Journey in Togarma.

Level by Eric Claire

Authorized Walkthrough by Dutchy.


After raiding Eastern Sanctuary, Lara Croft is still in Asia on the track of the villains who have stolen the book of Kells. In Togarma , at the border of another kingdom called Tubal, she will find another lair of this organization and see they have also stolen a precious object, a golden Seraph, belonging to Tubal. Lara will soon discover that the baddies receive help from evil creatures.

Lara has to find her way to the kingdom of Tubal to retrieve 3 little gems, and find 3 prayer wheels in the forgotten temples of Togarma before being able to put her hands on the statuette.

The order of the levels is how I played the game, it could be different if you use the Water skin first before the Bag of Sand, because in that case you will first go to another level.

Level 1 – The Stolen Seraph.

I advise to Save as soon as the level starts while sliding down the slopes. You’ll get a screenshot of a break ledge over a Spike-trap and that ledge is at the end of the slopes (there’s an empty alcove left at the last slope?). Do a jump/roll onto the break ledge and turn left a bit to stand jump into the alcove in the red N wall. Throw the switch there to open a gate a bit farther and jump/grab to the crack in the opposite wall, shimmy right around a corner and drop to the wooden floor, go S and through the gate to a kind of hallway. The gate drops shut behind you and to the left you’ll see a small gate with a Secret Rose (for much later). Go out W to the Main Courtyard and a flyby will show you around, showing the Golden Seraph and some Puzzles you have to solve.

Main Courtyard.

Dive into the pool and swim W along the bottom, get the Shogun Ammo at the pillar and then go up to climb onto the wooden platform, head S towards a passage to a deep pit and climb the ladder on the wall left (over the stone ledge left), grab the Flares on the upper ledge and go W to come to the Earth Bowl (remember), from the ledge there you van run jump to the wooden walkway N, look for a Bug on a rock ledge NW and shoot it, better run to the E a bit and stand against the wall so it won’t push you off the walkway. Now we go to the E side of the Courtyard. Jump from the end of the walkway into the passage E (spot the Water Bowl there) and go left, in the end of that passage is a keyhole for later, for now look NW for a ledge in the red wall you can run jump to from the corner of the floor you’re on. Climb up W and then N. go into a room with a vase you can shoot, get the small medipack from it and grab the 2x Uzi Ammo on your way out,

Stand jump up W from standing on the edge and follow this high ledge to the W end and walk onto the grey rock, drop/hang from the side, shimmy left and pull up there, go around the red block and get Secret #1, a Secret Rose and the Revolver. Grab the red block and shimmy around two right corners, safety drop onto a red block below, go down E and get the Shotgun, then get the Uzi Ammo on the trigger tile E of it (a platform goes up under a button) and turn around facing W.

Timed Platform Run.

Save and run jump onto the red block, curve left while doing a running jump to the rock and then run S along the red ledge to where you can jump to the raised platform. Quickly push the button and side jump left or turn left while Lara pushes it and run onto the walkway, because there’s a Spike-trap under the platform. The door opened under the red ledge W, so get down and go in.

The Trapdoor.

Coming into the small room in the end a couple of Thugs attack, shoot them and they will drop a small medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Go into the passage SW and come to a dormitory, shoot another Thug and go get the Flares on the table SW, go behind the pillar on S wall and jump/grab up to open the hatch (necessary to get onwards upstairs). Go back to the previous room E and into the NE corner. Climb a block E and turn W, stand jump onto the platform on the pillar and hop to the W side platform, stand against the W wall, sidestep right as far as possible and grab up to the crack in the wall, shimmy right and pull up in the passage with the Spider, shoot it and throw the switch in the end to get a screenshot of a trapdoor. Go to the opening to the room and stand left, take one step back from the edge and stand jump onto the top of the slanted pillar, slide and jump curved left to grab the wooden walkway SE. Go over the walkway into the passage SW and shoot a Thug, in the SW end is that hatch you opened and now you can drop/hang into the hole and drop/grab the crawlspace, go right and pull up in the crawlspace, follow to the room in the back and shoot those Spiders there, then shoot the Vases for a Medipack and some Shotgun Ammo, there’s another switch to use and this time the trapdoor you saw will open up. Go back to the hole you came from and drop into the dormitory, go back into the E room E again and onto the ledge S, in the SE corner is the open trapdoor.

For the Water skin.

First jump E over the hole and get the Shotgun Ammo, then jump back and hang into the hole. Hang right at the trapdoor and drop onto a sloped ledge, slide onto a break ledge and stand jump forward, then a side jump right and run onto the safe ledge. Jump SE and get ready to shoot the Bug showing up, go through the dark cave to the SE corner and up the slope to the room E, get the Medipack in the NE corner and look up there, you will have to go up there in a while, so remember this spot and go back down to the W cave, go along the S wall and look for a ladder between the 2 pillars right, go up and climb right around the corner into a passage, follow the passage to where you look out over that Deep Pit and jump to the red ledge in front and below. A Bug shows up, so duck against the wall and shoot it, look for a door in the N wall (for later) and then run jump/grab to the brick wall E, grab the edge as you slide off, shimmy left a bit and pull up at the Medipack and run jump/back to the red ledge, look SE and run jump to that wooden walkway. On the S end is the Water skin, but first drop down onto the ground below and get the Shotgun Ammo SE under the walkway. Grab back up and save at the pedestal, now you have a run to water ahead as a Wraith will show up when you grab the Water skin.

Run back to the N end of the walkway and jump to the red ledge, go left around the corner and stop on the higher part, a Run jump/grab didn’t quite work for me here as Lara wouldn’t grab so I did a stand jump/grab back to the wooden ledge W and run inside to the hole with the ladder, here I just safety dropped backwards into the opening and then run out, go left and into the E cave where you got the Medipack before, climb up E in that NE corner and run to one of the shallow pools E, you can fill your Water skin here when the Wraith is gone. Climb out and head into the wide passage S where big doors will open for you…

The Demigod Challenge.

