Planet of the Ancients 3.

Level by Uvavoo.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

There’s an extended read me file in the download, check it out first. There are also some movies coming with this level and if you didn’t install it with the Level Manger, you will have to click on the provided links to watch those videos or files.

There’s a new feature in this level and that’s the Magic Square (the spot from which the load screen picture is taken), this spot will be only visible in the load screen of each level and if you go onto that spot you can pick up some secret stuff.

Throughout the outside levels you’ll find several dark brown Boulders, shoot them and you’ll sometimes find a surprise, could be we failed to mention one or two.

Level 1 – Mars.

After arriving in a Space ship, Lara finds herself on the planet Mars.

Head E and come to a valley, go E along the left side path and from the end you can Run jump E to a rock in the sloped hill side, then run jump to the rock up the hill NE and then run jump from the middle of the rock to a sandy ledge straight E, walk E a bit and a flyby starts, showing a huge Pillar. Jump over the ridge of the crater in front of you (E) and shoot a dark Boulder to get the Medipack, you can jump back out in the NE corner and go E into the next valley with the pointy rock and look left on the slopes of the pointy rock for a small medipack. From that spot you can do stand jumps up the rock (counter clockwise) and in the end a side jump onto the top of the pointy rock to get the Medipack there, look SW and spot that big Pillar.

The Mars Tablet.

Slide down and head through the valley to that Pillar and approaching it will activate a beam and the Mars Tablet will be visible, get that and examine it: “To find the Gold Temple Key, be sure to leave no stone unturned- The Silver Temple Key is hidden in the valley under the dust.”

A dark Boulder SE holds a small medipack, then turn to the N and head straight N, you can go right through that crater or circle around, but in the end you’ll come to a small valley with a switch up on the N rock face, don’t go down into that valley yet but run jump onto a rock W of the valley entrance (screenshot) and turn right to run jump onto the ledge N, then run jump to the rock E and a run jump/grab to the E rock face, head N with a right curved run jump into an opening in the rocks and from there a run jump out NW with a right curve to land on another ledge. Now you can do a right curved run jump to the ledge with the switch. A cut scene will show you the opening of a gate somewhere.

Slide down from the rocks and go out of this valley, head SW and slide down into a lower valley, landing close to some Boulders, there’s a lot of dust and Lara will sink in to her knees. There’s a hidden shaft between the 2 Boulders here, run around those 2 Boulders till you fall into that hidden shaft (with no health loss).

Underground, Platform Room for the Silver Temple Key.

Follow the tunnel over a blue hole to a door that will open up for you. Stand jump left around the corner to a platform and then run jump/grab to the ledge W, go to the W side and to the left in the corner is the first button, use that to raise one of the lower platforms as shown in the flyby, go back E and run jump/grab NE over the platforms to get to the second button on the ledge on E wall, another platform goes up. Now head back over the platforms to the ledge SW and jump to the SW (in the room) platform, then jump over to the third button on the E side of the central pillar, a platform goes up NE, get back to the SW ledge and jump over the platforms to the ledge on the W side of the central pillar, then head to the ledge NE and use the fourth button to raise the last three platforms so you can go all the way back to the SW ledge, then head to button 3 and jump over to the W, a couple of jumps NE and you are at the Silver Temple Key on the N ledge.

Climb the higher part of this ledge and run jump to the one E, be sure to have full health and safety drop from the platform to the dark floor below, go into that opening in the N wall and follow through to Secret #1, 3x Uzi Ammo. Climb the ladder in the end and follow the long passage to an automatic door and you are back near the valley, climb out left and go up the ladder to the valley with the Boulders, head W and just through that narrow part of the valley is the 1st Magic Square from the load screen, (screenshot) there’s noting visible. But when you hit Ctrl, Lara will reach down and 2x a small medipack and Flares become visible (the Magic Square becomes “visible” in the inventory). Pick those up and spot another small medipack near the rock W, you can get that by crawling to it.

The Gold Temple Key.

Head up the slopes W along the left side and go left through the valley with the Beacon to the Spaceship and S of the ship are some dark coloured Boulders. Shoot them to get the Gold Temple Key and a small medipack. Go NW from there and in the far W side of that valley is a Tunnel in the rocks, to the right of the entrance are some more dark Boulders to shoot, 2x Flares will be you reward (the second time I got only one box of Flares), on a rock ledge N of the beacon is another Boulder with a small medipack. Go W again and enter that tunnel in the rocks, light a flare and go in carefully as there’s a deep shaft a bit down the slope, run jump with a right curve onto the slanted right hand side of the pit and grab the edge upon sliding off, shimmy left to the other side and climb down the ladder to the bottom. Grab the Flares there and go down the blocks to a lower passage, go to a small cave with Secret #2, the 1st Uvavoo Crystal, 2x Uzi Ammo and the Uzis.

The Underground Temple.

Go back and climb back up the ladder, continue W down the tunnel and go through that door you opened before, into a red tunnel and pick up 2x Flares on the path down to an underground structure. Go left and circle the structure, finding a Medipack in the W end, go on and on the E side of the Temple is a huge Gate you can open with the 2 Keys you have. There are 2 Statues of the “Chosen” and a glass cage as shown in the flyby.

The Scrolls Actuator.

Go pull then both once to the E and the cage on the S balcony will lift, go up the stairs to an Alien picture and head N over the balcony and all the way E to a small medipack in the end, return to the Alien picture and go onto the S balcony, go past the cage to first pick up the Medipack and then take the Scrolls Actuator, a cut scene shows a platform going up and you will have to get there now, so run back to the Alien picture and jump onto the platform over the stairs.

