Twin Crystals 2.

Levels by SeiferZero.

Walkthrough D&G Productions.

In this first part, Lara has to find the way to Diamond Island, to enter a mysterious temple there. In this temple she will find the Exaheon's Soul Crystal We will not mention every enemy.


Level 1 - Diamond Island- Ancient City.

Ice Caves.

After the Title Movie, Lara will end up in an Icy cave with some supplies scattered around, although you already have a Compass you can pick that up too along with Flares and Ĺ MPís, the crate of MPís seems to be lost. Head out through the opening E and in the bigger cave are Flares and a Ĺ MP in the SE corner behind the rock. Then climb up to that block L of the pickup, runjump onto the pillar S with a R curve, so youíll slide off backwards, grab the edge and now do a pull up/backflip/roll/grab to grab the climbable wall above the sloped floor in the corner, go up and climb a few ledges to come to a Secret room with an ancient Smiley. Go through the Smiley and get Secret #1, the Uzis from the chest to the L.

Make your way back down and go NW, crawl through the low tunnel and come to a sloped cave, go up slow and along the R hand side to avoid those Icicles and as soon as they dropped, go over to the middle, go R again as soon as the first Ice Boulder comes and immediately back to the middle, then one more Boulder will come down in the middle and as soon as that one passed, you can walk up the middle to the drop off at the end of the slope, drop down to a wide area.

Ice Fields.

Go N to come to a field below a building, in the small silver bush is Ammo. Then head E and find more Ammo in the next silver bush, then go S at the end of the field and along the R hand side of a pool (youíll go back to later), get the Flares in the silver bush next to the pool.

Ice Pool.

Dive into the pool and find the sloped tunnel E, near the bottom. Swim up to a grey cold room and look on the S ledge, thereís a Blade hacking away, behind it is a mere Ĺ MP (donít shoot the vase!), if you can get over the Blade without harm you can go get it, but I lost as much as I gained, so I only went for the N side and got a MP and Flares from the vase. Then go into the alcove E and throw the switch, a cutscene shows ledges in the outside area, the room changed behind you, donít get back in the water, but climb the ladder S of the water hole instead, climb off on top and crawl S, just around the corner is a place where you can stand up. turn around and use a flare to spot the Jumpswitch that will open a gate in the room to the E.

Ice Cube.

So crawl further and in the next room is a low Ice Cube (pushblock), get it over the wooden floor and into the opened gate NW, you have to jump over the block a few times to get the job done. Once on the snowy Tile the room will shake and a whole mountain of Ice will come down into the room, go back and climb to the top of that mountain and jump/grab the Jumpswitch. Now crawl back through the crawlspace W and climb down the ladder a bit, to the R of you is an open gate, go in and follow to a water hole, dive in, swim down through an open gate and up in the pool, climb out and head to the SE for a MP in the silver bush, then go to the SW and find a Ĺ MP in the Ice valley.

Scorp Caves.

Look for a big cave in the W wall, next to that brick steps and go into that cave, follow till you come to a dark cave with trees, Giant Scorps will attack and after dealing with them, you can go on N to a cave with a pool. Dive in quick as Scorp #4 is on itís way over.

Icy Water.

Look in the SE for an opening in the bottom, follow to another Secret room, climb through the ancient Smiley and get Secret #2, MPís, Flares and Ammo from the chest to the R, get back and swim back to the pool, look for a narrow tunnel NE and swim through, climb up to a room with vases, shoot the N and S one for a Ĺ MP and Ammo and then shoot the remaining vases to get a burner off at the ladder E, go up that ladder in the E alcove and throw the lever on top, a cutscene shows more ledges in the Ice Fields (this time at that building N and the doors open up). Now you have to get back through the Icy water and the Scorp caves to those brick steps at the entrance of the caves.

Over the Top.