Entering the next room a flyby will start showing a Secret on a ledge and a Demigod on a platform shooting at you, So run to the small railing as soon as you get control back and you are out of the line of fire, go right a bit and look up into the SW corner, on the 1st floor walkway is a button and that’s you first objective, check the health and run to the low block halfway down the W end of the room, jump on it and a running jump/grab to the slanted pillar SW, then pull up over the top and slide/jump/grab the ledge to quickly push the button. The room shakes, roll and run off the ledge to land on the slanted pillar, get back for shelter under the structure (mind you the water is deadly) and have a look E where a block went up. On the walkway over the block is the second button, run to the block, hoist yourself up and jump/grab the walkway, quickly push the button and the first Demigod will fall through the trapdoor opening up in the central structure. Roll and run off the walkway, get close to the Demigod and duck, now shoot him with pistols till he drops while he’s firing over your head. Grab the Guardian Key he leaves behind and now you can go for a Secret.

You have to deal with another Demigod for it, get back on the same walkway E and shoot the 2nd Demigod from here, side jumping left and right. Then you have to run jump and grab the right hand corner of the left pillar (with the Ammo) under the central structure, get the Shotgun Ammo and go to the red ledge N, standing on it you can jump/grab S to the rope over the open trapdoor, go up to about 2 steps from the bottom of the rope and swing a couple of times straight S, then jump and grab the green ledge, run jump and don’t forget to grab to the S walkway and get Secret #2, a Secret Rose and Revolver Ammo. Jump back and do a couple of safety drops through the central structure and head into the passage S, take the right or left side (which ever you prefer) and do a curved run jump around the slanted block over the Fiery Pit into the opening S where you can use the Guardian Key in the receptacle S and shoot the 2 vases to get the 2x Shotgun Ammo. When you return to the Fiery pit a cut scene will show the entrance doors, one of them closed. Do a run jump onto the left or right hand slanted block to slide/jump over the new Burners and head around the central structure to the N.

A Bag of Sand.

Because the left hand entrance door closed a passage is revealed W, go in and find a lever in a trench, from the wooden ramp you can grab up N and get a small medipack and Uzi Ammo at the window N. Return into the trench and throw the lever, roll and see the entrance door closed off the exit, go to the other side of the lever and throw it again, now the other door will open, jump over the lever and run up the ramp. Go out left through the open door before it closes and wait there till it does. There’s another passage also hidden by the door before and it will lead you to the Bag of Sand. A gate opens up beyond the pedestal and a Thug comes in, shoot him and go out the opened gate to come back to the room with the pools. Now we have all we need to move on…

Flooding the Deep Pit.

Go out in the NE corner and turn left, follow to the W and go over that wooden walkway to the ledge with the Earth Bowl, empty the Bag of Sand in the Bowl and see Spikes go down on a ledge with a button, drop from the ledge with the Bowl to the ground floor and walk S to the Deep Pit, run jump to that ledge on the S wall and push the button to see a door open up, it’s the door opposite the Red Ledge in the Deep Pit. So we have to get back there, run jump/grab to a short ladder on the N wall and climb up under the low block. crawl through and turn around as soon as you can stand up and climb back to the 1st floor, go E and right into that room with the pools. Go W and just before you drop into the hole to the dark cave you can get some Shotgun Ammo in the windowsill S, then go down the hole into the dark cave, to the W cave and up that ladder between the pillars, follow to the Red Ledge and stand jump to it. Then run jump and grab into the opening N and quickly run left into the room, shoot the Thug and run jump/grab to the pole over the Spikes, climbing up before you get seriously hurt.

Don’t backflip into the passage, but turn till you can backflip onto the wooden windowsill N, get the small medipack and jump into the passage SW, push the button to flood the Deep Pit. Now jump back to the windowsill and jump into the passage SE, the door will open jump over the Fire Dragon and kill him in the wider passage there. Head W and safety drop from the walkway there, go S and run jump to the button ledge and from there a jump/dive into the Deep Pit. A door opened in the SW corner, swim in and follow in to a flooded room, get some Uzi Ammo W and go left to swim up in the SW corner.

The Lake District.

Follow the dark cave (NW is a closed passage for returning later) to the S where you look out over a lake go down to the lower ledge and hop to the flat part of the ledge on the E wall, grab up to the ridge E and shimmy left to the grey rock ledge, face S and spot the ledge with the Uzis, run jump to it and get them. Then look around the SE corner and spot the pinkish ledge, a sharp left curved run jump (no grab) around the low hanging rock will get you there and you can go up to an opening N where Secret #3 is to be found, another Secret Rose, go out and all the way to the S where you can find some Shotgun Ammo on the ledges.

Just dive down into the water and find the Uzi Ammo on the bottom along the S side, swim to the SE corner and climb up a sandy ledge S, look right when you stand there and spot a narrow crevice under a rock, crawl in and get Secret #4, a Secret Rose and Shotgun Ammo. Go back out and swim into a tunnel in the NE corner and get the small medipack, swim back out and climb out on the brownish ledge E. Grab up to a rock ledge above N, turn around and hop S to go to the bridge. A Bug shows up, shoot it and go to the W side building, turn N along the wall and run jump to a thin ledge against the rocks, grab up to the rock above and step right to stand jump up to the higher ledge, go to the NE side and drop/hang from the E side, drop/grab down to the opening under the rocks and go in.

The Fire Dragon Quarters.

Head into the rooms in a NW direction shooting the Fire Dragons, in the NE you’ll come to a room with a wooden bridge, there are 2 pushblocks (low brick blocks) under the bridge and they will have to go onto the marked tiles E and W first pull out the E side block and move it aside so you can go under the bridge, push the W side block straight onto the tile and go push the E side block back in front of the opening under the bridge, enter from the W side and push it onto the tile, now the trapdoor under the bridge opened. Swim N and left to where the level will change…

Level 2 – 3 Little Gems.

Swim into the next cave and right, straight to the S and up the right hand side opening up to a Crocodile cave, just swim straight to the right hand gate in the end of the cave and it will open for you, keep swimming as there will be more Crocs coming for you, just swim under the structure to the SE corner and go up there to climb up to a wooden floored passage.

