straight line opposite the door and sprinted through the door, this is much easier. (you can also run around the pillar NE, curve right over the tile while doing a jump to the timed gate and run left through it) Crawl back, climb down and go to the N, down a bit again and back flip. Enter the open door and you can choose which way.

We go first in the middle and avoid the swinging spiked balls, watch out for spiked pits as well.

Jump down and jump to the left (W side) and slide back, grab the edge and shimmy to the other side and around the corner to hoist up. The N wall is climbable so climb and in the right is a crawlspace. Pull the lever in there and get out. Jump to the W ledge and shimmy back, go through the spiked balls and back to the crossroad and take a right (W).

The 3rd Trident

To the right is an open door, get the Medipack and the Shotgun from under the body. Climb down the big pit, kill the skeleton and follow through. NW of the new room find the Shotgun ammo and a Medipack is a bit further.

Slide down the pole and get the flares. Behind the spikes is a button, so top up your health and run through them, push and back flip. Get back on the pole and climb as high as 4 ledges. One has Shotgun ammo on it. Jump to the other side and enter the open door. Left around the corner in the room is a ladder and on the W wall a lever. Use the rope to get to the other side. Get the third Trident.

Jump in the pool and get out, back to the pole, back flip to the balcony, leave E, climb up from the pit and leave W. You are back at the crossing. Now take the passage to the E and climb up left at the end. On the left is a lever (better do not use it yet (bug, youíll be back and use the lever then) and the door N opens when approaching. 

Go left onto the balcony and run jump with a left curve over the railing into the opening NW. Inside is Secret #4, Shotgun ammo, a Sight and a Skull. On the pillar block in the SW corner is a lever. Go back out and safety drop down to the ground floor of the room with the pool, go up the stairs and into the corridor with the red carpet, go right and up the ladder, left and up the pole. Climb to the second floor and back flip, go around and enter the open door to get the Uzi, uzi ammo and Secret #5, a Skull from the pedestal.

Down the pole again, back to the red carpet corridor, left and down the flight of stairs to the room with the pool and into the opening S, down the ramp, crawl under the boulder, climb up again S and back flip. At the intersection take the E (right) direction, up the ladder left and you get back up near the lever at the balcony. Now use the lever and go N to the balcony, head right and the big door there is open now. Enter and the level changes.

Level 3 - The lost Colosseum at Pompeii.

Turn around and walk up the ramp, follow through a high cave (thereís a small medipack under your feet when the camera looks from above) and go straight into the opposite tunnel, to another cave and before a spiked pit jump into the left (S) opening in the wall. Get the small medipack on the block, hoist up to the floor above and use the button in the room (a rope appears somewhere). The door in the W wall should be open I think. But it wasnít and behind it is another Secret #6, a Skull, the Crossbow and Crossbow ammo.

Jump down and go back to the cave, jump left (right is the pit) and go to the opening W. The left wall is climbable, climb right around a corner till you can stand. Now jump NW to a ledge and go N from there. Run jump grab to the rope and use the rope to get into the opening N. Go down the ramp, climb down to the water and kill the fish. Swim N and underneath the wall to the other side of a pool, climb out and kill the shark. Go N through an opening, up a ramp and pass 3 rotating knives. The room W has skeletons in it, the pool a nasty fish. Open 4 underwater doors in the pool. In two of them you can get uzi ammo, the other had Grenade ammo and the last NE has an under water lever.

The door S opened, go straight and around the corner, mind the pits and jump through the rotating knives (That pit behind the last isnít a spike-pit, so donít worry falling in). Run over the tiles with letters to the right as a boulder comes crashing down (notice the door). Up the ramp and jump over the ledges to the other side. In the next room (with the pool below) you can see a lever NE jump to it and throw the lever to open that door at the boulder ramp. Go down and enter the open door S again, or go back over the ledges so you donít have top do that nasty passage again.

The Gold Key.

Go into that door at the letter tile under the boulder ramp and go left, pull the block in the end out twice, go back to the ramp, right up the ramp and safety drop down into the room below, jump up to the new alcove in the S wall and pick up the Gold Key.