The 4 Scrolls of Time.

This elevator moves quite slow, but when you finally arrive at the top level, you can jump onto the upper floor, go E and place the Scrolls Actuator in the block and one of the 4 glass displays will lift to the left of you.

Go pick up the 1st Scroll of Time.

-The second display will now lift and you can get the 2nd Scroll of Time.

-The next display will now lift and you can get the 3rd Scroll of Time.

-The last display will now lift and you can get the 4th Scroll of Time.

So now you learned about the history of this planet, you can move on, when you picked up the last Scroll, a door opened N.

The Genesis Room Key.

Go in and follow to where a flyby will show you the cubicles with the Aliens and a Key, the flyby will show you around the Genesis machine too. On the ledge in the SE corner is a small medipack, 2x Flares can be found SW and NW and from the same NW corner ledge you can grab up N to an upper room and get Secret #3, 4x Uzi Ammo. get down again and approach the door N and it will open up. Go into the Hall with the cubicles and go to the one SE where you saw the Key, shoot the glass and pick up the Genesis Room Key to open the N door with it.

The Genesis Machine.

Slide down to the lower part of the floor and go around the Machine to the N side of it, throw the switch there and a 1st door opens up E, jump out of the pit there and enter, follow through to where the level changes.


Level 2 – Aqua Domain.

The passage ends in a slide, just go down and you will fall down into the Main pool, get out somewhere and shoot the Droid, then dive back in and find the under water lever on the pillar with the fountain S, a gate opens W, so climb out there and enter the pushblock room, go around the pushblock and shoot two objects on the pedestals, one of the platforms will rise, move the block onto the Circle tile SW and a gate opens up somewhere. Go back to the pool and take care of another Droid, then enter the open gate S and come to another pool (S Pool), dive straight down to the Crowbar on the bottom and swim into the SW corner and use the under water lever on the block there, the second platform in the pushblock room will rise.

Climb out N and head back into the pushblock room W, move the block onto the second Circle tile and a door opens up in front of an Orange pipe N of the Main pool. Go back out to the Main pool and to the N side, jump up into the Orange pipe and follow to the N pool and open the Crowbar door in the NE corner. Go in, hop over the pipe and find the Flood button left in the back, it will drain the S pool. Look for 2x Flares to the N and S and then get back over the pipe, through the Orange pipe to the main pool, another Droid shows up. Shoot it and head to the S pool, drained now, so either safety drop down or go over the W side walkway and run down the ramp. Open the left hand Crowbar door in the E wall and go in to use the button (screenshot of the N pool), go out and open the right hand Crowbar door, this is to be used later.

Head back up the ramp and go back N to the Main pool, through the Orange pipe to the N pool and dive into the water, that glass tube over the pool is now filled with water, swim up to the drained Upper N room, notice the under water lever next to the 2 pipes up N (we’ll be back) and get the Flares W, then climb up the beam S and run jump/grab to the Jump switch on the S wall, a platform goes up in the S pool. Go down the glass tube. Climb out of the pool and head into the room NE to use the Flood button again. The S pool will be flooded again, so head back there and dive in, swim into that right hand E door and follow the Orange pipe up to a room, go left and around the wall to activate a lever, platforms rise in the S pool. Swim back through the pipe and climb out at the passage N, get onto the walkway E and in the SE corner is one of the raised platforms, use it to go N jumping over the platforms and climb up the ledge NE, then jump W and finally go S to climb the other platforms there, follow into the dark SE corner and hop around the right hand corner into a passage, the gate will open up and you are in the Water Main room.

The Lower Water Mains and Fixing the Pipes.

Go S through the opening between the pipes and then turn to the left (E) wall, climb up the block left of the gate up in the wall and use the button on top, the platforms N will rise, jump on and jump to the NW corner, get into the opening and use the lever, a hatch opens and the NW platform will rise once again, run out to get on it and slowly go up to the open hatch in the ceiling.

Upper Water Mains.

Climb up W and go get the Flares, climb up N to the Water Tanks and go climb the block left (W), run jump to the pillar W and then jump N, over to the grated walkway over the Tanks, go to just before the last tank and grab the monkey bars, swing over to a pillar E and a Droid shows up, quickly go on and get Secret #4, a Medipack and Uzi Ammo, then drop back from the pillar and into the shallow pool, run into a corner somewhere and stand with your back in the corner to shoot the Droid without him harming you. Now get back to that lower part of the room with the hatch S and go to a small medipack W, shoot the grating in the W wall there and go in to push the button ( the E gate opens up in the Lower Water Mains).

Go out and crawl under the pipe to the S and look in the W wall for another grating you can shoot, go in and light a Flare to find the Flares on the floor, go down into the next room and behind the pillar is a switch, throw that and see a block go up in the Lower Water Mains. Now get the small medipack in the S side of the room and jump into the passage SW, crawl to where you’ll hear the Secret #5 sound and quickly run straight off the ledge onto the rising platform below so you can jump to the S ledge across the room. Get the Medipack and 4x Uzi Ammo and jump back using the second platform.

Go back through the crawlspace and head out E to the room with the pipes, crawl N and get down through the hatch NE to the Lower Water Mains, go to the E side of the room by jumping over the platforms and jump/grab into the now gate door E, a block goes up in the SE corner of the room. Safety drop out and go onto the block SE. climb up S and follow the steps up to a Piece of Pipe (#3), there’s a button on the right hand wall, push it and see a block go down in the Lower Water Mains. Return there and go to the 1st Piece of Pipe on the ground floor (W), pull it E and then N till it sits between the 2 pipes (see a block go down near the Water Tanks). Crawl S under the pipe and climb back up the E block to get up onto the platforms N, from the second one you can jump to the ledge S where a block raised before and you can pull the 2nd Piece of Pipe into place (a 2nd block goes down near the Water Tanks).

