The Stone of Perseus.

Levels by Rene Winkler.

Walkthrough G&D Productions.

Important notes by the author:

1. use the TR4.exe provided in the download (but we still encountered a bug)

2. That you don't shoot at Pierre (Von Croy) otherwise you won't be able to finish the level!

3. That you PLEASE don't try to move Lara and especially don't try to pull out the weapons with a number button or the draw weapons button during a cut scene. Unfortunately this is something I could not get fixed ;-) But if you don't hit any buttons during a cut scene there won't be a problem!

Level 1 - Seychellen – Coast.

There are many Crocs in these waters and on the beach. Could be we missed a few, so take care of them as they appear.

Swim E from where you start in the Laguna and then climb out on a low rock ledge to the right, climb up the rock to the left and get Secret #1, a small medipack and Flares. Dive back in NE and down to that part of a brick wall on the bottom, get the Key of Water from it and swim NW, past that sunken ship and go left around the corner to enter the small bay there, a couple of Crocs will appear, swim back out and climb onto the beach of the small island NE, to take care of them. Swim back into that W bay and get the small medipack and Flares on a rock N, then swim back out and left around the corners and in the corner of the rocks is an under water cave, go in and find Flares under an under water lever. Get the Flares and use the lever (opens gate later on), then swim out fast and get onto the beach with a Croc on your tail, you can climb out between the island and the beach.

Shoot the Croc and maybe more are on their way when you go E along the beach and to a waterfall in the end. There are Monkeys too, don’t shoot them while taking care of more Crocs. Under the waterfall is Uzi Ammo in the water. Now head back W over the beach along the rocks N, clearing up the remaining Crocs and find some steps and openings along the N wall, first go on to the W side of the beach and you’ll walk onto a grassy area. Turn left there and head S towards the Laguna and as soon as you go onto the sand again, you can climb the vegetation on the rocks and go up to a ledge, run jump to a ledge S through the tree and crawl into a hidden crawlspace to get Secret #2, 3x Uzi Ammo and the Uzis. Get down to the beach and head back to those steps N, go up and push the Lion statue into the room, the tile with white markings at the W wall seems to be a red herring.

Just enter the opened gate (under water lever) and follow into the next cave and go through a crawlspace in the W wall, follow through to a Courtyard with a keyhole NE, you can find the Uzis and 2x Uzi Ammo in the NW corner. Go into the passage W to the Courtyard with the Terrace and up the terrace right, follow the passage around the right corners and find some Flares in the NE corner, then climb the E wall and go left around the corner to use the switch there, a door opens E, go through and on a small courtyard with a keyhole is a lever to the left, throw that lever to deactivate a big Spike-trap below. Go back and climb down the wall, go W through the inactive Spike-trap and find 2 switches, one on the steps S and one N to open a gate somewhere.

The Key of Darkness.

Go back E and right to the Courtyard with the terrace and into the passage SW, follow to where the gate just opened and enter a spooky room. Go up to the pedestal with the Key of Darkness and immediately backflip with a side jump after that to get out of the way of the falling Spike-boulders.

Timed Swim.

Go look for a crawlspace SE, follow through to the water and dive in, swim left around the corners and save while pulling the Timed under water lever. Roll and swim W, a bit right and sharp around the corner, straight to the end and down in a low wide tunnel (stay high), straight to the other side and op just past the Timed hatch, climb up and you are in a Boulder tunnel, sprint up and just past the first part of the ramp is an alcove left, run in there and go up the ramp when the Boulder passed, get into the crawlspace right and get a small medipack, then follow through and when you are in a deeper trench, you can climb the vegetation on the N rock face and backflip into an upper passage, drop down the next ridge and get the Medipack there, be sure to have enough health before you safety drop down at the gate again, losing a lot of health.

Battle of the Beasts.

Go back to the Courtyard with the Terrace and to the E Courtyard to use the keys on the E wall, better Save before using the second Key and all hell breaks loose, 3 Fire Dragons will come for you, now try and not shoot a Monkey (yeah sure, those fools always get in the way), so after taking care of the big Pests you probably will have to deal with some Monkeys too, be careful not to fall into the trapdoor opened in the middle of the Courtyard.

