Level by Agnes

Walkthrough Dutchy.


"For hours I`ve been sitting in the train from St. Petersburg to Rustay. Russian trains are not what they used to be.

It`s cold and the conductor doesn`t show his face. I wonder what possessed me to go on this journey.

ĄMysterious murders in Rustay, Russia. People were disappearing and the population kept quiet", they said on TV.

It shouldn`t bother me, probabley the people are victims of hungry wolves but somehow I couldn`t simply stay at home.

For weeks I wanted to leave England again. Outside, it started snowing.

If there`s more snow the train will not get through. I put on my jacket; outside it`s really cold. And the brakes of the train already squeak.

A moment later I stand at the station of Rustay. Itís old and shabby but pleasant. I can hardly imagine that terrible murders are said to have been committed here. The first houses look like a picture of a winter fairytale. Roofs are covered with snow and smoke rises out of all chimneys.

Who knows what Iíll find here..."

Level 1 Ė Train.

Lara is in the last freight car of the train. Shoot the crates SE for the Flares and pull the crate NW aside to get the small medipack underneath. Go to the small door and open it, run jump/grab out and climb up to the grating, turn around and jump to the roof of car you came from and go to the back of the train, drop to the platform below and get the Crowbar there, return and jump to the next flatbed car. Go over the top crates and see a Thug on the next car, shoot him from where you are so he wonít fire back. Now go to the front left corner (SW) of the stack of crates and go drop/grab over the side, climb down the ladder and right into an opening, thereís a Valve wheel opening up a drain in a car with a tank of poison (to get something there later).

Climb back up and jump over to the next flatbed car, there are some crates you can push, but thereís noting under them, carefully go up to the next car and stand jump/grab into the open door, go into the corridor and start shooting the Thug coming for you, then look in the second compartment and get the AK47 Ammo go on and in the end of the line of coupes is the toilet, open it and hold your nose to get the small medipack. Go on to the end of the car and open the small door S, thereís a platform outside, turn sideways and sidestep against the door way, turn to face the car and grab up to the roof, follow to the other end and find the AK47 in the lower hatch. Go back to the front of the car and stand facing the doorway of the next car below. Jump over and hop back, grabbing the edge, then drop/grab and land in the car, check out all the compartments by kicking the doors in and get 2x AK47 Ammo.

In the end, past that drunk couple you can shoot a crate to get more AK47 Ammo, open the door and run jump/grab up to the next car with an empty tank, this is the one you drained and on the bottom you can see the Metal Key, get that and climb onto the platform on the front of the car, walk over to the right (N) side of the platform and run jump to the next roof with a left curve, landing on the slanted roof, slide and grab the edge, shimmy right past the open door and climb down on the door, then left to get inside. Open a wooden panel W with the Crowbar and go pull a crate, standing to the right out of that compartment and into the one you came from, leave it just in front of the cars entrance and jump right past it over the slanted block, then push it S and re-enter the same compartment W, look behind the open door panel and throw the lever. Go to the next compartment and open the next gate with the key you have, go in and shoot the crates, then look up and a hatch opened up over the entrance of the compartment.

Climb up to the roof and go to the front, shoot the Wolves in the next car from here and run jump down there, run jump onto the next car

and enter the last one. Nothing to find but a pool table in the next and go through the doors to where a flyby kicks in and youíll arrive on Rustay Station.

Level 2 Ė Rustay.

Shoot a Thug coming for you and go to the W tunnel, look in the right hand wall just up the slope and run jump into that opening to follow out to a walkway where Lara looks left, ignore our heroin and look up right on the S wall to use the Jump switch there and a flyby will show you the surroundings. Run jump over the fence to a snowy ledge NE, turn right and grab up to the grey chimney with the birds, shoot that Guard down in the alley from around here or he will bother you later. Jump onto the roof S and head to the highest point, run jump far onto the icy ledge N and then run jump/grab the roof of the house E, shimmy left till you can drop down to Secret #1, the AK47 and a Medipack.

The Blue Key.

In the passage W is a crawlspace you could use to go back to the passage leading to the Station, but you can also just jump NW onto a snowy hill below, go shoot the Dog if you didnít yet and get the AK47 Ammo dropped by the Guard before, head to the N end of the alley and onto the NW snowy hill again, grab up to the roof N and go over the roof to a walkway E, just around the corner you can climb down W into a small yard and collect the Blue Key. Climb back up and go S to the blue roof, jump left around the fence and slide into a courtyard, go N and shoot that Wolf up on the hill (a door should be open now). Go back S and climb back to the blue roof, shimmy just right around the corner and pull up through the fence, head back to the W alley and drop down there, go S and left, to another part of the Village, a Guard will come for you, shoot him and go into the open door in the building left (just before the ramp up to the Station).