Now another gate opened, up in the W wall of the room, run jump there from the ledge you’re on and throw the lever to lower a block near the 3rd Piece of Pipe, get back down to the ground floor and go climb up SE to the platform and up right into the passage, go up the steps and push the 3rd Piece of Pipe to the end of the passage, hop back and turn right, go around the wall and pull that last Pipe into place and see the last of three blocks go down at the Water Tanks. Crawl N under the pipes and go up to the Water tanks, throw the 3 levers and watch the cut scene, valves open up in the Main pool and water comes out.

The Long Swim Back.

Go to the now open gate W behind the Tanks and find a hole in the floor, Save there and dive in, follow the long Pipes around corners and leave those Goodies for now, just go on through the grey tunnel into another pipe and swim right and up so you can get air in the Main Pool. Now first return for the Goodies, take the right hand pipe in the NE corner and go for the Medipack, Flares and Uzi Ammo, swim back and go up for air.

Now swim into the Orange Pipe, the one you’ve walked through before in the middle of the N wall and swim to the N pool, go into the NE corner and swim to that room with the Flood button, climb out on the SW ledge, get the Secret #6 sound and jump to the N to collect the 3x Uzi Ammo, a small medipack, a Medipack and another Uzi SE. Swim out of the room and dive down in the N pool to swim up the glass tube, can be a bit tricky to get in with that remote camera. Once up you can throw that under water lever on the N wall to open a gate as shown in the cut scene and swim into the left side pipe, follow up to where you can get air and Secret #7, the 2nd Uvavoo Crystal and 2x Uzi Ammo.

Swim back down the pipe and down the glass tube, S through the Orange pipe and up in the S side of the Main Pool. Climb out in the middle, at the opening and go left (E) and left around the corner, to the left you will find a bridge over the main pool, go onto the bridge to get the Flares and a small medipack, notice the gate W and some platforms over the pool, then return to the E and enter the opened gate.

Block Jumps.

Go right and jump onto the ledge next to the Flame in the end left. Turn N and stand left so you can stand jump/grab past the Flame to the low wall, follow the wall to a 2x Uzi Ammo and a Medipack pickup. Go down from the N side of the wall and look E into the room, a bunch of blocks in a Lava pool, look on the ceiling to spot the safe blocks, because the ones with the black (scorched) tiles are deadly. Make your way over to the higher block S side and run jump to a ledge in the S wall, push the 1st button and get a cut scene of the platforms in the Main pool, run jump/grab back to the high block and make your way over to the far SE ledge and push the 2nd button on the E wall (cut scene of the platforms), then back onto the last block and jump to the middle ledge with the Medipack. Jump NW again and into the next ledge E for some Uzi Ammo. Back on the blocks and over to a high one N and over to the ledge in the N wall for the 3rd button (cut scene of the platforms and one rises). A Droid shows up, shoot it (it may be a bit shy, as it didn’t want to get close in my game) and get back to the W side of the room, that Medipack on the block is a trap, don’t even try…

The Sewers.

Back out to the bridge and go over to the now open W gate, go in and crawl into the low tunnel to the sewer, close to where you can stand again are some small Medipacks, one S one N, then head N along the right hand wall and get one more small medipack and Flares, in the N wall is a Crowbar door, open that and follow in to the Waterfall room.

The Waterfall Room.

You can find another Uzi and some Uzi Ammo in the NW corners of the room, then go up the N side waterfall and run jump/grab to a ladder E, climb up to the ledge and walk up N to grab the monkey bars going W and follow straight to the NW balcony, throw the lever W (cut scene of a waterfall) and go to the S side of the balcony for the Uzi Ammo. Get down to the ground floor the way you want, monkey bars or run jump SW over the railing to the waterfall and grab so you can safety drop down, go over to the larger T shaped pool E and find an under water lever on the W end. A block goes up, roll and swim S to get the Uzi Ammo in the end, climb out E there and get onto the new block close by. Climb the ladder and run jump SW to the waterfall, grab the edge upon sliding off and shimmy to the right side, pull up and run jump over to the SW balcony, throw the lever W and see the ramps under waterfalls open up so the water flow will be diverted. Jump back to the waterfall and drop from the waterfall to the ramp below, go into that small square pool in the middle of the room and use the under water lever to raise the last platform in the Main Pool. Head back out the E passage and follow back through the sewers and the crawlspace to the Main Pool.

Main Pool Upper Level.

Go to the E end of the bridge and stand against the railing under that platform left, and jump up. while jumping hold the forward key and then grab the platform, run jump/grab to the one N and then run jump/grab to the one W and one more run jump onto the last one, from the last one you can jump/grab up to the ledge N and here’s the place from the load screen, go to the E side and get a small medipack, then hop over the railing to the S and walk along the edge to the middle of the low part on that side, stand in the middle of the square and hit Ctrl (screenshot), Lara will reach down and the 2nd Magic Square is yours, pick up a Medipack, Revolver Ammo and the Revolver.

The Aqua Cartouche.

Go shimmy along the S side of the room to the W side where you can pull up at the blue balcony (or go back around the N side and shimmy there) A Droid shows up. shoot it and get the Aqua Cartouche, follow the path to the S and go to where a door opened up in the S wall. follow the passage and open a door with the switch, you’re back in the Genesis Room.


Level 1 – Mars (Part 2).