Nice creatures will welcome you back, after the battle you can go up the steps and climb that pillar to the top, look N and see the first white ledge, (look down and to the L and R and you will spot those ledges easily) standjump/grab to it, then two runjumps in a NE direction and then a standjump NW and a runjump/grab N, pull out the guns to start shooting the Ice Bird just keep on firing and aiming for her till she drops a runjump NE and then runjump/grab N, standjump N and a bit L, then NW. Go on to the next NE with a long runjump corner to corner and the aiming has to be perfect, the rest is easy to see and the jumps are not too hard so make your way over to the last one near the N building and a runjump will get you on the upper field. Go L and to the end, jump up in the corner of the Ice wall and the building and climb the wall of the building, crawl through a crawlspace to come to another Secret room, go through the ancient Smiley and get Secret #3 from the chest, Ammo, Flares and MPís. Go back and to the entrance of the building

N Building.

Climb the ledge into the building and inside the building is a floor with marked Tiles, they are deadly. Go R and find a switch in that corner, a cutscene will shortly reveal a safe spot in the floor.

Dangerous Floors.

That one safe spot in the floor is in the 2nd row from the L side facing N, a runjump will get you onto that Tile, from there a standjump to the ledge on the other side of the floor and go into the next room. First go R and spot the closed door in the end of that passage, go back and find the Timed switch for that door in the W side of the room. Throw the switch and turn L, sprint over to the E passage, sharp L and curve L to get into the door in time (donít run onto those ledges behind the door) Go to the W most ledge and step onto that one to lower a wall in the middle N, go there and save.

Just inside the room is a monkeyswing ceiling, runjump in a NE direction and grab the monkeyswing, follow around the room to where you can drop to a safe floor SW. follow the path to a passage NW and crawl in. Climb up the E side blocks and drop onto a ledge in a room with a poison pool.

Poison Pool.

Standing on the E end of the ledge you can already see some transparent blocks in the poison pool, jump/grab the leader and go R, to where the camera angle changes and to the R hand side of that ladder, go hang where you can just see Laraís head above the block and backflip/roll/grab the edge of the block, hang on the L side (from Laraís viewpoint) and pull up, immediately jump from the top and slide jump with a L curve from the lower block to land on the third block,. slide and jump to the safe ledge. Grab up to the crack in the S wall and go shimmy R to where you come over a grey slanted ledge, drop just around the corner and slide a bit before you start jumping L to get to the safe ledge.

The next part of the floor has those nasty Tiles again and the safe ones are visible on the ceiling (face tiles) have a look at the little (map) and do standjumps to the R side of the Tile along the S wall, curve sharp L while you do a running jump to the last ones E, climb up there and slide down to the end of the slanted block, jump and jump again, to grab the ladder. Here you can already see the break ledges in the next part of the pool.

Break ledges.

Go climb L around the corner and hang where you can just see Laraís upper body, backflip with a roll and sidejump R, standjump forward and grab the next ledge at the last moment. Save there and pull up, run to the other side of that ledge (hit walk at the edge, so Lara doesnít go over the edge and quickly standjump grab to the next ledge. Pull up and runjump/grab to the last one. Go shimmy L around the corner and pull up, backflip to the safe ledge.

WellÖ safe, duck against the wall, looking outward so you can shoot the Harpy and it doesnít push you off the ledge. Go carefully around the corner and see a ramp to the R, step in front of it and hop back to avoid being crushed by a Boulder, then go up the ramp and grab up to the monkeyswing. Go to the other end of it and drop near a passage in the N wall there are alcoves in the R hand wall, shoot the panel in front of the second alcove and climb in, from facing S as you climbed up, you can jump/grab up to open the hatch, go up and throw a lever around the R hand corner, then collect some Flares S and get a nice scare at the Snowman (you found Mummy Buzz)


Go back down to the passage and head E and go out to a courtyard. Go into the dark NE corner and use a flare to spot the Jumpswitch, it will open the gate in the E wall, go in and L to climb up a ledge in the N, go down the other side and keep going L to an alcove up in the wall with some Flares, go back and up the ledge again, go over to the R hand side of the S ledge and take the most R hand (SW) opening and go down in a lower passage, look in the alcove to the L for Ammo, go on S and L to find the open door, inside are some MPís, go out and back to the ledge N, climb up R and go R again, down in the next passage. Follow around to some Ammo on the floor. Climb the ledge and run over the corner of the ledges into the first E opening.

