ER Tech 6/7 Ė North Pole/Ice ER

Levels by Michael Allan

Revised unauthorized walkthrough by Gerty.

In this 2 level game you get some items double, because now the level jumping is now done correctly. This wasnít so in the earliest download of this level when I made the first walkthrough in 2004.

North Pole

You have no time to breathe as Lara slides down and falls into the icy cold water where she gets bitten by a very hungry shark. Turn right (N) and swim to the icy ledge to climb out and have a go at the animal. Jump in the water again and in the NW corner is an underwater lever. The gate underwater is open; climb out and up the ladder on the east wall. Get to the ledge on the left and shoot the barrier there. Jump over to where the barrier was and go out, walk right and take a running jump to the SW, go to the block S and pull up over the top. Go west and looking south take a running jump to the ledge SW and slide/jump to the next ledge. Climb on block and run off the other side, take a running jump with grab to the next ledge (E). On the right is a ladder, climb off onto the ledge left and once up, look up and see that helicopter, nice touch.

First drop back from the ledge and shimmy left (N) till you can stand again. Take a running jump to the W and to then to the top. Get SECRET # 1, Golden skull, Uzi and lots of ammo. Go back the same way and now face west at the ladder, jump/grab/slide and jump. Enter next opening on the left.

You see a ship and apart from getting 4x Uzi ammo (go S along the left side of the ship and climb up through the railing up right) and a jump lever on the right hand side of the ship, there is nothing else to do. You need to use the jump lever and the best way is to climb on the ledge above the lever and drop grab backwards. Gather all the ammo you find there and use the lever. Then go to the back of this ship and do a running jump east to some ice there. There are some nasty creatures and a shark, and from that point they are easy targets. In the water is a medipack and climb out on the ice halfway down the ship. There is another nasty beast there. Scattered throughout in the water is a lot of ammo to find. But from the ledge where the nasty was in the east wall left is an opening, stand jump and grab to that opening and go in (camera shows a man on the ship), another slithering beast there and a barrier to shoot and a guard is around the corner. Find the medipack and notice the open trapdoor (opened with the jump lever on the ship). Climb down and there on the ground are two dogs and up are two guards (there might be a small medipack on the rails). Shoot the dogs from standing back at the ladder. The best way to kill the guards is to do a running jump and grab from the crate to the tower N and another one to the railing, pull up through the railing and then finish the guards. Run jump down over the railing to the green crates. The windows in the E wall should be open (at least they will break when the Guards upstairs shoot grenades and you stand close to those windows) and inside is SECRET # 2, Golden skull, Crossbow, arrows and medipacks (on the desks). Go back outside.

Push the green boxes aside and at the end get the Crowbar. Return and climb up through the trapdoor SE to enter the fence N, shoot the dog and use the crowbar on the door. Two guards and one of them leaves a small medipack. In the house is a trapdoor near the maps on the wall, just look up. In there is SECRET # 3, Golden skull, AK47 and ammo.

At the SE corner is a door and a sentry gun on the left and a jump lever on a block on the right. Run right and climb block to use the lever and run now through the open Iron Gates (it is timed but quite easy and not reset able). Outside are some dogs and the bike, leave it for now (but if you want to take care of the dogs in a nice way, just hop on the bike and see what happens). Open the door S, up the stairs and right in crawlspace there. North is the Valve Pipe on the wall and in the rest of that room youíll find lots of ammo. Get out, up some more stairs, and on the desk (left) the Engine Key. There is a sentry gun around the corner and some guards (sprint past the sentry gun). In the other office on a platform is the Nitrous Oxide Canister. Get out and go to the bike, combine the Pipe and the Nitrous Oxide and place the Nitrous Oxide Feeder on the bike.

Go into the corridor and then to the right, through barriers and stand next to the wall and back up as far as you can go into the side passage. You can have a look first if you want, then go up the ramp and have a look, as you have to jump over the stony wall and use the turbo for that. Immediately go right as there are some sentry guns and also there is an opening there. Leave the bike for a sec and walk back as there is a door on the east wall. Soldiers and a dog and pick up the small medipack, lots of ammo. Another soldier will show up. Behind a gate you can see the laser sight.

There is no way to disable those sentry guns now and you need to pass them later.

For now, take the bike and go down the ramp (S), lots of soldiers you can drive over and you need the bike to get up again later. One leaves a medipack, another ammo. On the south wall is a jump lever and you can enter the dark office, but I havenít found anything in there. Go S into the small alley and enter the open fence, shoot the dogs and if you are quick about it look west and you see the helicopter landing. Also on the south wall is a jump lever (opens gate back up the ramp). Get back on the bike and drive E up the ramp.