The Genesis Machine.

Go to the N side of the room and enter the Control room there to place the Aqua Cartouche and the Genesis Machine gets partly activated, go out of the room and sharp left, climb the platform and jump W over the platforms and ledges to get to a walkway along the W wall, then go over to the central pillar and head S, jump over to the S walkway and enter the passage to the Terra Domain.


Level 3 – Terra Domain.

Cyborg Valley.

Notice the gate right and open the door with the button, once through use the next button, you are in an elevator and will go down to the Terra Domain, step out as the door opens and follow to a big cave, look down and left to spot a couple of Cyborgs and also some Boulders up on the slopes. Better Save here and we can go for the next Magic Square now, go N and right a bit, walk up into the corner of the slope (screenshot) and stand jump up NE, walk straight and find the spot where you see the Ammo in the screenshot (I uncovered it already) to claim the 3rd Magic Square (screenshot), 3x Uzi Ammo and a small medipack. When you look into the NE corner of the cave, you can just see the ladder you have to get to next. Climb up to the room on top and use the switch on the block to raise a platform way down in the Cyborg Valley.

Go back down and go back the way you came, along the high E side, from the entrance to the cave head W and towards the Boulder there and that big Borg starts shooting, shoot him from here and run jump along the left side of the Boulder to get onto that ledge he was on. Jump to the raised platform N and spot the next Borg in the dark N side, shoot him from here and run jump (grab, depending on where you end up) over to the N ridge, there’s a closed door on the ridge. Now we’ve cleared up these enemies it’s time to get down to the Valley floor. Stand jump to the Boulder E, to a ledge just below the Boulder and turn around, stand here (screenshot) and do a run jump with a right curve to land on the path under the ridge, go get that Revolver Ammo and slide down to the Valley floor, shoot the Androids (like Horsemen) hopping backwards from them while shooting. Go E to a pit in the floor, watch out for those Boulders and get the Uzi Ammo from the pit.

Then head W and right to the middle of the N side hill and here you can climb up to a path, go up E and hop to the Uzi Ammo, go back down the same path and up to the block N, then climb up left and get into the crawlspace in n wall, get Secret #8, the 3rd Uvavoo Crystal, a Medipack and 3x Uzi Ammo. Get out of the crawlspace and crawl W under the ridge, at the end of the path you can spot a switch SW, just run jump down to the flatter ledges SW and run jump to the switch, the door in the top of the cave will open up. Now run jump onto a ledge next to the pillar SE and go left around the pillar to get 2x Uzi Ammo there, hop back up on the block W and turn around, now you can run jump over the fence to the left hand grey block and grab the left corner of it, climb over the blocks to the SW corner and get the small medipack and Uzi Ammo on the S side, now get back to the NE corner and run jump to the rock bridge E, get the 2x Uzi Ammo. There will be another Android on this ledge N, so watch out!

Now you have to get back to that ridge with the open door, go to the S end of this rock bridge and run jump to the SE corner sandy path, follow N to the corner and hop (or run) down to a lower ledge NE, then jump E and finally you can stand on the highest part of that ledge and grab back up to the ridge above, go N over the platform and jump to the N ridge, enter the open door and go into the room to flip the switch, a gate opens back W in the valley. Go out of the room, walk sharp right around the corner onto a protruding ledge and from there you can stand jump down W to that path you got the Ammo from before, go down to the Valley floor and run to the far SW corner, get onto the pillars there and run jump/grabs to the N will get you to that open gate.

Conveyor Belts, the 1st Blue Crystal.

Head through the room with the Glass floor and an Android shows up, take care of it and go into the room with the 1st Blue Crystal, the S door will open for you. Save there and jump onto the left side of the conveyor belt, then jump left onto the grey ledge and run jump/grab to a ledge E, throw the 1st switch there (screenshot of the tunnel S) and get back to the conveyor, jump to the left but landing on the far side (W) of the belt so you can jump right to another grey ledge, go to the 2nd switch and throw it to get a monkey bar on the ceiling in the S tunnel, get back to the conveyor, hop onto it and in the tunnel you can jump onto the left side once so you are left as much as possible. When you reach the end of the tunnel. do a hard left curved jump to land on a flat ledge in a steep pit, in case you missed that ledge, keep jumping from side to side to get to the flat ledge NE, then jump up to the corner with the Metal Blade.

Go into the NE passage and you’ll get back to the pool area. Jump in and swim into the NE corner where you can climb out on some steps, follow back to the conveyor and ride it into the S tunnel again, stand in the middle and jump/grab up when you are under the monkey bars. Go forward to the opening S where you can drop from the monkey bars, follow the passage to another room with conveyor belts. The idea is to get to that belt you can see to the left, but you have to work for it. Better save again and walk onto the right hand side of the belt, just before the deadly tile a jump to the right and under the low part of the monkey bars a jump/grab up to go over the next deadly tile, go left around the corner on the safe floor and here’s another belt, ride it, jump over the deadly tile and step onto the next belt, jump right over the deadly tile and (Save here) wait to the very end of the belt before you jump and at the last moment grab the ledge.

Go left and jump to the next belt NE and in the next low passage are a Press and a closed door, when the Press is down you can just step on the Press tile and hop back again, the door will now be open and you can time the run through the Presses as there’s another one in the next part of the passage. Then jump over the 2 deadly tiles in the next belt and just around the right hand corner is a switch to open a hatch over the ladder at the end of the last belt, run jump/grab W to that last belt and ride it to where you have to jump/grab over a deadly tile to the ladder, go up to a room with the Cyan Hall Key on a block and the door E opens.