Go down the block and runjump/grab to the pillar in the deadly pool. (It seems the rope swings are easier if you donít go down to the end of the rope, but one step from the end, except for the swing to the S ledge with the switch) Line up for the jump/grab to the rope and swing, jump/grab to the second and from that one straight to the ledge S (the third rope is for getting back). Look for the switch SW and throw it to open the other gate on the courtyard. Get the Ammo on the other side of the ledge and go runjump/grab to the first rope (the one you didnít use before) and go swing back over the ropes to the pillar, runjump/grab back to the passage W, go out to the courtyard and enter the S gate, where you will get a flyby of the end of the level, see Samantha run offÖ

Level 2 - Boss Battle 1- Samantha Affray.

*Tips* We couldnít get Samantha to swim like SeiferZero suggested, but you can get her stuck behind a wall, see the Pic for that, you have to maneuver around that sloped waterfall block to finally get her stuck and then you can go to the other side of the room to push the Mirror there, just a little hint, maybe it doesnít work for you, then try to get her to come to the opposite side of the room and with a little luck she will stay on that side while you run back and move the object.

scottchu found a way to get Samantha to get into the water, so when our suggestion doesn't work for you, try this;

Step 1. Try to get Samantha to stand near a water hole
Step 2. Swim up to surface before Samantha and face her
Step 3. Swim back slowly
Step 4. If lucky, Samantha will walk toward Lara and fly above water (queer?) and then drop into water.

In the pool are Flares and a Ĺ MP, swim into an opening W and on both sides you will find a MP, in the E opening is are two Ĺ MPís and the S opening also has two Ĺ MPís, the N opening 2 more Ĺ MPís. So, now you picked up all the relief supplies, you can go push the Mirrors, the W side Mirror goes all the way to the S wall and the E one to the N wall and then get the block from under the N waterfall and pull/push it to the E side Tile in the end of the trench, the one under the S waterfall goes to the W side Tile. Finally a wall will lower in the E side of the room and you can go down to a switch that will activate the big ball in the top of the room, Samantha will be destroyedÖ orÖ


Level 3 - Diamond Island Ė Cloister of trials part 1.

A long flyby will tell the whole story of what happens next and you will end up in the next level.

No Compass as it seems to be broken, so giving directions will be a bit harder.

Light a flare before you slide down the sloped passage and jump/grab up to a ladder in the ceiling, go up and through a transparent wall, on the L side is a crawlspace up in the wall, inside is Secret#4, Ammo, a Ĺ MP and Flares, go back out and into the back of the room for another Ĺ MP. Then return to the ladder and go down, slide the end of the passage.

Boulder Alley.

Go straight and follow to a up sloped tunnel, at the beginning of that tunnel is a bright part of the floor that will open up soon, so go over into the tunnel slowly and as soon as the Boulders come down, roll and runjump back over the now open floor, the Boulders will fall in and you gan go up the tunnel again, but more Boulders will come so carefully trigger them and repeat the trick till they are all (about 10 of them) gone

(Itís possible to go up without running back once, stay on the most L side of the tunnel and go up slow, 3 Boulders fall, then #4. Go on running a bit and #5 and 6 fall, the next 3 you will have to hop back a couple of times till the Boulders go to the middle of the tunnel, then go up again and in the room on top is a ladder straight ahead.