Another Revolver and the Laser sight.

Go N and jump past the Spike-trap at the keyhole, go left up the wooden steps out to a walkway, shoot the Bold Eagle and stand in the NW corner facing W and 3 sidesteps from the right hand sloped wall. Pull up on the W wall and immediately jump/grab from the top of the wall to the ledge up W, jump to the S ledge and get Uzi Ammo and another Shotgun. Jump back and look down N to spot another Revolver on a ledge over the pool N, but first run jump over to the upper ledge N, go E and to the N to get a Medipack there, then head S and jump to a gate S to push the button there, the door on the ground floor walkway opens up, safety drop from the ledge at the button and go out W again, enter the door S and shoot that fat Spider coming down from the ceiling. Jump/grab up W to hoist yourself up there and jump up into the SW corner and go down the other side to get the Laser sight, through the gap in the wall you can see another room, hop back over the wooden block and jump over the hole in the floor to go E, head right into the room S.

The Silver Key

There’s a ledge with a Spiked button, go onto the block NW in front of the gap and jump/grab to the wooden block S, climb right around the corner and up a bit, backflip into the upper room and go get the Silver Key from the pedestal. Go back down and hear out of the room SE, straight N to where a gate opened and get the Revolver Ammo, then go onto the walkway and to the N side and again drop down onto the wooden floor below. Go out to the walkway W and face N, take a step back from the sloped wall and then a hop back, stand jump onto the sloped wall and slide/jump/grab the ledge with another Revolver (where did all the Crocs go now you have a chance to shoot them?). Look back S and run jump/grab to the wooden block left of the sloped wall and climb over the top, go into the passage E and just go left onto a coloured block, a trapdoor opened up left of it and you can see a vase below, shoot it with the Revolver (combined with Laser sight) and one set of Spikes at the keyhole is down, one to go… Go back out to the walkway W and look in the SE corner of another opened trapdoor. In the water below is another Vase to shoot and the Spikes at the Keyhole will be all gone now, so go back inside and use the Key where the spikes used to be, the gate left of the keyhole opens up. Go in and shoot the Fire Dragon, then look for the Shotgun Ammo in the back and go up the S block to shoot a vase so you can enter the room S, circle around the lava pits and come to a Lava room with wooden blocks.

Lava Jumps.

Run jump a bit SW to the left side of the (away) slanted block and slide/jump curved left to land on the next block. Immediately jump to backflip to another and keep jumping right till you hit the right slanted block, slide and jump curved left in the end. Then keep jumping right again till you land on a flatter block and look behind it in the SE corner, there’s a trigger tile. Stand on it and a pillar goes up W, climb back on the wooden block, stand on the right hand side and run jump straight W, slide/jump (grab) the block with the Shotgun Ammo on top and run off the N side, jump to get to the slanted block and slide/jump to where that pillar went up. Go to the N side of this platform and jump onto a slanted block E, jump again to land on trigger tile #2 and another pillar goes up W, jump to the block SW and get Uzi Ammo and Flares, then run jump SW through the opening between some pillars onto the wooden platform where the pillars went up and climb up S.

Up there is a Push-pillar and when you jump over the table into the corner you can move it over the two raised pillars into the N room you’ve visited before and straight onto the grey trigger tile so the Spikes on the ledge will retract. Go up to use the button and see 2 blocks go down in an under water tunnel with Swinging Blades. Head out of the room N and go through that N passage back to the pool room, go over the walkway N to the left and at the end you can look down to the W wall underwater and find the opening. Save and jump in, can’t really gives you any pointers here as I didn’t find a *best way*, I just tried till I got lucky and swam through without much harm, follow W to a large room and go left to climb out on the S side.

Pool Room and collecting the 3 Little Gems.

In the passage N are 2 sets of blue doors, a pedestal with the Little Gem (this one will be taken later) and a bunch of Spikes, get onto one of the ledges left or right and shoot the vase to make way as you have to do a run jump over the Spike-tiles (Skulls) and to the floor where the pedestal is, open the SE doors after you got the Shotgun Ammo and get Secret #5 inside, in the back of the room are a Secret Rose and some Revolver Ammo.

To the 1st Little Gem.

Go back out and jump over the Spike-tiles to go to the pool, go left and into the W opening, as soon as you step onto the red carpet a cut scene will show a gate opening up as well as a small gate in a windowsill where a button is visible. But when you go out to the pool the window will close again, just dive into the water and swim left to climb onto the walkway in front of the open gate NW (if you would walk there over the walkway that gate would also close again), go open those blue doors and step on the red carpet again to re-open the window and now go through the passage with the blue doors, right around the corner over the walkway and into the open windowsill, push the button and see Spikes retract on a ledge N, so go out and head over to go into that N opening, climb up on the ledge ahead for the Flares and go up to the windowsill E.

1st Secret Star.

Face S while standing against the S side and backflip onto the slanted block, jump-grab the edge of the slanted pillar and pull up, backflip-roll and grab the edge, shimmy left to pull up on the wooden ledge, grab the block W and shimmy left around to the end, pull up and shoot the vase left of the block, run off onto that wooden ledge and grab Secret #6, a 1st Secret Star. Jump SE and grab the edge of that ledge, shimmy left and backflip to the wooden ledge again, run jump to the ledge NE and spot some wooden pillars on ledges to the W in the top level of the Deep room. Go into the NE passage to follow in to a wooden pillar and a fenced block left with a vase on top. Shoot that vase and spot a Secret Rose to be taken later, go through NW and right up some steps to a room E, there’s a switch on the E wall N and you can look through a window S and see the Pillar move when you use the switch. Time the Pillar and try to get it to stop in the middle of it’s motion by using the switch. Then go back there, squeeze through the gap and go E and out to the S, look W and see those Pillars are a bit back on the ledges, allowing you to run jump over to the first ledge, look right around the pillar and see that Secret on the block. jump/grab up to that block and get Secret #7, a Secret Rose and Revolver Ammo.

