Lara’s Raiding Again.

"Lara Croft and the Secret of Eternal Youth"

Level by Vok.

Unauthorized Walkthrough Dutchy.

Story: (extended story in the read-me files)

Lara travels to Egypt (again), where she has discovered a temple ruin which she suspects to be an unknown residence of Nefertiti, the legendary wife of the Egyptian pharaoh Echnaton.

Lara begins her journey to be the first archeologist searching for the secret of Nefertiti’s "eternal youth". She secretly hopes to learn more about the special concoction which is mentioned in several scripts and to bring more light to Nofretete’s story: how old she was when she died, when and how she died (It is widely believed that she met her death before her husband did).

A famous limestone bust, which was found in Tell Al Amarna is the only historical legacy of her life so far. Lara hopes to change this…

I will not mention all enemies as some give a nice dramatic effect to the level, I will only mention enemies of importance or if they have to be dealt with in a special way…

The 1st Eye Piece.

Slide into the hidden ruins and go to the First room with gates and pillars, look in the left (SE) corner for the 1st Eye Piece, but approach with care as a Boulder will drop on the side of the pedestal, so go to it from the W side to pick it up. Then roll and go into the SW corner, climb the ladder and from one square from the top a backflip/roll to grab the pillar. Look up and NE and spot the Monkey swing on the ceiling, run jump and grab the Monkey swing and follow to the N wall and then left to the NW pillar. Hang from the side of the pillar to shimmy to and pull up in the corner where you can throw the lever that will open the gate W (later) Run jump/dive into the pool below and look for the under water lever in the lower SE corner, the gate to the left will open. Swim to the bottom and get the small medipack from the middle, go get some air at the surface.

The 2nd Eye Piece.

Swim into the N gate, open that under water door in the end and quickly swim through to another room, keep on swimming to the end of the canal and get out on the right hand side and go over to the pile of Gold artifacts, jump over the pile and recover the 2nd Eye Piece. Hop back and go back into the water as you’re done here for now. Climb out in the first room and go up the path to that open gate W. Go into the Horus Hall with a bunch of closed gates and open the Horus Door N (combine the 2 Eye Pieces) Go in and after a nice battle you’ll find a hole in the floor of the room (don’t pull that switch).

Torch Puzzle for Laser sight and Crowbar.

Climb down to a room with wall torches and go to the N wall, where a pushblock is to be found in between the 2 wall torches, pull it out twice and the torches will start to burn, giving you some light and go to the pile of Torches lying on the floor next to where the pushblock is now, pick one up and light it at one the of the wall torches and go up into the SE corner, there’s a gap in the wall, stand as close as possible, Save and throw the Torch through the gap (if the Torch didn’t get through, re-load and change Lara’s position a bit).

Now go back to that opening where the block came out of and follow to a waterfall with a switch hidden behind it, look up and spot the crawlspace over the waterfall, Save and throw the switch to flood the lower rooms. Light a flare and swim up in that crawlspace above to get the Laser sight. Swim back out and to the room with the Torches, (if you need air, you can swim up in the shaft with the ladder) go right and to the W wall, inside the crawlspace there is the Crowbar (it was possible to get it without flooding the room, but that didn’t make a difference), swim out and over to that gap where you threw the Torch in, go through and up into the hole in the ceiling, climb out and jump/grab to the ladder.

Go one floor up the ladder, backflip/roll off and there’s a switch that will drain the lower rooms, so use that and go back down the ladder to where the burning Torch is. Take it and light the wall torch, the gate above opens up. So leave the Torch here and go up the ladder to the top to backflip into a room with a switch (it will re-flood the rooms below, but also a room behind a window in the room we go to later), pick up the small medipack, go back down the ladder or just drop into the water below and climb out at ground level, go through the open gate and a flyby kicks in.

Large room for the Revolver.

Shoot all vases and Lara will start to shoot at something I couldn’t see, but it left a trail of blood??? In the SE corner is the Revolver, go over to the SW corner and climb the ledges. shoot a vase and then stand on the right hand side of the next ledge, pull up and when Lara stand on top, immediately jump to the ledge ahead, pick up the Ammo and stand jump/grab to the ledge N, from the middle of it a stand jump down to the pillar with the blue surface below and N, look over to the N wall and spot the see-through wall with the flooded room behind it and take out the Revolver with Laser sight to shoot the Ruby in the mouth of the Lion’s head, the gate opens in the upper W side (which is a shortcut to the Horus Hall). Run jump into the see-through wall and you will swim, look for the under water ceiling lever right of the Lion’s head and swim back as the room is now flooded.

Yikes.. Spikes and the 1st Black Beetle.