That seems to be some kind of trap. You’ll survive the fall, but will be eaten by 2 Crocs later while a flyby kicks in and when you do manage to survive that too by taking a Medipack when the flyby ends you can climb back up to the beach in the end and you will have to backtrack from the beach to get into this Courtyard again. But you can also climb back over one of the pillars in the Pit under the trapdoors and continue the Battle of the Beasts…

(note by the author: This is actually a second way from the beach INTO the area where the dragons attack you. The trapdoors open as soon as u sand underneath them.)

When you used the Keys not only those trapdoors but also the big Doors in the lower passage in the Courtyard with the Terrace opened up, so go down there and enter, throw the 2 levers and a flyby kicks in showing the door on the Courtyard with the trapdoor opening up. Dive into the bright pool under the floor and dive into a hidden hole between the pillars and close to the S side pillar, throw the under water lever and swim back up. Climb out and go up through one of the now open hatches over the levers, go behind the tree S and get Secret #3, a Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Get back down and go out the room E, follow to the Courtyard with the trapdoor and there and pass through the open Big Door into the next level.

Level 2 - Seychellen – Jungle.

A Bold Eagle will attack as soon as you enter, so run back for cover in a corner near the big door and shoot it, then go to the tree to the left and in the tree is some Uzi Ammo, go on to the NW, shoot the 2 Tigers and into a small canyon to find a ladder on the wall, go all the way up (the alcove in the wall behind you has a Spike-trap). Go on to a River Canyon and shoot 2 Tigers, head left and into the NW corner past the waterfall, look for a crawlspace up in the N rock face and go in to get Secret #4, 3x Uzi Ammo. Climb back out and follow the path along the N side of the canyon to the E and just past the 2nd palm tree is a dead end, drop/grab into the Canyon and shimmy right to the next path, climb up N, then E and get a small medipack and Flares.

Go down again and follow S to the end of the grassy trail, just dive into the River and let the current take you down a waterfall and Lara drops screaming into a lower lake. Climb out on a ledge N and go into the passage, go either left or right and then through the opening in the middle, come down some steps to a crossing, go right and straight past a passage right (empty) and then go right where you can to end up at Secret #5, Uzi Ammo and Bullets.

The Key of Light.

Follow back to the steps and this time take the W side, go straight at the first 2 crossings and go left at the end of the straight and then take the first right, follow to an opening to an under water cave, dive in and swim down to the S, to get the Key of Light from the pedestal. An earthquake will rock the cave and the whole place starts falling apart, swim back to the opening along one of the walls to avoid the falling Debris and back in the passage swim left where you can to end up at the steps, go right there and get some air, then get out of the cave, but careful, on the ledge outside more Debris will come down.

Dive into the lake and swim to the waterfall to climb up into the cave there and follow around the left to come back in a corner of the Lake, there are ladders on the right hand wall, easiest way was to stand jump sharp around the right hand corner to land on a flat part of the bottom, sidestep left as far as possible and grab up to the ladder, then drop/grab and try to get hanging on the height of that crack to the left, then shimmy left and follow the crack to where you can hoist yourself into a crawlspace, go left (E) and follow the passage to a pit. Stand at the E wall facing the pit and slide/jump to get on the block under the ladder, climb the ladder and climb left to drop from the last one, go up N and keep going right to come to another ladder, go up and from the opening at the lake a run jump/grab to that ladder right of the pillar.

Climb left around one corner and drop to the pointy ledge below, go up to the rock wall and face W, grab up to the monkey swing and go W till you come to a crack in the right hand wall, drop/grab to that crack and follow left to a crawlspace, follow through to a Spike-trap. Time the Spikes and go through, turn around and climb up to an upper passage, get through the next Spike-trap and come to a ledge in the Lake cave, run jump S to the pointy ledge in the waterfall and duck against the wall to shoot a Bold Eagle. Jump S once more and climb into the passage SW, follow through to a pit with ladders, jump/grab the ladder and climb left over the pit (nothing down there) and come to that River again, use the monkey swing to get across to the opening there and follow through to another part of the River.