Hop over the railing to the N, down into the room and head W through the gap between the *Moving* Pillar and get some Uzi Ammo in the back of the room there, climb though the crawlspace S and drop out onto a slanted block, slide and jump and slide and jump again to get to a wooden walkway, shoot the Bold Eagle while crouching against the wall and go look for a block in front of an open gate SW and run jump/grab over the slanted wooden block to pull up at that open gate, jump E and just passed the burning pillar you can run jump into an alcove NE, get the small medipack and the Uzis and jump back, go into the passage E and right around corners into a small room with 2 Cartouche receptacles and with button in the middle, push the button and see a gate open up in the passage at the burning pillar, go back the way you came and jump W, go through the gate that will drop shut behind you and spelling music starts.

Breakable Slide Platforms.

Go left (S) and look for the closest platform on S wall, face W and aim for the right hand side of the platform, do a run jump and immediately jump again with a bit of a right curve to land on the next and an immediate backflip will get you on a walkway in the room S. Go S and drop/hang backwards from the SW corner of the ledge after the flyby showing you the Pit. Climb down the wooden wall and go left till you are hanging over a slanted wooden block. drop and slide to the end to grab the edge, now you can choose what you want to do, hang left and backflip/roll and run jump sharp left to a grey trigger tile or hang right and backflip/roll, turn left a bit and stand jump/grab to that same tile. Both ways will retract the Spikes on the ledge W and also in the passage in the W wall, so run jump to the ledge and hop into the passage.

Swinging Blades and Hammers, the 1st Cartouche.

Stand on the most NW corner and look into the second alcove N, there’s a lever there, run jump when the Blades move aside and throw the lever to open a gate, now run jump to the ledge SW and jump N to get that Shotgun Ammo, jump back S and jump to the opening S. Follow through to shoot the 2 Fat Spiders and look for Uzi Ammo SW, then go into the passage W and get a screen of the 1st cartouche. Find a closed gate W and three levers, if you throw them all 3 the gate will open but closes as you approach, so only use the single lever S and the one close to the gate N and the gate will remain opened, go in and get the 1st Cartouche. Return through the room with the Blades and Hammers *take the S side this time and just run jump from the S alcove to the entrance ledge E and in the Pit you have to jump to the trigger tile block SE, climb the wooden wall to the block left, run jump to the raised platform N and climb the wall to the top. Go N and right through the newly opened gate to the entrance ledge in the Breakable Slide Platforms Room.

Breakable Slide Platforms, the 2nd Cartouche.

Go to the opening in the railing near the entrance of the room and stand on the left side of that opening, take a step back and stand jump onto the right hand side of the first ledge, slide and jump right, then left and jump to the right hand side of the next double block and jump to the last, you have to face the W side of the room, so sliding forward and jump in the last moment, then grab the ledge at the last moment and pull up. go S and run jump to the remaining ledge on the block E, slide and jump to the block with the Medipack. Run jump W and grab the wooden block left of the pillar, pull up on the right hand side and go off to the right, follow the ledge to the N and grab the climbable pillar there (facing E) go up and left around two corners to climb up to the Spider loft. Shoot all the Spiders and surely you will have to take a Medipack afterwards, then go get the 2nd Cartouche from the pedestal E and hear trapdoors and the gate below opening up, go to the N side of the room and drop/hang backwards into the open trapdoor. Hang a bit left of the middle and drop to the breakledge below. Jump to the next and then curve hard left on the next jump so you’ll slide left to jump to the block with the Revolver Ammo. Now you have to run a bit diagonally/curved from the block (the railing makes a straight jump impossible) and jump to the breakledge E, slide and jump to the next sloped block, jump again and grab the pole, turn around and backflip to the ledge, go out of the open entrance gate E and follow back to the burning Pillar, jump E and go right around corners back to the room where the Cartouches can now be used.

The 1st Little Gem.

Turn around and go out E and a flyby will show Spikes popping up and the gate opening up E. Go to that newly opened gate and you are now one level up in the Pool Room. Go to the S side opening and get the small medipack there, you might want to use it as you have to get through those Spikes ahead, run jump/grab the opening S and pull up over the top on one of the sides, Don’t jump but just slide down and run out of the Spikes, safety drop through the opening there to land at the pedestal with the 1st Little Gem (cut scene of the trapdoor under the central structure in the pool).

To the 2nd Little Gem.

Now… the Spikes at the second set of blue doors are gone too, so open them and follow in to a dark staircase W, a gate opens up at the top of it and you can enter the Pools. Go right around corners and along the small pool into the NE corner and get the Uzi Ammo there, go back and come to the larger pool S, go S along the E side (notice the small gate left to the Secret room) and from the end of the walkway you can run jump to the grassy ledge W, go into the W side passage to a switch.

Timed Run/Timed Swim.

It’s a Timed switch and will operate two gates, one under water gate shown in the cut scene and the second one is the gate to the Secret room, it’s up to you which one you choose, I’ll describe both.

Timed Run for the 2nd Secret Star.

Pull the switch and backflip/roll while the cut scene is shown, sprint through the passage turning right and go around that block onto the grassy ledge, run along the right hand wall and from the very last tip you can run jump to the walkway with a bit of a left curve so you can run jump left to the open gate and quickly run in right before it closes. Get Secret #8, the 2nd Secret Star and a gate opened S to the second pool, run jump onto the rock S (continue below).

Timed Swim without the Secret Star.

Pull the switch and backflip/roll while the cut scene is shown, sprint through the passage and dive with a bit of a right curve into the pool. swim through the open gate SE and come to the second pool. Swim up to the rock right as a Croc shows up.