There will be an Android waiting, so be aware, follow through and use the ladder to climb down. Back at the pool area, dive into the water and swim NE to climb out, up the steps and this time stand jump/grab NW into the opening N to the 1st Blue Crystal go and use the Cyan Key N on the big gate.

Cyan Hall, the Borg Key.

Go in and to the room on the left and go left at the 2nd Blue Crystal, into a room with the 3rd Blue Crystal, get the Medipack near the Crystal and head back to the previous room, go N and use the button to get transported to a room with 4 Cyborgs there (coming alive one by one, run up close and duck, then shoot till he drops) Also an Android will show up during the fight. After shooting them all you can pick up a Borg Key and 3x Uzi Ammo (depending on where they are dropped, you have to use crouch to pick it up). Now go outside N and climb down into the opening in the ground E.

Green Hall Key.

Use the Borg Key to open the door and go through, pick up the Green Hall Key there and the next door opens. Follow through and slide down, use the button and you’ll be transported back to the 2nd Blue Crystal, head out S to the 1st Blue Crystal and use the Green Hall Key on the gate W.

The Green Hall.

Go W through the Green Hall with the 4th Crystal and notice the receptacle on the left hand wall, go through the passage W to a room with more conveyer belts. They are placed in a full circle, so when you happen to miss a jump, just wait for the next chance. Save and stand left a bit to take a running jump to the belt. As right as possible so you can jump to the first save ledge right. Use the #1 switch and back to the belt (best is if you jump left from the end of the belt so you’ll end up on the right hand side of the next, now take the next save ledge right again and use the #2 switch. Save first and back on the belt, jump left from the end of the belt to end up right on the next, again a jump to the right for the #3 switch on the ledge. Next are some tricky jumps to get to the save ledge E you can see when you look NE. Go back on the belt and almost at the end a jump forward (not too far) to the outside of the belt going N, then a jump right onto the slanted side of the structure and slide jump to land on the ledge with the #4 switch, now a door will open up SW.

The Crystal Actuator and a Wooden Handle.

Run jump back to the belt ride it around to the W side and jump right to the ledge with the #2 switch, turn N and run jump to a block, then to the platforms N, stand on the NW one and turn S to see the Red Crystal in the open door, shoot the Crystal (pistols will do) and the platform goes up to the 1st floor, go to the SW corner, run jump/grab E twice and then over to the central floor, get the Crystal Actuator and a Wooden Handle from the block. Go down to the NE corner and run jump/grab to the pillar E, then slide down left to the exit and return to the Green Hall.

Activating the Crystals.

Go to the receptacle on the S wall of the Green hall and place the Actuator, watch the Crystals come to live and see a beam of light going into a shaft in the ceiling. Head out E and climb up a ladder behind the #1 Crystal, from about 3 steps from the top a backflip/roll/grab to a passage and follow through to a door you can open with the button to the left, go in and push the button to ride the elevator back up to the planets surface. Go out and through the next passage to climb a ladder to the Dome Complex.

The Dome Complex.

The flyby will show the Domes and ends at a cross in the second Dome, go to the NE fenced of garden and get the Pump Fuse there, then head through the tunnel E into the 2nd Dome. An Android will show up. be careful it doesn’t push you into that deep dry pit and shoot it. Head to the E side of the pool. drop/hang from the edge and let go over the Jump switch, activate the switch and drop to the bottom of the pit. The gates in the fenced off area in Dome 1 opened up, so go through the passage, up the ladder and get back to Dome 1 into the fenced off area and find the button on the pillar (an Android might show up).

Timed Run/Swim.

The button is Timed and will open an under water door in the pool in this Dome (you can climb out of that pool N, if necessary). Save and push the button, turn left and run out of the fence to the pool and dive down, swim in E and immediately left into the open door, throw the under water lever (save while Lara pulls it) and swim out, left and right into the next door, same story. Swim out and right/left into the last door and sue the under water lever (save), roll and swim out left, through a Timed gate and in the next pool you can climb out S and place the Pump Fuse to activate the Pumps and fill the pit in the 2nd Dome.

The Location Map, the Terra Cartouche.

Swim back to the pool and climb out in the N ditch, make your way to the 2nd Dome and dive into the pit, swim through the E tunnel, climb out in a room and get the Location Map. Notice that gate E and swim back, climb out of the pit N and head to that Cross SE, study the Map and find the right spot: (screenshot). Combine the handle and the Blade to get yourself a Shovel and dig for the Terra Cartouche. Now that gate in the room where you got the Map will be open, so dive into the pit, swim through E and go down the slide behind the open gate.

Land on a conveyor belt and slide down in a tunnel, shoot the Android and climb up right in the end, follow the next tunnel to the gate next to the elevator down to the Cyborg cave, go left there and you’re back at the Genesis Machine.


Level 1 – Mars (Part 3).

The Genesis Machine.

Run jump across to the central walkway and enter the E room to place the Terra Cartouche on the wall. Get out and platforms go up on the other side of the Machine (W) as you just activated another level of it. Grab up to the top platform and run jump/grab to the upper walkway of the Machine. Go around to the E side and run jump over to the walkway in front of the open passage, go in and the door will open for you. Follow the cave, use the button on the building in the valley and enter. Use the button in the building and watch the fly by while the elevator takes you waaaay up.

Level 4 – Aerial Domain.

Go out of the elevator building and don’t fall off the walkway :-) .