Walk to the very S end of the ledge and run jump across the river to a low ledge SW, go up to the rocks W and you are at the start of a steep sloped tunnel. Stand one step from the left side and slide, then jump hard left into an opening, go just around the corner and get Secret #6, the Uzis and Uzi Ammo, drop out of the other end of the passage and go down to a very dark cave. Climb the rock left of the entrance (SE) and jump to the N, go up to the switch on the highest rock and throw it, then face W and light a Flare, grab up to the monkey swing above and go straight/right/left and drop on a ledge under the 2nd switch, now jump down S into that shallow pool and go under the waterfall W to throw the 3rd switch and the gate S will open up.

Follow the dark caves, shoot the Tiger and go through a crawlspace to a high shaft. Climb the slated rock just left of the entrance and backflip, jump and jump/grab to a ledge, get up and jump to the ladder SE, go up and to the left, follow the tunnel climbing up and come back sliding into the Canyon, now follow back around the waterfall on the W side and go to the ladder-shaft S, down to the Jungle and S, then right through that big round door to the previous level.

Seychellen Coast (part 2), the 1st Mystic Gem.

Careful that open trapdoor is still there, go W to the Courtyard with the Terrace and right to that dark place, right again and up the E wall to where you used the levers before, go through to that closed gate E and open it with the Key of Light. Go in and get the 1st Mystic Gem, now return to the Courtyard below and once again enter the big round door to the Jungle, go S and find a tree with a hole in the bottom, drop in and follow the passage.

Level 3 - Seychellen – Temple Entrance.

Do NOT shoot the Guy (Pierre) you will meet.

Follow the passage to a campsite, go up onto the ledge NW for a small medipack and then get some Flares from a hollow tree SW, then go to the tent and meet Pierre, he will speak to you:


Miss Croft, if you shoot at me, this is over. Put away your guns, what took you so long


Ah monsieur Pierre, always a pleasure. Excuse the delay but I had so much fun in the closed temple I could hardly get away from it.

Have you found out anything useful so far?


As a matter of fact yes, while you were playing with the monkeys somewhere in the jungle I already took a little walk through the area and found the Mystique Camp Stone in one of the little Temples around. The problem is even though I am quite sure where this camp stone has to be placed I can’t seem to reach the spot so I hope you can help. The inscription in the small Temple said that only this Camp stone could reveal the passage to the Andromeda temple and thus to the Keys for the main temple deep in the jungle…

The 2nd Mystic Gem.

Don’t forget to take the Goodies on the table in the tent, the Sniper Rifle, Bullets, Uzi Ammo, a small medipack and the 2nd Mystic Gem. Pierre takes off, follow him into the cave W, down a passage and out to a canyon, run jump/grab to the ledge W and then to the ledge in the corner at the W wall. go left and where Pierre takes a long jump, you can grab the crack in the W wall, shimmy left and pull up for Secret #7, Flares, Bullets and Uzi Ammo. Pierre will go on, so drop hang out again and shimmy left to drop, go into the opening SW, where Pierre is waiting at an open gate.


Follow the man and in the next canyon he will wait and look up to the S wall, go up the green hill and jump/grab to the branch of the tree, throw the switch and then walk W over the branch, stand jump/grab to the 1st rope, go down to the end of it and turn left to swing to the stone ledge N, go into the building there and place one of your Gems in the receptacle on the wall, the system activates, but when you get back outside you’ll notice the gate below is still closed, so go to Pierre and head back to the gate you came from, when you pass the gate it will close behind you and Pierre is trapped, he will say: "Ah damned, I have to find another way, meet me back at the camp."

Back to the Camp.

Follow the route back to the camp and go climb some ledges next to the tent, run through the tent and at some time you’ll hear Pierre come down from the trees above, then go through the tent to the rock ledge behind it, climb up to the right of the tree there and find a hidden crawlspace in the vegetation, go through and drop into the pool in a dark cave.

Here we encountered a serious Bug as the game crashed upon hitting the water, first time around there was no problem, the next day I played again and the Bug was there…

The Andromeda Temple Entrance.