Backflip from the top of the ladder and land on a grey block, turn around and spot a white crystal ball to the L, shoot it with pistols and a gate open over Boulder Alley. No way to get there, so jump/grab back to the ladder and return through Boulder Alley to the first room and go onto that pointy brown block in the floor, just under the sloped passage, turn R and grab up to a ledge above, turn and runjump to the dark ledge on that wall. Grab the crack in the pillar L and climb around to the other side go to the wall over Boulder Alley and find the shootable panel, shoot to break it and runjump in with a R curve, throw the lever in the bright light and runjump back to that L ledge you came from, safety drop back to the ground floor. Look for the gate that opened on the other side of the hall and go up to the deadly pool.

Death Pool.

Stand under the gate, on the R hand side and standjump onto the L side of the block around the R hand corner, so you can jump, jump again with a sharp L curve to land on the wider block and a rope appeared beyond that , so jump with a curve to get to the rope and grab, go down a bit and swing jump to the opening across the pool. A Ghost Ninja (horseman) will attack as you go in, hop back from him while shooting and finally he will drop and leave the Diamond Key behind. Pick it up and use it in the receptacle, go back to the pool and see the steam in the pool... ?? You can probably see the transparent Tile in the water too, just runjump past the rope into the steam and jump straight over the burning sloped block to a Tile behind it, then standjump to the next one R of the exit and runjump out, go straight to the other side where the gate now opened.

Death Pool 2 for the Rope.

Stand jump to the R hand block again and then onto the second, just slide off into a safe spot in the water, swim into the R hand tunnel and climb out in the end L, urn around and look over the water for the Jumpswitch, use it and a rope appears in that room with the grey block, go climb out again and go L, past the opening to the Death Pool and find a switch, throw that and ledges appear in the Death pool. Go runjump to the one far away and standjump to the one around the sloped block, then a runjump to the one between the sloped blocks L and finally a curved runjump out of the room, go R and through Boulder Alley to the ladder in the next room, backflip/roll off and get to the rope.

Room with the Arches. (Some of the blue gates and a door in a corner open later in part 2 of Twin Crystals 2)

Swing jump into the open gate and proceed to a high room with arches spanning the room above. There are 2 Crystal Cat statues, shoot the one holding the Ĺ MP and get it (maybe it broke already while shooting the Ghost Ninjas), then go into the corner of the room where that statue was, from the side of that crystal column, you can runjump up to the sloped ledge on the wall of the entrance, go into the far dark corner and light a flare to spot the Uzis, after picking them up, climb the nearest arch and go over to the other side of the room, thereís a yellow gate between the middle arches and you can get a Ĺ MP there. Then go over to those purplish pillars over the entrance gate and find the switch on the L pillar. It will open a blue gate in the opposite corner of the room (later), get down to the floor and go into the crawlspace opposite the entrance and go through to a Blue room.

The Blue Room.

When you turn after dropping down, youíll see a pushable mirror to the R, push/pull it to the opposite corner, R of the entrance and the gate opens in the opposite side of the room, go in and up a ridge, go sharp R and into a pit for Ammo and a Ĺ MP, then slide down the ridge, from facing the closed gate go L and look for an opening in the dark L hand wall, go in and find a Ĺ MP, Ammo and Flares, go out again and L through an open gate.

Crystal-Mirror Puzzle-1.

In this room are 4 Mirror objects and they have to be pushed onto the right spot to get them raised. The clue is to be found in the adjacent rooms, to the R (Iíve given the final position in the (map). Two of them you have to get in front of the passages. So you can pull them to the wall, jump past them and push them further. A cutscene will show the opening of a gate somewhere and the layout of the room changes, go into the R hand opening to the rooms with the Crystals and in the first go straight and L in the end. In the second room straight to the opposite gate and in the third room you can see the next layout of the Mirrors. Represented by the smaller Crystals.

Crystal-Mirror Puzzle-1.