Leave the bike on top of the ramp and enter the opening on the right. Pull out the green box on the right (S). Behind is the Hut Key. Walk out and into the area with the sentry guns, go to the lock NE, donít get too close to the guns and use the Hut Key on the door under the guns. Kill the guy in there and use the lever there. Now you can get the Sight, so back to the other office on the same wall and pick up the Revolver, ammo and Laser Sight.

Back to the other hut, stand on the ledge at the entrance, between the lock and the door. Save first, stand jump up and grab and if you are right in the middle of the sentry guns they wont flame you, only shoot you. Run with a wide curve to the right, jump into that alcove and the door opens. Shoot soldier and use lever. A camera shows a grate in the floor being opened on the ship. Now you could take out the sentry gun NW so you can run with a wide curve to the corner where it was standing and drop down from the roof. Shoot the 3 guards there, one leaves a medipack. Get the bike and drive it NW through the now open big gates, go right there and keep an eye on your health, as there is another Iron Gate with also a sentry gun. Get into the building N and back to the ship.

Once at the side of the ship, jump in the water, swim north and get out and a make slightly angled running jump and grab to the ship. Go west and climb the railing and jump over it (side jump) there is a lever there you already used (that opened the trapdoor for the Crowbar). Climb railing again and climb south, there is a soldier and an open trapdoor.

Get in, down the ramp and go right, shoot soldiers, pick up the ammo. This is the engine room and near the engine is a trapdoor. Open it. But before you go there run back and open the door on the south there (easier to do this now though) run back and now enter the trapdoor. There are two soldiers and follow through. Door opens, more soldiers and a dog. Go right and shoot another guy and pick up ammo. Notice a trapdoor, go back and the door north opens, go inside and shoot the dog, he leaves the second Engine Key. Retrace your steps and where you shot the dog and two soldiers, climb up and use the two Engine Keys. Jump to the other side, the door is open now and you hear a trapdoor opening. Immediately stop and run back, down and through the open trapdoor and climb up for SECRET # 4, Golden skull and lots of ammo. Then climb up again and you go to the next level

Ice ER

Lara slides down and runs to the right and sees a flyby. Keep on running and all the way at the end in a corner is a breakable tile. In there is a crawlspace, get in there and take the opening on the left, again left and at the end is a trapdoor. Open it and climb up. Get on the boxes and climb up the fence south. Watch out, as there is a sentry gun there as well. Jump over the railing and run to the door to open it and go in.

Nothing in the first office except a trapdoor you canít open (E), some ammo in the second office and a lever (camera shot) and on a desk is the Gun Room Key.

Go back out, over the railing and jump down over the fence S. Walk back north where the level started to the open rolling door. Go right and climb the boxes south, climb up west and shoot the guy on the balcony, jump over and pick up the Skeleton Key. Jump back west to the snowy ledge and go left around the corner, all the way to the end of the building and carefully look around the corner, if all is well you can take out that sentry gun there (this is also a shortcut to this area for later).

Go back and jump down near the rolling door to enter the opening on the east. The door on the left opens you are in the bathroom. A soldier leaves some ammo. Left door has a dog and triggers another soldier and the right door has some more ammo. Turn around and climb up for SECRET # 5, Golden Skull, medipack and crossbow and one step further some arrows.

Go out of the bathroom and on the square in the east is a door on the left (right) that can be opened by the Skeleton Key but there are also two sentry guns. So run for your lif(v)e and open the door. Inside and on the north wall is a jump lever. Camera shot, a trapdoor on a roof is open now, so run out and before going back (direction bathroom) there is a corridor left and a small medipack is there at the end, Watch out for falling ice and a guard upon the roof though.

Go back, pass the bathroom and go immediately to the left between the crates and shoot a guard for his Gun Card. Now go out of the rolling door, go left and run back to that breakable tile (or take the shortcut over the snowy ledge and get down into the yard where you shot the sentry gun), through the crawlspace and now use the Skeleton Key on the door there (E). Of course there are guards there (leaving ammo) and on the left use the Skeleton Key again. Right are some flares and left in front of the cupboards is the Nitrous Oxide Canister. There is another door and in there is a lever. The other corridor to the S is now free to travel through. Jump on the boxes and in the NE corner is a trapdoor. Climb up and three soldiers are waiting, one is leaving a medipack.