The Metal Key.

Approaching the counter will start a cut scene and the Russian bartender will tell you where to go next ("Hi girl, what are you looking for? A way to hell?" Ė "It`s all behind there.")

First go behind the counter and get the Metal Key, then go to the boxes E and shoot them all to get some AK47 Ammo and reveal a passage. Go into the passage S and shoot the box just around the corner to get the Flares, then follow the passage down to a gate you can open with the Metal Key. Follow the stairs down to a basement, go to a crate in the main passage and shoot it (the gate ? is a Timed gate for later), then turn left and go into the dark passage, climb over the crate to the right and shoot a box to get the Flares, climb back out, go left to the main passage and back in the direction of the stairs, thereís a room left with some crates, go behind the left crate and find a switch on the N wall.

Timed Gate.

Save there and pull, hop back turning left so youíll face the crate and hop onto it, run off turning right into the entrance and run right, then sprint through the gate and onto a slide, immediately jump over a Spike-trap and get ready to shoot some Rats. Go left (N) and into a room left, shoot the first crate for a small medipack and return to the S side of the basement look up left for a crawlspace in the wall and go up there, drop into another room and donít shoot the crate (Rat) but climb the crate with the ladder on top and climb up to a passage leading to a grated floor, drop down through the hole in the floor and shoot the Guard.

The Control Room/Personnel Quarters.

Go to a gate N and it will open for you, shoot the intoxicated Guards and inside the room you can shoot the W wall, then a grating up in the next wall and climb into that crawlspace, drop down the other side and shoot the Rats if you want, you could also just quickly go to the next grating and shoot that get in quick and follow through to a deep trench, drop/grab from the edge, shimmy right to a climb wall and go down to get into the opening in the wall, throw the switch in the back left side and a rope will appear over the trench.

The Revolver.

Climb back up and get back on the crack (release Ctrl briefly) to shimmy back left to the ledge, get onto the rope with a stand jump from the middle of that smoking chimney, swing across the trench and go left to a series of burning steps, stand on the first and run jump/grab with a left curve to a climb wall SE, climb right to the next part of the climbwall and go down to the last bar of the ladder, then backflip/roll/grab an opening on the opposite side of the trench, thereís a closed trapdoor here. Once more do a run jump to the SE to land near a crate and shoot it to get the Revolver. Climb the block next to you and run jump to the opening across the trench as the trapdoor is now open.

The Laser sight.

Follow to a room with a crate, shoot it and get the Laser sight, then pull the rope and see a raised cage with something underneath, climb up the crawlspace NE and climb out onto the ladder at the other end.

The Wall Piece.

Go left and drop onto the block, shoot the crate on the bottom of the pool and dive in to use the under water lever on the E wall, a pillar will rise in the corner, climb up and up the ladder on the wall to another crawlspace. Climb the wooden wall to the left and go over the top to slide back to the Village. To the S is that pool which isnít frozen anymore, dive in and get the Wall Piece from under the cage. Climb back out and go to the blue roof SW again, climb back up to the walkway and go around through the Alley to the front of the Village, past the Bar up the ramp and down the other side, down left to a small yard, open the door there with the Blue Key you still have and enter, shoot the rats and go place the Wall piece in the Mosaic left of the gate, the gate opens, go down the passage and shoot several barriers and Rats to come to a hole in the floor, run in and end up in the Sewers.

Level 3 Ė Rustay2.

Zombie Town.

Swim into the NE corner, get another AK47 and also some AK47 Ammo near the corpse and then swim SW to climb out, jump to the floating crate and face N to jump/grab up to open the ceiling hatch, turn E and climb up. On the overhead grating is another corpse, follow the passage to an intersection, first go left to pick up some AK47 Ammo and then go into the other side passage. At the next intersection go right and up the steps to a hatch in the ceiling, stand with your back to the right hand wall to grab up and open it, climb up into a Courtyard with a bunch of corpses, Zombies roam around. Pull that dead SAS lying N of the opening away by his hair and get the Revolver Ammo (you can shoot the Zombies with the AK, or lure them away and quickly get the Ammo), head to the W and a Fat Spider might show up, deal with that and go to the E side of the yellow house on the square.

Some Keys.

