The Temple.

Level by NepT1.

Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 2 - The Cliff of the Mine.

The Pyramid.

After a flyby where the camera comes out of a dark Canyon, a heavily guarded Pyramid is shown. Turn around and jump up in the NW corner, follow the rocks S and then turn left (E) to go along the side of the canyon to the Pyramid and in this S side of it is a trench with a small medipack. Then get up to a ledge on the E side of the Pyramid and hop into the top of it to get the Revolver, climb out W and slide down to the ground, look N and wait for the Guard to come close so you can shoot him and get his Revolver Ammo, one more Guard will appear on the Pyramid and he will drop some Revolver Ammo too, now go W to the Canyon and head N and around that Jeep to get the Laser sight on the block (the Sentry Guns will shoot you, just be quick and shoot additional Guards too, pick up their Ammo later). Be sure the Sentry Guns are aiming N and head to the Canyon, and circle back to the S, then climb up the Pyramid to get behind the Guns and equip the Revolver with the Laser sight and shoot them in the Fuel tanks. Then go get the Revolver Ammo the last Guard dropped and look for some Shotgun Ammo behind the pillar E. Thereís a tunnel down between the 2 destroyed Sentry Guns and thatís for later. Now get back to the Canyon SW corner and dive down into the lake below, swim into the far SW corner and climb out E to get Secret #1, a Medipack.

1st Pushblock Maze for the Cargar.

Swim back and climb up near a door in the SE corner of the pool, the door will open on approach and going in youíll get a screenshot of a *Hand*, go past a block to the end of the passage and circle left to push block#1 into the entrance passage, go around again and pull it E, then around again to push it into the alcove 1, go back into the second passage and pull block#2 onto the spot where the #1 block was, go around to enter the next opening (where block#2 was) and go in right to pull block#3 once, go out of the passage and to the left where you can now push block#4 all the way in so you can push block#3 once more, pull block#4 back out onto itís original position and go around to block#3, push it into the alcove 3, then turn right and go into the now open passage to get the Cargar (Hand).

For getting out you need to create some space, so move block#4 all the way into the passage where you got the Cargar and go get block#5, pull it as far as possible to the E and go around and into the passage where block#5 was to come to the Canyon floor. Climb up the ledge next to the pool left and jump/grab to the pillar NE, a Guard starts shooting from above, you can take him out with Revolver and Laser sight. Then jump over the top of the other pillars to the lower one SW and look on the N rock face for a Jump switch, grab that and a door opens in a pit N, shoot the 2 Scorps and go look SE in the corner next to that pit for some Uzi Ammo.

Climb down into that pit, a cut scene of 2 Guards in the Canyon, better go back and shoot them as they will drop the Uzis and Uzi Ammo, then go down the N hole again and follow into a room with a Boulder-ramp and a receptacle for the Cargar, donít use that yet as you can get stuck then, better go down the ramp as the Flyby suggested and drop into the room below. Go over the frozen pool into the passage E open a small door in the back and find another Pushblock-puzzle.

2nd Pushblock-puzzle for the Shotgun and Gem.

Go in right and find some trigger Tiles, then to the left are 2 push blocks, pull both of them once and go around to the N side passage, there are 2 red blocks in the wall. Push the pushblocks straight S into the alcoves with the triiger tiles and the red blocks N will lower, go in there and look E first to find a small door, open it to get Secret #2, the Shotgun. Go out and find the lever in the W end of this passage and throw it to release that Boulder, it will drop through that ice floor and open the lower room for you, go out W through the small door and straight into an alcove with Shotgun Ammo. Then go W and shoot the Demigod from above, or safety drop down quickly and run up close to him, duck and shoot him with Pistols till he drops. Pull the corpse of the Soldier away by the hair and get the Gem from under it, a door opens in the S wall.

Go out and up the ladder, climb onto the left hand wall to get up through the small gap, go right up the Boulder-ramp and shoot the Guard to get his Uzi Ammo. Through the narrow gap you can see more ladders. Go N down the Boulder-ramp and right onto the ledge with the door, shoot the Guard coming around the corner and get his Uzi Ammo. Now you can open the door with the Cargar. Go in and run straight through the next door against the opposite wall as a Boulder will come down a slope, get up the slope by jumping the blocks and follow the passage jumping over the Burner-tile in to the W room with the ladders you saw through the narrow gap. Go up the SW ladder and just to the left is a lever, it will open the Timed door E.

Timed Door for the Cartouche.

So Save and throw it, jump straight over the lever and run jump with a left curve to get through the door in time, stop immediately inside or youíll run into a hole and you have to start all over. Go S and into a room with a Cartouche (everything seems to be called Cargar) and a gate opens in a flyby showing that Face on the wall below, go down the ladder et the lever and climb up into a hidden passage behind the Face. Place the Cartouche to open a door way up in the N wall. Climb back up the ladder and jump to the central ledge, jump/grab to the opening N and slide/jump over the gap to come to the Lever Puzzle.

The Lever Puzzle. (map)

There are 3 lower passages with levers each raising a block in that same passage so you can climb to the upper level of the puzzle room. Start left in the W (#1) passage and throw the lever, climb the block and go to the lever S to open a gate in the other side of the Puzzle room (a Guard starts shooting from behind the wall), get back down and notice the block is already down, so donít use the lower lever, but go out and left to the E (#2) passage and throw the lever to get up to the upper room, go S and Donít use the lever there but go past it to get the Shotgun Ammo around the corner. Turn back and hop over the hole to the N and throw the lever there to open 2 gates, one to a Secret and one to the next lever. Drop down and use the lower lever to get the block down and go up the E (#1) passage again. Go past the lever to the S and get Secret #3, a Medipack around the corner. Go back and hop over the hole to the N and throw the lever there to open a gate in the central upper passage. Go down and throw the lever to lower the block, go out and left/left into the central (#3) passage, get the block up and climb to the upper floor, donít use the lever but just go S and follow to the end.


Turn around and climb up the climb wall to the Pyramid, turn around and go up to where the Sentry Guns were, drop down the hole and open the door with the Gem, go in and slide the slope to end the levelÖ

Level 3 Walkthrough.