Two routes come together:

Take care of a Bold Eagle first and then shoot the Croc. Jump to a ledge in the SW corner and from there you can run jump up into the opening in the S wall, crawl through and shoot the Fire Dragon inside the dark room. Go climb a block SE from the E side and run jump over the highest point to a space behind the sloped block in the SW corner and get Secret #9, a Secret Rose, go back E pulling up over the block. Return to the entrance and from standing on the SW corner of it you can run jump SW over another sloped block and in the that space is a Pushblock to be moved onto that trigger tile, so pull it once and grab up to the climbwall E, climb right around the corner and drop. Once more a run jump to the same spot, now landing on the other side of the pushblock (you could have gotten there by swimming through the water tunnels too) and put the block on the trigger tile to see the gate to the next Little Gem opening up.

The 2nd Little Gem.

Climb out over the sloped block E and crawl back out of the room to the pool. Dive into the water and swim behind the wall under the ledge E to get the Uzi Ammo, then swim SW from that tunnel and come to a ledge on the S wall, close to a pillar. Go a bit left from the pillar facing S and pull up on the ledge, you’ll slide off but then you have to grab the edge of the ledge (if you fall into the water, try a bit further from the pillar where the ledge is a bit higher) and shimmy left to where you can pull up. then jump to the ledge in front of the open gate E, go in to get the 2nd Little Gem (cut scene of the trapdoor again). Go back through the timed gate and swim up N to climb out and head back through the dark staircase to the blue doors and jump over the Spike-ledge to come to the pool. Go right and on to the E side walkway, you can see Uzi Ammo on a block on the E wall, jump to it and run jump NW around the corner to a wooden ledge, then run jump N and find a switch in the NE corner.

For the 3rd Little Gem.

The switch will open the gate left behind you, go into that room and look for the trigger tile in the SE corner to open that gate NW and a cut scene will show the 1st level of the Deep room. Go out there and on the ledge overlooking the Deep room go do a run jump to the slanted but walk able ledge NW and one more run jump from the W end to the wooden walkway W, to the right is an open gate, enter there.

Go right or left around the wall and come to a room with a hole in the floor, drop in and crawl S to go backwards out of the opening, get the Revolver Ammo on the ledge in the Deep room and climb down on the ladder on the S side of the ledge, only go down a bit and then backflip to a sandy ledge near the Lava, go stand on the NE most corner (screenshot) and run jump into the alcove NE, (a tricky jump, hold the forward key while jumping) then run jump out around the left to the ledge with the small medipack SE and go into the room there, follow into the room with Secret #10, a Secret Rose and the gate W opened. Go out and get the Uzi Ammo in the SW corner before you go back N to run jump/grab over the Lava to that ladder, go back up and follow the ramp down to the N and stand on the wooden walkway in the Lava room.

The Lava Room and the Torch.

You can spot a Vase up on a ledge, shoot it and a rope drops from under that ledge, stand opposite the higher left side of the stone ledge in the Lava and stand jump/grab to it. Pull up over the middle and slide/jump to the next block, jump immediately and grab the rope, now you can do 2 things, swing high and grab the upper ledge N or swing to the lower ledge N and run jump to a ledge behind the pillar SE of there, climb the pillar and quickly run jump to the N side floor, as you need some room to shoot 2 Bold Eagles at one time. If you go over the high ledge N, only one will show up first and then the other one as soon as you jump to that pillar ledge in the NE corner of the Lava, so then jump back and shoot it, go to the same pillar ledge again and run jump up SE to a ledge on the E wall, a short cut scene will show nothing. Get the Medipack there and look down SW, in the corner of the room is a slanted pillar of no use, but sticking out E is a pointy, slanted ledge, face S standing at the S end of the ledge, take a step back and then a hop back and run jump just around the pillar on E wall to land on the tip of that slanted point ledge and jump again to backflip into an alcove E, from there you can run jump (no grab) onto a walkway on the S wall.

Go to the W side and look NW, there’s a ledge on the W wall and a small fence right to the of it, do a run jump to the ledge, with a left curve in the end to grab the ledge and pull up, drop into the hole behind the small fence and throw the switch there to open the gate to the right of you, but there’s a little detour involved to get there. Run jump back to the S walkway and go to the E end, jump onto that slanted pillar and safety drop down to slide onto the ledge in the lava. Jump to the walkway S and follow the same route up to the pillar ledge NE and jump to the W one and run jump/grab to the open gate W, go in and see the Torch behind a plant left (later). Follow up W and stop just inside the opening, to the right is a Spike-trap, run jump around the right corner over the Spike-trap, from that ledge you can jump/grab a climbwall S over the Spikes and go up to the room above. Head N and find a switch in an alcove to the right, the trapdoor at the Spike-trap opens up, but now there are Spikes also on the S side of it. Go back to the hole in the floor and this time run S into the S hole. Grabbing to land on a ledge next to the Spikes, get the Shotgun Ammo around the corner and get back to the Spike-trap.

Now just check your health and run off the ledge into the opening as the Spikes are down and you’ll loose some health and land in a lower passage. Get the health back up and go E a bit. A Fat Spider will come from behind, go shoot that and go to the E again, right to the S and just left of the entrance of a room W is a pole standing in a bush, go up and backflip into that passage with the Torch, throw the Torch down and follow behind it using the pole, find the Torch again (if it is close to the pole, Lara will grab the pole in stead of the Torch, in that case stand with your back to the pole and try again. Take the Torch to an opening E, overlooking the Lava Room and spot a pillar in the Lava, with a burning wall torch behind the slanted wall right stand a bit back from the ridge and do a stand jump (screenshot) to land on that ledge and light the Torch. Run jump back with a left curve over the slanted ridge and go N, in the NW corner of the passage there is a closed gate that will open in a Timed run now.

Timed Run with the Torch.

Go S and right into the room W at the pole and find the trigger tile in the SW corner, stand facing the exit E (facing NE) and sprint out after you saved, turn left and run over the corner of the higher floor, sprint N and left into the open gate in the end (another gate to the same room opened in the W passage, but you’ll never get there in time), light the wall torch inside the room and head out to the SE.

The 3rd Little Gem.