Climb the ledge with the dead tree and find a small crawlspace behind the tree in the E wall, follow through climbing a wall to the right and drop in a dark passage, to the E are two empty rooms, so go S and open the door, inside is another corpse, pull it away and get a Blue Key (the flyby shows it can be used close by, but you have to go back outside through the crawlspace). Go S and right around the yellow house, to come to a Keyhole. Open that gate up left with it and go S, climb the ledge with the plants in the Alley with the arch and grab the Flares there, then run jump/grab to the roof of the yellow house N and jump/grab to the small roof S, next to the open gate, shimmy right till you can climb into the passage. Open the small door and go in, pull the corpse aside to get the AK Ammo and head into the passage S, open the door and pull that big cardboard box out of the NW corner to get the Metal Key from underneath.

Go back into the previous room and find a hole in the NW corner of the floor. Shoot the big box in the room below and get into the crawlspace for Secret #2, a Medipack and AK Ammo. Back out and through the door SW, then left and into the room there, to get the AK Ammo from the cupboard E. Now head back to the room N and climb the W wall to backflip off to the upper room, go drop out to the alley and head into the alley S, pass underneath that arch and follow to a small yard where a Dog attacks. Get the AK Ammo from the ledge with the plant and climb up to the yellow building NE, more AK Ammo there and then shoot the cover on the switch box E, throw the switch and a gate opens back down in the alley, get down from the roof, mind the burning barrels and go back E through the alley to find the opened gate to the right, more Zombies show up and itís better to lure them out in the open on the larger square before you shoot them.


Enter the open gate and go into the back, shoot that big box there and an opening in the floor is revealed. Drop in and duck once to get into that low passage, follow to the end (past the right hand passage and pull the dead SAS away from the AK Ammo. Then go into that other W passage and follow around right hand corners and past a Zombie (no use shooting him) to a crawlspace with a Keyhole to the left, use the Metal Key and quickly get into the crawlspace as Beetles will come running to you from behind, crawl through and shoot the grating and stand up again, go left around the corner avoiding the Zombie and get the AK Ammo. Then turn back and go straight into the other end of the passage, carefully walk along the left hand wall to the burning Barrels and turn around to grab up to an upper crawlspace, shimmy one step left to climb in and go to where you can stand and shoot a grating up in the wall ahead. Climb up and open a door to a room with a lot of crates and boxes, only the small box N is of interest as thereís a small medipack in it. The room N is a dead end, so shoot the window W and get out to a square with a Dog and a Zombie.

To the Rooftops.

Shoot both, the Zombie can be a bit of a problem, but itís easier to have him out of the way. Go to the building S and stand on the highest point of the floor, one leg in each side of that highest point and jump up, then hit Ctrl to grab the roof above, shimmy right to the wall and go 3 steps back to the left so you will be lined up for a backflip/roll/grab past a small balcony to a ledge in the NW corner of the square, go into the NW corner on a light square and look E, thereís a box on the roof, shoot that and the floor under your feet will rise. Climb up W and hop into the small roof garden N, get Secret #3, a Medipack there and get back on the roof, then Run jump as far as possible to the N side

Roof and shimmy right to pull up in the corner, jump to the S, onto that small ledge where the box was before and then a Run jump S again to land on the flatter corner of the roof, go onto the terrace S. Get past the crates and shoot the 2 crates NE and E to get a Medipack and reveal a grating in the wall, shoot that and go into the crawlspace.

Follow to another grating, you know what to do and when you get to the end a gate shuts behind you, get into the passage left and go to the end for some AK Ammo, then look for a pushblock in the N wall and push it in twice, turn right and push the next block in as far as possible and turn right gain to push the next block into a passage, go left and come to a small room with Secret #4, AK Ammo, a Medipack and Revolver Ammo. Go back and turn right everywhere to get to the end of a passage with a crawlspace to the left, get down the ladder to the basements. Nothing but Zombies here so just head N, run past all those creatures and in the end of the tunnel the level will change.


Level 4 Ė Cemetery.

The Sewers.

Head W and right around the corner, find the crawlspace up in the E wall and go in for some Flares. Go out and turn around as on the opposite wall and a bit to the right youíll find a switch flooding a shaft in the SW corner of the place. Dive in and swim through the narrow tunnel, go left in the wide one and right at the crossing, up in the end and right into a narrow tunnel leading you to a sewer with some air up above. Climb out N and go to a somewhat lower cave where Bats attack, crawl right and NE and find a shaft with a ladder there, turn around and climb the ladder, go up to the top, backflip/roll and grab the edge of the ledge upon sliding off, shimmy left along a crack till you can pull up on a ledge past the flames. Throw the switch on the wall in the end of the passage and see a gate open up. Get back down to the cave (just run off the ledge so youíll land over the flames) by climbing back down the ladder, crawl into the SW corner and go through that gate you saw opening up.

The Cemetery.