Walk to the N side of the building and face S under the protruding part, grab up to the roof and throw the lever there, a trapdoor opens up in the walkway below. So get back down and find that trapdoor on the E side, just where you came out of the elevator, jump over the hole and climb down the ladder, jump to the N over the platforms and climb the cage, run jump to the hovering platform and it will go up, so you can jump to the next one N, this one will go up to just under the overhead building, go onto the SE corner and stand on the very edge to grab up and open the hatch. Turn around and jump/grab up to hoist yourself up into the building, get the Medipack and push the button to open a door in another building.

Drop down from the hatch and look down S, just run off the edge to land on a hovering platform below, run jump S and down to the cage again after checking your health and get back to the ladder on the elevator shaft S, climb back up to the walkway and go to the W side. Run jump/grab over the gap to the W building and enter. Open the small door and go left at the next door, open the S door and exit onto a walkway, cross the walkway and go around the building to pick up Uzi Ammo and two ½ MPs behind the building (there’s a Cyborg on top of the building). Go back over the walkway to the small door in the N building and instead of getting in again, jump up and climb onto the roof, going left into the fenced off area you can get 2x Uzi Ammo and a small medipack.

Timed Trapdoor.

From the N side of the roof you can jump down to a walkway, on the building is a switch, Save there and throw it to open a Timed trapdoor in the structure N, not too tight, but there are some jumps involved. Throw the switch, backflip roll and jump over the holes while running N, just straight and jump/grab over the next gap, more holes and then you can just run into the right hand open trapdoor, grab the ladder and go down, drop/grab past the opening and hoist up.

Jump down E and go around the holes in the walkway to run off onto a hover platform E, this one will take you up to the walkway surrounding the building you visited before (from under) Go around to the E side and find an opening with a closed gate to the left, go in through the small door and open the ceiling hatch in the back, climb up W and go onto the roof, there’s a Droid around so be careful! The Tower on the SW corner seems to be misplaced, push it onto the tile on the very corner and see a gate open up. Now go down the hatch again and to the small door you opened before, to the right is the now open gate, follow in to a control room behind a small door, inside is a switch to activate the power on the towers and a door will open near the Elevator building. Open the door N and shoot the Cyborg, push the button to open a door in a building you visited before.

The Silver Gate Key

Go back out and up the hatch to the roof, the gate on the S side opened and you can jump from the end of the walkway to the Elevator building S. Run jump/grab into the open gate E and get the Silver Gate Key, run jump back and now we go W again, jump over to the building W and go left at the closed small door, over the walkway to the building S and enter carefully!


You can easily side jump over the red Lasers, jump over the one to the right (W) and get the Uzi Ammo, then head S and get more Uzi Ammo. Now head to some Uzi Ammo E from there and while you’re at it, side jump left and right over the red Lasers into the Blue (safe) ones. You’ll get a screenshot of a door every time, after picking up the Uzi Ammo E you can jump over the 4th blue Laser to the S and the door opens in the SW corner, go over there and enter to get the Revolver Ammo, then open the hatch and climb up to the roof. A Cyborg and a Droid are patrolling there, so take them out and go look for a switch on a block on the S side. The switch will open a door in the room with the lasers, so get down and jump the Lasers to the NE corner where that door opened up, the switch there will activate that contraption on top of the building.

The Gold Gate Key.

Go out W and right to the building N, then E  and run jump/grab back to the Elevator building. Go right around to that building E of it where that second gate now opened, run jump/grab over and get the Gold Gate Key. Jump back to the Elevator and go around to run jump/grab back to the building W, this time you can open that small door in the W end of the passage and step out onto the walkway. Follow to where you’ll get a flyby of the building and Save after that flyby, this walkway is rather weak and will crumble under Lara’s weight, so run along the left side and jump with a right curve to the single remaining part, then a running jump to the next part, turn N and run jump from the end to the right to land on the pieces near the N platform, run onto the platform and now you’re close to the next Magic Square. The load screen shows that building from the NW corner of this platform, so go there and hit Ctrl to let Lara activate the 4th Magic Square and pick up 3x Revolver Ammo.

The Aerial Temple.

Go W to the Temple and left to the S end to get the Revolver Ammo there, return and on the way back you can insert the Silver Gate Key in the fuse box on the temple wall, go all the way to the N end to get more Revolver Ammo and on the way back insert the Gold Gate Key, the huge entrance gates open up.

Enter and go to the right and climb the low block near the lasers, run jump/grab to a crack in the N wall and shimmy left around the corner before you drop to the floor. Go left (N) and into the corridor to a small door, open it and get the 2x Revolver Ammo and a Medipack from the Ctrl room. Head back and go into a corridor S, past a gate and a closed door and in the end a door will open for you. Here you better Save before stepping in, go left (ignore the Medipack for now) and quickly run into the passage right. The Moving Walls will stop and now you can safely go back and get the Medipack.

Go into the passage again and Save, just around the corner is one more Moving Wall, so run past it and meet a Cyborg, take it out and head N, climb the ladder opposite the gate and shoot a Droid and a Cyborg on the wall. Go over the grated skylight to the N and find a switch, throw it to open that gate at the bottom of the ladder, another Droid shows up. shoot it and head S into an enclosure, go down the hole and push the button in the room below, another door opens.

The Laser sight and another Revolver.

Go back up to the roof, down the ladder and into the now open gate N, go right into the first passage and get some Uzi Ammo, then follow N past the entrance gates to those Lasers, use that crack again to get across and just left of where you drop to the floor is the door you opened. Inside you have to turn around and climb down a ladder to a lower platform, on the platform you’ll find the Laser sight (a gate opens). Get back on the block, face W and grab up to the ladder to get back up, go SW and to the left in that corridor is the open gate. Inside you will find lots of Revolver Ammo, a Medipack, Uzi Ammo and another Revolver. Go use the button NE and the door will open SW in the corridor, so go out and left/right into that opening.