To the Colloseum.

Leave N through the knives again into the water and swim back. When you come out from under that wall in the S pool, on the left (NE) is a block and a ladder. Go up and N to the button. Push the button to flood the pit S and go back to the water, swim to the S side, climb up and dive into the now flooded big pit. Swim to the SE corner, get out and follow the tunnels back to where the level started This time go left (N) and into a large cave, get some flares and Uzi ammo near a green plant left of the SE pillar and climb the ladder on the pillar SE. Jump to the N and to a ledge in front of an opening NE. From the entrance jump to the building (the Collosseum) NW and shimmy to the right (N) or do standjumps around the pillars to get a Secret #7, a Skull, Uzi and Grenade Launcher.

Get back to the entrance of the cave SE and now use the ladders on the rocks SE to climb down to the ground floor. Go to the second statue and jump up the rocks there (NE) towards the wall and climb up into an opening, hop over the ridge and use the lever there to open the Colosseum. Get down and enter the open doors W. Shoot the skeletons and go up the stairs (right or left) to come to a large hall and watch the fly by of the arena where you have to fight the bull.

Bull Fight.

Drop down in the arena, there is a ladder to climb down on the W on the right. There are 5 tiles for the bull to hit and the lever S opens the door. Go stand in front of the bull and if he doesnít become active, shoot him with pistols and he will get really aggressive. Lead him to the tiles, roll to watch the bull approach and side jump at the last moment or the tiles wonít break. After all 5 tiles broke a door opens in the W wall, go in and quickly use the lever to raise a block up on the arena wall. Go out quickly, run left and climb up the ladder W onto the first step and go left around the corner there to push a button opening a door to a Secret. Go around the arena and the door in the room NE is open, down the ladder and pick up Secret #8, Flares, Medipacks, Shotgun-, Revolver-, Grenade- and Uzi ammo and a Skull. Back up the ladder, backflip off and continue to run around the arena to the SW corner into the opening W.

The Maze, the 4th Trident.

In there shoot the lions head (for what?) and use the Gold Key. A trapdoor opens so climb down and go S, save and run straight ahead, after the cut scene of the Hammerguy, keep walking straight and take the 6th opening on the right and a right again for the fourth Trident. Roll, run out left, left again and sprint straight N to climb back up the ladder. Go out N and onto the side of the arena there as a block appeared near the building. Jump on it and from there to the balcony. Under the vases is Revolver ammo and a Medipack.

The Bronze Key.

Pass the squishy blocks W, grab the Bronze Key. Shoot the skeleton and head back through the blocks, drop down into the arena, climb the ladder and head to the exit E, to leave this arena and the Colosseum. Climb up the ladders on the rocks SE and jump S over the pillars. Get down from the SE one and head out SW. Go left down the ramp and this takes you back to level 2.

Turn around and go onto the balcony, jump over the railing into the pool and go up the stairs, through the corridor with the red carpet, go right (E) and right again up the ramp.

Go N and follow the corridor past the silver keyhole to level 1 

Level 1 Ė part 2, The Grand Finale.

In the room find the red banners (and the face on the wall) is a white square in the middle, face N and open that trapdoor. Climb down, in the end you can use the Bronze Key to open the door to the Temple and climb down a long ladder to the ground floor. Go to the SW back of the temple via the left side and into a crawlspace. Climb up (mind the spiked pit) and jump on the roof to place the first Trident. Go back the way you came (mind the spiked pit) and go to the front of the Temple. Place the remaining 3 Tridents on the statues on the temple square  and enter the opened doors. Shoot the last skeleton and climb down the opening in the floor, watch the fly by. Watch out as squishy blocks come alive when you go to the sarcophagus, open it and get the remaining Pieces of Armor. Shoot the 2 Atlantean creatures. Make you way back through the squishy blocks and spikes, thereís a safe spot you can jump to between the two solid pillars in the room, then jump through the last block and pull the lever right of the exit door. Go to the door and slide out of the Temple.