Swim down into the hole in the bottom and follow the tunnel to a wide pool area, go to the S wall and find the crawlspace, go through to the Andromeda Temple, go down the blocks to the right and go to the ledge along the left side of the Temple entrance (SE), face E into an opening in the rocks and spot a dark pillar just left around a wall, run jump with a left curve to land on that pillar and jump/grab S, then climb up S and head to the roof of the Temple, go to the front and jump up to a Lion statue there to use the switch next to it. Climb up on the back of the alcove and go over to the other statue to use the second switch. Go down to the NW corner of the roof and jump/grab into the opening in the W rock face. Follow the passage into a room and the gate will drop shut behind you.

The Switch Puzzle Room, the 3rd Mystic Gem.

There are 10 switches on the walls of the room starting from the right hand one on E wall and going left we numbered them 1>10.

#1 lights some wall torches

#2 nothing

#3 nothing

#4 lights second wall torches

#5 lights another row of wall torches

#6 nothing

#7 nothing, apart from a nasty beast

#8 nothing

#9 opens door behind Lara, but only when you use it twice.

#10 last wall torches are lit.

So throw the #1/4/5/10 switches and all wall torches S will burn, the central structure opens up on the W side, so go around and in, around another passage and enter from the E side, get the 3rd Mystic Gem and go back out, there’s a Fire Dragon coming for you so be careful! Go into the passage N and left into the side passage, and in the end is a crawlspace up in the W wall, climb in to get Secret #8, 2x Uzi Ammo, a Medipack and Flares. Go out and to the E side passage, follow through an opened gate and come to a broken rope bridge in the Cave, run jump/grab across the gap and go into the room E. There are 4 Lion Statues, pull the NE one out of the corner (grab the small medipack from underneath) and move into the N room onto the marked Tile. Then get the SW one (grab the Uzi from underneath) and push that one in the room S onto the marked Tile, then go to the receptacle for the Gem on the E wall, place on of the Gems and see the Temple entrance open up. The gates N and S closed and that’s a good thing too as 2 Lion statues in those rooms turned into Fire Dragons, nicely closed in now. When the door to the bridge is closed, simply walk towards the NW Lion statue and it will open up again..

Into the Temple.

Go out to the bridge run jump/grab back to the other side and look for the sloped rocks to the left and below so you can jump onto the rocks and go down without any harm. Go up to the Temple and enter, go down the steps as the doors close behind you.

Level 4 - Seychellen – Andromeda Temple.

The 4th Mystic Gem.

Follow down to a Hall and go left into the room, climb the block N behind that Shiva statue and grab up to a ledge above, then jump/grab to the crawlspace in N wall and follow through to where you climb out into the room again, shimmy left and hoist up to the ledge, jump/grab to a ledge up E and throw the lever to open a gate on the ground floor. Make your way back down by safety dropping from ledge to ledge and before you enter the gate S note this, inside and to the left is the 4th Mystic Gem, but when you go in a Spike-wall will start to move towards you so you have to sprint to the Gem and roll to sprint back and out right before the wall closes off the exit. So go in and Save in front of the second Spike Tile textures when you hear the "spell" sound. Line up for the Gem and go get it (don’t even think about going back once you crossed that Spike textures as that Spike-trap is now active until you return after you took the Gem).


The 5th Mystic Gem and the Laser sight.

Return to the Hall W and go in S, through the lower passage to a pool and Pierre will be heard over the radio:

"Hey Lara this is Pierre speaking. I just entered Cassiopeias Temple and revealed some inscriptions. I don't know if im right but they say something about breaking the sky to reveal the artifact. Don't know what it means just be careful. Pierro Over".

Go to the left hand Lion Statue on S wall and pull it out once, go behind it to get Secret #9, Uzi Ammo. Go back N and just down the first steps you can climb up the left hand ledge, go climb the blocks to a ledge up N and throw the 2 levers there, then turn around and jump to another ledge with 2 more levers and 2 gates open up S, jump there and get the Laser sight to the right and the 5th Mystic Gem to the left, go climb back down and S to that small pool.

Under water Labyrinth.