Follow the tunnel up to the Cemetery and go into the SE corner being a big tree to find a narrow crawlspace, crawl in through the right hand side and come to a dark place, go left around a pillar into the SE corner and from the brown muddy floor you can Run jump N over the burning Barrels into a triangular hole in the wall, find Secret #5, 2x AK Ammo. Run jump back out over the barrels and head W, shoot the Skellie like you did the Zombies and just around the corner in the end is a triangular hole in the E wall. climb in and crawl to get the small medipack, then shoot another Skellie as you go N a bit and just past the burning barrels is a gate with some Flares in front. Go on and all the way to a pool. go onto the S side of the pool and look up in the S wall for one of those triangular crawlspaces half hidden in the leaves, shimmy left and pull up in there, follow to a corridor with a Skellie lying in the corner, donít move it. Go up onto a ledge at a window, turn SW and jump/grab the ledge above to get Secret #6, AK Ammo.

The Blue Key.

Get down again and run N through that Spike-trap and into the first alcove left. grab up to a crack in the N wall and shimmy over the Spikes, drop and time the next Spike-trap to get to the blue block with the Blue Key. BTW, shoot the SkellieÖ Now go into the back of that room, behind the pillar and look up on the pillar to use a Jump switch. It will open an under water gate in the pool at the Cemetery so you can dive into the water next to the pillar and just swim back there, climb out W and head to the W end to open that gate with the Blue Key.

Go in and to the right in front is a fence, circle around the wall and in the alcove behind the fence is another Jump switch, a cut scene will show a door opening up and a Skellie running out, go back out of this yard and go right, shoot the Skellie and head to the S end of the place, look SW and go into that open door.

Knife-trap Alley.

Follow through till you are at a series of Knife-traps, just around the corner, stand against the right hand wall and stand jump over the first one, walk to the end of that step and stand jump again, close to the right hand wall, walk slowly around the corner and then sidestep to the left hand wall, two more stand jump along the wall will get you past this mess, do not run around the corner as thereís a Boulder overhead, but face down the steps and slowly walk onto the square under the Boulder, it will fall just in front of Lara and now you can go pick up the small medipack at your feet, go down the steps after the Boulder and right into a passage with a closed door and a Medipack. Get that and return to the Knifes, the second one from this end has stopped and a switch on the right hand wall can be used, stand just on the right hand corner of the first step, turn right and side jump over the Knife, go up to use the switch on the W wall and jump back over the Knife as that door below is now open.

Go out into a partially ruined basement, go left around the corner into a dead end passage with a switch on the wall to open a hatch somewhere, go out and head right (E) and past that pillar with the wall torch near the entrance, in the back youíll see some light in a passage, go in to get the Flares there and head out, go in the direction of the entrance and turn left before that, look in the SE corner there and find a small crawlspace up a slanted rock.

The Torch.

Walk up as high as possible and hop SE onto the very corner of that ledge, crawl in and get the Torch. Save and to avoid loosing track of the Torch throw it small distances only by aiming against the wall, only when you can look over the edge of the slanted rock you can throw it while holding the "look" key so youíll see where it ends up (Because it could end up in a fold in the floor and youíll never find it again if you donít know where). Crawl into the SW corner of the ledge to stand up and hop down, get the Torch and go to the passage e where you got the Flares before, now you can light the Torch here. Go out and keep going around right corners to end up in a corner with a gate and 2 wall torches to light. The gate will open up, drop the Torch and jump in, jump/grab to the right hand side of the ladder on the wall and go up through that hatch youíve opened before, climb right and drop into the upper passage, follow the passage past the opening to the Chapel left (later)

The Chapel.

In the back passage is a closed door, go past the door and into the alcove with the wooden cross right (NE) climb the ladder up S and shimmy right onto the next part of the ladder, pull up into a crawlspace and go to a gate with a switch on the right hand wall, pull the switch to raise a block in the Chapel. Get back down and go back S, around the corner and right into the Chapel. On the N side of the N pillar in the middle of the Chapel is a ladder, climb up, but DONíT pull up, hang left and release Ctrl shortly to get Lara hanging by the hands, shimmy left around the corner to the next corner, pull up there and turn to the N to spot a Jump switch on the wall, face outward (NE) and stand jump with a left curve to activate the switch, now the flame on the S pillar is extinguished, climb up again and go to the same corner, jump over to the S pillar and get Secret #7, the small medipack that was there in the flames. Drop down and go into the NE corner to climb the block, then climb the pillar next to it and turn NW and stand jump to the ledge with the AK Ammo. get back to the same pillar, shoot the 2 Skellies (with the AK47) and now jump to the pillar SE, jump to the ledge SW of the pillar and get the Wall Cross from the wall. Drop down and go into the passage E where you saw the door before and place the Cross to open it.

Go through the door into a passage to visit yet unknown placesÖ