Go past the pole and into a passage (exit later) S and light the second wall torch there to open a gate in the W (Spider) passage, go there and get the 3rd Little Gem (trapdoor in the Pool Room is now open), go out and head back to the SE where you lit the wall torch and the gate in the E passage will be open, go out and up the wooden ramp S, grab back up S in the opening to the room above and go out S, follow the walkway to the S, shoot a Bold Eagle and go left inside the building, you’ll come to that room with the red carpet, place the 2 Secret Stars next to the gate W and go in to get Secret #11, a Secret Rose, a small medipack, Uzi - and Revolver Ammo. Go out and E to the Pool room, dive into the pool and swim down into the open trapdoor under the central structure. Follow the tunnel into a room. go into the right hand open door and then left in the next room (Croc room) down the shaft and left in the end, the level will change again…

The Stolen Seraph part 2.

Swim around the corner and up at the open trapdoor under that wooden bridge, climb out and go S to the Fire Dragon Quarters, go SE following the trail of corpses and finally dive down into the Lake, go up in the E again (brownish ledge) and grab up to the rock ledge above N. crawl through and go jump into the tunnel N, follow the left hand wall into the NW corner and climb up the blocks to a now open door, drop into that dark cave, follow E into the E cave and climb up NE into the room with the pools. If by any chance the Waterskin is empty, fill it now as you’re going to need it now. Go out NE and right to the SE corner of the first floor, on a dead end staircase are some Flares, get those and head N along the E wall and find the Water Bowl to the right along that wall. Put the water in the Bowl and hear the door left of you open up.

The Bronze Key.

Go into the room and get the Torch on the Altar left, where the Statue is kneeling down, the entrance door closes, light the Torch on the fire E and go to a candle on a box SW, light it and the gate S opens up. Inside you’ll find the Bronze Key, go out of the gate and sharp right around the corner, in the SE corner behind that table is a thing that looks like a door, but you can shoot it and go in for Secret #12, a Secret Rose and Shotgun Ammo. Go out, and out of the room W, then to the right to that keyhole you saw in the cut scene and use the Key to open a trapdoor in the passage N, go in and climb the ladder in the end. Turn around and cxrawl underneath the low ceiling to get to the next level…

Level 3 – The Forgotten Temple of Togarma.

Follow the passage with a bend to the left and look in the right hand wall there to spot the gate in need of a Key and behind the gate are the 3 receptacles for the Little Gems, a door opened in the N end of the passage, go in there and come to a large Pool room, run onto that block right and below and shoot the vase, then stand back in the corner of the walls to shoot the Harpy, get down from the block and head to the N and turn right to that wooden block, get on to pick up another Shotgun and Flares.


Turn around and do a run jump/grab to that platform with the Burner, shimmy right around the corner and time the Burner to pull up and quickly backflip into a passage, follow the passage up and down to a room where Prayer Rolls have to be placed later. Go back a bit and left, down into a room with a dried up Fountain. Go to the gate E and shoot the 2 vases right and left to open the E gate (for later), then go to a switch right of the small gate SE and open it.

Pushblock Puzzle.

Go in and all the way to the S, over a grated floor with a trapdoor, a gate left and a crawlspace up in the right hand wall, just around the corner in the S end is a trigger tile opening the gate you saw. Go back carefully and don’t go any further as the elevated/slanted part of the floor (otherwise the gate will close again) and from that elevated floor part you can jump/grab up to that crawlspace in the W wall, go through and to the N end to find a pushblock in the right hand wall. Push the block out and all the way onto a trigger tile that was behind the gate and a gate opens up/ take the block out with you and leave it on the grated floor in the passage, go around through the crawlspace and now push it all the way to the N, then pull it once to the W (to that gate opened there and next to the second trigger tile) and go out of that gate behind you, get the Shotgun Ammo to the right and go up that wooden block again, the Burner on the platform is off, so jump/grab there and stand jump into the passage N, go right to the room with the Fountain again and re-open that small SE gate so you can push the block onto the trigger tile.

Swimming for the 1st Prayer Roll.

The trapdoor in the grated floor opens up, go there and drop/grab in from facing N, climb on the grating with the Shotgun Ammo and then turn around, stand jump/grab to the S side and do drop/grabs down to the last grating above the water (if you happen to fall in the water below, you can swim out to the Pool in the S end) Go to the S end of this passage and turn around, hop back grabbing the Jump switch in the hole and an under water gate will open up in the Pool. Swim N for some Uzi Ammo and then S, right and a door will open up so you come back to the Pool. Get some air and save before you dive into the NW open gate, swim to where you can go right and swim straight to the end then left where you’ll hear a Croc coming and go past the nasty plant blocking the tunnel and climb up right at the end, shoot the Croc. In the room N a Demigod will open fire, there’s another one on a ledge over the entrance, so if you run to the first one the second one will open fire too, so better shoot him from standing at the entrance and side jump left to right while doing that, when he’s down you can go up in one of the alcoves in S wall and stand jump up to the ledge N, quickly jump onto the ledge over the entrance where the second Demigod is and duck close to him to shoot him. Go over the ledges to the N side of the room and get the 1st Prayer Roll standing there. Dive into the water below and get a Medipack in the W side, climb out and go back into the passage S, swim back straight past the plant, then right and left in the end and up into the Pool.

For the 2nd Prayer Roll.

Climb out NE and climb up the wooden block (N) again stand on the SE tip and face exactly SE to do a straight run jump and just land on the corner of that ledge with the Shotgun Ammo. Then stand jump down to a lower ledge SE of it and hop to the S side walkway. There’s an open trapdoor. Hop over the hole (for later) and go up the stairs S, you’ll come to the upper level of the Pool room, grab the wooden monkey swing and go to that rope hanging from it. Drop and grab the rope, turn left and swing to that platform in front of the opening in the W wall, go in and climb the wall into the opening in the ceiling, get the Medipack left and then have a look through the other gate to see some Huge Scorps on a trapdoor (will be a surprise for later). Go back down and out to run jump/grab to the rope, face E (to the wooden block over the statue ledge) and swing to grab the climbable wooden surface, go up and right to run jump/grab to the walkway W (mind the low ceiling) and immediately run into the room left, go stand with your back in a corner and shoot the 2 Harpies from there, then proceed to the S. To the left are Shotgun- and Uzi Ammo and in the end left is a short ladder with a breakledge underneath.