Outside on the walkway you can go N to get 2x Revolver Ammo and to the S for a Medipack and 2x Revolver Ammo. Now you’ve stuffed the backpack you can head to the W and jump to the steel walkway and in the direction of the next building.

The Power House.

From the walkway heading N you can run jump over to the corner ledge with the lamp post and get the Uzi Ammo, see those electrical wires W? Put the Sight on the Revolver, Save and zoom in as much as possible, be sure to have the red dot on the wire and shoot them (might take some tries though). Now jump back E to the walkway and enter the Power House as an electrical beam is now off, there’s one more at the buttons, so go right/left and use a button there. Go back and to the S passage, run in right and bump into a Cyborg, shoot him and go use the button E, now the gate outside is open, go there and onto the ledge with the lamp post, again shoot two electrical wires and go back inside to push the two buttons, the door opens and you can go out and left, follow the walkway to the next building and go around to the far SE corner.

Target Practice.

Save before you enter through the gate opening up. Run in right and a Moving Wall will come from behind, shoot the Target Ball in the gap right of the closed door and the door opens, do this three times more and you can escape around the corner.

The Aerial Cartouche.

Use the switch in the end and see a gate open up, climb up to the roof E and go to the NW corner, sprint over the walkway and only start shooting the Cyborg when you get really close. Climb over the roof to the N side and go over the walkway to the last building, run jump over to the opening with the opened gate and enter, go left and a gate will open for you, go in to push the button to open a door. Get back in the passage, head E and into the dark passage, the open door will be to your left, go into the room with a block and get the Aerial Cartouche, The gate in the corner will open up, go through and follow through to the walkway around the building and go left (W), grab up to the climbwall left in the end and go around the right hand corners to a ledge on the other side to get Secret #9, the 4th Uvavoo Crystal (this is supposed to be a Secret, but in our game it didn’t ring a bell and didn’t count as a Secret too). Go back the way you came and head over to the Elevator building N, go in and push the button to get back down to the Planet surface.


Level 1 – Mars (Part 4).

The Genesis Machine.

Go up to the automatic door and go out W to the Genesis Machine, take care the electric beam is deadly. Climb up to the top of the machine and use the Aerial Crtouche to activate the lest stage, the room will shake… Go down and run jump over to the passage E and go through the now open door, a flyby kicks in and shows Mars has been Terra-formed. The Aliens will get out of their cubicles and once again the “Chosen” lived up to her reputation…


Level 5 - New Mars.

Follow the passage and come to the reddish tunnel you saw in the flyby. Go left and out to the now grassy Beacon Valley, there are Boulders to shoot, but we couldn’t find anything in them so far. Head left around the hill to the N and jump up right to the hill you were before, stand on the SW point and here’s the 5th Magic Square (screenshot), get the 4x Revolver Ammo and slide down the hill.

The Gold Temple Key.

Go E and to a second Space ship hovering over the flooded Valley. Dive in and swim to the plant right under the Space ship and get the Gold Temple Key. Roll and swim back W, climb out and go all the way W and into that reddish tunnel again, to the right of the gate in the end is the lock for the Key, go down the path and find Secret #10 (9 for me), the 5th Uvavoo Crystal. Return outside as there’s nothing else here and go back to the lake E, swim across and go right to where a flyby shows the 3rd Space ship and the Martians waving at you. My game went back to desktop a few times when I went up to those Martians and to the Boulder SE, because that seems to be the only one with something under it, a small medipack.

Going Underground.

Say goodbye to your friends for now and head to the N, go around the crater and pass through the Martian trees to come to the now changed valley where you pulled a switch way back, you can now jump up to a muddy path and follow into a dead end valley with a large hole in the ground. Climb down and follow the tunnel to a tunnel right, that one leads to the Temple of the Great Uvavoo.

Here 4 of the Uvavoo Crystals can be used (and if you don’t have enough of those, go into the opening (S) with the sign “Mars”), go in and find a horde of Natives worshipping a picture on the wall, it’s not hard to imagine who that might be.

To the S is a passage back to Mars (that’s where you can go if you only got 4 of them when you get here), but if you have that 5th you can go up the steps and before you place the 5th Uvavoo Crystal left of the picture where it says “Bonus”.

“Cave of the Buffoons” (as Uvavoo states: A specially created cave, designed for the inept and stupid) Not my words…:D

In case you are here without enough Crystals, you can now head back through the cave you came from and in the dark blue cave you can just go straight S onto a kind of path and walk through the wall there to get one of the 3 spare Uvavoo Crystals in the “Cave of the Buffoons”, there’s a catch though, the Crystals are burning, so each time you take one, you have to sprint to the adjacent cave  and extinguish the flames in the pool.

Got what you want? Then you can return to the Temple and play the Bonus level.


Bonus level – Trouble in Space.

You’re back on a Space Freighter called “Lucky Lucy”, mind you not all the Guys on this ship are hostile. Go into the passage across the room and on the second grated tile in that next corridor is the 6th Magic Square (screenshot) and pick up the 2x Revolver Ammo, a Medipack and Flares. Follow that corridor past a friendly bloke and go into a green room in the end, to the right around the corner inside is a switch opening up a door back in the corridor. Go out of the room and return through the corridor, go into the office to the right and inside is the door you opened, enter and a Guard will open fire, shoot him and now the one from the corridor will come in too, not friendly at all.