Go through the passage in the other end of the room and through that gate you opened to come back into the room with the Mirrors. All Mirrors are down again and one of them seems to be locked into place. Push the 3 remaining Mirrors to their new positions (Iíve given the final position in the (map) and the gate back in the entrance passage and to the L opens the Mirror room closes and in the new red room is a lever, throw that and go back through the passage, to that gate L of the ridge. Itís open now, deadly water inside, so standjump over the water and go R, spot a sloped ledge behind a pillar R. runjump to it and slide/jump/grab the wall in front. Go all the way to the L and down a bit so you can spot another sloped ledge behind you. almost at the end of the wall, backflip/roll and slide, jump over the water and here is another room with lava.

Lava Room.

Grab the monkeyswing and go to the crossing, go R and then R again and drop to a dark ledge, go L and find a switch on the block L, go back to the monkeyswing and cross straight over to the other side of the room, drop to the ledge, go L and all the way to the end, to find a Jumpswitch on the ledge with the monkeyswing, use that and that gate opens across the room, so back to the monkeyswing it is and L at the crossing.

The Blue Room and Burner Floor.

Into the gate and 2 Ghost Ninjas attack, they will leave MPís behind, then look in the 2nd sloped opening to the L, runjump into the R hand opening in the wall of that slope and find the switch there (opens one of the doors to get to the next Secret). Go out again and on the other side of the room are also 2 openings, take the L hand one and find a switch in the end, itís timed and will open that gate at the end of the monkeyswing over the burner floor (You canít get there in time) but also a gate in the opening L when you come out of this one.

Timed Gate.

So pull the timed switch and roll, run out and jump with a L curve over that sloped last part, go sharp L and jump into the opening there, sprint and go L, into that open gate to the R, shoot the Ghost Ninja and notice the blue crystal block in the corner of this room (later). Go into the opposite corner and follow to a coloured band in the passage, an explosion is heard, return to the blue crystal block now and get the 2 MPís. Now go back out to the blue room with the Burner floor and see the gate in the other end is open. Use the monkeyswing to get there and follow the caves to where Mummy Buzz is freezing his pants off in a pile of snow (funny). Go L there and use a block to the L to get up into the Secret room for Secret#5, a lot of Ammo in the crawlspace to the L and the Uzis in the back.

UW Labyrinth, Lasersight and Crossbow.

Go back to the blue room and into the 2nd opening L, through the open gate and into the passage where you heard the explosion, follow to the end and find a hole in the floor, filled with water. Dive in, get the MP and resurface for air, save facing the tunnel, then swim in and keep going L everywhere to get to the Lasersight, return for air by going R everywhere. Save again and go in again, go R everywhere and come to a Ĺ MP. Roll and swim into the bigger room to the R, L in the end and L again to find an UW ceiling lever, pull that (opens an UW gate a bit further in the labyrinth) and swim back, R through the bigger room, R and then L to get back for air. Save and swim in again, go L past the tunnel where you got the Lasersight and R, to the end and R to get the Crossbow there, roll and swim back, go straight through the tunnel where the gate opened and dodge the Icicles, go up in the end.

Target Practice.

Both L and R is some Ammo on the ledges, Save and slide down into the opening ahead, landing on a timed platform, you have walk to the L end (corner) of the platform, turn around and standjump to the L (next to the platform) with holding "grab", so you will land in an alcove with an Angel statue, turn to shoot the 3 Cat statues in the alcoves up in front, R and L (aiming isnít that precise) and then shoot the Angel. Transparent ledges appear in the room, so drop out of the middle of the opening to one of the ledges and turn around, do a couple of run jumps and a standjump/grab to get into the opening across the room.

The Secret Skull.

Following the passage you will meet the first of the Techno-bots and in a room around the corner are 2 Skulls, donít get greedy and better leave the Gold one alone, only take the white and Secret Skull, go up the ladder in the corner and backflip to the ledge, follow the passage to a monkeyswing over Burners and swing to the other side (TIP: after grabbing up onto the slanted monkeyswing, itís possible Lara wonít move, in that case turn R and use the "shift(/walk)" and L arrow to move sideways to the flat part)

The Diamond Key.