Save and dive in, swim into the tunnel W and follow a bit right but straight W to where an under water gate opened, swim through the narrow gap and go left, through another small gap and then right, next left and right again, look for a darker alcove right and go up into a room there to place a Gem. Dive back in and swim straight into the opposite alcove, go up into the second room where you can place the next Gem and a flyby will show a big under water gate open up.

The Andromeda’s Eye.

Dive back in the Labyrinth and swim left (N), follow the tunnel to where the gate opened up and swim up to a large room with Shiva Statues and the Andromeda’s Eye on a pedestal. Go to the E side of that pedestal, facing W and stand as close to the steps as possible maybe half a step away, aim with the Sniper rifle and Laser sight to the blue haze, shoot and a part of the sphere will break. Walk up against the pedestal and try to pick up the Andromeda’s Eye, this can be a bit tricky as Lara turns away every time, but line her up again and give it another try till she picks it up. A cut scene kicks in and you’ll see Lara wiping her forehead, getting out a drink and relax, but behind her things are starting to happen and suddenly she shouts….

The Shiva Fight.

The 4 Shivas became active and will attack, as you only have limited Ammo, it will soon run out so change to pistols then as the Sniper Rifle also has only a few bullets. Try to stop shooting when the Shiva crosses her arms (you can’t hurt her then) and pick out another one or wait till she comes for you again, hopping back all the time will prevent the Shiva’s from attacking you all at once. After the fight 4 swords should be dropped, the first time I could only find 3 as one maybe fell in an edge of the floor, so I had to start over.

Now go to one of the 4 pillars on the corners of the floor and inspect the contraption there, it seems you can activate it with a sword, so do all 4 and a trapdoor opens in the water under the floor you’re on. Dive in on the W side, Save and swim E under the floor to the middle of the room, down into the open trapdoor and just swim with the current, stand on the edge of the tunnel where you look out over a large cave and shoot the Tigers, then drop down and go to the NE corner. Run off the edge and just slide down to the cave floor, shoot more Tigers and head into the passage E, follow up the climbwall in the end left and come to a room with Spike pillars. Stand jump to the first left and immediately another hop to the second, side jump T and stand jump again, now a running jump to the ledge with the pedestal and get Secret #10, a small medipack and Uzi Ammo.

Go out W and follow to the tunnel with the current, just enjoy the short ride and go down to the big cave again, now head for the Zip-line in the middle N.

Use it to get onto the higher ledge in the N side of the cave. Pierre is heard, saying:

"Lara this is Pierre speaking I have what we were looking for (he found a Key). Let’s meet at the tent."

Follow through to a Shiva statue and just past that, a live Shiva will come stepping out of the dark, take care of it and continue E to meet the 2nd Shiva, when that one is done in the Shiva you passed before will also come alive and all together you have to shoot 3 of them (note from the author: the first Shiva will get alive if u pull the guns in front of it!).

Then find a crawlspace in the back SE and follow to an open gate, now keep running as the floor will crumble and jump over the missing last part, slide down the next passages and end up near the campsite in level 3.

Seychellen – Temple Entrance. (part 2)

Head NE and back to the campsite, where Pierre will come out of the tent and runs to that tunnel E, go in and follow him to a gate he will open up for you. Go through to another Temple area, 2 Gems are needed here and you have only one. Go around the left side of the temple and keep going right to end up at a Medipack in the corner, then head into the opening E, follow through to a passage leading back to the Coast.

Seychellen – Coast. (part 2)

Head W and in the NW corner of the Laguna is a tunnel down in the bottom, follow the winding tunnel and at one point you can swim right into a dark room, get out in the NE corner and shoot the Croc showing up behind you, take the 6th Mystic Gem from the pedestal and a flyby shows the room flooding (one time it did, the next time it didn’t). Dive back in and swim back to the Laguna, go E and follow the passage back.

Seychellen – Temple Entrance. (The End)

Go around the temple to where Pierre was waiting in front of the entrance (when I arrived back there, Pierre went into the passage I just came from, but he returned as soon as I placed the 2 Mystic Gems to open the gate, go in and find a broken Mystery Gem on the floor, combine the 2 parts and place them in the N side receptacle, a cut scene kicks in and shows you the chain of events following the placement of the Gem, Lara’s destiny remains a Mystery…