Revolver and Laser sight

Look for a Jump switch on the (E) wall and use it to open that trapdoor in the first room, where the level started. Go back there and climb down into the opening, follow to where you can go to the right (W) and then go up a ladder, head into the S duct under the corridor and follow straight to a Revolver where you get a cut scene of a shaft (can be a bit tricky to get out of the cut scene, just crawl a bit further), then go back, jump over the ladder and crawl in N to get the Laser sight and see the trapdoor(hatch) open up in that same shaft.

The Sentry-gun.

Go back and down the ladder, return to the other end and crawl in to the right, follow to where you have to climb up right and then go carefully to the end, Save where you get the cut scene of the Sentry-gun and look in that screen for the crawlspace, then run in straight and duck to get into that crawlspace, first go straight and get that Medipack, then go back into the other (right) side and get a small medipack, go forward and the door will drop shut behind you. Get into the duct, go left and come into the room with the Sentry-gun, now you can take it out by shooting into the gas tank. Now jump over the 3 Lasers and throw a switch left of the passage you came from before and the door in the other side of the room opens up, jump the Lasers again and enter carefully.

Shoot the Android coming for you and go around the fence into the other part of the room, those blue ledges are deadly, jump over the lower parts and get into the NE corner, drop down into the lower part of the room and go SW, these beams are still safe. Shoot a Guard and use a lever SW to change the power on those beams. The lower part of the room is now deadly and the upper safe, so jump over the beams.

The Data Key.

Climb back up NE and go to an opening in the W wall, climb in and crawl into the duct, shoot the Guard from the duct and go into the corridor, left to use the switch and run past the Android (or shoot him) to the open door E and climb up to a store room, on the crate NE is a Key, but you can’t take it yet, stand with your back against that crate and jump/grab up to open the hatch. Turn around and jump up, then grab the upper floor and go climb even higher using the ladder in the SW corner and shoot the Android, go to the other side of the room to use the switch and go down to the crates, on the NW one the Data Key can now be taken. Now go down to the corridor again and into the door right, in the next corridor turn left and use the Data Key in the terminal in the end, the door will open up. Enter and follow through the rooms to the last one and get the small medipack, turn left and throw the switch SW, go back to the corridor and head to the E end where that trapdoor opened, safety drop down onto a stack of crates.

The Store Room.

Drop from the S side of the stack and look on the crate E for some Uzi Ammo, next to the crate in the hole is a small medipack, climb up W and then jump to the crates SW to get the Uzi Ammo from it, go down and head N for another small medipack on the floor, you are now standing near a crate with the Danger Naquada sign on it, hop back a couple of times and shoot it, it will burn and explode, opening up the wall. From the broken piece of crate next to the NW stack you can pull up to the crates and jump up to a window, in the windowsill is a Timed switch opening up the door you can see through the window.

Timed Door

Throw the switch, turn right and run off the windowsill, turn left and run into the opening, run right and jump over the pipes, stay along the left side and in the end side jump left over the deadly ledge, roll and run through the path to the open door to the right (with time to spare). Enter the corridor and pick up the Uzi Ammo and Uzi there. Follow the corridors shooting all Resistance and go through a winding passage up to a larger corridor, the last Guard will be opening fire from the right. Go right and then left into a high room.

The High Room.

Run jump across and jump down from the N side to a ledge below, from this ledge go jump E and turn around to shoot the Guard on the ledge you came down from. Now run jump/grab S and around the room to the S wall and use the switch (if you fall you can climb back up NE). Drop down to the floor and kill the Android and grab the 2x Revolver Ammo SW near that middle structure and a small medipack on the other corner, go into the open door N (closed door left) and follow past a Terminal to where another Android attacks, then 2 Guards will come and greet you, grab the Uzi Ammo they drop and go into the room behind the glass wall. Use the switch N, go back and go straight past the Terminal into that newly opened door, kill more Guards for Uzi Ammo. You’ll end up in the lower part of the high room, jump to the right hand side ledge and run jump to the ledge behind the S pillar, throw the switch there to open up a door and run jump to the beam in front of the opening E. 

The Data Key.

On the N beam is some Revolver Ammo, then jump up into the passage E and follow to a corridor, shoot the 2 Guards and go into a passage SE, shoot about 4 Guards in the next room and gather all the Uzi Ammo. Then go use the switch NE and another door opens in the corridor, so go out SW and right to the other end of the corridor, right and in that passage is another switch (one more door opens up). Go back W and a Guard will show up, carrying the Data Key, so grab that and head back to the high room, shoot the 3 Guards (you may have to jump down to the beam where you found the Ammo before to take out the far 2 Guards). Jump back up to the E and use the monkey bars under that iron beam to get back across. Follow the passage back up and shoot another Guard, go use the Data Key in the Terminal and enter the passage to get a Medipack and 2x Revolver Ammo 

Finale, making your Escape.

Go into the next corridor and shoot the 4 Guards, save some Revolver Ammo though, be careful, that light blue stuff is deadly! So walk up the left side of the ramp to take care of the 2 upper Guards and then look for the machine on top of the ramp, shoot the one in the middle under the Danger sign and it will break apart, leaving parts of the ramp powerless, so jump over these now safe parts up the ramp to get to a Medipack in front of the passage SW. follow through to a door that will open up and you’ll be back in a familiar corridor, shoot the 2 Androids and head out the passage W and follow the winding sloped passage back down, shooting the last 2 Guards, at the end of the passage is a now open door to the Shuttle Bay. Go in and on the N wall. next to the Control panel is a switch to open the air lock, go up to the side of the Shuttle and leave…. Watch the final video and let’s hope Lara survives…