Backflip onto the breakledge and run to the ladder to grab up, now you can climb down a bit and left into an opening, go into a room with 2 pushblocks, well one of them is… The SW one can be pulled onto that tile in the middle of the room, go back to the ladder and run jump back up curved left to the upper floor, now climb down the ladder and drop onto another breakledge and fall into the basement. Head N and left into a room with a switch, pull the switch and get a screenshot of the pushblock going down. Go back and S to a Swinging Spike-bag,

time the run jump up the slope past it and come to the room where the pushblock is now standing on a ledge. get the small medipack to the right and climb up the ledge, pull the block with you into the W room and leave it on the trigger tile, the gate in the room E opens, so go out and straight off the ledge to go right into the gate. In the next courtyard is a room to the right, go in to get the Flares and Uzi Ammo and spot a trapdoor up in the SE corner (later) Go out and follow into the passage S, run over a breakledge on a Spike-pit and stop to time the run through the Swinging Spike-bag. Run straight over a bridge into the next room and go into a corner to wait for the Harpy to show up. and shoot it. In the NE corner of the room is a closed trapdoor, go to the gate S and it will open and shut behind you, now you are in the room with the Prayer Roll.

Extinguish the Fire.

Go to one of the sides of the room and stand jump up to a S side corner of the block with the Prayer Roll. face S and jump/grab to the ladder on the slanted block, climb down all the way and backflip/roll/grab to a ladder on another pillar, go right or left around one corner and down to the deadly water level, three steps back up and backflip (no roll) to land on a slanted block, slide and jump with a curve (to the wall) to land against the wall on the next ledge. Save and go into the room N, get ready to shoot a Demigod and a Harpy in the same time and the Demigod will drop a Guardian Key. Get that and place it on the S wall (see a gate open up), look for the Revolver Ammo in one of the vases (maybe it broke already) and go back up in the NE corner where that trapdoor opened, go back into the S room through the gate and head into the W room.

The Torch.

Stand jump onto the lower pillar left and stand jump up to the ledge W, then a run jump to a break ledge NW and run over the corners of the breakledges to jump to the ledge NW, go over to the S ledge and get one of the Torches there, jump back N and look for some slanted pillars E, run jump onto the right hand side of the first and immediately jump right to land on the second one. Then jump left and then right again to land on the ledge E. go out and stand jump up to a corner of the Prayer roll block to light the Torch and carefully jump back down to go into the E room. Hop to the green ledge and light the first wall torch, then spot the transparent ledges in the E side of the room, line up so you face the second ledge over the first and time the Burner to do a run jump to the first, then a running jump to the second and jump to the E floor, light the wall torch there and see a gate open up. Drop the Torch as you don’t need it any more and jump back to the ledge, stand as far from the Burner ledge as possible and do a bit of a curved jump or you won’t have enough room to do a running jump back to the green ledge, go back into the Roll room and to the W side and climb up to the open gate SW, go up in the SW corner of the hill and over to the ledge in the middle of the room, go up the Boulder ramp and turn around before you go onto that green tile, stand where you face the right or left hand side of the opening below and take a hop back to just touch the green tile (if you go up too far you won’t make it). Quickly run down and immediately around the corner to get off the ramp. The Boulder will drop into the deadly water and the Fire at the Prayer Roll is extinguished, go onto the ramp and slide backwards off the end, grab the edge and pull up, backflip (no roll) onto the block with the 2nd Prayer Roll.

Head back N out of the room, with a run jump past the Spike-bag over the Spike-pit, well Spike-pit, the Spikes are gone, drop into the pit and light a Flare, go shoot some tiny Spiders and find a button E, that trapdoor in the earlier room will open up. Crawl back to the pit and climb up N, go N and left into the room W of the courtyard. Climb the ledge left and grab up into the room above, go outside and get Secret #13, a Secret Rose, Shotgun Ammo and an additional Uzi in the SE corner. Go safety drop back down into the lower Courtyard and head N, slide and jump past the Spike-bag and go up the ladder there, backflip into the first opening behind and go down to the Pool, there’s an open trapdoor in the walkway, remember?

Scorp Caves and the 3rd Prayer Roll.

Dive in and swim into the S room, climb out on the S side of the air pocket and collect Shotgun Ammo and a Medipack before you go N and into the passage NE, shoot the 3 Scorps roaming the cave and look for an opening up in the SW corner, grab up there and shimmy left to where you can pull up, follow to where a flyby shows a deep gorge with a keyhole on a lower ledge.

The Key to the Valley.

Go onto the broken bridge and run jump/grab across to the hanging part S, pull up and run jump/grab to another small part W, go over the wall W and drop into a courtyard. Get the Shotgun Ammo in the S, then shoot a vase in an alcove E and jump in to get the Key to the Valley, go down and up in an alcove W to run jump/grab up to the E wall again, go over the top and jump onto the lower side of a block S, drop/hang from the E side and shimmy left just past that ridge to pull up there and turn around, jump/grab the ladder on the pillar and go down all the way, run jump to a piece of wooden floor S and carefully line up for a run jump to that stone ledge N between the pillars. Use the key to open a door up in the E and run jump back to the S side, go up to the ladder to go up and backflip/roll to that ledge, shimmy back to the right and run jump/grab back to the broken bridge E, go in S for some Uzi Ammo and from the broken bridge you can jump to a wooden ledge E and go into the room to push a button on the W wall. 2 doors open up in the Scorp Cave, go back out and from the ledge a run jump to the bridge NW, follow back NW to the Cave and choose which side you want to do first.

The Guardian Keys.

SE Door, 1st Guardian Key.