Go up to the ledge in the NE corner and throw the switch to raise the ledge. Turn SW and see a new ledge up in front, stand jump onto that one and run jump to the ledge in front of the E room, go in carefully and stay on the higher ledge at the entrance if you step on the lower floor, Spikes will be activated, look carefully around the right hand corner and notice the Beetle there. Stand on the NE tip of the lower ledge and face the Beetle (see pic 1) and do a run jump over the first part of the floor below the ledge and you should land safe at the 1st Black Beetle, pry it off the wall and now sprint back through the Spikes, in a straight line to the small medipack you probably saw already. Get that and walk out onto the ledge, dive into the water and climb out at the W gate, throw the switch there and see 2 gates open up in the Horus Hall.

Go out the W gate again and left, then right into that opened gate W, careful, there is a Spike-pit, drop from the next ledge and turn around, go along the right side and run jump/grab over the highest part of the floor to the edge under the gate, there’s a burner above, so when you pull up, you have to hold the duck button so Lara will get up on the knees and crawl into the gate. (If you saved before you jumped to the gate, try falling through the break-ledge under the burner once)

The Blue Break-wall Labyrinth.

In front is a Cat-face Tile you’ll return to later, first shoot the ceiling panel in front of the Cat-face so that’s opened in case you run out of Revolver Ammo. Now look to the right and find the shootable wall (use pistols to save on Revolver Ammo as you’re going to need that). Go in and shoot the last panel left, then right and right again, to get to the Uzis and Ammo, throw the switch there to re-open the gate at the burner (for later). Return to the cat-face and it’s possible a Skellie will come for you, in case it does, get out the Revolver and sight and run away to get some distance between you and the Skellie, roll and aim for it’s head, shoot it off and he runs around harmless. Go up into that opening in the ceiling, shoot the panel to the right and get the Torch, go down and through the opened gate to that burner, approach slowly and just before you reach the edge of the floor, you can light the Torch, turn back to the Cat-face and leave the burning Torch here for now (you need your hands free).

Shoot the panel (S side) opposite of where you came out and go on into the S passage shooting the panels with pistols and keep going left where possible to get to the Flares. A second Skellie will show up soon so be prepared. Turn around and again keep going left till you come to a cat-face with Ammo on the floor, shoot the panel in the ceiling and first return to the Torch, going left where possible, get it and follow the passages going right where possible to get back to the last Cat-face. Hop into the higher passage and (shoot the last panel) go into a room with a frozen pool and a big Mirror wall.

Mirror Room, 2nd Black Beetle.

Light the 4 lamps along the N wall and turn around, see 4 Torches in the Mirror, go to each one to light it and step on the floor, watch the Ice melt and the Torches sink to the bottom, nice… Drop the Torch as you don’t need it anymore and dive into the Icy water, swim under the Mirror wall to the S and climb ashore go to the opening SE, hop in and pry the 2nd Black Beetle off the wall while a small earthquake rocks the place, the pool has frozen over again, just go over the ledge along the E wall and you can jump through the Mirror there.

Go back to the Blue labyrinth and see that a new passage opened op in front, it’s the upper level of the Labyrinth, where you picked up the Torch before, just run off the ledge at the Cat-face and go to the gate at the burner and just run of the ledge while grabbing, so you’ll land on the other side of that nice trapdoor into Death pit. Pull up on the other side of the pit and do a diagonal run with a curve to jump back over the Spikes (if you jump straight, you will loose health). Go straight out and down the sloped path into the First room.

3rd and 4th Black Beetle.

Dive into the pool and swim N, through the under water door to that other room again, just go straight when coming in, light a flare and look up under the dark ledge in the SE corner, swim up and find a marking on the ceiling (pic 2), there’s a hidden under water ceiling lever, from facing N and just under that brown bar, use the lever (a door opens) and swim N, climb out to the left this time and go S, to find the opened door. Follow the stairs up to a Crowbar door, open that and go on, with a couple of jumps you will get to a switch on a pillar. Pull the switch and a red door opens in the other side of the room. Turn around, stand next to the switch so you can run jump to the slanted wall W over the pool, drop from the left side of the wall to land at those gates and look on the right hand gate for the 3rd Black Beetle, get it and go around the gates to the W (left) one and open it with the Crowbar, go in and grab up to the lower part of the wall, pull up and go left. From the end you can run jump up to the left to land in the room where the 4th Black Beetle is. The red door closed behind you. No problem, look for the Skull in the other corner of the room and shoot the Ruby in it’s nose and the door under the Skull opens, go out to the room where you got the 1st Beetle. Swim up at the W gate again and go out to the Horus Hall.

Go left and into the left gate, back to the First room, go down to the gate next to the pool and open it with the crowbar, go in and find 2 pushblocks to the right, hiding a Secret Skull and a switch, follow the pushes shown in pic 3 and get Secret #1, the Golden Skull, then move the blocks as shown so you can get block 4 out and use the switch that will open the big doors back at the pool, push block 4 back in to get block 3 out of the entrance and go back to the First room. The big doors to the left are open.

The Ankh.

