The Temple.

Level by NepT1.

Unauthorized Walkthrough Dutchy.

Level 1 – Towards the Doors of the Temple.

Lara slides down into a room, go down to the lower floor and climb up the ledge on the red slope to get the Flares, then go up to the higher ledge again and to the Cogwheel SW and pull it about 6 times. Then hop back and drop to the lower floor, roll and run through the open door N, in that watery cave are some Bats, run jump to the block ahead and the to the next one, hop back grabbing the edge and pull up, now you’re lined up straight for a long run jump and grab in the last moment to the N ledge, get the Uzi Ammo to the right and throw the lever in the N alcove to open the door W, go through to climb up the S wall and grab up W to shimmy left to where you’ll see a small medipack on the ledge, pull up to get it and shoot that Bat too, then crawl S a bit and drop onto the ledge, go down into the S room.

In the S end is a lever opening up a shortcut back to the first room, go into the opening W instead and come to a Lava pool. Jump onto the block N and hear W over the pillars to jump up into an opening W, a screenshot of a moving door (something wants to get out). Use the monkey swing ceiling to get to the W block with the receptacle for the Vraeus and drop/hang from the edge of the block to operate the Jump switch (the Lava pool drains), go get the Shotgun Ammo S, shoot more Bats and climb the ladder on the block W, use the monkey swing to get to the opening SE and slide down, get into the dry pool and grab the Golden Vraeus. Hop over the blocks to the higher W one and run jump N to a ledge with a small medipack, then jump back and look for the Uzi Ammo behind that W block in the pit.

Bull Fight and a Torch.

Climb back out and get back into the room with the Vraeus receptacle W, place the Artefact and the door opens after some heavy action. The Bull storms into the room, you have to get into the room he came out of and throw the lever E to open the trapdoor in the middle, hop over the opening and climb down the ladder into the crypt, go down to a door with 2 Scones and use the reach-in switch NE to open a small door somewhere, then pick up the Torch SE and go up the stairs near the reach-in switch, the door on top already opened up and you’re back in the Bull passage, go out S and now you have to lure the Bull so he will break in the door S. Once you’ve succeeded, you can go in with the Torch and into that small door right to light the Torch, get the Flares in the N end and head back to the Bull pen.

The Shotgun.

Drop the Torch in the hole and go in behind it, light the 2 Scones and the door will open up revealing Secret #1, the Shotgun, be careful though the pedestal has a booby-trap. Now you can go back up to the Bull and head into the S door once more and now go up to a pool, no need to say you can drop the Torch, hop to the NW corner of the pool to get the Uzi Ammo and dive into the water, swim into the small E tunnel into another pool, roll there and swim down into another small tunnel under the one you came from. Get Secret #2, Revolver Ammo and a small medipack, swim out and climb up N to follow the passage N past a passage left to a set of steps, behind the steps N is some Crossbow Ammo, then go up to a window W and throw the lever to activate burners under a floor below the window and open the door to that room, make a note of the Burner positions in the floor and go back down, into the W passage and come to a room with a booby-trapped floor. just walk slow and strop to wait till the Knives retracted before moving on, in the far SW corner is Shotgun Ammo and a small medipack is located in the NW corner, then go to the room N and stand on the first Tile. Look on your note to spot where you have to stand jump next and finally grab up to the ladder, go up till you can backflip to a ledge and shoot the Bat.

The Circular Knife Passages, the Guardian Key.

Here are some interconnected passages with Circular Knife-traps and the best way to get through those is to carefully walk up real close wait till they open up and hit the ‘end’ key to *roll* Lara through.

Go into the central of the three passages and Knife-balls drop from the ceiling, the end of the passage to the Glass room is still sealed off, so turn left (E) into the left hand passage, roll through the trap, turn E after the trap to face the trap and when you stand close to the trap there you can hit ‘Ctrl’ to grab some Flares out of the sky (I’ll explain later), then get through the next 2 traps and use the reach-in switch to activate the Laser in the Glass room, revealing a Guardian Key. Turn left from the reach-in switch and grab up to the room above, there are three pedestals, one of which is empty, the Flares you got used to be on that one. That’s how I found out there had to be a room upstairs somewhere, because the spot of the Flare pedestal is directly over that Knife where you got the Flares (and in situations like that Lara can get the item from the room above). Well you’ve found Secret #3, a Medipack a small medipack and of course those Flares.

Get down from the room and make your way back through the traps to head S around the Glass room to the W side and into the passage there (close to the trap), go through 2 more traps and use the reach-in switch to open up the Glass room. Go back out and to the central passage, crawl under the Knife-balls and in the Glass room you can now pick up the Guardian Key, a trapdoor opens in the S passage outside the Glass room, go there and down through the tunnel to climb up into a (first) room with a lever.

Throw the lever to open the E door and carefully hop over the Spike-pits, dodging the Spike-balls and go into the room SE, walk slowly through the room to wait out the Blades and throw the lever near the gate with the Medipack behind it to open the W door in the first room. Carefully make your way back, the Blades are still active and enter the W door. Climb down into a room with Knife-tiles (the lower ones) and go up to the stairs W, to the top step and face E, now just sprint E into the safe room and throw the lever to open up a wall in the first room. Sprint back to the steps and go back over the ledges to the second one from the ladder, then go S and just run onto the lower one close to the S wall and it will just drop open, follow the passage quickly around the left corner as Beetles will crawl out of a hole, climb the ladder to Secret #4, a Medipack and Shotgun Ammo.

Go back and climb back up through the trapdoor and up the ladder to the first room, hop over the tunnel into the upper passage N, shoot a Bat and follow up to where you can climb up to a Desert valley where the level will end….

Level 2 walkthrough