A fourth soldier shoots at Lara (those guys never give up, do they), leaving ammo.

OK time to go, go west and out the door to the walkway, go west past the spot where the sentry gun was and follow the snowy ledge back to the rolling doors. Go down there and 4 dogs appear. Go east inside the complex where the guns are now harmless (Gun Card) and behind the truck is the bike and behind the bike is the Crowbar, but I went without the bike as it is possible to get everywhere by jumping.

Go to the right (S), there are soldiers everywhere and our first goal is to get to that window on the roof. Jump on the boxes against the wall and climb up at the end (W) onto the rooftop, as there is the window. Safety drop and in the SW corner youíll find grenade ammo, in the middle opening behind the boxes also some grenade ammo and on the west wall on some boxes the Key (I think it is the same key as the Gun Room Key, in case you missed the first one). There is more ammo scattered on the floor and on the west wall is the Valve Pipe. This triggers the door to be opened by a guard and two dogs. Pick up the medipack he leaves behind and get out the door around the corner.

Go out and go back to the rooftop and jump to the walkway. The soldiers leave ammo and a medipack. E is a jump lever.

It opens another garage door on the west side. By the way the sentry gun in the south is the way to get to the main building behind it without using the bike. For now go over the walkway and jump over the railing and enter the open garage doors.

There are two guards, leaving ammo and medipack behind. Go behind the truck and shoot all the wooden boxes getting the Desert Eagle, ammo, SECRET # 6, Golden skull and Laser Sight.

Back again to the rooftop. Jump to the NE floodlight and walk to the end (N). Take a running jump over the railing to that icy ledge there. And drop down. Use the Gun Room Key there to get SECRET # 7, Golden Skull, AK 47, ammo and some more ammo on the floor. Climb the ladder outside to the ledge and a running jump to the walkway. Two more guards are triggered. Now we go for the main building by either using the bike on the ramp or by the walkway (if you use the walkway you have to shoot the sentry gun there first by making sure it points north and walk all the way to the south and shoot it).

There is a chopper south and some nasty guards there either evade them or try to jump over and shoot them (shooting the guy behind the chopper use the crouch button).

Use the Skeleton Key on the door there. Once inside, if you have your weapon drawn it points to the blue glass (right), shoot it and the two guards in there. Push the button (E) in there and pick up the Security Pass on the shelf to your left. There is also some ammo left by a guard. The button opened a door in the same room, walk out through the door and take the second door on the left. Grenade ammo is on the floor and climb on the box, open the trapdoor and climb in. Take first left and then straight, two dogs will be there, shoot them. The next corridor left has some ammo.

After that go left (N) left (W) and right (N). Open trapdoor and jump down, picking up the Battery (+). Of course that triggers some guards. Go out the door and go north and use the Security Card on the door around the corner. Shoot the wooden box.

There are some pushable blocks in here, they are green in colour. First take the one on the west, pull once and move it aside. Go NW and pull block, walk around push it (N), walk around and pull twice, walk around and push as far as (E). Back where the block was there is another one (S) pull twice, walk around, shoot box and pick up the Battery (-). Now go for that green block in the middle of the room (E) pull once and push it aside (N). In the SE corner is SECRET # 8, the Grenade Launcher.

Leave this room. Go south, past the places you visited before all the way to the end and open a door there (S), shoot guard (you can shoot him through the door if heís in the way) and on the first table on the right pick up the Mutant Sample, this triggers two guards and a door. One guard leaves the Uzi and the other (in the kitchen S) some ammo.

We have to get back to that crawlspace next door. Go through the trapdoor and crawl in, take the second one left, then a right and immediately left and drop down at the end. Guards are there (some of them even in the water) and you are in a pool area ) pick up the small medipack and ammo. Dive in and pull the underwater lever on the west (camera) and climb out and use the Skeleton Key on the west door. Go out this room and to the right, the door on the end of the corridor is open. Immediately right and push that button that opens the door east. Enter and walk all the way to the other end, around the corner SE and use the lever there.

Back out and to the corridor into the Research Lab (room with pool) and go left. There are two yellow clothed men behind a fence and place the Batteries next to it. Door north is open and of course there is a guard there, leaving a medipack. Go up the stairs N and in the NW corner place the Mutant Sample.

Back to the corridor, left to the end the blue door around the corner is open and at the end a button to push. Dogs and guards a truck and a chopper and here is where the level ends.

2004 / revised 01-04-2006.