Go into the open doors and find a Beetle Pyramid, place the 4 Black Beetles and it will open up, go in and you can take the Ankh from the pedestal. Go out and through the First room up the sloped path to the Horus hall and to that gate ?? you already noticed, place the Ankh to the left of it (where the right one is already in place, what a service…) and go in. Pick up the Banana (Medipack) and come into a room from the Game boy, Save at the bottom of the ramp while a Fire started behind you.

Donkey Kong Boulder Puzzle.

You’ve probably played this one once before, very unusual, walking up the ramp will trigger Boulders (you can see them coming) Try triggering the Boulders one by one and just jump up when they approach, you will have to find out the right moment to do that jump (see pic 4). I did it with side jumps right while facing the black wall, as I though that was easier for me and try to stand where Lara is in the pic, not higher on the ramp as halfway up, so for that second Boulder I went down the ramp a bit before I jumped over that one. (You can also make use of the Safe spot I found, look at pic 5. When the Coast is clear, you can go up one level and see if any Boulders are coming, repeat the trick Saving!! after every successful jump till you reach the top ladder. Here about 8 remainig Boulders will come all at once, so roll at the ladder and run back from the ramp, roll and sprint down to the Safe spot (walk up to the wall) to wait it out. (see Pic 6) When all Boulders are triggered and avoided, you can go up the ladder and backflip onto the next stage of this Donkey Kong level. (One Boulder remained in the hole as I checked that out)

Quickly go up the ladder before the Giant Crab gets you and go off to the left for a small medipack, hop over the gap and try to get onto the rope by positioning Lara in the right spot and jump/grab straight up. The next swing is a bit tricky, try to save hanging from the rope and reload, the camera view should be normal now so you can line up straight. Try to do an extra high swing by hitting the swing only briefly and then wait till Lara gets her feet back up on the rope in the backswing, then hit swing again and she should go higher than normal, jump grabbing from the highest point of the forward swing and you should go over that nasty platform?? over the Spike-trap. You’ll land in front of an open gate.

In this next room are some pillars, blue blocks and a wall in the middle S, go left of the wall to the S, look to the right in a dark passage for a switch, pull it to raise one of the blue blocks at the entrance and go back, go left around the wall and into the W side passage to a Jump switch in the end, pull it and go back, climb the brown block NE and then up the blue one, turn left and run jump/grab to the blue block in the NW corner, turn left and from the SE corner of the block you can run jump with a curve around that high pillar to land on top of that wall, go up to the S side and just before you enter to the closed gate you can drop/hang from the S side and drop/grab to a Jump switch that will open the gate you just saw. Go to the grey block in the SE corner of the room and from that block you can simply run jump up to the wall again. Go through the gate to the Chess game.

The Chess Game.

The idea here is to get the statue on the opposite side of the chess board "Check mate" Most of the squares on the board are deadly (both Burners and Spikes) and there’s a safe route, look at pic 7 and do a run jump from where Lara stands in the circle, turn right there and walk along the arrows, then a stand jump clearing the dark brown Tile left. Push the pawn one square forward and the Statue will catch fire, the rest of the chessboard is safe now, so walk to the end of the chess board, and jump over the gap to the pedestal with the "famous limestone bust " of Nefertiti, as you approach, a key will appear on the pedestal, get the Key to Eternal Youth and go to the gate to open it, leave it like that for now and go to the block N, climb up and enjoy the view, turn right and see a crack in the wall, stand jump/grab the crack and shimmy left till you can drop to a ledge with Secret #2, (was meant as a Secret, but count and sound are missing) another Golden Skull.

Turn left and grab up at the wall, shimmy left to the corner and crawl up into the small gap. Crawl out on the other side and drop, get the small medipack there and head back over the chessboard to that gate you opened before.

Eternal Youth.

Stand just inside the room and look left and up a bit to spot the Spidersweb under the block on the opposite wall, when you go over to it you will see a thin thread glistening under it, that’s where you can climb up and backflip to the ledge next to the Spidersweb, walk to the N end of it and stand back to the wall, grab up to the Monkey swing ceiling and go over to the other side of the room (spot that nice Face on the pillar left), drop to the ledge there and now you have to do a bananajump (run jump with a sharp right curve in the air) around that Face pillar to the ledge in the NE corner, pull the switch to open a gate SW, so drop from the ledge and go in there to a room with a bunch of vases, spare the Monkeys and shoot the vases to get a Banana and you can open the treasure chest to get the Eternal Youth, a nice big jar of Nivea (LOL) Nice that…

The Spring of Eternal Youth

Go to the S room and look in the NE corner and find a ceiling hatch, hard to spot, but it’s over the highest ledge, turn after opening it and climb up to find and nice Hang Glider (Zip-line) Use it to get back to the desert and go to the gates left, open them with the Crowbar and climb up the NW corner, go over the hill and down to a nice spring and it looks like you finally found the Spring of Eternal Youth, walk in and to the Fountain and watch things unfold… Nefertiti is watching your rebirth…

Great level…