Drop on the other side and go up the blocks in the next room, finally climb up through a narrow crawlspace and get onto the top ledges of the Lava room with the monkeyswings. Go straight and get the Ĺ MP, roll and go L at the crossing, L at the wall and jump over a gap into the passage in the corner of the room, go L into a room with the Diamond Key, get it and go out, L where a block lowered and slide back to that Blue room with the single Mirror. Go back through the crawlspace to the Room with the Arches.

Room with the Arches-2.

From dropping out of the crawlspace turn L and go to that blue gate (1) you opened before and inside you can use that Diamond Key. The next blue gate opens to the R after coming out again, nothing to do there yet, so head back through the crawlspace.

To the blue room and notice the hatch over the ladder on the pillar is now open. Go up and backflip off the ladder, turn R and go up in the corner at the small crystal and trigger the gate in the other side of the room to open up. Go down and L, to the other corner with the big crystal and jump past it to get up on the ledge behind it, get the MP and jump back, go into the open gate.

The Echobots.

Crawl into the crawlspace and donít drop down yet, shimmy L to the corner of the wall and drop there, light a flare to spot the Burner Tile when you go runjump over the sloped floor under the crawlspace and go get Secret#6, 3 MPís on a pile, slide down the slope now and shoot the Echobots. Have a look around and notice all the symbols on the walls, go to the end of the room and opposite the blue window with the symbols is a dark alcove that holds the Crowbar. Go back in the direction you came from and go L at the Star receptacle, find a pillar in front of a crawlspace up in the wall and push it aside so you can grab up and get in. Crawl all the way to the end and drop into a room where the Friendly Echobots Star is to be found.

Take it back to that receptacle and place it to open the gate across the room, go in and meet the Friendly Echobots, they pose no threat so just go on and find a switch in the last room. The big gate in the end of the first room opens, go to the window opposite the switch and get a Ĺ MP there, have a peek out of the window to watch the ongoing Battle of the Bots. Leave the room and go into the newly opened gate.

Mirror Puzzle.

In the end is a room with ledges and a Mirror, to the L you can place the Secret Skull to the L, to open one of the gates up in the room, then go get the Mirror from the other side and place it on the marked Tile between the blocks, climb the block R of it and go to the switch on the wall to the R, use the Timed switch and backflip/roll quickly pull the Mirror onto the ledge, then you will have to use the switch again and get onto the timed block to push the Mirror onto the next marked Tile. There is another switch one level up and use that one to get the Mirror to the top ledge, then move it onto the marked Tile on that upper ledge and the gate opens.

Cracking the Code.

In the next corridor are Signs on the walls, on one side the normal text and opposite the code, take note of both Signs "Mind Reader" (Codepart1) and "Holo Memories" (Codepart2) and return to the room where you placed the Star before, with the help of the 2 earlier codes, you can now decipher the "Friendly Echobots" Sign (Codepart3) and get additional letters, now itís time for the blue window (Code4) and go back to the corridor where you got the first codes, follow to a pool with blocks and pillars, look to the R and see the same text as on the blue window (Code4), to the L is another code and it reads "Secret door behind" (Code5).

A closed door where those small scorpions attack will also only be opened in part 2

Now there are 2 ways to get across the pool (You can swim the first part of the pool, but the coloured band is deadly)

Expert route: Go to the switch on the R and save there. Pull it to open a timed gate on the other side of the pool and now you have to runjump over the ledges to that gate (the author claims the run isnít possible. But thereís always the chance someone gets into that gate in time)

Route after breaking the Code: The wall where the "Secret door behind" sign is, is a walkthrough wall, just runjump through and follow the passage to the other side of the pool where the gate is now opened. Runjump to the ledge in front of the gate and standjump in with a grab. Run off the dark slope and the level endsÖ