Hop in and follow to a Fiery pit. stand jump/grab to the E opening and slide into a lower ledge in a floor, save there and look N. You have to time the Double Spike-trap and sprint (or do runjumps) to the N and right around the corner with a Spike-wall following you. Then go SE and look through the second opening S to spot a vase you can shoot with pistols (a door opens up). Climb up the ledge over that opening and go down on the S side to get the Uzi Ammo, climb back on the ledge and jump to the low pillar N, then run jump into an opening SW with some Shotgun Ammo, run jump SW out of the alcove with a left curve and over the Spike-traps to come to the open door S. Go in and jump right around the corner to the SW ledge, grab the crack up in the W wall and shimmy right to the Cage, pull up and go to the W, run jump SW to a ledge in the passage and push the button to open a door in that cage, run jump back to the top of the cage and go in through the hole. There’s a Zip-line in the opening, grab it and travel to the end, slide and grab the edge of the slope. Shimmy left just around the corner and pull up, backflip to land on a grassy ledge, now jump up to the opening where the Zip-line ends and get the 1st Guardian Key (the door opens back up in the Scorp Cave). Go back to the opening to the valley and run jump NW to a stone ledge and grab the ladder on the wall, climb left and up so you can grab the edge of the grassy ledge, shimmy left and pull up where possible. Run off the SW corner of that ledge to the one below and now you could go for a challenging Secret. If you don’t want it, climb the next ledge NW and run jump back into the opening W to get back to the Cage.

For the Secret.

Look down S and spot a Medipack on a break ledge below. Line up for that Medipack and stand back against the N wall and simply stand jump over the edge, to land just over the Medipack hit "Ctrl" and Lara will take a step back and grab the Medipack right at the moment the ledge breaks and this is the only way she can go down in the valley safely. Go to the break ledge E and fall through, jump up once in the deep part to get swimming into the tunnel and follow to the end, in the room there you’ll find Secret #14, a Secret Rose and Revolver Ammo. There’s and opening E, go through and up the ladder, backflip to a ledge and follow the hill up to where a gate opens and you’re back at the Guardian Key receptacle, go along the same route to the ledge where you left off and climb the next ledge NW and run jump back into the opening W to get back to the Cage.

Routes come together.

Go up through the opening in the ceiling of the Cage and safety drop from the W end, roll and run jump with a right curve over the sloped floor and Fiery pit and return to the Scorp Cave.

NE Door, 1st Guardian Key.

Follow the passage in to a courtyard with a pool, go get another Revolver on the ledge in the pool and go into the Building E, quickly get into a corner and shoot the Harpy, to add to the fun two Demigods will show up and after dealing with them go into the side passage S, and head E, to the left is an alcove with Shotgun Ammo and another Harpy will show up too. In the E, next to a shallow pool is another Water skin.

Green Blocks Puzzle.

Get that and fill it standing in the shallow pool and go N, over the chequered floor and into the opening N, there’s a switch to pull and a green block gets activated, now whatever you do, don’t step on the chequered floor of the main room again, but go through the passage to the W, circle left and go into the passage to the green block opposite the entrance of this place, when you climb on the green block the one on the other side of the central pillar gets activated, careful when you step on the chequered floor it will de-activate and you have to start over, go back W and left through the S side bypass passage, go left at the shallow pool and hop onto the higher ledge on E wall, now go over that ledge to step onto the second green block and a gate opens in the NE corner, go in and put the water in the Bowl (an under water gate opens in the pool outside). Go back out and the entrance W is open again, dive into the pool on the courtyard and swim into the deep NE corner to get 2x Uzi Ammo, swim back up and follow the tunnel in the upper NE corner to a room with the 2nd Guardian Key. Swim back to the pool. get out and go along the waterfall N to run jump to a ledge SW and get the Shotgun Ammo. Now you can go back to the Scorp Cave S and place the Guardian Keys E to open the gate. Inside is the 3rd Prayer Roll. A trapdoor opened up in the middle of the Scorp cave, go there and save, dive in and follow the under water rooms and passages to where you can swim up to an opened door near the Jump switch pit and swim out to the Pool Room, climb out NE again and go to the Fountain room.

Flooding the Fountain for the Golden Key.

Head up the steps NW and go right into the room to place the Prayer Rolls and when you leave the room a flyby will show the activated Fountain and a Key in a room. Go to the Fountain room and to the left and right of the big gate E are 2 vases, shoot those and the gate opens enter and find a room with 2 big vases, shoot either one as both hold Torches (one spare) and take one Torch up the base of one of the statues E, stand close to the Burner and light the Torch. Go back to the previous room and light the Bowl standing in the alcove N and the trapdoor in the floor opens, now you can dive into the water below and first swim W and go up in the end, crawl through a crawlspace to Secret #15, a Secret Rose and Shotgun Ammo. Go back out of the crawlspace and climb up E under the Fountain, go into the same trapdoor again and now swim E and through a small gap to the double open trapdoor, go up and crawl along the left side of the room to get the Golden Key carefully as a Dart-trap activates. Go back W and follow to the Pool at the pool room, go over the wooden block to the W side and jump up to the re-opened exit door SW. Go follow the passage go left into the alcove with the Keyhole you saw in the flyby and that Scorp will drop through the trapdoor, shoot it and go open the gate with the Golden Key. Inside you can finally use the 3 Little Gems and the trapdoor in the end of the passage opens up.

The Stolen Seraph part 3.

Go run in and slide down the slope, at the bottom face SE and hop into a space next to the slope, climb up S and push the button to open the gate at the Secret all the way back at the beginning of the level. Get back to the end of the slope and go towards that fiery pit, the hatch opens and a Bug appears. Shoot it and jump up left through the hatch, you’re back in the start passage, go to the N and enter the open gate right to get Secret #16, a Secret Rose. Go back to the trapdoor and stand near the statue N of it. look down and time the burner in the lava pit, hop back when it’s down and drop/grab down quickly, pull up before you burn and go down N to follow the cave NW and climb up NW in the last one.

The Stolen Seraph.

In this room you can see the Seraph on a pedestal, go left and over the ledge to a button in the corner, go push that and the bridge will roll down, but the level will end too so no chance of getting that Seraph….